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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 9, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> it's not over yet. as you can see, a storm tracker. 4 is all lit up because we are getting at least the tail end of the storms moving through if europe right now and you need to leave the house. it's going to be what you may have heard outside overnight. the more intense falling while you were sleeping. >> this morning. yes, still a little bit of wind still wet roads out there. in fact, we've got some video that each of us recorded on our way in with our dash cams to share with you the moment dueling commute. yes, you can see what you're in store for. but let's break it down i was there much wind as you are afraid because i was i thought this is going to be quite gusty. is it alright. yeah. i mean, winds as high as 25 miles per hour at the crest of the sierra they had peak wind gusts at 97 miles per hour. so is definitely windy or higher up. you got as far as their base or shore areas. it is enough for wind advisories on our bridges. but we didn't see a whole lot of downed trees, at least not near as many as we saw 2 and a half weeks ago from that atmospheric river. so that is certainly a nice
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note looking outside this morning. we are seeing conditions out there that are on the website. still the heaviest of rainfall may have passed, but we are seeing spotty showers still remaining with us and that is enough to leave roadways still remaining pretty slick out there. so as we always say when we are looking at wet conditions during morning hours. just take your extra time with that rather. >> rive slowly and safely then have to rush out there on those slick roadways looking outside at marine county. we are seeing some light to moderate showers for you from san francisco down the peninsula, bay bridge as well as 92 the san mateo bridge is looking at some wet conditions as those men. and as i mentioned, not super breezy morning, but it is enough for some wind advisories on our bridges. south bay continues to be one of our drier spots where the santa cruz mountains and highway certainly wet inland east bay is looking at drier conditions compared to areas like hayward san lorenzo in san leandro, which are on the wet side and a few sprinkles around the lake '02
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speaking of those winds around 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts for the rest of the morning. winds generally out of the southeast into the bay on and off showers will continue right towards around noon. after which point we really start to see calmer conditions for the rest of the day. and even some hints of sunshine peeking their way back out between those clouds by the time we reached lunchtime and afterwards. so it will be a calmer later. a part of the day. if you can do some work from home this morning. and then maybe head out of the house later on. that's your ideal. honestly 50's for current temperatures. a cool cloudy wet start to this morning and that does make for slick conditions as we've been talking about reyna harvey standing by with a look at the roads. exactly job. we've got some really flooding out the air along 5, 1880, if you're traveling through berkeley. >> they close that off-ramp there dash the avenue because of roadway. flooding on the eastbound and westbound side even in the city. you're seeing really flooding along 2.80 and a lot want to want as you're traveling at that 80 east connectors i would say take your time as you're traveling because there are
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several reports all along those highways heading into the city right now from the east bay. you've got the high winds. you see that flag blowing just off camera. there and the slick conditions a little under 14 minutes definitely want to drive slower the richmond center fell bridge. we had an accident there in the last hour. they've been able to get that off of the westbound side of the bridge. however, you're still seeing a slight delay and still wet conditions. so take your time as you're traveling and the les hill, 80 westbound at 7.80, less. you got to accident. so we are starting to see things slow down in that area and as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 with high winds and slick roads story. james, back to yeah, it's a little messy. and there is some minor damage so far coming in to kron 4. a viewer sent us these pictures of storm damage from rohnert park and could see a big tree. he miss that car. yeah. that's the thing. it was on the other side of the street fell over. luckily just missed those cars that were parked on bonnie avenue. >> crews are out there this morning. fact. you can see them here overnight as well, cut down that tree is a lot of work ahead are you ready for
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anything when you drove in. was. yeah. a locked in the phone into the dashcam position and here we are across the bay bridge. this is what was like when i came into work right around 04:00am this morning. and you can see there was decent amount of rain to you. what. you didn't use the wipers know i did out there we go. >> because i think my we're going faster. this was what it was like on the market there i got closer to see this quite how are all also showing me quite i like it. while the sea, when you wake up and and go into the city folks. you don't see it soon with. so quiet. look at that. we have no traffic just go. that's the benefit. what do you get up at 2 in the morning. you love it. you love it just like we do. here is my drive-in. >> on this. i had reached. i think it was the head indoors mill valley at this point. and i did hydroplane just slightly. but i think i just you know, what it does this when you hear. yeah, so i would be careful out there. lot. pummeling and i did see in samara fell. there were the usual suspects which is like
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in right in area will know in sandra fell. they've had city flooding. they actually had close down downtown santa bell last storm. and so any of those spots that flooded. i noticed at least one intersection was flooded again. be careful out there. some parks, by the way, up north, they're going to be. >> altering their schedule a fixed today because of the rain. so here you can see up in sonoma county. they've got hood mountains. foothill regional parks are going to be closed today going to go hiking and i know you love it. i know. yeah. let's have to put that off darned near woods. in marin county. you can see they are going to be delaying their open till about 10 instead of the usual 08:00am because they need some time to go out. check the anything dangerous. because - you hiking boots chains. i still if you had gore tex hiking boots, tennis shoes or 5, you could take pictures which you love. and if you take pictures, send them into because we love it. the report that we love to share to have you be part of our coverage this morning because james doesn't have hiking boots. so he can't go out of the rain. >> have to rely on you. yeah.
