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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 9, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news differences can still feel safe with this district attorney. >> he's demonstrated time and again, his inability and incompetence.
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>> tonight at 9. it is official san francisco district attorney chase a building will face a recall election. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the official word comes after the department of elections certified a petition earlier today seeking his removal from office. residents will have their chance to vote on this matter during a special election next year for said taylor she's following up on the story for us tonight. she joins us now live from the city with more taylor. >> well, it's been a long back and forth battle between the 2 sides of this issue. however, those campaigning against jason looting gathered many more than the 51,000 signatures needed to move this recall forward. now, as you can imagine, those in support of chase are gearing up in hopes of keeping and then office. >> the san francisco department of elections has verified enough signatures on tuesday to move forward with
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the recall of district attorney jason routine. those campaigning to remove booting from office. submitted 83,000 signatures roughly 32,000 more than required to put the measure on the ballot. john artis with the department of elections explains what voters can expect in this special election on june 7th will not see a list of candidates to potentially replace the person being rick. >> who is being asked whether to be recalled or not. so in san francisco, voters decide the question. yes or no, that the recall is successful than the mayor appoints someone to fill that. the new vacancy that occurred due to the recall. the recall came into question after growing concerns over public safety in criticism of blue jeans handling of several high-profile cases, root issues at the cannes ability. >> look, san franciscans are 4 and have supported and certainly many of us have worked to current real criminal justice reform that is responsive and responsible. and in this district attorney,
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he has made a choice move forward on what he considers to be justice reform. effort without attending to the issues of accountability and public safety. shorter with the saver san francisco without dean campaign. >> feels that has not done enough to prosecute repeat offenders and other criminals. dean backers aqi shaheen argues this recall is anti democratic as the district attorney has followed through on his campaign promises crime in san francisco is not a new phenomenon that began when jason took office at the beginning of 2020. unfortunately, our opposition has been goal. and so they have been able to create this rhetoric and his narrative that. >> he is responsible for crime in the city. and when we look at the statistics. without question. crime has gone down and almost every major category.
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>> now voters from office in june, mayor london breed would then appoint a replacement until a permanent district attorney could be elected next november. now we're live in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. thank you. taylor in pacifica tonight. both directions of highway one. they're back reopened after being shut down following a multi car. >> a crash there. the accident happened at rockaway beach avenue and highway one that resulted in major injuries. this is a developing story. kron 4. well be bringing you more information as it comes into our newsroom. and to the east bay. now a violent hit and run collision during an illegal sideshow injures a pedestrian who was just trying to cross the street. it was all captured on cell phone video. and in this kron 4 exclusive. has it made you spoke to the man who recorded the video. >> this is video of a man being struck by a fast-moving vehicle. we froze it before
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the collision due to the graphic nature of the record as the video continues. so does the driver. he never stops. he hit and happened on telegraph near grand avenue in oakland back november 6 at around 12:30am. following the first fridays event. i was walking towards intersection. >> but i can hear the car swinging, though. this was the sound of a sideshow that attracted the attention of girod joe's he recorded the video. i heard the white car. >> coast region around the corner is a sign that we see with this been as i followed them, i actually didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what i was my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just followed it. >> that not only did he get the video. if you listen closely, you will hear jones speaking to 911. dispatch after he called them on his business cell he talked about
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having the presence of mind to make the call while simultaneously recording the incident, but that you do have a business bonita pre-nup bald. and like you said, it's at some point you've got to you. well, for one thing and then at the same time be able to. >> call the authorities if need be and be able to be a good citizen to just help out the hit and run vehicle is described as a white audi four-door sedan with dark tinted windows oakland police investigators say the victim suffered minor to moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital them deadly, hoping that he survived and hoping that he's ok and makes a speedy recovery. anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact oakland police. >> has mud. you kron 4 news. >> a crime for viewer alerted us to this story. so if there's something in your community that you think we should cover for you. send your tips to breaking news. the kron 4 dot com. oakland. police are investigating an armored truck robbery happened today in a shopping center near for ville avenue in 8.80.
