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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you >> it is a wet out there. but hopefully here pretty quickly. well, i think we've got the brunt of it. we'll show it will soon your ride was okay was okay. little damp in spots. and you can see i guess that continues to be the case as we take a look at the radar this morning. but i think the heaviest of it. >> may have passed us check that out. warning yeah. the heaviest of it. hopefully as you were in bed last night unless you're one of those night owls and burr walking around out. and i know i was listening to that rainfall really pushing through. as i was. >> falling asleep, which actually is kind of nice mother nature worked in our favor with the heaviest of rainfall out of the way. but that's not to say it's an easy commute to work. we're still in the midst of some lighter
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showers and roadways are still very wet. so you do want to give yourself that extra time this morning as we always say on a rainy day. just a good reminder that maybe get out there and just don't rush your morning commute when it's so slick. you look outside at san francisco's actually cleared up a little bit over the past couple of minutes. we've seen these on and off showers through the course of the morning. so that's not to say it's going to stay 100% clear and dry in sf. in fact, we are seeing some showers still sitting immediately around us. and that doesn't mean that we're likely to see a few light showers continuing to push through marion county on up through sonoma county. definitely on the lighter side of things enough to keep roadways wet, though solano county is one of our wet system areas right now, especially between fairfield rio vista and vacaville right now and also looking at spotty showers across the east bay. all zoom in right on highway 24 right here from walnut creek to danville. 6.80. it's definitely wet still looking at some areas of rain are in got lafayette. also in the midst of some light to moderate showers. a brief resurgence of those and then
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also right around seminole and milpitas a few light showers. and if you're heading up highway 17 between san jose and santa cruz. that's where it's not just windy in those upper elevations. but you've got those slick conditions to along highway 17 and that is going make for an extra slick commute. we do have winds out of the south and southeast around 1015, to 20 miles per hour for your gusts. it's not excessively windy morning, but it is paired with those slick conditions to make 4 a less than ideal drive into work, especially under bridges. so of course, as i said at the start of the forecast just to reiterate just give yourself that extra few minutes and play it safe and slow out there. futurecast does shows these on and off showers lasting for a few more hours ahead of us really afternoon is when we're going to cease all that clearing going on. that's when you'll get those peaks of sunshine and guarantee of dry weather for the rest of the day tomorrow will be even clear yet we're going to stay for the rest of the forecast. so this is our low end chance of rainfall this week getting it out of
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the way and then it's smooth sailing as we make our way through the rest of this week 50's for our current temperatures. oakland alameda san francisco and san mateo each at 55 right now. sep had aluma napa all at 54 degrees to kick off this morning. i'll be talking about those latest showers as they do move overhead in the rest of your forecast to stay with us for that. first, though, over to will go it is slick out there. do we have any incidents right now is slick and we are seen accidents out there, but the one seen that's causing the most delays. this one here in fairfield. you can see. >> we're already seeing some red on our map. 80 westbound east of north texas street. there. so again, definitely want to take your time as you're driving because, you know, that means conditions are slick. and i think john just mentioned, water is coming down there as you're heading across towards the peninsula. things are slick as well. a little under 13 minutes for your drive time as you're heading across towards the peninsula. also, if you are heading from the east bay into the city right now. couldn't get the bay bridge camera low, but it is very wet there as you're driving at
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this hour. so a little under 9 minutes traveling at a richmond across towards sandra fell for your drive time and the golden gate bridge slick and wet as well. 20 minutes for you as you're traveling now. again, we're looking at the seen a lot of green, which tells me that we're not seen many delays. but you are seeing scattered accident. so if you're in the south bay 85 towards menlo park. it'll take you a little under 27 minutes. we all left this morning a little earlier. so i to do the reagents that's james. i look at each other with that we left too have amazon. >> but i don't have this. look at injuries down here. this rohnert luckily most of the damage was just but you can definitely see that tree fell across the street looks like it missed just barely missed the some of the cars were parked there. >> a viewer says this was on bonnie avenue and crews were out this morning. as you can see here, doing the best to clear this up so that people can get on with their morning drives today. speaking on the morning drive. here's a look at what it looked like on my