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so. >> be a part of our viewer force out there keeping us in included on what the weather is like in your neighborhood. >> 6. '05, is the time. in other news that we're following friends and family of a 23 month-old baby jasper will want justice. they want to find the shooter who fired into his parents car on 8.80. yeah. killing him. that stray bullet hit him while he was riding with his mom yeah. it's just shocking to the family, shocking to the friends. >> they all gather to honor him in an emotional vigil in oakland last night kron four's dan thorn was there. >> candles struggled to stay lit as rain falls down in the vigil of jasper. wu the nearly 2 year-old boy was killed in a shooting saturday along 8.80, jasper's community grieving his senseless death. imagine if this was your back your baby. >> how would you people gathered along market and 6th streets to pay their respects
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to woo and his family balloons waves and signs stand on this corner. organizers tell us they want the family to know. they're not alone. said, you know, said >> a little bit of havoc in the middle across far, you know, so slight, i can only how the family is feeling right now. so. >> it's really sad to just to desk a family friend tells kron 4 news. there were 3 adults and 3 children in the car, but no one else was struck by bullets chpr looking for information about the suspected gun battle that took place. so far no one has been arrested was family and friends are asking people to come forward. but most importantly, the shooters yourself and yourself in development because, you know, to the innocent life away. >> we're responsible for it reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> and this shooting represents oakland's 100 19th homicides so far this year, which puts it well above last
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year's total, which is a 109. it was for all of 2020 anything. and you hear a lot about freeway shootings out. this is the 76. >> freeway shooting in alameda county just in the last 12 months. and bishop jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland thinks it's because. nobody cares. >> people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no problem. >> but he cares and people do care and he's calling on the mayor and the city council and the community leaders to come together and here's an idea. he wants to declare state of emergency in oakland because that would bring additional law enforcement resources and money to fight the problem. >> 6. '08, is the time. we also have another story happening today that might impact you as you're heading out. maybe to grab a quick
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bite at a fast-food restaurant during your lunch hour. well, if you've been to restaurants, you know that they're kind of in the line of. thanks some people get really upset. >> at these workers. and so they want better protection because in the pandemic they've had to be the last cops line worker vaccine. cops know and they don't like it. covers will. tran is live in campbell. there were, i guess, a burger king's going participate in this morning. well. >> it's going to participate at noon. and there's another restaurant in oakland who will do the same thing. but this is a statewide protests. so that's why we're telling people if you enjoy a burger at lunch or maybe even something at taco bell, you might want to pack a lunch. we're not saying that it's across the board. but we'll just have to monitor the situation. this is a statewide protest among fast-food workers because they are demanding the protections that you're talking about area, including covid. they say during covid. they haven't gotten the protections to keep them safe and that is
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something that they can't see. >> in fact, let me show you some video from back in april. this is an ongoing fight that has not reached, quote, that satisfaction the workers and that's why they're doing this again, this is a protest back in april at mcdonnell's same deal they wasn't they weren't fighting for more money. they're fighting for protections, not just against covid but against violence. not from their fellow workers but from customers, they've listed examples where they have been told allegedly. that if they see violence or whatnot, then they should just run into a bathroom and just locked themselves in there and still the perpetrator leaves the restaurant. they say that's pretty unacceptable and that's why they want to send a message to their franchises to the corporations that they need help in this particular case james and it looks like they are getting help from assembly. bill 2.57, which will reach lawmakers in 2 months are now they will
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tackle the issues and if passed they will get the protections that they are looking for at this time. so the clock is ticking. james, i know you like fast food. you know, want a lot of people as well. more than likely. i'm sure it will be available. a strike is not obviously across the board. there could be workers inside who need the money and work. but my suggestion is you might want to brown bag it for today, just in case. yeah. >> good advice. thank you very much. well. >> 6.11 right now and new information this morning about a cold case of a bay area woman who was murdered in hawaii. her body was found in hawaii. >> more than 40 years ago. and now they're saying it was valerie anwar shea from san mateo county. this body was discovered in a park in hawaii in april of 1978 and she had been in hawaii for a few weeks. never return and now police are actively investigating and there's a new $1000 reward for information on her murder.
