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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 11, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here on this november 11th and it's veterans day. thank you to all our men and women who are waking up with us this morning. and those who may be still sleep for all of your service and all that you've done again today is a great day for many reasons. john
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trouble finally got a chance to take the morning off and get some rest. sure. that's much needed. and so rebecca strom is in his stead. keeping us updated on what we need to wear this morning. good morning good morning, renay. yeah. i like to pop in every once a while and today's a great day. yes, it is november 11th. >> and it is veterans day. happy veterans day out there and it's going to be gorgeous weather around the bay area much warmer than what we're used to for this time of year. in fact, we're going to see a lot of sunshine, if you like that and 70's, then the next couple of days is going to be perfect for you outside right now. a nice clear shot of this. our camera along the embarcadero showing us one of the cruise ships docked right here in the san francisco bay. just a nice clear early morning right now. but a little bit chilly out there 40's and 50's across much of the bay area. so bundle up as you make your way out of the house this morning. 55 in san francisco right now. 54 in downtown oakland, 52 degrees in downtown san jose and a lot of 40's very chilly in vallejo at 45 right now. and mostly 40's across our north, a zone.
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we're looking at some high pressure that's going to continue to build over the next couple of days bringing us warmer conditions and a lot of sunshine dry conditions. so no rain in the forecast for today. and then through the rest of the weekend looks like all the wet weather going to steer clear of the bay area and remain to the far north of us. a portland and parts of vancouver going to be the bulk of the wet weather while we're going to remain a nice and dry high around the bay area through at least sunday winds outside just a little bit of a breeze along the coast right here in san francisco. otherwise it is pretty calm everywhere else. and very still out there. so a way to start off your morning with a good commute into work highs today. look at this. lots of 70's very evenly spread temperatures. we're looking at upper 60's along the coast. mill valley. you'll be at a high of 69 today. 69 half moon bay. but pretty much a lot of 70's elsewhere, low 70's around the bay and even into
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of the interior valleys 71 degrees for livermore today, 72 for morgan hill. 72 also in redwood city. a quick look at your seven-day around the bay forecast. it's going to be sunny nice and warm at least in sunday and then we're going to start to see things cool down as you kick off next week and then things will start to get back to normal. but look at those overnight lows are going to be a very chilly once again starting off in the 40's and 50's so bundle up in the evenings and early mornings. but you'll be able where t shirts into the afternoon. that's a look at weather. hit the roads of rain. all right. we're back. i've got to take advantage of those 70's and get outside somewhere today. if you are leaving your house at this hour. no major hot only see one accident. >> this is in brisbane one. oh, one northbound south of the road out there. so again, keeping a close eye on doesn't seem like it's causing much of a delay along one. oh, one as you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 10 minutes for your drive time at this hour. 5
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1880, no major delays there as well. san mateo bridge. let's head over there. look at conditions, a little under 30 minute as you head across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond and we have the lights back on today. it was very dark yesterday. you might remember a little under 9 minute for your drive and the golden gate bridge traveling from the north bay into the city. it will be a little under 20 minutes. well, the oakland museum of california is still cleaning up after last month's historic rainfall and they have temporarily closed and exhibit due to water damage there. but thankfully no artwork or artifacts for damage. it's going take some time for repairs. kron four's. gayle ong has that story for us. no artworks are artifacts were damaged, but it's going to take some time for repairs. we actually have to replace floors, ceilings and walls. >> so it's taking us a little longer than we helped the oakland museum of california is still cleaning up after last month's historic storm that brought heavy rain to the bay area water is goes