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>> police responded to the area around 10:00am after getting reports of an armed robbery in progress. by the time officers arrived. suspects were gone. all that was left the truck and 2 guards inside. fortunately no one was injured. investigators have not released any information about the suspects or possible getaway vehicles. but we will continue to stay on top of this one and let you know as we learn more information. michael o pret his alleged killer made her first appearance in court today. she is accused of killing the 19 year-old man last week in fairfield. police say it happened during a private car sale. it was coordinated online. 24 year-old kamaria strange is appearance in fairfield superior court lasted less than 10 minutes this afternoon strange did not enter a plea during her appearance. the judge accepting her public defenders request to postpone the arraignment. but bale is off the table. the preds parents not saying much aside
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from disputing any characterization of the incident as a, quote, robbery gone wrong. >> on what robbery goes right robbery is not okay. it's not normal. and by saying this is a robbery gone wrong. it normalizes that that's ok and it's not ok and. >> that that the >> the prosecution saying today they do not intend to pursue the death penalty. a decision on mike. that is a decision i should say that michael's mother supports kamaria strange is due back in court on friday. >> fast food workers across the state are on strike to call attention to their working conditions. workers are demanding that fast food companies provide better health and safety standards against things like covid and violence from customers. some strikers say that when they bring up frustrations to management. little is done to fix the conditions that workers could be getting some support in sacramento, though a bill addressing their concerns is expected to be discussed in january. and 4
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zone forecast it taking a look at the weather and boy had a nice soaker of a storm not like that atmospheric river. >> that we had last month. but hey, this is a nice little shot in the arm. it lawrence karnow here to tell us more about it. yeah, guys really brings us to some very impressive totals. the start of the show you those more in a moment. right now. >> we're dealing with kind of the aftermath of that storm. of course, with the gusty winds. we have that rain just pounding parts of the bay area last night and now leftover moisture start to see some fog developing around the bay area. seen in the san francisco right now. but we'll see a dense fog in some of the interior valleys, especially overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. all right. as for the rain, here we go. almost 3 inches of rain in canfield mill valley over 2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours had a little over an inch of rain. san francisco, almost an inch of rain. oakland 8700 sand, just a drop in the bucket in san jose. but this is adding
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some very impressive totals to start out the season. so here's where we sit since the beginning of october, san francisco now has almost had as much rain as we did the entirety of the season last year we're sitting at 543% of normal at over 8 inches of rain over to a quarter in san jose. that is 275% of normal oakland over 6 inches of rain that's 470% of normal santa rosa over 13 and a half inches of rain. that is 550% of normal. of course you get these big storms this time of year. you can see these percentages way up right now. looks like we'll start to dry things off a bit of course those percentages are going to start to taper off a bit too. it was an ice storm moving through the last night. all that rain moving on by reports of some power outages, some gusts of 3040 plus miles an hour. now we're seeing a few more clouds rolling in overhead, but more fog going to be on the way tonight. that will be the big weather story overnight as we're going to see some dense fog. all that moisture left behind. all those raindrops. well, now
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that rain and all that moisture now. well, the dew points getting very close to the temperature. that means that fog likely to form as the atmosphere is going to be completely saturated outside some of that fog begin to form and some of the valleys we're getting reports of fog now into the tri valley. parts of the concord area. also seeing some fog now i think you see a lot more as we head toward tomorrow morning. some thick fog early on tomorrow. in fact, some of the visibility is down near 0 by tomorrow morning. it could be that patchy dense ground fog. and that's the danger fog. the drive-in. so yeah, early tomorrow morning, 7, 7, 30. you're looking at the visibility is less than a mile and a hayward. also nevada live more probably in and around the cockpit area. but again, that's going to be very patchy. so you're running to some that dense fog on some new be out of it. again, only to run into another time, so be very careful for the commute early on tomorrow morning. then as we head toward the middle of the day. the good news is things really kind of lift. they start to mix out to some partly cloudy skies left behind. but boy, we've had such a great start to the season. i've seen these