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>> it is 6.11. we'll take a break, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as covid cases continue to improve in the bay area. it's a different story for the state as a whole will tell you what local experts are saying about a possible surge this winter. plus as more kids are getting covid vaccines. there's a new push from the white house to get the shots into the arms of those ages 5 to 11. and it's still raining out there, although not as heavy as it was last night nor is widespread. there's light showers stretching from fremont, hayward through oakland as well as we're surging in richmond richmond center fell bridge right now. >> keeping you updated on the showers as they move across the bay through your forecast. and we certainly are seeing some areas that have been impacted by the weather this morning on your tuesday commute like on barr got an
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>> 6.15 and if you got a lot of rain last time and chances are it could happen again. see what i saw. this is the intersection at woodland. and near octavia and in san fell. and as you can see when i passed by this morning, it was pretty much under last time was even higher number. i showed you video last time where people are walking their dogs and was up to like there are something so it's likely that the cones out so you can see it, but well, some intersections with yeah. with an arc in the darkness. not it will be getting light out soon. but still you want to watch out for that, john. yeah, it's you know, it's
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tougher in the dark preserves. at least we're getting the light an extra hour early this morning. >> but rainfall out there for a lot of standing water and roadways. sir, for areas like can't feel the 2 and a half inches of rain that we've seen over the past 24 hours doesn't compared to the 18 inches of it that you did see during your last atmospheric river. but with ground. pretty saturated already. it is enough for some of those issues on some of those lower lying roads. santa rosa, you seen about one and a half inches of rainfall from this past system richmond around one in a quarter of an inch is well mount diablo closer to an inch danville and san francisco, 3 quarters of an inch while oakland around half an inch. so roadways are definitely wet. and we're still looking at light on and off showers across the region. much of our heavier rainfall is shifted either to the east or to the south. this is a pretty warm system. so it's a mix of rain and snow up in the sierra nevada as for the bay, it's on and off showers for marine county as well as up into the north bay. these areas right here very wet, including the richmond center fell bridge, the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge
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which just saw some showers working overhead. those have now worked their way from oakland down through san lorenzo san leandro hayward and eventually down through free months on and off showers along the san mateo bridge in to be picking back up along the dumbarton bridge areas like palo alto, mountain view across highway 84 seeing some active rainfall but also right along highway 17 just south of the south bay, also looking at some areas of rain right now. we will see these off and on showers through the rest of the morning. they're going to be spotty. so it is going to be one of those situations where you got to time it right. as you're stepping outside because we will see rain one moment and then starting to see it die down the necks before likely picking up again by noontime. we'll start to see your showers clearing out and skies clearing out by the afternoon ahead of us. a lot of sunshine to be expected. this just setting us up for the clear skies and drier conditions that we have for the rest of the forecast. the low pressure area that's bringing us this rain will exit and a high pressure ridge will start to rise back in. and this is also
6:18 am
going to mean warmer temperatures come the weekend that will replace the 60's we've got today with some 70's by thursday, the mid 60's in brisbane, waller warmest of temperatures will be in burlingame foster city. san carlos in redwood city each at 68 for today's daytime highs. mid 60's across the south bay as well as across the east bay too, with 3 mount pleasant and as well as oakland all at 65 areas like the late in sonoma at 64 in just a few 50's right along the coastline after today. we stay dry all the way through the weekend. another round of rain falls looking likely midweek next week. but between here and there are really nice and dry forecast highs back in the mid 70's by friday into sunday. reyna john, thank you for that. a couple hot spots out there like if you're taking bart, there's a 20 minute delay on the antioch line. >> in the sfo direction because of an equipment issue on one of the trains. so keep that in mind as you're traveling this morning here in vallejo, 80 westbound at 7.80,
6:19 am
west. look, he got an accident. the air. so we are seeing some delays. john just mentioned were also seen rain in that area heading into the city right now. conditions are still slick and wet and you have high wind so no accidents here on the bay ridge just all of that to contend with. so a little under 18 minutes to make your way into the city right now as you head across towards the peninsula. little under 60 minutes for your drive time. they're very slick conditions out here in point reyes. look at that. it had a little point. reyes station, all lanes are closed have closed both the southbound and northbound lanes because of a downed tree and why are there and here the richmond, sandra fell commute in the last hour. we have an accident. now we still just have rain a little under 8 as you head out of richmond darya james, back to you. >> thank you, ray to 6.19 the time now to our coronavirus coverage. we're going zoom into the bay area here from this california map because we're talking about a milestone in our progress locally against the pandemic. according to latest numbers from the cdc covid transmission in the every bay
