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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> why everybody and cared about everybody. look at it is that for 19 years. >> now at 9 o'clock, a vigil held tonight for benicia man shot and killed while trying to buy a car family and friends honoring 19 year-old michael low pret a the shooting happening during an online sell meet up last week. that's where we start this sunday here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. a san pablo woman is charged with michael's murder kron four's gayle ong was in benicia tonight for that vigil. >> friends and family gathered for a vigil sunday night to honor the life of 19 year-old michael up you should the very poor have to be met. your brother, your best friend. she should have their >> i just wish none of this
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on. nobody fairfield. police say look, credit was shot and killed on tyler street and fairfield thursday afternoon after trying to buy a car from someone he met online police arrested and charged 24 year-old come area. strange of san pablo with his death. his parents say he left his home in the nation to buy a car with money. he worked hard and saved up for it was very excited about it. he had a few to about carmichael like everybody and cared about everybody. he was a. >> he had a big part future. >> back at the vigil. longtime friends dealing with the loss and paying tribute for someone gone too soon. you know, we saw is to be alive forever. the live. >> to the old all of us to it. to succeed in life to be have to be given. to be happy with ary that we've gotten these accomplished, even though there were only 19. >> police have not released details on what led up to the fatal shooting and say -he investigation is ongoing here
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in benicia gayle ong kron 4 news. >> kamari is strange is set to be arraigned on the charges this coming tuesday offer of meanwhile, says when you are a range of meet up. make sure you take sensible precautions in the event of an emergency or any type of danger. make sure you call 911. the company also says make sure you research the person, the product and the place. make sure you always buy and to sell in a well-lit monitored public location in to check out the other person's profile. a birthday celebration in oakley ends with 4 people shot 2 of them dead. now investigators are looking for answers into what happened. kron four's taylor was sackey has the details. >> an east bay birthday celebration turned tragic saturday night callers reported to police that women were heard screaming amid gunfire sort disturbance family to believe. >> when we got here, we found 4 people have been struck by gunfire. we were assisted by
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the berlin police department in contra, costa sheriffs a sheriff's office 2 men of 44 year-old in 28 year-old from brentwood and allay. >> are now dead after the family gathering in oakley oakley police responded around 09:20pm and say they found the 2 men dead in a driveway on mallicoat avenue ultimately to people would die on the scene and 2 people were transported to hospital with gunshot injuries. police say the people involved in the shooting all knew each other. so far they have one person in custody. a 22 year-old from brentwood police have not released the names of the suspect or victims until the reporting kron 4 news. >> tonight. oakland police say that robberies in the city have jumped 15% so far in 2021 the department says its officers have investigated nearly 2200 robberies so far this year in order to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. the department offers these tips. they say don't resist for property that can be replaced. don't be
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distracted by your electronic devices and to make sure you limit the personal items. you carry on yourself to just an id and a bank card. check this out of you are sending us this video of a mountain lion spotted at a home in san bruno friday night. this was in the area of crest more canyon and claire moore drive. it all comes as police in san mateo say that one of their officers hit another big cat last night on highway 92 they say after the accident, the mountain lion ran away. so far. there's no word if this is the same mountain lion connected to both of these incidents. take a break from the headlines now to talk about our 4 zone forecast. a %ive look at san francisco courtesy of the sutro tower camera. a picture perfect day as we wrap up another weekend here in the bay area. but we are tracking some rain headed our way. let's get you ready for it all. his kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tracking the timing yeah. this week atmospheric river going to arrive in the bay area monday
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night. so let's track this storm hour by hour. >> dry, clear conditions right now along golden gate bridge. all that is going to change by tomorrow night because we're going to track some pretty heavy downpours at times thanks to this atmospheric river out in the pacific going to inch closer to the bay area by your monday morning increasing cloud cover and then bringing light showers for those of you in the north bay as early as 5 o'clock for your early monday night for the rest of us in the bay area. it's going to ride between 6, 7 o'clock in the evening with the heaviest downpours by 8 o'clock. for those of you in the north bay slowly making its way inland and we could even see some pop up thunderstorms big bull's eye just north of san francisco and south of the north bay. mainly impacting those of you in mill valley near marine wood as well could actually see the heaviest rain there with possible thunder and lightning in the forecast starting monday night continuing through early tuesday morning with the
