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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> controversy at uc berkeley football players speaking out about covid protocol as a team is forced to postpone this weekend's. get ready for another recall election. a date is set for the attempt to oust san francisco's district attorney when voters will head back to the polls. police looking for the person responsible for a weekend hit and run in the east bay, the man who caught it all on camera explains what happened. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore
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tonight, a covid-19 controversy brewing on the campus of cal berkeley. >> today. the school announced that it is rescheduling this week's game against usc because of a covid outbreak and now some players are speaking out about their concerns over testing kron four's. jonathan mccall live for us on the uc berkeley campus where the school's athletic director addressed reporters. jonathan. pam. ken, good evening. right now. it's unknown. just how many members of the cal berkeley football team have will. >> be forced to sit because of this latest covid concern. how many players have tested positive. but several players in recent days have been very vocal about the testing procedures being done here on campus. many of them have taken to social media to a voice in vent. their frustrations 24 players actually missed last week's game against arizona because of covid rules among the players forced to sit out was quarterback chase chase
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garbers yesterday on twitter. garber said that players were frustrated with the university's health system and question why players were being tested. he said that the school along with the berkeley health department. we're not providing enough clarity enough information on why the team was being regularly tested. garber said that they were told that the testing was not mandated but only recommended by school officials defensive back to luke buckhead. meanwhile, tweeted that the university health system even went as far as telling players that they could be arrested for refusing to take those covid-19 test. even if they show no symptoms. but according to the pac, 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to submit to surveillance testing. cal berkeley as athletic director addressed the media just a few hours ago about the concerns and he says that the school is doing just simply following protocols set forth by the school along with berkeley public health. >> the goal posts have been the same since we started
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this. you know, we've we've got a university health system with medical doctors who are our experts. and we've got the same type of expertise at berkeley public health and throughout the entire pandemic. 2 years. you know, the university of california berkeley has accepted recommendations from berkeley public health on how to deal with this pandemic safely. and and that's exactly what we did last week. you know, they they gave us recommendations and we implemented those recommendations to keep our kids safe. >> officials say that 99.5% of the 117 member football staff is currently vaccinated. that includes players and coaches. when asked how many were not vaccinated. jim knowlton said that was around 2 people. but can i clarify or specify exactly who they were. but he did say that those 2 people who are currently not vaccinated as part of the cal
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berkeley football team previously did contract covid-19 but would not say as to the reasons why those 2 people are currently not vaccinated as we mentioned, the game against usc has now been rescheduled for december. 4th. but the bears are set to next take on the stanford cardinals in stanford on november 20th. we're live tonight outside of memorial stadium on the cal berkeley campus jonathan mccall kron 4 news. all right, jonathan, thank you for that. now to another big story tonight. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin will face a recall election next year. department of elections has certified the recall petition which collected 83,000 signatures a special election will take place on june 7th for say that sacking following this story tonight. she joins us live now from the city with more taylor. >> well, this all comes as jason beatings faced growing criticism and his handling of several high-profile cases. and of course a growing concern of public safety here
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in the city. i spoke with campaigners on each side of the battle tonight. you have a very different opinion on his success so far. >> a special election will now take place in san francisco on june 7th determining the fate of district attorney dean on tuesday. the department of elections certified a petition seeking the recall of booting those campaigning to remove the district attorney from office submitted 83,000 signatures to election officials, which is about 32,000 more than what is required to put the measure on the ballot. the recall will be lumped in with many other measures in the local june election. john arts with the department of elections explains how this recall will be a bit different as will not see a list of candidates to potentially replace the person being rick. >> who is being asked whether to be recalled or not. so in san francisco, voters decide the question. yes or no, that the recall is successful than the mayor appoints someone to fill vacancy that occurred due
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to the recall. the question comes after teens faced growing criticism for his handling of several high-profile cases to franciscans. don't feel safe with this district attorney. >> he's demonstrated time and again, his inability and incompetence in terms of holding repeat offenders accountable and offenders continue to burglarize. rob assault harm and in some cases have caused fatalities to to franciscan citizens until people were >> andrea shorter with the saver, san francisco without campaign says we can have both criminal justice reform in public safety but says we shouldn't have to choose between the 2. meanwhile, zach heene with jason blue jeans campaign against the recall argues the district attorney has followed through with his campaign promises crime in san francisco is not a new phenomenon that began when jason being took office at the beginning of 2020.
