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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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son 74 year-old darlene rauf was a longtime resident and volunteer in walnut creek. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis police found her stabbed to death at her home early monday morning, 4% or live for us in walnut creek tonight. he joins us with more on this is tragic story. dan. >> well, they grand ronde is being remembered as somebody who really cared about her community. police have accused her son a local sportswriter of killing her. we spoke with walnut creek's mayor kevin wilk who says that he is devastated by her death. a small memorial is arranged with flowers and candles at the mount diablo unitarian universalist church in walnut creek. it's honoring the memory of 74 year-old darlene rock. >> the beloved community member was stabbed to death on monday absolute tragedy. she was a lovely woman. enthusiastic energetic. >> she was involved in many
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community events. mayor kevin wilk says roth was well respected in walnut creek. she was heavily involved in sustainability, messaging and community food drives welke says it's a big loss for the city. she just want to know what you can do to help the city. that was really what it came down to every time we met up, she would ask, i love. she would say i love the city. what more can i do to help the city. walnut creek. police say roth called 911 around 5 o'clock monday morning saying she needed help because she was stabbed. >> officers rushed to the home in the area of 2600 jones road lifesaving measures were taken. but roth succumb to her injuries. police arrested her son in connection with her death. he was later identified as 41 year-old, nicholas roth, a local sports writer with the bay area news group. it's unclear what happened before the stabbing investigators say they're continuing to investigate ross community is left wondering what went wrong. completely shocking.
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>> and i think anybody that knew her just can't imagine this would have been happened to her. she was just a fun person. >> nicholas roth was set to appear before a judge in martinez today and at last check his bill was it was sent at more than a million dollars reporting live in walnut creek. dan thorn kron 4 thank you, 10,000 $1 reward is being offered for information leading the police to the people who responsible. >> the death of 23 year-old jasper wu the toddler was struck by a stray bullet while in the car. you see the little guy there. he was with his mom on 8.80, in oakland on saturday when he was hit and now the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is offering a reward. >> i think it's a collective effort. i don't think money alone is the we need people to feel remorseful for this family. we need people to feel empathy for what happened and we need people to think about what if this was a child of yours. what if this was a
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relative of yours. would you want people to bring that same information forward so that the people responsible could be held accountable. i think they would. >> i think they would. police say they believe the real more money could help. but finding the shooter. they say is likely going to take more than that. a go fund me page has been set up to provide financial help to the victim's family so far more than $200,000 have been collected. and in the wake of jasper was shooting. surveillance cameras are now being considered. >> on oakland freeways. the police chief says he supports the idea. however, can't do it alone. he says it's likely going to take additional support from city leaders to get that ball rolling for force. has made has that part of our coverage. >> i would definitely welcome freeway cameras in oakland. think any addition of technology would be helpful. it helps us solve these investigations. >> oakland police chief leronne armstrong is full-throated support for
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installing surveillance cameras on oakland stretches of the 5, 8083 ways comes in the wake of the deadly shooting of 23 month-old jasper wu no suspects have been identified nor as may and no cameras at this time on the freeway. chief armstrong would like to see that change be helpful for solving these investigations and it would have helped in this crime as well. >> there are surveillance cameras in place in the contra costa county freeway safety network. >> which is the result of a joint collaboration that includes caltrans, the contra costa county da's office and cities impacted by freeway shooting several years ago along interstate 80 and highway for similar coalition would likely be needed in oakland. >> we in the privacy commission. we know that this this anticipate this coming to us because it to us formally the city of oakland privacy advisory board would likely be involved in any decision to install surveillance cameras in oakland. gina tomlinson is
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a member of the board. these bold and brazen incidence. >> with choir, bold and brazen response and solutions. we know that the data privacy and the privacy of our citizens is but number one, we can never use or the number one mission to to ensure that the safety security and of the city is this is about. >> has it you cry. and for new. that's san francisco where a 25 year-old man has died from his injuries related to an october shooting. >> and police are still looking for that shooter. this happened near buchanan and hate streets on october 23rd police say a car crashed into a pole. the victim inside was suffering from a gunshot wound. it police are conducting a homicide investigation. the victim died this week, anybody with information is asked to call san francisco police. and this is just one of several recent shootings that happened in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. in mountain view. a 15 year-old has been cited in connection with bomb threats made against local schools.
