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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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argan oil plus kera-system up to 72 hours frizz control 97% humidity protection fructis sleek & shine number one on sleek by garnier, naturally! >> now it's 3 and outrage in oakland after another incident gun violence in the city takes the life of a toddler. plus the u.s. welcomes back fully vaccinated visitors from overseas we're live at sfo are many families. it and friends are reuniting for the first time in more than a year. >> and still be take back. your typewriter. it's another dark and stormy night. we're tracking it and let you know what you can expect and when the kron 4 news at 3 starts now. >> from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3.
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>> it's time for the city of open. another pass this on numerous occasions to be declared a state of emergency. this little baby can even get to celebrate. it's placed second birthday. >> a call to end gun violence ponce and for all. this afternoon after toddlers killed by crossfire along 88 in oakland over the weekend. thank you for joining us this monday here on kron 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia family. friends identified the young boy just shy of 2 years old is jasper wu and today city leaders are speaking up about the troubling trend of gun violence in oakland saying not enough is being done kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has been speaking with some local leaders and he has more on their reaction to the tragedy. >> oakland mayor libby shaft releases her first statement regarding the toddler killed by a stray bullet on the 8 80 freeway at oakland over the weekend, quote, to lose a 23 month old to gun violence is as heart-wrenching sickening as it gets as a mother and as
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a i am devastated by the totality of human loss and trauma caused by gun violence in our society. >> as our department assists the california highway patrol to investigate this tragedy and bring the perpetrators to justice. we call it anyone who may have information to share it with chp investigators immediately unquote senseless killings with gun the child killed in the shooting of the 8.80 freeway represents oakland's 119 homicide of the year. >> that's compared to a total of 109 homicides for all of 2020. bishop bob jackson of acts full gospel church oakland. >> has been a long time outspoken advocate for public safety. he describes an atmosphere of apathy being a major contributor to nothing being done to put a stop to the gun violence. >> but people in leadership and what not to say. they don't know what to do is so sad that continues to break my heart as well because they know what to do. it seems like
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when it's and minority race is it seems like no one really well, that's what they do. they kill each other and whatnot. no proper. >> he says up to this point, the city leadership has proven to be an effective at stopping the violence and he says overall the community is just too silent as the body count continues to rise it's not just what happens. it's what's being allowed to happen because there's not enough of raising our voices against the atrocities that's continuing to happen with this gun. hollande's. >> official data is calling on the the city council and community leaders to come together and declare a state of emergency in oakland which would bring in additional law enforcement resources because i believe that this crime and this violence and this escalating gun violence is just out of control. >> that was kron four's haaziq madyun reporting for us. a vigil is planned for this evening in oakland. we're gathering more details on the event and we'll bring you updates and any live images available later tonight. in
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san francisco, the walgreens on ocean avenue and would occur. drive will close today. it's one of 5 san francisco locations that's closing because of a rise in shoplifting. now, here's a list of the other stories that are set to close the company is already closed. more than a dozen of its stores in the city because of the problem prescriptions from the store closing today will be transferred to the location on ocean and facts. an avenue. you may remember when this video went viral back in june. a man was caught on camera shoplifting from a location that is now closed. that suspect was linked to 8 shoplifting cases. 350 health care workers are on strike it's center dealt a center delta medical center in antioch. their union says that center canceled a planned mediation session between the 2 sides. and this is video of a strike just last month at that same hospital health care workers say they're protesting t difficult working conditions and on fair labor practices. the union says that staffing
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shortages is a big part of the problem. workers walking out today include emergency room tax and respiratory therapists among others. a spokesperson for sutter health says that a proposed contract with the union guarantees pay and benefits that are as good or better, then others in the area. it's not clear how% today's strike will affect patient care. time now for a check of our weather. the rain is coming back to the bay area. this is a live look at radar for showing the rain. all that green on the left. that's all rain coming our way. so the commute may be a little tricky tonight. let's check in with kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr for what we can expect with the storm. they hate on sanaa's of the nice thing is i guess to say. nice to give us a little help with this is there is some dry air at the surface of some of that is going to be eaten away by what we call that virga thing. that's of operation of rain. >> before striking the ground because last night some dry air got in the lower levels of the atmosphere that maybe will shave off an hour or so before the onslaught that will start with light showers rain and then the heavy stuff comes as
