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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 8, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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now we're looking forward to a little more moisture. just how much moisture when exactly is that going to happen. our meteorologists on trail has all those questions answered and more. good morning to pay yes. we are looking at conditions today that are kind of a transition out of the dry weather that we saw this weekend in the. >> moisture that rain didn't mention that is ahead of us rainfall will make its way in towards the late afternoon. so between here and there. we're just going to see some gradual increase in cloud cover. but overall really favorable drive into work this morning. nothing really hold. yep. certainly not at the golden gate bridge where conditions are nice and clear. no fog out there to start just little bit. a low cloud cover. and because of that a couple of misty spots higher up in elevation. still no rainfall on radar and we're going to stay that way over the next few hours. we will see lots of sunshine this morning by noontime, an increasing cloud cover. and after that as we will really see are partly cloudy skies showers gradually ever so slowly approaching
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from the west initially pushing into the north bay between 04:00pm to 05:00pm the rest of us around 06:00pm to 07:00pm and heavy rainfall really begins to move in after that point. as you can see here, around 8.45 rainfall intensity starting to pick up for a lot of the bay area and even more so after that towards midnight after you've got down to bed and hopefully have settled in and you can stay dry for the night tomorrow morning for the commute is going to be a wet and slick one. so do anticipate leaving for work early on tuesday morning. but hey, as for today, not too bad out there with clear conditions to start 40's and 50's for current temperatures saint helene a santa rosa and petaluma as well since elmo are all down in the low 40's. so we do have a chilly start to this morning, but we will have some comfortable 60's to look forward to later today. here's my advice for you. it definitely get your dog walks down all the errands done is early in the day as possible. to not be waiting until after work to be taken care of all that stuff as that's when the rain will be starting so definitely want to take care
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stuff. earlier. enjoy the day as early as possible. and then settle in for that rainfall later on reyna. john, thank you for that. solid advice. all right. if you're hitting the roadways morning. i'm not seen. >> any major delays. we do have an accident in the south bay. that's 80 southbound one. oh, one south that connector ramp. so you just want to be careful as you're driving in that area, not see much of a delay there heading from the east bay into the sea, though, a little under 2 minutes for your drive time, not tracking any delays or accidents in the maze or lock 5.80, or 80 as you're traveling heading into the city this morning. let's head over and get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes for you to make that drive. and the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head to richmond a little under 9 minutes. the golden gate bridge about 20 for you. traveling from the north bay into the city. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to this news. the hundreds of people in houston are remembering the lives lost or read astroworld over the weekend. at least 8 people
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were killed, many others injured during a crowd surge as investigators determine what went wrong at the concert. they're also going to take a closer look at travis scott himself, michael shure has the latest. >- on friday. they came for the music on sunday. they came to more. i pay my respects to those that we lost being in a giant crowd like that happening at 2 innocent general public to been any one of us throughout the weekend. hundreds of concertgoers brought flowers candles and cards even the security guards tightened the chains on the now abandoned festival grounds outside locked gates music lovers gathered holding on to each other and memories of those lost. so devastating like people turning blue row. >> by the start >> in all. there were nearly 1300 police and security officers on site. houston police says was much more than they had for the world series here just last week. i'm sorry, but that was one we
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were pulling people hidden camera you need to get them out. light. we would just like to know my shoulder, you know, like so it wasn't sally was survivors telling horrifying stories of what it was like in that crash inside the moving mass of people that left 8 dead. i was like i'm and these my go down and not gonna keep fighting the light. >> on the i teach on up and i couldn't breathe. i was legend of the marriage to breathe and missed that. i was a fight or flight. so i just went back other way. but i was able to get out and overnight. travis stopped speaking out on his instagram page saying he is reaching out to families of those who died and that he didn't know the severity of the situation from the stage anytime i can even as going on. >> you know, you know, stuff. so and. you know, help them get the help they need know in this league just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this. does happened.
