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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> miscommunication. there is the guidance from berkeley public out this followed by the university of california. and then we execute the guidance. >> now at 10 apparently guidance was a good enough to prevent a covid outbreak on campus. a growing number of cases now taking a toll on the cal football team. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. today uc berkeley announced it is rescheduling. this week's football game against u.s. c because too many players have tested positive for covid. >> now some players are speaking out about their concerns over testing kron four's. jonathan mccall live for us on the uc berkeley campus for the school's athletic director talked to reporters jonathan.
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>> ken pam, this is a controversy that has been brewing for some time here tonight. we have 2 separate issues. we have school leaders who say they are simply following the protocols of the school red state as well as the berkeley public health. then you have the players who feel like they're not getting enough information in there saying that the testing is not even required. it's being not mandated but only required for them to take. so a lot of folks here are a lot of the players here. frustrated upset concerned now taking their frustration out on social media right now. it's unknown exactly how many players in this latest round have tested positive for covid-19. just last week the team was down some 24 players when they played against arizona because of a covid covid-19 outbreak among the players forced to sit out last week's game was quarterback chase garbers yesterday on twitter. he said that players were frustrated
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with the university's health system in question why players were being tested. he said the school in the book lee health department have not provided enough clarity on why the team is getting tested regularly even though the majority of the team is currently vaccinated garber said that they were told that the testing was not mandated only recommended. meanwhile, another player luke but cat also tweeted that the university health system told players that they could be arrested for refusing to test even if they showed no symptoms. according to the pac 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to receive surveillance testing. cal berkeley athletic director jim knowlton talk to the media few hours ago to talk about these concerns. he says that the school is just simply following mandates set forth by the state, which the school is enforcing as well as public health mandates set berkeley public health as well. >> when he mentioned when we
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when asked about whether or not this could impact games in the future. here's what he had to say. it. >> i really feel good we've we've tested every one of our student athletes. now 3 times. and we can see that were at the back end of this. we're going to stay vigilant but i'm very confident you know, we can't get up next week and start preparing for stamper. we're going to be a great spot. >> so officials say that 99.5% of the entire cal berkeley football staff is currently vaccinated. that's out of 117 players and staff members coaches as well. among those 2 are currently not vaccinated according to the school. according to the school officials. those 2 players or those 2 officials are staff members are players. i'm not sure exactly where that what what they are, what their positions had covid previously. but there's no reason why that they have not been vaccinated at this point.
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according to jim norton, there's no specific reason as to why those 2 people have not yet received the vaccine. as for the rescheduled game, the game against usc has now been scheduled for december. 4th. but the cal berkeley bears are set to next. take the field against the stanford cardinal in stamford on november 20th. we're live tonight on the cal berkeley campus jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for that. and on the heels of that new tonight, the alameda county health officers issued a new health order. >> requiring all first responders to be fully vaccinated by december 21st this includes police officers firefighters and paramedics. however workers who don't get the shot will have the option to get tested every week as an alternative. they must also continue to wear masks. >> meantime, covid cases and hospitalizations are slowly rising across california and that has health experts concerned about the possibility of another winter serve on 4 grant lodes joins us now in the studio with a
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closer look at the numbers as well as some advice from local experts grant. that's right. it's one thing can hear about what cases are doing. but, you know, you get a visual and helps put it in perspective, not what we want to see. this is a new graph from the state health see the past 8 weeks. right. the number of new cases. >> and it was going down, down, down, down, down. but. >> you know, plateau is and then just it is a little bit rising again. not good. california officials now reporting about 6,000 new cases a day. that's up from about 5,000 cases a day. just a few weeks ago and experts say they're concerned these numbers are changing, especially because the holidays right around the corner. people are going to be gathering inside as it gets colder as well. everybody is going to be spending more time indoors, just easier for the virus to spread. >> we know what happened 10 days after thanksgiving last year and then within a few weeks after that christmas.
