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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 11, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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will maybe doing some kind of spectacular so the buildup. we'll get to him out there live. >> let's take a look at the where are we expecting any? citing ddap. and today the weather is just a good old lies day. hey, you know what? you know, it's exciting what it's going to be gorgeous. yeah, 70's. and what the second week in november now so i mean, we can't complain right. a lot warmer than what you normally. we see this time of year. so it is very exciting in the weather center and the lots of sunshine today. so try to go outside, maybe enjoy some of those veterans activities outside and then just enjoy the kids being outside because it's going to be gorgeous. we're talking a low 70's around the bay area that's the average outside right now. we're just seeing a little bit of patchy fog rolled through parts of san francisco. otherwise. >> we're seeing mostly clear shots like a san francisco international airport right here. just a beautiful, a sunny start to your morning. but cold 40's and 50's to grab that jacket or sweater. but then you're going want to peel that off by the afternoon
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because it is going to be so beautiful so warm. we'll have all those details coming up. and just a bit rebecca, thanks for that. we do have a hot spot in its on bart. so if you are taking bart. >> the san francisco line in the dublin pleasanton direction. jabar delay. so that means it's an undetermined amount of time before it was about 20 minutes. but now it's a little longer traffic this morning. looks great. it looks like a lot of you end up staying home or just driving safe this morning. a little under 40 minutes here at the bay bridge and they have the meteor lights off for just about all of the morning so far as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes to make that commute this morning, even in the south bay, we started off with an accident along one o one at oakland wrote that has been cleared. so for 85 in menlo park, a little under 30 minutes, no major delays along to 37 and even how a 4 under 19 minutes to make it from one 6242 during a james, back to you. thank you. ran a 71 in our top story as violence in oakland, there have been 3 different shootings in the
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span of 12 hours. yeah. the most recent one happened just before 1 o'clock this morning kron 4, sarah stinson in the newsroom. >> with more on what police know so far. sarah. >> and the oakland police chief and city officials are talking about the efforts and the need to reduce gun violence. but unfortunately here we are again this time reporting on a string of shootings in oakland. take a look at this map. want you to get a good idea of where each shooting took place. the latest shooting happened in front of lake merritt at 1420, lakeshore avenue. video from the scene shows investigators surrounding a white suv. dozens of yellow evidence, markers could be seen oaks that area, someone was shot in the head around 1250 this morning. the person was rushed to the hospital and investigators are still trying to figure out what happened and why the next shooting happened around 9.30 last night on 97th avenue and a street near that area just
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down from the oakland zoo about half a mile and half from their oakland. police say a person was shot multiple times and taken to the hospital. investigators. they're also just trying to figure out what happened, trying to figure out who the shooter is. so we're waiting on an update on that as well. lastly, a woman was shot downtown oakland in front of fox theater. it happened just before 02:30pm in the afternoon. broad daylight. this happened in the 1900 block of telegraph avenue. the woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. police have not released any more information about this shooting either. fox theater had to cancel its concert last night because of the shooting investigation ongoing. in the meantime, come police on facebook saying instances of gunfire this month are up 42% from november. first to november, 7th this year. pull. so far this year police have ruled recovered about 1017 firearms. police say they're working as a community to reduce the level of violence in oakland.
