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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 8, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> international airport where international travelers can come now to the united states, but they have to meet certain requirements. i'll explain which requirements and a live report. and the last time we had an atmospheric river target. the bay area to cause quite a problem. it looks like there's another one. >> forming for tonight into tomorrow. john trouble with the latest in your forecast. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 8. >> thanks for joining us monday after the time change. so it's 8 o'clock now. >> in it's sunny out. we're looking for a good day before the rain comes and yet the table is being set for an evening shower into tomorrow. we've got john with our menu. going forward for weather. hey, john. yeah. i mean, this is a good monday. so far you've got the x or sleep. you got a little sunshine. we have the rain holding off until
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tonight. >> so that just means that you actually get a chance to kind of savor this morning and enjoy it. not so worrying about any wet roadways just yet. we will be getting their later on today, though, looking outside at the golden gate bridge right now. skies are beautiful and clear. got a lot of sunshine making its way through. that is gradually going to become less and less so through the day as cloud cover works its way over the bay area starting late morning through noon and then especially into the afternoon. a blanket of clouds shrouding the entirety of the bay. after that, especially right after evening commute tonight is when we'll start to see the across the region after 8, 09:10:11pm, up till midnight is when we'll see our most widespread of rainfall lasting through tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning's commute is the one we've got to watch out for your drive home from work tonight could come along with some isolated sprinkles, too, and then dry conditions after that. now as far as temperatures go, it is a cold morning. so do bundle up as you venture outside lot of 30's up in the north bay like
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in petaluma at 39 degrees at 38 fairfield sitting at 39 right now. alameda and san francisco, a mugger mitder spots in the low 50's john, thanks for that. no wet roadways. but we do have accidents out there. so we had a hot spot in san jose northbound 85 at south the anza boulevard. they just cleared that off of the highway. but we're still seeing delays. >> another accident adjacent that still here. northbound 2.80, south of highway 17 in san jose. so keeping a close eye conditions in the south bay on san mateo. we had an accident that just cleared. but now we have a disabled vehicle in the same area northbound one. oh, one south of door avenue in san mateo. and so that's causing delays along one. oh, one and delays along the san mateo bridge. one won't be a good option. a little under 20 minutes to make it into the city right now. traffic is building. we've had traffic hazards there that have slowed us down about 23 minutes heading across towards the peninsula and we'll leave you with a look at 5 1880, that a slow because we had accidents earlier here in berkeley about 35 minutes for your times.
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back to you. >> thanks a lot. we have breaking news out of san jose and one person is dead after a single car crash near hillsdale avenue at jarvis avenue happened about 6.18 this morning. police say this is the 53rd person now to die in a car crash in san jose this year. drivers are being asked to avoid the area. police investigation is still under way. and another story that we're following it happened on a bay area highway this weekend. >> a toddler was driving in a car with their mom on 8.80, struck by bullet out where the shot come from, who fired. it is at yeah. those are the big questions that need answers this morning. >> this happened on saturday with kron, 4. sarah stinson up in the newsroom for us with the latest on what police know at the moment. sarah. >> well, chp still trying to find the shooter responsible. but this boy is shy. one month of turning 2 years old. he was killed while in the car. they were driving from san francisco to fremont on 80 in oakland when a bullet hit their car striking this young
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toddler. take a look at photos of the young boy killed. these photos were given to us from karl chan, the president of the chinatown chamber in oakland. the boy's been identified by family friends as jasper wu. so tragic, a family friend also tells us that this all happened in broad daylight around to saturday afternoon. there's a couple adult in the car. 3 kids there in the car driving southbound on 8.80 when the car was struck by gunfire. the toddler was the only one hit by a bullet. chp says the boy was taken to the oakland children's hospital where he later died from his injuries, family. friends also tell us just for the one driving. she's single mom the boy is her only child chp. investigators say after looking at all the evidence of the scene. the victims may not have been targeted but rather the toddler was struck by a stray bullet maybe was gunfire between other people. the story has really rocked the entire bay area even fremont
