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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 10, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> and thanks for joining at 6 o'clock. >> wednesday. very wednesday right in the middle. haze all blend together because they're also good. yes, we're now double digits into the month of november. does the 10th and i have caught up with setting the clock. by the way, how many days later my on that. but i figured out the car clock. okay. everything synchronize. so we're all good we have to spring forward yes, whenever that happens if you know a few months away. yeah. we've got some time to clock is still set back would get there. at the end of the week, we are looking outside at some conditions stated that are a little bit foggy. we're not looking at the rainfall like we did yesterday morning. but enough of that low lying cloud cover and fog. >> actually a few wet spots on roadways and definitely some lower visibility in areas. so of course, won these foggy mornings take a little bit
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slower as you do encounter those areas, you could actually see just how low visibility is in san francisco because of this low lying cloud cover sitting right above the bay. most of our bayshore cities are fine because cloudy blanket is right above us. it's once you head up into those hillsides that you encounter the problem radar is otherwise nice and clear. we are in for a dry day today. and once the fog lifts, we actually have a lot of sunshine to look forward to 50's for most of our current temperatures. get outside with a light jacket ready to go and you'll be good to go for your wednesday breanna. tom, thank you for that. we are starting to get busy at the bay bridge this morning. we had a disabled vehicle there earlier in the last hour. >> we also have slick conditions and their high winds on the bay ridge as you're traveling this morning. once you do reach the maze a little under 60 minutes to make it into the city. no major issues along 5.80 80's. you're traveling along near reveal in berkeley heading into the city from the north bay. we do have reports of fog on the golden gate bridge. so definitely want to take your time as you're driving, not the only place we're seeing
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fog along 80 in american canyon road out in flail, both on the eastbound and westbound sides. the air heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues and i'm tracking a little under 14 minutes and an accident here that is not causing any delay. westbound 5.82 that one-on-one north. we saw some slowing in the last hour. but nothing right now daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot at 6. '02, in the south bay, a controversial statue in downtown santa day. so is san jose coming down and it's been. >> 30 years that it's been there. yeah. and it was a unanimous decision by the city council. they voted to remove the thomas fallon statue and that's where kron four's will tran is joining us live this morning with more on the controversy behind it will. good morning. >> james. this statue has been here since 1988. you can't miss it. is in downtown san jose at a very busy intersection of julian and and you can see it right there. it's 12,000 pounds. >> but for a lot of people, this is the sign of the times
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and they showed up in full force yesterday to tell the city council. now is the time to remove it from this particular area. you can melt it. you can put it into storage but don't have it here anymore. here's video that we shot last year during the george floyd protests. this was vandalized. the back story behind this is back in 1988 when it was put up. a lot of people were against it saying captain thomas fallon represents colonization genocide, massacres murders that statue actually depicts him in 1846 at a time when san jose was considered mexican land. it was not part of america at the time. and that's why they're calling it colonization. they have fought against the statue throughout the years and then earlier this year in february, mayor sam liccardo. he said that's tackle this issue once again, this committee, the city council heard from a lot of people, including mexican and indigenous people saying this
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is very abrasive to them, very offensive and they want it removed and that's where the city council despite former mayor tom mcinerney coming out and saying this does not represent any murders and the massacre that in fact, san jose was part of america throughout beloved less move. no genocide and that he supports this still being here at the end of the day, the city council said this is too abrasive for the times and that's why they are deciding to remove it when it's going to happen. they did not address it. but again, a couple of things that they will have to consider whether or not to melt it or move it to a city storage. this is again a julian and james, this is where you hook up to the freeway is a very popular intersection. if you are a fan of this, you still have some time, but probably not a lot of time left before this statute been here for 33 years will be removed. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks a lot.