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alright. dash cam video showing the bay bridge driving much as it was from a local neighborhood. he had a lot of puddling on the yeah. >> i i don't think i think they have my one. oh, one southbound shot. oh, no, this was. >> oh, there we go. yeah. this is 20 and i didn't have to play just for second. >> i don't know if you can hear. but when you know, yeah, that's that's green. but you can see i was i was alone and i was only gone. i was going about 50. yeah. yeah, there was some some deep huddling this morning. i want to probably expect to see something similar to this is your driving this morning is showing us on the radar. there are still pockets of light rain roman about. so just give yourself like a ramos and little bit extra time and there are some parks to in the north bay that are going to be potentially even closing down or delaying their opening because of the wet weather. >> in sonoma county. we've got hood, mountain and foothill regional parks are actually just going to shut down all
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day today. officials say the high winds are making that area a little unsafe and then near woods in marin county. they're going to open up at 10 o'clock this morning. instead of 8 and that the staff has enough time to basically walk the trails. check out, make sure there isn't any potential storm damage that would be a hazardous to got guy hard to be hiking in this. i mean, i don't mind the >> this my gosh. my dog sure do want to share those pictures a little if you have any pictures that you want to share with yeah. kids dogs getting wet puddles. out from the sure. and was out there tell. so you can you can share them with the reported tab. plus you can track what's going on with the rain. if you scan this qr code take you right to that special spot on our website. you definitely want to have the kron on app because that's 24 7 news coverage. we have so many apps. we've got the kron 4. we have the caught on. and then again, the reported tab is the easiest way for you to submit video this morning. we appreciate that. all right.
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now 5. '06, is the time and in the east bay family and friends of that 23 month-old child jasper wu. >> they're calling on the gunman responsible for a shooting on interstate 80 to 80 to come forward. >> he was killed. sweet little boy when he was riding in his mom's car and he was struck by a stray bullet family and friends honored him in an emotional vigil in oakland kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> candles struggled to stay lit as rain falls down in the vigil of jasper. wu the nearly 2 year-old boy was killed in a shooting saturday along 8.80, jasper's community grieving his senseless death. imagine if this was your back your baby. >> how would you people gathered along market and 6th streets to pay their respects to woo and his family balloons waves and signs stand on this corner. organizers tell us they want the family to know. they're not alone. said, you know, said >> a little bit of havoc in the middle cross far. you know, so slight, i can only
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how the family is feeling right now. so. >> it's really sad to just to a family friend tells kron 4 news. there were 3 adults and 3 children in the car, but no one else was struck by bullets chpr looking for information about the suspected gun battle that took place. so far no one has been arrested with his family and friends are asking people to come forward. but most importantly, the shooters yourself and yourself in development because, you know, to the innocent life of late. >> we're responsible for it reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. well, the shooting represents oakland's 100 19th homicides so far this year that compares to a 109 homicides for all of 2020. it's also the 76th freeway shooting in alameda county. >> in the last 12 months. bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland
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describes a lack of interest in the community as being a major contributor to the escalation in gun violence. >> people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really. well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no profit. >> bishop jackson is calling on the mayor, the city council and community leaders to come together and declare a state of emergency in oakland and that would bring in additional law enforcement resources. >> time now is 5 o 9. a san francisco woman is partially blind because she was shot in the eye with a paint ball while she was leaving the outside lands music festival. a golden gate park. take a look. e guice white. she was there with her boyfriend and they were both hit several times by paint while they're waiting at a bus stop. look in her eye. that's where the paint ball hit. so she's going
