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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 9, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> you missed just slept through everything. i mean, you look at stormtracker 4 and you see the rain is moving out. but we still have highlights of what we've been through this morning. we did. yeah. i mean, you'll still be dealing with wet roads. yeah. not much rain as what we saw a little bit earlier. let's get the latest on it. we've got john standing by with our forecast. see how the rest of the day's going to pan is it all going to clear some pointers tonight just a grey. yes. so we will see some clearing just got to be patient with it today because for most of the morning, even
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early afternoon. we're going to stay pretty gray. and a little damp out there seeing decreasing intensity and widespread nature of that rain, though. so we're certainly passed the heaviest part of it. >> that was in fact, during your overnight hours last night. still, as you look outside, though, you're berkeley hills cam. it is damp out there. we still do have these light on and off showers seeing far fewer of them than we did earlier this morning. a few sprinkles around logan need us up in the north bay as well as from napa through american canyon down allay envoy who up to fairfield along 80 definitely still wet few sprinkles as well out in the east bay mostly in the oakland. san leandro hayward hills as you're driving up 5.80, from hayward over towards dublin. watch out for some slick spots there with active rainfall. also some showers on the peninsula around san mateo right along 2.80 a little drier for the south bay. but roadways are wet for you as well. it's also breezy. so it's cool. it's cloudy. it's wet. you just want to come layered up as you're venturing outside today later on today. we will see winds calming down conditions.
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also starting to clear out. you can see that in future cast. actually some hints of sunshine towards mid afternoon and into the evening tonight, some clear skies. so it's got to wait for it. we do have a really nice finish the day your evening commute is going to be a piece of cake after a wet conditions this morning 50's for current temperatures. we will see 60's for highs. i'll talk about that. what to expect for the rest of the week. still ahead, john, thank you for that. we've got slick conditions all over the bay area this morning. so if you're traveling crockett down towards the maze. it will take you a little under 40 minutes to make that drive got really flooding all along 5 1880 is a traveling to berkeley and emeryville. >> once you do reach the maze heading into the city. still 26 minutes for your driving at high winds slick conditions that has really been slowing us down this morning as you head a richmond across towards sandra fell a little under 13 with those slick conditions. as you can see, and about a 20 minute commute improved from last time we checked in the san mateo bridge. we're almost
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at 30 heading across towards the peninsula in the south bay got a new accident. northbound 8.80, north of stevens creek boulevard. so we're keeping a close eye on things here. and another traffic collision in concord southbound to 42 south of salon away. darya james, back to you. all right, 9. '02, is the time right now. the wind chimes about going crazy. so can see the wind has passed, but earlier this morning and overnight, a tree came down. so it was run that wind rain or a combo, you kind of make that out was across the street and came down. there's better video of it. >> it fell down in the middle of the street luckily avoided the cars that were parked. there bonnie avenue and crews have spent the rest of the morning trying to top it all up. so that was a look at rohnert park while you were sleeping and we were driving to work it looked a lot worse out this morning. we had to go some puddles and you have a lot of wind right up this was meek crossing the bay bridge heading to san francisco wind advisory was in effect. at that point the rain was coming down. >> pretty decently. in fact, a lot part of the they are still dealing with that. i guess
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even this morning. once i got into the city, though it seemed to be a little bit calmer when you're not driving so fast through it. and this what it looked like along the embarcadero up by the exploratory. are you saying that like i was driving so fast. no, no, that's because here's my video. i was coming in on south. i want to want out. so pass unlucky drive which didn't have falling. but this is southbound. it's the northbound side. you got to worry about. >> and i did kind like that with what i don't know if was hydroplaning. i just kind of, you know, the water spread up in my and i was not. i was going about 50 miles an hour. and of course, when it's real traffic out there like it is now you probably can't go that fast. anyway. and the usual suspects speaking a lucky were flooded and it talking about local flooding in neighborhoods like in sandra fell 2 weeks ago we had some intersections under water. and this was one of on woodland via street. this is this morning. >> when i left, i sold there it is again, i hope it doesn't flood any homes. >> and we also had parks to the had to be shut down so that now they can clean up any of the debris that had come down during the storm up in
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sonoma county, hood mountain foothill regional parks they're shut down today so they can do that work to make sure it's all safe enough for you to enjoy the trails and then near woods up in marin county. they typically open up at 8 o'clock, but they didn't do that this morning. they're going to push that until 10 get there employees enough time to get out there. just make sure all the trails are safe. but that's the thing is thinking of doing the work when there's a storm look. and there's a ton of leaves. >> and you got the guy blowing them where you think you're going to wind up only cleaned the gutters out his big piles. and that's the problem. you have to pick them up. will slip. we've called >> and the you can. you can keep track of the storm where it's headed. everything else on our come for dot com app. and if you scan this qr code take you right to that spot. we've been asking also to share your video and pictures of not just storm damage. i'd rather see like your in the rain or your kids. of in the yeah. that's much, much more fun. we've been sharing this up morning and we still will. we have much more of that to come. that's right. >> and we should also update
