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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. it's the nation stay in. we stand. >> now. it's 6 hateful slurs in messages found on the walls of an asian owned business in oakland's chinatown. just the latest in what has been a long string of asian hate crimes across the bay area. thank you so much for joining us here during kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman jonathan mccall. these latest racist messages found at the new 10 market on 7th street. >> kron four's taylor sackey talking with oakland leaders today who are now calling for the messages and the hate to stop.
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>> disturbing hateful messages recently spotted on the walls at newton's market on 7th street in oakland's chinatown neighborhood one of them reading go back to china. yellow f word there to this company. >> and is also telling how dangerous it could be but it's inflaming in trying comey. you know, so hate raleigh on us to go against, you committee carl chan is president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> he first alerted the business owners about the anti-asian slurs written on their walls and says the owners who didn't want to speak on camera called police to hate. >> we still ongoing this is actually pretty much pandemic. and we must find ways. and hopefully some positive to stop is typical for hate not only against our company but
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again, chance been an ongoing active voice for this community, especially since anti-asian attacks increased during the pandemic. you know, most of only to ship with home washington 2020. >> you know, when to shun the rhetoric, you know, talking about chilly the asian community, especially the pandemic. >> and then all to people in. and many people, especially it with a tent, not me of basically some people also being too just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation stand. let's just understand. and we must find ways to educate everybody. chan says. >> this most recent incident is the first time in a few weeks after increased police and community patrols to curtail attacks in this area. chan plans to make calls to local state and federal authorities this week to work together and come up with ways to stop this hate and racism.
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i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> now to san francisco where police are looking into another possible act of hate. investigators say someone vandalized the islamic center of san francisco. it happened late friday night. investigators say that someone threw a beer bottle through a window at the center shattering the glass detectives are now looking for those responsible but say right now it's simply too early to determine a motive. kron four's amanda speaking with officials from the islamic center right now. she will have much more coming up. >> during our prime time coverage beginning at 8 o'clock tonight. now we go to the east bay where the victim from the shooting near lake merritt this past week has now passed away. the shooting happened overnight on thursday, november 11th and lakeshore avenue. that is where oakland police officers found a woman who had been shot and they helped her get to the hospital we have now learned from oakland police that the victim died yesterday. officials have not release any further
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information, including the victim's name or age, but we will continue to update you on the story as more details become available and staying in the east bay, a 37 year-old man is now dead after being shot last night in antioch police officers dispatched. say that they started getting calls about gunshots near traverse the way around 1030, last night. and police say that they found the man on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds. a neighbor that we've got a chance to speak with us as a bullet went right through their home. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleeps like that's what his fate would have been if been sleeping here and thankfully he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> police say the investigation is in the early stages. they say they do not have a description of the suspect at this time. and right now no one is in custody. >> tonight. cal osha's looking for answers into the death of a contractor at the valero refinery plant in benicia. officials have identified the worker as 27 year-old luis gutierrez. investigators say
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the accident happened late friday night. according to valero officials, the cause is still under investigation. but in the 911, audio recordings first responders say the gutierrez fell an estimated 6 stories but did not say how that may have happened, then that has not been confirmed by law enforcement at this time the nation police have not found any evidence of foul play at the scene. chp investigating a deadly head-on crash on highway one 52 near gilroy. it happened around 11 this morning on the road. also known as take a pass highway near san philip, the lake investigators have not released any details on the people involved or what may have triggered the crash. >> let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside here at downtown san francisco on this sunday night fog was definitely an issue for the inland valleys today is that could be the situation first monday as well. that's right. let's get you ready for start
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of a new work week kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah. had to leave fog very stubborn today but didn't make its way into half moon bay. in fact. >> 2 days in a row of record heat for half moon, bay, 76 degrees today breaking the previous record of 73 degrees set back in 1940 and even yesterday actually breaking the record from 1940 warming up to 75 degrees. >> so a toasty weekend for half moon bay but downtown san francisco because of that stubborn low cloud deck. we actually cool down 10 degrees from yesterday's daytime highs just warming up to 62 degrees. still below average temperatures. san jose, though in the mid 70's and conquered 59 degrees because of that to leave fog. so really stubborn for north bay and east bay valleys similar pattern expected tonight as well. but great night out there along the embarcadero right outside of the exploratorium in temperatures right now. widespread 50's and 60's still in the low 60's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay
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67 degrees. that should be your average daytime high. but because of today's record warmth, you're finally reaching your average temperature right now at the 6 o'clock hour oakland 59 degrees widespread mid 50's for concord and dublin and the east bay valleys, similar conditions for those of you in the north bay with the exception of santa rosa upper 50's at 58 degrees for your sunday night. so we are still seeing more of a northerly flow. but hazy skies out there today. poor air quality tonight compared to around this time last night. widespread poor air particles and tomorrow we're going to track moderate air particles for the start of your workweek forecast. but the good news is we are tracking some rain details ahead on thursday night through fridays outlook and how much rain we're expected to get this upcoming week. back to you, jonathan. just recent thank you. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. people in petaluma on their watch tonight. >> as an unexpected to bear climbs into a tree for a number of hours. we'll let you
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know. words things stand after the break. >> and then we'll take a look at the steps being taken by 2 of the country's largest ports to try and ease the backlog votes off california shores. >> but first, despite the recent win for democrats within the infrastructure bill. president joe biden's approval rating remains extremely low. a look at it. what's keeping them in the basement. still to come.