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in not be able to see. and part of that eye. that's her left eye. >> immediately. i like peeled something off my face. it was paint. and i had tried to look at my hand because i had got suspect in the hand and hurley that i couldn't see it. and then it really clicked. and that like i'm not seen i i just completely fell the i just had lost vision was. amelia dark. >> since sharing your story on social media. she has had several people tell her about similar incidents on the same weekend where they say they were hit with paint ball. she says that she thinks that it was somebody like pranking for halloween or something. >> police in san francisco, meanwhile, are investigating an attempted burglary in the city's haight-ashbury neighborhood. this one happened in central neutral market at the corner of ashbury and hay street. a worker tells us that 4 men
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used hammers to try and break into the store. you can see the damage that was done and when i'm the one man, a man who lives in the back apartment tried to stop them. she says that they actually opened fire on. >> i know. it's it's crazy because it's very mice area and we have a very nice year, at least say it's good for those days. so. we don't know what's going on. >> luckily, nobody was hurt. seriously and police are still investigating the 2 separate shootings in the same neighborhood. see if they're connected last thursday. a 21 year-old man was shot and killed in broad daylight and back on october 22nd another man was hospitalized with life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made in either case and police haven't said again, if these incidents are related. but that's what they're looking into its 5.11 a new this morning we've learned the body of a woman found in hawaii. more than 40 years ago. >> was that of a bay area woman valerie anwar shea. she was from san mateo county and
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her body was discovered in a park in hawaii. >> in 1978 she'd been in hawaii a few weeks prior to her death. police are still actively investigating. >> and there's a $1000 reward being offered for information on her murder. it's 5.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news as covid cases continue to get better in the bay area. it's a different story. >> for the rest of the state. we're going to see what local experts think about this possible winter surge. we might be facing. and kids getting their covid vaccine. there's a new push from the white house now to get shots in the arms of swans. 5 to 11 and the heaviest of rainfall maybe out of the way. but we're still looking at some off and on showers including a marine county right now. >> richmond center fell bridge is breezy and wet. so take it slow are out there. your forecast is that? >> as you leave your house this morning. hopefully you're doing it early because we all are slick. we're seeing some
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>> that's a good point. >> he's waddling 21 it was like the koch paralyzed him. john, i tried. i. everybody knows this is morning. okay. but look at was it he looks so he's multiple way. and this is manny watch now. minnie's worse. watch even not even moving that he would. wow. all raincoats forum and they just don't like $50. dollars spent on get so did you guys. i spent all time trying to get them out the door and that the code. yeah. this is the co. i
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mean, it's fantastic and someone would like i mean, it's very stylish. but they won't go. so i spent all this time. yeah. and then base it. still ahead. and it still and then basically i took all the coats off and then i ended up just shocking them out. the rain and they went and the finally the sometimes you can avoid wet dog is just is like a taser like it shows them they would not move. they don't understand. you're trying to help so never mind, you know, did you get your dog out in this weather and in graham stepped gave that look, i don't want to do went to the bathroom. i'm hoping that by the time my wife and kids wake up and they take the dog out this m rning. >> the heaviest rain will be gone and all will be okay. heading outside leap through is the key is what times again and this morning. yes, i would say maybe to sleep a little bit longer and time it right. because we will be seeing off and on showers likely all the way to noon for some spots,
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but it's not going to be solid nonstop rainfall. so you'll get a lot of breaks in there. >> that's why the radar this morning is nice important. so keep a close eye on that radar. and if you do see yourself catching a break at this moment and get out there with the dogs and take about really quick santa rosa around an inch and a half of rainfall already having been received richmond around an inch and a quarter will mount diablo right on an inch danville and san francisco, 3 quarters of an inch for you in oakland around half an inch of rainfall overnight and obviously we still have some more out there. so you're likely to see those totals adjusted a little bit as we do make our way through the morning. the north bay right now, not the spot to be going outside at this very moment as there are some light sprinkles out there from novato down to the golden gate. also some showers from san francisco through pacifica half moon bay down highway one a little drier on the bay side of the peninsula, inland east bay definitely on the calmer side of things compared to our north bay neighbors at the moment with some dry conditions for most of the east bay right now as well as down into the south bay. so we are still seeing spotty showers. most of them are