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we get later for tonight to give you an idea where this is in total. the deeper moisture off to see. we have the low way up in the northwest. that's driving this plume of moisture and this is basically our tuesday forecast is everything breaks up by tuesday afternoon. so it's a short thing overnight. perfect timing. with that. get everybody home and then things start to happen. so here's what we've got going on for you, 57 or so by 7 o'clock turning mostly cloudy, although and san francisco, you're probably start to see the rain already portions of the east bay shoreline already. everybody should be involved except maybe the south bay by 10 o'clock. so putting this into motion in terms of timing it out will freeze at about 7 o'clock. there you have the coverage area deeper moisture still out to sea. and then as we get into the later evening into the overnight. there you can see the progress of most the heavy rain off to the central valley leaving behind spotty rain in spotty showers. this will be for the early morning commute. but watch out for what's already happened overnight because there'll be some winds with all of this might be some problem areas on your drive into work. there
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you see showers still remaining into the early afternoon. coming up a little bit here. we'll take a look at some of the winds and the statements that this particular storm has then given us so thank you so much, dave kron 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. so just use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. >> it will take you to your app store to download the kron 4 mobile app there. you'll find current conditions. live radar and up-to-date forecasts. the big story today visitors from overseas or landing at bay area airports once again this after more than a year due the pandemic, the u.s. announcing the lifting of the international travel ban. now, there are some restrictions. and for those and more we have kron four's cause liver. he is over at sfo for us, which is set to be one of the busiest airports this holiday season is charles. >> they're yes. so it's been a busy day here at sfo. you know, the international terminal right behind me here has been very quiet since the pandemic started. but those restrictions eased up today
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and specifically just to beat clear what we're talking about his travel restrictions for non us citizens and not immigrants. this could tourists or people visiting their family temporarily. they are the ones we haven't been able to travel citizens can travel. and today there are a lot of happy reunions here at sfo. down at the arrivals gate at the international terminal very happy reunions. lot of people hugging a lot of these folks haven't seen their family and friends for more than. >> 2 years because of the pandemic. any travelers coming into the u.s. now must show proof of vaccination against covid-19 they can use any vaccine approved by the world health organization, not just those in use here in the u.s. also of these travelers have to show a negative covid-19 test. i caught up with one family traveling to san francisco from france. they say they haven't been able to be here for more than 2 years and they are very happy to be back. >> we just put it on really the year of money. it takes. so it was a 12 the flight. the
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heat is that yet. we very happy to be again. now the airlines are in charge of checking to make sure that people are vaccinated. they're also collecting. >> some personal information not just in case contact tracing is necessary also the cdc has workers who are randomly checking passengers to make sure that their vaccinated as well. all right. back live now, this is a story we're going to keep an eye on as we head into the busy holiday season. but for now at sfo, charles clifford kron. 4 news, thank you, charles. >> a developing story now regeneron pharmaceuticals says their new covid drug can reduce the risk of contracting the virus by nearly 80%. the antibody cocktail is currently used to treat people who have already been infected with coronavirus now in late-stage trials. the company says the drug ridge n cove can also provide immunity from infection for up to 8 months public health officials say this could help people who are unresponsive to vaccines from
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getting the virus during the trial. no one using the drug was hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms in the placebo crew, a group 6 cases where record recorded. vaccines for kids are now available at walgreens and cvs stores in california. a boy appointments are available. all children must be accompanied by an adult and we have much more information on vaccine clinics all across the bay area on our website. kron 4 dot com. and in developing news, a criminal investigation has been opened after that deadly stampede at travis scott's astroworld festival in houston lawsuits have been filed against the rapper and organizers after 8 people died and several others were injured. investigators are looking into whether safety measures were ignored before the concert started. houston police say their investigation will likely take weeks if not longer to determine if anyone can be held criminally liable for what happened. people who were at the concert say the trouble started right away,