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happening tomorrow. president joe biden is expected to sign that 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law during a signing ceremony at the white house. the bill will include 550 billion dollars in new funding for transportation utilities and broadband. the infrastructure package is the largest of its kind in more than a decade. house democrats say they will now take up the president's build back better act if signed into law that would provide an additional nearly 2 trillion dollars in funding for social programs. >> president biden got his massive infrastructure bill over the finish line. but still the majority of americans are not happy with the way president biden is doing his job and a new washington post abc news poll biden's job approval rating. is that a record low of 41% 5 months ago. he was at 50% approval. 53% of americans currently disapprove of his job performance. the poll found that his approval is
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slipping among democrats and independents in june. his approval among democrats was 14% higher. the majority of americans were found to support the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. >> and coming up, we're tracking cooler temperatures and a slight chance of showers starting thursday night. your full work week forecast after the break.
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>> welcome back, everyone. authorities hoping that a little space tonight and some darkness will allow. nearly 500 pound bear to finally climbed down from a tree that is now having a petaluma neighborhood. on a shelter in place since early this morning for more than 12 hours at last check, the bear still very high up in that tree in southwest petaluma had to kind of look in their like you can really see they are in there. >> so news of the bear caused police to issue the shelter in place in the richmond heights neighborhood and kron four's camila barco takes us out of petaluma with the details. >> people could barely wrap their minds around this wake-up call. a bear was seen roaming the streets of pat aluma early sunday morning and some time before 07:00am that bear climbed up this street and stayed there for hours. petaluma police say the first sighting of the bear was just after midnight in the raman
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heights neighborhood. they located the bear again around 02:00am on 6 and i street 2 hours later it was spotted again wandering 2 blocks away. police say the bear eventually got spooked and climbed up this street, north bay animal services monitored the animal until the department of fish and wildlife arrived around 09:00am police alerted homeowners to avoid letting out their dogs while they tried to capture the bear. however, plenty of people couldn't help but gather outside their homes and watched it all as the bear moved around in the branches. my mom told >> i was sitting in that in my pajamas. and then i came out in seem to be some sort of big rock and read then. >> it was a was your reaction. i out. can they. they like our food. >> and when when we leave trash out they're going to enjoy their little snacks here and there. >> but, you know, it's not a
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threat. it's it's a wonderful nature coming to join us and fun times. according to police the bear didn't show any aggressive behavior when they encountered it. >> they also say it's not uncommon for wildlife to come to petaluma from unincorporated areas and returned to their natural habitat as of 10:00am sunday. police blocked off the roads at several agencies created a game plan to get the bear down from the tree in petaluma camila barco kron 4 news. >> happening tomorrow. walgreens is going to close 3 san francisco stores. one is on clement street in others on goff street prescriptions from those stores will be transferred to the location at california street and market street. then on wednesday the location on chavez street is going to be closed as well. prescriptions. well, then be found at the mission street location and the is. i just the latest closures. walgreens is doing in the city because it says there is, quote,
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ongoing organized retail crime in the area. the company is already closed. more than a dozen of its stores in the city due to the uptick in organized crime back in june. a man was caught on camera in what became a viral video brazenly shoplifting from a san francisco walgreens that suspect was linked to 8 shoplifting cases. also happening tomorrow, oakland residents can start to schedule large item drop off appointments with the waste management of alameda county. this bulky waste services aimed to reduce illegal dumping in oakland tomorrow morning. city leaders and the service companies manager going hold a press conference to launch this program and i'm sure you'll be able to watch that on our streaming news service kronon. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast the sunday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge. >> another picture perfect day across the bay area. the sunday couldn't ask for better weather knows a little foggy for some spots. it took a while for the sun to break through in our meteorologist marisa rodriguez is here now what we can expect this weekend. our next chance.
