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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 11, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> thanks for following and inviting us into your. >> bedroom or living room or whatever room. yeah, i'm not a fan of the tv in the bedroom. but you know, wherever it's on us because that's a place for and it is veteran's day. so good morning. and we've got a lot coming your way in terms of what's going to be happening today to honor. >> and the service of those that are here and abroad to help protect the american all over the world yes, we are marking the day we've got stories about veterans day and the kids maybe. well, they're definitely off today. i think if your holiday for a lot of kids. so everybody sleeping at rebecca's >> is going to be your kids
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are expensive as it now. i have to come has a very, very lucky there at home asleep in their beds. and yes, a dark and early and up nice and early. here is what we like to call it. >> and outside. right now we're seeing a lot of clear conditions. so no matter where you are, if you're going to be heading into work. it's going to be a really commute across the area because it's so clear out there. and of no rainfall. nice and dry a live cam camera network showing us a conditions at sfo right now. no fog in the sky whatsoever and we're actually going to see a high pressure starts to build around the bay area bringing us warm conditions for this time of year. we're going to see temperatures into the 70's into the afternoon with a whole lot of sunshine. but now we have to get through some of these chilly temperatures, some bundle up as you make your way out of the house. i'm tracking 40's and 50's. but then once we get rnoon, some nice temperatures are on the way. all those details coming up in just a bit. rebecca, thanks for that. if you're waking up this morning and hitting the roads. >> a little under 9 minutes for you to make it into the
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city right now from the east bay, too, that fremont street exit. so no major issues or delays. and i'm tracking even as you're traveling along 5, 1880, super clean and reveal headed across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes to make that drive this morning and the south bay we go to check on conditions along one o one 85 towards menlo park. 27 minutes 2 3782. no major issues and for traveling from one 60 alanna to 42 a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain 5. '02, is the time on our top story this morning, more violence in oakland. there been 3 different shootings in just a span of 12 hours. most recent shooting happened just before 1 o'clock this morning, kron 4, sarah stinson is in the newsroom and has the details sarah. >> yeah, they'll come. police chief has been talking nonstop about the major efforts and need to reduce gun violence. but unfortunately here we are again with 3 more shootings happening in oakland. take a look at this map so you can see where each of the shootings took place. you can
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see on your screen a violent 12 hours for oakland. the latest shooting happened right in front of lake merritt at 1420, lakeshore avenue. take a look at video from the scene shows investigators surrounding a white suv. dozens of yellow evidence, markers can be seen scattered everywhere. >> someone was shot in the head around 1250 this morning. the person was rushed to the hospital. we don't have an update on their condition. but the scene still looks about active kuz police investigators about an hour ago are still showing up to lake shore boulevard to avoid that area. the next shooting happened around 9.30 last night. on 97th avenue and a street just down the street from the oakland zoo actually oakland. police say a person was shot multiple times and taken to the hospital. investigators are still tryi%g to find the shooter. and of course the motive behind it. lastly, a woman was shot in downtown oakland in front of the fox theater. it happened
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just before 2.30 in the afternoons. this one being in broad daylight on the 1900 block of telegraph avenue. >> the woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. so good news on that front. but police have not released any other information about this shooting. fox theater actually had to cancel its concert last night because of the shooting. the investigation is ongoing. oakland police say instances of gunfire this month are up 42% just from the first to the 7th of november. and this year police have recovered 1017 firearms police on facebook. they wrote they're working as a community to reduce the level of violence in oakland in the department actually encourages residents and business owners to install security cameras as well as alarms saying these technologies both deter crime and help solve crimes after they occur this morning from the newsroom here working getting you more information about the shootings that occurred during that period of time for now reporting live in the newsroom. sarah stinson,
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back to you. all right, thanks so much, sara. >> 5 o 4 is the time. let's tell you about a story in the east bay. now a woman shot near oakland's fox cedar. she's expected to be okay. but we'll obviously a scary situation. these haven't given us any details on the shooter at this point or a motive, a library employee works across the street describes what happened. seems like that's probably all part. and sarah story. so we're going to move on. that was breaking out. one of the shootings that happened in oakland and we'll have more on those throughout the morning. so the other big story that we're following as well is a teacher's aide hit and killed by a car. this was near an elementary school where but that person helps teach and this morning that educator is being remembered and kron four's. camila barco has that story from san francisco morning camila. >> that victim has been identified as andrew zimin this morning over here you can see there's a growing makeshift memorial where that