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everywhere. water is insidious and and once it is in the floor and in and in ceilings. it's very hard to just, you know, dry it out. lori fogarty executive director and ceo of the oakland museum says the damage occurred in the foyer of an exhibition space and in a gallery where an upcoming exhibit was being built. >> property restoration company is working on repairs, but the storm caused delays and temporary closures on 2 exhibitions. the mother ship voyage into afro. futurism will be closed until further notice. heat, a life in clay was set to reopen this weekend. now postponed and we're finally going to open it and the whole theme of the exhibition is around resilience. >> and how you know that the enduring quality of these beautiful heath ceramics and we're we're really testing are resilient and these days, that's for sure. her. in the meantime, other gallery such as the art history and natural science collections are opened in the museum, including a project that took place during
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the 15 month closure during the pandemic. we just had renovated during that during covid times during our closure, our gardens and our gardens are still open and we're doing programming in our gardens. so there's plenty. >> for people to still see in in coming to the museum are open. regular hours and so we still encourage people to come and we'll get these temporary exhibitions open as soon as we can. >> and all ticket holders who have pre purchase a timed event for either of the special exhibitions will be contacted for a refund or rebooking here in oakland. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> well, the first lawsuit has been filed in connection to the deadly rust movie set shooting it accuses star alec baldwin and the film's producers of negligence. the chief of lying on the movie set says he held cinematographer halyna hutchins in his arms as she died. he filed a lawsuit yesterday demanding punitive damages against several production companies. his attorney spoke about the lawsuit in los angeles yesterday afternoon. >> this lawsuit is not about
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his desire to make money at all. this lawsuit is to make these kinds of unsafe conditions that happened too much on movie sets. stop now. >> alec baldwin recently called for police officers to be employed on all film and tv set have utilized guns. well, hannah gutierrez-reed, the armor in charge of weapons on set also recently released a statement saying the shooting may have been the result of quote, sabotage. former raiders player henry ruggs has been formally charged with 4 felony counts of dui and reckless driving. we are also hearing new 911, audio from someone living nearby describing the moments after the fiery crash. >> i live in the house on the street. there's a lady screaming for help in us. lamborghini trapped. that i want to say that was probably speeding or mean. i heard you
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incredibly at loud noises and then to create off. >> police say ruggs was driving a 156 miles per hour before the crash that killed 23 year old tina 10 tour and her dog. ruggs was not in court yesterday morning as lawyers appear before a judge on his behalf. he's on house arrest. it has been ordered by a judge to be tested for alcohol 4 times each day as part of his bail conditions. rug was also ordered to surrender his passport to a defense attorney and he cannot drive if convicted of the charges he could face more than 50 years behind bars. a dramatic day in wisconsin court has call rittenhouse took the stand more than a year after he allegedly shot and killed 2 men during a protest against police brutality. but it wasn't just emotions running high as kelly be sun reports the prosecution's entire case could now be in jeopardy. >> astonished. when begin your
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examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence. that's basically it's been basically on this country for 40 years, 50 years. the homicide trial against kyle rittenhouse thrown into jeopardy lawyers asked for a mistrial over what appeared to be out bounds questions asked of rittenhouse by the prosecution on the night judge not immediately ruling on the request while, but stating his frustration brazen with me. >> you know very well. you know very well that attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking. >> outside the presence of the jury to do so. don't give me today. the first day kyle rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense recounting the night of august 25th last year. >> at one point emotionally breaking down.