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and oakland police department's tweeting that they are outraged by this. they're working too support. the family during this time. i reached out to chp so far, no update on if have anyone in mind of kuz is responsible. so we'll keep you updated. i know that karl chan with chinatown chamber they're working on supporting the family financially trying to raise some funds for them and they'll be releasing those details later this morning for now, send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much, sara. >> 8. '05, and happening today in san francisco. the walgreens on ocean avenue would drive is going to be closing and they're not the only ones. there are another 4 locations that are closing in san francisco and the coming days because of shoplifting and these are the ones that are closing now, this adds to there's always and are already a dozen other stores in walgreens in san francisco that have closed for the same reason. this is these are the stories of these or any stores
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know that you're going to have to do a switch. your prescriptions and go elsewhere. and it's just a sign of the times like this video. this is what i went viral back in june of one of the fast where a man is caught on camera just walking out shoplifting, just leaving the store opposed because, you know, the workers have all been told not to do anything, not to interfere. in fact, they think that this guy is linked to 8 other shoplifting >> also big news this morning. we have the fact that the u.s. now is lifting its pandemic travel ban people coming in from overseas international visitors now who are vaccinated. >> are welcome. and the government says it's going to be safe because they are taking precautions. there are new rules conference will tran is live at sfl with a look at what they're doing. hi well. >> i think you guys mentioned it's a little bit earlier that they're rolling out the red carpet putting the welcome sign for the international travelers into sfo and all the other airports in the country. they chose today to start
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this. they actually made the announcement back in october. 25th this is a big deal for family and friends living in united states. and for those who want to travel to the u.s. because they basically shut down the united states to the rest of the world back in january of last year when then president donald trump because of covid-19 and to make sure that americans were safe as they possibly could be that he shut down the then united states to most of the world specifically china because of covid-19 it started slowly reopening. but this morning now it's fully reopen to pretty much all 4 quarters. >> of the globe to 9 us citizens traveling to the u.s. so long as they test negative for covid-19 3 days out before their flight. and that they are fully vaccinated with proof that they are fully vaccinated got a chance to talk to some travelers in the international terminal this morning. they say it's about time.
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>> i mean, i agree. i think it's been a little too long. as long as you're fully vaccinated and you got the negative. covid says and i think people should be good if even if you are vaccinated, you get that positive. covid just not be allowed. but if you have both of those and you should be good to go. it's been a little too long. >> actually james and the biden administration could have done this in july. but then they looked at it and said not yet. they were looking at the numbers looking at the parameters and what makes safe unsafe. and so they held off on it until this morning. president biden is getting a lot of praise for this one that the safeguards are in place to make sure that we americans are safe and 2. let's face it, the answer always is money and this brings billions of tourist dollars into the united states to businesses that rely on tourism, not just from americans like us when we travel around but from across
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the globe back to, well put. that's true. tourism means money. thank you. will. and speaking of traveling, especially around the bay happening today. we have service changes coming to the san francisco bay ferry routes. >> most of these changes are minor really only impacting midday service. but there are some changes like resuming service on the south san francisco route which connects oakland and alameda and south san francisco today will also mark the launch of the alameda short hop service, which is a 10 minute connection between the main street alameda ferry terminal and the oakland ferry terminal out of jack london square. there will also be some changes made to the service. and that includes moving some of the afternoon times and even canceling the last trip of the day on weekdays. >> it's 8. '09. and today the east bay 350 health care workers at sutter delta medical center in antioch are on strike. the workers union says that cetera canceled a planned mediation session and that they are upset they're protesting what they call
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difficult working conditions and unfair labor practices. and this is video of a strike at the very same hospital last month. the union says staffing shortages are a big problem, too. and that they are walking out from various jobs emergency room technicians respiratory therapists and others. a spokesperson for center health says a proposed contract with the union guarantees pay and benefits that as good if not better, then other hospitals and they don't know it's not clear what's going to happen. if will affect patient click care or not. just no this. if you do end up going to the hospital today could affect you and happening right now crews in belmont are working to fix a water main break this is a map of where it happened. 11 o'clock or alston avenue between south road in twin pines lane. so ralston is closed down. and here's why. take a look at what it looked like last night with all of the flooding here at this intersection. sur crews are out there working this morning trying to fix it in the meantime, you'll have to steer around the area.