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you on the latest with the xfinity internet outage. we saw a big spike earlier this morning. so we've got a couple graphics to share with you as we update you may now carry out some people cannot. okay. if you're watching us, you have internet and you probably have your abbott. these people don't. yes. so the bay area, as you can see on the national map was hit hardest by and other outages. the places around new and then here is the spike that we're talking about about 6 o'clock this morning. we started getting word from a lot of folks at their internet had gone out and certainly here shows upwards of one more than 50,000 customers were in in the dark when it comes to internet for a time now that's down to about 2000. so comcast is doing their job, get trying to get it restored as much as possible. >> time now is 9. '06, and. you may have a hard time getting fast food today because a lot of fast food workers are saying we're not going to work that could impact your lunch plans. we've got kron four's will tran standing by. >> in campbell out in front of a burger king and that's actually one of the fast food places taking part, right. well. they will go on strike
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at noon. so if you come down here, you can go through the drive-thru or you can go inside and get a burger or whatever you want. you're good to go for now become noon. >> you might not get your order because instead of being inside, they will walk outside and go on strike. so we know this location and then there's another location in oakland hagan burger at the jack in the box. but this is a statewide strike among fast-food workers. this time they are not fighting. >> for the $15 jumping off point that a lot of places are looking for a lot of employees want in this particular case, they want protection. they want to try to. >> get protection in terms of covid-19 and violence covid-19. they said that they have been placed at risk throughout this whole covid pandemic here. and that's why they want to have the franchises and the corporations step in and do something about that. >> also, believe it or not,
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the violence they've been told, according to allegedly some of the people. they said that if there's any violence in sight. the workplace here with the customers and let's face it, some customers might not like the order that for them to go inside the bathrooms and locked themselves inside and so the perpetrator leaves the location. the bottom line is it's like most strikes. james and area. there is a chance that some workers could be inside. and so you can probably get your food, but there's a good chance they will be outside as this is being led by their unions as well. and by lawmakers. >> because there is a bill that could be right in front of lawmakers come january to address these very same issues that these workers plan to walk off the job in little less than 3 hours from now. brown bag it. if you can bring leftovers. i was raised on leftovers james and mary and nothing wrong with a good the first day as good the second day now and will you've talked
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you've been out and about over these months with the covid stories. >> talking like people work in grocery stores or pharmacies or fast food and their jobs. they didn't bargain for this like their jobs changed in the pandemic. they became like frontline workers. yeah. like mask. police in and people would confront them. that never happened before. >> no, there is a guy who looks just like me who is the front line workers. well, and been told to be safe but were face to face is well. so it's just the risk of the job fortunately kron. we make sure that everybody is safe. we actually drove in separate cars. but for them, i mean face to face a little bit harder. so that's what they were fighting for as well. it's a whole new world night, not trying to say anything about you guys. but you guys remember, you guys had to be separated. well, you nothing like talking to strangers sure. exactly. and then you don't know what they come. yeah. they bring to number you had you would be mask and you have the mike extenders when you talk to people to didn't want to catch covid. so we
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definitely sympathize those fast food you will and knew he had to work around you to get along. our. >> 9 o 9 is a time right now and there's a as a assault case that they're trying to solve right now and they're hoping for your help. we have new pictures of a man who attacked this woman who is blind. he followed her from a target in cupertino. yeah, very creepy case. kron 4, sarah stinson actually following the very latest now joining us with this. >> new new images basically, sarah that police are hoping will crack this case wide open. >> yeah, the sheriff's office here in santa clara county desperate to find this man suspected of assaulting the blind woman in cupertino and it happened 6 months ago and they have done everything they know to try and solve this type of case. they have clear photos they've tracked down every lead. and unfortunately now they're at the point where they said we need the help of the public and that often really helps in in cases like this. take a look at your screen. we have screen shots
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from surveillance video and you can see right there on your screen who they're talking about here. now, this happened back on may 5th deputies say the man first started following the legally blind woman at a coffee shop. he made flirtatious advantages towards the woman, but she declined she continued to she walked to target you know, do some errands and then at the target the man continued to fall over there. and when she left, she got some things he looks like he got some things to you leaves with a bag. >> he followed her to the area of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road. now apparently the man he walked up to her, held her against her will and then sexually assaulted her now, fortunately there was a bystander. he was on break from work. he saw the whole thing from inside his car. he honked his horn he said, hey, stop that you want to prevent this from continuing and the man it worked because the man ran off on foot. he was seen running to his car it's a silver syon. and of course, we don't have the license plates, but we do have something very unique in the dashboard. take a listen.