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crash happened. police say examine was struck by a car here. and as you guys said, it's just a few steps away from where he worked. now the crash happened just before 8 yesterday morning at the intersection of union and franklin street. here's a map detailing at the exact area. it's unclear what happened moments before. but here's a better view of the area. when officers arrived to the scene, they found 2 cars involved in a wreck and zoom in on the floor. they help to revive him. but he died at the scene. now school is out for the day. but sherman elementary principal is going to gather students tomorrow morning. she is letting kids know one of their beloved educators is not with them any more. and the school is also providing grief counselors. the principal did offer her condolences to the man's friends and family. here is the statement. he was a longtime employee and a former student. she describes him in as a patient kind and role model. now back out live here. once again. you can see the
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growing makeshift memorial. the candles are lit there. several flowers out here. and according to city data, there were 6 traffic crashes at this intersection between 2016 to 2020 and salmon is the 12th pedestrian to have died walking the streets in san francisco this year alone. deiah james, back to you. >> ok. thank you very much. camilla. it's 5. '07, belmont. police say after a 2 year investigation, they have arrested now for people. >> in connection with the murder of this 17 year-old boy, a mohamed offerman is his name and his body was found in a parking lot of central elementary school in january of 2019 police say the suspects knew him. but they say it took multiple law enforcement agencies to make these arrests. 2 of the men arrested. alright 23 year-old ruben gonzales a gallant as of indianapolis, indiana and 21 year-old antonio valencia of
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concord and the other 2 suspects have not been identified because they were both minors at the of the death. there's no word on a possible motive in the case. >> today. we have ceremonies are going to be held all across the bay area to honor veterans on this veterans day one of the biggest events is going to be in danville. that's where we find kron four's will tran standing by this morning will. >> they're still getting ready for the party, so to speak. the celebration. you can see the building right behind me. you see the flags there and they will have. >> a lot more. the building will open up at 9 o'clock this morning for people who want to observe veterans day. >> this is at the veterans memorial building and this is downtown danville on hearts. this is something danville has done every year the very, very patriotic city. they designate pair parades throughout the years here. not exactly sure. with the pandemic, if they will have a parade in downtown
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danville would not be surprising. but what they will have they will have plenty of things to celebrate the u.s. military. what they've done for all of us. they will bring down a helicopter cockpit. it. some of the other memorabilia that the u.s. military uses and has used throughout the years to protect our freedom and give us our freedom that we enjoy now, if you're night near danville, don't worry about it. they have veterans day services throughout the bay area. so take a look at your screen. these are the things that could be closer to you if you want to take your child out there, especially with such great weather today. so here are some of the things that you need to know this free admission for veterans to san francisco moma and san francisco zoo. this free access to the east bay regional parks. there's also a ceremony at the marin county civic center at 9 o'clock in the morning in fairfield, which is obviously a. a lot
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north of us at this particular time or any other time, i should fairfield ceremony and parade at 10 o'clock in the morning and there will also be an event. this is a big one. the uss hornet. i've been there many times. it's also. bill filled with pageantry that begins at 11 o'clock in the morning so lots going on today, especially with the great weather with the kids out and with all of this festivity, you can clearly see there's a big flag right behind me. i am interested james and darya. they promised to have a helicopter down here on this play. not exactly sure how they will do that. i'm sure it's not working helicopter where it lands. it probably be on some flat bed or something like that. but i am curious and they got to get it in place by 9 o'clock this morning. so keep it here all let you know. and if i'm there's a little boy in me, james and i got to tell you, if they let me in the best
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helicopter. >> little kids out of the had right after the you report are no offense. a little joy to get back in 5.11 right now today president biden for his part is going to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> in arlington, virginia. it also marks the one 100th anniversary of the 2. the president is going to deliver remarks after that and that event starts at 8 o'clock this morning. we will cover it live right here on the kron 00:00am morning news and in honor of veterans day. we hope that you join us tonight as we say thank you to the men and women who serve our country kron four's anchor ken wayne will be our host of our half hour veterans voices honoring those who serve special. it's tonight at 6.30.