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unfortunately, our opposition has the goal. and so they have been able to create this rhetoric and his narrative that. >> he is responsible for crime in the city. and when we look at the statistics. without question. crime has gone down and almost every major category. >> now voters decide to remove chance of from office in june, mayor london breed within of appoint a replacement until someone could be elected in the next election in november. for now live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> new tonight at a san francisco mayor london breed is backing another recall effort. the one to recall 3. san francisco unified school board members that effort to remove board. president gabriela lopez vice president bogut moliga and commissioner allison collins was launched back in february after the district announced that it was not bringing middle and high
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school students back to campus. the recall campaign released a statement that reads, quote, we like to thank mayor breed for indoor say the recall of all 3 commissioners throughout the pandemic. she's been a strong advocate for our children. we hope every elected official follows her example in, quote, the recall election will be held february 15th valley man facing criminal charges for participating in the january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol. >> is seeking asylum in belarus. this is according to that country, state television, the man kevin newman acknowledged in an interview that he was at the capitol on january 6. but he rejected the charges which include assaulting police obstruction and other offenses in the interview in belarus. newman says he believes he did not commit a crime. us court documents state that newman stood at the front of a police barricade wearing a red make america great again hat as a mob of pro trump rioters forced their way past
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officers. prosecutors say newman taunted and screamed at police before putting on a gas mask over his face and trending. one officer saying police would be overrun by the crowd. he has since been traveling across europe and said he crossed illegally into belarus to seek asylum. belarus does not have an extradition treaty with the united states kron four's. dan thorn is working to get more information about new have an update for us coming up on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> meantime, the house committee investigating the u.s. capitol. riot is issuing 10 more subpoenas, most of them top personnel in the trump white house among the people subpoena. kaylee met mcenany, the former white house press secretary stephen miller, senior adviser to former president trump and nicholas luna mister trump's personal assistant, those people and 7 others must turn over documents by november the 23rd, the depositions are scheduled throughout december.
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well, america is still waiting for president biden to sign the infrastructure bill. after months of infighting among the democrats, the house finally saved up with the senate passing a bipartisan trillion-dollar infrastructure measure so what's this going to mean for californians. are there any hurdles left jump before the bill is finally signed into law. >> grant lodes is here now with those answers grant i can type. last week was a lesson in washington politics and trying to ram a bill through somehow, some way. this next phase, at least the white house hopes is a lesson in pr and how do we market this thing. how do we communicate to the american people what this bill will do for them. so that is next. california, though. going to be a lot of money 45 billion dollars coming to this state from that infrastructure bill in the coming years and that will cover a wide range of products. everything from charging stations for electric vehicles to cleaning up contaminated drinking water. 2 members of congress from california. you have senator
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alex padilla. you also have representative zoe lofgren were in the south bay today celebrating the bill's passage with local leaders, but also sharing some specific details about what this bill will do for california. it's the lawmakers say it is important for people in the bay area and beyond to know what's in the bill and how it's going to help their community. >> california will re more than 25 billion dollars to repair our roads and highways over 600 million dollars our transportation system for extreme weather. and wildfire. >> in addition to fixing roads and updating transit systems federal money will also be used for safer water supplies, better wi-fi, access and other projects that could lead to more housing. the bill passed over the weekend. but president biden still has not signed it into law. the president says he is going to sign the bill sometime this week, but he's waiting for both houses of congress to
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return from recess. and once it is signed a new challenge awaits the administration with declining poll numbers. the president is hoping new projects stemming from the infrastructure bill will improve people's lives and help boost his popularity as we head into the midterm election cycle next year. the white house is planning an aggressive sales campaign for this bill with biden planning trips across the u.s. to speak about the impacts of the legislation. the administration is also deploying the heads of the transportation energy interior and commerce departments as well as the environmental protection agency administrator and top white house aides all hands on deck to speak about the bill on national and local media. the president also has to focus on his social spending bill which some democrats had hoped to pass along with that infrastructure bill. that didn't happen as part of the negotiation to get the infrastructure bill passed the congressional budget office is now will have to give a final
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cost estimate before a vote may take place down the road and to try to make sure the numbers from the congressional budget office match. what the white house is saying and the cbo director does not have an estimate on how long that review could take. so we'll keep you posted there. pam and ken, back to you. all right, grant, thank you very much. coming up, hoping to avoid another winter surge. >> the push to get shots into the arms of the most vulnerable ahead of the holidays. >> speaking of the holidays, thanksgiving looking to be a very busy time to travel help at the airports are expected to be. >> i'm definitely hoping that he survived hoping that he's ok and he makes a speedy recovery. >> disturbing new video shows a hit and run in the east bay and the driver suspected of coming from a nearby side show what we're learning tonight. >> and the rain is gone. the clouds remain around the bay area, how we might see a lot of fog tonight and where we'll talk about that coming up next.