5:19 am
like, though, at times today. you will see a few areas of heavy rainfall picking back up. so we're surgeon says of rain here and there that will be keeping you updated on during your morning commute is relatively quiet right now, though, by noontime today, the last of our showers should be rolling through. and after that point we will be getting peaks of sunshine between a few lingering clouds. the rest of the forecast after today well into the beginning of next week is looking dry. so this is our one lone chance of rain for the week ahead of us. and it's not just drying out after this, but it's also going to be warming up this passing storm system will leave behind a ridge of high pressure that's going to start building in the days to come. that means 70's for the weekend just around the corner noticeably warmer than our 60's will be today. keep the rain jackets on hand this morning. and even as skies clear out come the afternoon. you want a light jacket with you as it is one of our coolest days of this forecast, a few upper 60's on the peninsula while the rest of the bay area mostly only in
5:20 am
the mid 60's. so this is pretty on par with seasonal averages. it is wet out there this morning. it is breezy overall. you just want to dress your fall best for a day like today, which is bringing us the normal fall weather, which is rain. some wind and some cool temperatures. we do warm up. as i mentioned into the weekend with highs in the mid 70's by friday, saturday and sunday and plenty of sunshine is the cherry on top. great job. thank you for that. we do have some accidents out there as you're traveling in fairfield, 80 westbound. >> east of north texas street. there is an accident there. so we are seeing some delays. it's slick and wet out there. specially crossing into the city from the east bay a little under 9 minutes and it's gusty. so you've got the wet conditions and the wind definitely definitely want to take your time as you're driving and other traffic collision. this is westbound 5.80. east of main street in sand point. so just as you are exiting right here on the richmond center fell bridge not see much of a delay, though, from that accident still under 9 minutes. but it's still very wet. and so you definitely want to drive
5:21 am
slow here in oakland south on 18 or the 5th avenue. you've got a traffic collision there. but look at this traveling through the maze, not seen any major delays. that's the good news heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 13. and now here along highway one southbound north of point reyes in petaluma road point reyes station right there. they've closed all lanes because they have a downed tree and some wires here. so morning definitely leave the house early darya james, back to you. thank you, ray in national news, the first lady and surgeon general visited the first school that administer the polio vaccine 2 students way that years ago and they were there to encourage kids 5 to 11 to get the covid vaccine. yes, to let him know it was all going to be just fine. jessi tenure live in dc now with this latest push. >> to get kids vaccinated. good morning, jesse. >> yeah. good morning to you as well. james and darya. both of these officials are parents themselves. and so they are definitely playing up to the kids in the crowd. but really
5:22 am
trying to get the message across to parents. >> the first lady and surgeon general cheered on some of the country's youngest students who just received their first covid-19 vaccine monday faith and good doctor joe biden visited this virginia elementary schools vaccination clinic to encourage more children ages 5 to 11 to get the shot. nothing is more important that children's health, this age group will get to low doses 3 weeks apart. the same schedule as everyone else but using a smaller needle. please make the decision to protect your children. >> with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives. the cdc says nearly 2 million 5 to 11 year-olds have had covid-19. >> while they are less susceptible to serious infection. us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy stress. the virus has hospitalized thousands of kids and killed hundreds the truth is that covid is not harmless. >> in children. that's why murphy told fellow parents the
5:23 am
vaccine is the best protection. i have a 5 year-old son. >> and we are eagerly looking forward to getting him vaccinated to murphy warned children can also pass the virus along to more vulnerable populations. >> while those younger than 12 won't be fully vaccinated by thanksgiving. they could be by the christmas holiday and will help them return to lies where they can learn playing and thrive. >> and the cdc says vaccinating 5 to 11 year-olds will cut the transmission of covid in the u.s. by about 10% between now and march and also help reduce the spread of any new variants live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. thanks, jesse. >> 5.23 is the time could not walk unless you physically push yourself into the crowd or do you just let the crowd take you, you know, from here to there left, right. coming up, we're going to hear from a south bay man who describes the chaos. >> that broke out of that travis scott concert where 8 people died. basically being people died. basically being crushed by the crowd.