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>> investigators say on october first loss out as police responded to reports of a bomb threat at los altos high school on october 5th mountain view police responded to reports of a threat against saint francis high school that same day, a 3rd bomb threat was called into presentation high school in san jose. police say that the teen was connected to all 3 of the calls to and due to his age. they are not giving out his name or the school. he attends. all right. weather time on this friday night as we talk 4 zone forecast. >> a live look from our studios in san francisco. there is the embarcadero the exploratorium right across the street and streetcar great take place to take the kids on the weekend. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about what we can expect this weekend. yeah, that's a great weekend to get out. enjoy the sunshine and the warm temperatures out there. it is going to be one of those beautiful weekend ahead, especially tomorrow and maybe even a little bit warmer than we had today. and today.
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>> was fantastic still, we're looking at mostly clear skies around the bay area. tonight we may see a hint of some fog moving along the coastline, not seen that just yet toward the golden gate bridge or maybe by morning. we just might. but the temperatures boy, that was the star of the show weather wise today 70 degrees in san francisco. 68 in oakland. can you believe 75 in gorgeous in san jose. 70 beautiful little more little cooler to concord 64 degrees and 73 degrees in santa rosa. so nice weather out there through the day and tonight not too bad either are cooling off just a little bit 50's along the coastline are still playing with some 60's. in a word and alameda 55 degrees now in livermore, 54 in pittsburgh and 54 degrees in petaluma. now we may see some patchy dense fog in some of the cherry valley. you may want to watch out for that, especially the san joaquin. but overall, right now the trend is change high pressure building in along the western half of the u.s. except the pacific northwest they are seeing all that moisture headed their direction that atmospheric river bringing some flooding concerns up
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there. you see all the areas shaded in green that you see the areas shaded in red. those are flood warning areas in and around some lay our tributaries there in the rivers there. they're expecting more flooding, but they could see some flooding into early next week with more stormy weather on the way. we are getting a break from all the stormy weather. no atmospheric river for us. just some dry conditions and a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in outside. you see some of that fog begin developing the central valley to you want to watch out for late tonight and early tomorrow morning if you're traveling in that direction, otherwise mostly clear skies for tonight. just a couple of patches of coastal fog tomorrow. it's going to be a gorgeous day. i think even a little bit warmer than what we had today and sunday miss start to see some minor changes. a few clouds begin to move into our skies mixed with some sunshine temperatures still going to be warm, but maybe just a few degrees cooler. but really high pressure controlling our pattern right now. you see all that moisture just stretching right up in the pacific northwest. you see all the arrows are taking aim in that direction. that is bringing them some atmospheric river. they're going to catch a brief break. but another storm is on
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the way. we on the other hand, are going to watch a ridge of high pressure building in behind that front. of a sudden strengthens that's likely going bring us more of a northerly component to win that offshore wind and that is going to crank those temperatures up even warmer by tomorrow afternoon effect highs working their way into the mid 70's in many spots, even inside the bay tomorrow. mid 70's, many areas in the valleys along the coastline. those temperatures in the 60's. so one of those gorgeous days. get out there. enjoy the sunshine boy, it is going to be a beautiful start. the weekend also get wait next so you know, if you're to travel for thanksgiving. you might want to. >> to prepare for some delays. holiday travel expected to reach prepandemic levels that's according to a new survey by aaa this thanksgiving expected to be one of the busiest. in fact, in history with millions of californians planning to drive at least 50 miles for the holiday travel experts want to remind folks to bring their masks and backs cards.
