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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 13, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. now at 8. >> strike averted health care workers at kaiser permanente will stay on the job for now after reaching a tentative agreement. what this means now moving forward. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news in prime time as we start our coverage at 8 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. that strike set to get underway monday. but with the deal, thousands of workers who are demanding better pay and better working conditions. >> we'll stay on the job. kron four's amanda hari live here in the studio tonight to break down the details of this deal and the 2 unions still trying
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to hammer a deal out. yeah. there are 2 that are still trying to hammer that deal out racine. and jonathan, this, like you said, this is a tentative agreement. >> it will be voted on by union members over the next few weeks. but while this is a reason for some groups to celebrate. there are some pharmacists and engineers that are still bargaining. >> the alliance of healthcare unions out this celebre tory news saying we did it after months of hard work in solidarity. we want a new tentative agreement with kaiser permanente. in a statement executive director of the union. how ruddick says this agreement will mean patients will continue to receive the best care and alliance members will have the best shops. the tentative agreement is a four-year contract covering nearly 50,000 kaiser permanente, health care employees in 22 local union says the agreement includes new staffing language to continue to protect employees and patients. >> annual wage increases mean
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team benefits and provides career development opportunities for union-represented employees. but kaiser newark house spokesperson karl sonkin says some groups are still negotiating, quote, we're continuing to bargain in good faith with the guild for professional pharmacists and local 39 operating engineers and hope to reach agreements very soon nurses with the california nurses association are standing in solidarity with the local 39 operating engineers. >> they'll be holding a 24 hour. sympathy strike from 07:00am. this coming friday until saturday morning. >> they have been out there on the line on their own. primary strike for 2 months now and we decided to step in. it's time to get them back. registered nurse diane mcclure works at kaiser south sacramento. she says these engineers maintain the medical equipment at their final. they're very important to patient care she says q% they're going to stand by them until they can come to an
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acceptable agreement with kaiser permanente. we need them back in the hospitals. are a vital part. >> of keeping the hospitals running smoothly. >> seeing a registered nurses will be holding the sympathy strikes throughout the state on friday. again, the members of the alliance of health care union still have to vote to ratify the agreement back to jonathan ingesting, thank you so much. well, today marks one week since someone shot and killed 23 month-old jasper wu a $10,000 reward now on the table for information leading to an arrest that shooting happened. >> last saturday. afternoon. little jasper in the back seat of a car sleeping. they were headed home on the south lanes of i 8.80 or i 80 in oakland when someone shot into that car. now the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce offering that reward police say they believe the reward money could help locate the shooter, but they believe it will take more
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than that. >> i think it's a collective effort. i don't think money along as they beat you. we need people to feel remorseful for this family. we need people to feel empathy for what happened and we need people to think about what if this was a child of yours. what if this was a relative of yours. would you want people to bring that same information forward so that the people responsible could be held accountable. i think they would. >> a go fund me page has been set up to provide some financial help. 2 jasper's family. >> speed tonight being blamed on an early morning crash that killed a 19 year-old man. it happened on the i 5.18 14th street off-ramp. according to chp that 19 year-old driver was speeding before hitting another car and died at the scene. chp officers say that no one in the other car was hurt. so far. there's no word if drugs or alcohol. also played a factor in the crash. the name of the driver has not yet been released. >> now to santa rosa, where one person is dead another
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seriously injured after a head-on crash between a jeep in an suv. police say when they arrived and corporate center parkway a challenger way. they found the driver of the jeep already dead. the driver of the suv taken to the hospital. but witnesses told police that the driver of the jeep was drinking in a parking lot right before the crash. police are not identifying either driver as the investigation is still ongoing, folks tonight and one santa rosa neighborhood hoping to get a better night's sleep tonight after a reckless sideshow. >> many of them awake last night. here's some video of it and cross for such a ball spoke with some upset neighbors who are upset about the lack of the police presence here. >> black in streets with rip robert remnants of an overnight sideshow santa rosa. >> neighbors resulted in enemy of the rude awakening. it extremely loud. >> it was extremely light. woke me up from a deep sleep. >> witnesses say at least 70 people crowded the residential intersection of west college
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avenue at me drive just past midnight saturday morning. someone might die. some of the side shows involved firearms. >> and that people have been shot and even killed. i really hate to see that type of activity. >> come to my neighborhood activity that neighbors say has been going on for nearly a year now on a weekly basis despite several calls to police witnesses say officers stayed away. and for the most part, we're not visibly present until the end. >> the side show last the police and have them come out and just for something like that that goes on. and when we get no response or. >> you know, we're monitoring the situation and they're nowhere to be found is kind of upsetting concern. >> most of those are coming in from out of town. sideshow a frustrating. >> it was hard to go back to sleep and i drew about this morning and it just the streets like just tore up.