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>> there appears to be 3 small type of toy cars fixed to the dashboard. take a look at those. someone out there might have seen that car either. they've lived there. that person currently live with that person or they might say, hey, looking at those photos. hey, i might have were used to work with that person and please give us a call. you can come in and honestly, you can e-mail, son honestly as well. >> sheriff's office deputies are calling this brazen despicable act and they are asking for your help. they want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. and so we put all of those pictures that we just showed you in the video on our website. kron 4 dot coms. you can review them and maybe you could be the one to help solve this case. for now reporting in san jose. sarah stinson back to you, sara. just curious, did that. car have a front license plate because it was a pretty good shot of the guy. >> and did they get the license >> no it's a silver scion and that it no license plate on
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the front against the style of those cars. so that's the unfortunate part of it. but i mean, there's some unique parts of it. yeah, there is a clear shot of him. you know, he's wearing a mask. but if i saw that person say later at the gas you know. oh, yeah, that man is in. of course. >> call the sheriff's. all right. we'll make a break in this. thank you. >> 9.13 is the time and again still following the weather down. yes. still following some isolated showers across the bay. the heaviest stuff is definitely pass. but as you can see, right above a word right 5.80, is you're crossing over to dublin. still some light showers. i've got the details in your forecast. >> and we still have some hot spots out there. even at the 9 o'clock hour, we'll get a look at that and your s
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a hot, buttery treasure loaded with a fresh cracked egg, cheese and sausage or bacon. and to top it off, right now, they're just a buck. a buck? now there's no reason to go somewhere else. choose wisely. choose wendy's. >> 9.16 right now. and we have some new video of it raining in corte madera. >> it's little windy, too. it does. this is right up the corridor accident town all looks like you just have a little extra time still still raining down and still light rain out there. it's just enough to keep the roads wet. so. >> still slick. and conditions out there are going to be a little bit wet throughout the rest of the morning. but towards the afternoon. >> we will start to see it drying out and the sunshine reappears. so we are looking at conditions this morning in santa rosa. around one 0.7, 7 inches of rainfall. an inch 3 quarters. pretty good for
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stuart. live storm like this danville as well as san francisco. 3 quarters of an inch of rain in the oakland hills nearing an inch of it. i'll keep those numbers updated as we continue to see some light showers pushing through light sprinkles out there really just across the bay. it's misty conditions to just sprinkling at this point. you're seeing some of those on 92 crossing the bay. a long 5.80, between hayward and dublin and then also little on the drier side for the south bay. but sprinkles in the vicinity for sure. often on light showers continue to the rest of the morning we dry things out come the afternoon more and more sunshine towards the finish of the day. low pressure areas. what's brought us this rain. it's going to be followed up by a building ridge of high pressure, which is really going to result in some big drier changes for the rest of this forecast. so from the 60's we go for your daytime highs today. up into the 70's. by the time we reach thursday and the weekend ahead looks really nice with mid 70's by friday, saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine into the finish to the week. so maybe you're a little weary
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from the rain and the cooler temperatures will get back out there and enjoy this short lived warm-up that we have because on the other side of the 7 day forecast towards the middle of next week. looks like we've got more much needed rain on the way. reyna. >> right. we have some on spots out there. we've been following this one. this along highway one southbound and northbound side that this is out in reyes, petaluma road out in point reyes at that station. we had a down tree and wires. so they had to shut that down. it looks like it's going to be down until about 1 o'clock this afternoon. if you are in that area of point reyes, all lanes close. the vital got an accident. this just popped up right now southbound one. oh, one north of west 37. so now we're starting to see delays along one. oh, one as you're traveling through that area heading into the city. still an uptick in traffic. high winds as well. it's slick and wet a little under 28 minutes as you're traveling to that fremont street exit the richmond sandra fell bridge. you can see it's still coming down at this hour as we're talking now, a little under 14 and will leave you with a look