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>> well, that was michael shure reporting for us now turning to another developing story. more and more ivy league campuses are being evacuated after receiving bomb threats on sunday. the threats were at cornell columbia brown university's and they come 3 days after several buildings were evacuated and yale because of a bomb threat after clearing out students and staff cornell, police blocked off the center of the campus before determining that area was safe. authorities at colombian brown also report campus buildings had been swept and clear it was not immediately clear who was behind the bomb threats or if the 3 are related. well, back here at home, 2 people are recovering after an early morning crash sunday in oakland. chp says it happened around 5 on 80 in officers say a car lost control and then hit another car causing a second car to hit a center median 2 people and the second car were taken to the
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hospital. there's no word if the driver of the first car will be ticket. and in the north bay marin county deputies arrested the same person for selling drugs twice in 24 hours. officials say they arrested the suspect thursday and released in the same day. but friday deputies found him asleep inside a car near the police station after the search, the car they found drugs for sale. police arrested him for second time. no word on if he's been released from jail. a small plane made an emergency landing sunday afternoon at horse park in woodside. firefighters say no injuries are reported. they say the plan landed shortly after taking off from the palo alto airport in an open area. the horse park on sand hill road. now the pilot told fire officials that he had to land because of malfunctioning fuel line. a u.s. federal appeals court temporarily blocked the biden administration's vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees reporter anna wiernicki is in
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washington with more for us. >> the biden administration still plans to enforce the rules, beginning january 4th despite a federal court order to temporarily block the forced vaccines. >> white house chief of staff ron klain said on nbc's meet the press that the administration is not worried about saturday's court ruling and legal challenges by 27 state attorneys general, i'm quite confident that when this finally gets fully adjudicated not just a temporary the validity of this requirement will be upheld. the u.s. court of appeals in louisiana said the vaccine mandate presents grave statutory and constitutional issues. it's a horrible. situation, texas republican congressman roger williams says the requirements will hurt businesses that don't have the resources to comply the new rule requires businesses with 100 or more employees to require their employees to get the covid-19 vaccine. >> or get tested weekly and wear a mask businesses that don't comply could thousands
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of dollars in fines. businesses have to start. >> every week. their employees are not vaccinated. check for covid that gets really expensive. but labor secretary marty walsh says businesses will suffer more if the virus continues to spread covid-19 is right. the spread of the virus has hurt business. >> and what this this helps us prevent that from happening. the court gave the administration until monday to respond and said it would move quickly to decide the case. >> a spokesman for the justice department said in a statement that the department is prepared to vigorously defend this rule in court for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> all right. thanks for that report. with the recent approval of a covid shot for younger children. many elementary schools across the country are preparing to offer the vaccines. now experts say one thing that is key to boosting vaccination rates and younger children is the involvement off trust the school staff, especially in
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communities with low overall vaccination rates. the biden administration plans to send a letter to all us elementary schools this week asking them to host clinics for younger kids. the education department is also urging schools to host town halls and webinars for parents as well. well, a horse ranch in sacramento county is more than one. it seems at first glance nearly 3 dozen wild mustangs awaiting to be trained at the ranch by inmates from the real casa miss correctional center melanie townsend spoke to organizers and has that story for us. >> this may look like the run of the mill horse ranch here in sacramento county. but as you try to round, you'll soon discover the horses are wild in the ranch. workers are inmates from the rio. could some this correctional center through the partnership of the bureau of land management and the sac county sheriff's office offenders at this facility and the sac county
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jail can work on their integration back into society through programs. sergeant brandon game and says have been hugely successful since 2013, we have educational vocational in treatment programs. >> and all of our offenders participate in some or all of those programs with the wild horse program here being one one of our locations that we have the are 3 c program has also become a major asset for the blm by training in adopting out nearly wild mustangs found along the plains of northern california and nevada. >> with the demand that only continues to grow the u.s. forest service. the border patrol sheriff's departments across california and nevada, a space force has i mean. >> a whole bunch of people. agencies are very interested in these horses because there are natural born trail horse there. they're wonderful, smart animal know what is so great about this program. is that not only benefits the wild horses but the inmates here that are working this program. >> and then people to realize they have a lot more in common
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with these magnificent beasts, then you would think. >> well, works over there in the in the jail does not work out here. you've got 2 lost souls in there. they have to learn to work together. they're going to save each other. that's what you're dealing with here in this arena. the inmates learn the 6 levels of horsemanship starting with basic care all the way up to writing and sorting the cows. this is those first time ever during the sorting will start testing for his level 6 here tomorrow. actually this opens up a huge market most of these guys are repeat offenders and. >> that's what's important. the program breaks the cycle, the skills that they learned out here on the and the passion that they develop, they're able to take that and then you know, turn it into a lifelong job. >> that was melanie townsend reporting for us. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the forty-niners a loss to the cardinals are going to show you the highlights or lowlights after the break.