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department encourages re. the residents and business owners to install security cameras. they saying that these alarms and security cameras. they not only deter crime, but they also help solve crimes when they happen. so i'm trying to get the latest for you in the newsroom on all 3 of those shootings. stay tuned for now live in the newsroom. sarah stinson, back to you. thanks, sarah. >> 74 is the time. another big story today of teachers aide is struck and killed by a car near the elementary school where he helped teach. yeah. and now the educator is being remembered. we have more on that live this morning from camila barco in san francisco. camila. >> educate or has been identified as andrew, the men were standing at the intersection where he was struck and at the site morning, there's a growing memorial, as you can see, to honor the educator and it's just a few steps away from where he worked. now this map
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gives you a better idea where the crash happened. zemin was struck at the intersection of union and franklin street just before 8 yesterday morning. and it's unclear what happened moments before. but if you take a look at your screen. here's a better view of the area. when officers arrived to the scene, they found 2 cars involved in a wreck and zemin on the ford. they helped revive him, but he died at the school is out for the day. but sherman elementary sprint supple is going to gather students tomorrow morning. she is letting kids know one of their beloved educators is not with them anymore. the school is also providing grief counselors. now in a letter to parents, students and staff. the school's principal says, quote and you talk from the heart. he was patient and kind and always a positive role model. i am sure you will join me in offering our deepest condolences to his family and friends. now again, back out live here at the intersection of union and franklin. you can see the growing memorial for andrew zeman. there's flowers
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and candles lit up to honor the educator. according to city data, there were 6 traffic crashes between 2016 to 2020 at this intersection alone and the man is the 12 pedestrian to be killed just for walking the streets in san francisco this year deiah james, we just spoke to someone who works steps away from where the crash happened. he did not witness the crash that he tells me the moment afterwards. in the next hour, we're going hear from him and what he has to say about drivers in the area are now too. >> interesting to see that. thank you very much. camila 7. '06, right. >> police say after a two-year investigation they have now arrested 4 people in connection with the murder of this 17 year-old mohamed and his body was found in the parking lot of central elementary school in january of 2019 and police say that the people they arrested new you can see the people they
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arrested here took multsple law enforcement because as you can see of the 2 men that have been named. one of them ruben a guy us is actually in indiana and then there's 21 year-old antonio valencia off conquered the other 2 arrested are not identified because they were minors at the time of offense. death and we don't have any word on a possible motive in this case. >> at 7. '07. let's turn our attention now to all the ceremonies that will be happening today across the bay area to honor veterans on this veterans day. and one of the big events that we're tracking is what's taking place out in danville. kron four's will tran joining us live is been following preparations all morning long. they will. >> we should have military code, meaning what's your because i have just found out jenson duryea that the estimated time of arrival for the huey helicopter which served carried a lot of service members during world excuse me, during the vietnam war. it will be here at 9
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o'clock in the morning. you can see the cones right there in front of the veterans memorial building in danville, which is why they blocked it off. no cars as they wait for the flat bed. big semi truck to come down here is not going to be flown in, of course. and then dropped here for people to hop inside and a cup inning. the huey helicopter will be vietnam veterans and perhaps some of them even spent time in the helicopter. so i chose this location to show you just how beautiful it is as far as the building. let me know with the help of my. camera woman julius evans, who does it all? she's going to take the camera off the tripod. we going to walk across the street here. danville. i just found out guys has been called a purple heart city. this is a very distinguished award because of what it does for the military members throughout the years. you come down here just a sneak peek. so you can see what's going on on the outside. the building will open up at 9 o'clock this
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morning. i just saw this and it gave me a moment of just those 2 words skies, all gave some some gave all. and that's why they actually had a parade a few days ago. just found out they won't have a parade today. but you are welcome to come down to this location. if you want to observe veterans day. take a look at your screen now, if you're not near danville and you still want to observe it in your neck of the woods. take a look at your screen. here's what you can. some of the places you can go to this free admission for veterans to the san francisco museum of modern art's and the san francisco zoo. it's also free access to east bay regional parks. there's a ceremony and marin county civic center at 9 o'clock in the morning. fairfield ceremony and parade. so if you want to parade in, obviously if you live in fairfield, you don't have to go anywhere. but if you wanna see upper a drive up to fairfield that begins at 10 o'clock in the morning and there's an event at the uss
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hornet beginning at 11 o'clock this morning. so i can't wait. hopefully will get that helicopter here live when it comes in and i can't wait to talk to some of the veterans. actually james and i spoke to a veteran this morning. but there's so humble. i actually tried asking will you go on camera and talk to me about what this day means to me says i'm not going to do it because i served during peacetime. wait who you talk to, the guys who actually served during war. so keep it here on kron 4 at 9 o'clock helicopter and hopefully live interviews with some of those. we give us our freedom. >> back to you all. lots to look forward to. thank you. well. >> and today president biden will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington, virginia to commemorate veterans day. it's also the one 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown and then after that, the president will deliver remarks after he lays the wreath and that event less than an hour from now. so keep the tv on at 8 o'clock. bring that to you live right here on the kron 00:00am
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morning news and also we have a special tonight at 6.30 honoring veterans. it's hosted by our own ken wayne tune in to that at 06:30pm tonight. >> we'll take a break here at 7.10. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news south doctors, doctors are urging people to get booster shots ahead of a possible covid surges. holiday season. we'll tell you more about that and the police will they raid the home of a former bay area mayor who resigned allegations of assault will bring you up to speed on the case and the death of the bay area. boy has led to new safety measures along san mateo county coast lines. we'll explain. >> and i'm rebecca strom in for john shrable on this thursday morning. that's veterans day. we're seeing lots of sunshine, mostly clear skies here at the golden gate bridge and temperatures in the 70's this afternoon. i'll have my full forecast coming up. and other than a hot spot that we've been tracking on bar for most of the morning. >> we are seen really nice
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conditions on our roadways will have a look at that once we get back from break.