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>> we left several messages with the police department for comment and clarity and have not heard back. >> in santa news. >> another walgreens store in san francisco is now closed not because the pandemic are shoplifting problems. this is because of rats. the health department says it found the store has a rodent infestation. the store in know we've alley on castro street put out a notice saying was closed because of technical difficulties. we did get a chance to speak with some customers, though, about the sudden shutdown. >> never a never got any of the food that they had. >> i wouldn't be surprised. you know, in a city that there tends to be rodent problems. so not hundreds that shocked by that. i mean, it's incredible inconvenient. >> it's the only drug store that we have in this neighborhood. >> this walgreens location will be closed until the health hazard has been
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resolved and the facility is reinspected by the health department called for has reached out to this walgreens. we have not gotten a response back yet. >> it's about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at san francisco, courtesy of the sutro tower camera. the city lit up on this saturday night. no fog blocking the view. >> fog was an issue, though, for our inland communities today during the day with peers about tomorrow and it's nice clear saturday night out there in the agree. so, yeah, really nice. we're going to see the return of that tool fog during the overnight hours could even see another dense fog advisory going into effect as well. so far national weather service bay area holding back on issuing that because it doesn't appear to be as bad tonight. like what we were tracking last night through this morning, but certainly going to keep my eyes peeled on that. let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport clear skies overhead seeing some fog starting to make its way into contra costa as i speak. so we are tracking
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mid-fifties from concord into livermore as well. widespread low to mid 60's around the bay area shoreline with san jose and downtown san francisco 63 degrees to the mile. the city's out there right now this evening, pacifica 57 degrees. san anselmo and avato and even petaluma currently in the mid 50's. so we are tracking a chillier forecast tonight when tracker for calm winds out of the north and west. and we did see some hazy skies out there. so pretty moderate to poor air particles streaming through the bay area. earlier today and that is the same issue that we're experiencing right now for saturday night. so winds out of the north and east and above average temperatures just really allowed those poor particle to just sit and hover over the bay area. we're tracking moderate air particles for your sunday radar for clear skies out there right now. but we are going to notice the return of that poor dense low fog, bank and also rain chances
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returning to the bay area by the middle of this upcoming week. details ahead as i track our next storm hour by hour, my full forecast in just a few minutes to cnn. jonathan, back to you. thank you. a week after the tragedy at astroworld music festival in houston. >> the day in vegas, music festival is under way this weekend in las vegas, rapper travis scott was set to be the headliner for this event but pulled out after 9 people were killed at the festival in houston last friday, 50,000 folks expected to attend the d n vegas festival this weekend and for many of them, they say security is a top concern. one person said after the deadly astroworld music festival last week. she plans to be at the back of this year's this week's concert. >> my friend sent me how to not be in the barricade, not surrounded by so many people. so i'm for sure not going to be in the front think i'm gonna stand back and just hang out with my friends. >> organizers say that law enforcement and concert workers will be keeping a close eye on the crowds just to make sure that no one does
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get hurt. >> coming up here in primetime tonight, some heart stopping moments for one sacramento woman after she and another man was shot her 3 year-old son taken by force. >> president joe biden's infrastructure bill. down moving forward. 10 million dollars will be used to replace drinking water pipes. we'll show you how the plan is now becoming reality for some. >> plus local food banks are not resistant from supply chain issues. how they're struggling to keep up with the
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surging food prices and supply chain issues are making it familibs who have been hit hard by the pandemic. >> that in turn is wrapping up the pressure on food banks to help feed these people in need as we get into the holiday season. kron four's rob fladeboe learned more about the impacts now being felt at one south bay food bank. >> there should be plenty of peppers asparagus and other fresh vegetables and most other holiday staples in holiday food boxes this year. but second harvest, another food banks are not immune from supply chain issues threatening many other aspects of the economy says second harvest. tracy whether bin. >> we do see disruptions. we're seeing the increased cost of freight gas like everyone else is. and we have a specific situations like we've needed a new cooler and one of our warehouses and we
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don't know when that's going to arrive because of the supply chain challenges. second harvest helps feed some 450,000 clients each month. >> and eye-popping 80% increase from before the pandemic inflation is hitting food prices. a lot depends on donations says weatherbee, we do have a concern that >> food supplies being tight in general for a lot of items we may get fewer donations from those people who work with us because they will be tighter surging food prices and limited availability could lead to shortages. second harvest does not anticipate smaller food boxes but substitutions are one way to meet the growing demand. a lot of the people that we serve. turkey is not their favorite foods that will do whole chickens. >> that might easier in a small apartment smaller oven. but we try to ensure that there's a lot of great food avail available to people to celebrate these occasions. the demand for food assistance may return pre pandemic levels as people try to recover the loss of