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all the parties around the holidays, including new year's and that's what's very disconcerting. >> and so are also rising across the state but not to the same degree we saw last year again when there was no vaccine at this point last year, experts say, yeah, the moderna pfizer, the jj. they all help but that too is complicated because of the issue of waning immunity. a recent independent study showed the effectiveness of the original shots could go down over a period of about 6 months. >> booster doses, fix waning immunity. at least for multiple months that we've given out not nearly as many boosters as we need to. i think morning's number something like 3.4 million. i can tell you there. 5.7 million people 65 and older in california. you know, just on that basis, it needs to go up. >> on that note, pfizer has officially now asked the fda to authorize its covid booster for everyone 18 and older
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currently, it's vaccine along with moderna's are only available as boosters for people 65 and older and folks who have compromised immune systems are people who are at high risk of contracting the virus based on where they work or live. pfizer claims its new study shows its booster can restore protection against the virus to nearly 96%. and as for what to do about the upcoming holiday gatherings. well, experts say the best thing you can do is get vaccinated and hold events outdoors if possible. we've heard about that, but they also recommend having family groups separated at different tables, especially if you're inside so you don't have too many households interacting so closely together. there is still time before we face the brunt of a potential winter surge here just early november and can up. and that's why experts say the main focus now is to try to get those kids who recently became eligible vaccinated the 5 to 11 year-olds and also, you know,
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folks 65 and older and folks who are at higher risk, make sure they get the booster so that should they get a breakthrough they will have a better outcome in all likelihood. it will also reduce the chances. they get a breakthrough case. so that's where we stand now. you the way these things go. you would think that pfizer's vaccine is going to be approved as a booster for yeah, we're just not there yet. in the process. yeah. all right. grant, thank you. you bet. today bay area congresswoman anna eshoo held a town hall with doctor anthony fauci to address the public's concerns about the covid pandemic. >> the vaccines and other health issues coming up tonight at 1030, which covid safety protocols. he says he thinks won't be going away anytime soon. >> kron four's your local election headquarters and it is now official san francisco district attorney jason will face a recall election next 2 year. the department of elections has certified the
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recall petition which collected 83,000 signatures. his fate will now be decided in the june primaries next year and clouds for salem. sec is live in the city tonight. shares more on the latest of what has become a very divisive issue in the city. taylor. >> pam. ken, it's been a long back and forth battle between the 2 sides. however, those campaigning against jayson were able gather more, many more than the 51,000 signatures required to move this recall forward. and now of course, as you can imagine, those campaigning in in support of well, they're gearing up to keep him in office. >> a special election will now take place in san francisco on june 7th determining the fate of district attorney chase teen on tuesday. the department of elections certified a petition seeking the recall of booting those campaigning to remove the district attorney from office submitted 83,000 signatures to election officials, which is about 32,000 more than what is
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required to put the measure on the ballot. the recall will be lumped in with many other measures in the local june election. john arts with the department of elections explains how this recall will be a bit different as will not see a list of candidates to potentially replace the person being rick. >> who is being asked whether to be recalled or not. so in san francisco, voters decide the question. yes or no, that the recall is successful than the mayor appoints someone to fill vacancy that occurred due to the recall. the question comes after teens faced growing criticism for his handling of several high-profile cases to franciscans. don't feel safe with this district attorney. >> he's demonstrated time and again, his inability and incompetent in terms of holding repeat offenders accountable and offenders continue to burglarize. rob assault harm and in some cases
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have caused fatalities to to franciscan citizens until people were >> andrea shorter with the saver, san francisco without campaign says can have both criminal justice reform in public safety but says we shouldn't have to choose between the 2. meanwhile, zack e shaheen with jason blue jeans campaign against the recall argues the district attorney has followed through with his campaign promises crime in san francisco is not a new phenomenon that began when jason being took office at the beginning of 2020. unfortunately, our opposition has the goal. and so they have been able to create this rhetoric and his narrative that. >> he is responsible for crime in the city. and when we look at the statistics. without question. crime has gone down and almost every major category. >> now, if voters decide to remove jason moving from office in june. mayor london breed will appoint a replacement until a permanent