9:19 am
at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you got high winds. a lot of improvement, though, because we were at about 30 minutes earlier darya james, back to you. time to talk winners and losers with a financial expert. rob black. and rob, i want to take a look at the numbers. >> and then i will while you with the letters all right. >> p 500, 10, 8 day winning streak as nasdaq's had 11 day winning streak. it looks like both of those will end today. we saw big reading on inflation up 8.6% mostly and gasoline price bases and car prices. ge 130 year-old company split into 3 divisions energy, health care and airspace. that's probably all the big stories we have as far okay. all right. that's a numbers with the letters. >> after. good afternoon. coming up, coursed of which sees that's the health of it. i just said the whole thing now i i can do that. but i cannot tell you what the off of it is worth. that's where you come in. >> yeah. the alphabet that we're talking about here is
9:20 am
worth. well, it was worth 23 billion back in 2004 and we were working together when the ipo it's now worth 2 trillion dollars at 2. with 12 zeros behind it. and i didn't know that i had to ask google that. that's the 3rd most valuable company behind apple and microsoft. it's up 70% this year. i would call it the pandemic. a liftoff winner because last year, this time we're all at home and world teach our kids how to use google documents and google drive for school so that for years to come. and you too pulled in 7.2 billion revenue. the recent quarter. more than twitter snap lead in all combined. so things are good. google off about a little bit goofy of a name. their moonshots in newark out, try to get hot air balloons to deliver the internet trying to get kites to deliver electricity right still a very good to very strong company. well, i you got to be and so well, we all kind of got used to going right. like you said, we learned about google.
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>> i still and i keep telling you this i'm unfamiliar trepidation about bitcoin, but it's doing well. ether is the one o one of them all. okay. but advisor. so what's going on with the clinton. bitcoin hit a record high today as did the over 68,000. i like if got smart contracts, more of an operating system per se. >> then a currency. its currency. but it's really more of an operating system for other digital current historic on in for artists, get supported and have to do writes managed properly effectively for lifetimes. >> the problem just about the problem the problem is you talked about the problem. it and they're too expensive for me already. you some guy get into late. >> yeah, whole look at the market. stay there down one half of one percent, let's around 20%, going to bind because my lifetime markets all-time highs on regular basis. all right. i think we're in the 4th inning of a digital currency were not in the 8th or 9th inning. we're
9:22 am
in the 1990's of the dot com era. kids. they're the ones who are driving and they're not wrong. there's lot of losers like the squid took in the came out last week that took people's fortunes. but for college textbook to my house, putting it into a a. block chain technology. why go through a title every time. good or contact the continued video of the concert making the block chain to cancel it over. the artist gets more money. there's some contractual language in digital currencies that beautiful daria all instance, you can pay once for kron performance today you can write it in your contract that every time play you a little bit of change and only way to do that is washington all right. now i want to go to something i think is so sad and a lot of young people. >> died at this concert. the astro fast in houston. 8 people died. now the lawsuits are starting against live nation. and probably rightfully sell com live nation is the stock of stock about last year as reopen. we're going get it went really bad of concert this weekend. 8
9:23 am
dead. >> the ages of 1427, 300 wounded. one of the stories that i can stick to it because i'm not a social commentary person, but security. they were hired one day before they were poorly trained. that's a reflection of the pandemic live nation's given refunds. but going to lawsuits. joe, they have a history of people getting hurt of their concerts in vegas route 9158 were shot that grande concert in manchester. 22 died when a terrorist bomb into the concert. you should be to sneak a bomb into a concert. travis scott had a cuts back in 2000, 19 where few people died in a stampede so as parents tarrio. we're very aware of this. yeah. and, you know, i think live nation is interesting as an investment. but don't contract isn't what it used to. >> i know. i just talked to my kids yesterday. i said unless you're buying a seat, you're not going to a concert. all right. thank rights to to to scary when a standing-room.