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>> we did a survey of our clients and over 60% of them have less than a $100 in savings. so think about that and the fact that people who did have savings prior to the pandemic. it probably took them years to create, you know, a few $1000 in savings and that was wiped out during the pandemic in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> we do have some new developments tonight from the cop 26 climate summit in an unprecedented move world leaders have drafted an agreement. >> directly calling up fossil fuels and their role in global warming that deal was reached this morning after talks went into overtime previous cop, 26 agreements have never cited cole. oil and gas as a driving force for climate change. the latest draft urges nations around the world to use clean power generation and accelerate efforts towards phasing out fossil fuels. the
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agreement also refers to a just transition. assuring people do not lose their livelihoods are access to power with moving to green energy. >> meanwhile, environmentalist are praising the passage of president joe biden's infrastructure plan the bill includes billions to protect americans drinking water from dangerous chemicals our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin gets us up to date. >> these stored package. invest billions of dollars to protect americans from lead poisoning as well as the clean up he falls, which is a manmade cocktail of chemicals found in drinking water across the country. >> investment ever made and history and water infrastructure epa administrator michael regan says families across the country can soon breathe a sigh of relief. the newly passed bipartisan infrastructure deal includes billions to clean up drinking water to eliminate the 6 to 10 million led high. >> that are still going like
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it into our home. our churches, our day came and helped water utilities remove dangerous chemicals so that people from the tap. >> that's extremely significant. >> but organizations like the environmental working group called the nearly 10 bi-lion dollar investment to confront peoplw's contamination. a mere down payment. the manmade chemicals are sometimes linked to illnesses like cancer. the organization estimates, people of contamination in the drinking water of more than 200 million americans friday ahead of a cabinet meeting at the white house. reagan said the new money will help the epa take even more aggressive action. these resources will be dedicated. >> to more health studies, a better scientific understanding developing career capabilities to develop regulations so that we are protecting the public. the epa recently released the people's road map. >> outlining the biden administration's game plan. but environmentalists are still calling on the administration to speed things up instead a nationwide people's drinking standard and
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it's unclear exactly when the epa will set that standard. we know some business groups as well as some republicans have urged more research before taking that action. but we do know a nationwide clean-up effort will soon be underway. and president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure package come monday for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast this saturday night. a live look at the transamerica pyramid in downtown san francisco, still waiting for the clouds and the fog kind of roll in. but it's can see the stars looks like a beautiful shot out there this saturday night. i'm meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the highs from today and also that fog. >> that that was really an inland problem, which is usually comes in through the golden gate but not the issue this time yet tool fog, right. so that's why it's mainly impacting north bay east bay valleys, including the delta. >> and that's what actually heop conquered cool down to below average. you should be
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at 67 degrees. in fact, you are 3 degrees cooler than that at 64 degrees didn't make the 70's party like we saw for the rest of the bay area. even downtown san francisco warming up to 72 degrees in livermore in the mid 70's. as with san jose 75 degrees. so 48 degrees above average. >> for most of the bay area. and we're tracking clear and smooth sailing out there right now. along golden gate bridge radar for tracking clear skies. but change is on its way into the bay area. finally seeing the return of wet weather making its way. we are going to start out with some dense cloud cover, high clouds increasing by wednesday night and then by early thursday afternoon, light bands of rain going to write first for those of you in the north bay before finally shifts to the south and east by your thursday night. so we're going to get upwards of about half an inch of rain or less half an inch for the north bay. a quarter of an inch of rain or less for the rest of the bay area until
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we start to dry out and clear out by early friday morning. but the one thing that we do need to watch out for once again, that tool fog because it has been pretty stubborn, especially in our inland valleys in the east bay and north bay and it looks like it's going to be very stubborn and widespread once again by sunday morning in and around the bay area shoreline, even impacting those of you in concord and santa rosa. so please drive safely. if you do have any sunday morning plans. we should see a lift and clear out by around 11 o'clock for your sunday morning. when tracker for though calm wind speeds out there right now and temperatures for the most part, 50's and 60's 54 degrees for nevado almost 10 degrees. warmer, though, for half moon bay paulo alto and san jose mild in the mid 60's with overnight lows tonight, low to mid 50's. so we are tracking temperatures once again about 5 to 10 degrees above average widespread low to mid 70's. half moon, bay, 68 degrees. everyone else, though, in the
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low 70's and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we're going to see cooler temperatures with an increase in cloud cover, bringing a seasonal averages starting tuesday lasting for the remainder of this upcoming week. back to you. jonathan just saying thank you so much to raise a still ahead here parents in san diego are suing the school. >> over the mask mandate. why they do not think. stocks are helping kids stay safe.