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>> its front row the judge calling for a break. and minutes later, the cross examination begins. everybody that you shot at night, you intended to kill. >> i didn't intend to kill them. i intended i tended to stop the people who are attacking me. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking wisconsin self-defense law allows someone to use deadly force. >> only if necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm today. rittenhouse claimed on the stand. that's exactly what a lot of was and i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. >> that was kelly. the sun reporting for us now rittenhouse is charged with 5 felonies and a misdemeanor in the casey could face life in prison if he's convicted. california attorney general rob bonta was in san jose is part of his ongoing series of roundtable, discussions to address hate crime in our state. he met with elected and community leaders to try and
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identify concrete solutions to what he calls an epidemic of hate after the number of reported hate crimes climb more than 30% last year bond to has established a racial justice purell in his office but says more work needs to be done both in terms of reporting and preventing hate crimes. is that hate. >> turn that he speech turned to hate incidents on the way to becoming hate crimes. there are many places in between where we can intervene and prevent hate from getting to that place. >> a lot says over half of all hate crimes in california are not identified or investigated as such suggesting a lot more work needs to be done. >> kaiser permanente and nurses stood and picket lines across the state and nurses are protesting the company's new. >> home along alone model. now that policy. >> monitors patients virtually
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instead of keeping them in hospitals. both the california nurses association and the national nurses united the largest union for registered nurses in the country are condemning that new policy union representatives say the model puts patients in danger by not giving them the care they deserve. kaiser released a statement in response to the demonstrations saying in part, quote, we value all our employees provide outstanding care to our members and patients working together with our labor partners. we're going to continue to provide safe high quality care to our members and the community we serve. coming up next to the kron 4 morning news the warriors put on dollop a show at the chase center. >> sports director jason has the highlights for us. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here on this november 11. and it's also veterans day. thank you for all of our veterans who are at home watching right now. and those not look it up again and still asleep. thank you for all your service and all that you do well today we're indefinitely for a special forecast because rebecca strom is in of for john stable this morning and you're saying in the 70's, right for a lot of areas in the excited about that yeah. this is not a drill. we're going see us a nice mild, even warm temperatures for november. >> definitely warmer than normal for this time of year. but we'll take it right. lots
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of sunshine. and if you like dry conditions, this is how it's going to be a for the next couple of days. and then into your weekend outside. right now, though, mostly clear skies across much of the bay area. we're looking at a live shot of the golden gate bridge right now and most the time it's socked in by the fog. we can't even make out to the tower some toxins or even parts of the deck. but 'oday just a nice shot of the bridge this morning. so pretty much clear, no matter where you're going to be headed to and getting into work this morning. it is going to be chilly, though. so grab that jacket grab that sweater as you make your way out of the house today. 40's and 50's across the board. 51 right now in concord. 51 also in livermore, 54 degrees sun near the east bay shoreline hayward. you're at 54 there downtown oakland, 54 and 55 currently right now in san francisco. so a chilly start to the morning. but things are really going to change into the afternoon and we're not looking at any rainfall, no wet weather in our forecast. it's going to steer clear of the bay area and remains in the far north of us. organ and
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folks in washington are going to be seeing the wet weather and we're going to remain nice and dry as high pressure continues to build over the next couple of days. bringing us lots of sunshine and those warmer temperatures. in fact, here's a quick peek of the highs today across the bay area. upper 60's to low 70's. we will take it nice and comfortable for most folks if you like that 70 degrees in downtown oakland with a lot of sunshine today. 70 also in san francisco with mostly sunny skies upper 60's at the coast for half moon bay and 73 degrees for the high in san francisco, 72 or san jose rather 72 in morgan hill today in the 70's continue in to concord and livermore your seven-day around the bay forecast taking a peek at that if you like what today's weather is going to be it's going to basically remain that way over the next couple of days. and in 2 of the weekend, mostly sunny conditions through sunday and then once we get into monday of next week. that's when things will start to taper off and start
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to cool down through the middle of the week and get back to normal. but so just remember the mornings and the evenings are going to be very cmilly 40's and 50's and then the afternoons are going to be nice and mild, even warm. sometimes in your neighborhood. so let's enjoy it. until a cold weather starts to return next week. well, that's a look at the weather. let's send it back to rain. thank you for that are all right. let's get a look at the traffic this morning. conditions. >> pretty light at this hour. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city. we're looking at the bay bridge will take you a little under 2 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit also 5 1880, not tracking any delays as you're traveling through richmond, barkley emeryville. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major delays along one traffic moving nicely a little under 13 minutes for you. we're checking out also the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city and the richmond center fell commute. as you had a richmond, a little under 9 minutes on the peninsula. the tragic death of a local boy who was swept out to sea as a