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>> if oprah was here, she would say you get a booster, you get a booster. you get it. the threat of a 5th wave of covid has prompted california health officials to push for covid booster shots for all adults now, including people outside of the current federal guidelines, the director of the california department of health. doctor thomas aragon sent out this memo. it instructs medical offices and pharmacies across the state not to turn away anybody who is requesting a booster shot as long as they meet certain criteria. they have to be over the age of 18 and they can only get the booster if it has been at least 6 months since there. second pfizer or moderna shot or if it has been at least 2 months since their johnson and johnson shot. >> you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot. i encourage you to go out and get supplies available. >> there. you hear the announcement comes as southern california sees a slight increase in covid hospitalizations cases nationwide have been spiking as well. some doctors are
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encouraging people to consider scheduling their booster before the holidays. a bad idea car for his amanda hari spoke to an infectious disease expert about it and how it can help prevent a winter surge a big announcement from the california department of public health. >> all fully vaccinated, adults in california can get a covid-19 booster. >> if they want one. my reaction was one of relief. i think the rules have been confusing to a lot of people. doctor peter chin, hong. >> is a ucsf infectious disease expert. he says this change will make things simpler. he says if you've got your second dose of pfizer moderna's 6 months ago or johnson johnson. 2 months ago. you should consider getting a booster, particularly if you're traveling over the holidays, it appears some websites have not been updated to reflect the change in eligibility. but when i called a few pharmacies, i was told they're getting boosters to all adults. the california department of public health says they have enough supply
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doctor chin-hong says people shouldn't get discouraged by a 3rd shot because this could be the last one for some time and other vaccines where we had one to a few months than 3. >> it seems to protect us for many years. so unless it's a scary new super very and that's resistant to everything. i think this they shot me carry us. >> for many, many years. doctor chin-hong warns there will likely be a winter covid-19 surge. that's partially because people will be gathering and there will be more tourism as people from europe come to the bay area and to california. and remember, europe. is that the cause of 50% of the world's cases right now in the last 2 weeks. but he says we may not see a significant amount of hospitalization in our area and more people receiving a booster will help with that in the bay area. i think we're going to protected and more than most because of high vaccination rates. >> but in other parts of the state sacramento central valley. some parts of southern
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california. we're already seeing increasing hospitalizations increasing cases amanda hari kron 4 news 10. now to the latest on that anti-vaccine protest was shut down traffic on the golden gate bridge. >> and with 2 chp officers in the hospital last night. we have since learned that the accident happened as officers were trying to keep demonstrators from taking their protest into the lanes of traffic. protesters who originally gathered at the welcome center boiled over into the street. it was at that moment that a ford escape collided with a street tweeper. both headed northbound. exactly. why is still under investigation. >> i figure out left or what went right or what exactly happened. regardless, the 2 vehicles collided went off to the right and struck a golden gate bridge. but for truck, there were 5 individuals to seize the officers and 3 ridge personnel stand on other side of that truck. so the went into them. it forced the truck
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into those 5 individuals. >> rinne chp says this accident was unrelated to the unpermitted protest. but one motorist chp says was connected to the protest was arrested earlier in the afternoon for allegedly stopping his vehicle in a traffic lane getting out onto the roadway with protest signs and fighting law enforcement officers who ordered him to leave. >> britney spears conservatorship is over today. a judge terminated her father's conservatorship fans and supporters. you see them there gathered outside the courthouse in la waiting for word on what happened. spears said been under her father's control. now since 2008 reporter sloane glass has more now on the pop star's career and the 14 year conservatorship battle. >> in 2008 jamie spears was granted the conservatorship after britney allegedly struggled with mental health issues and was hospitalized. but the mandatory secrecy of medical records has kept murky the exact reasons why britney
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spears has remained in her conservatorship for nearly 14 years. i've been investigating the guardianship conservatorship since 2015. i can count on one hand. >> the number of judges that have said, ok, never mind. i am revoking terminating this the fans felt vindicated when britney spears spoke out against the conservatorship in court this summer and what she confirms many of their suspicions britney's team made the first formal request to terminate the conservatorship in september. now britney's case is back in court. >> the hearing is the first since linda penny suspended spears father from the conservatorship and appointed a certified public accountant to serve as a temporary manager of her finances. but it could still be a long road ahead. just because britney spears conservatorship might be dissolved doesn't mean that
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britney's like free to do whatever she wants. i mean, realize this is a 40 year-old woman almost. >> who hasn't made a business decision and more than a dozen years. >> sloane glass news nation. britney spears is a free free one as of tonight. >> still to come tonight, a woman is now behind bars in connection to a car thefts. there was a baby in the vehicle and this was just one of 2 incidents involving a stolen car and kidnapping in the bay area last night with the latest on those investigations. and the defense lawyer in the ahmaud arbery case has apologized after trying to block of black pastors from the courtroom. how activists are organizing now in response to those controversial comments and money, money. money. spiking inflation now hitting california theme parks the changes coming to disneyland, california adventure. how could lead to higher prices.