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district attorney could be elected next november. now live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> well, san francisco mayor london breed has not weighed in on the district attorney recall. she is throwing her support behind the effort to recall 3 members of the san francisco school board. president gabriela lopez vice president obama liga and commissioner allison collins are all named in that recall. in a statement, the organization behind the recall calls breed a strong defender of children during the pandemic. adding she advocated for the safe reopening of schools. even when the school board did not. this recall election is scheduled for february 15th of next year. governor newsome opened up today about why he abruptly canceled his trip abroad to the united nations climate summit in scotland at the time. his office said it was due to a family obligation. the governor said today that obligation was halloween with
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his children. >> the kids literally they interaction. they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween, you know, mom and dad missing halloween. for them this worse than christmas missing christmas and i woke up that next morning with. some things probably from a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. tim choice. i had to cancel that trip. >> this page was at the california economic summit in monterrey today. it was the governor's first public appearance since october. the 27th. that's when he got his covid booster shot live on camera in oakland. his nearly 2 week absence from the public view led some to question whether the booster shot actually cause an illness that the governor but he shut down those rumors, although away from public view. governor newsom said he did spend last weekend his office addressing issues including covid the supply chain and the state budget. >> another big story tonight,
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the u.s. house committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot has issued 10 more subpoenas, most of them for top personnel in the trump white house. the people subpoenaed included. kaley mcenany, the former white house press secretary stephen miller, senior adviser to former president trump and nicholas luna trump's personal assistant, those people and 7 others are ordered to turn over certain documents by november 23rd and depositions are scheduled throughout the month of december. and this man, we're about show you right here. he is wanted in connection with the capitol riot sees from marin county. he's seeking asylum in another country tonight. 48 year-old kevin newman of mill valley was charged earlier this year with several crimes including assaulting an officer in an interview with a state-run television news channel in belarus. newman said the charges against him are unfounded. kron four's. dan thorn live for us in valley to 90 jones joins us now with more on this very unusual story down. and that's right.
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ken. newman has acknowledged that he was at the u.s. capitol. >> on january 6th. but he is rejecting these charges calling them political persecution. he's accused of being a part of the group that attacked the capitol over what they believe was a stolen 2020 president presidential election. the fbi does want newman but newman wants to stay in belarus. images from us capitol police body cam show 48 year-old evan newman allegedly joining the january 6th attack at the u.s. capitol. the mill valley native has run away from the country and is seeking asylum in belarus. newman is facing several charges related to the insurrection, including assaulting an officer and engaging in civil disorder. in a recent interview with the belarus tv station newman responded to the charges saying i don't think i have committed some kind of crime. one of the charges was very offensive in alleges that i hit a police officer. it
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doesn't have any grounds to it. us court documents, state newman threatened and hit officers on january 6th while wearing a red make america great again hat newman was later identified by investigators after someone called the fbi tip line saying they knew him and where he lived. newman has made bay area news and faced jail time once before he and his brother mark were arrested in october 2017 for attempting to collect valuables from their mothers fountain grove home which burned in the tubbs fire. the brothers face misdemeanor charges of entering a disaster zone. both evan and his brother later paid fines and did community service newman told the belarus tv station on sunday that he's been added to the fbi's most wanted list. he's now one of more than 650 people who have been charged in connection with the riots at the capitol. well, newman owns a handbag manufacturing company and he left the country under the pretense of a business trip. he's been in belarus since mid august and
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belarus does not have an extradition treaty with the united states reporting live in mill valley. dan thorn kron 4 news. all right, dan, thank you for that. interesting story. new at 10 gilroy police have made a second arrest in the fatal shooting. >> at a council member's home over the holiday weekend. officials say 18 year-old lucas thomas eddie was arrested in gilroy today. authorities were serving a search warrant as part of their investigation into that shooting a gun they say was also found at the scene. although police did not say if it's the same gun used during the shooting. a teenager was killed and 3 other teens were injured. but shots rang out at a house, a party the night. yeah. before halloween. police say the investigation is still ongoing. >> the alleged killer of michael prada made her first appearance in fairfield court today. 24 year-old kamaria strange is accused of killing the 19 year-old man last week. police say the 2 met online lo prado was planning on buying a car from strange. he joe from