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spy or new safety measures along the san mateo county coast in january. 12 year-old boy drowned when he was pulled into the ocean near half moon bay. the boy's family has fought to raise awareness about the potential dangers, a bay area beaches been now new safety systems can be found at several of those beaches. it quits with ring bayous and information about hazards at the beach to help prevent future tragedies like this one from happening. >> hopefully these these first 3 stations that have been solved will will save lives. it will inspire the communities along the coast to do something similar bc as a stepping stone. >> to create more about this issue. there are the accident we want educate the crypt and from. >> well, these lifesaving stations with the buoys are going to be part of a pilot program. the hope is that more will be installed in other areas along california's coast. >> switching gears. the
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warriors continue their win streak with yet another victory right here at home and they were hosting the minnesota timberwolves. >> on sports director jason has those highlights for us. >> the dubs have taken the league by storm in the early nba season. best record in basketball and the numbers suggest that the production isn't just a flash in the pan wednesday night. they look to keep the pedal to the metal with the timberwolves in town. >> steph curry coming off that 50 point performance on monday night. 1st half it became a warriors. don't contest. steph gets the steal. he goes up top row with down gp to what a finish. now, just a minute later, andre iguodala's. this time he lobs it up to 2 ipsprings in the feet reverse slam 12 point lead for the job staffed and this believe me, like that guys can late in the half. andrew wiggins baseline me dunk over karl anthony
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towns. and if you have a fun at this point we can hit on 9 of his first-half shots warriors lead by 15 at the break. let's go to 3rd. you hate to see draymond green gets hit in the right knee. he had to leave the game and eventually to the locker room did not return. steve kerr said he had a nasty bruise on that minnesota. they took advantage d'angelo russell, the former warrior. i forgot. he was a worry play from the most irrelevant era of warriors basketball that 3, though cut the lead down to then stepped up to turn over anthony edwards goes the other way and they throw it up to him that guy is impressive. yet 48 point. he's a second-year player the lead is only for but steph makes up for it. moments later. that 3 point right there actually know that's a lot to what was on the line. 10 point lead step at 25 that weekend. he was really the man up tonight hit the 3 from the top of the
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key 13 point lead. 2 minutes to go. jordan poole misses. i told you wiggins was on his game goes up. top for the put back. he finished with 35 point warriors win one 23 one 10, they improved to 10 1 on the season. the best record in the nba. this one, andrew wiggins, former team. he would is this a revenge game. runs game. well played game. you know, get the former. all i was. you know, the the game. fun game. >> and that's one andrews just fantastic. the aggression from the beginning of the who loved his energy obviously it pretty excited to play against his old team. we needed everything he brought us tonight the scoring the running, the floor, you know, getting getting the foul line knocking down my son. he was
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tremendous. >> well, that was kron. 4 sports director jason dumas reporting for us. the warriors host the chicago bulls tomorrow at the chase center. tipoff is going to be at 07:00pm. we'll be right back after the break.
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outside right now in downtown san francisco. nice and clear. you can see that trans america building there just fine. and the free of fog this morning. it's going to be a warm afternoon on tap 70's that we're going to be seeing mostly around the bay area and then your 7 day around the bay forecast. we're going to continue with these warm temperatures through the weekend and then things will start to cool down starting next week and getting back to normal. thank you for that. rebecca. >> if you would like to take a trip. angela, the world's largest trees of close apoya national park will reopen this morning as 07:00am visitors are going to be allowed into limited areas for day. use only the park was closed several weeks ago because of the knp complex fire that wildfires burn 88,000 acres and is 75% contained today on veterans day is the last day for free day this year for this national park sites. so days in last day for these free park sites around the country. if you want to go out today. also, the san francisco
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museum of modern art is also offering free admission to veterans and their families. so free admission runs from one until 8. you could spend the whole 7 hours in your five-minute song, a caution the same which is 0 money. the only thing you need to do is bring proof of eligibility. if you are going to be going to any of this today and then we're also about 3 different shootings in a 12 hour period in oakland. more details in the increase of crimes in a live report.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> thanks for following and inviting us into your. >> bedroom or living room or whatever room. yeah, i'm not a fan of the tv in the bedroom. but you know, wherever it's on us because that's a place for and it is veteran's day. so good morning. and we've got a lot coming your way in terms of what's going to be happening today to honor. >> and the service of those that are here and abroad to help protect the american all over the world yes, we are marking the day we've got stories about veterans day and the kids maybe. well, they're definitely off today. i think if your holiday for a lot of kids. so everybody sleeping at rebecca's >> is going to be your kids


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