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>> it is a 10 will take a quick break here on the kron 4 morning news. but still ahead, the latest out of the east bay where we have a teenager killed, all just trying to buy a car so more on that to come. meanwhile, another mountain lion spotted on the peninsula caught on camera. we'll have that video for you and then coming up after the break president biden planning to tour the country to sell his infrastructure plan that just passed congress and we do have a lot of sunshine out there so far this morning. you'd never know. we're about to finish e% the day with some pretty good rainfall. the heaviest of stuff pushing through after your evening commute tonight, mother nature actually pretty co-operative on this monday. >> i've got the details in your forecast. >> and we're keeping a close eye on your monday morning commute. we've got some slow spots out there like along the bay bridge and in the south bay as well. we'll have a look at that once we get back.
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i don't know. but that thing is huge. that's as big as my car. i think these cats to get big. you see him at the zoo over time. and, you know, you don't mess around with him. just act big. be scary and. >. odds are it will scare him off. you never want to get into a tussle with a mountain lion and we'll we'll have small dogs yeah, right. and we'll get up at 2 in the morning or so. and i let my dog out and i think. i know because they don't don't leave your animals out. only pet food out after seeing all these stories lately. i will turn on the porch light right, give it a look before i let him out. there you go. even if it's the code. i know me to everything right. and so tomorrow forget they're not leaving. they're not leaving the living tomorrow's going is going to be wet do little dogs. little in the house because i know grams not going go. i bought. i'll tell you that work. but a little rain coat. i know. i know. nobody likes to dress dogs. this is a practical matter. i. they've evolved to be able to survive a little bit of rain. it's sort of a snow cold meats
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raincoat for everyone else's happiness because we don't want dogs but put that i put it on this morning to get him used to it before it rains tomorrow. and they act like they could move that they can move. they were like paralyzed just they enjoy the joy. it brings really like the jacket make but it is actually nice out there this morning, guys. good walk dog walking morning so far. san jose looks gorgeous out there. so take advantage of these morning hours because it's not going to be this clear for a long will see cloud cover gradually increasing through the day. then showers move in tonight. mostly after your evening commute. so mother nature is giving us a dry period to get some stuff done. before we really get into the mix as far as much needed rain goes tonight, as i mentioned, most of its after your evening commute and some of her heaviest will really be coming down around 8, 09:10:11pm, on towards midnight tonight. spotty showers will continue into tomorrow morning after that. and this is going make for your wet drive to work tomorrow morning. also the dogs going to be wet as they head outside for your. little
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dog walks in the morning tomorrow. so that's the one i'm looking at right there that could cause some issues work from home day. if you still have those options on into your tuesday. the rest of the forecast after that looks dry so really tonight into tomorrow morning is our best and only chance of rainfall ahead of us in this forecast. santa rosa could see upwards of 2 inches of rain. 2 to 4 inches in the mountains of sonoma county. well around an inch in san francisco. sandra fell nevado and napa closer to half an inch for much of the rest of the bay area. so these totals definitely lighter than our last atmospheric river was this one much more moderate moving through and out pretty quickly compared to the last time we had one of these systems 60's for your highs across the bay. this all feels very familiar because we saw a lot of it this weekend. daytime highs will be comfortably cool. so you can keep the jacket on hand through the day, especially as cloud cover does increase on into the afternoon and if you're going to be out and about after work. make sure to have the rain jacket and the
8:18 am
umbrella as it is going to be wet and especially later tonight. some windy conditions to we actually have high wind advisories taking effect after 07:00pm now wednesday will be a much drier day and really the rest of the forecast after that. >> low 70's return by the weekend raking for a comfortable feel to look forward to rain. john, thank you for that. we're going to start in the south bay has. we've got some accidents down there. >> northbound 2.80, south of highway 17 and northbound 87 and west capitol expressway. so 2 accidents. and we're seeing delays along both 5. we had a hot spot there. i'd say maybe 20 minutes ago that has been cleared, but you are still seeing residual delays traveling into the city. a little under 20 minutes. it's on the eastbound side, 80 east bound. there is a disabled tractor trailer. so we may see some delays there not seen him yet. as you're heading out of the city to the east bay along one. oh, one here in san mateo south l 1, one just north of night to you had a traffic collision there. that has been clear, but you got residual