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>> a san diego county judge has dismissed a lawsuit that challenges the state's school mask mandate. the lawsuit was filed by a group called let the breeze known for leading efforts opposing mandatory covid precautions in schools across the state. the group argued the masks harm children's social mental and physical health and claim that wearing any type of mask should be a choice. the judge dismissed the case outright saying governor gavin newsome has the legal authority to enforce universal masking in california. we do have some developing news out of los angeles tonight where judge has denied a request submitted by the los angeles city fire fighters union which would have prevented enforcement of the county's vaccine mandate for government employees. a superior court judge instead scheduled a hearing for december. second to address the issue. an attorney for the union argued that if the request was not honored. the
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city could find it difficult to staff all stations once unvaccinated firefighters are placed on leave. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8. we'll show you how rising inflation is impacting the happiest place on earth. the changes you'll need to know so much more you can expect to shell out the next time you head to disneyland the head coach of the uc davis baseball team has now stepped down from the job. it comes after a new report on hazing has been released. we'll break down the details of what it says. plus, a 3 year-old boy triggering an amber alert in sacramento last night. he's now been found here in the bay area. we'll show you how this all came to an end after the break.
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>> a 3 year-old as that was abducted in sacramento has been found safe in hayward today and police say the suspect has also been arrested there is surveillance video that was capturing those tense moments that the suspect was ripping. the boy away from his mother. it's hard to watch. you can see the little boy in his mom's arms that suspect just grabbing him. >> and then taking off triggering that amber alert that many of us witness last night the shot actually got a chance to talk with a neighbor who watch this terrifying scene unfold. >> it's hard to watch this
8:30 pm
heart pounding video of a mother struggling to hold on to her 3 year-old son just before the man neighbors say is the boy's father rips him out of her arms tear or from them jonathan daniel says the abduction took place right in front of his home. the next door neighbor, jonathan said that the mother ran over here to the front door just desperate to get away. so helpless whom they can to more you see the woman pleading with the suspect 30 year-old joshua yago as she clings on to her son, leo at one point yonko can be seen grabbing her left arm and the back of her neck as he pushes her face toward the ground. jonathan says he could hear the boy calling the man dead at he's the one that yelling in my son back. >> she trying to get him to leave as they continue to struggle. he grabs leo's right. arm before yanking him out of his monher's arms and running with him once he got the kid. >> and put the kid in the car and she ran home. greece
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inside driver. side of the car and pulled something out. bush and best on the door. and then next thing i know mark glass was breaking in. 5 shots ring out. jonathan says the suspect then ran back to his car and took off the cops missed him by. >> 16 seconds. sacramento. police say the mother and another male was shot but are doing okay. i mean, it is well in the shooter like that. you know, it's like. i could have been shot 2 tragic what happened the little heart goes out to the family. >> can't even imagine what that's like a statewide. amber alert went out and buy this morning, hayward police located leo and ya go together. he was booked on charges relating to the kidnapping and shooting and go to bed till. >> 10 this morning. so show you happy that found them and it's he's arrested.