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> some 14 right now and we're checking out the weather love people of the day off because it looks like traffic is nice and light. it has the all-round and the weather looks beautiful. if you're going to be outside today. >> celebrating veterans day may be going to one of the many festival of festivities that are going to happening around the bay area for parks
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going to writv it. harks enjoying the outdoors, which is a great way to celebrate the day. we've got rebecca with our forecast. good morning. good morning, guys. yeah, the weather is going to be perfect for a day at the park are celebrating veterans day outside today. >> so definitely take advantage of it because we're going to see lots of sunshine and temperatures warmer than normal for this time of year. >> right now we're seeing n lot of clear skies so far around most of our cameras around the bay area. a little bit of fog rolling through parts of san francisco and other than that, we're seeing on lots of sunshine already and mostly clear conditions. this is our camera at the embarcadero. you can see the cruise ship pier behind me. it was covered a little bit fog earlier. but now things are starting to clear out here in the city and things are going to open up to a nice warm temperatures. we just have to get some chilly ones this morning, mostly 40's and 50's. so grab the long sleeves as you make your way out of the house and then you're going to have the short sleeves underneath because once we get into the afternoon, it's going to be a perfect for a short sleeve weather. we are going to see the high pressure continue to build. that's is going to be creating all these
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warm conditions and sunny, a sunny skies, a really throughout the rest of the day into what your weekend is a matter of fact. so very i'm normal for this time of year. a little bit above average, i should say. and no rain, no rain. in the forecast. the wet weather stir clearing of that. the bay area's going to be far north of us mostly in oregon and washington. those folks are going to get to the rain and we're going to stay nice and into the weekend and of course those warmer temperatures really nice to look forward to, especially if you just want to head outside. take the kids outside. if they're out of school today, a 69 degrees in mill valley for the high 70 degrees in downtown san francisco, 70 in oakland today. 71 in little warm and we're looking at in downtown san jose 73 degrees with a whole lot of sun and these temperatures are going to be sticking around through the next couple of days into your weekend and you could see it there. mostly sunny conditions around the bay. we're going to have those low 70's and then we're going to have some 60's at the coast.