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for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> another big story we're following for you tonight. steve bannon, he's been indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress. according to the justice department, bannon was indicted on one count for refusing to appear for a deposition and the other for refusing to provide documents in response to the house january 6 committee subpoena. now, this all relating to the house investigation into the insurrection attempt on january 6 now, at this point we don't know when bannon will actually appear in court. each
9:20 pm
count does carry a minimum of 30 days in jail. also a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked a house committee from getting former president trump's white house records. >> the documents were supposed to be turned over by today to the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection at the capitol. the appeals court stop the release until it hears arguments in the case that will be at the end of the month. that's a lot digest there to learn more about what this all means for the house investigation into the insurrection and for the other trump loyalists that are subpoenaed by congress. we turn to our kron 4 political analyst michael yaki. michael, thanks for being with us. of bottom line. start with steve bannon. he's the biggest name out there. and obviously now with this development. it seems significant. is it. well, in the history of the contempt. the criminal contempt statute rose back to about. >> 1930. this will only be the second time. a person is
9:21 pm
action actually been charged with criminal contempt is very rare. it's usually in the disk. it's in total discretion of the department of justice. he also legal counsel, which is certain to be an independent arm within doj has consistently and very aggressively protected executive privilege over the years. so the fact that they actually allow the sturgeon to go forward is quite significant again, the first time since 1983. but anyone has been held in criminal contempt by the justice department for criminal contempt of congress. so. >> in a sense, you know what little we know about dan. and this is kind of on brand for him in. you know, i mean, he he will probably milk this right for all its worth play. the victim, you know, but what does this mean for the other people who have been reticent. to answer congress's call. i'm not sure how brand it is for for benefits and that is probably thinking i wish i got a bigger more blanket pardon
9:22 pm
from the president before he got a before he got out of town. you know, he was in he was held in indicted another federal charges related to is i legit fund rate allegedly illegal fundraising over the border wall. but he got pardoned by the president just doesn't cover those we'll see what what happens and whether or not you decide to that. the risk risk inexpensive of fighting this in court is worth testifying in congress. i mean, it bennett actually percent. probably the easiest case of the of those that are to come possibly to come because he had been in the white house since 2017 allegedly, you know, they're the president is the former president mistress trying to extend what exactly advisor meant. but again, the one thing that everyone needs to understand. nothing about the privilege protects illegal acts. and if this goes to the insurrection and the attempted overthrowing the united states government, the freeze and the electoral college. all those are 2 things. those that is
9:23 pm
not covered by any stretch imagination by executive privilege that was that would that's how president nixon got. and i got impeach was because. supreme court said those tapes, if they have a legal things on them. they're not covered. and that's that's how that started. mark meadows, other. be a deputy attorney general who is writing all the memos telling trump to stop the electoral college that that will be a little bit tougher road because they clearly were within the employer, the executive branch. so we'll see how that goes. as that comes for that. the question is will will ban and cut a deal and decide talk because this case i think is pretty weak. >> what is what is the best case against him you was on the podcast the day before encouraging people to, you know, fight and then in the bob woodward, robert costa book peril recently talks about it says, quote, if republicans keep cast enough shadow of a doubt on biden's victory. january 6th it would
9:24 pm
be hard for biden to govern millions of americans would consider him illegitimate. we're going to kill it in the crypt killed a biden presidency in the crypt. does that amount to actual legal trouble beyond just charge. where there's a distinction between whether he actually committed that crime. >> and congress's ability to discover evidence connected that potential crime, his refusal to appear. that's the crux of it. the nexus is was that is there some connective tissue to the crime enough that congress reasonable. reasonable ability subpoena him and having come forward. that's all they need to. that's all they need to present order to to convict him essentially in court. and that's why i'm saying it's a it's a pretty thin line that bannon has between between the 30 or one year in jail for each count. by the way. and to say to cut a deal and testified before congress
9:25 pm