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years, though, where things start out gangbusters and then a completely shuts off. i think we shut down the rain now to maybe right around thanksgiving. but that looks like things could get a little well, at least we put the on fire season in that nice. so that's a big positive. that's right. thanks a ok. tonight, covid controversy is raging on campus. cal berkeley today. the school announced it is rescheduling. this week's football game. >> against usc because of a covid outbreak. >> and now some players are speaking out about their concerns over testing conference. john mccall live for us on the uc berkeley where the school's athletic director address the media. jonathan what he >> well, vicki and grant. good evening. you know what, there's still a lot of folks talking about this tonight here on the cal berkeley campus. you know what? right now it's still unknown. how many players tested positive in this latest round of covid-19 testing comes just a
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day just a few days after 24 players were not allowed to play against the game in arizona last weekend for some of the players here. they feel let no pun intended. but the goal post are being moved around when it comes to covid-19 testing requirements here for the players on the cal berkeley campus and many of them now voicing their frustration, many of them taking to social media to do so. 24 players, as we mentioned, missed last week's game against arizona because of covid rules. among the players forced to sit out quarterback chase garbers yesterday on twitter. he voiced his frustration saying that players were frustrated with the university's health system and question why players were being tested. he said the school along with the berkeley health department not giving a whole lot of clear answers on why the team was tested regularly. garber said that there were told they were told that the testing was not mandated only recommended. another player defensive back. luke buckhead tweeted that the
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university health system told players they can even be arrested for refusing to take those tests even if they did not show any symptoms. according to the pac 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to receive surveillance testing. cal berkeley athletic director jim knowlton addressed the media just a few hours ago about the concerns. he says the school is simply following protocols. set in place by the school as well as berkeley. health officials. >> i don't know that some miscommunication made. maybe there is. it's it's truly the guidance from berkeley public out this followed by the university of california. and then we execute the guidance. so, you know, not you know, i'm sure this confusion because that, you know, this week of of dealing all of this has been confusing to all of us. but you know, that's that's where we are. >> officials say that 99.5% of the 117 member football staff is vaccinated. that's players
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and coaches. when asked how many were not vaccinated knowlton jim knowlton, the athletic director said that there were 2 people currently on the staff who are not vaccinated or he cannot clarify exactly who they were or the reasons why they have not received the vaccine. but he did say that those 2 people who have not been vaccinated yet. had covid contracted covid-19 previously. now the game against usc has been rescheduled for december. 4th. the team is set to next take on stanford in stamford on november 20th. but as we mentioned, the folks here at a uc berkeley say they are simply following protocols set by the state as well as said by berkeley public health officials. but obviously the players here feel that they are not getting clarity and that there is some miscommunication on exactly what are the protocols when it comes to covid testing. hopefully the school and those players, we will be able to sort out all those details before that next game november
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20th at stanford. tonight on the uc berkeley campus jonathan mccall kron 4 news indeed. jonathan, let's hope they can straighten that out. the teachers, parents and school leaders. >> gathered at pat an elementary school in alameda today to discuss school safety measures amid covid-19 the school district is providing layers of protection at the schools this year, including masking hand hygiene proper ventilation and a regular covid-19 testing program testing in elementary schools takes place up to 2 times per month during the school day and students say they feel safer because of it. >> i like getting tested it i feel my seat you don't get tested and someone had covid thing you would get sick my did have a covid case, but we were able to space ourselves from the other classes and keep everyone safe. and thankfully no one else sick. >> today. california has had the fewest covid-19 related
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school closures in the country due to working safety practices. increasing covid cases and hospitalizations in california have some bay area infectious disease experts worried. >> about another winter surge as immunity continues to decrease for people who made the choice to get vaccinated early and who may not have gotten a booster shot yet. kron four's dan kerman spoke with them today. we've got some advice on how to protect yourself. >> over the last 3 weeks. seen a gradual increase and that increases to be continuing. >> a rise of covid cases in california has bay area infectious disease experts sounding the alarm. >> it's of concern that the numbers are going up in a time when we are facing in less than 3 weeks thanksgiving. and we know what happened 10 days after thanksgiving last year and then within a few weeks after that christmas. all the parties around the holidays, including new year's and