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>> but happened was that the white car was neighbor from the scene you know, they came across the line. and i guess the guy. me start a run across the street that he would run across a speeding car hit him. >> a hit and run collision during an illegal sideshow injures, a man who was just trying to cross the street. the incident was captured on cell phone video shows a fast-moving car hitting that man. we froze the video before
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the collision. >> due to the graphic nature of the recording. but as the video continues, so does the driver of the vehicle. he never stopped this incident happened on telegraph near grand avenue in oakland on november 6 around 1112, 30 am following a first friday event. the man who shot this video says an ongoing sideshow caught his attention and he started to he decided to start recording. >> i heard the white car coach screeching around the corner is a sign that we see with this card to as as a follow them. i didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what i was on my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just followed it. >> oakland. police investigators say the victim actually suffered minor to moderate injuries and was taken to a local hospital. the hit and run vehicle is described as a white audi 4 door sedan with dark tinted windows. kron 4 viewer alerted us to this story. if there's something in your community, you think we should be covering send your tips to breaking news at kron 4 dot
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com. >> highway. one is back open in both directions. in pacifica. that's after 5 vehicles including a box truck were involved in an accident there. it happened along rockaway beach avenue just after 2.15, this afternoon, one person was taken to a hospital in critical condition. another person was treated for major injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight. the alleged killer of michael low made his first appearance in court today. 24 year-old kamaria strange is accused of killing the 19 year-old man last week in fairfield. >> police say it happened during a private car sale that was coordinated online. investigators say lopretta was shot to death when he went to make the purchase. it's something that his family says was pretty routine. he would often meet up with people to close online arrangements. well, forcefully to go talk with the victim's family outside court today. >> 24 year-old kamaria strange is appearance in fairfield
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superior court lasted less than 10 minutes tuesday afternoon. her attention focused on the judge never making eye contact with 19 year-old michael lopretta. his mother, jessica treat with the rest of his family and friends in the courtroom. my heart still counting kind of seeing strange for the first time. nauseating moments for a treat. >> she sat in court with her husband and michael stepfather, sean treated both saying it's important commit to having a visible presence as this case moves forward just to speak you. i don't know what that looks like. just jet streams did not enter a plea during her appearance. the judge accepting her public defenders request to postpone the arraignment. bail is off the table at the end of the proceedings, the prosecution confirming with the judge that they do not intend to pursue the death penalty. a decision michael's mother supports. it doesn't bring him back. they have a family chanced ranges, family and friends declined to
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speak with us on thursday afternoon. fairfield police say kamaria strange killed michael during a meeting arranged online. >> michael sit to fairfield where he intended to buy a car from the defendant at some point, shots were fired and the deal turned deadly. his family disputes any characterization of the incident as a robbery gone wrong. what robbery goes right robbery is not okay. it's not normal. and by saying this is a robbery gone wrong. >> it normalizes that that's ok and it's not ok and. >> that that aria strange is due back in court friday in fairfield feliepe to go all kron. 4 news. >> a big bust in the south bay san jose. police have arrested this man adrian molina. they say he was supplying drugs to sub dealers and career criminals. they arrested molina last month while serving a search warrant. that's what police say they found $20,000 worth of meth amphetamine, which is about 10
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pounds and 6 pounds or $12,000 worth of marijuana. police say they also found the 2 handguns that you see on your screen. alina is currently booked into the santa clara county jail. the big story tonight. pfizer is now seeking authorization from the fda for its covid-19 booster shot. >> for anyone. age 18 or older. the company is submitting early results of a booster study involving 10,000 people which shows that a booster shot could restore protection against symptomatic infection, too 96% currently both the pfizer and moderna boosters are approved only for people 65 years old and up or those with compromised immune systems. if the fda grants a request, it would fulfill the biden administration's goal of providing booster shots for all adults in the east bay, people in berkeley can now register for a shot for children between the ages of 5.11. the next clinic will be happening on november 13th. that's this coming saturday at
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rosa parks elementary school over the weekend. the clinic at malcolm x elementary vaccinated 200 students. we have more information on vaccine clinics all over the bay area on our website at kron. 4 dot com. >> let's check on our 4 zone forecast looking at the golden gate bridge on this tuesday night. boy, this time last night we were looking at rain, but it's a dry but foggy night. tonight, yep kron, 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the foggy conditions in other parts of the bay area. yeah. the rain is gone. but all that moisture left behind. now we're seeing some of that fog developing to ground fog likely to develop around the bay area and that means well, some dense fog for driving conditions early tomorrow for the commute can watch out for that. but boy, what an ice storm we had moved by and lingered in some spots. the vince showers continuing on and off into the afternoon. things now just cloudy outside and mostly dry but rain not bad at all. how about this almost 3 inches of rain in mill valley over 2 inches of rain in petaluma. alright 2
