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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> and now at 5 another atmospheric river is bearing down on the bay area. some light rain right now starting to make its way across the bay should be intensifying. little later into the evening and the rain here. let's take a live look at what conditions look like. you're looking at 3 different views here from our camera on top of mount tam the golden gate bridge. a look at san francisco and again, as lawrence is pointing out, vicki that fairly light showers. but yeah, it's going to be changing. good evening,
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everybody. welcome to crawford is at 5. i'm vicki liviakis. i'm catherine heenan graham has night off. so let's straight to ckawford chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to give us some details. yeah, this storm is going to rock tonight. i mean, this is going to get really going, i think through the a lot of part of the evening hours. so here we go. get ready. another storm. >> about to move into the bay area starting to see those clouds out there now. you bet. still some light showers being picked up on our doppler radar but not much in the real way of rain just yet and not a whole lot of wind. now as we head through the evening, the storm will really begin to intensify starting out the north bay. but there you go. just off the coastline, you can see that band of moisture putting itself together and just behind this. you've got a nice area of low pressure on the backside right there. and that is going to help drive the storm through the bay area bringing with it some much needed rain and well, it's going to be heavy at most of the rain so far are in the light shower category right now. there's not a whole lot of heavy rain out there this time. but that will likely change. you see just off the coastline. we've got some lighter bands out there off the coast of clouds. those
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clouds are going to be the ones to bring some rainfall, maybe even some lightning strikes. the bay area and some heavier amounts of rain. we could see rain rates get near around about a half an inch per hour. and that's about the point that we start to talk about the possibility of some flash flooding so you can see right now just generally some light showers begin to pop up around the bay area. then you begin to see some more. that yellow and that orange that is some moderate to some heavier amounts of rain that are on the way now to go along with that. we could see some very gusty winds. the winds are really going to be picking up over these next couple of hours we could be talking about gusts of up to 40 maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts out near the coastline or the coastal ranges. we've got a wind advisory for most of the bay area overnight tonight except for solano c unty expecting some gusty winds through that period. all right. here's the storm system off the coastline. that is going to start to track toward the east as it begins to move a little bit close to the rain will be picking up through the evening hours. i think the heaviest rain coming overnight tonight, although tomorrow during the day likely to see some lingering showers in the morning commute. yeah, those
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roads are going to be very wet likely some ponding on the roads that will taper off by the afternoon. there's just more scattered showers around the bay area. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you very much. on kron 4, as always, can help you stay up to date on the. >> latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan that qr code. it will take you to our mobile app. and you'll find information, including current conditions at live radar and up to date forecast. breaking news to tell you about just in to the kron 4 news from the chp has just given an update on the deadly shooting on 8.80 this weekend that killed a toddler family and friends have identified that little boy who was just under 2 years old as jasper wu. here's what officers had to say about the latest in their investigation. >> the investigation led to evidence the discovery of evidence indicating that the shots that were fired originated on the northbound side are likely originated on the northbound side of
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interstate 80 in that location or the opposite side of the freeway randomly struck the victim vehicle over the past 12 months there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county for missions occurred on interstate 5 interstate and in the wake of this weekend's violence. there is yet another call to end gun violence in oakland and across the bay area today, city leaders were talking about this troubling trend of gun violence in oakland saying there's just not enough being done. >> our forces made unit has been talked to some oakland officials about the tragedy. >> oakland mayor libby shaft releases her first statement regarding the toddler killed by a stray bullet on the 8 80 freeway at oakland over the weekend, quote, to lose a 23 month old to gun violence is is heart-wrenching in as sickening as it gets as a mother and as a mayor, i am devastated by the totality of human loss and trauma caused
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by gun violence in our society as our department assists the california highway patrol to investigate this tragedy and bring the perpetrators to justice. we anyone who may have information to share it with chp investigators immediately unquote senseless killings with gun the child killed in the shooting of the 8.80 freeway represents oakland's 119 homicide of the year. >> that's compared to a total of 109 homicides for all of 2020. bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church in oakland has been a long time outspoken advocate for public safety. he describes an atmosphere of apathy being a major contributor to nothing being done to put a stop to the gun violence. >> but people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no proper.