9:24 am
thank you, rob. if you have a question or comment drive. you can an e-mail, facebook or twitter. we'll be right back.
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>> and we're back at 9.26 happening today. we've got sonoma county hosting vaccination to schools in the county for students and their families. so the first one is set up at greenville elementary school. that clinic starts at one 30 this afternoon. the second site is out of jefferson elementary in cloverdale. that clinic will begin at 3.30 this afternoon.
9:27 am
and we also have a couple of the east bay to people in berkeley can now register for a shot for their kids between 5.11 years old. that next clinic is going to be happening on november 13th sat rosa parks elementary over the weekend. the clinic at malcolm x elementary vaccinated 200 students and we've got more information, too, on various vaccine clinics across the bay area on our website. kron 4 dot com. make sure to check it out. >> it's 9.27. and coming up, a shooting during an attempted burglary and san francisco. we'll take a look at the clues. >> and the family wants justice for their young son was killed in their car on a bay area highway by stray bullet.
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>> 99 right now. it is kind of cool shot. you know, james, you could take nice pictures like that. >> if you weren't afraid to go on the ventured outside. if you want a pair of shoes other this something that would survive the right. i know. i got to i got to get a new pair hiking shoes specifically so i could pretend like look, you're missing out, john, you get out there, take some goergia. it really doesn't cool doesn't it. it looks right now. yeah, definitely not to weigh. you can get out there and stay dry as long as you got the light rain jacket on. >> the heaviest of stuff. it's behind this now. now we're just holding on to some damp conditions. some light mist out there for sure. and as you are getting to work really the biggest concern here is it's just a little slick on the roads. we've had a couple of storms. the practice now. so it's taking a little bit
9:31 am
slower and you'll be good to go viewing outside right now at your birth, the hills camp skies have cleared up pretty nicely. so we've got the low gray overhead. we do have some isolated showers here and there you can see some of those through the car. keen as on out towards antioch is well as across the east bay. a few sprinkles right there along highway 92 from hayward san mateo that i'd like you to watch out for otherwise some showers right along highway 17 between santa cruz and san jose. that could also slow you down a bit. it is breezy. so it's cool. it's wet. it's windy. just get the jackets on and prepare for what is a full-fledged fall feeling day today. we will be seeing skies clearing out nicely come the afternoon. in fact, a little bit of sunshine later this afternoon and temperatures are already starting their climb dublin. you are very first spot to return to the 60's right at 60 degrees. oakland at 56 petaluma berkeley and san francisco each at 55 thanks for that is still slick. and what in certain areas out there like the bay
9:32 am
bridge. >> as you're heading into the city from the east bay. a little under 26 minutes. still fairly slow as you're approaching the bay bridge along 5.80 as you're traveling there. traveling to berkeley didn't that area because of the slick conditions are also seen delays crockett down towards the maze a little under 30 minutes for you. there. the richmond sandra fell commute heading to richmond where you're seeing slick conditions a little under 12 for you as you're traveling some hot spots that we have this is a pin point rays at the station theue. northbound and southbound lanes along highway want are shut down because of a downed tree and downed wires. the air from the storm up here in a bottle southbound 1, 1, west just clear that accident. we are still seeing residual delays. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 and will leave you with a look at this crockett to the maze about 23 minutes. tara, james, back to you. thank you. rain. >> so the family and friends of 23 month-old jasper. wu are calling on the gunman who fired a shot on interstate
9:33 am
8.80, to come forward that stray bullet struck and killed the child. and so sad and his family and friends honored him with a vigil and oakland. last night. kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> candles struggled to stay lit as rain falls down in the vigil of jasper. wu the nearly 2 year-old boy was killed in a shooting saturday along 8.80, jasper's community grieving his senseless death. imagine if this was your back your baby. >> how would you feel people gathered along market and 6th streets to pay their respects to woo and his family balloons waves and signs stand on this corner. organizers tell us they want the family to know. they're not alone. said, you know, said >> a little bit of havoc in the middle cross far. you know, so slight, i can only how the family is feeling right now. so. >> it's really sad to just to desk for a family friend tells kron 4 news. there were 3
9:34 am