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inch rain in mill valley over an inch of rain in petaluma san francisco, almost an inch of rain. oakland. how about that 87 hunters. just a drop in the bucket in san jose. but this is where it gets very impressive this where we sit today as we're looking at the rainfall total since october. 1st. we've had over 8 inches of rain that has 543% of normal in san francisco, san jose over 2 inches of rain, 275% of normal. look at oakland over 6 inches of rain this year. that is 470% of normal in santa rosa very wet. there were 13 inches rain, 550% of normal looks like we are going to get a little break in the rain right now. but so far a great start to the season. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. >> getting in arms and fighting misinformation at the same time, a new plan from the white house to get school age children vaccinated and you better plan ahead. so you're not late for thanksgiving din
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>> like most holidays. far this year. experts are expecting a big bounce back in thanksgiving, travel, aaa predicting overall more than 53 million americans are getting out of town for thanksgiving. that's a 13% increase from last year's numbers last year. about 2 million people flew with thanksgiving that number is expected to rise to 4 million this year. boosted, of course, by the recent border reopenings and a rise in
8:27 pm
international travel as for where people are traveling for thanksgiving day. warmer destinations seem to be top of the mine places like orlando, honolulu and phoenix. if you're already started decorating for christmas. you might consider yourself a jolly person. new research listed in the journal of environmental psychology finds that. >> people who put up their christmas decorations early tend to be happier and friendlier psychologists say christmas decorations or nostalgia can bring people back to simpler and happier times. researchers add they also help boost. don't mean in the brain. so if you you're feeling like a grinch this season. you might consider putting up your christmas tree early. >> next tonight on kron, 4 news today to avoid another surge bay area health experts have suggestions to keep you safe and healthy as winter approaches plus up foul problem in foster city. why the city says these geese have got to go and pay more and
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more at the pump. we are looking at the rise in gasoline prices around the bay area where you may
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>> welcome back. our top story tonight at 8.30, increasing covid cases and hospitalizations in california as bay area infectious disease experts worried about a potential. another surge and kron four's. dan kerman got their suggestions for staying safe during the winter season. >> i think we have to be very
8:31 pm
circumscribed. and what we do over the holidays because of this rising number of cases right now. bay area infectious disease experts are sounding the alarm about a rise in covid cases in california. >> they've moved kind of a a a level of about 5,000 cases a day. >> couple of weeks ago up to 6,000 cases a day. most recently is around numbers. and i'm concerned that we're starting to see the start of a a winter surge. there's also a rise in hospitalizations but not to the degree we saw last year because. >> now so many people are vaccinated, but immunity is starting to wane, especially for those vaccinated early. it's a great concern for people who really need the people 65 or over people with underlying conditions that put them in. >> it's significant risk for a bad outcome if they get infected with covid. these are folks who really need to get the booster in. we're not seeing enough of that population get get the boost. >> medical experts say getting
8:32 pm
the booster becoming fully vaccinated is the best protection you can have, especially with the holidays coming up. but rapid tests can also play a role. but thanksgiving day another no gatherings. we have met multiple family members coming together been from different parts of the country or the region or. >> multiple hospitals coming together under one roof. under you know, showed me around the same table. rapid antigen testing that day. so actually make it part of your thanksgiving with teams. you're going to get together with another household. do a test in the if that test is negative. it's a really strong sign that you're not likely infected or infectious to others. so you can really be more sure that everyone is gathered together. isn't putting any one us at risk. >> if we are in fact seeing the beginning of a winter surge. what remains to be seen is how bad it will be. that's why infectious disease experts say we're really racing against the clock to get younger people vaccinated and getting the booster to those most at risk at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> teachers, parents and school leaders gathered at patton elementary school alum ad today to shine a light on school safety measures in the middle of the pandemic. the school district has provided layers of protection at the schools this year, including masking hand hygiene rules proper, ventilation and classrooms and a regular covid testing program testing in elementary schools takes place 2 times per month during the school day and students say they feel safer because of it. >> i like getting tested it i feel my seat you don't get tested and someone had covid thing you would get sick my did have a covid case, but we were able to space ourselves from the other classes and keep everyone safe. and thankfully no one else sick. >> due to the working safety practices across the state. california has had the fewest covid related school closures in the nation.