6:20 am
area county now is low enough that we've all been categorized as being in the yellow moderate here. that means each county has recorded fewer than 50 cases for every 100,000 people over the past week. these numbers do change daily. so obviously keep this updated for you. and despite the bay area's progress here. overall, california still struggling a bit because covid numbers are continuing to rise and some health officials are warning of a possible winter surge, although they also say that that surge probably won't be near as devastating as what we saw last year because many more of us are now vaccinated. >> when i mean, not at the levels of last went i mean, probably no flooding and over the flooding of hospitals necessarily. >> yeah. doctor peter chin-hong went on to say that children getting vaccinated is helping as well with the immunity issues. p ads, though we're certainly not out of this pandemic just yet. >> and so they are trying to get kids vaccinated. for
6:21 am
example, sonoma county is hosting a clinic set to schools. for students and their families. take a look at the screen. it will show you the clinic. the first one taking place at the guerneville elementary school. and that's at one 30 this afternoon. and then there's a clinic at jefferson elementary in cloverdale which starts at 3.30, and in the east bay. berkeley will register kids for shots from 5 to 11 years old. the next clinic for that happening. november 13th that rosa parks elementary and over the weekend there's a clinic at malcolm x elementary. well ready. that was last week. an event. next, an 8200 students there that some of the video that you're saying she was so brave. we have information all the clinics. you can choose one on our website at kron 4 dot com ouch. >> alright turning our attention to some national news now the first lady and the surgeon general visited the first school that administer the polio vaccine to students way back when. and they did this to encourage kids today between 5.11 to get the covid vaccine. let's get more information on that. from
6:22 am
washington, dc and jessi turnure. good morning. >> good morning to you as well, daryn. james, you're just talking about surges. and that's one of the main reasons why these officials are saying that it's so important sense. you saw right at the beginning of the school year that there was a surge in cases among this population. >> the first lady and surgeon general cheered on some of the country's youngest students who just received their first covid-19 vaccine monday, faith good doctor joe biden visited this virginia elementary schools vaccination clinic to encourage more children ages 5 to 11 to get the shot. nothing is more important that children's health, this age group will get to low doses 3 weeks apart. the same schedule as everyone else but using a smaller needle. please make the decision to protect your children. >> with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives. the cdc says nearly 2 million 5 to 11 year-olds have had covid-19.
6:23 am
>> while they are less susceptible to serious infection. us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy stress. the virus has hospitalized thousands of kids and killed hundreds the truth is that covid is not harmless in children. that's why murphy told fellow parents the vaccine is the best protection. i have a 5 year-old son. >> and we are eagerly looking forward to getting him vaccinated to murphy warned children can also pass the virus along to more vulnerable populations. while those younger than 12 won't be fully vaccinated by thanksgiving. they could be by the christmas holiday and will help them return to lies where they can learn playing and thrive. >> and the cdc says vaccinating 5 to 11 year-olds will cut the transmission of covid in the u.s. by about 10% between now and march and also help reduce the impact of any new variants live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. thanks, jesse. >> and you could not walk unless you physically push
6:24 am
yourself into the crowd or do you just let the crowd take you, you know, from here to there left, right. >> yeah. coming up, we're going to hear more from that south bay man who describes the chaos that broke out at a travis scott concert where 8 people died in the crush of the crowd. and after the break, a shooting during an attempted burglary in san francisco. we're going to show you more of the damage done to the store will be right back. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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6.26. is the time and police in san francisco are investigating an attempted burglary in the city's haight ashbury neighborhood. >> this is a look at some of the damage done at the central park. natural market at the corner of ashbury and hay street. the worker tells us the 4 men use hammers to try to break into the store. that's partly why this glass is shattered. but a man who lives in the back in an apartment try to stop them and they say that's when they opened fire. >> i know it's it's crazy because it's very mice area and we have a very nice year, at least it's good for those days. so. we don't know what's going on. >> yeah. nobody was hurt. thankfully police are still investigating 2 separate shootings in that same neighborhood last thursday. there was a 21 year-old man who was shot and killed in broad daylight and then on october 22nd another man was hospitalized with life threatening injuries. no arrests been made in either case. police are still looking to see if there related in any way. here's a map showing where they both occurred.