adults and 3 children in the car, but no one else was struck by bullets chpr looking for information about the suspected gun battle that took place. so far no one has been arrested was family and friends are asking people to come forward. but most importantly, the shooters yourself and yourself in development because, you know, to the innocent life away. >> we're responsible for it reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> and when you look at this shooting is also oakland's 100 19th homicide of the year so far. and that compares to a 109 for all of 2020. and it's also the 76 3 way shooting so far in alameda county over the last year. bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland is trying to explain why this would happen. he thinks that people care. but. >> maybe they've become just used to it. and so they think there's nothing they can do about it. listen to what he says. >> people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that
9:35 am
continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no profit. >> but he hasn't. he hasn't lost hope. bishop jackson is calling for the mayor and city council. the community to come together and also to declare state of emergency in oakland because that would bring additional law enforcement resources and help solve the problem. >> also got to tell you about a story of a bay area man who was among those, the thousands of people that are caught up at astroworld music festival in houston friday night in which 8 people died the live to tell about it. but so many died in so many were injured suffocated by this huge crowd of 50,000 people when they surged in moved in, there was no where to go jesus gonzalez is from san jose. and he watched as first responders tried to save people. and he also tried to do what he could. >> as i was leaving someone was screaming for help and so
9:36 am
then i picked her up and i took it to them at 10. and when i when i when i got one certain spot. i notice that someone was giving compressions to another person and you honestly that knee. for me. going to be things you don't see that. you know, you don't think these people are dying. you just you think that, you know, the the past hour, just a hot, you know. >> and their kids. i mean that the age of those who died. had 10, 2.27 years old and there there are kids still in the hospital right now. young people about a dozen of them. there's a criminal investigation under way. looking at the safety measures were they enough where they ignored at his concert. more than 18 lawsuits have already been filed against the concert promoter and the performers. a san francisco woman is partially blind because she was hit by a paint ball while she was sitting at a bus stop after the outside lands music festival. golden gate park. take a look at her eye, his right after it happened. zoe guice white is her name and
9:37 am
100, which and they were both hit several times by paint. they were at the bus stop and somebody drove by and started shooting with a paintball gun left eye and she immediately lost sight. >> immediately. i like peeled something off my face. it was paint. and i had tried to look at my hand because i head gets backed in the hand and hurley that i couldn't see it. and then it really clicked. and that like i'm not seen i i just completely fell the i just had lost vision was. amelia dark. >> and for a girl's life has changed forever now because of what she thinks might have been somebody pranking on halloween because there were other social media reports that people in that area also were hit by paint ball guns. obviously none of them this seriously, but it can to do serious damage. as you can see. >> well, police in san francisco are also investigating an attempted burglary in the city's haight-ashbury neighborhood. you can see some of the damage here in this video. this was
9:38 am
at the central park. natural market at the corner of ashbury and hay street worker tells us that 4 men use hammers to try and break into the store smashing the windows and then when they were confronted by a man who lives in a back apartment. that's when she says they pulled out guns and opened fire. >> i know it's it's crazy because it's a very nice area and we have a very nice year, at least it's good for those days. so. we don't know what's going on. >> again, luckily, nobody was hurt. police still investigating 2 separate shootings to that happened in the same neighborhood. are they connected? that's a question we know last thursday, a 21 year-old man was shot and killed in broad daylight and then on october 22nd another man was hospitalized with life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made yet. and again, police looking to see if there's a connection between all of them. >> it's 9.38. still ahead, steph curry lighting up the court. dropped 50 points at the chase center will have a look at the highlights. and
9:39 am
more snow is expected this year. the question is, is it enough for the ski
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9:42 am
focusing on our the countries are convincing the private sector to cut emissions. they say they're not focusing on the governor's absence. >> i think this story is a little overblown because we're coming to this for a meeting and spending time with officials from the natural resources environment protection agency. >> governor newsom's office cited family reasons for him, backing out and said he would attend events virtually but so far he has not tune in. >> let's go to the south bay now where the city of san jose is promising to go carbon neutral by the end of the decade. the san jose city council unanimously voted to adopt a goal of reaching net 0 greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030. by that time, the city will at the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it offsets by alternative means. and that includes producing more energy from solar panels and more people driving electric cars. governor newsome previously directed all state agencies to hit carbon neutral status by the year 2035. so san jose's
9:43 am
trying to do it 5 years faster.