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but no one including travis scott would stop the show. we'll continue to bring you the latest developments in this case throughout our newscasts tonight. we have much more coming up here on kron. 4 news at 3 today. california starting to trend in the wrong direction of covid-19 cases. >> the concerns from local doctors as the holiday season ramps up. and police in the south bay need your help catching this man accused of assault will have details on that investigation. and we're tracking the incoming storm all hour long with our meteorologist dave sphar. we'll tell you how long the system is expected to last. don't go anywhere. kron 4 news
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3 police need your help finding a man who they say sexually assaulted a blind woman in cupertino. this is a picture of that suspect, santa clara county sheriff's deputies say the incident happened back in may. investigators say the suspect started following the woman inside a target store and then to an outdoor parking lot, public parking lot where they say he held her against her will and assaulted her. the suspect was seen driving a silver scion xb with no front license plate. anyone with information is asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's office. in the north bay fairfield police say someone found a skimming
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device at this bank of america atm police say that person noticed a suspicious mirror with wires attached to the machine. officers say the device was disguised as the atm that rear view safety amarah covered up a pinhole camera designed to record bank transactions card numbers and customer pin codes. so far there's no word on if there are any victims. we check this out. a viewer sent us this video of a mountain lion spotted at a home in san bruno friday night. this is in the area of crest more canyon and claremont drive. this comes as police in sam, a tail, say a patrol car hit another mountain lion saturday night on highway 92. they say the mountain lion was trying to run across the highway before was hit. no word on whether the animals in both incidents were the same mountain lion. time now to get a check. check on the weather this afternoon. we have heavy rainfall that's expected to move in later this
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evening as we take a live look at radar 4 and haha. >> want to live out river. is it going to be as bad as what we saw a couple weeks ago know and it's a quick mover with all of this tube is get plume of moisture coming in from the southern latitudes. you know, it's like the tropics down there and so forth. so it's coming up to our neck of the woods here. hope those mount lines have a place to hide tonight because it will be stormy. you do see a filling as you can see, sonoma county are in. that means aloft. the radar, seeing that that has to fight to some dry air to get to the surface of this is why in case you're wondering why not getting anything yet. that's because it has to moisten up the atmosphere a little bit. no problem. we'll take care of that. we usually talk about it, that we have dry patch and you can see the high clouds filtering through the entire bay area there's the cut off as we get into tomorrow afternoon and things break up nicely. so let's march forward again, it starts as you can see in the north bay typical pattern that we're used to. that's being guided by that low pressure system in the northwest. there's about 7.15, across the east bay, the south bay peninsula. everybody
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else. you can see through the evening overnight tomorrow morning. could be some problem areas on the road to add to that they'll be some pockets of some moderate rain at times, but it will be very poppy, after that. and particularly as we get to late morning hours will take a lot of kind of shake that all law. but the sun will be popping out by the early afternoon. this does come with the wind from the south. thank you. not from the northwest. so therefore it's going remain mild through the period. the winds are a wind advisory, not a high wind warning, which means we don't use expect property damage with this. but we've already seen power outages from wind advisories with this. so having said all that, let's get to our statements here. that wind advisory does cover everybody except solano county and a little pocket down here. the santa clara valley just because the direction of the winds are coming. they're somewhat shielded there. and as a secondary issue, yes, it carries mountain snows. but it's an advisory not to hire another winter storm warning amounts about a foot to foot and a half, maybe 2 feet, perhaps at very high elevations above 7,000 feet. but it would be more because
