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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 10, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news few now and here on this wednesday, we're talking about. >> maybe if your money was tuesday was a little hectic as well. well, hopefully wednesday will be sooner
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because you turn the corner. now and we're just a couple of days away from the weekend. much better commute for you this morning. we've been tracking your weather. your forecast meteorologist john trouble keeping us updated on all of that. good morning, john hay there. we are seeing some conditions this morning that are definitely different than they were yesterday. we work our way out of that wet weather pattern that we did see that made for such slick conditions for your tuesday morning commute. >> and now we're just off to some foggy conditions to start the couple of pockets out there. what we do have in san francisco this morning is clear enough of visibility at financial district. but as you head up into the hills that's generally where you are seeing that lower visibility and fog definitely being seen out i to some of our inland valleys. so watch for those lower visibility pockets as you are making your way out of your house and back into work or just in here. days. routine otherwise skies are nice and dry. some misty conditions will keep roadways moist and wet in some spots. but you can definitely see how we've not just dry out across the bay. but really all across the state over the past few hours
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here. so we are going to be seeing a dry day ahead of us eventually increasingly clear. but mostly cloudy to start with temperatures currently in the 50's said you want to bundle up as you fully expect as we move into november during these dark mornings that we have towards the afternoon lots of sunshine highs back in the 60's. in fact, it's or last day in the 60's before some 70's just around the corner talking this warmer drier forecast. still ahead, john, thank you for that. right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning. lately different scene from the wall. we had yesterday. >> however, we still are seeing some slick conditions out there heading from the east bay into the city right now. little under 9 minutes for your drive times. still gusty winds on the bay bridge. so slow it down just a bit. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes to make that drive. let's check out the richmond. sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond. looks like still pretty dark. their loan. the richmond sandra fell bridge to take your time as you're driving a little under 10
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minutes to make that commute. and the golden gate bridge. as you're heading from the north bay to least the tolls. it will take about 20 minutes to make that commute. developing news this morning. lawsuits are piling up against rapper travis scott following the astroworld concert disaster. investigators want to know if crucial warning signs before the houston show were missed or ignored. marty marco has that story from houston for us. >> thor a tease continuing to come through the chaos of astroworld. at the height of the deadly crowd surge. rapper travis scott briefly mentioning fans needing help. >> but kept playing for nearly 40 the artist receiving swift blowback from fans who pointed out how other performers have handled this before. >> from the foo fighters.
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>> little here and lincoln park someone what do you do. >> tony buzbee is one of the lawyers suing show organizers his client's costa's lost their son. they claim the concert was doomed from the start. >> does that look organized. well run. does that look like somebody took the time effort. energy to properly plan a concert to keep the individuals who pay their money and a 10 safe. does that look like under chaos. but in the end who will be held responsible since didn't injure anyone. we're talking about liability based and not doing sandra guerra thompson is a law professor at the university of houston. >> she thinks live nation will ultimately take the brunt of legal ramifications so there's question
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>> you have an obligation to do something. but but the issue here is whether he had a obligation to act and that is not clear that he does, if criminal charges are filed. thompson says they could range from assault to negligent homicide. >> possibly even manslaughter. >> well, that was markie. martin reporting for us. 3 people remain in the hospital. still, 2 of them are in critical condition including a 9 year-old boy. who was trampled by that crowd. he's now in a medically induced coma. but we're still talking about this concert. houston police are also investigating reports of possible drugging at that festival. the police chief acknowledged rumors are spreading on social media of people getting drugged by what's called neil spiking authorities say a security guard told police he felt a in his neck during the chaos. and later lost consciousness after all of that. >> they administered narcan. he was revived. and the