6:28 am
>> in santa clara county, sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who is being accused of sexually assaulting a blind woman. i've got all the details and pictures of this person coming up in a live i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> 6.30 right now. and we're taking a look at this storm tracking it as it's starting to move. >> yeah. out going to be wild. some of the effects include internet outages. we'll talk about that in half a moment here after john. but, you
6:31 am
know, maybe you can see us if you have accident and you got that outage. it's not a good work from home. own. >> just work for moldova on the roads away. your maybe you do need to go to but it is definitely wet out there. so as you're heading out the door, make sure you're doing so just a little bit extra early because conditions out there are so wet, especially after last night's heavy rainfall looking outside. right now at your san francisco cam. we do have some gray skies overhead. we've seen areas of light rainfall scooting in and out throughout the course of your morning that's been enough to keep our roadways wet. as you venture out on to them right now. marine county as well as highway 37 from nevado over is actively seeing some of those light showers as you are as well across 92 both on the peninsula as well as into the east bay showers generally moving eastward. you just saw that update. that means from danville all the way down through pleasanton on 6 ad we are seeing active rainfall and
6:32 am
also some showers from fremont down through union city san jose persisting to be one of her drier spots right now, winds from the south and east generally around 10 to 15 miles per hour gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. for most of us in rainfall will continue off and on for the rest of the morning. just something to note that we will continue to slick conditions. well, to your noon hour before drying out this afternoon. current temperatures are in the 50's. it's breezy. it's cool. it's wet. definitely get ready for all that as you're stepping outside reyna don, thanks to that. your commute has certainly been impacted by the weather this morning. if you're taking bart. >> 20 minute delay on the antioch line in the sfl direction because of equipment problems there. and we've got accidents like this new one enrichment eastbound east to bayview avenue. but i'm also seeing reports of slick conditions along 5 8180. so as you're traveling into the city. once you do reach the maze a little under 22 minutes for your drive time and you've got high winds across the bay bridge in the 80 westbound at 7.80 west. you've got an
6:33 am
accident there. so conditions are creeping along pretty slowly heading across towards the peninsula. little under 16. it's still pretty slick here as you're traveling in berkeley. you've got some on-ramps that have been flooded here. they've close at this isn't asked the avenue. 80 westbound and eastbound and the richmond center fell can be pretty slick and wet last hour we had an accident. here is take your time as you're traveling a little under 10 minutes during james, back to you. all right. now. i don't know if this is related to the rain. but we have breaking news and that is your internet might be out comcast xfinity internet has had trouble all across the bay, area's a matter of fact, experiencing outages. this morning. we have a map to share with basically it's their outage map. >> and you can see here over the bay area. there's a giant red spot over the san francisco bay area apparently we got it worse than anywhere else in the country, at least according to this map, it's spotty. you see other places. look at the spike. so i was reading on next door that like southern marin people start complaining just before 5 in the morning and then. >> at by 06:00am, there was
6:34 am
close to over 50,000 people 1000 but i know southern bring got it back. so it was like a hit for an hour or so. you know, i don't intermittent saying depending on where you are. and if you get xfinity not just for cable, but you know, for a internet but for cable tv. and you can hear us right now, but long as you still have cell signal you can still catch us on kron on. on always there for even when the storm knocks out your local life. i love that guy. you have to hear the story about a bay area. man who survived this deadly in houston. the festival where 8 people died in that crush of 50,000 people who are watching a travis scott show dozens more injured. 2 in this crowd. >> his name is jesus gonzalez. he's from san jose. and he watched as first responders tried to save the lives of those that were literally losing consciousness. the crowd was crushing people to the point where they couldn't breathe anymore and we're dropping. jonathan mccall has the story. >> this is an experience and a half. he says san jose was in houston friday night attending
6:35 am
the astroworld music festival when chaos and pandemonium erupted. so when travis scott comes on is that when everyone starts to >> oh, yeah. oh yeah. i'm an athlete. you could you could not walk unless you physically push yourself into the crowd or do you just let the crowd take you, you know, from here to there left, right. it was insane because travis scott move one side of the stage and the crowd that just this regardless. if you are to go the opposite direction of the crowd. you're going to be the one getting trampled gonzalez who was caught temporarily in the center of the crowd says he was able to get out by maneuvering. his hands. i was able to move around. but only if have my hands like this because if i had my hands my side. i couldn't move like it was was it was really bad at it. so i had my hands. it's so. >> i have more mobility, but not everyone was as fortunate. 8 people were killed in the incident. hundreds more were
6:36 am