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>> he says up to this point, the city leadership has proven to be an effective at stopping the violence and he says overall the community is just too silent as the body count continues to rise. it's not just what happens. it's what's being allowed to happen because there's not enough of raising our voices against the atrocities that's continuing to happen with this gun. hollande's. >> bishop jackson is calling on the the city council and community leaders to come together and declare a state of emergency in oakland which would bring in additional law enforcement resources because i believe that this crime and this violence and this escalating gun violence is just out of control. as the kron 4 and sadly, that was not the only deadly shooting in oakland this year. 5 other people were shot. 2 of whom died. in addition to little jasper, wu. >> the first was around 5.40 saturday night on weld street responding officers say they found a man with several gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital in critical
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condition and then died later that evening, that same night to other people with gunshoti wounds walked into the hospital. but it's not clear where they were actually shot. one died from their injuries the next day and then another shooting around 8.20, sunday evening on international boulevard when officers arrived on the scene there. they say they found 2 men who had been shot. they were both taken to a nearby hospital. know a further update on their condition. not yet. anyway, according to opd violence has claimed 119 live so far this year in oakland. if you recognize this man, santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this man sexually assaulted a blind woman in cupertino back in may. investigators say the suspect started following the woman inside a target store and then to an outdoor public parking lot where they say he held her against her will and assaulted her. the suspect was seen driving a silver scion xb with no front license plate, but anyone with information he's
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being asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's office. in the north bay. a family is in mourning as they are mourning the loss of their son who was killed during a car deal in fairfield, 19 year-old michael, the was killed last thursday afternoon when he answered an online ad to buy a car. the accused shooter is a 24 year-old kamari estranged from san pablo police say that it was a car deal gone wrong, but it's unclear what exactly happened when the 2 met up in fairfield yesterday. family and friends held a vigil in the nation to remember la prada we heard from his best friend at the vigil. i just wish. >> none of this on. nobody going saws to be alive forever to live. to the old all of us to. to succeed in life to be have to be given. to be happy with ary that we've gotten these accomplished, even though there were only 19.
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>> kamari a strange is set to be arraigned on homicide charges tomorrow. police are advising the community to go away. safe public place when buying items from another person. another big story we're following visitors from overseas are landing a bay area airports. again, the first time in more than a year. of course, because of the. >> pandemic, a lot of happy reunions. the u.s. has lifted the international travel ban. it does not mean that all travel restrictions are gone for example, visitors to have to show proof that they have been vaccinated. >> put it on really the year of morning at 6. so it was a 12 the flight. the kid is that yet. we very happy to be again. >> airlines will be taking information to be used and potential contact tracing and they say the cdc will randomly check travelers to make sure that they are in fact vaccinated. the reopening of
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us borders to most international travelers is not only leading to as we saw a lot of reunions family reunions. but the added tourists are good. of course, for local business and a boost to the bay area and sfo recovery suppose where we find kron four's. dan kerman with more. hi, dan. >> you know, sfo really has had a slow recovery and that's because at sfo, they have so many international flights about 25% of all the traffic areas international. so the opening for international travelers is really going to be approved first, syrian >> international travelers are being welcome back to sfo and other airports across the country with open arms. what we look at this as. >> is a key moment to help unlock the recovery of international traffic at sfo monday. the u.s. reopened its borders to many vaccinated, international travelers for the first time in 20 months.