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they could spend half their lives over 50. but it's gonna to take some planning. what can you do for me? make sure your money lives as long as you do. the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today. >> and we're back at 5.26 and our coronavirus coverage. we had a big milestone achieved in the bay area in terms of its progress with the pandemic. according to the latest cdc covid transmission map for the first time ever. now we have every single bay area county in the yellow moderate here, which means that each county has recorded fewer than 50 cases for every 100,000 people over the past week. so fantastic news for the bay area. but the numbers
5:27 am
do change quickly and overall despite our progress here locally, california as the state is still seeing covid numbers continue to rise and some health officials are warning of a possible winter surge. all the local experts say that while that is a possibility, we shouldn't see anything near as devastating as we saw last year simply because more of us are vaccinated. >> when i mean, not at the levels of last went i mean, probably no flooding and over the flooding of hospitals necessarily. >> yeah. doctor peter chin, hong with ucsf also says that with children getting vaccinated that too will help with immunity issues. but he adds that we are certainly not over the pandemic just yet. >> if you're looking for a fast food meal for lunch. you could be out of luck. there could be no one
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jennifer aniston got to go up there. you remember there was a commercial like that. that's for , isted by the rain there, though. no, no exceptions to that know john, though, with some good news for the rest of the day as it plays out morning, john. the only ones not affected overcome stay nice and dry inside. but anyone venturing out there for sure. you're going to get the wet at least a little bit less. you got a really good number. ella, we are looking at some light showers carrying us through this morning. the heaviest of rainfall having pushed through last night. >> leaving us with that wet tarmac at sfo as well as your wet roadways elsewhere viewing outside from berkeley hills camera. things have cleared up a little bit from before. that's not to say that it won't cloud up again. and we want to see more showers pushing overhead. that's actually exactly what's going on across much of the bay right now. you can see this line of light showers scooting its way eastward across the bay. currently this is going to result in rainfall increasing in the berkeley here's hills here. just
5:32 am
momentarily. a richmond center fell bridge is looking at some light to moderate showers. also breezy out there marin county, sonoma county as well as portions of napa and lake counties. also in the midst of some of these light showers this morning. we're catching a break around fairfield vacaville, but rain will resurge in these spots. you are seeing a resurgence of rainfall just south of san francisco down through san mateo over to half moon bay and a little bit further south from there down to redwood city and up to millbrae. so very wet along 2 1 on highway one for that matter, too. it's been a little drier compared to the rest of the bay area for san jose, your totals around a quarter of an inch. where is the rest of ours are anywhere from a half an inch to 2 inches of rainfall overnight futurecast wins does show continued breezy conditions out of the south that an excessively windy day but enough to complicate what is already a very wet commute. futurecast shows he's on and off showers remaining through the rest of the morning. but here's the good news if you're done with this little stunt of rain that we're seeing is by the afternoon ahead. we're
5:33 am
already looking at dry conditions. we're going hold on to those dry conditions for the rest of the forecast, too. seeing some much needed rainfall this morning and then getting some deserve dry weather. the rest of your forecast 50's for current temperatures berkeley petaluma and each at 54 all san francisco, san mateo, alameda and oakland all hanging out right at 55 degrees. now roadways are wet. that is going to make for the slick commutes and also probably slow you down a bit. reyna harvey standing by with a look at the roads. yes, lick conditions out there. we've got roadway flooding like in areas here in berkeley. we're 80 westbound and eastbound here to ashby avenue. >> they had to close that off rent because of that water there. they're also looks like there's some flooding along 2.80 in san francisco and because of the weather looks like we've got a camera that froze on us a little under 10 minutes with slick conditions as you're heading from the east bay into the city. another accident in san quentin west bound 5.80, east of main street. so you are seeing a slight delay as you are traveling all of our cameras like the frozen here.