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so if you're going to be heading to places like half moon, bay take advantage of it into the weekend as well because going to be mostly clear with a whole lot of sun on my seven-day around the bay forecast coming up a little bit later into next week. back. and thanks for the only hot spot we have is this one on bart. >> major bar delay san francisco line and the dublin in pleasanton direction because of an earlier equipment problem they had on bart this morning traveling into the city. they just turn the metering lights be about 5 minutes ago or so. so a little under 17 minutes to make that trip from the east bay, too, that fremont street exit just seen reports of an accident. 5.80 westbound here on the richmond. sandra fell bridge near the toll plaza. but we're still a little light little under 30 minutes for us as you're making your way across head across towards the peninsula. you go a little under 14 not seen any major issues or delays. there. and in the south bay long one a one 85 from menlo park about 29 minutes 82 to 37 no major issues during a james. back to you. thanks a lot. raised 7.17
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and on the peninsula, there are new safety measures along the coast in san mateo county to prevent people from drowning after the tragic death of a boy who was swept out to sea kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> these new safety systems to be found at several beaches along the san mateo county coast will be equipped with ring buoys and information on the hazards at the beach. the young drowning victims families, hoping the systems will help prevent future tragedies. nearly 10 months after a 12 year-old boy from fremont was swept out to sea and drowned near half moon bay. new safety systems are being installed. a rune a proof he was playing along the water at cal ranch state beach in january when he was pulled out by a sneaker wave the event happening there was ping on the beach for us to even told to out and they know that the beachgoers were trying to find think somebody was too late. but the 7th graders family has since started a
7:19 am
foundation to help raise awareness about the dangers that the ocean. >> they see the new life ring stations install that maverick speech and surfer's beach as just the beginning of making the water safer. bc has a stepping stone. >> to create more about this issue. there are the accident we want educate the crypt and from this project was able to get underway with help from the county harbor district and the nonprofit organization see valor, the system-hr unveiled wednesday. hopefully these these first 3 stations that have been solved will will save lives. it will inspire the communities along the coast to do something father is hoping the devices only supplement more education. >> about ocean safety hopefully been never will be used if that is such a any case, there's something for people to to someone distress. >> the lifesaving stations are part of a pilot program and the expectation is that the idea will spread to other
7:20 am
areas along california's coast reporting in half moon bay. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 7.19. is the time for your money this morning. credit card interest rates are near all-time highs and the family's health insurance costs more than $22,000 in 2021 we've got jane king live. the nasdaq with these stories and more. how's it going, jane? >> hi, james. good morning. she will be average cost of an employer health care plan for a family cross $22,000 this year. the kaiser family foundation says the pandemic did lead to some changes and workplace health benefits. one of those us more access to telemedicine. also more mental health services now employees paid about $6,000 of that 22,000 corsi employer picked up the rest of it and individual health care plan average $7700. well, uber has been sued by the biden administration over the waiting fees that it charges to disable passengers. wait, these are meant to compensate the drivers for their time
7:21 am
while they wait on somebody, they have also been passed on to disabled people who need a little more time to get in and out of the vehicle and attempts to get refunds were not successful according to this lawsuit. uber says it did recently updated app to automatically waive fees for those writers who are disabled and credit card interest rates have moved swiftly higher this year. the federal reserve says over the past 2 quarters, the average interest rates go from 15.9% to over 17%. users can avoid paying interest when they pay the balance off every month, but about half of credit cards. do roll over a balance and 76% of americans say facebook makes society worse. the cnn poll says the feelings are powered by concerns of conspiracy theories and misinfor ation on the platform. 53% say facebook should have more regulation for the federal government live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to james. all right, jane, thank you very much. >> it is you back 7.21 that i'm coming up next. member unity speaking out after
7:22 am
recent violence in san francisco's haight-ashbury neighborhood will tell you what police are doing to try and stop it. we'll be right back. we're back at 7.24
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7:24 am
california's attorney general rob bonta was in san jose as part of his ongoing series of roundtable, discussions. >> to address hate crime in our state. he met with elected
7:25 am
to and community leaders to try and identify some concrete solutions to what he's calling an epidemic of hate after we've seen a number of reported hate crimes. fact that numbers climbed more than 30% last year. bonta has established a racial justice bureau within his office. but he says that more work needs to be done both in terms of reporting and preventing hate crimes. >> feelings of hate turn the speech turned to hate incidents on the way to becoming hate crimes. there are many places in between where we can intervene and prevent hate from getting to that place. >> well, botta says that over half of all hate crimes in california are not identified or investigated as such an he says a lot more work needs to be done to bring these crimes to light and there's a lot of crime going on in the haight ashbury neighborhood of san francisco. 3 shootings. >> they're in just a short matter of time. fact, they held a town hall with neighbors. and as for them to share their frustrations over this recent spike in crimes in
7:26 am