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>> clearing the way for these types of reunions is especially important at sfo since historically 25% of its overall passenger traffic comes from international destinations. as the post says this change should give the airport and the businesses at the airport. a real boost especially with the holidays coming up, typically the peak time of year for our airport is in the summer. that's when we have the most flights, the most seats available. it's different. this holiday season. we actually have more flights and more seats available this holiday compared to this past summer. >> it's a sign that airlines are really bullish about this holiday season. he's added flights will also translate into tourist dollars in downtown san francisco. we don't have the casinos are big theme parks. what we have is a lot of small businesses restaurants and retail establishments and art museums and galleries in coffee shops. all those businesses are benefiting from an international visitor comes here. and just as sfo relies on international traffic. >> so to san francisco when it comes to tourist dollars. san
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francisco in 2000, 19 saw over 63% of all travelers spending by international visitors. the highest percentage in the country. so we rely on international visitors in san francisco in the greater bay area. more than other regions like this or any region like it's in the united states. so this is a really important day. >> so officials say we should start seeing that probably over the christmas holidays. but the real impact for these open borders for international will be felt in the spring the summer live at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, california may be starting to slip when it comes to keeping the pandemic under control. we're taking a look. >> at the cdc's covid-19 transmission map. this is for the bay area in san francisco, san mateo counties there in the yellow moderate spread tear. but all the other counties are in the orange substantial tier. now certainly with the holidays coming up. all eyes are on what is around the corner and could we be facing another winter surge just like last
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year as you may recall last winter. the numbers really started to tick upward causing hospitals to once again warn about beds disappearing quickly as they handled a severe cases of covid-19. but this time around as the number showing the upward tick infectious disease. experts say that we are in better shape concerning the pandemic, especially since so many americans have received their vaccines. here's more on what to expect. >> you know, we're not going to be at the levels that we saw last when deciding that's definitely not going to happen when i mean, not at the levels of last went i mean, probably no flooding and over the flooding of hospitals necessarily. it's getting colder. it's getting darker. people are not spending as much time outdoors a gathering in north. when you look at where the hot spots are in the u.s. it's the northern and then it's seeping down to california now with an increase in 15% in the last 2 weeks in cases. >> doctor peter chin-hong also says with kids getting
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vaccinated. it will help with immunity issues. but he adds we're certainly not over this pandemic yet. stay with kron 4 for the latest information that includes finding the vaccine for children and much more. you can scan the qr code. it's on your screen and you'll be directed to the special section on our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. coming up even more violence in san francisco's haight ashbury neighborhood over the weekend. what we know about this latest incident that has neighbors fearing for their lives and their businesses. >> also, the latest tonight on the criminal investigation into the deadly astroworld festival over the weekend, including the string of lawsuits already filed. >> and we're keeping an eye on the rain moving through the bay area tonight. be right back.
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>> we are continuing to follow the latest in houston after 8 people died during the astroworld music festival. lawsuits have already been filed against rapper travis scott and the show's organizers investigators are looking into whether safety measures were ignored before that concert began. houston. police say their investigation will likely take weeks if not longer to determine if anyone can be held criminally liable. people who were at the concert say the trouble began right away, but that no one, including travis scott would stop the show. 50,000 people
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attended the sold-out astroworld festival investigators still trying to figure out exactly what happened. why the crowd surged toward the stage. also whether there were flaws and crowd control and the design of safety barriers and they're reviewing cellphone videos and social media posts. they're talking to a lot of people who survived the chaos. meanwhile, the concert venue at houston's nrg park has been turned into a makeshift memorial with people leaving flowers candles and. >> mourning the victims. 8 people, as we've mentioned, died. hundreds, though, were hurt and more than a dozen are still being hospitalized. one of the youngest victims to die was 16 year-old brianna rodriguez lawyers for some of the victims. families have already filed lawsuits against the concert promoter. live nation. travis scott. well, the criminal investigation continues. >> all right. let's take a live look outside looking
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toward the north bay, the golden gate bridge. a hard to tell but doesn't seem to what yet. >> but apparently this thing moving in and moving in fast should be a pretty wet by later tonight. yeah, i think coming. a quick are somewhat lucky. this is really moisture-laden storm. so the called the atmospheric river. that's the pineapple yeah. things you get very wet out there out there toward the golden gate bridge may be a little bit damp but not too much just yet. that is about to change. here's your storm system. this what we call a water vapor loop. give you a good idea of the moisture in the atmosphere. i want you look at this line here, extending all the way down into the tropics. almost a hawaii that we're looking at that is the atmospheric river and all that moisture is getting pumped right along conveyor belt making its way back up into that storm system. so it latched on to a lot of moisture. and that means we'll see a lot of rain out of the storm system overnight tonight we're starting to see some of that rain move on shore. shipped across much of northern california. the bay area beginning to see some drizzle or some light showers. but stronger bands remain just off the coastline. the front not here just yet, but right
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around 8 o'clock or so. we're going to start to see some of those heavier bands moving on shore and bring that rain. a computer models timing out the storm for you can see the most. the heaviest rainfall still located off the coastline as we head through the evening hours starts to move in the north bay by 8 o'clock. look at that yellows and oranges up in the north bay. some heavy rainfall moving in during that period. while the rest, the bay area, just some lighter showers. look at san jose sailing fairly dry through that period and that changes overnight. tonight we get in toward 10 o'clock or so, lou, that all around the entire bay area. we're talking about some pockets of some heavy rainfall, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm specially that front pushes through. i think we're going to see some cold air on the backside of that may be just enough to cause some rumbles of thunder to pop up around the bay area into early tomorrow morning. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. i think maybe some scattered light showers. but most the heavy rain love ended. but the damage will be done to be some ponding out there on the roadways tomorrow, morning's commute could be pretty slick out there. guys, back to you. all right, lauren, still
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ahead, tonight, a warning tonight from san jose police about a phone scam to the callers are targeting. >> but first, the fallout continues for aaron rodgers after he apparently lied about being vaccinated. what some of his retired colleagues our said.