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that's what's very disconcerting to make matters worse. not enough of those who are most vulnerable have gotten their booster shot. >> waning immunity. israel. the booster doses fix waning immunity. at least for multiple months. but we've given out. you know, serve not nearly as many boosters as we need to. i think to the sporting summer, something like 3.4 million. i can tell you there. 5.7 million people 65 and older in california. you know, just on that basis, it needs to go up with holiday gatherings approaching. there are several ways to protect yourself. >> one thing you can do is say you have to be vaccinated to come. but i've been to weddings it safe out on the invitation. you do it like we did last year. just to try to have as much outside as possible. family groups separated at different tables medical experts say another protective step. >> is to have everyone attending a gathering. take a rapid test. the morning of the
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event and those who test positive don't attend the nice thing about those rapid antigen tests is that you get the results within 15 minutes and it very accurate with regards to the question of whether or not you might be infectious to someone else. >> if in fact we are seeing the beginning of a winter surge. what remains to be seen is how bad it will be. that's why medical experts say we're really racing against the clock to get younger people vaccinated and to get those most at risk. the booster at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the nation's top doctor anthony fauci joins local congresswoman anna eshoo and a virtual town hall tonight with the holidays approaching chillier weather upon us. and just the fact that we are still living in a pandemic. doctor fauci took some time answer some questions about where things stand right now with covid kron four's. ella sogomonian as some of the highlights. >> well, congresswoman eshoo said the 2000 of her constituents joined in on that conversation tonight. submitting 800 questions
9:20 pm
ranging whether it's safe to gather indoors for the holidays to what the future has in store now that we have learned so much from the strenuous experience. >> and in a virtual town hall meeting on tuesday. doctor anthony fauci tackled south bay congresswoman anna eshoo as constituents questions. top of mind where indoor gatherings for the holidays. doctor fauci is sure that the fully vaccinated can go ahead and enjoy time with family while those who have only received one of 2 doses of the vaccine or didn't get one at all. should consider wearing a mask inside and getting a test. first. >> the risk there is obviously still present its diminished by the single shot. but it isn't has diminished as if you're fully vaccinated, people wanted to know when herd immunity will be reached. doctor fauci responded with. >> when as many people who are eligible to get vaccinated do so saying we're not there yet because 62 million americans still have and use the
9:21 pm
effective tool as far as boosters go. doctor fauci encourages anyone eligible to get it done regardless of which vaccine is available to you because studies show that mixing and matching moderna johnson and johnson and pfizer is okay and it's important to do so. even if you already recovered from covid-19. >> so if i happen to get infected and i recovered. i definitely would want to also get vaccinated to give me that very extra special level of protection against reinfection. it is exactly what the word so it is. >> as far as what the future has in store. doctor fauci predicts that people will voluntarily wear masks indoors, especially during the winter to prevent the spread of both covid-19 and the flu much like what we saw even before the pandemic over in asia and good ventilation in buildings may even be enforced in the future. now that we know that that helps too. >> and the and a teary eyed as
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sure. let doctor fauci know that he has given hope to the american people and in turn around the world because america is a leader live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you, ella. in the north bay sonoma county is hosting vaccination clinics at 2 schools in that county there. these are for students and their families. the first clinic will take place at greenville elementary school. that clinic starts at one 30 every afternoon second clinics going to be at jefferson elementary school in cloverdale and that clinic will start at 3.30 the afternoon. people in berkeley can now register for a shot to the kids between the ages of 5.11. the next step clinic will be happening on november 13th that rosa parks elementary school over the weekend. the clinic at malcolm x elementary vaccinated 200 students. we have more information on vaccine clinics all across the bay area. it's on our website at kron. 4 dot com. it's scrum for for the latest covid info, including trying to find the vaccine for kids 5 to 11 and much more.
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you can scan that qr code there on your screen. >> you'll be directed to the special section on our website. that's kron 4 dot com. still to come on kron 4 news at 9. the bill valley man wanted by the fbi for his alleged participation in the january 6th insurrection. >> is now seeking asylum in another country. >> and later, prosecutors rest their case against kyle rittenhouse the evidence they presented to jurors in the courtroom today. >> and a historic opportunity for visitors at arlington national cemetery. how the public is getting a chance to pay tribute for the first time in nearly a century.