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medical staff did notice a that was similar to brick that you would get somebody is trying to inject. >> police confirmed like you mentioned narcan, which is used to counter the effects of a drug overdose was you several times that night, but no other incidents with needles have been confirmed. on to our coronavirus coverage increasing covid cases and hospitalizations in california have they area infectious disease experts worried about another winter surge as community continues to decrease for those who made the choice to get vaccinated early and have not gotten a booster shot. kron four's. dan kerman has that story. >> over the last 3 weeks. we've seen a gradual increase and that increases to be continuing. >> a rise of covid cases in california has bay area infectious disease experts sounding the alarm. >> it's of concern that the numbers are going up in a time
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when we are facing in less than 3 weeks thanksgiving. and we know what happened 10 days after thanksgiving last year and then within a few weeks after that christmas. all the parties around the holidays, including new year's and that's what's very disconcerting to make matters worse. not enough of those who are most vulnerable have gotten their booster shot. >> waning immunity. israel. the booster doses fix waning immunity at least for multiple months. but we've given out. you know, serve not nearly as many boosters as we need to. i think to the sporting summer, something like 3.4 million. i can tell you there. 5.7 million people 65 and older in california. you know, just on that basis, it needs to go up with holiday gatherings approaching. there are several ways to protect yourtelf. >> one thing you can do is say you have to be vaccinated to come. but i've been to weddings it safe out on the invitation. you do it like we
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did last year. just to try to have as much outside as possible. family groups separated at different tables medical experts say another protective step. >> is to have everyone attending a gathering. take a rapid test. the morning of the event and those who test positive don't attend the nice thing about those rapid antigen tests is that you get the results within 15 minutes and it very accurate with regards to the question of whether or not you might be infectious to someone else. >> if in fact we are seeing the beginning of a winter surge. what remains to be seen is how bad it will be. that's why medical experts say we're really racing against the clock to get younger people vaccinated and to get those most at risk. the booster at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> well, the alameda county health officers issued a new health order requiring all first responders to be fully vaccinated by december 21st this includes police officers firefighters and paramedics.
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however workers who don't get the shot will have the option to get tested every week as an alternative because they must also continue to wear their mask. and the east bay, teachers, parents and school oeaders all gathered at patton elementary school in alameda to shine a light on school safety measures in the middle of the pandemic. the school district has provided layers of protection at the schools this year, including masking hand hygiene roles, proper ventilation and classrooms and a regular covid testing program testing in elementary schools takes place 2 times per month during the school day and students say they feel much safer. >> i like getting tested it i feel my seat you don't get tested and someone had covid thing you would get sick to my did have a covid case, but we were able to space ourselves from the other classes and keep everyone safe. and thankfully no one else got
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sick. >> we'll do work in safety practices across the state. california has happy few as covid related school closures in the country. well, doctor anthony fauci join local congresswoman anna issue for chool town hall to answer some questions. >> on where we stand with covid-19 conference. elsik ammonium has the highlights of that conversation. >> and in a virtual town hall meeting on tuesday. doctor anthony fauci tackled south bay congresswoman anna eshoo as constituents questions. top of mind where indoor gatherings for the holidays. doctor fauci asserted that the fully vaccinated can go ahead and enjoy time with family while those who have only received one of 2 doses of the vaccine or didn't get one at all. should consider wearing a mask inside and getting a test. first. >> the risk there is obviously still present its diminished by the single shot. but it isn't has diminished as if you
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are fully vaccinated. people wanted to know when herd immunity will be reached. doctor fauci responded with. >> when as many people who are eligible to get vaccinated do so saying we're not there yet because 62 million americans still have and use the effective tool. and as far as boosters go, doctor fauci encourages anyone eligible to get it done regardless of which vaccine is available to you because studies show that mixing and matching moderna johnson and johnson and pfizer is okay and it's important to do so. even if you already recovered from covid-19. >> so if i happen to get infected and i recovered. i definitely would want to also get vaccinated to give me that very extra special level of protection against reinfection. it is exactly what the word so it is. >> boost as far as what the future has in store. doctor fauci predicts that people will voluntarily wear masks indoors, especially during the winter to prevent the spread of both covid-19 and the flu
