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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 10, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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now boarded up in a bright green closed sign is taped to their front door. there were reports earlier this year that the nationwide retail chain was planning on shuttering 65 stores over the next 4 years. citing more shoppers opting to shop online instead of in stores. it's just one of other major retailers closing up big brick and mortar locations around union square. now for lease signs can be seen where smartly dressed mannequins used to be at least one retailer is taking advantage of the extra square footage available guns opened up their holiday shop inside what used to be a brooks brothers that shuttered last year. >> well, last year we had a much smaller version in our of flagship store. and with all the open space in downtown. and right next door to our main store. we felt that having a bigger space to present our legendary holiday% shopping, giving people a bit more room to spread out was the right thing to do for this holiday season.
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>> he's hopeful for a merry and bright holiday shopping season, especially since monday vaccinated, international travelers from places such as china and the eu can travel freely to the u.s. again. there are other signs of life luxury watchmaker omega recently opened up a new store near the square. >> the executive director of union square alliance says they're starting to see a change for the better as we emerge from the pandemic, we are starting to see more consumer interest in coming back down to shop to experience. and so. >> like everything else you need squares also, pivoting and we're starting to see more businesses attracted more restaurants attracted just a very different face and a new deal. a just a new experience here in union square. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> a gaffe from the film rust is filed a lawsuit against alec baldwin and the film's producers. the lawsuit claims the producers were negligent. the demands punitive damages against several production companies. armour
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gutierrez-reed is also named in the lawsuit. sergei svetnoy was chief of lighting on the movie set. he says he held cinematographer. alina hutchens in his arms as she died. his attorneys spoke about the lawsuit in beverly hills. this afternoon. >> this lawsuit is not about his desire to make money at all. this lawsuit is to bring awareness to a problem and to prevent it in the future. this lawsuit is to make these kinds of unsafe conditions that happened too much on movie sets. stop now. >> hannah gutierrez-reed recently released a statement saying the shooting may have been the result of quote, sabotage and alex baldwin also recently called for police officers to be employed on all film and tv sets that use guns. >> houston police have released new details of the deadly crowd surge at the astroworld music festival. the catastrophe happened during
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rapper travis scott' headliner performance on friday. 8 people were killed, scott and the organizers are facing criticism and lawsuits as a result. kareen wynter has the latest developments. >> the police chief confirmed some families still have loved ones in critical condition at the hospital. >> chief troy finner also clarified earlier reports that a security guard was pricked in the neck with a needle before passing out. he said that was untrue and that it was a blow to the head that knocked him out. we did locate that. >> security go out. his story is not consistent with that. he says he was struck. and it. he went unconscious. he woke up in the security tent. he says that no one injected drugs in time today, the head of the houston firefighters union is criticizing concert organizers for using a private company to handle medical emergencies instead of relying on experienced crews from the fire department. also an issue communication. >> houston's fire chief says firefighters were stationed at
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a command post in the parking lot. they could not communicate by radio with the private company medical staff. he says firefighters had asked for radios in advance but were given just cell phone numbers and there were delays reaching people as a result and yet another issue is that the organizers of the festival never planned or prepared for surge. there was no contingency fort mentioned in the planning document for the show. according to cnn, the network also reported today according to a 56 page security and emergency medical response plan. they obtain. >> that was authored by texas space concert promoter. the astroworld staff was told to refer to dead concert goers as smurfs. a code word has reportedly outlined in the contingencies and struck shuns for staff handling different situations of the event. >> staff members were allegedly told not to use the terms of dead or deceased on the radio. >> that was kareen wynter reporting tonight, scott and the organizers of astroworld are now facing up to 46 loss is by families of victims and that number is expected to
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grow. tmz is reporting that and rg park where the concert was held only had a 26 million dollar liability insurance policy damage costs could reach as high as several 100 million dollars. >> visitors will once again be able to enjoy the world's largest and oldest trees sequoia national park reopens tomorrow starting at 07:00am visitors will be allowed into limited areas for day. use only. >> the park was closed several weeks ago because of the knp complex fire. the wildfires burned 88,000 acres and is still burning at 75% contained. the reopening is just in time for veterans day which is the last free day this year for national park sites around the country. 4 zone forecast of the eu. you a live look at a very busy bay bridge toll plaza. maybe people are heading in for the warriors, for the lawyers game. a bad well, lawrence is standing by. you may not have the answer on traffic, but he definitely knows about thank you very looking good too.
