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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 10, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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sky is blue now wind the sun is out and john's been following a really nice looking forecast for the rest the day. and i guess the rest of the week ahead to hunt on the rest of the week is looking a lot dry air, that's for sure. and actually little bit warmer, too, especially come tomorrow in the weekend ahead of us today. we'll stay on the comfortably. cool side of things, bringing a similar feel as to what yesterday afternoon brought us, but we're certainly not bring what we saw yesterday morning, which was the rain, in fact, look at this view outside at half moon bay. it is nice and clear. one of our first spots to be seeing sunshine as much as we are out there along the coastline. a little cloudier, the further inland you get. and we do have some valley fog, especially up in the county in the central valley that you want to watch out for radar does show or otherwise dry conditions and temperatures are in a range of 50's for most of us. san mateo hayward, alameda and oakland beach at 58 degrees talking more about this warm-up that we have in the work still to come. first, though, on over to will go. we've got a couple
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of slowdowns and a hot spot. it looks like yeah, we have out here in petaluma one. oh, one southbound north of petaluma boulevard. >> good news is about 2 minutes ago. they just cleared this accident. so we are starting to see just a little improvement as you're traveling through liberty through petaluma in that area heading into the city right now down to undermine 2 minutes for your morning commute. still got some high winds. remember we have early morning rain. so again, you've so just a little moisture out there on the roads. it was really slick as i was traveling into the city this morning headed across towards the peninsula. little under 25 minutes, no major hazards just starting to slow down along one. oh, one. and in the south bay we go. we are starting to see an uptick in traffic for 85 in the park about 52 minutes. a lot to 37. we had an accident, but that has since been clear tar and james, back to you. thanks a lot of data one and a big story this morning is former raider henry ruggs is back in a las vegas courtroom facing more criminal charges. yeah. rugs is accused of driving drunk in las vegas and causing a high-speed chase or crash. that is the killed.
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>> a 23 year-old woman and her dog last week. prosecutors say that ruggs was going a 156 miles an hour before this. a fiery crash. and he also faces 2 charges of reckless driving and possession of a gun while under the influence and the raiders released him shortly after the crash and we have a reporter in the courtroom. and once there's an important decision made, of course, will bring that update to you. >> right away as it happens. speaking of which we do have some breaking news to share with you this morning about something that's happening right now. yeah. we're also in the courtroom right now we're looking at accused killer kyle rittenhouse's. he testifies on the stand in his own defense let's listen in. if we can do what he has to say. this is in kenosha, wisconsin on the >> and so it looks like we don't matter. >> i didn't personally about the people that were on the roof >> you saw the new those letters. >> didn't see them, but i that's how they got up there.
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>> were you predominantly. okay. so so he's accused of killing 2 men and wounding a 3rd. the night that there was a protest in kenosha, wisconsin was slas summer. so rittenhouse he could get life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges against him will obviously continue following the latest developments here in the courtroom. >> and when anything major develops, we'll let you know. >> and now let's go to the south bay where a controversial statue in downtown san jose is coming down after 30 city council members voted unanimously. as a matter of fact, to take the thomas fallon statue down kron four's will tran live in san jose forces morning as we'll following those the latest back and forth and the controversy surrounding the statue will. >> it's not hard to get interviews for this story. everybody has an opinion james. i can tell you this statue, the clock is ticking on and it's been in downtown san jose since 1988 the city council did not say exactly when it will be removed, but they have choices in front of them now that they voted
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unanimously. >> to remove it. they either could melted down or they can remove it is 12,000 pounds. take it to us is city storage facility. and let me show you some video. this has been very controversial since day one and most certainly last year during the george floyd protests, you might recall that a lot of statues across the country were vandalized and captain thomas fallon. this statue here, no different. a lot of people vandalize it because for them they say this is a representation of colonization genocide murder massacre. the taking over of other people's land. this statue actually depicts him in 1846 at a time when san jose belong to mexico and not united states. people have been pushing the city council since. pretty much since 1988 first not to ever put it up and then to to remove it. and then last night
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the city council said yes, they agree with the historical side of it that they want to be on the right side of history got a chance to talk to some people this morning. they tend to agree that the city council. >> but it depends on individual. but some some people. well, a slave traders, for example. don't the service that you and the public. same thing for. i would extend that to a. other countries right. that have a colonial past. >> colonial past. that's exactly what a lot of people said last night that this is a representation of colonization. now san jose's, former mayor tom mcinerney. he came out and said has nothing to do with that, that when this statue was commissioned and put up. it was just called the raising of the flag and it was a beloved less integration of san jose. there were no people killed as far as he