8:19 am
delays along both sides. so one o one is always a good or to 80's. always a good alternate for you. if you're trying to get around that headed across towards the peninsula's and under 21 minutes for your drive time there. and we're checking on 5 8080, because we have delays crockett down towards the maze a little under 35 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you. great 19 and on the peninsula. small plane made an emergency landing at a horse park in woodside. and nobody was hurt as far as we know, the plane landed shortly after taking off from the palo alto airport and it ended up landing in an open area at this horse park on sand hill road. the pilot told fire officials he had to land because there malfunctioning fuel line. to national headlines now president joe biden will start touring the country to promote his new infrastructure plan sell it. now that bill was passed by the u.s. house on friday night. >> let's get more from jesse turner. good morning. the
8:20 am
president says some infrastructure projects could start in as little as 2 or 3 months. and time really is of the essence here as both democrats and republicans look ahead to the 2022 midterm elections. >> a once in a generation investment. that's the pitch president biden will make to the american people this week selling his bipartisan infrastructure deal he says will mean millions of jobs and more than a trillion dollars worth of projects to address crumbling roads, broadband access and climate change. i do think the voters sent a message on tuesday. they wanted to see more action in washington on nbc's meet the press white house chief of staff ron klain said last week's elections where democrats nationwide suffered surprise losses up and down the ballot, pressured the party to deliver a win for its voters. they wanted to see things move more quickly enough and 3 days later, congress responded passing the president's infrastructure bill, but but a lot of work went into getting us there over the past few months. i don't think the election alone
8:21 am
put it over the line. but republicans are already building momentum off the results. it tells you we're going to win in 22. >> 32 republicans in the house and senate ultimately voted for the president's infrastructure bill. but during the republican jewish coalition's annual leadership meeting florida senator rick scott did not embrace it. the only thing that's bipartisan up there right now. is if we republicans will raise your taxes. >> and waste your dollars. >> and while promoting the bipartisan infrastructure deal. the president is also continuing to work to win over his party on his social safety net and climate bill which faces united gop opposition in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> alright 21 is the time. thank you, jesse. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news police are investigating a deadly crowd surge at a music festival in houston. we're going hear from some of those festival goers who recount how they felt like they were being crushed in that crowd.
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smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪ rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. that's how you rolo. ♪ >> 24 right now. and the first lawsuit has now been filed against travis scott and live nation for this concert texas astroworld a music festival in houston. 8 people died. the lawsuit is from somebody who
8:25 am
got injured in this crowd surge. we're 50,000 people. we're right up against each other many of them couldn't breathe and ended up dying in the crowd. let's take a closer look at what happened. >> on friday. they came for the music on sunday. they came to more. i pay my respects to those that we lost being a giant crowd like that happening at 2 innocent general public to been any one of us throughout the weekend. hundreds of concertgoers brought flowers candles and cards even the security guards tightened the chains on the now abandoned festival grounds outside locked gates music lovers gathered holding on to each other and memories of those lost so devastating like people turning blue row. >> by and vote. >> in all. there were nearly 1300 police and security officers on houston police says was much more than they had for the world series here just last week. i'm sorry, but that where we were pulling people hidden camera like a
8:26 am
need to get them all night. he would just like to know my shoulder, you know, like so it wasn't sally was a survivors telling horrifying stories of what it was like in that crash inside the moving mass of people that left 8 dead. i was like i'm on these on my go. down and not gonna keep fighting for us on the light. >> on the i teach on up and i couldn't breathe much an open marriage to breathe and missed that. i was a fight or flight. so i just went back other way. but i was able to get out and overnight. travis stopped speaking out on his instagram page saying he is reaching out to families of those who died and that he didn't know the severity of the situation from the stage anytime i can even as going on. >> you know, you know, stuff. so and. you know, helping get the help they need know in this league just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this. does happened.