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nation to fairfield last thursday to make that purchase. but at some point in their conversation. police say shots were fired and oprah was killed. the victim's family disputes. the notion that this was a robbery gone wrong. >> what robbery goes right. robbery is not okay. it's not normal. and by saying this is a robbery gone wrong. it normalizes that that's ok and it's not ok. >> prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty in this case, the suspect did not enter a plea today. she is due back in court on friday. is the east bay and armored truck was robbed at gunpoint in oakland and police are now investigating. it happened shortly before 10 o'clock this morning at the fruitvale shopping center just off of interstate 80 officers say they responded to reports of an armed robbery in progress. but by the time they arrived, the suspects were gone. no one was injured. police have not released information on the suspects or the getaway vehicle. >> dramatic new video of a
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violent hit and run collision during an illegal sideshow in oakland today. we talked with the man who says he just happened to record the incident on his cell phone. >> heard the white car coach screeching around the corner is a sign that we see with this card to as as a follow them. i actually didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what i was holding my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just >> this all happened early saturday morning at the corner of telegraph and grand avenue. just a few hours after first fridays wrapped up. police say the victim was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect vehicle is described as a white audi four-door sedan with dark tinted windows. the kron 4 viewer alerted us to this story. is there something in your community. you think we should cover send your tips to breaking news at kron 4 dot com. >> let's check on the 4 zone
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forecast on this tuesday night. the golden gate bridge socked in by fog for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look at the where that fog is spreading. yeah, it's really starting to show up now around the bay area in the concord santa rosa now half-mile visibility and you can see patchy dense fog developing around the bay area tonight. that will kind of be the big weather story tonight. all that remnants from the rain that moved through yesterday and what an ice storm it was making its way across the bay area. what a great start to the season outside right now. we do have some of the fog over san francisco and really most of the bay area. the last 24 hours, we have another significant boost in the rainfall totals. canfield checking in almost 3 inches of rain mill valley over 2 inches of rain petaluma over an inch of rain. san francisco, almost an inch oakland 8700's in san jose. unfortunately just a drop in the bucket, but we're still early in the season. boy, these total so far. our amazing start to the season. how about that san francisco over 8 inches of rain that's 543% of normal. that's just
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about all that. we have the entirety of the last season. so very impressive settles a over to a quarter inch of rain. that's 275% of normal oakland over 6 inches of rain. 470% of normal for this time of year and check out santa rosa over 13 and a half inches of rain, 550% of normal. so that's a nice way to start out the season now things can change. rapidly have seen this happen before. we start out gangbusters with all the rain, then all of a sudden everything shuts off. we are going to begin to watch that rain line moved the north jefry marte to begin a stretch up toward pacific northwest. we're drying out now. and we really kind of need many more rain. we start to talk about more flash flooding problems around the bay area but not now. i think tonight it will be all about that fog begin to form instead of those strong gusty winds. we've got a light breeze developing outside with a light breeze and all that moisture the atmosphere. yeah, we're going to see some dense fog out there. we're starting to see some that develop already calm. now in concord. we're starting to see some of that fog calm also in santa
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rosa, just a light breeze around the bay area tonight. so overnight tonight you can see that thick fog developing around the bay area. watch out is that ground fog out there, especially early tomorrow morning. computer models picking up on some of the cloud. the conditions you're looking love visibilities less than mile in the bottle by about 07:00am or so conquered, maybe about a mile or so, maybe less. love more, even less than that. the word you're looking some dense fog, you get the idea now as we head through the morning, typically that fog starts lit by about 9 o'clock or so. we'll start to mix that out, leaving behind some partly cloudy skies. but watch out for that thick fog this morning. what a start, though, to the rain season amazing to see all that rain. so more let's hope it keeps coming right now. looks like will kate take a little bit of a break. we'll talk about that with your 1010. coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> also still ahead tonight, protecting classrooms from covid which bay area school district is setting a model. it hopes others will follow. >> plus get outside this veterans day this special
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deal, you can take advantage of in honor of our veterans and in addition to everything else that happened where people stay out with needles at astroworld. >> what police are saying about those rumors. plus, how one attorney says the entire disaster could have been avoided. that's coming up.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> developing news tonight.
