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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the bay area today starting in the east bay where oakland a city workers are one step closer to it no longer being tested for smoking cannabis off the job. oakland's public safety committee voted unanimously to end testing for off the job. cannabis use vice mayor rebecca kaplan says the city is already facing a recruiting crisis and has trouble retaining employees with the current testing rules in place. the proposal will now go before the full city council and an approval there could do away with the testing. oakland. firefighters responded to reports of smoke tuesday near san pablo and athens avenue. and that's where they found a homeless encampment on fire which they say was threatening to expand the 3 story building that they were in front of. but luckily they were able to get it quickly and no damage was done. no reports of any injuries. >> and the south bay a controversial statue in downtown san jose is coming down after 30 years city council members unanimously
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voting to remove the thomas fallon statue after hearing from mexican and indigenous speakers on how they feel when they see the statue, they say it's a symbol of colonization genocide and the taking over of other people's land. the city now has to decide if the 12,000 pound statue should be melted down or moved to a city storage facility. >> i mean, history has a place in our society. i don't know that honoring a particular statue is in public areas is probably the best thing for our country. you know, i think they should place for them. somewhere in the areas, but maybe not right downtown. some people. >> well, a slave traders, for example. don't the service that you and the public. same thing for. i would extend that other countries right. that have a colonial past.
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>> city staff in san jose say, yeah, the there have to melt it down or story. but they say they cannot technically destroy it. semantics here, perhaps because doing so would be against federal and state laws protecting an artist's work. gilroy police have made a second arrest in the deadly shooting at a city council members home over the halloween weekend. officials say 18 year-old lucas thomas said he was arrested in gilroy while authorities were serving a search warrant as part of their investigation. a teenager was killed. 3 other teens were injured when shots were fired at a house party the night before halloween police say the investigation is ongoing. on the peninsula. daily city man is facing murder charges after police say he admitted to killing. >> his estranged wife, 36 year-old beltr and arenas made his first appearance in san mateo superior court yesterday, san mateo county da's office claims that arenas killed his wife while their 4 year-old child was in the
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other room at apartment on belmar avenue. arenas. then allegedly called the victim's mother to tell her about the shooting. he was later arrested in san francisco. arenas did not enter a plea. he is being held on 11 million dollars bail and the same tail county sheriff no longer going to cooperate with ice. the sheriff says that this is part of his department's mission to protect all of his county's residents. well, we've got a nice night out there for tonight. looks like it is going to stay nice and clear catching a break. >> from all that rain. that's probably a good thing point. we had quite the start to the wet season. check out these numbers around the bay area very, very impressive. san francisco, almost 8 and a half inches of rain normal for this time of year is under 2 inches. so we're sitting at 441% of normal san jose and normally under an inch of rain had over 2 inches of rain. that's 240% of normal oakland
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over 6 inches of rain that's 425% of normal. look at santa rosa 13.7 5 inches of rain, normally they've had just over 2 and a half inches. so there 515% of normal. you get the idea has been a fantastic start to the season. just what we need and now we're catching a much needed break before we have star written about any flooding. but the rain line has moved to the north and it's going to stay there for quite some time now. the pacific northwest going to see some heavy rainfall there probably and atmospheric river event going to develop across parts of pacific. northwest are going to talk about a whole lot of rain just like we had not too long ago. so we're catching a break there. they're going to get the rain for a while. we're drying things out here, a very noticeably around the bay area today. beautiful sunshine. and i think that continues for tomorrow. in fact, high pressure is going to start to build in. you see a couple storm systems off the coastline. but those are all going to head to the north are going to fall. the jet stream and stay well, north of the bay area. that means we've got some warm weather coming our way temperatures going to be sticking up in the 70's in
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parts of the bay area may be in the mid 70's in the santa clara valley. so some gorgeous weather developing enjoy that sunshine while we looking good temperature wise. not bad right now to 62 degrees in san francisco 61 in oakland 63 degrees in san jose 65 right now in lemore 63 in concord and 63 degrees in santa rosa overnight tonight. we'll see a little bit of an offshore wind and not as much fog tonight, things dry out a little bit. the atmosphere so maybe just a hint to the patch or 2 overnight. that's about it. then by tomorrow afternoon, some of thatnfog likely to move back in along the coastline. other than that we've got mostly sunny skies and very nice temperatures ahead. tomorrow morning. we wake up to mostly clear skies will be a little bit cool in the 40's and the 50's as we head toward the middle of the day. here comes that sunshine and warmer weather by lunchtime. i think many spots in lee getting near 70 degrees even inside the bay. very comfortable to get out there and enjoy your lunch. then by the afternoon here comes that sunshine temperatures up in the 70's with some of those