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>> at rain. yeah. we're going to notice an increase in that high cloud cover. in addition to the dense low clouds and fog to start your monday morning. but overall we're finally seeing clear calmer conditions for those the east bay over berkeley. and we're going to notice an increase in cloud cover tonight for your bay area forecast. let's take a look what you can expect with radar for showing very dry. clear conditions. some high clouds overhead throughout the san francisco peninsula. but then all that changes by the middle of this week starting thursday night light bands of rain arriving. for those of you in the north bay inching its way down to the san francisco peninsula and east ba shoreline by thursday night and then it's going to be an overnight storm or saturday morning could still see some lingering showers. and even for those of you in santa rosa could notice a few more showers by your friday afternoon to early evening, but then drying out friday night with that cloud cover sticking type. but then clear conditions and drier
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conditions by next weekend. but this week's storm really going to benefit the coast. about a quarter of an inch of rain or less than a 10th of an inch of rain for the rest of us. but we are also going to notice tonight, though, an increase in that dense visibility where we are going to see some that to leave fog spreading into our north bay valleys once again in santa rosa and conquered little bit of improvement around the bay area shoreline. but we are going to notice that low fog bank once again so far national weather service holding back on issuing any dense fog advisories but temperatures. right now, widespread 50's and 60's half moon bay 66 degrees after your record high of being in the mid 70's. everyone else in the mid 50's right now with overnight lows low to mid 50's. but upper 40's for santa rosa and conquered and temperatures pretty seasonable low to mid 60's around the bay area shoreline some low 70's for livermore in san jose nevado and santa rosa trying to flirt with that 70 degree, mark. but you're going to be in the upper 60's and then
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we're going to be in the 60's throughout much of this week into the weekend. so seasonal weather returning monday, though, will be our last 70's for most of our east bay valleys. but finally feeling like fall you all. i love it. joy. the 70's when they last. yeah, exactly. thanks, guys. thanks, marissa. >> next in sports, steph curry returns to his hometown as the warriors take on the charlotte hornets key rooney has the highlights. up next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> we're coming up on one month into the nba season and the warriors remain the nba's best. just one loss heading into tonight's matchup with charlotte. that, of course, is steph curry's hometown. >> and he's played pretty well against the hometown team, his 5. '07, shooting percentage against charlotte is his best against any teams ahead of tonight's edition. go. let's check in steph curry course, back where it all started and father dell is now a tv analyst for the hornets will put us up in the 1st quarter. who was slick move to the basket for the layup. got all of that. but the dubs down 3 after one warriors in transition now steps to the jonathan. coming up for the he had 7 points in the 1st half late in the second. now
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backwards. it over his head to a wide open. jordan floyd got to love that. it's tied 57 all at the half. we go to the 3rd quarter. andrew wiggins, the 3 pointer. he nails and that would make it the end of the quarter. steph. from 37 feet out. sit in love. that puts the dubs up one going into the 4th. now the 4th quarter lamelo ball. back to the rack for a nice floater under a minute to go in this warriors down by to dream on. he slams it in that tied it up at one o to all the game still in progress right now. hornets up by 4 to 12.7 seconds to go we're going update. and of course, all right. how about some college hoops defending champ stanford ranked number 3 in hosting 25th ranked texas will pick this one up in the 3rd stanford up for lacey hall with the steal and her sister lexie takes it the other way and lays it 16 points and 11 rebounds lexi hall 4th
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quarter. now stanford's lead cut to one ali i'm a defense get set to go from beyond the arc 6 in the triple that gave texas the lead final 2 minutes texas with a five-point lead the fire who drops another 3. she had 17 points off the bench, went 4 for 4 from downtown and that was enough for texas to upset stanford 61 to 56. they handed the card. their first loss of the season. we're are, of course, pulling for stanford to repeat as champions. but man, i got to tell you, their schedule does not get any easier in the next month alone. they have 3 dates with top 25 ranked it's going to be going to be a long road keeps it interesting that does thanks, kate. will see tonight yes, i like >> we're going to get it on saturday is very soon next week as well. 72. >> get ready kate. all right. so one take another live look outside at the san francisco embarcadero on this sunday
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night. you know as we were saying earlier, it was a a great day outside. let's talk you know, take a look at the 7 day forecast right what we can expect as we move into the new work week. okay. well know seven-day just no weather is going to be great sunday, sunny, that we're going to track some rain, chances later on in the week as well. so. >> the breeze is going to have more of that coming up live in prime time in >> looking forward to that. i am as well. we'll see the see that. (piano music)
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