because he was an he wasn't in the white house. he was doing the podcast. he was in the willard hotel the night before part of the war room, so to speak, that that this january 6 commission is trying to really unpack and the discovery of that evidence which isn't congress's legal right to do is his refusal to submit to that could possibly connected to a crime is really the only nexus that congress needs to convict him. so. he's he's got is not the it doesn't vary much stand. and i think legally yeah. and also most importantly in what we're we're short on time here. but doesn't this set an example for those other people that congress would like to hear from. >> well, certainly scare but, you know, if they have a lot of money in any want to wait it out. they could try and do it. it can. it's it's it's it's a harder case. a little bit because they were still in the employ of the white house meadows in court. reese's candidate clearly was not. political analyst michael
9:26 pm
yaki, always good to chat pre she ate your analysis. staying up late with us on a friday night. have a good night. have a good weekend. thank you, michael. >> other news now the disney company is making changes to combat the rise in inflation, including possibly cutting the portion sizes of food sold at parks, potential changes were discussed during a quarterly earnings call this week. you know, the changes may also lead to higher prices for some of the services there for chip yost has the story from anaheim. >> a question that's on the minds of every cfo and management team of of companies out there. inflationary pressures are something we are all i'm looking at an earnings call with analysts wednesday disney cfo, christine mccarthy. >> talk about how the company is trying to keep its costs down. amid inflation rates the country hasn't seen in decades. well, the park already increased most of
9:27 pm
disneyland ticket prices in october. executives are still looking at ways to save or make more money in other areas. one idea cut down on portion sizes at its theme parks are lots of things that are worth talking about. you know, we can adjust suppliers. >> we confronted 2 we portion behind, which is probably good for some people's we can look at pricing where necessary. but we are going to go get it straight process increased prices. that comment was made on the same day the u.s. bureau of labor statistics released its october. consumer price index report. >> for all urban consumers the report which tracks prices for everything from cars to food to gas showed that overall prices were up 6.2% before seasonal adjustment. the highest one year increase in prices in more than 30 years to talk to the president about
9:28 pm
it often. >> of our highest priorities. we need to bring costs down for the american people. >> that was chip yost reporting for us tonight. up next on kron 4 news at 9. the blame it continues a week after 9 people died in a concert in texas. how many lawsuits are now filed as that investigation continues. plus the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse could wrap up as early as monday we're going to have more on what we can expect that after the break. and 2 children are home safe tonight. but the investigations continue the separate car thefts, a similar outcomes.
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>> sure we're following tonight, woman in pittsburgh is in custody tonight after police say she stole an suv with a one year-old gir% in the back of it. this is new surveillance video out tonight. it shows someone believed to be that woman jumping in the driver seat here. yeah. the abduction set off an amber alert. maybe you heard it. the baby was later found safe india banned intricate police tracked the suspect down just a short time later. our first shows us what happened. >> the car theft and kidnapping happened just moments after pittsburgh. police say a father truck avenue across from all in one auto body. police say 24 year-old natalie, iowa asked the bad end. another man for a cigarette while his truck was idling with his one year-old baby girl inside at around
9:32 pm
5.45. thursday night. both said no. then the auto body shop surveillance video shows who is believed to be iowa jump in the driver's seat. >> audio technician ulysses and ya know witnessed the truck speed off with the father chasing behind on foot. it's crazy to see that was a child involved, especially, you know, having 2 of my own the abduction and theft set off an amber alert issued by the california highway patrol. we heard the amber alert, but i had no idea that the thing how nearly 2 hours into the investigation. police say the abandoned truck was found near army street in pittsburgh. a woman says a neighbor called to tell her someone was blocking her driveway and they said it was weird because they heard the baby screaming. >> crying, screaming crying and then they looked in their last. the life of a missing near the door was open and they got the baby and just after midnight. police were tipped off that medley. was walking on bourbon street. >> she was arrested and booked for kidnapping and vehicle
9:33 pm
theft. >> she's being held at the martinez detention facility. her bail set at $100,000 in pittsburgh. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> are working on a very similar case a 4 month-old baby was in a vehicle last night just after 10 o'clock when somebody jumped in and took off baby still inside. this video here shows the emotional reunion between mom and child. just how publ relief there after what had to be the most gut wrenching feeling for that mom around 10 last night concord police officers responded to the call. this was from the 5400 block of an hbo valley road. police. say they were obviously grateful to locate the abandoned car with the child still inside on rather than to drive. just about 30 minutes later an extensive search with the canine and air support started for the suspect and the thief. but the person has not been located.