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much like what we saw even before the pandemic over in asia and good ventilation in buildings may even be enforced in the future. now that we know that that helps too. >> well. that was ella sogomonian reporting for us this morning. and coming up next to the kron 4 morning news, a bay area native and soccer star retires. >> from the san jose earthquakes what's next in his career. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth,
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>> well, welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news here on this wednesday morning. the time for you now for 44 and and you're probably wondering joining to leave earlier this morning. i would always say it's always a safe bet. just to leave your house a little earlier because it was slick still this morning. but in terms of water still falling from the sky don, is that something we still have to take into account today at all yet. so no rainfall today. rain. we're doing good there. but we are seeing some misty conditions this morning. partly due to a little bit of fog that is formed in the bay area overnight. now, this is something we're seeing for some of our inland valleys as well. as an upper elevations near the coast. >> and out to the east bay hills as well. so that mist has resulted in some damp spots out there, which i know ray noted as she was making her way into work this morning. and something i think that you may notice well, you can see some of those low clouds sitting, right above berkeley right now. now skies have dried out across the region and this is a dry trend nf weather that's actually going to carry us through the
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remainder of this weekend. well into the upcoming weekend skies out there will offer up a few clouds from time to time. but no chances of rainfall ahead of us to be closing out this hork week. so that means much more favorable weather to be getting out there if you're kind of done with the gray and gloomy stuff like we had seen the past couple of days. good news for you. you get a lot of sunshine as we round out these next couple of days. the reason behind that this ridge of high pressure starting to build in now keeping us dry keeping us sunny certainly replacing the storm system that made its way through yesterday. now, as far as temperatures go, we have one more day in the 60's and a few 50's right along the coastline. it is going to have a comfortable feel to it later today, partly because of all the sunshine that we're going to be seeing enjoy the 60's that we will see. but we've got some 70's just around the corner and that all kicks off tomorrow taking us through that weekend. so only getting a little bit warmer from here. resurgence in temperatures. also a little dry period ahead of us. something that i think a lot of us are going to
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enjoy, especially those of you that maybe didn't enjoy so much. conditions that we had yesterday at times. now we will be looking at 70's solidly all the way through the weekend. we do cool down into 60's by tuesday of next week and slight chances of rainfall tuesday. a better chance come next wednesday back to your down the east. so much for that. all right. let's get a look at your wednesday morning commute right now, not tracking any hot spots at this hour. >> as you're traveling from the east bay and into the city right now. it's going to take you a little under and say 10 minutes to make that commute traveling along 5 8018, not seen any delays. it looks like there is a traffic hazard in el serino 80 westbound east of cutting bulevar. but that's not slowing traffic down at this hour. remember high winds on the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 30 minutes. it's traffic also starts to pick up. remember, we talked about. there are still some lingering
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slick conditions slow it down as you're driving settler and also get a look at things along the golden gate bridge that commute looks like as i'm looking at the golden gate bridge from the north bay traveling at least to the tolls. it will take about 20 minutes to reach that and the richmond center fell commute. hey out of looks much darker than it normally is. so that must mean one of the lights they're turned off at this hour. take your time as you're traveling still a little under 9 minutes. well, the san jose sharks beat the calgary flames despite being short players because of covid-19 plus a long time in the last player is retiring kron four's jason dumas says the latest for us in sports. >> the sharks still short-handed 7 players and their head coach still in covid protocols. none are currently allowed to even enter canada or cross that border where the first stop of their five-game road trip. san jose in calgary. >> take a look at skyline. never been the calgary. we have a tie game in the 3rd logan cut bill for cop show
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too. 2, one sharks. all right. now, check out ayton he the goalie. just outside that he tried to prevent calgary from getting control of that some moments. but san jose get out of it. unscathed. great job by hill. the sharks added to empty net goals. they win 42. they snap a two-game losing streak. looks like the shark. one of the all-time greats in mls history has scored final goal. san jose earthquakes star chris wondolowski announced his retirement after a 17 year as well as career on sunday. the organization had a final sendoff for the danville native de la sal grad. wanda was the league's all-time leading goal scorer with a 171 of those bad boys. he was named the league's most valuable player back in 2012. he's a 2 time mls cup champion and even though he's hanging up his cleats wando he will be