those crimes including attempted burglary at central park. >> natural market. that was late saturday night then last week a man was killed in a person critically injured and then october 22nd another person was critically injured in a shooting. >> i have never felt afraid for my life. and i don't ever recall the violent being so we know there are recent weeks have been particularly for our and it's really heartbreaking not to experience such violence within our community. >> and police have increased patrols in that area. this weekend. since then, police say there have been no robberies or shootings. >> time now 7.26. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. what is going wrong at cal berkeley that the football players so tested positive for covid. we're beginning to get to the bottom of it and the coach says could be a problem moving forward.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> 7.29 this sun case. that's how i would explain that. shot, right. yeah. nice and bright. the sun is up. i noticed it earlier behind. >> rebecca shot, maybe about maybe 15 minutes ago. it's night. golden light coming through with that early morning sunrise now to get a little bit higher. get a little brighter gets on your forehead. it's like a little kiss on the haha. take a look at the weather and see how
7:30 am
long this nice weather is going to stick around right into the weekend. >> yeah, it really is, guys. i mean, it's perfect 10 for this time of year. we're definitely above average. so if you like sunshine and 70's the next couple of days are going to be perfect for you. enjoy it outside. if you can and take advantage of it before it starts to get really cold through the daytime hours as well. yeah. outside. right now we're seeing mostly clear skies a little bit of patchy fog rolling through parts of downtown san francisco. but a gorgeous sunny shot. you can see the sunshine now really brightening up downtown reflecting off the buildings there. and if things are going to start to feel warmer and warmer as the day progresses. 70 degrees for the high in downtown san francisco today. lots of sunshine and oakland with a high of 70 as well. and then nice and warm in san jose and mostly sunny conditions at 73 degrees. there and just try to enjoy the outdoors as you can because next week it looks like things are going to get back to normal little bit chillier during the day. so we're going to see this through the weekend to take advantage of it on my seven-day around the bay forecast coming up in just a
7:31 am
bit rain and we're back and thanks for that. all of us, we have another hot spot. this is out in gilroy. >> one 52 westbound east of pole line road. there's a downed tree there. so they had to shut down all the westbound lanes there. one 29 would be good alternate. if you do need to take any of the highways to get around a little under 15 minutes. if you're traveling into the city right now. and we're going to look at the golden gate bridge about 23 minutes from the north bay heading to the tolls. also check in on 24 here if you're traveling from wanna creek down to 5.80, a little under 30 minutes and along the altamonte major delays but heading for livermore vasco road to 6 a dublin a little under 13 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you, ray. 7.31 a big story that we're following in the east bay is the covid outbreak among cal berkeley athlete and now a football team is making sure that everybody understands the safety protocols all on the same page. because obviously that wasn't the case earlier 44 members of the football team tested positive. >> berkeley. health officials say the players we're getting tested when they became sick
7:32 am
with symptoms they weren't staying home while they had those symptoms. and apparently they weren't wearing masks while indoors. but now the head coach says everybody is on board. >> i don't envision this being a long-term. issue. you know, next year in the year beyond not to say that it's going to go away. but maybe that we're in a better place. i think moving forward. everyone is very clear about you know, the protocols that are in place going forward. and what is expected. you know. >> according to the team to members are not vaccinated. and this weekend's game against usc has been. >> rescheduled to december 4th. the next scheduled game is well against effort that will be on november 20th. we'll see if the team will be healthy enough to take the field. >> and you know, the more people get together, the more they could be spreading covid and that is the fear going into the holidays. so leaders on the state, local and federal level are all pushing to get people vaccinated and to get their booster shot as santa clara county, their health director doctor sara
7:33 am
cody held this news conference actually says a lot more people are eligible to get the booster than you might think. it's not just for those over 65, it's for anybody over 18 who has any kind of underlying health condition or lives or work in a high-risk setting. >> underlying medical conditions include everything, including depression anxiety. hypertension, diabetes obesity. >> there are very few of us who don't fall into one of you know, meet one of those eligibility criteria. >> doctor cody says more than a million county residents are eligible for the booster. but so far only 20% of them have actually gotten it. >> well, governor gavin newsom says that he and stay a state top health officials are doing everything they can to avoid what happened last winter when we saw cases rise dramatically and hospital icu beds get filled up. after weeks of decline, though the california covid numbers are beginning to
7:34 am
rise again. and that is causing concern. >> we are concerned about the winter. we're concerned about rising case numbers pressure on our hospitals from a number of other issues on top of covid winter's coming. >> the governor also went on to talk a bit about article that came out, the daily mail which alleged that he had a bad reaction to his booster shot and the article claims that that is why he hasn't made any major public appearances in about 2 weeks and why he canceled his planned trip to the climate conference in scotland. governor newsome pushed back on that, though, saying again that he canceled that trip because he succumbed to the wishes of the children who asked him to stay and enjoy halloween with them instead of flying all the way to scotland. >> 7.34 in the north bay santa rosa, police are looking for these people to guys who had an armed robbery at the west america bank on gravel road. they had the workers tied up. they tied them up and they were carrying guns. and then
7:35 am
after they did that could get to the ball, but they did get out of the bank with money and now there's a cash reward being offered for any information that leads to their arrest. >> investigators raided the home of former windsor mayor dominic for poli. as you might know, he resigned amid controversy. these allegations that he sexually assaulted. >> or attack nearly a dozen women sonoma county sheriff's deputies raided his home yesterday and they took out several personal items. the investigation is looking into the claims that he abused some women in kron 4 spoke with the attorney representing 7 of those victims. and here's what they have to say. >> i would say this is at least a positive trigger. >> in the sense of there's validation. and a sense of my gosh it's finally move me moving. we might actually get this is been a long investigation. and certainly this is a step of progress in the right direction for them. >> calls for police and make a comment have been unanswered.