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it's not as wards is warmer and therefore not getting as much snow piled up there for colder system would get more sanaa's. thank you, dave. >> california. lawmakers are in scotland this week learning how other countries and states are trying to combat climate change ashley zavala shows us how governor newsom's absence is overshadowing california's delegation at the un climate summit. >> you know, we have to >> faster, california state senate delegation says so far so productive at the cop, 26 climate change conference lawmaker said monday. aside from promoting the state's climate policies are learning from other countries and states, including washington state and its investment program that incentivizes reducing emissions. how international shipping operators plan to improve data capabilities. digitally. how scotland is using offshore wind ideas to reduce the use of methane and how some countries are getting the private sector involved financially. this is the homework club. >> we're taking notes and working our hearts out in a virtual meeting with reporters
3:19 pm
monday. senators were asked several times about governor gavin newsom's absence from the conference after he abruptly canceled his trip to cop. 26 think this story is a little overblown because we're coming to u.s.. >> for a meeting and spending time officials from the natural resources environment protection agency. when you some canceled the trip 10 days ago, his office said he'd be attending events. virtually more than halfway through the conference. the governor has yet to participate. >> senators did not say what upcoming events they expect him to attend california has been flying the flag quite admirably. we reached out to the governor's office for comment on this but have not yet heard back at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. today marks 3 years since the deadly camp fire struck northern california and devastated the town of paradise. >> the camp fire sparked when a strong winds blew a spark from pg e equipment to bone dry trees. the resulting fire would become the deadliest and most destructive in california
3:20 pm
history. the camp fire burned nearly 14,000 homes destroyed. the town of paradise and killed 85 people. and happening today service changes are coming to the san francisco bay ferry routes. most of the changes are minor will only impact midday service. but other changes include a resuming service on the south san francisco route which connects oakland alameda and south san francisco today will also mark the launch of the alameda short hop service which is a 10 minute connection between the main street alameda ferry terminal and the oakland ferry terminal at jack london square. it also be changes to the vallejo services. those changes include moving some of the afternoon times and canceling the last trip of the day on weekdays. still ahead at 3.45, a very scary situation after a couple finds of air on their property. how was preparing to hibernate and how officials were able to scare him away. >> and after the break,
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california's covid transmission rate is rising after significant drop in the last few months. what doctors recommend we start doing now. head of the upcoming holiday
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welcome back. in coronavirus coverage this afternoon. california may be starting to slip when it comes to keeping the pandemic under control. >> we're taking a look at the cdc's covid-19 transmission map for the bay area. san francisco, san maaeo counties are in the yellow moderate
3:24 pm
spread tier while all the other counties are in the orange substantial tier now for more on why this is happening and how that it might actually gets kron. four's. theresa joins us live with the details. theresa. well, certainly with the holidays coming. all eyes are on what is around the corner and what we could be facing. >> could we be facing another winter surge like we did last year. as you recall last winter, the numbers really started to tick upward causing hospitals to once again warned about beds disappear quickly as they handled severe cases of covid-19. however, this time around. it's the numbers show in this upward to uptick infectious disease. experts say that we are in better shape concerning the pandemic specially since we have so many americans that have received the vaccine. here's more on what to expect. >> you know, we're not going to be at the levels that we saw last went to. so i think that's definitely not going to happen when i mean, not at the levels of last went i mean, probably no flooding and over the flooding of hospitals
3:25 pm
necessarily simply not the same number of deaths. more than 90% of over 65 have been immunized. what we're seeing a bunch of different things happening right now. a huge decision. europe. it's meeting the world right now. we've seen this story before something in europe and then something happens in the u.s. a month. always several weeks later. number 2, there is waning immunity from vaccines. this is particularly pronounce in the older than 65 and those with immune compromised conditions. but in the general population what meeting immunity does is that it makes you more susceptible to infection. a breakthrough infection. and number 3 is it's getting colder. it's getting darker. people are not spending as much time outdoors a gathering in north. when you look at where the hot spots are in the u.s. it's the northern and then it's seeping down to california now with an increase in 15% in the last 2 weeks in cases. >> to doctor peter chin-hong also says that with kids
3:26 pm
getting vaccinated. it will help with immunity issues, but adds we are certainly not over this pandemic. n. i'll have much more coming up on kron 4 news at 5 o'clock as well as are streaming service kronon you can download that for free in the app store centers. thank you, theresa. >> up next, supply chain woes continue why transportation secretary pete buttigieg says we can solve this as we focus on getting the pandemic under control. first. and a 19 year-old man is killed after responding to an online ad to buy a car in the bay area. we'll have details on that investigation. we even more violence in san francisco's haight and ashbury neighborhood over the weekend. we know about the latest incident that has neighbors fearing for their lives and businesses. >> we're tracking another dark and stormy night coming our way tonight. i'll give you some