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knows. but the bottom line is the city council disagree, which is why they voted unanimously to remove it. i'll try to find out exactly when it will be taken away. again, the clock is ticking on captain thomas ballot. >> back and will do we know where go. what are they doing? it. >> well, they still have to decide. it could be melted down. you know, it's bronze. it could be used for something that's one option. and the other option is to bring out heavy movers, heavy equipment and remove this it's 12,000 pounds. i'm sure the city has storage facilities all over for their equipment. so there's the thought that that could be possibly moved to a storage facility as well. so there are a lot of options and the bottom line is according to the historical society. one of the reasons why they say that it meets the criteria of taking it down. abrasive. is against an aversion against
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people when it's put a lot of people throughout the decades say yes, it is abrasive. >> to me i was doing all right. thank you. will. >> 8. '06, is the time and new this morning, the san mateo county sheriff is no longer cooperating with ice know the sheriff says that it's part of his department's mission to protect all of the county's residents. >> to explain. we have kron four's, camila barco live for us now in san mateo county. good morning. camila. >> yes, that's right. as of this morning, the san mateo county sheriff's office will no longer transfer undocumented inmates to federal custody unless they're ordered by a judge. now this decision comes after same tail county sheriff carlos bolanos. here. you have him on your screen, held a special meeting to hear from residents, many of them criticize the sheriff's office for coordinating 15 transfers to ice from county jail last year. they said the practice does more harm than good when it comes to building community relations. in the end, sheriff. a lot agreed saying
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this change will bring his department in line with other bay area counties. he says it will also strengthen trust between the public and local law enforcement. well, i know says ice can obtain a warrant if they believe inmate poses a serious threat and wants his department's help. now aside from residents. the sheriff also has a support from several county supervisors state who agreed with the with the sheriff's move to cooperating with ice when it comes when it comes to inmate detention request all right, james, back to you. all right. thanks, camila. >> time now is 8. '08. and in san francisco, we have district attorney chase. it would be now definitely facing a recall election in the june primaries next year. the department of elections has certified the recall petition. they had 83,000 signatures on that petition, which means voters will decide his fate on june 7th. yeah, but dina has
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been facing growing criticism for his handling of several high-profile cases. some claim the city is less safe with him is da. others, though saying that he's been following through on his campaign promises. >> crime in san francisco is not a new phenomenon that began when jason took office at the beginning of 2020 without question. crime has gone down and almost every major category. and in this district attorney. >> he has made a choice move forward on what he considers to be justice reform. effort without attending to the issues of accountability and public safety. >> if voters decide to remove him from office in june. then mayor london breed would appoint an interim replacement until a permanent district attorney would be elected next november. san francisco mayor london breed has not weighed in on this whole thing about the district attorney recall, but she is throwing her support behind the effort to
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recall 3 members of the san francisco school board. president gabriela lopez the vice president filed on the and commissioner allison collins are all named and the recall the group behind the effort released a statement thanking the mayor for her support and adding a hope that every elected official will follow her lead this recall election is set for february 15th of next year. >> to the east bay now where oakland city workers are one step closer to no longer being tested for smoking cannabis off the job. oakland public safety committee voted unanimously to end testing of off the job cannabis use vice mayor rebecca kaplan says that city is already facing a recruiting crisis and it's having trouble retaining employees with the current testing rules in place. so the proposal will now go before the full city council and if approved they would then do away with that testing. new this morning. a california parole panel is recommending charles manson follower. leslie van houten be released
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from prison. she's serving life in prison right now for helping manson and other cult members kill los angeles grocer leno, leblanc and and his wife back in 1969 this is the 5th time that a panel has made the recommendation for her release. but both former governor jerry brown and governor gavin newsome have blocked that released twice. now the recommendation will go for a 120 day procedural review and then it will go back to governor newsome for his consideration. >> it's 8.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. there's a covid in the in the cal football team. they're upset about the students and the school is concerned about it. we'll have a live report. and the rising covid cases around the bay area are concerning to. we'll see what doctors say we should do so that we don't head into a holiday surge. plus one bay area city has a fix to the goose problem. but the geese are going to like it. john and
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sunshine peeking its way through the clouds at sfo, but still pretty great for most of the bay area. this point. >> it's not going to be the case later today. lots of sunshine for your wednesday forecast daytime highs. staying comfortably cool in the 60's. more in your forecast is ahead. >> our conditions this morning are better than yesterday, but we are still seen slick driving across the bay bridge and other highways got update. one. some slower spots on your wednesday commute when we get back.