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well, 6 o 4 is the time and new this morning, the san mateo county sheriff is no longer going to cooperate with ice agents and the sheriff says this is part of his department's mission to protect all of the county's residents trumpers camila barco is live in san mateo county with more on the details. camilla. >> yeah. you guys said it. san mateo county sheriff's office will no longer comply with requests from ice. they are no longer transferring undocumented inmates to federal immigration custody if they do there must be a judicial warrant involved. now, this comes after san mateo counties, sheriff carlos bolanos. here's a picture of him heard from hundreds of during a special meeting. hundreds of residents chimed in on the policy and this is required when local law enforcement has given access. in the end, a share. a lot of says that this change help strengthen the relationship between the public and the
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agency he says this policy is consistent with other bay area counties last year. the sheriff's office coordinated p15 transfers to ice from the county jail. but part of the argument from the agency says is that inmates convicted of serious felonies are in state prison and not the county jail. a lot of says that ice can obtain a judicial warrant if they believe a person poses serious threat now aside from the sheriff also has the support from county supervisors on this policy. they to agree that that the the the sheroff's office, most no longer no longer must comply with request from ice darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. camila 6. '06, is the time in san francisco district attorney chase of medina is going to face a recall election in the june primaries next year. yeah, the department of elections has certified the recall petition saying it has collected 83,000 verified signatures. and that means that voters then will
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decide. >> his fate come june 7, 2, dean has faced growing criticism for his handling of several high-profile cases. >> and many claim the city's actually less safe with him is da while those supporting him say that he is following through with his campaign promises. >> crime in san francisco is not a new phenomenon that began when jason took office at the beginning of 2020 without question. crime has gone down and almost every major category. and in this district attorney. >> he has made a choice move forward on what he considers to be justice reform. effort without attending to the issues of accountability and public safety. >> if the voters decide to remove a teen from office engine that mayor london breed would appoint an interim until a permanent district attorney could be elected next november.
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>> and san francisco mayor london breed by the way, has not weighed in yet on the district attorney's recall, but she is throwing her support behind the effort to recall 3 members of the san francisco school board. president gabriela lopez, vice president moliga and commissioner allison collins. they were all named in this recall. the group behind the effort released a statement thanking briefer hupport adding that they hope that every elected official follows her lead this recall election is scheduled for february 15th of next year. >> it's 6. '08, right now in today, former raider star henry ruggs the 3rd is expected back in court facing more criminal charges. rugs is accused of driving drunk in las vegas and causing a high-speed crash that killed a 23 year-old woman last week standing by is hector mejia is live from the courthouse in downtown las vegas with the latest on all of this sector. good morning. >> yeah, good morning. that a court hearing is scheduled at
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7.30 this morning. court records show he's in more legal trouble. henry ruggs now faces a total of 5 charges for those are felonies and drugs is currently out on bond and on house arrest being monitored for all kahala 4 times per day. that's according to court records. you know, it's been a week since ruggs had his first court appearance. the now former raider was wheeled in wearing a neck brace a little more than 24 hours after the deadly crash. police say he caused a fiery high-speed crash that killed a 23 year-old local woman tina 10 tour along with her dog ruggs also faces charges for the serious injury of his girlfriend who was with him at the time of the crash as well as charges for illegally possessing a gun. what we've learned through the investigation ruggs had twice the legal alcohol limit and was driving his corvette as fast as a 156 miles an hour along rainbow. that's a street west of the las vegas strip when he rear ended the victim's car again, that's according to investigators,
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the victim was struck was trapped when the car caught on fire. meanwhile, condolences have been pouring in from across the country. the victim, tina tent or will be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon. that's according to an obituary posted by the funeral home. that's the latest from downtown las vegas spectrum here. back to you. thanks for the update. 6.10 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news i'm cal football players are questioning. >> the university's covid-19 protocols will tell you why. they say it's inconsistent. we'll have a live report. and after the break, president joe biden is heading to baltimore in. well, to promote his infrastructure deal will tell you why he says the plan is beneficial. the city's ports and conditions out there today are going to be dry. and after some fog this morning, increasingly sunny. >> daytime highs will eventually rise into the 60's before some 70's later on in this forecast. i've got the details to come. >> and it may not be is what is it was yesterday. but we do still have some slick spots
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out there on your wedlesday morning commute will take a look at that once we get back.