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what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> just about 3.30, on your monday afternoon. and a big story and atmospheric river is getting ready to pound the bay area with atcouple of inches of rain looking at the radar. the rain is as you can see, i up in the north bay. that's typically where rain before. it makes its way down to san francisco in other parts of the bay area. let's track this system hour by hour with meteorologist dave spahr, a date. >> a son eyes. how you doing ok, so another kind of rocky night is expected to the onslaught of this other some indication she might get some class claps of thunder going
3:30 pm
on just because of the mixing process before it moves on through. now, here's some of the deeper moisture. the darker greens. you can see out to sea aloft. we're getting it up to sonoma county are in, but it has to fight through a little bit of dry air before it reaches the ground. this is about the whole system in total point to those cloud tops upstream there. how about that? getting further away from home and it breaks off into our tuesday. now, here's what we're expecting from it in total say about 06:00pm to 03:00am heavy rain winds migrating from northwest to southeast obviously will take more time to get to the southeast but local flooding in the burn area. so that's a cautionary pick in the santa cruz mountains national the service. they're watching this carefully. we don't have a flash flood watch, but we can have flash flood warnings and very localized areas pop up so stay tuned tomorrow. an early shower rain late variable clouds entering in the ball game here and then for the rest of the week. kind of calm will be some clouds coming in and out. but a gradual warm up as we start to head into the weekend. back to tonight. now,
3:31 pm
are you one of those late night diners. i am myself to. but if you want to pick up your take out early do it early tonight because say about 8 o'clock, we're talking stormy san francisco oakland take a little longer to get down to san jose. bill called stormy overnight. those temps largely lower 50's little bit warmer than last night because the air won't be so dry coming up in a bit. we'll take a look at the longer range forecast for you. and it's not going to be that lightning constantly. we'd never get to use those of his want to point that out. that's all so thank you so much, david. >> kron. 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. so use the camera on your phone to scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to download our kron 4 mobile app where you'll find current conditions live radar and up today forecasts. there was another instance of gun violence near the haight-ashbury neighborhood. this weekend. police say a man aas shot after interrupting a burglary saturday night kron four's maureen kelly has the details. >> a worker at the central park. natural market located
3:32 pm
at the corner of ashbury and hayes shows me some of the damage from the late night attempted burglary saturday. she says 4 men used hammers to try and break into the store just before midnight. she showed up at the store after the fact to see lots of police cars in addition to the shattered, front glass doors. a nearby parked car had its windows shattered by gunfire. she tells me that the man who lives in a faq apartment interrupted. the would be burglars and was shot at. so people are trying to get into the star and when he tried to stop them. so they should team. so they should on him. it's far by it. so. scary. and the bullets missed the tenant and he was uninjured. the 4 suspects got away. the store clerk says she's shocked that this happened here. i know that it's crazy because it's very nice area. and we have a very nice year, at least. so it is good for those days. so. >> we don't know what's going on. it's even scarier coming on the heels of recent incidents of gun violence in
3:33 pm
this area. >> on thursday. 21 year-old samuel jessup was fatally shot and another man injured at 01:00pm in the afternoon on haight street and the sonic avenue back on october 22nd. another man was sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries after a shooting at 3.30 in the afternoon. one block away at hate and central. a police spokesman says patrols have been boosted in the area as a result of these most recent cases which are still under investigation. they have no updates or arrests to report maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> take close look at the picture on your screen. this is a missing woman and her family is asking for help. antioch police is asking for the public's help to find a 68 year-old sisk, a chase. officers say chase suffers from dimension. she's been missing since 9 o'clock this morning when she went for a walk from the area. lincoln lane and east to grow a tree gallus road. she was last seen wearing a black windbreaker
3:34 pm