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heaviest rain going to shift to the east in the south bay and east bay shortly before 1 o'clock for your tuesday morning. so the good news is this is going to be overnight storm. we are still going to see some pockets of scattered showers and some moderate downpours at times by tuesday morning. but the heaviest rain going to happen. while most of us are sleeping in off the road. so that's a great news right there tracking anywhere from half an inch to upwards of 2 inches of rain. highest amounts for those of you in the north bay dangerous winds also in the forecast national weather service going to issue a wind advisory starting monday night through early tuesday morning because of wind gusts 45 miles per hour less details on your full work week forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. jonathan. >> but recent thank you. with the recent approval of the covid-19 vaccine for younger americans. many elementary schools across america are now getting ready to offer the shots. experts say one thing that is key to boosting vaccine rates in younger
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children. the involvement of trust and school staff members, especially in communities with low overall vaccination rates. the biden administration says it plans to send a letter to all us elementary schools this week asking them to host clinics for younger kids. the education department is also urging schools to host town hall meetings and webinars for parents starting tomorrow. proof of your covid-19 vaccination will be required in los angeles. it's a mandate that has already been on the books here in counties in the bay area. los angeles mayor eric garcetti who tested positive for the virus last week says the rules will encourage folks to get vaccinated and to make businesses safer for workers and customers. city officials say they will not start enforcing the rules until november 29th violators can face a fine up to $5,000. a u.s. federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the biden
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administration's vaccine mandate for american companies with more than 100 workers kron 4 washington correspondent anna wiernicki has more. >> good evening. the biden administration still plans to enforce the rules, beginning january 4th despite a federal court order to temporarily blocked the forced vaccines. >> white house chief of staff ron klain said on nbc's meet the press that the administration is not worried about saturday's court ruling and legal challenges by 27 state attorneys general, i'm quite confident that when this finally gets fully adjudicated not just a temporary the validity of this requirement will be upheld. the u.s. court of appeals in louisiana said the vaccine mandate presents grieves statutory and constitutional issues. it's a horrible. situation, texas republican congressman roger williams says the requirements will hurt businesses that don't have the resources to comply the new rule requires businesses with 100 or more employees to require their
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employees to get the covid-19 vaccine. >> or get tested weekly and wear a mask businesses that don't comply could face thousands of dollars in fines. businesses have to start. >> every week. their employees are not vaccinated. check for covid that gets really expensive. but labor secretary marty walsh says businesses will suffer more if the virus continues to spread covid-19 is right. the spread of the virus has hurt business. >> and what this does, this helps us prevent that from happening. the court gave the administration until monday to respond and said it would move quickly to decide the case. >> a spokesman for the justice department said in a statement that the department is prepared to vigorously defend this rule in court for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at night. organized theft, snow forcing walgreens to shut several of its stores here in san francisco. a list of the locations closing in the coming weeks. a quiz question
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angering some parents said one sacramento area high school. why the history teacher took things too far.
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>> the sacramento area school now looking into a controversial question that parents say was included in a history quiz. gurajpal sangha has more. a classroom
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assignment causing concerns is some type of discipline used to be placed on this teacher. parents whitney high school art after they say they saw a multiple choice test question. >> in a history class thursday that question asked to define a group of complete idiots that gives the students the choices of the kkk. all of florida. fox news or texans. the story is kind of gone in one ear and out the other because they just sounded so unbelievable. people say the teacher is known for his humor. but some say the question was inappropriate. >> and at the same time seem to display. >> his political opinions. my son would come home and complaining to me this parent who didn't want to show us face or give us name for the story because the fierce backlash against this child who is in this class says one-sided political comments are an ongoing thing for this teacher that the question on that has just like really like an obviously. and that's out there. >> i think it's the first time that it's been really, really
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look at crossing the line, the parents as this teacher has made comments which are mostly directed against the republican party. we all have different police buses. >> you know, the united states, we all come from different backgrounds and everybody should be. ok with who they are in a letter sent to parents. whitney high school principal acknowledges there was a quiz. >> and said they recognized a shared the parents concerns and are conducting a thorough investigation that prince while went on to say they are committed to providing each student family and staff with the safe and welcoming environment. a matters will remain confidential appropriate, disciplinary steps will be taken. the parent who has a son in the clot says he has heard this before, but he hopes to school makes it clear politics should be left outside of the classroom we've open happy with the school certain certain issues that need to be taken care of to me and me we need to go back to the. >> we teach math english history and stuff like that and not have so much political stuff involved high school.