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>> 6.13 is the time and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday. things are looking and still moist out there but not like yesterday. no, no, it's a lot easier getting around again, the dogs have to
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pay me tell when there's no rain coming down don. >> well, we all have firsthand experience with that morning little dogs. yet much easier to talk today's the day. our lives just got a lot so that are dogs because it's so hard getting up there it's all wet. >> we are also looking at a much easier commute into work this morning, which is nice. it is foggy in some spots, though, and that fog has resulted in some misty locations as well as some spots above his ability, obviously from the berkeley hills. it's not looking so bad, but this cloud cover that we have this morning is not sticking around all day. we actually do get a solid dose of sunshine towards the afternoon. all this and are dry skies. now, today is the coolest day of the rest of the week. we will see some 70's returning tomorrow and even warmer conditions into the weekend with some mid 70's just around the corner. no, we're staying dry all the way through friday on into early next week to this is because of this high pressure ridge, which is now in the process of building back in keeping us try keeping us sunny also aiding in temperatures warming up as much as they will today.
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still a cool one. so i'd still recommend the jackets even into the height of the afternoon with all the sunshine will be saying and when our daytime highs will be climbing anywhere from the mid to upper 60's for most of the bay. south bay temps in the mid to upper 60's for you pretty much the same for the east bay salt 6465 from union city over to livermore oakland. you'll be at 64 degrees today with sonoma and allay right at 66 and one of our warmer spots in or fell at 68 degrees tomorrow. some 70's on the map and even more of them friday, saturday, sunday into monday, we will have some cloud cover into early next week but rainfall looks to be holding off until the middle of next week. rain. don, thanks for will traffic building near the bay bridge because we've got high winds here. >> and we had an earlier disabled vehicle that they had to get off of the bridge. so now we're seeing about a 70 minute drive. if you're heading from the east bay into the city at this hour because they turn the metering lights on the slow things down because of those gusty winds
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as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 14 minutes for you at this hour. and the south bay. no major delays. that's the good news along to 37 8582 not tracking any issues there, for on the other hand, start to slow down a bit. if you're traveling from one, 60 a lot to 2.42 it will take you a little under 30 minutes. and remember there's fog along 80. if you're traveling to the lail near american canyon road darya james, back to you. all right. thank 6.16 is the time we have some dramatic new video of a violent hit and run collision during an illegal sideshow. >> in oakland. we posit video just before that moment of impact. this was early saturday morning at the corner of telegraph and grand avenue. just a few hours laughter. the first fridays had wrapped up. we spoke with a man who says he just happened to be recording. the incident on his cell phone at the time of the accident. >> heard the white car coast
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region around the corner is a sign that we see with this car doing. and so then as i followed them, i actually didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what i was holding my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just >> and police say the victim was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the suspect's vehicle is described as a white audi four-door sedan with dark tinted windows, 6.17 in the bay area. man wanted in connection with the capitol riots is seeking asylum. >> in another country. 48 year-old, evan neumann of mill valley was charged earlier this year with several crimes including assaulting an officer images from the u.s. capitol riots. there's a police body cam video or pictures. here. you can see newman at the january 6 attack at the capitol. and the charges stem from that from the assaulting an officer and charges of engaging in civil disorder, but he has left the country and is now seeking asylum in belarus. in a recent
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interview there in belarus. he said, quote, i don't think i have committed some kind of crime. one of the charges were very offensive. it alleges that i hit a police officer. it doesn't have any grounds to it. newman is among about 650 people have been charged in connection with the riots at the capitol. >> well, new this morning, oakland city workers are one step closer to no longer being tested for smoking cannabis off the job. oakland public safety committee voted unanimously to end testing of off the job cannabis use vice mayor rebecca kaplan says the city is already facing a recruiting crisis and has been having trouble retaining employees with the current testing rules in place. so this proposal will now go before the full city council and if they approve it well, then that would do away with the testing will see you, but we'll let you know how that goes. >> 6.18 is a time right now. and president biden is visiting ports in baltimore today. he's promoting his infrastructure plan b is he plans to highlight the deals investment in that city's
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ports in the supply chain. we've got jessi turnure standing by live in dc with more on his visit. good morning, jesse. good morning to you as well. james and darya. the white house tells me president biden is using his visit today to baltimore's port. >> is really a blueprint for the rest of the country on how to ease back logs from covid-19. president biden lands in baltimore this afternoon to showcase how us ports will be able to 17 billion dollars in his recently passed infrastructure plan. they're moving more guts than ever. it's just that it's still not keeping up with the demand transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the new investment will improve outdated supply chain infrastructure. the port itself is kind like a landlord. >> they got the terminal operators and you've got the truckers. >> and all of them are interacting with competing shipping company spread to try to efficiently move these containers buttigieg stresses. the plan also looks beyond the economy by working to cut emissions from ships trucks and equipment. the neighborhoods that are close to them. >> feel that impact including