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>> we'll take a break. it is 5.11. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news new efforts to clean up lake tahoe, crews are moving thousands of pounds of trash from the water in the shoreline will have their story. plus, the police raid the home of the former bay area mayor who resigned after allegations of assault. we'll bring you up to speed and after the break, the death of a bay area. boy has led to new safety measures. now along the san mateo county coast. we'll san mateo county coast. we'll explain. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur,
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>> and we're back at 5.15, on the peninsula, the tragic death of a local boy who was swept out to sea has inspired now some new safety measures along the san mateo county coast was back in january. the 12 year-old renee prove c drowned when he was pulled into the ocean or half moon bay by rip tides. the boy's family has fought to raise awareness about the potential dangers of bay area, beaches and now new safety systems are there at those beaches. in fact, those beaches now equipped with ring bullies and information about hazards and
5:16 am
that will hopefully help prevent future tragedies. >> flynn. these these first 3 stations that have been solved will will save lives. it will inspire the communities along the coast to do something similar bc as a stepping stone. >> to create more about this issue. there are the accident we want educate the crypt and from. >> yeah, these lifesaving stations are part of a pilot program. the hope is that more will be installed in other areas along california's coast. >> take a look at this. scuba divers are making progress cleaning up lake tahoe. this project started months ago where teams of divers going to lake tahoe and look at what they pull out. tons of trash. they get this all around in the water on the shoreline. and so far they've cleaned up more than 18,000 pounds of junk. the divers have reached the lake's west shore. that's how far they've made it to the team says the donations from several groups have made this
5:17 am
possible fishing for trash old that's sad. but so important, great that they're doing that work. absolutely. >> hopefully get lake even more clear look pretty clear in that video. but yeah, used to be so much clear people with the stick or the bumper stickers take. yeah. okay, let's get over to the weather center. we've got rebecca standing by with a look at the forecast for us this morning. good morning. good morning. guys. of the pictures of lake tahoe makes you want to go there right now, right. just beautiful there. >> will the bay area's going to be gorgeous as well. if you like sunshine and if you'd like temperatures in the 70's. it's going to be a lot warmer. >> what we normally see for this time of year. but outside right now, lots of clear skies our live camera network over looking at downtown san francisco and a nice clear shot of the buildings in the transamerica building here. so no fog in your way this morning. no cloud cover so it is a great start to your thursday morning. veterans day. happy veterans day out there as well. we're seeing starting off very chilly, though. so bundle up as you make your way out of the house 40's and 50's. you're really
5:18 am
going to feel it, especially in the north bay is you4what leave this morning. 46 in nevada right now. 47 in napa river looking at 52 right now in downtown oakland, 51 degrees in san jose. our satellite and radar we're seeing high pressure that's going to start to build around the bay area. that's what's so responsible for these warmer than normal temperatures and all the sunshine that we're going to be seeing over the next couple of days, even into the weekend. the futurecast for showing us because of that. the bay area will a nice and dry all the wet weather in the low pressure system will remain to the far north of us. folks in washington, oregon are going to enjoy of the rainfall or we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine and dry conditions around the bay area temperatures today we're looking at a lot of 70's upper 60's to low 70's. a very evenly spread temperatures across the board. 70 degrees with a lot of sunshine expected in downtown san francisco today 70 also in oakland. we're looking at 73 in san jose 71. if you're going to be in livermore and it looks like the antioch
5:19 am