9:34 pm
picture, please. >> you need to give an instruction. i want to see the best picture. >> a big case out of kenosha, wisconsin closing arguments for the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. it set for monday. and so far it has been a wild week as you can see there in the courtroom. from rittenhouse's own breakdown on the stand to the judges controversial behavior. reporter julian cruz brings us up to date on this case. >> have you had enough time to talk with your lawyers about this. it now and think about what you're doing. yes, i have an ocean county judge bruce schroeder making sure kyle rittenhouse understands the process with lawyers and the judge hammering out complicated jury instructions with amended charges. >> including first-degree intentional homicide first-degree reckless homicide and then attempted reckless
9:35 pm
homicide count with lesser charges. >> charges against you which are stated in the end, the minute information counts one through 6. the district attorney has to prove each of them beyond a reasonable doubt. first degree. >> second-degree lesser included first-degree reckless are all appropriate. second-degree reckless, doesn't it. >> it's the give and take a attorney mark richards as a c- result of this incident, case he has ptsd okay. the now 18 year-old rittenhouse looking at possible life in prison if convicted on the more serious charges. the use of force statute as defined by wisconsin law authorizing the use of deadly force only if he or she reasonably believes such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm. it will be up to jurors to the side of rittenhouse's violent actions were warranted. hopefully the jury focusing only on what court. >> veteran wisconsin criminal
9:36 pm
defense attorney rick be my are pointing to the enormous pretrial publicity meyer says he doesn't envy the jury expected to begin deliberations on monday. >> he believes the defense has a strong self defense strategy, but the weak link in his opinion involves anthony huber huber. >> i think that's very questionable. where people >> and that was julian crews reporting for us tonight. coming up at 10 o'clock defense attorney paula canny will join us live for legal analysis on this controversial case. >> meanwhile, in the ahmaud arbery murder trial in georgia. the defense attorney who yesterday said he does not want black pastors in the courtroom is now apologizing. kevin gough us defending one of the 3 white men accused of chasing and killing arbery arbery was jogging in a georgia suburb golf complained to the judge after reverend al sharpton sat with arbery's family. wednesday. he said
9:37 pm
bringing in high-profile black pastors is an attempt to intimidate and pressure the majority white jury today. he admitted those comments were inappropriate. al sharpton's response to the initial statement. the river is called on 100 pastors to meet the glynn county courthouse next thursday. come on down, says sharpton argued his attendance is not disruptive in any way and was at the invitation of the family of ahmaud arbery. >> more lawsuit announced after the deadly astroworld music festival in houston as more victims are laid to rest yesterday. officials announce the death toll has increased to 9 that after 22 year-old a texas, am students succumbed to the brain injury. she suffered in the crowd surge funerals for 2 chicago area. friends have been planned for later this month. both men travel to houston to attend the event which was headlined by rapper travis scott scott has said he will cover all funeral costs for the victims since last friday. more than
9:38 pm
110 lawsuits have been filed. still ahead after the best regular season in franchise history. the giants have reported manager gabe kepler with an extension. how much longer he'll be there and some great warriors silence. fantastic weather for the bay area today. but what if you
9:39 pm
9:40 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports.