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an increased asthma rates in what are by the disproportionately black and latino neighborhoods. but for now the effects of covid-19 continue to ripple through the global supply chain the best way to end a pandemic-related shortage is to end the pandumic. >> now president biden will be making a lot of those same points in remarks later this afternoon. but some republicans who voted against the legislation argue it's not going to fix an immediate problem speeding up delivery of goods ahead of the holiday season. live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. yeah, we want our stuff. i waited for months. >> it is 6.20, coming up after tht break here on the kron 4 morning news, one bay area city has a plan to fix a growing problem with the growing number of peace and includes. the challenging steps you have to take on the grass with all the decent, all the drop. all definitely to be careful.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> foster city has had it up to here with goes pope city council says the only way to eliminate the problem at this point is to eliminate the geese vice mayor explains it's a matter of public health. >> levels of bacteria that can be partly attributed scoop in on the and there have been times we have to close the beaches. so that really is the
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problem. the kids playing in the fields, you know, get gets trapped in issues in the schools. they bring back to the classrooms. >> the tracking all that pool all over the place now. plus city has tried james for years to tackle this problem by peaceful means basically the smiling poo emoji approach, but they're not smiling anymore. the city council has voted unanimously in favor geese mitigation plan that could allow for lethal methods. but here's the catch. since the geese are fairly protected. you know, their migratory birds. the council has to get a special federal permit. it to kill them. why let it go to waste member. the whole like christmas christmas. goose is a thing in the uk. i don't know. i've never had it, but we'll see what they decide to all right. 6.24, is the time. also new this morning. >> a california parole panel is recommending charles manson follower leslie van houten to be released from prison. that help them is serving life in
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prison for helping manson and other cult members kill los angeles leno, leblanc and and his wife back in. 19 '09. now. that's too early. we'll fix that day. this is the 5th time that a panel has made the recommendation for her. both former governor jerry brown. the governor, gavin newsome have blocked her release twice. in fact, the recommendation will go up for a 120 day procedural review and then it will go back to governor newsom for consideration. sarah. >> james cal football's game against usc. this saturday has been postponed due to a major outbreak in the meantime, we're hearing from players who are outraged by the protocols put in place. i've got all the details coming up in the live report.
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>> 6.28 right now. and the roads are dry out, which is and case or an egg, right. i returned the doggie jackets. yes, at before the next storm. what i'm going to do, john, i think i have time for this i ordered like a waterproof, but sail like a show. and it's waterproof talking about that. so the dogs can go outside a
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little shelter for them. we'll see if it works. how long do i have to put this thing up. got a while like we've got 70's. this weekend. chances of rainfall next week, middle next week said would be a good days. we just need the rain now to just come down. perfectly straight becomes donald sideways yeah. and that when 2 sale as well. yeah, i was going to put its i'm ok and make sure to he is definitely not the worst of dog walking weather these next few days. we really are drying out over the course of the rest of this week and into the weekend. >> with plenty of sunshine to be expected ahead of us and daytime highs climbing back into the 70's. not today. but as soon as tomorrow, your view outside right now at half moon. bay is a little on the cloudy side. we are seeing some low gray enough to be blocking out visibility in upper elevations above the bay. but for bayshore and bridges areas. these areas just too low sitting below that cloudy blanket, which is actually good news for your commute to work as for current temperatures right now we're sitting in the 50's hayward
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conquered oakland egypt, 58 degrees alameda in pittsburgh right now at 57. so cool enough for the light jacket this morning. but a really nice day ahead of us talking more about just that. still to come, first on over to reyna a couple of foggy spots. but is that having an impact. yeah. foggy along the golden gate bridge and along 80 as you're traveling through fairfield this morning. but also it's busy at the bay bridge because of high winds. so they had to turn the metering lights on. we had an earlier traffic hazard on the bay bridge. that's not there any longer. but again, you still got those high winds slick conditions. so folks are slowing down just a bit as you're traveling this morning, head across towards the peninsula. no major delays at all. look at that. a little under 14 minutes. and we talked about those pockets of fog are saying them a bit. look at that. a little under 20 minutes from the north bay to the tolls. if you're traveling along the golden gate bridge and the south bay. no major delays along to to 85 to 80 a law. 8.80, in 6.80, moving along pretty nicely as well. how would force the one that's a little slow this