7:36 am
>> 7.35 the time in the east bay hayward police say there is one less catalytic converter sif in their city. take a look at these pictures from police. a man was arrested for possessing stolen rims and he is now the primary suspect in several recent catalytic converter thefts in hayward. police found him in a car filled with stolen items and catalytic converters. >> in the photographs that are pictured. there are. several different brands that long to a car. a few catalytic converters, a replica handgun was kind of that orange tip as well. cutting device, which is offering is just like a burglary tool us. take must machine that can quickly cut out the talent. converters. >> yet during the pandemic. police across the bay area reported an increase in catalytic converter thefts and they were targeted as we know because they do contain precious metals that are worth thousands of dollars. also making headlines. former
7:37 am
raiders player henry ruggs has been formally charged now with 4 felony counts of dui and reckless driving. we are also hearing some new 911. from someone who lived nearby where the crash occurred and here is describing the moments following that accident. >> i in the house on the street. there's a lady screaming for help in us. lamborghini trapped. that i want to say that i was probably speeding or mean. i heard the incredibly at loud noises and then to create the illusion >> big collision. fact. police say ruggs was traveling at a 156 miles per hour just moments before that crash. the impact, as we now know, killed 23 year-old tina 10 tour and her dog. they were in the other vehicle. ruggs was not in court yesterday. his lawyers appeared before a judge and on his behalf. he is on house arrest right now. he's been ordered by the judge to be tested for alcohol. 4 times a day. and also as part of his bail, he was ordered to
7:38 am
surrender. his passport. so he no longer has that he can't drive if convicted of the charges he could face more than 50 years behind bars. >> its 7.37. and coming up, look at the damage done by the % recent rains to one east bay museum. then they're going to be cleaning up. now you can see the mess that it caused and the warriors are on a hot streak. they cleaned up last night. take a look at the highlights. and another various city declaring an emergency asking you to cut back. don't do this. kuz watering lawns for backup. hey, and no rain in the forecast, unfortunately. but hey, we'll take the sunshine and the temperatures in the 70's for the afternoon and even into the weekend, my full forecast coming up. >> and we had a pretty nice in you for the most part, still some areas that have some some areas that have some issues. we've been coverin hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word...
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> some 41 ahead. >> and it's time to talk drought even though get rain. it's not enough. and now mountain view is trying to head things off. >> and ask you to conserve even more water bridge before the county declares emergency. the city declared a stage one water shortage, which means all residents are asked to conserve reduce usage by up to 10% because city leaders are anticipating the regional water supply is going to decline in the coming months. that's because mount view gets about 85% of its primary water from the san francisco. p you
7:42 am
see and the pea you see is set to consider a water shortage of mercy on its own on november 23rd and no pun intended those things will trickle down. they do. yes. all right. here it another story that's. >> going to be hard for some folks enjoy shopping at the union square in san francisco. dsw. >> shutting down its location there at post rita made it official. there were reports earlier this year that the chain is planning to shutter about 65 retail stores over the next 4 years online shopping increases kind of what they're blaming since the pandemic as we gap h and m uniqlo. they are all just some of the retailers to have left union square but city officials are hoping they're optimistic anyway that with the holiday season approaching and more people getting back to work. maybe perhaps we'll see some holiday shopping go up as well.