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lawsuits are piling up against rapper travis scott following the astroworld concert disaster in houston. investigators want to know if crucial warning signs before the houston show were missed or ignored 8 people died in the stampede hundreds more were tonight. the focus of the investigation is on who is responsible markie. martin has the story from houston. >> authorities continuing to come through the chaos of astroworld. at the height of the deadly crowd surge. rapper travis scott briefly mentioning fans needing help. >> but kept playing for nearly 40 the artist receiving swift blowback from fans who pointed out how other performers have handled this before. >> from the foo fighters.
10:28 pm
>> little here and lincoln park. when someone what do you do. >> tony buzbee is one of the lawyers suing show organizers his client's costa's lost their son. they claim the concert was doomed from the start. >> does that look organized. well run. does that look like somebody took the time effort. energy to properly plan a concert to keep the individuals who pay their money and a 10 safe. does that look like under but in the end who will be held responsible since didn't injure anyone we're talking about liability based and not doing sandra guerra thompson is a law professor at the university of houston. >> she thinks live nation will ultimately take the brunt of legal ramifications so there's question >> you have an obligation to
10:29 pm
do something. but but the issue here is whether he had a obligation to act and that is not clear that he does, if criminal charges are filed. thompson says they could range from assault to negligent homicide. >> possibly eveh manslaughter. >> that was markie. martin reporting tonight. 3 people are still in the hospital 2 are in critical condition including a 9 year-old boy who fell from his father's shoulders and was trampled by the crowd. that boy is now in a medically induced coma. houston police are also investigating reports of possible drug aims at that festival. the police chief acknowledged that rumors are spreading on social media of people getting drugged by what's called needles spiking authorities say a security guard told police that he felt a in his neck during all the chaos. and later lost consciousness. >> they administer nor can. he was revived. and the medical
10:30 pm
staff did notice a that was similar to. brick that you would get if somebody is trying to inject. >> police did confirm narcan, which is used to counter the effects of a drug overdose. it was you several times that night. they say, but no other incidents with needles have been confirmed next at 10, many considered him bright lights in the early phases of the covid pandemic. doctor anthony fauci. >> now weighing in on what life after the pandemic might look like. plus one of the greatest players in major league soccer history is calling it a career later in sports. why chris wondolowski says he isn't leaving the san jose earthquakes just yet. and a bay area city says it's geese. population is posing a public health hazard, but it's killing them. the answer whose for and against the new plan. well stories and more coming up next. but he's
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called the nation's top doctor. and tonight, doctor anthony fauci joins local congresswoman anna eshoo in a virtual town hall with the holidays around the corner. chillier weather upon us. and just the plain fact that we're still living in a pandemic. >> doctor fauci took time to answer some questions on where we stand with covid-19 kron four's. also the money and live in our newsroom was the highlight l a.
10:34 pm
>> ken and pam congresswoman, as you said, the 2000 of her constituents joined in on the conversation tonight, submstting 800 questions they range from whether it's safe to gather indoors for the holidays to what the future has in store now that we have learned so much from the strenuous experience. >> and in a virtual town hall meeting on tuesday. doctor anthony fauci tackled south bay congresswoman anna eshoo as constituents questions. top of mind where indoor gatherings for the holidays. doctor fauci is sure that the fully vaccinated can go ahead and enjoy time with family while those who have only received one of 2 doses of the vaccine or didn't get one at all. should consider wearing a mask inside and getting a test. first. >> the risk there is obviously still present its diminished by the single shot. but it isn't as diminished as if you are fully vaccinated. people wanted to know when herd immunity will be reached. doctor fauci responded with. >> when as many people who are eligible to get vaccinated do
10:35 pm
so saying we're not there yet because 62 million americans still have and use the effective tool. and as far as boosters go, doctor fauci encourages anyone eligible to get it done regardless of which vaccine is available to you because studies show that mixing and matching moderna johnson and johnson and pfizer is okay. it's important to do so. even if you already recovered from covid-19. >> so if i happened to get infected and i recovered. i definitely would want to also get vaccinated to give me that very extra special level of protection against reinfection. >> it is exactly what the word so it is boost as far as what the future has in store. doctor fauci predicts that people will voluntarily wear masks indoors. >> especially during the winter to prevent the spread of both covid-19 and the flu much like what we saw even before the pandemic over in asia and good ventilation in buildings may even be enforced in the future. now that we