tanned shorts and black and white shoes. if you see her, you are asked to call antioch police. in the south bay, a knife fight and reports of gunfire sents patrons running for their lives last night at the great mall in milpitas and now 2 people are in police custody in connection to those incidents. police originally arrested 3 people friday evening but have since released one of them. one of those still in custody is a 15 year-old boy. he was on probation for auto theft puddles of possession of an illegal weapon robbery and other serious crimes. the other suspect is a 41 year-old and he was first arrested after witnesses reported he was possibly involved in the shots fire call police investigation found that he was clear from the incident but had violated parole that was not related to the shooting at the great mall. i go to the north bay now where a family is mourning the loss of their son who was killed during a car deal in fairfield 19 year-old michael up was killed last thursday afternoon
3:35 pm
when he answered an online at on line added to buy a car. accused shooter is a 24 year-old kamari estranged from san pablo police say it was a car deal gone wrong, but it's unclear what exactly happened when the 2 met up in fairfield yesterday. family and friends held a vigil in benicia to remember la prada we heard from his best friend at the vigil. >> i just wish none of this on. nobody going saws to be alive forever to live. >> to the old all of us to it. to succeed in life to be happy to give to be happy with everything that we've done in life. know, accomplished even though there were only 19. >> kamari a strange is set to be arraigned on homicide charges tomorrow. police are advising the community to go to a safe public place when buying items from another person. and as national news, the biden administration is
3:36 pm
still working to relieve the global supply chain issues before the holiday season. transportation secretary pete buttigieg said that part of the relief will be delivered with the recently passed infrastructure bill. our washington, dc course correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington with more. >> good evening. the biden administration is frantically trying to ease the congestion. the supply chain that's been backed up for months. but now with the holiday surge us ports are seen more problems. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the only way to solve the supply chain issues is to tackle covid-19 the best way to end a pandemic-related shortage. is that the pandemic buttigieg says us ports aren't able to keep up with consumers demands because the current supply chain infrastructure is outdated got the port itself is kind like a landlord. >> they got the terminal operators and you've got the truckers and all of them are interacting with competing shipping companies to try to efficiently move these containers. they need to be able to exchange and share data. buttigieg says the
3:37 pm
recently passed one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill will fix some of these problems. >> but republicans including texas congressman louie gohmert say that's not going to speed up the delivery of products. this holiday season. the global club supply chain crisis could last well into february the biden administration recently announced the ports of los angeles and long beach will operate 24 7 to help alleviate supply chain. bottlenecks. but the port of la tells me when ships arrive. there's no place to take the cargo saying in a statement we have reached the limit of warehouse capacity due to a lack of available space and a shortage of warehouse workers. >> president biden will visit the port of baltimore on wednesday to celebrate the infrastructure bill and how us ports will benefit from the legislation for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> coming up, a bear tries to hibernate under a couple's home in colorado. how officials were able to the
3:38 pm
furry giants. and a warning this afternoon from san jose police about a phone scam. we'll tell you who the call
3:39 pm
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i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. bay. the san jose police department is warning residents of a phone scam. mostly targeting spanish speakers. here's what you need to watch out for the calls. >> are coming in from the phone number you see on your screen. the scammers pretend to be a part of the city's customer contact center and
3:41 pm
they say they're calling about overdue, water garbage or electricity bills. they then request that the payment be made through zelle or another non credible option. police say if you get one of these calls. hang up immediately. they are not legitimate. and it's almost thanksgiving and travel web site. the vacationer surveyed a 1000 us adults to find out what are the most hated thanksgiving foods and these are the results cranberry sauce came out on top with nearly 30% saying they'll skip that dish the traditional thanksgiving. turkey not far behind disliked by 28%. 23% of respondents said they pass on the stuffing to also on the list pumpkin pie disliked by 20% and mashed potatoes. shined by 17%. who are these people? >> still ahead, south bay shoppers could have another option for buying involved. we'll tell you what we know about the most plans for a new costco and how locals are reacting. and we're tracking
3:42 pm
the incoming atmospheric river impacting the evening commute. dave spahr has all those web de it is almost 4
3:43 pm
3:44 pm
o'clock in some people might be headed out of the office heading to the grocery store. so let's track the rain that you can see radar far showing. >> showing the rain creeping to the rest, the bay area. but will it be sticking around all week proper meteorologist dave
3:45 pm