7:43 am
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the oakland museum of california is still cleaning up after last month's historic rainfall. we have pictures of l% some of the damage done. that's why have to be shut down. floor is basically warped museum says the damage occurred where they had upcoming exhibits currently under construction. the storm caused delays temporary
7:46 am
closures to at least 2 exhibitions, one of those exhibits was set to open this weekend. but obviously that's being postponed. >> and we're finally going to open it and the whole theme of the exhibition is around resilience. >> and how you know that the enduring quality of these beautiful heath ceramics and we're we're really testing are resilient. and these days that's for sure. now. all ticket holders who purchased tickets in advance for the special exhibitions are going to be contacted. you'll be offered a refund. >> rebooking. if that works for you. gosh. that damage is bad help those that would? >> totally buckles. roy are still cleaning up from water. meantime, we're at in sunshine. so it's a nice little break. we get into the next atmosphere. river yeah. next week, this weekend and this weekend, rebecca, you're promising good yeah. i mean, if you like and the feel-like temperatures in the 70's and it's going to be perfect for you. and yeah, it well above average.
7:47 am
>> for what we normally have this time of year. but we'll take it lots of sunshine. we're drying out. yes, from the rain that we've had. >> over the last couple of weeks on and off and outside right now mostly clear skies as well. we're seeing a lot of sunshine already and a mostly clear shot of our east bay's own the star camera on top of the berkeley hills. you see a little bit of cloud rolling through really light. and we're going to see mostly clear conditions throughout the entire day today as temperatures start heat up a little bit into the afternoon in fact, to find her neighborhood highs today. really nice and san francisco downtown is going to be 70 degrees. golden gate park. you'll be at a high of 67 with a lot of sunshine along the coast will be great to head over to the beaches even half moon bay a high of 69 and mostly clear that we're expecting there with a lot of sun, 70 degrees in millbrae today, a high of 72 in burlingame and those 70's continue into palo alto with 72 redwood city. also coming in at 72 degrees, low to mid 70's across to your south bay's own milpitas a high of
7:48 am
72 today. campbell, you'll be at a high of 74 as well as saratoga and those low 70's continue through dublin and into the livermore valley. the east bay shoreline low 70's there for hayward and union city downtown oakland, a high of 70 degrees today. walnut creek a little bit warmer at 74 brent, what a high of 72 vacaville 72 as well. and napa. you'll be at a high of 71. it's going to be a gorgeous a day if you're going head up towards a wine country. the north bay 60's and 70's point raise 69 degrees today and santa rosa, a high of 72 with a whole lot of sunshine. how long are these temperatures are going to last. and the dry conditions well, through the weekend. look at this. it's going to be gorgeous over the next couple of days to just head outside and enjoy the sunshine overnight lows, though 40's and 50's. so it's still going to be cold in the evenings and in the mornings. but by the afternoon, though, things definitely going to get more comfortable next week, though. that's we're starting to see the temperatures a cool down a bit and getting back to
7:49 am
normal. well, that's a look at weather. let's see how the roads are moving with right rebecca, thanks to that. i'm a fan of the sunshine. so we do have a hot spot. >> this is in gilroy. won. 52 westbound east of pole line road. we've got a downed tree. so they've had to shut down the lanes on the westbound side there. one 29 a good alternate if you're trying to get around that delay. we had an earlier accident. 5.80, westbound right near the tolls slows down just a bit. we got up to about 15 minutes now we're back down to 13. so doesn't look like that traffic collision cost too much of a delay for us. the air traveling into the city of one point. we have the metering lights on and then there looks like they're back off again. a little under 14 minutes conditions have been really light all throughout the morning. golden gate bridge a little under 26 traveling into the city from the north bay checking on 24 as you're traveling from walnut creek a long tough. i 80 a little under 13 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you. ray. 7.49 in the words. so hot they want to hadn't won. they did. yeah, they're hosting the minnesota timberwolves at the
7:50 am