8:34 pm
>> with children ages 5 to 11 finally approved for covid-19 by administration is encouraging local school help get shots in a student's arms. the administration is providing tools and resources to help school set up their own vaccine clinics. the white house is also asking schools to help educate parents on the benefits and safety of the covid shots. it's all part of an effort to stop misinformation and vaccine hesitancy which some fear may run higher because children are now involved. >> we want to make sure that every parent has the opportunity to protect their child from covid-19. >> when parents get those facts get those insert. they will be more inclined to getting their kids vaccinated. >> the biden administration says about 28 million children between 5.11 are eligible for the shot. pfizer's study shows it's shot is more than 90% effective at stopping covid-19 infections in children. the fda also says the shots are very safe for kids to get.
8:35 pm
>> well, the rain is gone. let's check the weather for the rest of this week. you're looking at the san mateo bridge tonight seems like it's pretty busy out there. but certainly people christmas shopping or is it too soon. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was what's going on out you know, just heard some christmas know it here we go. but yeah. headed to the hall days not too far away now. but yeah, we're looking at the fog settling in tonight get ready. it's going to be pretty thick out there. all that rain around the bay area looking toward sfo. no delays. >> the reported sfo oakland or san jose now. but that may be a different story by tomorrow morning is that fog really starts to settle in by the early morning hours outside right now we're drying things out. looking dry on the doppler radar. the fog has moved in more of an onshore breeze beginning to kick. but mainly just a light note. those gusty winds like we have with that front moving through last night. so those winds subside overnight tonight. those are really perfect conditions with the amount of moisture left behind by those raindrops to get a whole lot of that thick ground fog also
8:36 pm
call radiation fog developing in many of the injured about. we'll see that by tomorrow morning. your commute. yeah. be extra careful especially early tomorrow morning. parts of the north and the east bay expecting some very dense fog, maybe some spots down to less than a mile visibility and that will be thick through the early morning hours at about 9 o'clock or so that all lifting that goes winner visibilities turn out to be very nice. but big change in the weather pattern now that cold front that brought the storm lee conditions that is going to slide out of town. high pressure building in behind that. that ridge of high pressure going to really dry things out not only for tomorrow but i think in the long range as well. we may not be talking about more rain. ali, significant rain to maybe about thanksgiving. so got a couple weeks away here before we worry about temperatures outside right now. we've got 59 degrees in san francisco, 60 in oakland. 62 degrees in san jose 57 in lemore 58 and they are seeing some true fog now in concord, 55 degrees in santa rosa. we're going to continue to see more of that fog on the way. but change is headed toward the weekend.