spahr standing by in the weather center with some answers for us. stay facing grab those groceries and hurry next couple of hours, things going downhill. here's a look at the rain. you can see starting to fill a least a little west and the marin county. we see sonoma county. that's pretty much a lot. so it's not necessarily striking the ground, but you have a couple of hours before the onslaught. >> of all of this going forward. so let's go ahead of the models to. but you know what, you can expect in terms of timing. the deeper moisture should start encroaching say about the golden gate points northwest about 7 o'clock filtering through the east bay in the south bay peninsula before midnight and then the heavier stuff off of the central valley and mountains and far south of us are in down to a monterey county, probably by dawn tomorrow morning but will be left with some spotty showers and the problems on the roads will just get a little worse with some rain showers. so localized flooding even though we don't have any statements involving that still possible jumping to the winds were quick notice the arrows pointing southeasterly here comes the onslaught of winds. it short. we still have a wind advisory that's been posted.
3:46 pm
however. but this can pose some problems in terms of power lines, trees, that sort of thing still possible, although we usually look for higher winds for that. so our rainfall totals say before well before midnight, we're picking up almost half of an inch up. and here in the north bay east bay. meanwhile, on the east bay shoreline over a quarter of an inch of rain. but they'll be some dollar signs here and there to be found with elsewhere. but up 3 quarters of an inch to about half of an inch expected. why perspective of what we expect here mountain snows with all of this by tuesday overnight. this thing is out of here. so for tuesday might be some early showers working on variable clouds and a pretty quiet week warming up those temperatures too. a little system. watch out too early next week when you get idea that 7 day forecast. here's the warm up a lower 70's expected by the time we get into next week and although looks like a little intrusion of some cloud cover on that front. so does thank you, dave. >> a crown for can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. so use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. it will take you straight to your app store to download the kron
3:47 pm
4 mobile app where you'll find current conditions live radar and up to date forecasts. in the south bay, people that a new option for buying in bulk and san jose costco in consideration in opening a is considering rather opening a warehouse at the westgate west shopping center right now there are a lot of empty store fronts in that area. but costco plans to submit a bid to take up the vacant spaces this month. now if all goes well, the costco could revitalize that shopping center and it's something this community feels is needed. >> it just you know, it's to see that empty space this cbs not from here. >> and then all should. and people generally begin to get the feeling that everything is shutting down and going to change that. >> amazing idea because right now we have to go out the next rest way the traffic to get the cost going to be great because i live around here. >> now, any residents who want to share their input comments
3:48 pm
or questions can contact the san jose district one office. just in time for the holidays in san francisco. marine food bank received a donation of 8,000 pounds of thanksgiving, turkey. now the donation is coming from foster farms and it will help feed about 10,000 people in our community. i think we have to keep in mind that even as the economy begins to recover. >> that food in san francisco and the bay area is still a very serious problem. when it comes to thanksgiving. we think that's something that everybody should be able to participate in. and this is our way of helping out and we hope that our donation encourages other companies to support the fine work that the san francisco marin food bank does. >> foster farms says it will donate 64,000 pounds of to food banks along the west coast, if you'd like to volunteer at the sf more in food, bank or other food banks
3:49 pm
around the bay area. we have information on our website kron 4 dot com. and now to a berry. yes, very scary situation. a colorado couple was shocked to find out that they had an uninvited guest for the winter. it was a bear who had built a den under their house and was preparing to hibernate the sun to iran. us shows us. >> high on a mountain just outside neverland sit a smattering of homes surrounded by mother nature at its best peaceful and calm. usually here. until this week when the dogs bark shattered to silence. turns out there was a bear in judith pains backyard. then the bear came now. >> i was right by the door and i was inches away from it except for the glass door. and i'm thinking this is a wild animal little to judith and her husband michael know the bear was planning to stay for a while said that's not good. >> so that's not good. >> well,
3:50 pm
>> you know, we've we've had bear wander through before, but nobody settling in the dog's bark spooked a bear into a hole. it had does it lead to again. it was building 4 to 5 feet under the pains home. i didn't know. >> i don't think he been there that long. they're just now the next couple weeks for the winter. so i'm sure was. rather new. >> the pains call colorado parks. wildlife officer sam peterson to help ferret the bear out with the smell of ammonia. it worked out came the bear which quickly scurried away were encroaching on their their habitat. really a more guests. >> their guests. and so you know that those things are going to happen. living up here. the pains thankful. >> their guest left sooner than it had expected.