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>> 8.14 right now and foster city has had it up to here with the goose pope, the city council says the only way to eliminate the problem at this point is to eliminate the geese. the vice mayor explains. it's a matter of public health. >> levels of bacteria that can be partly attributed scoop in on the greens and there have been times we have to close the beaches. so that really is the problem. the kids playing in the fields, you know, get gets trapped in issues in the schools, they bring back to the classrooms. >> now city has tried to deal with this problem. for peaceful means for years. but now the smiling poo emoji just doesn't cut it to city council voted in favor of the geese mitigation plan. >> that's could allow lethal methods and because geese are federally protected, then the council would need to get a
8:16 am
special permit. it to kill them. hopefully doesn't come to that. well, i think know they they can't just invite dog owners to calm their dogs for long walks in the park there and scare the is there so much coop in there. i don't want my dog because my and that was sort of these migrating geese or they yesterday and there protected under the federal migration. but if they're don't leave they leave too much leave too much behind. judge okay, hopefully they can find some other solution at it's come to this. yeah. well, you know what? if you want to go to the park today to enjoy that you will get some sunshine good, maybe watch for your side. i did it. i don't like those folks. i don't know. i'm not i'm not going to kill him. but i don't like those preferred group is especially gross. you're getting out there group is even dresses as dog owners.
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i think it took the of it is looking at we are looking at some clear skies across the bay area clearing at least a little bit of cloud cover this morning. but increasingly blue now. and you can see that skies. >> not rainy. that's for sure. we are going to be looking at lots of sunshine to the rest of the day today really on to the rest of this forecast. staying dry too. tomorrow is going to be a warmer day than today. today we're holding on to sunshine and dry skies. but we're also holding on to the 60's tomorrow. we say goodbye to him. hello to some 70's. same numbers that are going to take us into the upcoming weekend with some really mild conditions. now high pressure ridge is sitting in place. and that's what's going to keep us dry for a well into the middle of next week. in fact, we're looking at dry weather so good chance to get back out there, not worrying so much about the rain jacket for a little bit. >> and just worrying about maybe a light jacket today and then the shorts and a t-shirt come tomorrow, foster city 66 redwood city also at 66 for your high mid to upper 60's across the south bay comfortably cool feel to it,
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especially as that sunshine reappears later today. i think we're all going to enjoy it. as for sonoma and allay. you'll also be right at 66 degrees and our warmest spot today. sandra fell at 68 tomorrow's highs rise into the 70's will stay that way through friday, saturday and sunday even into monday of next week. better chances of rainfall towards the middle of next week. rain. don, thank you for that. all right. a couple accidents to tell you about. this one in santa clara southbound one. oh, one. >> at de la cruz. so we are seeing some delays along one. oh, one is a traveling that's in the south bay another new one out in hercules westbound highway 4 to that 80 connector just west of that. so we are seeing delays along 80 as you're traveling. the san pablo enrichment. and at that accident on top of all of that, some possible avenue by you get alternate if you're trying to get around that because we're seen accidents and hazards along one. oh, one, if you're traveling from 85 towards mobile park. it's about a 42 minute commute for you in an earlier accident
8:19 am