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>> eyes are not deceiving you. those are bioluminescent waves and they're back. nature's liquid light show was spotted last week washing up along
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newport beach. now the going ways of also been showing up sporadically crescent bay, laguna beach and even in malabo. so there's actually final plane ton. that's what causes coastal bioluminescence after windy conditions startup the deep waters prompting their rapid growth and it's beautiful. might have to take a trip down there just to check that out. john. and that was so hard to find those last for a little bit of time. - >> i always wanted to see the bioluminescence. so we're going to take a trip. we have to take a trip. >> back here in the bay area. we've got our own mixture of things happening over the next couple of days that involves a little more moisture and a little more water and you might want to take your rain jacket with you. good morning. good idea. especially if you're going to be out later today. now we are going to be seeing rainfall this morning. so that's actually good news for monday morning. commuters. >> as you're venturing out right now, you're good to go. we're not seeing any fog. we're not seeing any rain just yet. but if you are planning on being out after 05:00pm.
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that's 1, 8, advise. you definitely have that rain jacket. an umbrella with you as today is a day of transition out of the dry weather. we saw this weekend, this brief stints of wet weather that we do have to start the week you're berkeley hills camera. it looks nice and clear and dry this morning. not much to know this morning but the atmospheric river latest one is situated out to our west in is about to be scooting. that moisture plume on into the bay area later on today. just got to wait a little bit for us. what this actually means is we actually have some pretty clear conditions to start the morning by afternoon hours. we will begin to see that cloud cover really increasing. and then after 04:00pm and after 05:00pm to 06:00pm for most of the rest of the bay area. he's been lighter showers start to push in really will be after 08:00pm to 09:00pm that rainfall intensity picks up even more so and even after that, our heaviest of rainfall closer to midnight pushing in across the bay area. so will be a very rainy in middle of the night ahead of us. but mother nature is timing this out in a way that is actually going to work in the favor for
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most of us, your morning commute. easy. go this morning. a little slick for your evening commute tonight, tomorrow morning's commute to work is going to be wet in a little bit messy. so you want to make sure to give yourself extra time as you're leaving tuesday morning. overall, tuesday comes along with increasingly clear and dry skies by the afternoon and that starts or trend of drier weather for the rest of the forecast. as for rainfall totals for the storm. nothing super impressive here. we will be looking at nearly 2 inches, though, for santa rosa and around the russian river even more than that. for most of the rest of the bay area. it's closer to an inch of rainfall by the time this most recent storms all said and done. san francisco, sandra fell nevado and napa examples of that closer to half an inch from oakland down to san jose and on up to half moon bay. so this is a good storm. it's packing a punch enough to get a sweat but no flooding risk from this one and that is good news. we don't need what we had 2 weeks ago which resulted in some damage, unfortunately for parts of the north bay, especially this one not really bringing that potential what we do have today is a dry
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start some highs in the 60's. if you want to get out and about for the dog walker get some errands done earlier in the day is just going to be a better chance to do so. you have more sunshine before noon, you'll still be good to go into the early afternoon. it will just start to be cloudier and then tonight gets rainy and windy. so that's the time of day you want to avoid really after 06:00pm is when things start to get a little dicey out there overnight hours tonight will bring the heaviest of rainfall intensity tuesday will gradually start to see rainfall tapering off in the afternoon. then we have dry conditions and really nice weather for the rest of the forecast. the weekend ahead. brings highs back into the low 70's right now. john, thank you for that. let's get a look at a traffic this morning as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. look a little under. >> 10 minutes for you to make that drive. gill accidents in the maze or a long 5, 1880, let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge. you travel across towards the peninsula a little under 13 free to make that commute. and the south bay. that's the only seen 8, 80 southbound at one.