5:34 am
a little under 8 minutes as you're heading out of richmond in oakland, southbound 8.18 or the 5th street. you've got another accident. but look at that. still looks pretty nice at this hour as you are traveling, not seen much of a delay even though we got accidents and we'll leave you with another look at our frozen camera a little under 40 minutes. definitely leaving the house a little earlier today and driving slower out there daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot, ray 5.34. and right now authorities are trying to find a man accused of sexually assaulting a blind woman. yeah. this happened inside of a target in cupertino. and this morning we have pictures. >> of the person police are looking for kron 4. sarah stinson live in cupertino with the story. sarah. >> well, it's happened about 6 months ago and that is why we're reporting on this right now because they need help from the public in identifying this man and they've been able to screenshot surveillance video from a target for this kind of first spark 5th between this man and the
5:35 am
legally blind woman now take a look at pictures. you can see this is what was released to us from the santa clara county sheriff's office and get a good look at them and how it all started back on may 5th. and again, this man has not been identified or located. it started in a target store. the man is following the legally blind woman. the woman left the store and started walking to her place of work. on stevens creek, florida, north stelling road share sheriff's deputies say he continued to follow her and made flirtatious advances towards the woman she declined politely said no, no, he continued to fall her. he later approached a woman a second time in outdoor parking lot of public parking lot held her against her will and sexually assaulted her in broad daylight sheriff's office is calling this a brazen and random attack. witnesses say someone stepped in to help her. and that's when the man ran away. we have surveillance video of that. and you're looking at his car right now. that's a silver
5:36 am
scion car no license plate, unfortunately. but if you recognize the man in this video. the man in those pictures or that silver silence. something's cooking for you. do not hesitate to call the santa clara county sheriff's office they're taking this seriously and they've been working on this for 6 months and they're at a point where they need the public's help. so again, if you have any information, definitely come forward. of course, this is someone they want to identify and they want to make sure this doesn't happen to somebody else for now reporting live in cupertino sarah stinson, back to you. thank you, sarah. >> 5.36 is the time and also happening today you might have heard the you might have to give yourself extra time. so i'm trying to say to get your fast food meal today because there's going to be some problem. jane henschel is having a heart will tran is covering this and clearly just the thought of not being able fast food. yeah. has him if i can get my chiluba when i won it will there will be i'll
5:37 am
have to warn them. maybe a couple of them will stay inside your place to make chiluba sat taco bell the cause. >> i'm in front of burger king. this is one of the places that will go on strike at noon. but this is happening statewide james. and they are supporting an assembly bill. 2.57 that is being pushed right now and that lawmakers will tackle in a couple of months are now. and that protection according to the workers that they want health and safety protections not just against covid-19, which this burger king. the workers claim that the restaurant itself did not do enough to protect them. in fact, let me show you some video. this is the same argument that they've had for pretty much this entire year. here's video back in april. >> of workers in macdonald's. they were arguing about the same thing that they want better protection when they're at work for health protections
5:38 am
and against possible violence. according to some of the strikers for today in about 7 hours from now or so. they say that when there are work, they face violence, not from fellow employees but from customers who go in there. and we've seen all that video. that's gone viral that they've argued with the workers, especially with the masks and what not. that they would like their restaurants to step up and make sure that they are safe at work as far as the places they just said generically james and that they are going on strike. not exactly sure which locations. but we do know 2 locations specifically in oakland and here at the burger king. so just make sure that you might want to pack a lunch. james. fortunately, you'll be home. so you'll go into the kitchen know chalupa possibly you go into the kitchen and make your meal. but if you work 9 to 5 and you're getting up at this time. you might want to brown bag it because your favorite whopper might not be available today. back to you.