injured. and when i when i when i got one certain spot. i notice that someone was giving compressions to another person and you honestly that knee. for me. going to be things you don't see that. you know, you don't think these people are dying. you just think that, you know, the the past hour, just a hot, you know, gonzales says he even rescued a woman injured from the stampede that happened to me as i was leaving us, someone was screaming for help and so then i picked her up and i took it to them at 10. i left it there. and then that's when i went to my with wind. back to my hotel. i didn't. but it wasn't until saturday morning that he learned of the hundreds of folks who are injured and people who were killed. he says it's weighing heavy on his mind that he wishes he could have done more to save lives. when silas in there in shock the whole day saturday. i didn't want to do anything like i was in houston a vacation. and you know, i just i just sat there, just thinking, you know what, i could have that. you know, with what could have happened
6:37 am
differently. you know, you just you don't know jonathan mccall kron 4 news. she chills. i mean. while that was just horrible. so that was in houston at a you've heard about that. >> but a san francisco woman. she was leaving outside lands and somebody hit her in the eye with a paint ball and you have to see. she went basically like partially blind, at least partially. we don't know if it's lasting in that left eye. her name is zoe at my hand because i head gets backed in the hand and hurley that i couldn't see it. and then it really clicked in that like i'm not seen i i just completely fell the i just had lost vision was. amelia dark.
6:38 am
>> and so now it's been what, 2 weeks. she still does not have any vision. she can't see. apparently other people are telling the state. same story about that weekend on social media that they, too, were hit by paint and she's thinking maybe it was somebody pulling a halloween prank. >> all right. also in the news this morning and happening right now, we have authorities try to find a man accused of sexually assaulting a blind woman inside a target store in cupertino. and this morning we have pictures of the man they're looking for kron 4. sarah stinson is live in cupertino. sarah. >> yeah. you know, the sheriff's officials here in santa clara county. there's scribe in this as a brazen and random attack and they need the public's help in identifying who this man is. they have been trying to find out who this is for months now. another desperately asking you please look at these photos. look at video. look at this man's car and let
6:39 am
us know if you recognize any of it or have any information. take a look. you can see it didn't happen inside the target, but he started following her inside the target and thankfully because they have that surveillance footage so you can try and identify him. now this happened on may 5th and inside the target. he started following the legally blind woman and the woman left the store. she started walking to her work in the area of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road sheriff's deputies say he continued to follow her and made flirtatious advances toward her. she declined. slightly said no, no, thank you. cup walking he continued to fall over. he later approached the woman a second time in outer open public parking lot held her against her will and sexually assaulted her in broad daylight says the sheriff's office witnesses say someone stepped in to help her. and then the man ran away. it's been again 6 months and i still have not been able to identify this man. so they released those photos, the surveillance video and they have pictures of the man's car. it's a silver syon and
6:40 am
they don't have the license plate. unfortunately. obviously that would help identify him. so that's why they're hoping that we can get the word out about this and it can help with their investigation. not only do they want to, you know, reassure the flying woman. they're doing their due joel diligence but don't make sure that this don't happen to any other person. this person that is accused of the assault is still out there this morning. so head to website. kron 4 dot com, we have those photos. you can really look at them again. for now reporting live in cupertino. sarah stinson, back to you. i was going to say it's good that we have those photos online to sarah because they're very clear. >> somebody is going to know who that i yeah. and and about the woman. she's clearly, you know, an independent woman who is able to you work and shop and everything else. but it's just so unfortunate that said that she was followed by this guy should have no way of knowing. >> yeah. even so, i mean, this
6:41 am
could have happened to see a woman blinder know blind this happens to women of all kinds of disability or not. right. and that is why it is so important to make sure that if you do know this person. >> you help id with the police and it's nice to people stepped in. and it's great that we do have that the video too of the car. okay. thanks a lot, sarah. >> also making the news now in the south bay, the san jose police department is trying to get the warning out to residents of a phone scam that's going around with the caller attempting to impersonate the city of san jose customer contact center so says a police say the scam calls come from the phone number that you see on your screen there. 4 o 8, 5, 3, 5, 3500 and is targeting spanish speakers. the scammer calls about overdue, water or garbage or electricity bills and then request that the person pay the bill, the isil are other options. if you receive a call like this. hang up immediately call and his they always say. >> there is no payment of any
6:42 am