topping out into the upper 60's cent 67 degrees. some very nice conditions. bundle up this morning, but then you'll be able to wear short sleeves on to get into the afternoon looking ahead over the next couple of days. very we're looking these warm temperatures through saturday and we're going to be a sticking around pretty much all weekend. so enjoy the sunshine try to go outdoors. if you can because then changes are on the way into next week. i'll have those details coming up. just a bit rain that could. thank you for that. all right. we got a couple accidents out there to tell you about. this one in hayward. >> southbound, 8.80, west whitney avenue. and right now not seen any delay as you're traveling 80 still early. that's the good news here heading into the city right now. little under 9 minutes for your drive time. coeditions are moving along pretty nicely. along 5, 1880, here in the south bay san jose northbound to 80 at that northbound 87 connector. we've got another accident there. but again, no major delays along any of our highways in
5:20 am
south bay. a little under 14 to make your commute if you're heading across towards the peninsula and looking at conditions along one oh, one as you're traveling from a 5 towards menlo park about 27 minutes, tara james, back to you. thanks a lot right. president biden is touting his trillion-dollar infrastructure plan has a fix for the nation's inflation and our supply chain which needs to get fixed quickly as he toured the port of baltimore to kick off what's likely to be a national tour to highlight the bill that cleared congress last week. let's get the latest from jesse turner once again. >> live for us in dc good morning, jesse. >> good morning, james and the president has been trying to explain it. that congested ports indicate a strong economic comeback. but even though more americans may have more money in their pockets. they're having to spend more too. >> very soon. we're going to see the supply chain start catching up with the man. president biden offered his 1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan as an eventual solution to the nation's backlogged ports and
5:21 am
rising inflation, everything from gallon of gas, a loaf of bread cost more forced the bill invests 17 billion dollars in ports to cut congestion address repair and maintenance backlogs and install new technology. products moving faster and less expensively from factory floor through the supply chain to roam. the president also announced more immediate fixes, more ports around the country will operate nonstop along with companies like walmart, target ups and fedex. they assured me that the shelves will be stocked in stores this holiday. his message came as the labor department reported, the largest inflation surge in more than 30 years. the more you expand government, the more money put in the system. the more inflation you've got to have now is not the time to do these policies. republicans on capitol hill blame the president and his party for the rise in consumer prices. it's a direct result. of flooding the country. >> and the president plans to sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law
5:22 am
on monday live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse. where's my stuff. i'm not the only one. have you ordered stuff that is months and it's not calm because the supply issue. yeah, a no, no. yeah. seems like a big ticket stuff forever. thank you, jesse. >> 5.22 is the time. we'll take a quick break. but coming up, members of the community speaking now out now after recent violence. >> in san francisco's haight-ashbury neighborhood will tell you what police are will tell you what police are doing to try and stop it. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls.
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>> it's 5.24 and a big story. a community is on edge after 3 shootings in the haight ashbury neighborhood of san francisco at town hall, in fact, was held. we're neighbors shared their frustrations over the recent crimes in those crimes include an attempted burglary at central park natural market late saturday night and then last week a man was killed and another person was critically injured on october 22nd. there was a shooting that injured somebody else. so 3 shootings. they're >> i have never felt afraid for my life. and i don't ever recall the violent being. so that's what we know. there are recent weeks have been particularly for our and it's really heartbreaking not to experience violence within our
5:26 am
community. >> and police have increased patrols in that area this weekend. since then, they say they haven't seen any robberies or shooting. so situation is calm down at least temporarily. it's 5.22 or 5.25. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news berkeley health officials have responded after criticism from players on cal's football team over covid testing protocols and now officials say the team. >> well, the team wasn't following those protocols. we'll be right back.