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>> that was rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight. and just in the past week to children in the east. bay were abducted in stolen cars will start in pittsburgh for a woman is now in custody after police say she stole a truck with a one year-old girl inside this is surveillance video showing someone who is believed to be that woman jumped into the driver's seat. the abduction set off an amber alert. the baby that was found safe in the abandoned truck and police did track down the suspect a short time later in concord, a mother was reunited with her 4 month-old child after a suspect stole a white van with the child in the backseat. this happened late thursday night. this one happening right outside of the wing stop. and it may see a valley road officers located the abandoned car with the child inside about 30 minutes after the report of the kid going missing so far, though, in this case, no arrests have been made. >> 2 people are recovering tonight after an early morning shooting in oakland. officers say they found a man shot on 89th street just after
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midnight. a second victim. a woman showed up at the hospital right before police got to that scene. investigators tonight say that both victims are in stable condition. the case still under investigation tonight. >> now to san francisco's mission district where 2 people are recovering tonight after a car accident that happened earlier this morning. it happened at the intersection of 24th and guerrero streets. no word on what caused this crash. but both of the people involved were taken to the hospital with what officials are saying are non life-threatening injuries. >> this week in 60,000 members of the international alliance of theatrical stage employees are voting on whether or not to approve a new 3 year contract deal with hollywood studios. the tentative deal addresses several concerns like better pay turnaround time and hours worked some union members are reportedly considering a no vote after the accident. a little accidental deadly shooting of of tougher on the set of the
8:34 pm
movie rust starring actor alec baldwin, which happened just days after that deal was reached voting ends tomorrow. >> a tesla driver says the company's self-driving software is to blame for crashing his car. this happened on november 3rd and orange county. the driver saying a beta test version of tesla's full self-driving software caused his model y suv to go into the wrong lane and get hit. fortunately no one was hurt. the driver has now filed a complaint with the national highway traffic safety administration. federal regulators say they've been asking tesla for more information about this beta testing program, including nondisclosure agreements that have been signed by testers. >> talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the goldey gate bridge as we get ready for the start of sunday. >> our meteorologist respond rig as joining us now with a look ahead. and also our next chance of rain. yeah, we're actually tracking wet weather
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to return to the bay area starting thursday afternoon through thursday night. but from now until then, warm dry days ahead. let's take a live look outside san francisco international airport. >> radar for tracking clear skies starting to see the return of the dense low clouds and fog making its way into parts of the east bay specifically in contra costa this evening. so just a heads up there for those of you commuting to the east bay later tonight. radar for as you can see all clear for those of you in south lake tahoe and most of this year for that matter. a few high clouds overhead but temperatures also going to be on the mild dry side there. truckee flirted with 70's 68 degrees at south lake tahoe in the mid 60's before we gradually start to cool down monday with tuesday only warming up into the mid 50's. so tracking a 10 degree drop from sunday into tuesday. thanks to some light showers and storm activity making its way into the northern part of this year. there going to be
8:36 pm
though, more of a wind maker than rainmaker for the rest of this year. cooling down temperatures by tuesday. those just a heads up there. temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's and 60's. the downtown san francisco 62 degrees. hayward. also in the low 60's pacifica and san mateo mid to upper 50's with the widespread mid 50's. for those of you in the north bay novato 54 degrees berkeley and oakland, though 61 degrees for your saturday night in daytime highs tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees above average slightly warmer around the bay area shoreline downtown san francisco remaining in the low 70's with mid 70's for those of you at oakland at 74 degrees. and san jose 76 degrees for your sunday afternoon until we cool down to seasonal temperatures arriving by tuesday of this upcoming week. jonathan just seen back to you. thank you so much. still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news today. >> the world's largest retailer cutting costs by cutting out the driver will show you how their new driverless delivery trucks. we
8:37 pm
are now boosting online business. here's something to
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8:39 pm
make. you may make you feel a little uneasy. the next time you're on the road for retail giant wal-mart says you may have actually been sharing the road with some of its driverless trucks and may not have even known if the company is cutting costs by literally cutting out the middle man with a major breakthrough in. >> thomas technology and our
8:40 pm
correspondent tom negovan explains. >> this is it. the driverless truck wal-mart's been using to drive sales at its online grocery business cutting costs. by literally cutting out the middle man or woman who used to be behind the wheel. a partnership uniting arkansas and silicon valley. the world's largest retailer teaming up with a tech start up. you've probably never heard of. so that's the shooting with with the one today. >> and, you know, to my knowledge, we have the force of the only agree something like this. >> and they've been doing it since august running to fully autonomous walmart box trucks on a 7 mile loop for about 12 hours a day with no driver touting it as an industry-first driverless milestone. other companies working on similar technology. the kroger supermarket chain has been testing. autonomous delivery since 2018 albertsons