along to 37 that since been cleared. still a little slow heading into the city right now from the east bay still at about 20 minutes for you. there. high winds are still slowing us down and it's the same story with the san mateo bridge almost 30 for you because of those winds in the slowing were seen along one-on-one. dorian james, back to you. randi, thank you. 8.19 is the time some dramatic video here to share with you a violent hit and run collision. >> during an illegal sideshow in oakland. this happened early saturday morning. we froze the video right before the impact there. this was at the corner of telegraph and grand avenue. >> just a few hours first fridays wrapped up and we actually spoke to the man who shot this video with his cell phone and here is describing the moments surrounding the incident. >> heard the white car coast region around the corner is a sign that we see with this card to as as a follow them. i actually didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what
8:20 am
i was my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just >> now police say the victim has been taken to the hospital non life threatening injuries. so that person should recover as for the suspect, vehicle is described as a white audi four-door sedan with dark tinted windows. you see images of it in this video. you think you know who is the driver. what police now. >> 20 right now and this man from mill valley has left the bay area and left the country rather than face charges for the capitol riots 48 year-old, evan neumann of mill valley was charged early share with crimes including assaulting an officer and there are images from the body cam of us capitol police showing him. as you can see here at the january 6 attack on the faces several charges in relation, including assaulting an officer and engaging in civil disorder. newman has left the country and he is now seeking asylum in belarus. in fact, he did a recent interview in
8:21 am
belarus. and here's part of it. quote, he said i don't think i have committed some see the kind of crime one of the charges was very offensive and he goes on to say it alleges that i hit a police officer at officer. it doesn't have any grounds to it. newman is among about 650 people who have been charged in connection with the capitol riots. >> president joe biden is visiting court in baltimore today to promote his infrastructure plan. he wants to highlight the deals investment in cities like baltimore with ports that help with the supply chain. jessi tenure has the latest now from dc. good morning. the white house tells me president biden will use baltimore's port today as a blueprint for the rest of the country on how to ease back logs from covid-19. >> president biden lands in baltimore this afternoon to showcase how us ports will be able to 17 billion dollars in his recently passed infrastructure plan. they're moving more guts than ever. it's just that it's still not keeping up with the demand transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the new
8:22 am
investment will improve outdated supply chain infrastructure. the port itself is kind like a landlord. >> they got the terminal operators and you've got the truckers. >> and all of them are interacting with competing shipping company spread to try to efficiently move these containers buttigieg stresses. the plan also looks beyond the economy by working to cut emissions from ships trucks and equipment. the neighborhoods that are close to them. >> feel that impact including an increased asthma rates and put our by the disproportionately black and latino neighborhoods. but for now the effects of covid-19 continue to ripple through the global supply chain the best way to end a pandemic-related shortage is to end the pandemic. and republicans who voted against the legislation argue it's not going to fix an immediate problem speeding up the delivery of products. this holiday season. >> in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> a 22 his time. thank you, jesse. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. robbery that ends with a deadly shooting. going to tell you how it happened in the charges that a woman is facing 4.