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>> because of the quake tower shot. just when it looks at the scene when we can see that has been here a so i'm just haha. that's the cue for the court. our out in fog early on it was a much better view. and so you get to be a lawyer up anyway. probably with babies and totally. i'm not going to lie. that is true. thank you. you know, what am i doing. this job was like a really good practice in the brotherhood because you're at all crazy transition pretty smoothly. and yeah, i tell my mom i said. >> i think i'm tired all the time, but it's just a way of gets the law. all yes, thank you for waking up with us and happy veterans day it's going
5:30 am
to be a gorgeous day around the bay area today. so try to go outside. if you can enjoy it will feel like sunshine feel like 70's and today is going to be a perfect day for you out the door right now. yes, those clear skies continue. normally we do see a lot of fog in downtown san francisco covering coit tower and the golden gate bridge towers. half the time. we can't make out the span itself, but not this morning. a nice clear picture there. and we're going to see clear skies pretty much everywhere that you look and a lot of sunshine into this afternoon to enjoy and those warm temperatures. so if you can maybe enjoy lunch outside and it's all thanks to high pressure that we're going to be seeing around the bay. area's going to keep all the rain and the chilly temperatures away from us and keep it all to the north of us. so folks in washington and oregon are going to get to the wet weather in the cooler conditions. but here in the bay area. we're going to be nice. mild and dry and to even warm conditions in some spots, 70 degrees in downtown san francisco 70 also in oakland with a lot of sunshine, mostly clear skies and mostly sunny in san jose with a high of 73.
5:31 am
how long will these temperatures last. i'll have that my son there on the day forecast coming up a little bit later right. number hopefully they last a long time love temperatures. can we have a new accident this time just popping up in the south bay northbound 1, one oakland road. so we are seeing just a slight delay along one. oh, one here. the richmond center fell commute heading out of richmond across towards center fell a little under 9 minutes yesterday. the lights here off. so it's very dark longest commute. but they have those back on. so you can see things a little under 9 minutes making your way into the city. the meteor lights are still off at this hour. no hazard to no delays on that commute. san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula a little under 13 and check in on highway. 24 if you're traveling westbound from walnut creek down to 5.82 the maze a little under 11 minutes for your drive. darya james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain. 5.31. is the time a big story out of the east bay 44 members of cal's football team have tested positive for covid-19 and berkeley's health officials say that the team
5:32 am
they weren't following the basic protocol we've been following this for the past few days and we were talking about how the players. >> they were not getting tested when they were sick, they were not staying home. they were, you know, doing a lot of things against the protocol and after clearing up the confusion, members of the cow berkeley football team say that everybody now fully understands the rules. >> i don't envision this being a long-term. issue. you know, next year in the year beyond not to say that it's going to go away. but maybe that we're in a better place. i think moving forward. everyone is very clear about you know, the protocols that are in place. >> going forward. what is expected? you know. well, according to the team to members are not vaccinated. and this weekend's game against usc has been rescheduled to december 4th. the team will next play stanford on november 20th least it's scheduled for november 20th will see that actually happens at 5.32 is
5:33 am
the time we get closer to the holidays. leaders at the state federal local out levels are all pushing. >> for people to get vaccinated against covid because we're going to be gathering and they don't want covid to spread santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody held a news conference and she urged everybody who can get a booster now to get one. the cdc says that you can get a booster if you're over 65 and if you're 18 or up, depending on underlying health conditions. and also if you live or work in a high-risk setting doctor cody says you might be eligible to get a booster without even realizing it. so she you should check. >> underlying medical conditions include everything, including depression anxiety. hypertension, diabetes obesity. there are very few of us who don't fall into one of you know, meet one of those eligibility criteria. >> so she's saying is you possibly are eligible for that booster and you should get one more than a million residents
5:34 am