9:41 pm
>> what a night at chase warriors ted in one entering tonight that start not quite as impressive as the 24 know beginning the warriors had and that record setting 2016 campaign. but hey, still good enough for the best record in the league so far, although few predicted this hot of a start. it really shouldn't be a shocker when wardell steph curry is on your team and it was magical once again reminding everybody. the eastern conference-leading chicago bulls are good, but he's is better than everybody else. worries that some turnover problems early. but look at steph shake caruso. and alex caruso just didn't have a prayer. look at that behind the back. we'll cross little arm shove. they're not going to call that. and steph ends up on the ground. what a gary payton, the second. what a revelation he has been. it looks like his papa. this poking the ball away from zach levine. although dad didn't dunk like that. young glove
9:42 pm
really getting apart back to our regularly scheduled steph curry highlights and he absolutely took over in the 3rd raining threes driving to the basket. look at this. it even see if this one winning the falls onto the chair of the cameramen. it sure did. i mean, these guys just he is so skilled left and right hand and they says did it going. did it go in? yeah. it 15 in the quarter he finished with 40 for the game. just normal stuff stuff. most importantly, though big picture curry passing ray allen for most three-pointers made all time. when you count regular season and playoff games. yeah. a little hop in the step. 50 the last game and 40 tonight warriors run away with this 1. one 19 to 93 chicago is missing one of its better players. but just a statement win against one of the best teams in the east so far. well, it has been just over a month now since jon gruden
9:43 pm
resigned as raiders head coach after those e-mails surfaced where he repeatedly use racist misogynistic homophobic language. but the drama surrounding him appears to just be getting started today was announced gruden is suing the nfl and commissioner roger goodell, green's attorney releasing a statement about the lawsuit reads in part, quote, the complaint alleges that the defendants selectively leaked gruden's private correspondence to the wall street journal, new york times in order to harm gruden's reputation and force him out of his job. green has likewise suffered significant injuries to his reputation that will affect his future employment prospects. an endorsement opportunities and quote, the leak responding calling the allegations meritless vowing to fight the claims. burton was just approaching the middle of a 10 year, 100 million dollar contract when he resigned forced to resign. according to the lawsuit, he is not receiving any money left on that deal. other news now. and after losing the longtime face
9:44 pm
of the franchise, even though we were amassed buster posey is retiring. the giants are gaining some stability in the dugout. the team announced today manager gabe kaplan not going anywhere. cite a 2 year extension that will keep him as the skipper through the 2024 season. took over the managerial role here before the pandemic shortened 2020 season. and in his first full year as manager this year. capital are led the giants to the nl west title and their best regular season record in franchise history, 107 winds. meantime, across the bay. the a's plan to honor longtime announcer ray fauci by inducting him into the athletics hall of fame. next season fauci. of course, the catcher for the a's in the 70's winning a pair of world series titles with the club, but he really was. yeah. beloved figure for all those decades in the booth. he came b% back to oakland was the team's color commentator from 1986 he had fun until this past august when he stepped away due to a long time battle with cancer
9:45 pm
fauci passed away on october 13th. now to the pitch big win for team usa in a world cup qualifier tonight. they knock off mexico to nil. the win moves team usa in first place in the qualifying standings. still more games to go in qualifying the top 3 teams will automatically advance to the 2022 world cup in cutter again. still a few games to play. but definitely a good sign for the men's national team which did not qualify for the 2018 world cup and has missed 3 straight olympic games. usa looking better. keep
9:46 pm
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but our here, we are just getting started. teenage daughter's accused of sucker punching her opponent at a basketball tournament over the weekend. turns out. >> it's not the first time that that's happened as video surfaces of the team punching 2 other players in carson before the latest attack reporter jennifer mcgraw has more now on the reaction from the teens dad. >> shocking video win confirmation that the teen seen here in this new viral video in the right hand corner of your screen punching 2 opposing basketball players is the same girl responsible for sucker punching a player and leaving her with a concussion. >> over the weekend when realized that. >> it was associated with the first fight that actually what you in it was kind of like
9:49 pm
devastated just because. >> it says crows just come out of control to shun the kathy with to shoot basketball says they took immediate action after the first incident in september we ban the team, the in the parent. >> and here's why. the players parents were fan as the mother allegedly screens for her daughter to hit the opposing player. that's the second incident with a different league. but same road player. as it turns out, daughter of nba's former bulls star. >> corey benjamin very distressing for them to see and hear. >> the mother. call for her daughter to going hit. >> lauren violence. i've never seen anything like that in in a girls basketball team. >> and sadly these incidents could have lasting impacts just have to teach them that. >> we can't allow actions that make them react this can cost her, you know, her teacher in the in the game of basketball.