chase center. i league. it was able to catch the 1st half before i went to bed and it was a show. steph curry. >> helping lead the team to victory in the lot as a whole team effort. there was more winning after you went to bed kron 4 sports director jason dumas of the highlights. >> the dubs have taken the league by storm in the early nba season. best record in basketball and the numbers suggest that the production isn't just a flash in the pan wednesday night. they look to keep the pedal to the metal with the timberwolves in town. >> steph curry coming off that 50 point performance on monday night. 1st half it became a warriors. don't contest. steph gets the steal. he goes up top row with down gp to what a finish. now, just a minute later, andre iguodala's. this time he lived it up to gbp 2 springs in the feet reverse slam 12 point lead for the job staffed and this believe me, like that guys can late in the
7:51 am
half. andrew wiggins baseline me dunk over karl anthony towns. and if you have a fun at this point we can hit on 9 of his first-half shots warriors lead by 15 at the break. let's go to 3rd. you hate to see draymond green gets hit in the right knee. he has to leave the game and eventually to the locker room did not return. steve kerr said he had a nasty bruise on that minnesota. they took advantage d'angelo russell, the former warrior. i forgot. he was a worry play for the most irrelevant era of warriors basketball that 3, though cut the lead down to then steph, what the turn over anthony edwards goes the other way and they throw it up to him that guy is impressive he had 48 points. he's a second-year player the lead is only for, but steph makes up for it. moments later. that 3 point right there actually know that's a lot to what was on the line. 10 point lead step at 25 that weekend. he
7:52 am
was really the man up tonight hit the 3 from the top of the key 13 point lead. 2 minutes to go. jordan poole misses ou wiggins was on his game goes up. top for the put back. he finished with 35 point warriors win one 23 one 10, they improved to 10 1 on the season. the best record in the nba. this one, andrew wiggins, former team. he was asked is this a revenge game. runs game. well played game. you know, get the former. >> all i was. you know, the play, the game. fun game. want andrews just fantastic the aggression from the beginning of the >> who loved his energy. obviously it pretty excited to play against his old team. we needed everything. he brought us tonight, the scoring the running, the floor, you know, getting getting the foul line
7:53 am
knocking down my son. he was tremendous. >> and that that was there's more where that continue to outdo themselves. they do. all right. so that again, was a sports director. jason dumas with that. tipoff. time for the warriors game with the chicago bulls tomorrow. the chase center is at 07:00pm. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> it. should. >> and once again a successful liftoff for space x 4 brand spanking new astronauts headed to the international space station to relieve that just came down. did you have a viewing party. james. >> now it's just me joined me for the first couple but like another space launch for all like they're not plus. but you still love it off. every time. it's like the first space x launch. and now we've got, you fresh astronauts, new experiments going on up there and i'm up. the space station. very cool and it was a successful landing. 2 of the first stage of the rocket on a drone ship. well, yet you want to not just go up. james, you want to be able to come down. that's right. that's very important. part of phase launching. i'm not doing it was a gun. the down board now 76 r.ght now. and still ahead on a couple morning news. we've got lots coming up. >> we're going to be honoring
7:57 am
veterans on this veterans day and showing you what you can do to do the same. we'll have a live report with events going on around the bay. >> and there were 3 different shootings in a 12 hour span in oakland. we'll have the latest on investigations this morning. and the san francisco teachers a hit and killed by a car near a school. we'll have the latest coming up in a report.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning. and on this veterans day, we are marking the occasion live here on the kron 00:00am morning news watching president biden as he is going to honor vets at the tomb of unknown as he does every year as the president does every year, the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and we're expecting that a ceremony to take place at some point at the top of this hour. >> so we're again waiting for the president. you can hear some of the. looks like the camera might be moving closer. looks like we have some of the delegation here from each branch of the military arriving. here comes the wreath that will be placed on the stand and then afterwards we should see the president come out too late to set that reached before the tomb of the unknowns will be following this morning. soon as the president arrives, we'll make sure to come and bring this to you live on this veterans day. >> right now we want to get you started with weather and traffic. a lot of people have the day off to mark the


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