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>> 25 in the north bay. the woman accused of killing this 19 year-old man michael lopretta. she made her first court appearance in fairfield. look, was killed while trying to buy a car. 24 year-old comrie a strange is the defendant here she is in court. police say the 2 met online and the pressure was planning to buy the car from
8:26 am
strange. so he drove from benicia to fairfield last thursday where they met to make the purchase. and then at some point the conversation police say shots were fired and the pre-dawn was killed. his family says that what happened should not be characterized as a robbery gone wrong. >> what robbery goes right. robbery is not okay. it's not normal. and by saying this is a robbery gone wrong. it normalizes that that's ok and it's not ok. >> prosecutors say they're not going to seek the death penalty. the defendant didn't enter a plea. she is due back in court on friday. >> in the south bay gilroy police have made a second arrest now in the deadly shooting at a council member's home over the halloween weekend. officials say 18 year-old lucas thomas said he was arrested in gilroy while authorities were serving a search warrant as part of their investigation. a teenager was killed in that shooting. 3 other teens were hurt as those shots were fired at a house party the night before halloween. police say
8:27 am
that the investigation is still ongoing. we'll keep you updated as it develops. >> this morning. we're live at cow where the football team had to postpone 7 days game against usc because of a covid outbreak. now players are expressing frustration with covid protocols. i am live on campus with the details. if you're working from home, you're probably driving less. maybe a lot less. at metromile,
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>> yea. quite our gore's own. i have my apples here. good look, i even like a barbarian james with your hands. james. he's everything with a fork. also. i recently my stepmother can outdo that. but so she not only feeds her dog with a fork. but she she's japanese she's very into. she eat. sushi with she gives the dog with dog with trust issue and he takes it like it's second nature to feed your animals. is and it's to the point it food falls on the ground near her dog only off the ground is like what i want allow a lot of video and fed. that's a pampered pup. you like his you, james, does graham. it's
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just a big fed by hand. i my dog needs to be fed by forkner graham is to keep. it is not that picky for has that dog like to go outside when yeah, she's fine with he just needs to be fed like a barbarian. you do the well, it is going to be a good day to be stepping back outside after yesterday's gray and rainy conditions. >> today is already bringing some sunshine to us. we started the day with mostly cloudy skies. those are already parting ways breaking apart. >> and clearing way for views like this over your berkeley hills where you've got brighter and brighter conditions right now. gorgeous morning to get back out there and enjoy it. generally the further inland you get the cloudier things become. we still do have some inland low gray and even some spots of fog out towards our interior valleys otherwise radar is showing dry skies and temperatures are still cool in the 50's later today. i'm going to be talking a lot of 60's for your highs. alameda already there at 62 degrees. more on your forecast is still a headfirst on over to will go with a look at the roads. we
8:32 am
had a hot spot earlier where we at with hot spot is now clear, john, that was of him pena little. but thanks for asking about that. >> we still do have accident still like this one in hercules westbound highway 4, just west of 8 easier. so we do have some delays along 80 as you're traveling southbound of san pablo richmond. i always see some possible avenue is a good alternative, but is also pretty slow at this hour as well. heading out of richmond across or sandra fell as a little under 18 minutes for you to make that commute this morning. we've got high winds on the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. so about 20 minutes for you to head into the city once you finally do reach the maze. we're checking on conditions along 5.80, as you're traveling from livermore vasco road to 6.80 dublin. a little under 17 minutes. so not that bad. and in the south bay along one. oh, one from 85 to menlo park about 41 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you, ray. >> all right. let's get one of our big stories today. we've got football players at cal. they're speaking out right now about the university's covid-19 testing policies. yet
8:33 am
they don't much like it because they can't play because so many of them have covid. well, the university doesn't like that. so let's go to kron 4. sarah stinson. she is covering the story live this morning. it's surprising just how many players have tested positive for covid sarah. >> yeah. the health department reporting about 44 active %pcases within the football program as a whole. that's a lot of cases and then there is also players taking out last week for not meeting the covid protocols and the covid protocols are what make is what making some of the players here. very frustrated taking to social media to vent saying that they do not agree with how strict they are. and we have the health department saying, well, if you don't fall on this is what happens. you have outbreaks and they're calling this a major outbreak here. >> this all after they had to cancel saturday's game this supposed to be this saturday against the usc trojans. they had to cancel that. and the strict protocols, as i said,