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going far. he is staying with the organization as a special assistant to the general manager. i think that this is this was the right time and again, i think that the way it's all working no regrets having the fans and being able to to experience it with them being able to celebrate with >> that made it special and that mated, you know, kind of give me some closure as well. you know, that this is a great a great in fort. >> all right. well, that was our sports director jason dumas supporting for us. >> i don't know that some miscommunication made. maybe there is the guidance from berkeley public out this followed by the university of california. and then we execute the guidance. >> well, guys wasn't good enough to prevent a covid-19 outbreak on campus at uc berkeley is a growing number of cases is taking a toll on the cow football team. the university is rescheduling. this week's football game
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against usc because too many players tested positive for covid 24 players missed last weekend's game against arizona because of covid rules will quarterback chase garbers amongst the players forced to sit out on twitter. the player says they were frustrated with the university's health system and question why players were tested and he says they were told that testing was and are mandated. all we recommend that. >> with defensive move. the we did that. the university health system told players it could be arrested for refusing to test even if they show no symptoms. according to the pac 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to receive surveillance testing. cal berkeley. seth, let director jim knowlton responded saying the schools. >> following protocol. so the university and the berkeley health division. >> i really feel good we've we've tested every one of our student athletes. now 3 times and we can see that were at the back end of this. we're
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going to stay vigilant but i'm very confident you know, we kick it up next week and start preparing for stamper. we're going to be a great spot. >> well, officials say 99% of the 117 member football staff is vaccinated that includes players and coaches. knowlton said about 2 people were not that could not clarify who they were or why they weren't. but he did say those 2 people did previously half covid-19. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back. it is 4.55 on this wednesday morning. skies are definitely offering about that much nicer commute than what we saw yesterday when it was very wet on our roadways are still going to be a few slick spots out there. mostly just because a misty conditions associated with the low cloud cover and fog that some of us are starting this morning with otherwise we are looking at much more favorable conditions. your view outside of the financial district is showing some of that low cloud cover, obscuring the tops of some of the tallest buildings in the city by the afternoon ahead of us areas of the coastline. we'll see some clearing skies these mostly cloudy conditions that we have this morning. we'll be giving way to some sunshine and some low 60's at the coast mid to upper 60's further inland
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making for a mild and sunny afternoon something definitely forward to now. it is our last day with 60's on the map because tomorrow starts a trend of 70's that carries us through the rest of the weekend into the weekend about to be some really comfortable november weather ahead of us. so get ready to get back outside and enjoy some sunshine and comfortable fields reyna john, thank you so much for that. hey, look with the holiday season just around the corner and decorations are already going up. >> it's big enough in a lot like christmas and new research in the journal of environmental psychology. >> finds that people who put up their christmas decorations early tend to be happier and friendlier. so this is a really good excuse. well, i like to start decorating in october because that makes me happier. psychologists say christmas decorations are installed. it. they bring people back to simpler and happy times and they all say it helps boost bluestone money, which is now has the feel good hormone. so if you're feeling like grinch this season consider putting up your christmas tree early
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this year. welcome to the next hour, a controversial statue in san jose is getting removed. we're going to tell you why city council members believe. >> it should come down. plus, the san mateo county sheriff's office says they will no longer respond to ice inmate transfer request. why they feel the move will help their relationship with the community. and civil players are speaking out against covid-19 protocols at uc berkeley and a live report. we're going to show you their reactions after the university for postponed. that game will have that and more in the next hour.
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chicken and chicken. more choices. more wow. more to love. tyson. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> can be bad. >> now. the wow. start right off with i did. no. but almost almost i needed the wafers like one time i had gone once. that was only because i went through some kind of like an heavy misty area is sort of slowly collected saw weapon. but was it so little out in till when john, good morning. got the hma this morning. heavy misty areas. i like that. the culture and it quite how or what we're routed in hma this is this a thing that we don't know what hma i


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