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>> as we're going to see a lot of sunshine as we go into veterans day and enjoying the beautiful weather around the bay. area's high pressure giving us a break from all the rain, really a much needed break any more that rain. and we're starting to talk about some flooding around the bay area. but getting catch that dry weather. now it looks like it's going to stick around for a little while at the right now, mostly clear skies stay that way highs. today they bumped up a bit. in fact, we got closer to the 70's today in parts of valley 68 it looked more 67 for a high in concord. 67 its and rose those numbers just slightly below the average 65 degrees in san francisco clinton 69 downtown san jose that there's your jet stream. you can see all that moisture streaming up toward the pacific northwest there looking for the possibility of some flash flooding there as the storm clouds rolling in their direction. they will see the atmospheric river. well, we'll catch a break. we'll see high pressure overhead and that will clear out your skies are nice and dry out there for tonight. and we're also going to see a bit of an offshore wind that offshore wind will be just enough to warm up the temperatures as we head to the
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bay area not to be a real strong offshore wind. but you get a little down of those winds that tends to warm things up and that's we're looking at by tomorrow afternoon. so enjoy some beautiful weather outside by tomorrow afternoon said numbers going to soar well into the 60's, even some mid 70's in the south bay tomorrow about 74 degrees in san jose may be as high as 75 in morgan hill 73 degrees in livermore about 72 degrees in the napa valley cooler along the coastline with some fog moving in and a lot of part of the day, next couple days here. it is. we've got some nice warm conditions right through the weekend. staying dry had a slight chance of showers in the forecast for tuesday right now. that doesn't look like it's going to happen. i think the next best chance of rain right around thanksgiving. thank you, lawrence. coming up on kron, 4 news at 6 hayward police cracking down on had a converter thefts. details on the latest bust in sports. joe montana weighs in on the forty-niners quarterback situation and the warriors host the t wolves tonight. >> we're live from chase center with a preview. coming up. and a team of scuba divers
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trash divers have now reached the lakes westshore the team says donations from several groups, including tahoe, blue vodka made the effort possible. they say despite several obstacles this year, including wind smoke and now snow. they say they've made good progress. >> hayward police say there is one less catalytic converter thief in their city officers arrested the suspect who may be connected to several recent catalytic converter thefts fours had has it might un has the story in the photographs that are pictured. there are. >> several different brands that long to a car. a few catalytic converters, a replica handgun was kind of that orange tip as well. cutting device, which is offering is just like a burglary tool us take missed machine that can quickly cut out the talent. converters. >> a man arrested for allegedly being in possession of the stolen ribs is now under investigation for being the primary suspectoin several recent catalytic converter
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thefts in the city of hayward, hayward police spokesperson officer cassandra fogle says it was a previous victims description of the suspect, then that officers to contacting the man who was in a vehicle filled with these items and so when this case hgppened just a few days ago. last week. >> he recognized a similar description and thought it could be the same person. >> during the pandemic law enforcement agencies across the bay area have reported that thieves are more attractive than ever to the pollution fighting catalytic converters primarily for their precious metals like rhodium platinum and palladium, which are worth thousands of dollars by the presos were often a target as easy. >> vehicle to take the catalytic converters from as well as trucks just because of the nature of them being higher off the ground hayward police investigators say the best protection is to park your vehicle in well-lit areas in your driveway. preferably instead of on the street and if possible purchase a
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have freshly cracked fried eggs with bacon crumbles cooked right in. and you can get them all day. and night. and day. and night. only at jack in the box. >> new at 6, a mother and daughter are now banned from a southern california basketball league after the girl sucker punched an opposing player during a game. and adding to the outrage on this. the
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mother of the girl who reportedly threw that punch can be heard egging her on a warning. now the video is tough to watch. carlos saucedo reports from garden grove in orange county. >> i was in such disbelief shock. >> it's alice hams. 15 year-old daughter lourdes seen in this video. get sucker punched during a girls basketball game. >> person in question went down the court and shot a three-pointer landed fell backwards into my daughter. >> as they both get up. you can then hear what some say was the other girls para el you better hit her for that. >> for a parent take to tell their daughter to you. physically harm somebody else. it just goes against. anything. you know, it's just goes beyond all reason. >> and was not at the game but says her daughter became disoriented. you know, to me
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it rises to the level of assault, the incident happened sunday at a basketball tournament in garden grove hosted by a back united. >> which organizes games for members between the ages of 1316. >> very sorry that this is a very sad and unfortunate incident a back 9 is taken steps to both the player and the parent and has filed a police report. the other girl's family has retained an attorney and sent this saying, quote. >> it's a very unfortunate incident involving 2 young minor girls. we're doing our best investigate everything and anything that happened once we acquire all the necessary information. we will make the statement. lauren has been playing and she was in second grade but has not been the same as she recovers from the incident. >> i just hope that an ugly incident like this doesn't. detract from her love of playing in the future. >> that was carlos saucedo