in the county. she said in santa clara county could get one. but it was also for only 20% of the eligible residents in santa clara county have gotten their booster. >> well, governor gavin newsome says that he and the state's top health officials are doing everything they can to avoid what happened last winter. that's when cases rose dramatically when hospital icu spaces dwindled and after weeks of decline, california's covid numbers are being well, they're beginning to rise again. >> we are concerned about the winter. we're concerned about rising case numbers pressure on our hospitals from a number of other issues on top of covid winter's coming. >> governor newsom also pressed about a new daily mail report that's out alleging that he had a bad reaction to his booster shot. he claims that that is the article claims. that's why he didn't make any public appearances in almost 2 weeks, including canceling his planned trip to the recent climate conference in glasgow, newsome, though, denied that report and reiterated again that he canceled his plans because he
5:35 am
wanted to spend halloween with his children after they expressed that it was incredibly important for them that he stay and do that. >> in the north. a santa rosa. police are looking for those responsible for an armed robbery that happened at west america bank on guerneville road in. these are the surveillance pictures from inside the bank. both of the men had guns and they tied up 4 bank employees took some money and then well, they weren't able to get involved and then they took office. a cash reward being offered for information that leads to their arrests. and investigators have raided the home of 4 or windsor. mayor domenic poli. you remember he resigned earlier this year amidst allegations that he sexually assaulted her attack nearly a dozen women. sonoma county sheriff's deputies raided his home yesterday and they took several personal items from the former mayor. the investigation is looking into claims against him made
5:36 am
by these women. a cropper spoke with the attorney representing 7 of the victims. she says news of the raid is making an impact. >> i would say this is at least a positive trigger. >> in the sense of there's validation. and a sense of my gosh it's finally move me moving. we might actually get this is been a long investigation. and certainly this is a step of progress in the right direction for them. >> calls for to and that is to to the former mayor. they have been returned. >> well, former raiders player henry ruggs. the 3rd has been formally charged now with 4 felony counts of dui and reckless driving and we are also hearing new 911, audio from someone living nearby describing the moments after that fiery crash. >> i live in the house on the street. there's a ladys screaming for help in us.
5:37 am
lamborghini trapped. that i want to say that was probably speeding or mean. i heard you incredibly at loud noises and then to create the >> police say that ruggs was driving a 156 miles per hour just moments before that crash that killed 23 year-old tina tent or and her dog. ruggs was not in court yesterday as lawyers appeared before a judge on his behalf. he is on house arrest right now and he's been ordered by judge to be tested for alcohol. 4 times a day as part of his bail conditions rugs was also ordered to surrender. his passport to defense attorneys and he cannot drive if convicted on the charges he could face more than 50 years behind bars. >> time now is 5.37. and still ahead, one east bay museum is forced to close exhibits. it's still cleaning up from last month's rainfall. take a look at how that's going. and another bay area city declares midst all the rain, a drone emergency and now they're asking you to conserve yet
5:38 am
even more. and later, the worriers continue their hot streak. steph curry with the mouthpiece for take a look at just how well he did last night. and i'm rebecca strom in for john trayvon this thursday morning we're seeing at clear skies and we're expecting warm temperatures this afternoon. my full forecast coming up. >> and we're off to a good start this morning. but we do have a few slow spots for tracking in accident in the south bay.
5:39 am
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>> 5.40, is the time and and it's a drought emergency even though we're getting rain and you see the rain still they the big highway signs that say conserve water will be pouring. i see those signs and if they want nope, we're still in a drought and mountain view is asking residents to conserve yet more the city declared a stage. one water shortage and they're asking everybody to cut their usage by 10%. they are anticipating the regional water supply declining in the coming months. mountain view gets about 84% of the primary water supply from the san francisco public utilities commission and the commission itself is scheduled to consider a water shortage emergency as well on november 23rd. so mountain is just getting ahead of that we've got some well, some sad news for shoppers in san francisco. another major retailer is leaving. >> san francisco's union
5:42 am
square at dsw is shutting down its post street location short for designer shoe warehouse. but. yeah, there's the video of it shut the doors for good. there were reports earlier this year that the chain was planning on shuttering 65 retail stores over the next 4 years and they cited an increase in online shopping is one of the main reasons why since the pandemic began gap. h m and you know, glow are just some of the retailers to leave union square. but city officials say that they're optimistic with this holiday season approaching in having more workers back in person that business will improve their hoping anyway. we'll be right back. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks...