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>> a special tribute to war heroes as visitors pay respects at the tomb of the unknown soldier for the first time in nearly a century. it's part of the tomb of the unknown soldier centennial commemoration tours began placing flowers at the site located at the arlington national cemetery, the historic monument is dedicated to fallen service members whose remains have not been identified. it will be open for public viewing through veterans day. >> ford wants to recognize the bay area men and women who have served in the military. you can submit a photo of a service member. you'd like us to honor on our website. kron 4 dot com just upload their picture along with their name rank branch of service hometown. you'll find a link
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right on our homepage kron 4 dot com. >> and everyone can enjoy our national parks for free on thursday in honor of veterans day entry fees are waived at national parks. military remembered sites are also free, including fort point national historic site. a national monument and rosie, the riveter world war 2 home front national historical park. >> next, the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol attack released its 6th batch of subpoenas today. the members of former president trump's staff called for questioning this time around. plus, if you are hoping to save a little money by driving for the holidays that are not drive too far. we'll take a look at the steadily rising price of gas in the bay area. and later, one of the officers involved in that killing of breonna taylor asking to return to the force today. why the louisville district attorney louisville district attorney says he
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>> welcome back to national news today. the u.s. house committee investigating that capitol insurrection issued 10 additional subpoenas this afternoon, most of them top personnel in the trump white house subpoenas come just a day after the committee demanded testimony from former trump campaign aides among the people subpoenaed kaley mcenany, the former white house press secretary stephen
9:31 pm
miller, senior adviser to former president trump and nicholas luna mister trump's personal assistant know those people and 7 others must turn over documents by november 23rd and depositions are scheduled throughout the month of december. a bay area man wanted in connection with us. capitol riots is seeking asylum in another country. 48 year-old kevin newman of mill valley was charged earlier this year with several crimes including assaulting an officer in an interview with a state-run news channel in belarus. newman said the charges against him are unfounded. kron four's. dan thorn, us. >> life in his hometown mill valley tonight joins us with more on this story. and and what a tale this is. >> and that's ryan newman has acknowledged that he was at the u.s. capitol on january 6, but he is rejecting these charges saying that they are political persecution. he's accused of being a part of the group that attacked the u.s. capitol back in january over
9:32 pm
their belief that the twenty-twenty election presidential election was stolen. the fbi wants newman but newman wants to stay in belarus. images from us capitol police body cam show 48 year-old evan newman allegedly joining the january 6th attack at the u.s. capitol. >> the mill valley native has run away from the country and is seeking asylum in belarus. newman is facing several charges related to the insurrection, including assaulting an officer and engaging in civil disorder. in a recent interview with the belarus tv station newman responded to the charges saying i don't think i have committed some kind of crime. one of the charges was very offensive in alleges that i hit a police officer. it doesn't have any grounds to it. us court documents, state newman threatened and hit officers on january 6th while wearing a red make america great again hat newman was later identified by investigators after someone called the fbi tip line saying they knew him and where he lived newman has made bay area news and faced jail time once
9:33 pm
before he and his brother mark were arrested in october 2017 for attempting to collect valuables from their mothers fountain grove home which burned in the tubbs fire. the brothers face misdemeanor charges of entering a disaster zone. both evan and his brother later paid fines and did community service newman told the belarus tv station on sunday that he's been added to the fbi's most wanted list. he's now one of more than 650 people who have been charged in connection with the riots at the capitol. newman owns a handbag manufacturing company and he left the country under the pretense that he was on a business trip. >> he's been staying in belarus since mid august and belarus does not have an extradition treaty with the united states reporting live in mill valley. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you, dan. the alameda county coroner's office has identified 2 people killed in 2 separate crashes last week in pleasanton. >> a woman died thursday night
9:34 pm