8:34 am
took some of the players out of the game last week against arizona. among the players forced to sit out was a quarterback chase garbers he released a statement on twitter on behalf of some of the players. it says on your screen. now you can see he wrote, quote, we players are frustrated with our university health services city and university officials spoke with us today. they really had no answers for us. they just beat around the bush and deflected are questions defensive back loop a cat. he retweeted explaining his own frustration in his words, he wrote, quote, uhs told us we could be arrested for refusing to test has vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. if i understand correctly, i can go to san francisco, still a bunch of items in walgreens and not be arrested. however, i refused to test in berkeley. i can be according to pac 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to get testing. >> cal's athletic director tells the media they're just following protocols set by the school and the city health
8:35 am
department. >> the goal posts have been the same since we started this. you know, we've we've got a university health system with medical doctors who experts and we've got the same type of expertise at berkeley public health and throughout the entire pandemic. 2 years. you know, the university of california berkeley has accepted. recommendations from berkeley public health on how to deal with this pandemic safely. and and that's exactly what we did last week. you know, they they gave us recommendations and we implemented those recommendations to keep our kids safe. >> campus officials say 99.5% of the entire football program is fully vaccinated apparently newly about 2 people who are not vaccinated. athletic director wouldn't say who and wouldn't say why they are not vaccinated and speaking about that usc trojan verse. cal game was supposed to saturday
8:36 am
been postponed until december 4th. meanwhile, they do have a game against stanford on november 20th as of now, at least. we'll have to see how many players are even eligible to play by then hoping to hear from the players in person. we've seen them tweet. they had a meeting earlier. i saw all the players walking in trying to get them on camera. nobody would talk to us. so i'm talking to their media team or trying to get some together. so stay tuned for that. they were practice today at 4.30, with those who can practice for now reporting live at cal. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. >> thank you very much, sara. there is a new health order that because first responders in alameda county to be vaccinated. they have until december 21st to show proof of vaccination. and if they don't, they have to wear a mask around patients and they have to be tested weekly. a booster shot is not required to meet the standards. happening today. several bay area counties are launching vaccine clinic. specifically aimed at getting kids 5 to 11 vaccinated. let's take a look
8:37 am
at what's out there for you to go to sonoma county has a couple of to schools. the first one is at one 30 and mcdonnell elementary in petaluma. and there's one at 3 o'clock. harmony elementary school and occidental in san mateo county. you can go to the vaccine clinic at the san mateo county event center and there will be superheroes in a red carpet to so make kind of fun for the kids in solano county. they have a mass vaccination site for kids. it's at the county fairgrounds in vallejo and the running that one from 9 to 4 every wednesday through saturday through the middle of december. >> well, we have some breaking news to share with you this morning. inflation has soared during october to a level we haven't seen in 30 years. we're now paying prices that we haven't seen since 1990 jane king breaks down. >> what we're paying the most for. >> but we know we've been feeling it at the grocery store and at the gas pump and now the government has
8:38 am
confirmed inflation. definitely soared during october that year over year inflation of 6.2% is the biggest jump we've seen since 1990 a lot of this had to do with the food prices rising. the seeing rents go up. energy as well and that it increased at the fastest annual pace in about 3 decades and top 5% for a 5th straight month. now, the numbers we got today were consumer prices. so what we pay at the grocery and the gas station numbers. we got yesterday were producer prices what companies pay for their raw materials. typically those producer prices do get passed to consumers. eventually go on a monthly basis. the consumer price index increased 0.9% october compared to september. that was a sharp acceleration from september's rise and price increases were broad-based with higher costs for new in used autos, energy furniture, rent and medical care all going up last month from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you.
8:39 am
all right. thank you, jane. and meanwhile, president biden just made a statement on twitter. >> about the rise in inflation. he says you can see it here, quote, today's report shows an increase over last month on inflation. >> reversing this trend is a top priority. my infrastructure bill will bring down costs by reducing bottlenecks and i urge congress to pass my build back better act which will ease inflationary pressures. >> it's 39. and still ahead, california delegates are in scotland talking about how combat climate change. >> we're going here with 2 bay area. officials say they've learned so far.