8:41 pm
is testing last-mile delivery in northern california using remote controlled karts. but this is leading edge. and if you're worried about safety, the company say they are to working and waiting a long time before taking this dramatic final step. >> for the first 2 we would leave a patient with us. it could have been on board, making sure the but the dog experience on this out. a new out into street before he could take the time that out. >> that was tom negovan reporting for us tonight. >> up next, a hazing investigation has led the head coach of the uc davis baseball team to resign. we'll explain what's in the final report and it's r
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>> claims of dangerous alcohol consumption inappropriate behavior and other misconduct now coming to light as part of a hazing investigation involving the uc davis baseball team and now the team's head coach has resigned from his job. the report said that matt van failed to take appropriate steps to address concerns about the hazing in the program, which was suspended back in july. >> the investigation found evidence of an annual initiation tradition where new players were hazed during a series of challenges. the details of the investigation are graphic and includes everything from alcohol consumption to even threats of
8:45 pm
assault. sangha breaks down the details. >> off the field activity, getting the uc davis baseball program in hot water. a 34 page investigation released friday highlighted a culture of hazing within the program. binge drinking threats of assault and strippers. been a difficult time for the program. the report was dominated by the hazing culture and it ate university employees and 13 current and former players recounted what happened. >> but when we work through positive unwilling manner. the report found evidence of an annual tradition where players were hazed to be a a series of challenges. >> involving dangerous excessive drinking. one challenge called don't expletive your brother consisted of a mixture of alcoholic beverages and required first year players to drink until a player vomit it another challenge included first year players taking a mystery shot and swallowing a live goldfish at the end of the night. new players were blindfolded. a mystery person was brought and touching down
8:46 pm
when they removed their blindfold, they saw the lap dancers had been their teammates at that point professional strippers came out and performed lap dances leading up to the ritual. some players say they experienced saw comments that would provoke anxiety in the rookies. last report a ritual occurred during the 2019 20 academic here. the report also includes head baseball coach matt faga learned of the 2018 hazing allegations. he informed his supervisor. however, the report says he did not take other steps key to a reasonable response i've met with coach van and of except in his resignation as their head baseball coach. but his current assistant coaching staff will remain in place as the investigation found. >> the coaches had no role in the hazing uc davis chancellor gary mayes saying in a statement when allegations of misconduct of any kind are reported. >> we won't hesitate to take appropriate action to determine the facts. let me reiterate as i stated during the summer that uc davis has 0 tolerance for hazing students
8:47 pm
on campus surprise. this was going on. >> the fact that they exist is is it potentially wearing the fact that he resigned. i think is a good about the school in the community and how they can bounce back with >> harris. gosh pasando reporting for us tonight. and while some players did use drugs like cocaine and marijuana. the report did not find widespread culture of drug use. they will be playing spring baseball on. they've also started a national search to look for another head coach. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as folks head into the city on this saturday. 9 a big difference from just a few hours ago when things were jam-packed with folks trying to get into the cynical. >> now they're going the other direction going on back home. hopefully you're watching us. all right. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the forecast for the rest of the weekend. yeah. and tomorrow going to be just as warm as today. so we're tracking dry and mild weather continuing all weekend
8:48 pm
long. >> your sunday microclimate forecast tracking widespread 60's and 70's not just along the coast but for our inland valleys as well. downtown san francisco going to remain in the low 70's about 5 degrees above average. there with half moon, bay, 68 degrees but elder not in daly city warming up into the low 70's. so we are going to see winds shift in direction out of the north and east and 20 miles per hour less throughout most of the san francisco peninsula, san bruno, millbrae and burlingame 74 degrees. so very pleasant temperatures tomorrow. hard to believe it's mid fall when we're tracking mid 70's for san mateo and san carlos 76 degrees and widespread mid 70's. for those of you in the south bay san jose 76 degrees with campbell and santa clara 77 degrees. but watch out for that tool fog, especially for those of you in our inland valleys in the east bay and north bay stubborn dense low clouds and fog will lift in
8:49 pm
clear out by around 11 o'clock sunday morning livermore, though, 71 degrees dublin and pleasanton in the mid 70's concord and walnut creek 71 degrees with 69 degrees for those of you in richmond, widespread 70's for most of the north bay not the 72 degrees and sonoma 76 degrees. remember, we should be in the mid to upper 60's this time of year. not in the 70's like we're seeing for those of you in santa rosa and avato at 76 degrees and taking a look ahead at your extended outlook. seasonal temperatures returning to the bay area by tuesday with rain, chances on thursday, about half an inch of rain or less a little bit of everything for everyone. this upcoming week once again. so everyone should be happy seeing rain returning to the bay area. but one thing that we have to discuss the big white elephant in the room. the orange attire. we did not plan it. we're just i mean. >> after a while it was bound to happen right yeah. we've got one 26 weeks out of 52.