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>> the fallout does continue for green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers after being accused of being intentionally misleading about being vaccinated and things
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didn't get any better after he then got covid. many had to miss sunday's game against a kansas city chiefs, which of course the packers lost and during the nfl coverage. this weekend. his retired colleagues let him have it. kyle mas on has more. >> this is a team game. and in all honesty, i'm disappointed. >> and his play on words for his explanation. i'm disappointed in some of his selfish get aaron rodgers. some advice. it would have been nice if you just come to the naval academy and learn how to be honest, the fox nfl football team was unanimous in their thoughts of aaron rodgers now under nfl rules for players, testing positive for covid. >> he had to sit out sunday's game against the chiefs. but that's not why he's catching heat. the backlash is over a comment he made in august for you. that's a native. what your stance. yeah. i've been immunized the key word there immunized not vaccinated. roger says he took various homeopathic remedies to boost
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his immune system there is no and i h cdc fda approved. >> homeopathic way to increase your antibodies. i understand immunized. >> what you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting covid-19. you've got covid-19, aaron rodgers, meanwhile, is standing by his decision not to get the vax. he says he believes in body autonomy he's also not backing down from the critics. in a radio interview, he called them, quote. >> the woke mob. >> i'm >> you know, some sort of anti vax latter, sir. and somebody is critical thinker. you guys know are still being blown around. >> now nfl players are not required to get vaccinated, but those that don't get the vaccine or screened more often and forced to sit out longer. over a positive test. as for a potential punishment for rogers were in touch with the league, with the working with say about that. i know the
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packers can't comment. but the rest of the world is talking including saturday night live. >> did you lie about being vaccinated. i never lie. i took all my teammates into a got all their faces. 3 inches away from my wet mouth. and told them, trust or less. immunize, go team. >> that was a reporter. kyle malzahn reporting state farm has pulled most of its commercials featuring rogers. they did that over the weekend didn't say why only saying that rogers has been a great ambassador for the company coming up here on kron. 4 news at 5 more bay area gun violence. this time. >> in the hate in san francisco. in someone interrupt heard that you have in progress. then more rain is on the way. but for how long. and really how much. and then the warriors are about 30 minutes away from tipping off against the atlanta hawks to try and improve to 9. and one versus one of the strongest teams in there was another
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instance of gun violence near the haight-ashbury neighborhood that happened this weekend. police say a man was shot after interrupting a burglary it happened this week on saturday night kron four's. >> maureen kelly has details. >> a worker at the central park. natural market located at the corner of ashbury and hayes shows me some of the damage from the late night attempted burglary saturday. she says 4 men used hammers to
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try and break into the store just before midnight. she showed up at the store after the fact to see lots of police cars in addition to the shattered, front glass doors nearby parked car had its windows shattered by gunfire. she tells me that the man who lives in a faq apartment interrupted. the would be burglars and was shot at. so people are trying to get into the star and when he tried stop them. so. >> they should team. so they should on him. >> it's far by it. so. >> may scale and the bullets missed the tenant and he was uninjured. the 4 suspects got away. the store clerk says she's shocked that this happened here. i know it's it's crazy because it's very mice area and we have a very nice year, at say it's good for those days. so. we don't know what's going on. it's even scarier coming on the heels of recent incidents of gun violence in this area on thursday. 21 year-old samuel jessup was fatally shot and another man


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