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downslope winds. i think inside the bay upper 60's getting close to 70 degrees inland along the coastline. likely see a little fog moving toward the beaches temperatures along the coastline. the 50's and the 60's. guys, back to you. thank you, large. still to come tonight, we'll take a look at. >> how a nonprofit is working to treat veterans with ptsd using music. and then we had to chase center is the warriors look to maintain the best record in the nba. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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>> for your health tonight. experts are warning that vaping can cause strokes at a younger age than even smoking cigarette. a lot of people vaping. these days. some scientists say adults who use e-cigarettes run the risk of suffering a stroke. >> maybe 11 years earlier than normal tobacco smokers. the study found that e-cigarette users. >> we're just 48 years old on average at the time of their first stroke. according to this study, the average age for a traditional smoker suffering their first stroke. 59 years old. despite the growing popularity of the nicotine filled the 6. there are only a few reports out on their safety risks and how successful they actually are at helping people quit traditional smoking. >> still ahead, we continue our veterans day coverage by going to washington, dc to hear from a group protesting outside the va and the simple demands. they say the departmen
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>> all right. time now for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside of san francisco. one of those. a giant cruise ships out there still parked cruise ships are back. lawrence karnow is back in. >> a little dry period now coming up for nice going to catch a little bit of a break. a much needed break around the bay area for all that rain. while veterans day. we'll be celebrating that with some sunshine out there. looks like it's going to be a gorgeous
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day if you want to get out there and enjoy. >> yeah. you're going to see a lot of sunshine. the temperatures as you move inland moving up in the mid 70's in some spots along the coastline. maybe couple patches of coastal fog and a little bit of a sea breeze by the afternoon and temperatures there in the 60's but should be a gorgeous day. and what a beautiful sky tonight. check that out and that nice beautiful colors in the atmosphere. lot of yellows and oranges out there right now in clear skies. all around. looks like that's going to be the way for most bay area. small one exception right along the coastline. the afternoon, probably a couple of patches of fog moving in right toward the beaches. otherwise got sunshine inside the bay. cool 59, though, pacific and also on terror beach. 62 in half moon bay then warm up inside the base should be some very nice numbers. plenty of sunshine all day long inside the bay 71 redwood city about 72 in mount view. 72 also in woodside and the south bay stretching those numbers up in the mid 70's in places like saratoga campbell. also in the san jose and morgan hill east bay those numbers in the 60's and low 70's about 72 degrees in union city about 73 degrees
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in walnut creek. not going to deal with all the fog like we have this morning and some of the interior valleys. but you may see a patch or 2 early on. not going to be much, though them a clear things out. what a day it's going to be gorgeous out there. 70 laos. 71 in benicia 71 degrees in the napa valley about 63 degrees in cooler. some patchy fog moving into stinson beach. the next new days. high pressure in control that is going to keep those temperatures running a little bit above the average through saturday and sunday looks like we'll keep things dry well into next week. the issues with the department of veterans affairs are no secret, especially when it comes to veterans getting. >> the health care that they want need when they need it. but after years of promises to fix things and few results veterans are back in washington demanding change once again kron four's, national correspondent reshad hudson reports. >> a group of protesters made up of veterans are demanding the department of veteran affairs fix. the long wait times and backlogs that many
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veterans acgoss the country are facing. >> veterans like josh nichols are demanding better health care from the department of veteran affairs. >> it's happening every day. i'm just one veteran of millions that are dealing with the station. >> the iraq war veteran says his injuries need immediate care of shrapnel wounds. my leg, my face, my hand back injuries, neck injuries nicholson joins his fellow veterans outside of the white house wednesday calling for change. these protesters say since the start of the pandemic. the va has canceled or delayed. >> 20 million appointments and leaving many veterans still waiting for care. >> and so delayed care is extremely dangerous and it's about speed. let's get folks to help. they need as quickly as we can. rest. durst signed with concerned veterans of america is worried that delayed care could cost lives are suicide rates from ptsd are climbing. 3 years ago congress passed legislation allowing vets to receive care outside of va facilities. but
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nicholson says that's not the case for him. >> multiple times and denied paying my emergency care. when i'm not able to make it to veteran emergency room. the group of veterans is also calling for a freeze on senior va officials bonuses until the appointment backlog reaches 0. >> the group of veterans is asking for congressional oversight to make sure that the law it's fully carried out 40 in washington. reshad hudson. >> wisconsin nonprofit is using guitars to help veterans cope with post traumatic stress disorder. through individual and group lessons guitars for vets teaches veterans how to play the guitar as a form of therapy. the students take part in 10 lessons before they are given a free qatar to encourage them to keep on playing. >> your mind they're not thinking about 2 years to drugs, alcohol. they're in the trying to figure out the score.