10:36 pm
know that that helps too. >> and in the end an emotional and teary eyed as she let doctor fauci know that in her opinion he has given hope to the american people and in turn around the world because america is a leader live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ellis, thank you for that. with children aged 5 to 11 finally approved for covid-19 shots. >> the biden administration is encouraging local school districts to help get shots and students arms the administration is providing tools and resources to help school set up their own vaccine clinics. the white house is also asking schools to help educate parents on the benefits and safety of the covid shots. it's part of an effort to stop misinformation and vaccine hesitancy which some fear may run higher. now that children are involved in the east bay, teachers, parents and school leaders gathered at an elementary school in alameda today. >> to shed a light on school safety measures in the middle of this pandemic. the school district has provided layerse
10:37 pm
of protection at the schools this year, including masking hand hygiene rules proper, ventilation in classrooms and a regular covid test program testing in elementary schools. there takes place 2 times per month during the school day. students say they feel safer. >> i like getting tested it i feel my seat you don't get tested and someone had covid thing you would get sick to my did have a covid case, but we were able to space ourselves from the other classes and keep everyone safe. and thankfully no one else got sick. >> because of the safety practices across the state. california has had the fewest covid related school closures in the nation. >> now snow forecast our show. you a live picture at highway 89 at west river in truckee. this is just south of interstate 80. if you're heading in truckee to the
10:38 pm
north shore of tahoe to a little bit snow on the sides of the roadway. but the doesn't appear to be actually on the pavement. it looks a little wet there. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says the sierra did get a lot of snow may be higher up, right. yeah. beautiful. see all that snow coming down and the and the high elevations upwards of 2 feet of snow above 8,000 feet one to 3 inches of lake level and. >> yeah, that was an ice storm to be had out there tonight. things are open as far as the roads are concerned. but yeah, it's slick out there. as ken mentioned, you've got some of that the water on the roads and overnight temperatures cool off some that could become iso. watch out for that late tonight and early tomorrow morning, then that will fall out a bit and looking pretty good. but yeah, that storm system was a nice rain maker for the bay area. the sierra nevada getting a nice dose. more of snow up there. the ski resorts going to love that this weekend as they've got some fresh powder to now around the bay area, things kind of quieting down outside. now we're getting ready for moisture, leaving behind from the storm system to bring us a lot of fog
10:39 pm
outside. now the big concern is when we might see some more rain now. things are going to change a bit as high pressure starts to build in over the next couple of days here that ridge really takes over. you see the jet stream sending all that moisture well to the north up in the pacific northwest. california remains on the dry side and probably warmer temperatures than normal as we head into the weekend to probably some 70's going to get a pop up. but look, as we get into sunday. boy, that ridge really strengthens saying all that rain really all the way up into canada. fact, it looks like once this ridge moves on through maybe a slight chance of showers next tuesday, but not much that system kind of falls apart and so we're what we're left with is a nice drying period. now we're just keeping our fingers crossed. hopefully that doesn't last all that long right now stays dry through the weekend. temperatures running in the 70's, cooling down on tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week and that slight chance of showers. but really i think the next best chance of any significant rain is right around thanksgiving. thank and i thank you, >> well, now to the peninsula where there has been a
10:40 pm
dramatic increase in the canada geese population in foster city and that has prompted the city council there to approve a plan that could include killing some of the birds in order to keep their numbers down. that's because as kron four's maureen kelly tells us city leaders say the birds droppings are a public health concern. according to foster city officials with no natural predators and lots to eat the number of canadian geese has shot up here. >> 78% from june 2020 to this gym. the last count put their number at 323 gates. it's not so much the birds themselves that's getting feathers ruffled out here. it's their droppings which not only make a mask but also fouls the water. the city's vice mayor explains we have found high levels of bacteria that can be partly attributed scoop in on the and there have been times we have to close the beaches. so that really is the problem. the kids playing in the fields, you know, get. >> gets trapped in issues and in the schools, they bring back to the classrooms.