after crashing into a light pole. it happened about 1030, on west lost. the seat is boulevard. just east of road. investigators identified the driver today as 23 year-old melanie more hot. police say that she was speeding and hit the center median which caused her car to flip onto its side and hit that light pole and then just before 6 friday morning, there was a crash involving 3 cars on southbound. 6 ad south of all costa boulevard. a 60 year-old john ryman of doubling died in that accident. investigators say ryman lost control of his vehicle after sideswiping a big break. his honda civic crossed all lanes of traffic and crashed into the center dividing wall where it was hit by a pickup truck. investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role here. >> more national news. now prosecutors have rested their case against kyle rittenhouse after more than 5 days of testimony. rittenhouse is on trial for shooting 3 people during a police brutality protest last year. 2 of those
9:35 pm
people died. the lone survivor testified in court yesterday. today the jury got their first view of drone video showing rittenhouse shooting joseph rosenbaum, the first of the 3 people to be shot. rittenhouse could get life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges against him. >> one of the police officers who fired into an apartment during the no knock raid that left breonna taylor dead wants his job back. former officer myles cosgrove fired his gun 16 times that night. he was one of 2 officers that was fired over the incident. the assistant da says during an appeals hearing today that he should stay fired. arguing that cause grove did not identify or isolated threat when he opened fire. the second police officer who was fired following that shooting the detective joshua jaynes already lost his appeal to the board. >> but 20 bucks in your car barely going to move the needle if you plan on driving for the holidays yet expect to
9:36 pm
pay a lot at the pump. barry gasoline prices now edging into record territory. kron four's. rob fladeboe reports from the south bay where a gallon of regular is now selling for more than 5 bucks a gallon. >> here on the corner of blossom. hill and snow avenue in san jose. 2 stations are selling a gallon of regular for over 5 bucks. a gallon. well, a 3rd is at 4.99 and people are digging deep to pay for it. and a college student. i commute an hour away. so it's really expensive. regular gas prices have hit an all-time high in some parts of the bay area. aaa says the average price for regular unleaded in san francisco is $4.84. a gallon. it's 4.76 in san jose. and for 75 in oakland discount outlets like rotten robbie are some $0.40 cheaper. robinson oil ceo tom robinson. what's going on? you always have to start with crude oil. >> and crude oil wasn't that long ago in the 40's and now it's over. 80 and so where
9:37 pm
crude oil goes gasoline prices will go california's gas prices are among the highest in the nation in the bay area is tops in california. higher taxes are partly to blame but supply and demand is also at work here with the pandemic. also playing rule says robinson. and that's that's really an issue that is way bigger than just just the energy sector sector. you know, there's there's a lot of demand on a lot of products, lot of services, lot of stuff and and and that's why you've got some of the supply challenges. and it's not just gas diesel will set you back 4.86 a gallon on average. that's up from 3.50 a gallon one year ago. and yes, that 5 bucks a gallon reflects california's carbon fuel standards cap and trade and excise taxes generally, what you'll see is in california. the fuel is going to cost you at least a dollar more than almost every other state in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4
9:38 pm
news governor newsome made his first appearance since canceling his trip to the united nations climate summit. the family obligation, he says took precedent. >> the rain is and it may not be back for a while. we'll time out the next possibility for showers. coming up next. >> and in sports, the sharks still short-handed looking to get back on track start a road trip in calgary, sports director jason dumas us shows us how they fared when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the shark still short-handed 7 players and their head coach still in covid protocols. none are currently allowed to even enter canada or cross that border where the first stop of their five-game road trip was tonight san jose in calgary. nice look at skyline. never been the calgary. we have a tie game in the 3rd logan cut filthy rest. their top shelf too. 2, one sharks. all right. now, check out ayton he the goalie. just outside that he tried to prevent calgary from getting control of some moments. but san jose gets out of it. unscathed. great job by hill. the sharks added to empty net goals. they win 42. they snap a two-game losing streak. looks like the shark. one of the all-time greats in
9:42 pm
mls history has scored final goal. san jose earthquakes star chris wondolowski announced his retirement after a 17 year at lsu career on sunday and today, the organization had a final sendoff for the danville native in de la sal grad. wanda was the league's all-time leading goal scorer with a 171 of those bad boys. he was named the league's most valuable player back in 2012. he's a 2 time mls cup champion and even though he's hanging up his cleats wando he will be going far. he is staying with the organization as a special assistant to the general manager. i think that this is this was the right time and again, i think that the way it's all working no regrets having the fans and being able to to experience it with them being able to celebrate with >> that made it special and that mated, you know, kind of give me some closure as well. you know, that this is a great a great evening for.