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> 8.41 in gas prices are out of sight. of course, as they always are during the holidays. and that's exactly what we're seeing right now with bay area. gas prices actually 5, 5, 5 pushing close to record with a gallon of regular gas now selling for over $5. a in a lot more stations we used to have when it starts at 5. '09. you can see when you want the premium goes to 5.49 the ceo of robinson oil says it's because of the pandemic and supply chain issues. >> and that's that's really an issue that is way bigger than just just the energy sector sector. you know, there's there's a lot of demand on a lot of. >> products, lot of services, lot of stuff and and and that's why you've got some of the supply challenges. >> let's take a look at the prices. and as we were saying, it's over 5 bucks because this is for the regular right.
8:43 am
yeah. and when san francisco's regular gas is 45 then you know, everything above that swell up for 5 bucks for 77 in san jose for 76 in oakland. sandra fell actually a little more expensive in san francisco by a penny for 86. don't cry when you fill er up a 42. we'll be right back.
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8:46 am
>> it's 45 and some california delegates are in scotland right now for the climate summit in glasgow and they're learning about how to combat climate change. yeah. world leaders coming together to try and solve the problem. we actually have a every bill city council member john waters joining us live to discuss what he's learned. so far. good morning. you're there. the world stage. lot of ideas being discussed very dapper with a bow tie how they dress. that's good morning. >> some of them, some of them so what what are you learning or you learn from example or people sharing their tips from around the world and what they're doing. yeah, it's like being in a giant high school. with all your classmates are from somewhere else in the world. it's fantastic. >> we're all in a really large obvious caution. that campus is a very large pavilions got a 196 nations represented here. the delegates in the parties are having their negotiations and many of us from local governments and other non-governmental
8:47 am
organizations are having conversations and sharing best practices. i have learned a in the short time i've been here, it spans everything from how deforestation in the amazon river basin is affecting climate activity elsewhere in the globe to how indigenous persons practices for sharing and documenting information is not consistent. adopted and welcomed by the scientific community extends its oral tradition as opposed to reading and there's kind of a whole gamut here. technology innovation on airlines and ships and trucks. i tell you, they have it all here and it's really hard to absorb all that. haha. >> well, i'm really fascinated by, you know, the technology approach to trying to solve some of the stuff. what are seeing out there that seems to jump out at you wow. i didn't think of that or why didn't realize could advance that far. >> yeah, there's a there's a bunch of things. this morning i actually listened to a scottish directors. talk about how they're actually going to get in piloting electric batteries and airplanes for
8:48 am
regional. very small short regional saturday. a peeping small and hydrogen fuel being used for it to these being the proper environment for testing. new technologies before they're put on larger commercial aircraft loud how to up. they're playing to start that in 2023 over here. so there's there's some really interesting stuff in that obviously there's a lot of interest and 0 emission vehicles and a lot of people are looking to the united states for that. since we have such a high consumer market for cars and trucks and there's a lot of interest in what we're doing here on that. the technology stuff way, way beyond me in some ways. but it's something we all need to become more familiar with because we're all going to you. would you tell about our waymo cars. >> it >> was not my hand. that's fast well. we're all really interested to see what, you know, you and everybody representing california comeback with and maybe some of that stuff we can start implementing hopefully in short top of the morning to
8:49 am
tee times her trip. >> shared by. that's fascinating. are you saying we're going to fly and an electric plane like inevitable at some point were electrifying our cars. eventually we're going to be electrifying much battery death has left sky. yeah. i want to be zipping on my morning commute or at least maybe just up and down california an electric plan. okay. good enough. and when it comes to climate change of theirs waiting. i figure out how we get some more water around here. that would be nice. john. it would be nice. we've been doing that a little bit. but i don't think they're talking about that as much in scotland. we did talk about it a little bit yesterday, though, that nice light shower that we saw for much of the bay area. >> we love to see more of it. but the forecast at least for the immediate future is drying back out for a little bit. we do have chances of rainfall returning midweek next week, though, as for right now, it's quite hours sitting under sunshine. good chance to get back outside today. enjoy.