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oh, one south and again, conditions along 80 and want to water still pretty light because of the hour. and want to get bridge as you're heading into the city from the north. about 20 minutes there. we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commuters at picks up a little under 9 minutes. how the forty-niners and lost to the cardinals and the giants beat out the raiders. plus the mlb names, the winners of a gold glove award. kron four's jason dumas says the latest in sports. >> 385 days a lot has gone on in that span and that's also how many days have going on since the niners have won a game at levi's stadium that opportunity to snap that streak against a cardinals team without kyler murray and the andrea hopkins should be easy to best players on the team was called the court replacing the injured ayton 22 in his career as a starter. >> 1st quarter. jimmy g he missed this guy. but george, you can't do that. that is
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turnover number one of the day. it was a costly one because of that ensuing drive. james conner, the star of the day. he scores from 13 yards out of 7 to nothing. let's go to the 3rd quarter. niners down by ken mccoy swings it over to the after mentioned it. james conner still look like walter payton, 45 yard touchdown. mccoy looks like peyton manning 249 yards connor a 173 total yards is not what you want to see from the niners defense now after a punt or bad defense dre kirkpatrick he's getting his chest stomped fighting arizona running back 21 yard score. it is 31 to 7 cardinals. they win 31 to 17. they are 8 in one to 49 3, 5, probably the worst loss of this kyle shanahan era. there's going to be a lot of questions all week long all right. the raiders looking to win their 3rd straight under coach rich misaki a
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>> hard to focus on football, though with all that happened in vegas this week. 3rd quarter. >> can't win games and you do that. that's a pick 6 house call by xavier mckinney giants retake the lead under a minute to go now. raiders down. seven-day still have a chance in the red zone. but. and do that quincy gets the fumble and that would do it stunned the raiders 23 to 16. all right. let's talk about a winning team look at gary oakland native in the house to see baby boy his son taking on the rockets. jalen green don't talk about young lady. what don't. jalen only at night, but he's fun to watch the from fresno. this is the guy is gary pain. the what a revelation he's been this year dad in the house to see it. you got to love. he had 10 off the bench later on. steph
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curry with a highlight without steph curry. 3. now seconds later, belly gets in on the afternoon corner 3 hand down, man down. >> the goal on a 15. oh, run. a break. it open in one jordan poole. he had 25 to lead the warriors. all right. the regular season awards continue to pour in for the san francisco giant. >> mlb brandon crawford was named the national league gold glove award winner at shortstop. this is the 4th time crawford has won the award. he's also in contention for an mvp award. it's likely going to be a long shot, but he is on the short list he was the best player on a giants team that won a record 107 game. >> well, that was jason dumas supported for us. we'll be right back after the break.
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will check this out. a viewer sent us video of a mountain lion spotted at a home in san bruno on friday night. this was in the area of crest more canyon and claremont drive this comes as police in san mateo say a patrol car hit another mountain line saturday night on highway 92 they say the mountain lion was trying to run across the highway before was hit. no word on if
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the animals in both incidents were the same mountain lion and. for your money this morning, the u.s. secretary of energy, jennifer granholm says americans should expect to pay higher costs to heat their homes. this winter. this is because of high gas prices brought on by the pandemic. well, grand hall made the announcement while on cnn sunday american homes that rely on natural gas for heating could spend an average of $746 this year. that's a 30% from last winter. coming up in the next hour, the u.s. has rolled back on its ban on international travelers. the new requirement. look the follow once they enter the country. >> plus, president biden is promoting his new infrastructure deal. why he says it's going to help the economy as well as americans. and a family is mourning a life of the 23 year-old month. boy, we're going to tell you how he died while riding in the car on a freeway here. we'll have that. we get back.
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>> and it caused a huge mess the last time. and now another atmospheric river set to soak the bay area this evening and into tomorrow morning. john trouble is tracking it hour by hour forecast. coming up. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> we're not trying to scare you what we're in for some big rain. not today, though, are not at least during the day, dry. so that's the good news is we can ease into monday with an extra hour's sleep kneeling. good this morning. hope everybody remember to set their clocks back over the past but yeah, let's get to that forecast to start off our show with jon in the weather center. good morning, guys, you're exactly right. holding off on the rainfall for most of the day today. >> we will start to see it moving in later in tonight, especially after you've just got home from your evening commute. so maybe plan all those errands a little bit earlier on. >> don't save much


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