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in bay area news. the oakland museum of california still cleaning up after last month's historic rainfall. it's even had to close exhibits because the water damage. look at the floor the wood just a culling museum. officials say the damage occurred where an upcoming exhibit was being built. the storm caused delays and temporary closures on to exhibit one of the exhibits was set to open this weekend. but that's happened to know we have to postpone it now. >> and we're finally going to open it and the whole theme of the exhibition is around resilience. >> and how. >> you know that the enduring quality of these beautiful heath ceramics and we're we're
5:46 am
really testing are resilient and these days, that's for sure. >> no doubt all ticket holders. who pre purchase tickets for either of these special exhibitions. they're going to be contacted for a refund or to rebook if they can come into later time. you know, when you appreciate ceramics is if you try to do it. >> have you ever tried to make saw and it like you do in the thing on the wheel and iran. yeah. get the collapsed. and i have so many things for my kids. i don't know if your kids are at the age yet, rebecca, where they've homenaje or at school and they bring home. i can't wait for that. yeah. >> excited i always see when you say ceramics, i was thinking, you know that scene in go. don't really dry or hid very romantic to both at the pine really is where a man to come out of this. >> love that and we love arts and crafts. and we look nice weather because you can go outside today during lunchtime and do a little bit arts and
5:47 am
crafts outside. >> because we're going to see dry conditions around the bay area and a whole lot of sunshine. it's not going to be too hot nor too cold. well, if you like 70's, that is outside right now we're seeing clear conditions across much of the bay area in this our east bay camera on top of the berkeley hills and you can see straight across all the way to the bay and into san francisco this morning. no fog, no cloud cover in your way. so it's going to be a nice commute even into work because of the dry conditions and the visibility. just great this morning. it is chilly so 40's and 50's. that's we're starting off. but once we get into the afternoon, you're going want to wear some short sleeves around the bay area. and here is a breakdown of highs in your neighborhood. so find it here. 60's and 70's in san francisco today. 70 degrees in downtown 67 in golden gate park 64 in the sunset district. we're looking at a mid to upper 60's along the coast of or 65 half moon bay. lots of sunshine at 69 degrees today. some low 70's now touching across the
5:48 am
peninsula in millbrae at 7072 in burlingame and then we're going to see and those evenly spread temperatures through foster city and san carlos in redwood city. all low 70's there with side a high of 74 and a lot of sunshine. you're a south bay zone. looks like this anywhere from the low to mid 70's were expecting campbell 7473 in downtown san jose. your east bay shoreline low 70's through hayward and union city 72 degrees in pleasanton today downtown oakland, you'll be at a high of 70 and a lot of sunshine and clear conditions until this evening. we are going to see a little bit of cloud cover starts to a peak through, but not until tonight. so enjoy the clear conditions and all the sun today 74 in walnut creek, low 70's into brentwood and discovery bay this afternoon vacaville you'll be at a high of 72 lay. whoa, topping out at 70 degrees this afternoon and you're north bay zone. looks like this 62 at stinson beach. 74 in san anselmo
5:49 am
appoint raise you'll be in the upper 60's. it's going to be gorgeous. if you're going to head out to the coast today and these temperatures are going to be sticking with us through the next couple of days into your weekend. look at this. so we're going to be seeing it through sunday and then things will start to get back to normal and taper off as we get towards. and next week. but all the lows, though, just pay attention to those want to make sure that you're nice and warm during the early morning hours and the evening hours and then the afternoon will open up to us. some warmer conditions. that's a look at weather now let's check traffic with rain a thank you for that are back out, right. if you're taking bart, there is a 20 minute delay at the daley city station on the san fran cisco live and the antioch direction that something to note this morning. >> and the that we do have an accident. northbound want to want oakland road. so we are starting to see a delay along one. oh, one in the south bay not seen any other issues along any of those other highways in the south bay heading into the city right now. the under 2 minutes for youp drive time. there are no major delays along 5, 1880, if
5:50 am