8:37 pm
we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. now to a warning at lake bell ball in alameda county. the department of water resources has issued a dangerous algae bloom advisory. >> swimmers and boaters are encouraged to stay out of the water exposure to the bacteria can cause irritation of the eyes and nose and mouth. other symptoms include headaches rashes all vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. the algae bloom is also dangerous for your pets. coming up, tired of supply chain problems. still ahead, how shoppers are changing their habits as those problems persist. plus, want to avoid a trip to the dmv. the new option available to the east bay drivers. but first, a gaggle of geese causing problems on the peninsula. one city solution that is upsetting some that is upsetting some residents. when a truck hit my car,
8:38 pm
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>> a dramatic increase in the population of canada, geese in foster city is prompting the city council to approve a plan that could include killing some of the birds in order to keep the numbers down. according to foster city with no natural predators and wants to eat their the number of canada geese has shot up. >> 78% from last june to this june. but it's not so much the birds that are really getting feathers ruffled out there. it's their droppings which not only make a mess but also
8:41 pm
fouls up the water. so after years of trying nonlethal means of keeping the numbers down the foster city council voted unanimously in favor of the geese mitigation plan that could allow for lethal methods. but not everybody is on board. >> it's not about eradicating them or eliminating them. it's about controlling and managing the population. i the non lethal methods, the best. >> and i don't agree with them. and the resort to killing any keys. >> the geese are protected migratory acceso officials would have to apply for a federal permit to trap and kill the birds. if granted the permit could last up to a year. and lisa methods will be used alongside nonlethal once. >> 3 mountain lion cubs injured and orphaned in the california wildfires last year are now living at the columbus zoo and aquarium in ohio. the 3 cubs underwent rehabilitation together at the oakland zoo. one of the cubs
8:42 pm
even required surgery to address burns and injuries that he suffered. but the facility in oakland was too small to house them all. so they were taken in by the which gave them a for ever home. coming up, filling up for $5. a gallon where you will find some of the bay area's most expensive prices at the pump. >> and in sports, the sharks still short-handed looking to get back on track as they begin their road trip in calgary. sports director jason
8:43 pm
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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>> if you plan on driving for the holiday season expect to pay a lot at the pump area. gasoline prices are now edging into record territory. kron four's. rob fladeboe reports from san jose where a gallon of regular gas is now selling for more than $5 at some stations. >> here on the corner of blossom. hill in snow avenue in san jose. 2 stations are selling a gallon of regular for over 5 bucks. a gallon. well, a 3rd is at 4.99 and people are digging deep to pay for it. and a college student. i commute an hour away. so it's really expensive. regular gas prices have hit an all-time high in some parts of the bay area. aaa says the average price for regular unleaded in san francisco is $4.84. a gallon. it's 4.76 in san jose. and for 75 in oakland discount outlets like rotten robbie are some $0.40 cheaper. robinson oil ceo tom
8:46 pm
robinson. what's going on? you always have to start with crude oil. >> and crude oil wasn't that long ago in the 40's and now it's over. 80 and so we're crude. oil goes gasoline prices will go california's gas prices are among the highest in the nation in the bay area is tops in california. higher taxes are partly to blame but supply and demand is also at work here with the pandemic. also playing rule says robinson. and that's that's really an issue that is way bigger than just just the energy sector sector. you know, there's there's a lot of demand on a lot of products, lot of services, lot of stuff and and and that's why you've got some of the supply challenges. and it's not just gas diesel will set you back 4.86 a gallon on average. that's up from 3.50 a gallon one year ago. and yes, that 5 bucks a gallon reflects california's carbon fuel standards cap and trade and excise taxes generally, what
8:47 pm
you'll see is in california. the fuel is going to cost you at least a dollar more than almost every other state in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news rising grocery prices are leading many american families to make some changes restaurant industry. analysts say americans are cutting back on steak consumption. >> as rising prices hurt wallets nationwide shoppers are switching to less expensive meat such as chicken or pork and moving more to store-brand meat then specialty brands prices for products such as rib-eye steak climbed about 40% last year. our since last year, which is leading more shoppers to look for bargains. >> in the east bay drivers can now complete some dmv tasks using self kiosks inside a post office. there are 5 new locations like these all across california. the one in oakland is inside the post office on 7th street. this replaces a trip to the dmv office instead, drivers can renew their registration, get
8:48 pm
a vehicle record as well as other functions and these functions are available in multiple different languages. there are also dmv kiosks and other locations besides post offices, you'll find a full list of locations on the dm these web site. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the sharks still short-handed 7 players and their head coach are still in covid protocol. none currently allowed to even enter canada. that's where the first stop of calgary second period. brent burns offensive. great pass right here and alexander brabant off lights. the lamp one. nothing chart late in the period. we have a scrum in front of the net. gets poke in celebration. they challenge
8:49 pm
the goal to no avail. one, nothing 1, 1, tie. then the 3rd period. that slogan could tour with a wrister beautiful. there sharks added to empty net goals late they win 4 to one. they snap a two-game losing streak. one of the all-time greats in mls history has scored his final goal. san jose earthquakes star chris wondolowski announced his retirement after a 17 year mls career on sunday and today the organization had a final sendoff for the danville native in de la sow grad wando is the league's all-time leading goalscorer with a 171 he was named the league's most valuable player in 2012 and he's a 2 time mls cup champion to clap for that. and even though he's hanging up his cleats wando in going anywhere. he's staying with the quakes as a special assistant to the general manager. >> i think that this is this was the right time and again,
8:50 pm
i think that the way it's all working no regrets having the fans and being able to to experience it with them being able to celebrate with that made it special and that mated, you know, kind of give me some closure as well. you know, that this is a great a great in fort. >> all right. i know it sounds cliche, but covering steph curry truly is a tree and we have to appreciate it while he's still playing for the 10th time in his career. steph had a 50 piece with some fries. a large coke, all that good stuff last night against the hawks. he's actually the oldest player in league history to have 50 points and 10 assists. that's a stat that he probably doesn't want me telling everybody he hates being the elder statesman on the team. but look year 13 for staff and this production. it does not happen by accident. it's all about loving the process. >> understand i'm blessed to play this game feel healthy ask them in position where.