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morning. so for one 62 to 42 about 35 minutes dorian j rey way. did you fix your car, get your car fixed before the next rain. >> did yesterday. did you know yesterday. i didn't go yesterday. i didn't go yesterday. they actually charged to do that. so i was like, okay, maybe hold off. all are and then i'll go and do that. all back to you is that careful with your car right all okay. so cal, another big story that we're following this morning. football players there cal are speaking out now about the university's covid testing policies. well, as its confusing they're upset because so many of them can't play because so many of them tested. >> positive for covid. but dems of the rules. so proper. sarah stinson is live in berkeley this morning with more on that. i mean, the school is concerned with how many kids have covid. >> the health department in berkeley, the school help director. everyone is very concerned even the health department calling this a
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major outbreak within the football program's reports of over 44 active cases. we're still waiting to enough. hear back from the health department. but in the meantime, players are outraged by the protocols are not necessarily just upset that they they're a fellow players can play. but they're upset at most strict protocols put in place and they've been expressing their frustration on social media. this after this comes after a covid this covid outbreak in actually postpone the game this saturday against usc. >> and the strict covid protocols actually had the team playing without 24 players at last week's game against arizona. among the players forced to sit out was quarterback chase garbers and he released a statement on twitter on behalf of the players. it's on your screen now. >> garbers wrote, quote, we players are frustrated with our university health services city and university officials spoke with us today. they really had no answers for us. they just beat around the bush and deflected are questions
6:33 am
defensive back lou paquette. he retweeted re tweeted this. he explained in his own words. a lot of frustration take a look. he said, quote, you uhs told us we could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. if i understand correctly, i can go to san francisco seal a bunch of items in walgreens and not be arrested. however. >> if i refused to test and berkeley. i can be according to pac 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to get testing cal's athletic director says they're just following the protocols set by the school and city health department. >> the goal posts have been the same since we started this. you know, we've we've got a university health system with medical doctors who are our experts. and we've got the same type of expertise at berkeley public health and throughout the entire pandemic. 2 years. you know, the university of california berkeley has accepted. recommendations from berkeley public health on how to deal
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with this pandemic safely. and and that's exactly what we did last week. you know, they they gave us recommendations and we implemented those recommendations to keep our kids safe. >> officials say 99.5% of the team including players and staff are fully vaccinated. the athletic director would not tell the media which 2 people are not fully vaccinated and why they're not fully vaccinated. the game against the usc trojans has been postponed until december 4th. in the meantime, the cal bears, they will play against stanford on november 28. so a lot more to follow with this. we're hoping that the health department will get back to us this morning so we can get more details on this major outbreak as well as we want to hear from students. do they feel the same way as the players here on campus. what is the general vibe here. kelso. stay tune for that. for
6:35 am
now live at cal berkeley. sarah stinson back to the incident, get some of that feedback. thank you, sarah. >> and there is a new health order that requires first responders in alameda county to be vaccinated for covid. they have until december 21st to prove that they have gotten their covid shots and if they don't, then they have to wear masks around patients and be tested weekly. a booster shot is not required to be the vaccination standards. and happening today, several bay area counties are launching vaccine clinics. and to getting kids between 5.11 vaccinated in sonoma county, they'll have clinics opening at 2 schools. the first at one 30 in the entry in petaluma and then at 3 o'clock they'll be a clinic at harmony elementary and occidental in san mateo county will have a clinic open at the fairground shy at the county event center and that will have superheroes there and a red carpet. so they're trying to make it fun for the kids in solano county. they're having a big site open
6:36 am
at the county fairgrounds in vallejo from 94 wednesday. that's today. i believe through saddled saturday and they're going to be doing that through the middle of december. you can go there. well, with covid cases rising across the state. we have health experts now growing more and more concerned about a possible. >> winter surge. state officials are now reporting about 6,000 new cases per day, which is up from 5,000 per day just a week ago, experts say these numbers are a little concerning, especially with the holidays right around the corner. >> it's of concern that the numbers are going up in a time when we are facing in less than 3 weeks thanksgiving. and we know what happened 10 days after thanksgiving last year and then within a few weeks after that christmas. all the parties around the holidays, including new year's and that's what's very disconcerting. >> hospitalizations are also rising across the state but not at the same level that was we saw last year. experts say
6:37 am
again, that's because many more of us are vaccinated this time around. >> doctor fauci join the bay area. congress people to talk about the question of covid and the holidays. one of the big concerns, of course, is indoor gatherings with a lot of people getting together. now fauci says fully vaccinated, people, you can enjoy time with family and friends. but if you're not vaccinated, he says you should wear a mask and be tested before you go. >> the risk there is obviously still present its diminished by the single shot. but it isn't has diminished as if you are fully vaccinated. >> he says that more people need to be vaccinated for us to reach you. herd immunity. and right now there are still 62 million americans who have not gotten a shot. >> to the east bay now where teachers and parents and school leaders have gathered at paid an elementary school in alameda today or they did yesterday too. shine a light on school safety measures in the middle of the pandemic.