8:27 am
>> and we just found out that travis scott he was pressing for this sunday to music festival in vegas and he has canceled it at the reports are that he's too distraught to perform. he's offering a full refund. anybody got tickets. >> we'll take a break. it is a 26 still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a deadly shooting at a birthday party in oakley in which 2 men were killed, several others injured as well. we'll have the latest on the investigation this morning. we'll be right back.
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>> 29 a beautiful shot here of coit tower with all blue sky behind it. it's not going to be like that to longer. yeah. actually. >> the clouds are going to roll in and the rain is going to arrive as well. john's but tracking the timing of this morning. commute. fine evening commute could be a different story john. yes, certain get a little wet on that drive home from work and even wetter after that point. so mother nature is giving us an easy commute this morning or just an easy chance to get outside. >> walk. the dog is we've all been talking about before. the rain does eventually get here nice and sunny out there for the time being, the golden gate bridge looks gorgeous, as does richmond district presidio and much of marine county out in the distance in this view from tower. cloud cover gradually increases late morning into the afternoon. you can see that happening in future cast with the rainfall. some lighter showers right around your evening commute
8:31 am
and the heaviest of rain after 08:00pm on towards midnight tonight. that's what it's really going to be coming down so hopefully we'll all be settled in and relax. by that point tomorrow. we start the morning with some wet conditions on roads. so tuesday morning as the one to watch out for. after that. the rest of the week actually looks pretty calm. so this is our loan reign of the week ahead. 40's and 50's for most of our current temps until you get up into the north bay where we actually just left the 30's for most areas. fairfield is our last spot still holding on to 39 degrees talking the timing of that rain. still ahead. first, though, on over to the roads with are there any issues out there right now. yeah. john, we do have some issues out there. you need to know about in the south bay northbound 2.80, south of highway 17. you got an accident there. >> so we are seeing a slight delay and an accident that just cleared northbound 87 west capitol expressway. so we are starting to see just a little improvement along 87 85 is recovering from an earlier hot spot that we had there. we're looking at a richmond
8:32 am
center, fell commute traveling out of richmond. a little under 14 minutes for you to make that drive into the city a little under 17 up to about 2122 minutes earlier on the eastbound side of the bridge there. there is a disabled tractor trailer. one oh, one is pretty slow as you're traveling to rolling san mateo just north of 92. we had a traffic collision that's been cleared, but you still seeing residual delays so you might want to go ahead and take to 80 and we're checking on highway 4 as you're traveling one, 60 along to conquer to 42. it will take you a little under 20 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks at 8.32 in the north bay. a family is mourning the death of their son killed while trying to buy a car and fairfield a 19 year-old michael low prada was answering an ad online to buy a car when he was killed last thursday. police say the shooter was 24 year-old. >> camry a strange from san pablo investigators still trying to piece together what exactly happened when the 2 met up in fairfield yesterday, though, family and friends did
8:33 am
hold a vigil in the nation to remember him. >> i just wish. >> none of this on. nobody going saws to be alive forever. the live. to the old all of us to. to succeed in life to be have given. to be happy with everything that we've done in life. know, accomplished even though there were 19. >> the suspected shooter is set to be arraigned on homicide charges tomorrow. >> it's 08:33am police in oakley arrested a 22 year-old for a deadly shooting that happened at a birthday party. 2 people were killed and 2 people were injured in the shooting. that happened saturday night at a home on mallicoat avenue. police responded. they got a report that shots had been fired by the time they got there, there were 2 men dead in the driveway and police arrested person they think was the shooter. >> the sort disturbance family to believe when we got here, we found 4 people have been
8:34 am
struck by gunfire. we were assisted by the berlin police department in contra, costa sheriffs a sheriff's office. >> police say that the victims and the suspect know each other and that arrest is a 22 year-old from brentwood, but they're not releasing the name. >> in the north bay fairfield police say someone was or someone found a skimming device at this bank of america atm police say the person noticed a suspicious mir with some wires attached to the machine. officers say that device was actually the skies as the rear view safety. mary, that you see at atms. but instead this mirror was covering up a pinhole camera that was looking down at the keypad. so was recording bank transactions card numbers, pin codes. no word yet if there are any victims that were caught up in this. but police are well, they're looking into that now so tiny you got to be aware of everything. >> it's 34 right now and there are more places you can get your kids vaccinated for covid ages 5 to 11 years old, are partnering in berkeley with the school district, the city