8:51 pm
i'm still have joy and love what i do and who i get to do front of and all that. so. in whatever it takes to, you know, maintain and i have a pretty good understanding and clarity around with that. is this what you rely on, especially through 82 games because it's a lot so you kind of get lost in the process and it keeps reaping benefits. so state would. >> warriors. they're back in action tomorrow night. they're taking on the timberwolves in that we have another game on friday against the bulls and that'll be the end of their eight-game homestand. so it's been a long home stand and they won 5 in a row have best record in the league at 9 in one. so a lot to celebrate with the going to say where is right now coming out of the back so strong. yes. sure. all right. thanks, jason. coming up this. you've been putting off a dream for a long time.
8:52 pm
we're going to introduce you to an 89 year-old is showing that. >> you're never too old to >> you're never too old to achieve your goals. don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> what you hope to achieve when you retire. oh, for one rhode and the answer was pretty clear. he wanted to go back to school, become a physicist. kim kalunian introduces us to the 89 year-old man who just received his phd meet doctor manfred
8:55 pm
steiner. okay. and that see to hear manfred steiner talk about physics. i like the big picture because fun to feed theory and it shows a picture of the field is to understand the gravitational pull some things inexplicably have on us. i set this a spy. >> always was my dream physics. i wanted this to be fishes since since his boyhood days in vienna. steiner wanted to study the science of matter and its behavior in time and space. but why one worked procesion 9 physics. you know, a very a bus. a lot of them actually too. but you can go to precision. that is unmatched that scientific without physics his own. steiner has devoted his life's work to the scientific world earning his md and then his first phd in biochemistry. he became a humid ta lidge us to searching blood disorders at brown university in treating
8:56 pm
patients at local hospitals when retirement eventually rolled around. >> steiner wasn't ready to stop learning or give up on his lifelong goal. so it's 70. he started taking physics courses at brown one or 2 classes system estimates enough for me. >> and so i went to out of the classes. and eventually i made it of graduate school in the knesset. well, not like that continue. not >> might as well get a phd. then in mid september he successfully defended his thesis is that correct? tons of geometrical into protection it earned him his second phd. this one. >> in his beloved physics. i was i was i mean. i said i made made it now. reached what i always wanted now. i want to do it. i mean, i know i'm going to be 90 soon. physics is what interests me. and this is what i want to end my luck
8:57 pm
with >> that's just so wonderful. that kalunian reporting came balance. my checkbook how well, that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at vicki standing by kron 4 news at night think i might be happy to just accomplish it prospered on that. the balance checkbooks anymore right. cool. and you still use to. as a i that's good. what else is good about 4 news and there's a whole brouhaha in berkeley on cal's campus usc. >> we'll begin with cal. coming up this weekend. not anymore. game has been postponed golden bears deal with the covid outbreak in the schools protocols. they're drawing the ire of some star players how the athletic director tonight is responding to their concerns and francisco voters are going to head to the polls for another recall election next year. why
8:58 pm
the special election to recall. >> dha said team will look different than the one to recall. governor newsome. those stories. >>
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news differences can still feel safe with this district attorney. >> he's demonstrated time and again, his inability and incompetence.


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