5:39 am
understandable because of safety concerns. i get. thanks a lot. we'll link. you will 5.38 right now and a bay area man. >> live to tell about the chaos and how scary it was at this music festival in houston where 8 people were killed because the crowds squeezed them. yeah, they basically were crushed. >> others were injured as well in that crowd. we have jesus gonzales. he's from san jose. he says he watched as first responders tried to save the lives of the unconscious. he says he helped carry one of the injured to a medical tent to get treatment. >> as i was leaving someone was screaming for help and so then i picked her up and i took it to them at 10. and when i when i when i got one certain spot. i notice that someone was giving compressions to another person and you honestly that knee. for me going to the things you don't see that. you know, you don't think these people are dying. you just you think that, you know, the the past hour, just a hot, you know. >> rei and we have heard stories about people who did pass but in this case, 8
5:40 am
people ages 14 to 27 died. and there's a criminal investigation under way because you're looking at the safety measures to see if they were adequate, if they were ignored at this concert and already more than 18 lawsuits have been filed against the concert promoter, which was live nation and the rappers, travis scott and drake. it's 5.40. and still ahead, steph curry lights up the he dropped 50 points at the chase center. we'll take a look. >> and it is still a rainy morning. the heaviest of rain may have left us, but we're still looking at showers out there from redwood city, san mateo on the through san francisco itself. we've seen rainfall picking back up light showers along 92 as well. i've got your forecast and we see the water slick conditions out here. checking our morning commute in some areas. we got some accidents and some roadway flooding. we also have our cameras freeze a moment ago.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
countries are convincing the private sector to reduce emissions. lawmakers are asked about governor newsom's absence from the concert. as for us from the conference ended up canceling that trip as saying there were family obligations think this story is a little overblown because we're coming to this. >> for a meeting and spending time with officials from the natural resources environment protection agency. >> we reach out to the governor but didn't hear back 5.44 and we will be back in a 5.44 and we will be back in a minute. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin,
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limited availability in select areas. question is, you know, when rains here it snows there. will it be enough for a good season. yeah. that's the they are expected to get more snow a little bit. >> today, a little bit more this week. i i think. but the ski resorts need a lot more if they want to stay open. dennis shanahan takes a look. >> usually will start with high skill level that beginning in the fall when the cold front comes through just not seeing that with the storm right now. a is meteorologists and writer of the tahoe daily snowy ski industry forecast on open snow, dot com. he explains what the storms we've seen so far this season have not been enough to keep area ski resorts open unfortunately, we're not getting cold air behind the storm. so we're not getting
5:48 am
cold storms yet. so. >> we're getting snow on top. a warm ground that smelling from underneath and from above with the warm air behind the storms. so the precipitation also. but not great for skiing at colder storms with snow that sticks at lower elevations are also important for california's water supply into the spring and summer. >> snowmelt accounts for an estimated 30% of california's fresh water needs. according to the department of water resources. but now is way too soon to panic about the possibility of another bad year on the is upbeat. >> it's just the beginning of november and i know everyone's nc because of the best seasons we've had. but it's super early and we've had a lot of precipitation already. so i like where we're at with getting storms. you know, one or 2 a week right now. it's not why it's not dry and so. >> that's a good sign. going into the season and the big good cold storms don't usually get rolling to mid december. a lot of waiting. so right around the holiday week, you know, christma to new year's time frame. we start getting the good storms in the
5:49 am
meantime, from hoping to see some colder air next week. the and gets the snow making really up and running and then some colder storms later in the month. >> i don't miss that. >> no, i love the car. i could just some shovel the cars all day long. it's like entertaining to me because we don't need do it anymore. i'm not saying i miss it right. but it's just it's the snowman. part of it. is it tough to live it right. it's to. yeah. i agree. because think about how early you have to get up today in a you have to get up that much earlier when it's snowing. so something about looking at the snow. someone else dealing with that watching all the but when you're in as reliable and less. you're not up to the hot chocolate. james has there we go. we are going to be seeing snow up in the sierra. but like we just saw on that story. it's pretty limited to the highest of elevations as this is a warmer system. you can see that pretty evident at donner pass right here. >> roadway is wet, but it is not frozen because it's just
5:50 am
been so warm up there. you are seeing some sticking to those grassy surfaces but not so much concrete and pavement like on i 80 right there, which is good news for commuters. you don't see a whole lot of blue on the map up there now with her highest of elevations, 2 feet of snowfall. that's well above snow line, though lower elevations likely tahoe. >> just a little bit build bit of rain. snow mix to be seen as for the bay area. obviously it's going to be rain for us. we're seeing light showers in marine county up through sonoma county. also a few sprinkles pushing right on back in between nap and as well as richmond. san francisco down peninsula. also looking at some light shower activity right now. san mateo bridge is in the midst of it. we are a little bit drier for the inland east bay. but this rainfall that's currently working its way back into the bay is about to scoot back out your direction. so you are going to see rainfall picking up. san jose has been one of our quieter areas so far from this system not achieving near as much rain falls. the rest of area has around 07:00am.