8:50 pm
sounds about right yeah, well, 52, >> all right. what is the >> it's not we're only on air. what together 2 days a yeah, but it's still 52. but i was that's we're about to >> we're forming into one big blob pretty much. yeah. start. it's happening online. thanks for certainly going to need some help with math to work. now don't ask rising inflation is forcing some changes at the happiest place on earth. disney land says it is considering cutting back on food portions to keep costs in line with rising prices. chip yost has the details. >> inflationary pressures are something we are all i'm looking at and trying to on an earnings call with analysts wednesday disney cfo,
8:51 pm
christine mccarthy talked about how the company is trying to keep its costs down as inflation ticks up. >> one idea cut down on portion sizes at its theme. parks are lots of things that are worth talking about. you know, we can adjust suppliers. >> we can substitute products we can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people place we can look at pricing where necessary. but we are going to go just straight up cross increased prices. but how would that go over with disneyland visitors who already so most ticket prices go up. the last month. they've got to have some good teachers for the people who come and that was the one good value. people did say that even though the costs were expensive. you got it. >> decent serving don't think it's right. i think, you know, it's very expensive way try to hide inflation is instead of raising prices, which is something that's been consumers faces. as you actually make the size is a little bit smaller. it's a little bit hard to 6% less
8:52 pm
food. and as the cs 6% price increase christopher shores, an associate professor of f% finance at uc irvine. >> says what disney is considering is not that uncommon during periods of high inflation. he also believes that inflation isn't going away any time you know, i think i think inflation is here to stay. and, you i think that's just something were to have to get used unfortunately for a little bit. >> so come tonight, a new climbing workout catching the eye of celebrities like jay z and many others will show you how you can hop on board in tonight's tech smart.
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>> the new workout machine that has you climbing to reach your goals is here. >> rich demuro explains in today's tech smart. a new workout machine called climber is hoping to do for vertical workouts. what peloton did for spending on-screen instructors lead you through a full body workout that's fast and fun. >> so you want push pull and here's your resistance. nom chances are you've never done a workout quite like this and it kind of this melting back into those clues. it's like vertical climbing, but nonstop the intensity immediate and gets warm and toasty climber at $2800 is the latest high-tech fitness machine hoping to win over the in-home workouts. so it's a full-body
8:56 pm
0 impact workout. the machine has a touch screen with on-demand classes. >> along with various scripts to target different muscles. plus a resistance. not when you're on the climber year. and a natural primal position. it's a crossed ball so it's something that's that's very. >> to that to the human body and the way we move things from her hand underhand is also a diff are. so if your morning the focus more on lower body. >> there's options from classes range from 5 to 45 minutes taught by instructors from a studio in denver. your your shocker. like 10 minutes getting on the climber is easy. and after some adjustments, i was on my way up. they want push school. they go on screen metrics help you keep tabs on your efforts and feel that all the way within minutes. my muscles were feeling it with no seat to fall back on the workout requires continuous effort really feel the bern just after minutes of doing an intro work out here. my heart
8:57 pm
rate is up. breathing heavy. it's not easy, but it feels good. the efficiency. it's the biggest it's great to be able to jump on the climber and you know, in 20 minutes, jump off and feel like you got an amazing work out. >> that was rich demuro reporting for us tonight. and you do not need to get me one of those for ok, let's start off my list right now. >> that does it for us here on kron. 4 news today. don't go anywhere, though. just tonight coming your way. kron 4 news tonight. just a few moments.
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9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. they have been out there on the line on their own. primary strike for 2 months now. >> and we decided to step in. it's time to get them back. >> now at 9, 50,000 kaiser permanente workers will be off the picket line and on the job next week after both sides reached a tentative deal to avoid a strike. that is where we start this saturday here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. this tentative deal will last for 4 years and it would. >> potentially cover kaiser employees and 22 local unions conference monday. harry has details now on the agreement as well as 2 unions that are still bargaining. she's here now with us in the newsroom. the 2 unions that are still negotiating right now are the gu


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