9:44 am
9:45 am
♪ [mallet banging] ♪ [drums banging] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] [mallet banging] [drums banging] [inhales] ♪ >> if you've never been skiing or snowboarding. i think this is the year. you should give it a try. not when it's slushy rights. they're not quite there yet. you can see it's a little warm with the storm happening right now on top few raindrops on the lens is
9:46 am
palisades. but the hills in the background look great and we are expecting more snow to fall eventually. and that a lot more and more resorts to open up. >> here's video of the snowfall last month. couple weeks ago when we had first atmospheric river and this is what we need yeah. the light powdery stuff they're getting their here's meteorologist. >> it's just the beginning of november and i know everyone's nc because of the best seasons we've had. but it's super early and we've had a lot of precipitation already. so i like where we're at with getting storms. you know, one or 2 a week right now. it's not why it's not dry and so. >> that's a good sign. going into the season. >> yeah. and then you can also have fun shoveling it's all part of it. it's all part of this was again 2 weeks ago when they got that terrific dump of the good and that's just the price you pay for it and let's hope one on the way because john's been hinting about maybe storm come next. we could all get like so they get snow. we get rain next week. another big one yet another good one next week
9:47 am
hoping this one's colder because these past who have been kind of war. we did see the atmospheric river about a week and a half ago that brought us all that heavy snow to tahoe. now there's been a lot of melt occurring which is okay like we heard, that is still an early-season thing to see. a lot of the snowfall melting off. so at this point we'll take any sort of precipitation. but we love to see a little bit of that accumulation for the purposes of skiing and snowboarding. obviously. >> you're decade diamond peak. well, it's pretty empty of any snowfall. it's just too warm out there at lake level. it was a mix of rain and snow last night now pretty much just solid rain fall until you head up to the very crest of the sierra nevada back here at home, conditions are already quieting down a bit. it's misty to light sprinkles at this point. a few light showers just south of hayward between fremont and hayward as well as on the peninsula and in the south bay. also a few showers above san jose up in the blows as for conditions, the rest of the day will hold on to these light sprinkles on and off throughout the rest of the morning by noontime. we're starting to get hints of
9:48 am
sunshine. and by the afternoon we're really dried out. we're going to stay dry for the rest of the forecast after this on into the weekend. so this low clears its way out and a high pressure ridge about to be building in behind it. that's not just going to keep us dry but also warm things up a bit. so today is one of the cooler ones of your forecast. staying gray and breezy this morning amid these often on light sprinkles a good one to take it a little bit easier today. you've got more sunshine and some 70's to look forward to after today. so yeah, just get some work around the house 10 maybe fremont up to hayward in the mid 60's areas like oakland at 65 degrees mid to low 60's across the north bay with pittsburgh at 66 antioch at 65 some 50's right along the coastline. a look ahead does show those 70's as soon as thursday getting even warmer and nice and clear into the weekend with highs in the mid 70's friday saturday and sunday just on the other side of that 7 day forecast is the next round of rainfall. we're talking about which hopefully for tahoe could result in some
9:49 am
good snow reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. well, we do have a hot spot in los gatos northbound 17 north of summit road. >> one lane. there is currently blocked. so we're keeping a close eye on conditions. there still pretty damp as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 22 minutes and you still have high wind. so you're definitely going to see some delays. san mateo bridge a little under 40 minutes with slick conditions. it looks like starting to come down in this area and high winds there as well. richmond center fell bridge have a traveling across a little under at say 9 minutes for you to make that commute. and let's check on conditions in the south bay. we had some earlier problems. and as you're traveling from 85 to menlo park just 28 minutes to 37 no major delays starting. james, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> okay. lets talk warriors and curry really like things up for the hometown crowd. atlanta hawks. hey, that's a visit. and what the rain, nothing but threes all night long stepped with what 9.