10:41 pm
>> so after years of trying nonlethal means of keeping the numbers down. the city council voted unanimously in favor of a mitigation plan that could allow for lethal methods, not all residents are happy about this idea. well, i the non lethal methods, the best. >> and i don't agree with them. have the resort to killing entities even though the geese are here year round. they are protected by migratory bird treaty act. so officials would have to apply for a federal permit to trap and kill some of the birds. if granted the permit could last up to one year with the lethal methods being used alongside nonlethal ones. >> until those long-term methods such as keeping eggs from hatching. >> take hold its not about eradicating them or in in aiding them. it's about controlling and managing the population. and managing the problem another nonlethal met that they're going to try out as a pilot program funding the geese with a non harmful chemical. >> meant to irritate the birds
10:42 pm
and keep them out of certain areas. maureen kelly kron 4 news, the white house is restoring habitat protections for the northern spotted owl. those owls are brown with white spots and they can be found up and down the west coast. >> they are considered threatened by the department of fish and wildlife. but in the final days of the trump administration. the agency decided to exclude nearly 3 and a half million acres of our habitat from protection that would have opened up the land to be used by the timber industry. the biden administration review reversed that ruling today arguing that his predecessor relied in part on what it calls, quote, a faulty interpretation of science. >> still ahead tonight an update on a mountain lion cub that was treated in oakland after was badly burned during last year's wildfire season. how captain callan his friends are doing at their new forever home. >> plus those borsa still short-handed sharks continue to fight and scramble as they
10:43 pm
begin a new road trip record. jason dumas has highlights. coming up. >> a rare opportunity ahead of this veterans day after the break, how the public is getting a chance to pay respects at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
10:44 pm
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(background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. >> veterans day. is this thursday and this week the public is getting a rare opportunity in arlington, virginia for the first time in a century, people can lay a
10:46 pm
flower at the tomb of the unknown soldier in tonight's edition of veterans voices. our washington correspondent reshad hudson shows us how visitors are paying their respects. >> for the first time since its dedication on tuesday, members of the public laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier that at most to be allowed to honor those that died. donna widen traveled from mobile, alabama to arlington national cemetery a quick prayer and then. >> i moved on. but i just a special moment. >> nick has been to the cemetery before. but this time was different.
10:47 pm
>> i remember laying a wreath here when i was in 8th grade. but to be back on hallowed ground as they call it, just an unbelievable experience. and for in a group and his family. the visit was a history lesson about service and sacrifice. >> instead of just reading about history. you can actually visit his and with the 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. it's a perfect opportunity. >> for us to do that. the tombs plaza will remain open through veterans day on thursday reporting in washington reshad hudson. president biden is scheduled to attend a private veterans day ceremony at that, on thursday. also happening thursday. >> everyone will be able to enjoy our national parks for free in honor of veterans day entry fees will be waived at more than a 100 national parks including yosemite point rays and muir woods military rememberance sites are also free. >> a crown for wants to recognize the bay area, men and women who have served in the military. you can submit a
10:48 pm
photograph of a service member that you would like us to honor on our website. kron 4 dot com just upload their picture along with their name rank branch of service and hometown. you will find the link right on our homepage kron 4 dot com. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the sharks still ort-handed 7 players and their head coach are still in covid protocols. none are currently allowed to enter canada in cross that border. that's where the first stop of their five-game road trip was san jose in calgary tonight. i'm looking city number bent. all right. we have a tie game in the 3rd logan couture filthy rich. they're right here. top shelf. 2 to one sharks. now. check out tim hill. he comes out of the to play some defense. what hustle
10:49 pm
from him. he stopped calgary from getting control of the puck. some anxious moments but san jose, they get out of it. unscathed. great job by hill. jonathan galland scored twice to empty net goals and the sharks go on to win this one for the one they snap a two-game losing streak is now tied one of the all-time greats in mls history has scored his final goal. san jose earthquakes star chris wondolowski announced his retirement after a 17 year mls career on sunday and today, the organization had a final sendoff for the danville native and they lasalle grad wando is the league's all-time goals leader with a 171 he was named the league's mvp in 2012 and he is a 2 time mls cup champions. done it all. now, even though he's hanging up cleats rondo. he's not going for how could he? he's from here. he loved this town and
10:50 pm
that organization, he's staying with the quakes as a special assistant to the general manager. >> i think that this is this was the right time and again, i think that the way it's all working no regrets having the fans and being able to to experience it with them being able to celebrate with that made it special and that mated, you know, kind of give me some closure as well. you know, that this is a great a great evening for. >> look, i know it sounds cliche, but covering steph curry is truly a tree and appreciate it. while he's still playing these guys don't play forever for the 10th time his career. steph scored 50 points. he was just going crazy last night. he's actually the oldest player in league history to have 50 points and 10 assists step is the elder statesman on the warriors. he doesn't like when i say that you probably doesn't like me saying they told us to have that record.