9:43 pm
>> look, i know this sounds cliche, but covering steph curry truly is a tree and we have to appreciate it while he is still playing these guys don't play forever for the 10th time in his career staff had a 50 piece. some fries a soda and a strawberry shake. he's actually the oldest player in league history. have 50 points and 10 assists now that's a stat that he probably doesn't want me telling everybody he doesn't love being the elder statesman as what he calls it. this is year 13 for staff and production like this does not happen by accident like he said, it's all about loving the process. >> understand i'm blessed to play this game feel healthy and ask them in position where. i'm still have joy and love what i do. and who i get to do with and, you know, get to play in front of and all that. so. whatever it takes to, you know, maintain and i
9:44 pm
have a pretty good understanding and clarity around what that is this what you rely on, especially to 82 games because it's a lot. so you kind of get lost in the process and it keeps reaping benefits. so state would.
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9:46 pm
>> governor newsome opened up about why he abruptly canceled his trip abroad to the united states and nations climate
9:47 pm
summit today the governor made his first public appearance since that cancellation about 2 weeks ago. kron four's. ashley zavala reports. the stresses. balancing your responsibilities of work and also responsibilities at home. governor gavin newsome aiming to put any rumors to rest about his nearly 2 week absence. the governor tuesday in monterey making his first public appearance since suddenly canceling his trip to the cop. 26 climate summit in late october. >> for what he said at the time was because of the family of nation. he revealed tuesday that family obligation was halloween and the kids literally they kind of had interaction. they said they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween, mom and dad missing halloween. for them this worsen christmas missing christmas. >> and i woke up that next morning with some things probably from a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. tim joyce had to cancel that trip.
9:48 pm
>> his fireside chat at the california economic summit. tuesday was his first public appearance since october 27th. that's when he got his covid-19 booster shot live in the bay area. his nearly 2 week absence led some to question whether the booster brought illness. the governor said tuesday. it did not at all. literally the flu shot. >> is what i'm a little. still a little sore about literally not figuratively. a little sore about. not the booster shot. >> although away from public view. newsome said he did spend last week in the office working on port issues. the state's covid-19 winter surge strategy and his version of the state budget and it's been a problem. most productive week i've had since i've been governor at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> 2 members of congress were in the south bay today along with local leaders. they were celebrating the recent passage of that infrastructure bill they were sharing specific details which they say californians need to know conference can wait here to run it down vicky cann, the lawmakers say it's important for people in the bay area and beyond to know that the
9:49 pm
infrastructure bill will do a lot for california and that it boils down to more than a general understanding that's good for things such as roads and bridges. so the news conference in san jose political leaders were talking about the federal money that will lead not only to those better roads but money for safer, water supplies better wi-fi, access and transportation projects that will help lead to more housing. senator alex padilla got specific with some of the numbers. warning what we more than 25 billion dollars to repair our roads. >> and highways over 600 million dollars our transportation system for extreme weather. and while >> we know there are parts of our community, even here in santa clara county where high-speed internet does not exist. when you can go and find out where that is. when you see parents with their kids in a car outside a mcdonald's so their kids can do their homework. that should thousands of homes.