3:51 pm
>> that was the center rain us reporting for us. officials the bear was tagged in actually been raised by colorado parks and wildlife after was orphaned several years ago. up next, crossing the finish line was the only thing on this runners lined up the la marathon what he did on li -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds
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turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> take a look at this. a
3:54 pm
photo going viral for all the right reasons and shows an 8th grader holding an umbrella for his classmate caught in the rain. >> at a middle school in clewiston, florida. jerry hernandez has cerebral palsy and uses a walker to get around. he says the gesture by his schoolmate. lamar really means a lot to him saying, quote, i told him he didn't really need to do that. but he did it out of his kindness. the school principal saw the gesture and snapped the photo which has been shared all over social media, carries mom says she had some concerns about bullying when he started school. she says the photo shows her son is loved and that people are looking out for him. but start tearing up and a firefighter, adding a little romance to the la marathon. take a look. >> the girl says she'll do anything for you. that's when you do this. >> marry. >> that special moment happening on live tv during
3:55 pm
the la marathon. our sister station ktla capturing the proposal yesterday. the firefighter has also completed several marathons in full uniform to raise money for the california fire foundation. i would even run a marathon in regular clothes. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for us tonight. >> a real life game of battleship we'll show you what the chinese are using for target practice and ask whether the u.s. navy is focused on the right thing. that's on balance. now, here's a look at dan abrams live. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. a trillion dollars to build up our country make improvements. that should be a huge win. but it's not good for the radicals. how the far right and far left lost this fight. that's tonight. and dan abrams live. >> that's all coming up tonight on the fastest-growing cable news network in america. newsnation. you find on the channels listed here. we'll send details available on our website. kron 4 dot com. now
3:56 pm
we do have time for another weather check with dave spahr. did ever ran a marathon. never have no neither of life. but i walked in, you know, more than a mile and so forth. so, you know that. i brought it. but good enough for that matter. it's the young 1000 miles takes the first your foot, whatever. >> anyway, this we got on radar. you can see already starting to fill up. remember this is rain aloft. a couple little reporting stations around that they have gotten of trace of an inch of rain. just a trace so far. but as you can see, the deeper moisture is yet to be had. want to give everybody playing out here in total. there's the low steering this plume of moisture off our way. so we definitely need this rain without question. it would be nice. a little colder that allow the mountains to store it up. but here's the game plan for the next to 06:00pm to 03:00am. that's the total for the bay area in terms of getting the heaviest hit of rain northwest to southeast local flooding in the burned areas to stay tuned for hearing about flash flood warnings and flood advisories and so forth. but there is
3:57 pm
flash flood advisory that's been posted for the whole area yet for tomorrow, early shower rain. late variable clouds and that program, by the way. and then for the rest of this week. calm prevails. that's right. the mixed bag of sun and clouds and temperatures start to warm up towards the end of the week. it looks like some scattered clouds, by the way, for our weekend. we've got some lower 70's going on there, too. that's great for your to do. you're running their sanaa's. by the way. and we'll see temperatures into the 40's throughout the period as well. back to you. dave, thank you for that. >> that's it for kron 4 news at 3 i'm paid so much for joining us.
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