you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that commute a little under 13 minutes how a for nice and light a little under 16 traveling from one 62 to 42 in concord a little under 8 as you leave enrichment darya james, back to you. thanks a lot sports now the worriers continuing their winning streak. steph curry still has that touch. it was such a fun game to watch the half that i could watch prep fell asleep. but the minnesota timberwolves came to town and steph curry and the gang set them right back with a loss kron 4 sports director jason dumas has the highlights. >> the dubs have taken the league by storm in the early nba season. best record in basketball and the numbers suggest that the production isn't just a flash in the pan wednesday night. they look to keep the pedal to the metal with the timberwolves in town. >> steph curry coming off that 50 point performance on monday night. 1st half it became a warriors contest. steph gets the steal. he goes up top row
5:51 am
with down gp to what a finish. now, just a minute later, andre iguodala's. this time he loves it up to 2 springs in the feet reverse slam 12 point lead for the dove staffed. and this believe like that guys can late in the half. andrew wiggins baseline me dunk over karl anthony towns. and if you have a fun at this point we can hit on 9 of his first-half shots warriors lead by 15 at the break. let's go to 3rd. you hate to see draymond green gets hit in the right knee. he had to leave the game and eventually to the locker room did not return. steve kerr said he had a nasty bruise on that minnesota. they took advantage d'angelo russell, the former warrior. i forgot. he was a worry play for the most irrelevant era of warriors basketball that 3, though cut the lead down to 6, steph, what the turn over anthony edwards goes the other
5:52 am
way and they throw it up to him that guy is impressive. yet 48 point. he's a second-year player the lead is only for but steph makes up for it. moments later. that 3 point right there actually know that's a lot to what was on the life. 10 point lead step at 25 that weekend. he was really the man up tonight hit the 3 from the top of the key 13 point lead. 2 minutes to go. jordan poole misses. i told you wiggins was on his game goes up. top for the put back. he finished with 35 point warriors win one 23 one 10, they improved to 10 1 on the season. the best record in the nba. this one, andrew wiggins, former team. he would is this a revenge game. runs game. well played game. you know, get the former. >> now it's all that was, you know, the play, the game. fun game. want andrews just
5:53 am
fantastic the aggression from the beginning of the >> who loved his energy obviously he pretty excited to play against his old team. we needed everything. he brought us tonight the scoring the running, the floor, you know, getting getting the foul line knocking down my son. he was tremendous. >> i'll say that's amazing. would you say. so there are tender 10 one now and best to you on restaurant in the hole and ba, how about that? we'll be right. all right.
5:54 am
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. old james. it has live at 6 o'clock last night. yeah. space x launching another 4 to the international space station. when you watch a lot of what you have it. you like calendar do have this all in your calendar. i have alarm set on my phone to go off remind me of certain things that i want to make sure remember to watch. and this was one of okay. there you can see the falcon 9 rocket lifting whole the dragon capsule up into space now, what are they doing up there. look at that, though there are a lot of different experiments. yeah. so it's going to kind of fun to watch enjoy that space x us 5th passenger flight, by the way. and again, went off without a hitch in just a day or 2 after the last dragon capsule splashed down in the oceans.
5:57 am
they're really lots of success. there are none. i up the number of flights heading up the space station love. it won't be long. james but 56 coming up on the kron 4 morning news we are honoring veterans today and we have details of ceremonies all around the bay. >> that you can go to a live report. and there were 3 different shootings in a 12 hour period in oakland. have the latest on all of that and where the investigation stand this morning. kron 4 morning news at 6 begins in just a couple minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
6:00 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us on veterans and james, i like the way you are marking the day with your pen. >> my grandfather's be 17. penny was a pilot in world war 2 passed away a handful of years ago. but i worried every veterans day just as a little weak to him and thank him for the service that gave to the country and for all veterans on this day. if you know one. tom, thank you. i love it. really of brightens my day and what a great way to spend veterans day. >> i'm remembering those who serve the country, maybe the kids have the day off take him outside. there are a lot of free things to do. by the way, we'll get to that and the day's going to cooperate weatherwise, rebecca. yeah, it really is, guys. i mean, if you like sunshine and ew


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