8:35 am
to get those shots in arms and hear some kids that rolled up their sleeves over the weekend. 200 shots were given out just at this one location and they're more clinics opening throughout the month in berkeley marin county. the same. they've got several clinics that are open now thing is there. it's going to be tricky to get a point right now. they are full for most of the month, but they're going to continue to make more appointments available or you can go to a walgreens or cvs. they're both offering shots all throughout california. and we've got a full list of where you can get your kids, their covid shots on kron. 4 dot com. >> well, federal appeals court has temporarily halted the biden administration's vaccine requirements for businesses with a 100 or more employees that requirement was asking workers to be vaccinated by january 4th will mandating it really or they would have to wear masks and subject themselves to weekly covid test. critics of the requirement called it a government overreach. the president has been encouraging widespread vaccinations as the quickest way out of this
8:36 am
pandemic and the administration says that it is confident that the requirement will survive the legal challenges that are coming. >> it's a 35 in the south bay. they could begin anew. casco bay could. yeah, that will be a happy news to some shoppers there. they're actually considering opening up a new store at the westgate west shopping center. they plan to submit a proposal to the city sometime this month conference. gayle ong has reaction from shoppers. >> so far. longtime residents we spoke with say they are concerned about traffic in space, but overall they think having a costco here would help boost the economy. >> right now with nothing but empty store fronts at the northwest corner of the west gate. west shopping center in san jose. >> and choked lives nearby and welcome the idea of a cost warehouse moving in as long as they're able to manage the parking. >> and the traffic. you know what, there's traffic right now. so. >> it's an amazing idea because right now we have to go out the next press way traffic to get the cost going to be great because i live
8:37 am
around here last month san jose. vice mayor chappie jones announced a shopping center caught the attention of costco. wholesale. >> plan to submit a bid for the vacant spaces is expected early this month. according to the vice mayor's news letter. the costa would replace the old orchard supply hardware along with the current ethan allen goodwill and smart and final building. the building would be just over 160,000 square feet. if all goes well, the vice mayor anticipating more revitalization of the area. as a result, something this community feels is sorely needed. it just you know, it's to see that empty space this cbs not from here. >> and then all should. and people generally begin to get the feeling that everything is shutting down and going to change that. >> and we reached out to the vice mayor's office and costco for an update on the proposed plan. but we have not yet heard back. meanwhile, residents with questions concerns or input can reach out to the district one office here in san jose. gayle ong kron 4 news.
8:38 am
>> happening today. just in time for the holidays. the san francisco-marin food bank is get more turkeys. they're getting a 1000 pounds of turkey from foster farms. and that's going to feed about 10,000 people in foster farms is actually donating 64,000 pounds of turkey to food banks all along the west coast. it's 8.38. and still ahead, the forty-niners fumble and another loss at home. they're work. >> multiple turnovers will break down what happened on the field and it is a nice clear start to the day. sfo looks great. not going to be looking that way towards the finish. your monday, though we do have some pretty good rainfall on the horizon and other atmospheric river taking shop in the bay area. i've got a more about that. still to come in your forecast. >> and we've had a busy start to our monday morning. some hot spots accidents. slower hot spots accidents. slower sections on your high ♪ ♪ ♪ hot spots accidents. slower sections on your high ♪ ♪ ♪
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> we are back. a 41 for your money this morning. the u.s. secretary of energy, jennifer granholm says that you might be expected to pay a little more to cost to heat your home this winter. and that's because of the high gas prices that were brought on by the pandemic. so most american homes that rely on natural gas for heating are expected to spend maybe an average of $746 this which is about 30% higher than it was last wednesday. i have a different way to put that. i'm not going to spend more to heat my home this widter. i'm just going to be
8:42 am