9:50 pm
>> and that was jennifer reporting for us tonight. try to keep the peace here. step outside it more tranquil a live look over san francisco. the transamerica pyramid on what figures to be one of the warmer bay area november weekends that we've had a while. yes, such a nice weather. i don't know why anybody would want to get out of town. but apparently if you do. yeah, orange has some information for got a lot of places to travel. i think the weather should fairly appropriately. >> the central valley. that may be the one hiccup to get some of that to fog this time of year. so if you're traveling late at night or early morning. of course, you got to watch out for some of the dense fog. otherwise we're looking good up toward sfo. we've got clear skies. no delays reported and there are local airports. if you're traveling the monterey bay should be just a gorgeous day. you're headed up grow, maybe carmel. maybe bill beach about
9:51 pm
temperatures there in the mid to upper 60's about 76 in carmel valley and 68 degrees in santa cruz like a really warm weather southern california is the place to be 87 degrees and sunny in los angeles 89 in pasadena 88 in anaheim, high country. me like the snow. we're going to find that they're beginning a little slushy in the afternoon, temperatures up in the mid 60's almost spring-like and latter part of the day 61 in south lake tahoe and 68 degrees in reno. but if you plan to stick on through the weather going to work out, ok, although temperatures going to start to cool a little bit into monday. some increasing clouds on the way as early as sunday mild temperatures cooler on monday with mostly cloudy skies right around the bay area tonight. we'll see those temperatures in the 40's, the 50's a little chilly, a the north bay. but boy, we're going to warm things up very nicely tomorrow. afternoon. mid 70's in many places away from the coastline tomorrow. 74 the napa valley about 76 degrees in fremont. 75 in san jose about 75 degrees in mount view looks like the weekend going work out. very, very nice and
9:52 pm
warm temperatures we have for most spots cooling down a little bit on sunday. with some partly cloudy skies right now. no rain in sight. all right. we'll keep looking for i explore up next, an adorable little baby who came into the world earlier than expected because another surprise
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> by any means necessary. that is how they get this little guy alive. the baby boy considered to be the smallest surviving premature baby is
9:55 pm
beating the and thriving. >> yeah. curtis means is his name. he's now 16 months old. >> and curtis and his mom returned to the alabama hospital that cared for him after he was born at 21 weeks gestation wages. 14 ounces at birth really tiny. look at that. his twin sister did not survive his mom michelle butler you know, he's just a typical toddler now. >> he's very now. >> at first the you know, he was moving slow. so. he could slide them a few let stand that make you want to ahead take office star walk in you know. >> babel at the >> bill kurtis spent his first 275 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. you still need supplemental oxygen and a feeding too, during his visit with hospital staff. curtis was awarded the guinness book of world records certificate.
9:56 pm
go curtis. go curtis. curtis mean its paris hilton. >> is a married woman media personality. an heiress tied the knot with fiance carter lavish ceremony at a private estate in los angeles. this morning in her first instagram post has a wife hilton shared a shot of herself. posing behind her veil giving fans a glimpse of her wedding dress. announce their engagement to room who are is a 40 year-old venture capitalist in february. she probably said that's hot. paris in love. there's some kind of reality series. >> scatter. love david letterman interviewing her know if you ever know about those. letterman used to as as he was won't to do kind of give it to or yeah. in a sly fashion sense that that south year-old and that wraps up kron 4 news at night thanks for being with us all week.
9:57 pm
have a great weekend, everybody. but don't go anywhere, at least not for another hour. we have one more hour of news to go. >> ken and pam looking fresh on a friday night. that's pretty good for friday. all week. you guys have a great weekend to face the king. thank thank you both. and coming up on kron 4 news at 10 after 76 freeway shootings in the past 12 months in alameda county alone surveillance cameras are now being talked about for oakland freeways, who's pushing for the new technology and what it would take for that to happen. >> plus a tragedy in walnut creek. a mother and devoted community member killed allegedly by her own son. >> now she's being remembered
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. company sells out there. that is doing something for the love of walnut creek and the love of the community. >> you know, just replace that with somebody else's helps a tragedy. >> now at 10. the community of walnut creek grieving. the shocking death of a longtime resident and volunteer after police say she was stabbed to death by her own son. that's where we begin tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. police say they found 74 year-old darlene roth stabbed to death at her home early monday morning. they say her son is responsible kron four's. dan thorn live for us in walnut creek tonit.


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