8:50 am
what will be a mostly sunny afternoon we're already seeing skies clearing out really nicely. we started the day with some gray. but really seeing that clearing out. now today is going to be another comfortably cool day. tomorrow is going to be a warmer feel bringing some 70's to us. and then even warmer range of 70's, mid 70's by friday, saturday, sunday and monday. all this and are dry and pretty sunny skies at least to start the weekend. high pressure can be blamed for all that starting to build back in now. keeping us dry and keeping us pretty moderated towards the weekend today. as i mentioned, we stay in the 60's. before that warm up. so another one for the jackets oakland san francisco in mill valley. each at 60 for san jose and delay. how at 66 hayward fremont as well as livermore. all at 65 degrees, high starter trend in the 70's tomorrow. something that will carry us all the way through monday of next week. best chances of rainfall next week do look to be towards wednesday. so just on the other side of this forecast. reyna tom, thank you for that. i will. rain is on the way
8:51 am
next week. >> we do have an accident does in oakland, a southbound 8.80, south, a 5th avenue. so we're seeing delays along 8.80, but also 5 80's. well, you might want to take international. also seen some delays along 13 as you're traveling there heading into the city right now. what you do reach the maze. a little under 20 minutes for your drive. time to make that commute. winds are still high gusty as you're traveling along the bay bridge here in hercules westbound for 80 west right here. we've got an accident that has been here and we are seeing delays along all the ways you're traveling through berkeley in hayward heading out of richmond across or sandra fell a little under 14 minutes for a drive time. there. an improvement along highway 4 just a little under 17 minutes traveling from one 60 along to 2.42 darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. 51 the time governor gavin newsom has opened up now about why he abruptly suddenly canceled his trip to the united nations climate summit in scotland that we just talked about like
8:52 am
yeah, we our local people there that he is not because originally said it was a family obligation will now he's opening up or what the allegation was and it's his kids. he wanted to be there for halloween. >> the kids literally they interaction. they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween, you know, mom and dad missing halloween. for them this worse than christmas missing christmas and i woke up that next mosning with. some things probably from a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. tim choice. i had to cancel that trip. >> so what's the biggest thing you ever canceled because you want to spend time with the kids like maybe you didn't go to. i don't know. family event. a birthday party like as you want to be coachella the on one year. i didn't go to the oscars, my kids are like, mom please on haha. but you know, when when you're a big leader, there are big, important things that sometimes you have to make a decision on on our get small
8:53 am
local scale. we make those kinds of calls every day that's what he's a 52. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> take a look at this. year's people magazine's sexiest man alive. it's.
8:56 am
>> paul run over. that wasn't funniest men along. and you know, they say an anchorman. the upcoming ghostbusters sequel oh, because time is he he was shot himself. >> his wife was shot. and then he jokingly says, you know what, a lean in. i'm going to put world's sexiest man on my business cards. well, he's probably going to do in the hole. he's courting talk circuit right now. probably promoting his movies and all. >> being bashful of being named said, yeah, but he's not the typical 6. a man know dwayne the rock dated back on. yes, i you know, i >> i think we have a james fletcher male. what about guys want to do. it. what did you hear? hand these out. all of all of your friends. guys go to kron 4 dot com hit the kron reported tab. stop and go to james fletcher sexiest getting it for you >> i 56 vick back with more in
8:57 am
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kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> i'm darya this is the finest hour on with the finest anger. the 6 is warning a james we're not starting game. you're not starting that. all right. well, it's already happening. people are voting on kron 4 dot com. and the and the reported tab. somebody just made a vote. so can see some you still have my vote goes to john. all just what we do. a whether competition that will be wait a couple years for as long as we we are looking outside at some conditions this morning that are nice to get back outside. definitely a change from yesterday. yesterday was obviously a need to start things out we did see some damp conditions this morning, but it wasn't from rain much as it was the low clouds that pushed in. >> those clouds are burning off quickly. and this is what you have a berkeley, beautiful clearing skies. further inland. we do have some pockets of low gray still remaining, though, especially out towards the central valley. if you're heading that way, it's been a past


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