10:51 pm
but look, in all seriousness, it's your 13 for step in the production. doesn't happen by accident. it's all about loving the process. >> understand i'm blessed to play this game feel healthy ask them in position where. i'm still have joy and love what i do. and who i get to do with you know, get to play in front of and all that. so. >> whatever it takes to, you know, maintain and i have a pretty good understanding the clarity around what that is this what you rely on, especially to 82 games because it's a lot. so you kind of get lost in the process and it keeps reaping benefits. so state would. >> one quick note. i just talked to our reporter jonathan mccall before i came in the studio, the health department out of berkeley had a scathing remarks about the cal berkeley football team will be covering that story tomorrow. a lot going on in berkeley. of course, their football game this saturday. postponed against usc, all
10:52 pm
righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back
10:53 pm
welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this.
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kaiser permanente. thrive >> some sad news from the oakland zoo tonight. the zoo tweeting today that these 2 teicher sisters have passed away. molly emmylou have then part of the oakland zoo family for the past 10 years. but they were struggling in their own age. they were battling health issues including kidney disease and arthritis. the zoo
10:55 pm
staff made the difficult decision to euthanize the animals this morning and to end their suffering. the officials say the tigers were loved. they will be deeply it. >> after almost losing their lives during last year's zogg fire in reading 3 mountain lion cubs have found a new home from oakland at the columbus zoo. might remember this little guy captain cow was his name is rescued from the flames last october. he was treated at the oakland zoo is pause for badly burned. his whiskers were just about completely singed off the good news is he and 2 other cubs who are rescued all made full recoveries. and check out how they're doing now. boy, they've grown up. officials say the facility in oakland was simply too small to house them all together and that's where the columbus zoo came in. >> once they come into the rehab facilities than they need to find a permanent home somewhere and so were we were just, you know, luck of the draw. all we have the ability to help out. so we spent many, many sleepless nights here
10:56 pm
with them. just making sure and monitoring of them and giving them things to do differently. >> the cubs are just over a year old now. and while they may be quite a bit bigger. the zoo keepers say they'll keep growing over the next year or so. beautiful animals. there's a new polar bear at the oregon zoo and she's already making a big splash. >> a big splash says 5 year old amelia practicing her best polar bear plunge. she just arrived from the maryland zoo in a settling in behind the scenes at our new habitat. the zoo keepers plan to introduce a million to her half sister when the polar bears are ready, she will soon have somebody to splash with at the zoo. just call them the splash sisters. there you go. that's an appropriate. they're having a good i like that. don't tip toe that cold water to dive, make the plug. you guys more showers around the bay area of tapered off now turning into some fog and.
10:57 pm
>> yes, good thick out there outside right now more that fog into early tomorrow morning. temperatures are running in the 50's and the 60's, right. just about the dew point. and that is the point we start to see some of that fog forming now looks like by tomorrow. we're talking about a partly cloudy skies. the temperatures are going to warm up a little bit should be a dry day. looks like dry through the weekend. well, how about that 1010, just a slight chance of showers by next tuesday. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night. have a good night. every night.
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♪ ♪ >> the house of horrors siblings speak out for the first time. here they are, she escaped and called 911 to save them all. >> my whole body was shaking. i couldn't really dial 911. >> then become a shocking new. what it was like under the cru crush. and who's to blame? >> as they are job, the buck stops there. >> plus, how they saved gabriel. >> it wasn't the heimlich maneuver. >> t


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