6:38 am
the school district has provided layers of protection at the schools this year and that includes things like masks and hygiene rules proper ventilation in classrooms to and regular covid testing programs testing in elementary schools takes place 2 times per months during the school day and students say that they do feel safer for it. >> i like getting tested it is i feel more safe because you don't get tested and someone had covid thing you would get sick to my did have a covid case, but we were able to space ourselves from the other classes and keep everyone safe. and thankfully no one else got sick. >> california has had fewer covid related school closures than anywhere else in the country. and that's in large part. thanks to all these protocols that are in place. >> 6 38 and in the north bay, the woman accused of killing 19 year-old michael lopretta
6:39 am
made her first court made her first court appearance in fairfield cour yesterday. this is lopretta he was killed while he was trying to buy a car. the defendant is 24 year-old camry, a strange and police say the 2 met online and the pressure was going to buy a car from her. and so he drove from benicia to fairfield last thursday to buy that car. but at some point in the conversation. shots were fired and the predator was killed. his family is disputing this notion that it was a robbery gone wrong. >> i read those right property is not okay. it's not normal. and by saying this is a robbery gone wrong. it normalizes that that's ok and it's not ok. >> prosecutors say they're not going to seek the death penalty in the case. the defendant did not enter a plea. she's due back in court on friday. >> in the south bay gilroy police have made a second arrest in the deadly shooting at a city council members home over the halloween weekend.
6:40 am
officials say 18 year-old lucas thomas eddie was arrested in gilroy while authorities were serving a search warrant as part of the investigation. a teenager was killed and 3 other teens were injured when shots were fired at that house party again, this was the night before halloween. police say their investigation obviously still ongoing. we'll keep you updated on what they find. >> it's 6.40 right now and i'm going to be traveling for thanksgiving. you also i'm scary myself. i'm not even i'm not going to tell you about this. you say, ok, travel is yeah, in fact, they're looking at triple a says they're looking for maybe 53 million americans. >> to get out of town for the thanksgiving holiday last year. they had about 2 million people flying over the thanksgiving holiday. that number is expected to rise to 4 million this. so you're telling me to expect a crush of travelers and probably what we've been saying. delays and love lot, pack your patient. everything else. >> plus you got all the international travelers we opened up the country we put the over business and travel
6:41 am
tourism behind up his ear at the airport making me nervous. yeah. a lot of people are going to be driving. yeah. and in that case is going to just a little bit more bay area gas prices now reaching record territory. if you've been around lately, you that a gallon of regular gas is now selling in many places for over $5. >> per gallon. this is video from stations down to san jose. maybe since i hale an electric car. i i will not read this one either. >> she said smugly, it is nice to drive did not fill out the pandemic is a part of the reason why oil prices gas prices are going up. take a listen. >> and that that's really an issue that is way bigger than just just the energy sector sector. >> you know, there's there's a lot of demand on a lot of products, lot of services, lot of stuff and and and that's why you've got some of the supply challenges. hold on left. i didn't say it smugly because i be what like lot of
6:42 am
people with the disease now kind of smile that could light. i know the prices are and these are regular prices. so as i always say, because i have my old acura and i occasionally get gas. >> and you got to get the high test because certain engines need it. and it's all about 5. so if you look at these, you've got ad like $0.50. when you get the high test for 15 san francisco. again, that's for the cheap stuff. everybody else just a little less than it hurts. it hurts you. brace yourself when you have to fill a pack. i probably have to fill up before the end ow the week. so yeah, do it now because it seems like every day it gets more more like a tank as typically like 7200 if have a big 6.42 right now. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news quarterback aaron rodgers. >> has to pay a fine after misleading everybody buys vaccination status and partying like he had his shot when he did. he did. >> also after the break, governor gavin newsome breaking his silence as to why he decided to abruptly cancel his trip to the global climate
6:43 am