colder, haha. that's right. that the kids during the 20 bucks and get a few extra blind. you're going to be colder. my house this winter. we're going to bundle up. >> that's how you christened a ship. that's right now is in san diego. the navy ship christened in the name of rights icon harvey milk. yeah. history moment. a historic moment there. it's now the u.s. and as harvey milk, first navy vessel ever named in honor of a activist harvey milk served in the korean war says a veteran he was discharged for being, though that was part of his history. >> in 1977 he became the first openly elected official in california when he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors. as we know, his life ended tragically 11 months later when he and the mayor san francisco were assassinated by disgruntled former city supervisor. but it's nice to see all these years later. now a navy ship, chris. and in his name he did
8:43 am
so much in his lifetime. and i cannot tell you enough that if you don't know his story. >> at least rent, the movie milk starring sean penn. he job in that.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 45 right now. and we're checking out the weather
8:46 am
waiting for the rain because that's what we do. yes, we say before the rain isn't here yet is here. and then as soon as the first drops bills tomorrow will say is gone yet yet, but its take on let's find out how it's all going to shake a little game. we play. well, after last wait long for it to be gone on this round of rain because it moves in and moves out fairly quickly. >> eicher last atmospheric river which as you remember around 2 weeks ago now really resulted in a long period of at times. really heavy rain. this is a short period of time. some really heavy rain. but it doesn't really arrive until tonight. so this is why you're nice and clear this morning across the bay area skies will remain clear for the next couple of hours. but cloud cover is going to increase late morning into the afternoon and showers are soon to follow after that timing. all of it out in future cast so cloud cover pretty evident by noontime today. staying with us through the afternoon and showers initially for the north bay but really kicking into gear for most of the bay area after 06:00pm to 07:00pm.
8:47 am
so leave work early. don't dilly dally too much get home. and then you shouldn't be running into too many issues. if you are staying out after work. that's when we're going to start to see some of the heavier rain moving in mostly after 07:00pm to 08:00pm up to around midnight tonight will be our heaviest of rainfall moving across the bay. we will see on and off periods of heavy rain into tomorrow morning. this is going to make for a very slick commute to work tomorrow on your tuesday. so plan around that may be a work from home day if that is an option tomorrow or if you must go. and then you definitely want to just leave and get to the roads a little extra early. the rest of the day tuesday does eventually dry out and the rest of the forecast after that stays dry. how much rain are we talking here. it's not a lot around 2 inches for santa rosa. 2 to 4 inches for some of our north bay mountains. well, closer to an inch in san francisco. sandra fell in napa. more like half an inch for oakland san jose in mountain view. so definitely not a big rainmaker. part of the reason for that is it's not lasting very long scoots and scoots out pretty quickly 60's for your daytime highs across the
8:48 am
bay today. pretty familiar field because that's where we were this past weekend. rainfall leaves us by tomorrow afternoon and the rest of the forecast looks dry and by the weekend ahead, actually seeing some 70's back on the map. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. looking at some problem areas. we have out on highway's southbound or 80 westbound of one. oh, one north in san francisco. we got an accident there. >> so i am seeing some delays along one. oh, one in the city. 2.80 might be a good alternate if you're trying to get around that. look at this traveling from the east bay into the city right now. little under 17 minutes traffic moving along pretty nicely because we were packed all the way to the foot of the maze. just about 30 minutes ago in the south bay settles, a northbound 2.80, south of highway 70 got an accident. there. we have other issues along 85 and along 87 the films have been cleared. so now you're just seeing slow residual delays in those areas. a little under 13 minutes via the richmond center fell bridge and we're checking on 8.80 because we had some accidents here that are now clear. if you're traveling milpitas to 37 is
8:49 am
sailing to 38. it will take a little under 25 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot of the 48 let's talk sports. the warriors are at the top of their game. top of the western conference because they had another win at home. yes, the niners however, did not. and so if they're at the bottom of the nfc west. now as they continue to struggle. >> and san francisco, the giants, one of their players has just gotten a gold glove award for sports director jason dumas says the latest. 385 days a lot has gone on in that span and. >> that's also how many days have going on since the niners have won a game at levi's stadium. they had opportunity to snap that streak against a cardinals team without kyler murray and the andrea hopkins should be easy to best players on the team was called the court replacing the injured ayton 22 in his career as a starter. 1st quarter. jimmy g he missed this guy. >> but george, you can't do that. that is turnover number one of the day. it was a costly one because of that