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reporting tonight. both player and parents involved have been banned by tournament officials until further notice. this incident is under investigation. all right. let's shift gears to something more pleasant our weather. this is a live look outside from our camera atop mount tam o pious on a sparkly night outside trying to get used to the early darkness, but it is beautiful sight and it's clear out their warrants janyce unclear is going to stay that way. all 9 and. >> well, we're going to be enjoying a nice veterans day tomorrow. the celebration going to be fantastic. it will be mostly sunny skies going to get their enjoy. of course, we've got our own veteran here. ken wayne is our veteran here and he's going to celebrating with a nice specially here for tomorrow night on kron 4 temperatures tomorrow going to be running up in the 60's and the mid 70's inland just a bit of an afternoon breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour out there tonight, though, nice clear skies that is way it's going to stay maybe a patch or 2 of fog along the coastline. that's it. and then i think as we head toward tomorrow looking
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at mid 60's in the san francisco upper 60's in the mission about 66 in daly city. a little cooler coast side with some fog moving in and a lot of part of the day as warm as 70 degrees in millbrae tomorrow. 68 and sunny and burning game. a beautiful 73 in san carlos 72 woodside 71 and sunday in palo out a little cool to start your day. we're going to be the 40's in the 50's. but boy, mid 70's by the afternoon to the santa clara valley will likely be one of the warmer spots around the bay area. 70 in pleasanton about 74 degrees in union city 74 also san leandro 73 in concord about 73 degrees and sunny in walnut creek, not going to worry about too much in the way of fog overnight tonight, the air is dry it out quite a bit. so to not going to see some of that dense to if i very patchy stuff. if we see any at all back toward the coastline. some fog moving in. a lot of part of the day, the temperatures there expected be in the 60's but anywhere away from the coast. you're running up in the 70's in her even some mid 70's. the warmest spots next couple days. looks like that ridge of high pressure going to stick around into the weekend. a few more clouds on saturday and sunday. but staying dry, in fact,
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staying dry not only next week but maybe all the way until thanksgiving. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> he does have taken the league by storm over the first 10 games of the season best record in the league and the numbers suggest that the production isn't just a flash in the pan tonight. they look to keep the pedal to the metal with the minnesota timberwolves in town. and guess what? let's head out to chase center. that's where we can find our very own sports reporter kylen mills kylen. it's been a heck of a season so far. how is it out there. >> they chase exciting night here at chase center warriors fans and the players are hoping to just continue riding the wave of what this season has been. the words are looking to win their 6th straight when they host the timberwolves here at chase center tonight. they're also looking to hold on to the best record in the nba head coach steve kerr says the worst do that by playing high intensity defense and coming out sharp right from tipoff on monday
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night, the worst of themselves into a little bit of a hole when they played the hawks here at chase center. they were down 15 in the 2nd quarter in large part to the hawks. all-star guard trae young person. the warriors needed to play tighter on defense. the dubs figured out the 2nd half putting a box and one on trae young. but kerr doesn't want that to be chasing in this game the warriors also were saved by an incredible 50 point performance from star steph curry. however, that's not going to happen every night. her wants his bench players to continue making big been a. >> the high ball movement team. it stems from the way steph and draymond play, but% also the guys we've had. >> surrounding those to, you know, we've always had been blessed with some really good passing players that's kind of our style. so it suits us. well, i think what what it shows us early in the years. just look good fit that the new guys are belly auto. gary
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andre, we knew was a great fit, all those other guys really have a good feel that the ball moves and that they're they're all fun to play with. >> warriors lead the nba in assists right now. kerr says that's a testament to the chemistry that this team has there have been nights when teams have been able to shut down. steph curry. but other players have stepped up jordan poole before monday night led the warriors in the previous 2 games in scoring. so have to see if anyone else steps up tonight, it will be tough for staff to follow up a 50 point performance, but jason, hopeful. i want to see some fireworks here tonight. we're live at chase center kylen mills or thanks for that report, kylie and we will go back to her. was that game ends for another. >> a live report. all right. the big topic in 49 or land this season has been the back and forth, the most fans and the media regarding starting quarterback jimmy garoppolo and rookie quarterback trey
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lance garoppolo is cemented as the starter. but there have been a lot of calls to see more of trey lance. some people just want him to start flat out the greatest quarterback ever in a 49 a uniform hall of famer joe montana gave his thoughts on the quarterback situation in santa clara. >> when jimmy is healthy. you know, he's the he's the guy, you know, everybody. everybody always wants something else. you know, he took the grass is always greener on the other side as they say. but, you know, the guys, you know, it's a different offensive system for him and it takes time to get in there and learn the game and how it's played differently in the nfl. so i just think when jimmy selfies and you've he's been playing. well, when when he's in just got to keep him on the field. then. then we've got to do something. we're going to end up that defense a little bit. >> i'm in the minority. i think trey should wait. you know, i think, you know, patients just sitting on the
6:54 pm
sideline people act as if him being on the sideline is going to make him a worse player aaron rodgers didn't get his first start for 2 years, right. patrick mahomes probably been the best quarterback in the league he said on his bench the whole rookie year and there's a long list of examples that tell you that it's not necessarily a bad thing learned he's coming from a small school in north dakota. so that's just my 2 says everyone has an opinion and a very polarizing topic. steve had to wait for joe montana. exactly. you know, at i'd like to hear steve young point of view on he's a guy who had to wait weeks to reach who had to wait weeks to reach out and fig the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails.
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>> program alert to tell you about tomorrow for veterans day. kron 4 wants to say thank you to the men and women who served in our military. >> i'll be hosting a half hour special veterans voices honoring those who served it airs tomorrow at 6.30 right after kron 4 news at 6 and has event. we include our thanks to you ken wayne. that's it for us tonight at 6 see at 8 o'clock night. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you
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