summit over the halloween weekend could be a and we are looking at some low gray over the city right now and over sfo for that matter, may be resulting in a delay or 2 as we are seeing dense cloud cover out there. it is going to break towards the afternoon and some 60's for your daytime highs under mo
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♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. >> 6.45 right now. and we're taking a look at the weather and now that it's a little
6:46 am
light outside a live look at listening. the pavement does so it's moist a little mist and moist this morning. yeah, but no active rain at least none that we're really seeing on the yeah, no rainfall. just the misty stuff. exactly right, guys. that's what we're seeing all across the bay area this morning. pretty great conditions. we are going to see a couple of spots of fog further inland, especially and then that low gray hovering right across the bay itself. so do watch out for a few slick spots. remnants of yesterday's rain. then of course from the miss that we have seen during overnight hours looking ahead future cast skies will clear out nicely into the afternoon. lots of sunshine out there today. tomorrow is going to be another nice and sunny day and daytime highs for your thursday and friday are going to be even warmer climbing into the 70's. so today we're staying in the 60's. but as this high pressure ridge builds in only increasingly warm sunny and dry over the next couple of days. so really no chances of rainfall in the immediate forecast. we're going to save that for later on into next week. 60's for your highs and 50's and 60's
6:47 am
near the coastline and pretty much everywhere else settling into either the mid or the upper 60's today mountain view at 65 san jose at 66 fremont. you'll be at a nice 65 degrees as well. a lot of your surrounding areas and oakland at 64 degrees. walnut creek at 67 in are very warm spot in the bay today only by degree is sandra fell at 68 degrees tomorrow's temperatures. as i mentioned, climb into the 70's. that's where we'll stay all the way through monday of next week. really nice weekend forecast chances of rainfall begin to increase towards the middle of next week. don, thanks for that. all right. the bay bridge is busy this morning we've had high winds. we had an earlier traffic hazard that slows down no accidents. and it's still a little slick from this early morning. rain and moisture that we saw. >> if you're traveling, once you reach the maze into the city a little under 24 minutes now for you to make that drive. there is fog this morning. we're see like in vallejo along 80 eastbound and westbound at american canyon
6:48 am
road. so be safe and careful as you're traveling there and the no major delays heading for a fight in the park. a little under 35 minutes to to all looking pretty nice at this hour. traveling across towards the peninsula. you can make them a little under 60 minutes. richmond center fell on a rich in a little under 14. and let's check on 6.80 southbound, 6.80, travon doubling down to fremont to 62 a little under 16 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks, rana. >> at 6.48 governor gavin newsom has opened up now about why he abruptly canceled his trip to the united nations climate summit in scotland. this week. not at the time when he backed out, he said it was a family obligation and now he's saying exactly what the obligation was halloween with the kids. >> the kids literally they kind of had interaction. they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween, you know, mom and dad missing halloween. for them this worse than christmas
6:49 am
missing christmas and i woke up that next morning with. some things probably from a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. tim joyce had to cancel that trip. >> i mean, ok, so you always have a choice. and he chose the kids and he he chose the kids and it sounds like you're saying that his wife had said that she was going to be going to at the time. so it sounds like both parents decided is okay. we're going to give on this once more when right. i mean, if you and you if you travel for a living, right. i guess every parent has to think about this. how many business trips have been lately covid right. you haven't. but how much when you're in a position like that, where you're constantly traveling, right, costly being pulled in the meetings are costly on call. >> that's he made that call. some tickle. it's a tough one. this is a tough one. >> reveal about is how yeah. all right. 6.49 is the time right now. the san jose sharks beat the flames even though
6:50 am