kind that they will ask for on the phone. the phone like that and they prey on people who, you know, a lot of times it's older people. they're confused about it. are they feel like it? they're going to get to like they were. they prayed are cut off barrier to the line. i know. i yeah. like so help somebody. if you if you are see to get a call like that. 6.41 right now. and today governor newsom is making his first public appearance since canceling his visit to the un climate summit in scotland. he didn't go. they said a family reason, but he's going to be at the california economic summit in monterrey. meantime, there are some california lawmakers who are at that climate summit in scotland and they say the meetings are going well. they say they've been productive so far. they're taking notes on scotland's use of offshore winds and how other countries are convincing the private sector to reduce their emissions. time now is 6.42 and we've got other news that we're following this morning think story's a little overblown because we're coming to this. >> for a meeting and spending
6:43 am
time officials from the natural resources environment protection agency. >> so they they are actually getting a lot of information while governor newsome unfortunately was not able to make it 6.42 right now. and still ahead, steph curry lights up the court. >> 50 points against the hawks at the chase center was good enough for a win will take a look at the highlights. and as the snow that this year is getting out of this storm. good enough for the ski resorts. we will have the answer to that. >> and we are seeing conditions still wet out there even though the heaviest of rainfall has passed. it's still on and off light to moderate showers center fell over to richmond on a double-a highway 37 and the golden gate bridge
6:44 am
6:45 am
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6:46 am
>> 6.45 right now. we're getting rain there gets no. the problem is it looks a little warm. can you see the street how it streets a little wet. yeah. this is a tease. you're heading towards north shower. >> we also have video to where more snow is expected to fall by the way, ski resorts need a lot of it to stay open. and kind of what we you know, yesterday last month as we got bigger storms. the problem is as you will hear is a lake tahoe isn't cold enough. so they're hoping that they'll get more that are better storms to build up a base. just listen. it's just the beginning of november and i know everyone's nc because of the best seasons we've had. but. >> it's super early. we've had a lot of precipitation already. so i like where we're
6:47 am
at with getting storms. you know, one or 2 a week right now. it's not why it's not dry and so that's a good sign. going into the season. >> ok, so you see spending your james. this is file video. yes, this is file video. we didn't get this much but spending your childhood shoveling as you were explaining to ruin the snow. yeah. because you love the snow as a kid is great as a kid. but as you get old enough to handle a shovel dad told you to go outside and help out was that it was about high school that in the snow started getting less and less fun at you in montana. it was a little earlier than yeah. really 9 years that but it was definitely a transition from joining. it's not so i do. it is. they're going to get yeah. will look at this. not a lot on those surfaces like the deck at time and peak. >> we we're anticipating around 3 inches of snowfall around lake level. it's just
6:48 am
been too warm for that. so here's the good news. you're still getting that moisture, it's just not sticking to the lake itself. a max of 2 feet at those higher elevations where you and the high end up in elevation that you are actually seeing it sticking. >> but along routes like 80 even at donner summit. it's just a slushy mess on those roads this morning and you can see there's really not a lot of blue showing up on radar in the sierra nevada. we still do have a lot of rainfall here in the bay area to note, including in county richmond center fell bridge highway. 37 is very wet. watch for standing water on the road there and then 80 from vacaville fairfield down through the late show. also on the wet side, on and off light showers for the most part on the peninsula across the bay and into the inland east bay snow. great as one of our rainiest of spots right now. and then looking at some on and off showers for the south bay. san jose, you have not been seeing the most of our rainfall in fact, one of our driest of spots over the past 24 hours just been missing out on a lot of these showers that have been working their way across the region. we'll continue to look at on and off rain throughout the course of
6:49 am
the day in fact, around 09:00am a line of showers in the north bay that could produce a brief periods of heavy rainfall and marine sonoma and napa counties that i'm going to be keeping a close eye on free as we work our way through the latter part of the morning otherwise. by the time we reach noon into the afternoon skies really start to clear out and we will be looking at a solid dose of sunshine into the afternoon after this latest storm system clears out of the area. high pressure is going to build in behind it. and that is going to result and warmer and drier conditions for the rest of the week. so the 60's that we have today are actually something we're not going to be seeing for much longer. a lot of these are going to be in the 70's by the time we reach thursday. so some warmer weather is just around the corner. i think we've learned after seeing some pretty wet weather lately. and we do have more wet weather in your long-term forecast towards the middle of next week. so a dry stretch of weather isn't something to get too worried about fact that something that you should definitely enjoy the at 64 center fell at 67 today. each of our next 7 days
6:50 am