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>> since 2007. the nonprofits opened a 150 chapters nationwide and they're looking to expand, including 3 right here in the bay area in san francisco, oakland and santa rosa. >> tomorrow. the san francisco museum of modern art is offering free admission to veterans and their friends or family says the free admission begins at one tomorrow afternoon as moment is open until 8 tomorrow night. so you choose. you can go spend the whole 7 hours there. if you want to pop in for 5 minutes. it's up to you. 4 people total it all costs the same no matter years there $0 again, if you are a veteran, the only thing you need to do is bring proof of eligibility and they will welcome you with open arms. sent kron 4 wants to recognize the bay area, men and women who have served in the military. thank you for your service. you can submit a photograph of a service member who you would like us to honor on our website. just upload their picture along with their
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name rank branch of service and hometown. you'll find the link to do so. right on our homepage kron 4 dot com. and join us on veterans day, as we say. thank you to the men and women who have served in our military. kron. 4 acre, ken wayne, a veteran himself is hosting our half hour special. it's called veterans voices honoring those who serve it will air tomorrow at 06:30pm. >> coming up next, we'll go behind the scenes of the most expensive netflix movie ever and what it means for the rock coming back to the fast coming back to the fast furious franchise. after my car accident, coming back to the fast furious franchise. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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>> entertainment news. big names, big money got ryan. reynolds dwayne, the rock johnson bay area guy and gal godot teaming up for red notice. that is netflix's most expensive movie ever made. you know, the stars were with entertainment tonight. and kevin frazier has their story. kevin. vicki and grant, you know, the heist film which had a reported 160 million dollar budget is in theaters now drops on netflix friday. and we've got some behind the scenes scoop on how rough things got on set. >> how did you guys make out in the state. any bumps and bruises. i got my bleeding the part when i'm kicking there
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was so much blood on the set. matt, she said something i'll never forget she goes. i ain't got time to bleed. >> what we just kept she's my hero. >> dwayne and gal reunite 6 years after their fast and furious days. but it's another fast costar making news vin diesel who recently made this online plea asking the rock to return to the franchise saying the time has come legacy awaits. you must show up. i hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny. we'll see if that happens. but in red notice there's a joke about vin into wayne's ongoing feud been joke. >> audiences love very, very funny. so they're saying he so embarrassing. i was surprised they use the bin is a joke. it wasn't any was the expense. no shots were fired. it was just bit more me acknowledging him playing with the cultural landscape of bin and and but it was on good fun. hey, make
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sure you tune in to e t tonight for another all-star cast lady gaga. jared little and sound a hike for house of gucci. they really improvised the movie's most quotable line for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. >> all right. moving on to the warriors. looking at to hold on to the best record in the nba hosting the minnesota timberwolves tonight at chase center. steph curry will also be looking to follow up that historic 50 point performance on monday night kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us live at chase kylen. you're going to tell your grandkids, you know, the pandemic was ending chase center was brand new and i got to watch steph curry play. it grant. vicki, i don't think about grandchildren. don't make me feel old. but watching steph curry is always a treat stores will be looking to win their 6th street as they host the timberwolves here at chase center tonight, but also be looking to hold on to the best record in the nba head coach steve kerr says the keys doing that are playing sharp defense playing very intense.
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>> on offense and coming out aggressive right from tipoff. i'm one the workers dug themselves into a hole. the 1st half of the facebook box. they were down 15 in the 2nd quarter. large part to the hawks all-star guard trae young. first of the workers needed to plate tighter on defense. the dup's figured out the 2nd half. but for doesn't want them to be chasing in this game the words were also saved by an incredible 50 point performancn by star steph curry for says that's not the norm and he wants his bench players to continue making big >> we've always been a the high ball movement team. it stems from the way steph and draymond play, but also the guys we've had. >> surrounding those to, you know, we've always had blessed with some really good passing players and that's kind of our style. so it suits us. well, i think what what it shows us early in the years just figure out the good fit that the new guys are belly auto. gary
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andre, we knew was a great fit, all those other guys really have a good feel that the ball moves and that they're they're all fun to play with. >> i'm monday night. steph curry became the oldest player in nba history to record 50 points and 10 assists in a game. he continues to be hot, but that will always necessarily happen and it she wants to continue to see other players step out the monday night guard jordan poole let the words in scoring the previous 2 games. we'll just have to see if he steps up tonight be a fun. when chase center tipoff is at 7 for now live at chase center kylen >> residents of a town in queensland, australia are baffled after finding that thing on the roof. a kangaroo stuck up there and no one knows exactly how the roux ended up. they've big hop. it
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is a big top and more on that momentarily. they maybe a jump from a nearby home neighbors called emergency services. rescuers, though they said they were hesitant to respond because they thought this is a prank, like a fake king grew up there when they finally did arrive, they saw that it was real coax. the kangaroo to jump down locals are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how the animal made it on to the roof. i googled how high can take joe and 6 feet. seems like but more than that, start well, they can like 30 feet. if the running, you know, work on how to use a a. horse on ali. i don't know. on the ground like not ha what like along just like a car lewis long. joe, i'm trying to figure out how they coaxed him down. i mean, you would think the kangaroos and i'm i'm with
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>> all right. that's it for us. >> santa fe 6. thank you at 6 o'clock. there's a lot ahead. an epidemic of hey, we're talking about that at the damage of hate in california over the last year, there has been an alarming increase in hate crimes across the state, including here in the bay area. a local leaders are promising to address this issue. former las vegas raiders player henry ruggs. the 3rd formally charged today in that crash that killed a woman in las vegas. >> and tonight we are hearing 911, calls that came in moments after that fiery
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. there is no for hate. in san jose. >> here in california, not here. not anywhere. >> last year in addition to dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. california was dealing with an epidemic of hate in fact, reported hate crimes climbed 31% from 2019 to 2020. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. today attorney general to visit san jose for the latest in a series of round tables that. >> he's been holding in order to develop strategies to better address bias and hate well for us. dan kerman reports. >> he crimes like these


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