they were short players because of covid yeah. and a longtime mls player and bay area native is. >> retiring with proper sports director jason dumas us with the story. the shark still short-handed 7 players and their head coach still in covid protocols. none are currently allowed to even enter canada or cross that border. >> where the first stop of their five-game road trip. san jose in calgary. >> take a look at skyline. never been the calgary. we have a tie game in the 3rd logan cut will the race go top shelf too. >> 2, one sharks. all right. now, check out ayton he the goalie. and just outside that he tried to prevent calgary from getting control of that some moments. but san jose get out of it. unscathed. great job by hill. the sharks added to empty net goals. they win 42. they snap a two-game losing streak. looks like the shark. one of the all-time
6:51 am
greats in mls history has scored final goal. san jose earthquakes star chris wondolowski announced his retirement after a 17 year as well as career on sunday. the organization had a final sendoff for the danville native in de la south grad wanda was the league's all-time leading goal scorer with a 171 of those bad boys. he was named the league's most valuable player back in 2012. he's a 2 time mls cup champion and even though he's hanging up his cleats wando. he won't be going far. he is staying with the organization as a special assistant to the general manager. i think that this is this was the right time and again, i think that the way it's all working no regrets having the fans and being able to to experience it with them being able to celebrate with >> that made it special and that mated, you know, kind of give me some closure as well. you know, that this is a great a great in fort. i was sports
6:52 am
director jason dumas reporting the warriors. by the way, they're also going to be playing at the chase center tonight. >> hosting the minnesota timberwolves with tip off at 7 o'clock. and there's more for us because we talk about aaron rodgers and yeah, he's played out now in the nfl is fighting the packers. >> an finding aaron rodgers for violating covid protocols. so what's the fine packers 300 grand. yeah, that's a steep rise. rogers 5.15, grand to see it. yeah, that's it. and it's not just rogers but also allen lazard he got fined to both of them had gone to a halloween party. they weren't vaccinated and that's against the covid rules because it was something like no more than 3 players us. let's be together to not vaccinate. that wasn't part of the nfl thing. and so the you know, in the drug or says he's sorry. well, he says he's sorry for misleading because of misleading because he had said i am. i forget how can see vaccinated. he said i'm immune. i when he did
6:53 am
interview he and didn't correct people when they started saying so much and backs and their drug backs. and turns out he just sort of did some holliston staffing it was so you know, the covid protocol is you have to quarantine and you can't be with the team he's done with that on saturday. this sunday, they play the seahawks. will they play the seahawks. will he be we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ they play the seahawks. will he be we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> 6.55 and check it out. this is the sexiest man what? >> paul ryan all look what. >> i've been looking at him for years and i would never describe them as the sexiest man alive. >> he's he's cute as a button. yeah, man. but you know, that's called that's cold smolder. it was. how did they choose him? we'll tell you how goes. >> because in 10 days, ghostbusters comes out in the starting and goes. but this is home are all is that what's going on? because people magazine, alright kuz even paul ryan itself. he was like, okay. >> i don't get this. and his wife james he's stupefied haha because he stays a 52 year-old guy. who was and by all accounts, the average. what he no. he just he said he said i myself, i'm shocked, but i think i'm i see myself a lot more yachts hanging out with people like. >> brad pitt, michael b, jordan and all the other george clooney guys in the i
6:57 am
like paul and yet he 6 what a break for a 6.56 is that i will take a pause. coming up next, in the south. a controversial statue is coming down. we'll tell you why the san jose city council unanimously decided nominate james on a nominee. james, a. >> plus the san mateo county sheriff's office no longer responding to inmate transfer requests from ice will tell you why they say it made that decision. and lastly, former raiders player henry ruggs. he's going appear in court in just about a half hour from right now on dui charges will have another report for you on
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning. i'm darya along with the sexiest man alive. >> james fletcher place your vote on the kron 4 dot com, the website or the crew more to tap. we're taking votes. sorry. it's not your year, john, it's the year of golf stand haha. >> now it's can lane boat, pilot veteran and he's humble all right. let's get on to the sexes weatherman. john


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