8:50 am
ensuing drive. james conner, the star of the day. he scores from 13 yards out of 7 to nothing. let's go to the 3rd quarter, niners down by 10 mccoy swings it over to the after mentioned it. james conner still look like walter payton, 45 yard touchdown. mccoy looks like peyton manning 249 yards connor a 173 total yards not what you want to see from the niners defense now after a punt more bad defense dre kirkpatrick he's getting his chest stomped by the arizona running back 21 yard score. it is 31 to 7 cardinals. they win 31 to 17. they are 8 in one to 3, 5, probably the worst loss of this kyle shanahan era. there's going to be a lot of questions all week long all right. the raiders looking to win their 3rd straight under coach rich misaki a >> hard to focus on football, though with all that happened
8:51 am
in vegas this week. 3rd quarter. >> can't win games and you do that. that's a pick 6 house call by xavier mckinney giants retake the lead under a minute to go now. raiders down. seven-day still have a chance in the red zone. but. and do that quincy gets the fumble and that would do it stunned the raiders 23 to 16. all right. let's talk about a winning team look at gary oakland native in the house to see baby boy his son taking on the rockets. jalen green don't talk about young lady. what don't. jalen only at 9, but he's fun to watch the rookie. from fresno. this is the goddess, his gary pain. the what a revelation he's been this year dad in the house to see it. you got to love. he had 10 off the bench later on. steph curry with the highlight without steph curry. 3. now
8:52 am
seconds later, belly gets in on the afternoon corner 3 hand down, man down. >> gone. a 15 oh run. a break. it open in one jordan pulled he had 25 to lead the warriors. all right. the regular season awards continue to pour in for the san francisco giant. >> mlb brandon crawford was named the national league gold glove award winner at shortstop. this is the 4th time crawford has won the award. he's also in contention for an mvp award. it's likely going to be a long shot, but he is on the short list he was the best player on a giants team that won a record 172 game. >> and that was just do in the worriers, by the way, are back in action tonight at the chase center tip-off at 07:00pm. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit now you know. video alert. take a look at this video. the day, ok, those are little custom ice skates going on a dog. let's wait for it. wait for ice skates. he can do it. well, at first you're like it's he's he's >> it all the time. the ice skating dog up. his cheryl actually taught him how to ice skate after seeing at just how
8:56 am
much energy had and you think he taught himself, james. i mean, let's be real. with the dogs. keep chasing the kids out onto the ice. he's alright. let's get you some states are going to be on the maybe hockey will be next use that puck stick >> i wore my skates and he chased after me like the interaction that i was happy with him and the ice. on the way home actually, i started to think that that i can piece they all have to see what he can do. it. and he doesn't skate to this, so, you know, they fit right in. >> wait. so she really kind of didn't teach him because yeah, you see, she put her feet in front of his feet and then the guy to milan. they don't like got 60,000 followers on instagram. by the way. okay. what's impressive the of dogs who can serve right or this dog, you can skate. i think the dogs who can skate because the surfing dog just has to keep his ballots on. warren is
8:57 am
little paws. you've got to move around very interest all talented, all talented both both veteran. i can't we can't train our dogs apparently in the rain and the rain we'll take it right here is a 5th of all coming up on a 57 and in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news, the u.s. opening its borders to international travelers once again. >> we'll tell you how we'll start welcome world by tourists with a few breaks restrictions. >> and the search is on after a toddler was hit by a bullet while riding in a car on 8.80, in oakland.
8:58 am
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>> well trained at san francisco international airport where they should just roll out the red carpet for intornational travelers. i'll explain why coming up in a live report. and the last big storm, the bay area got was courtesy of an atmospheric river and it looks like there's another one setting up for later today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> and thanks for joining us for the finest hour at 9 o'clock. i'm daria and i'm james and we're getting you prepared. if you haven't left for work yet already. i know it looks nice outside, but bring the umbrella bring the rain coat because you don't


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