5:51 am
we'll continue to look at these off and on showers. most remaining light pockets of moderate to heavy rain in there towards noon time. the last of the showers should be swiping through the bay after this. we will be clearing out drying out for not just the rest of the day today. but the rest of the forecast after this with wednesday and thursday looking at increasingly clear and dry conditions also eventually some warming conditions, especially come the weekend because after this passing system, we do have high pressure that will be building in right behind it. keeping us dry and eventually leading to some 70's just around the corner in the meantime, it 60's for your daytime highs across the board today. a cool one because it is going to be rainy to start on the breezy side and on the cloudier side for much of the day. that is going to contribute to a jacket where the guy today as you are venturing out there and if it is this morning that you're playing getting out there. make sure it's the rain jacket to the umbrella. oakland at 65 for the high while the lay how at 64 looking at some mid 60's in petaluma nevado and santa rosa. a look ahead next 7 days
5:52 am
do eventually take us into the 70's starting on thursday and into the weekend ahead, friday, saturday and sunday in the mid 70's and even though we do have another round of rainfall likely into next week. these next 7 days after today are going to be dry reyna. john, thank you for that. we've got some roadway flooding out there. if you're traveling through berkeley, 80 westbound and eastbound ashby avenue. they've closed an off-ramp because a roadway flooding. so, you know, 5, 8080. it's pretty slick this morning same story for the city as you're traveling along one, a one northbound that ramp to 80 east. you get some really flooding. >> and along northbound southbound. geneva avenue. i would just say all along to 18 1. oh, one in the city are slick and damp this morning. a little under 30 minutes making your way from the east bay into the city. and we've got gusty conditions. so you definitely want to take your time as you're driving this morning, the accident, they just were able to clear this off of the bridge here. west bound 5.80, east of main street in san quentin. but you still got residual delays from that a little under 15 minutes heading out of richmond at
5:53 am
this hour here in oakland in south on 8.80, north. the 5th avenue tracking an accident. look at that condition still pretty green. that means traffic is moving pretty nicely through it. there heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes out here. highway one southbound north of point reyes had a little road at the point reyes station, all lanes are closed here because of a downed tree and some wires will have more weather and traffic coming up. we'll be right back after the break.
5:54 am
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♪just the two of us♪ the lg washtower redefine laundry in half the space. ♪building castles in the sky♪ >> we are back. 5.55 the time. and there's the man of the hour. the man of the night, the man of the game, steph curry helping lead the warriors to a big win against the atlanta and of the points on the night. you yeah, second comeback. they trailed a bit in the 1st half. and that's when i went to bed and i woke up this morning to find out that he lit it up. i should have stayed up and watched the rest of the game. i was all say one voice and one 13 but was steph with a one man show with 50 points and 9 threes and a zing. that's pretty cool. so there you go. warriors now 9, 1, on the season. best record in the nba 5.56 coming up in the next hour, we are tracking the rain moving through the bay that your drive right oh, it was morning. we're sharing your drive. my drive.
5:57 am
>> we've got all that you need to know be south bay they're looking for this man accused of sexually assaulting. >> a woman have a live report. plus a family demands justice for the death of their 23 month-old son. he was killed by a stray bullet on bay area highway.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> it's not over yet. as you can see, a storm tracker. 4 is all lit up because we are getting at least the tail end of the storms moving through if europe right now and you need to leave the house. it's going to be what you may have heard outside overnight. the more intense falling while you were sleeping. >> this morning. yes, still a little bit of wind still wet roads out there. in fact, we've got some video that each of us recorded on our way in with our dash cams to share with you the moment dueling commute. yes, you can see what you're in store for. but let's break it down i was there much wind as you are afraid because i was i thought this is going to be quite gusty. is it alright. yeah. i mean, winds as high as 25 miles per hour at the crest of the sierra they had peak wind gusts at 97 miles per hour. so is definitely windy or higher up. you got as far as their base or shore areas. it is enough for wind advisories on our bridges. but we didn't see a whole lot of downed trees, at least not near as many as we saw 2 and a half weeks ago from that atmospheric river. so that is certainly a


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