9:50 pm
>> a formal homes are planned along the west corridor from here downtown heading west. we are saying explosion. growth development here in the downtown. of course, all that depends on one simple that is infrastructure. >> it all california will get about 45 billion dollars from the legislation in coming years. money will also go to expanding the state's charging network for electric cars and cleaning up contaminated drinking water. thank grant. >> buchanan. and speaking of water, plenty of it here in the form of rain and a few went up high in the sierra came down the snow. >> yeah. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow talking about the snow pack. this is something you know, we we look forward to to ski on in the drink. at some point really a big difference for us. we get that snow pack up there that will really help out love the reservoirs right now. some good news. a lot of snowfall across the high country last night. last 24 hours right now drying things out. here's a
9:51 pm
look at donner summit. you see the cars drive by there, not a problem but pretty slick out there on the roads with the temperatures dropping off overnight and that watch out for some icing on the roads, too. so be careful early tomorrow morning. but yeah, the storm system rolled through the bay area bringing us some rain up in the high country. lots of snow. in fact, some of the mountain tops even down the lake level one to 3 inches of snow over the tops the mountains a couple of feet above 8,000 feet. so that is good news here. the bay area. we're looking at the remnants of the storm in the form of some fog now developing that will be the big story tomorrow morning. giving way to partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. 63 degrees downtown san francisco. the forecast tonight cool on the coastline, the 50's and the 60's inside the bay. you'll find those numbers. mid 60's in the burlingame, 64 in the millbrae 66 in redwood city, 67 degrees in mount to the south bay starting. also that patchy fog to the dry and these temperatures moving well into the 60's almost 70 degrees in san jose by tomorrow afternoon about 68 live but watch out the tri valley you get over the east bay hills into the
9:52 pm
delta. you're talking about some morning fog that's going to be awfully think early tomorrow morning. maybe visibilities last than a mile. so watch out for that to leave fog. early on back toward the coastline. those temperatures running generally in the 60's, then looks like when to shut off the rain right now. that whole jet stream is going to move well to the north. that means our temperatures are going to be bumping up more sunshine on the way on thursday and friday and some of those temperatures moving up in the 70's right now. looks like we stay through the dry through the weekend and maybe dry all the way until thanksgiving will wait to yeah, well, the dry yeah, and draw a lot of snow. so we're positive on that's good. yeah. thanks, >> a dramatic increase in the population of canada geese in foster city as well as their wrappings. it is prompting the city council to approve a plan that could include killing some of the birds to keep their numbers down with no natural predators and wants to eat the number of geese is reportedly shot up 78% in that city from last june to this june vice mayor there says
9:53 pm
it's not so much the birds themselves though. the problem. yeah. it's their droppings, which not only make a mess but also fouls the water. >> levels of bacteria that can be partly attributed scoop in on the and there have been times we have to close the beaches. so that really is the problem. the kids playing in the fields, you know, get gets trapped in issues and in the schools, they bring back to the classrooms. >> so after years of trying nonlethal means the city council voted unanimously in favor geese mitigation plan that could allow for lethal methods. the are protected by a magnet mind. migratory bird treaty act. so officials would have to apply for a federal permit to trap and kill the birds. if granted the permit could last up to one year. >> next. if you're looking for a way to combat the wintertime blues. maybe put up some mistletoe. mickey and minnie and santa has. i don't know what a new study is saying about decorating early for the
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
>> holiday season just around the corner decorations are already going up. you probably noticed new research, though, india journal of environmental psychology finds of people who put up their christmas decorations early tend to be happier and friendlier psychologists say that a christmas decoration certain star, they bring people back
9:57 pm
to simpler and happier times. they say it also helps most don't. that means open mean is known as the feel-good hormone. so if you feel like a grinch this season just consider putting up a year christmas tree. well, early. i know a family that keeps theirs up. you know, you're around. i thought it was a lot, maybe they're on to something. let's have so much doping me. it's that wraps up kron 4 news at night. thank you for being with us. good luck decorating the primetime news continues and can i'm so >> but again this year, i don't know if you're like top 5. but paul wright is people magazine's sexiest so, i think i know yours may not get on the tour. who doesn't like. all right. right sure. apparently into the picture and you didn't make it either. grant. i'm sorry that there's always next year knows who's number one, on their use of
9:58 pm
good. thank you very all right. you guys. thank you. coming up at 10 o'clock not even covid controversy brewing on the uc berkeley campus tonight. that's after this weekend's game against usc was postponed by the players are questioning the school's testing protocols and how the athletic director is responding and doctor fauci answering covid related questions from people in the south bay. >> how close he says we are to reaching herd immunity and what he says the holidays could look like. >> well stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:59 pm
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