after today is remaining dry before next rainfall mid next week. so in the meantime, it's the mid 70's this weekend with lots of sunshine. really nice forecast to thaw back out and get back out there. reyna. john, thanks for that. some things you need to know on your wet tuesday morning commute taking bart. >> 20 minute delay on the antioch line in the sfl direction because of equipment problem on one of the traits there. we also have some accidents like this out of the late 80 westbound at 7.80 west. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling along there heading into the city traffic hazard. looks like 80 westbound right near the treasure island exit. in addition to that, you got slick conditions and high winds. so that's why we're seeing drive times of up to a little under 22 minutes as you're making your way into the city headed across towards the peninsula. high winds. there and slick conditions. a little under 17 minutes, but no hazards on that bridge richmond center fell slick conditions. you can see water looks like it's just coming down right here. pretty heavy here. a little under 14 to make your trip across. also
6:51 am
roadway low 5, 8080. we've seen that all morning. the even have the off-ramp there closed in berkeley, 80 westbound and eastbound ashby avenue and out here and point reyes at point reyes station closed. both lanes of southbound and northbound because of a downed tree and hazards there. also a traffic collision of tracking here richmond, eastbound 5.80, just east of bay view, but remember, we're still seeing slick conditions along 5, 8, 8, and the city roadway flooding along 2.80 in one. oh, one in several spots. so just take your time as you're driving. sorry, james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 6.51, let's talk very a basketball and the heroic and that she steph curry against the hawks last he's on fire he's on fire. one was another one. want to see this 1, one a 9, 3, oh, yes, the points in all on the night for steph curry along 127 1.13, when it was all over and gold state is now.
6:52 am
>> 911, iowa record in all of the nba. >> the winning continues. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> there it is. 4 astronauts back on terra firma back on earth after a 200 day mission to the international space station. the video shows the space x capsule parachuting into the gulf of mexico off the coast of pensacola, florida recovery boats, as you can see there quickly moved in spotlights got thrown on the capsules plucked from the water and that looks like a fake problem for some a movie doesn't it. that's real and yet here they are coming out. let me >> like a sardine and pay. yeah, it's pretty tight but not near as tight as the old apollo capsules overseeing those at the national air space museum in d c why are well, they've been in space for 200 days. so i got look, yeah. they they have to be put on hiring and then can't even stand when you get out of there links back your body ways like a ton. it feels like so, but ok, so because when they went up the tourists went up. and they came out they
6:56 am
came out and walked out there like have but that's that's what you got to do. and even up in space for. >> 2 thirds of the year. look at man. congratulations. welcome back to earth. glad to have you. the next crew is getting back into training. next cruise going up in short order. they had to delay the next. it doesn't rain. it doesn't rain is face. it does not know. and so it's raining here. coming up, we're tracking the rain and our earthly commute will be right >> also, we've got to tell you the latest with this family. they lost their little 2 year-old son to a stray bullet. >> on a bay area freeway and now we'll tell you that they're they're calling for justice.
6:57 am
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-feel so tall right now! -i know, right? could you just. while you're up there? -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ [announcer] our amazing 20 percent off wine sale is going on now through november 9th at your local grocery outlet. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7 o you locking your waking up in a really good time yeah. because the heavy is kind of behind some of the storm still here. as you can see, a plus, it's daylight out. so it's easier run into any big puddles that you don't see. but what you may not enjoy this morning is internet depending on where you live because we have some of those out. and just to think, well, it's not affecting you because you're watching us haha. not that the is yes. so what they don't know, that the rain. those get everybody. it is. yeah. john, the track and i know the heaviest stuff you saw on the radar moved through
7:00 am
overnight. what are we dealing with this morning. yeah. so the heaviest up definitely having passed through mother nature gave us that heavy stuff while we're hopefully sleeping anyways. >> we're still in the midst of the wet roadways, though, as we've seen on and off light to moderate showers through the course of the morning. >> so we're yet to see the storm completely moving out just yet. viewing outside at the embarcadero. you can see the wet conditions on our streets. that's what you're going to be encountering as you do leave the house this morning. and as we always say on a rainy morning, just leave a little bit extra early rather arrive, slowly and safely then be rushing through these very slick conditions. one of our spots right now that we are actively seeing some light to moderate showers is the richmond center fell bridge as well as the marine had winds up through center fell itself as well as right around that way. down across the board. benicia and parking is bridges on into northern contra. costa county, 80 for boyhood of fairfield is very wet. little bit drier for the east bay right now, at least no active rain falling for a lot of the east bay. but we are still seeing wet roadways for


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