9:50 am
>> and 50 points in all. and that accounted for. look at me and not quite have that a 127 one 15 is what they won by staff is just he's gifted. he's talented and he's hardworking has >> i want to say. i've never seen anything like it. but i've been watching it for 7 years. so i have scene. something like and it's still it's too, it's it's just incredible to watch. it's not like he's it's taking something out he's pouring himself into something that he loves. and he said he loves the process. and i think that's the common thread between. great superstar historic there's there's a passion for not just the game but for the process, for the work staff loves the work he loves hole. idea of preparing and getting better and and competing and trying to one of the great competitors of all time because he combines that
9:51 am
work ethic with this incredible joy for the game and for life. an end. so amazing combination. >> do you hear that kids? it's kuz he loves it. it's a key tell my kids do not pursue a career that you think you make money and just like jack and then and successful so calm. and you will and be happy, you know. and with that, yeah. >> 9, 1, the record now that the hold. nobody else in the nba is that good? so tomorrow they're going to face the minnesota timberwolves will see big keep that streak going. tipoff of the 7 o'clock. >> love that score. one 27 1.13 incredible. 9.51. will be right back.
9:52 am
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most the morning on the kron 00:00am morning news, but they never stop on kron-on. so let's go to the newsroom and see what's up with that. well, bellow high know. hey daria, now that we've opened up international travel. those travelers, they're going to need places to stay. coming up at noon. we're going to be speaking with air bnb. but some of the upgrades they've made to the platform and some of the travel trends they're already starting to see as we head into the holidays to catch that interview and to get some real time updates on local and national headlines. just grab your phone scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app stores.
9:55 am
you can download kron-on for free. back to you guys. his jacket. my daughter. but the raincoats. we tried it out this morning. they look so enthusiastic. it was it's like immediately made reason they wouldn't budge want to this. >> 3 in the morning and watch what happened when i tried to make them go out to be. >> that's a good point. haha. no. >> note like salt can moved a little bit, but manny my other any second many just would not i just finally, i just was like, this is not he's going back to the house know by now it's a night put the jacket on man. here's man known to man is just looking at you like mom. you know, i and file and just started laughing. this is not working. so now i have a $50 jacket anyway, want. i mean, other dogs apparently are very happy and very fashionable in the rain. look at cappy. yeah. beautiful
9:56 am
glamorous wearing it almost looks like what do you call? you know, fashion models stars dog. but star simon that are bright. yeah. thank you, brian, for sharing with us. brian. we also have another one, too. >> from nevado sent us a picture of their dog seat rocks is no fool rock see manny look having but why? i mean, these dogs have fun in the range on. yeah. i know you can't get grandma go out. you know what, i need to try that light jacket on the line be the trick right there. now, when are we going to need the rain jackets again, not until next week when the week to the investment right there. okay. say wait until mid-week next week to start to think about that even because look at this weekend. 70's. we're going to get a nice little stint of sunshine ahead of us. good chance to thaw back out. maybe invest in a lighter for next
9:57 am
week big rain. it looks like a pretty solid one. now i will be keeping you updated on the timing of that as we get closer to it. but everything's lining up right now and hopefully a colder one, too. so we can actually get some snow from this yeah. that would be nice and running. you could use a break on the roads because yes, always causes accidents. it's moving out. we try to tell people, please leave early. say still see accidents out there. do you want to say which i don't want this jacket to go. think i can wear it. you know,
9:58 am
9:59 am
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when i'm sick, i don't want some wimpy medicine. -well we're vegans. -with gluten allergies. -is genexa right for me? -yes! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company. (honks and cheers) >> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil"... >> they moved in with their dad after their mom kicked them out. they describe it as hell, like living in prison. >> announcer: quadruplets living in chaos. >> every single wall has a hole in it. >> it's like an amusement park for someone with anger issues. >> this is our shower. i get, like, sludge on my hands. >> you have sewer flies in the bathroom. what's going on here? >> it was just one cluttery situation after another cluttery situation. >> this is not clutter. this is unhygienic filth. why are you living this way? this is absolutely criminal. ♪ ♪ >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> tay


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