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>> gurajpal sangha reporting for us tonight. san francisco's uc hastings law school looking for a new name. last week. the board of directors voted to change the name after historians say the school's namesake. so rain is hastings. also the former california attorney general spearheaded the killings of 300 native americans in mendocino county back in the 1850's. the school itself, though, was founded back in 1978 vice president kamala 5pharris and former san francisco mayor willie brown are among the school's graduates. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the san mateo bridge folks are hitting the roads going home. hopefully you're watching says you park your car in the garage. so we get you ready for the start of your monday. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight tracking the timing of an atmospheric river. it's been 2 weeks since we said that. but the good news about this night. going to be as bad as the last one. that's exactly
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right, john. it then. but our second atmospheric river in less than a month and. >> we're certainly lucky here in the bay area. got a chance for everything to start to dry out. but more rain finally making its way into the bay area riding. >> for most of the north bay. but as early as 5 o'clock in the evening for the rest of us. 6, 7 o'clock for your monday night. live look outside downtown and we are tracking city hall. very patriotic lit up in red, white and blue for your sunday night increase in cloud cover though. but na going to do much to warm us up. we're going to remain in the 30's and 40's. so very chilly temperatures on tap for this evening bundle up. and here's a look at our next atmospheric river. it is going to be weaker than the one that we saw in october but still going to bring us much needed beneficial rain. nonetheless, we are going to see, though, light bands of rain arriving. for those of you in the north bay monday night with the heaviest downpours for everyone in the bay area during the overnight hours.
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while most of us are sleeping. so fortunately not going to impact your commute but we are expecting to see some slick roads as you start out your tuesday morning drive and then we're going to see scattered showers as a bolt of energy. and that wet weather starts to shift to the south and east drying out and clearing out by tuesday night. so let's take a look at rain totals because those of you in the south bay and even for most of our east bay valleys about half an inch of rain, at least and we're going to see possibly up to 2 inches of rain, especially for that northwest region shaded in red. for those of you in the north bay. gusty winds also in the forecast downed trees, downed power lines because of this rain could actually impact not only your commute but also electricity. so plan ahead with batteries and case. there is a power outage like the last time it's going to go into effect monday night through early tuesday morning. wind gusts of 45 miles per hour or less will certainly be possible. calm winds out there right now.
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temperatures already starting to dip in the 40's 44 degrees for napa downtown san francisco. nearly 10 degrees warmer at 53 degrees. widespread 30's for north bay valleys near freezing for santa rosa 36 degrees. mid 40's around the bay area shoreline and temperatures tomorrow upper 50's to low 60's. so we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees below average. but take a look at the warming trend after the atmosphere. upriver exit starting friday next. weekend's weather going to be amazing. jonathan, i'm so excited about that. our benefits that we're definitely going to reap with this reward of the rain heading our way. all right. >> give yourself a pat on the back. yeah. does a good job this appreciate thanks for your tonight. the thanksgiving and christmas holidays are quickly approaching and medical experts say they want to make sure that you're staying healthy while also avoiding health issues typically caused by holiday stress cardiologist doctor jaime gonzalez says that he sees more patients dealing with medical issues during the
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holidays than at any other time during the year. patients. he says typically suffer from a number of conditions like uncontrolled hypertension and high blood pressure brought on by stress doctor. gomez says with these issues. it's important to just take a moment slow down. >> have a routine. don't give up your walking. don't give playing with your grandchildren. don't give up. going to church. don't give meditating etcetera have a routine now. do you need to spend 2 hours and your team. maybe you can't afford to our 15 minutes almost everybody can afford 15 minutes, 20 minutes. that's what i mostly tell patients slowdown. >> gomez says it is okay to enjoy the holiday meals. but to make sure that you get back to your normal eating habits right after the holidays as you prepare for your thanksgiving feast. a new survey from the travel web site. the vacationer asked americans their most hated turkey day foods. here's some of the results. cranberry sauce topping the list with nearly 30% of americans say that they will skip it. the
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traditional thanksgiving turkey not far behind disliked by 28%. 23% of americans said that they will pass on the stuffing as well. also on the list pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes ham. macaroni and cheese. just want to know who asked these people whose the sample group for this survey in order to get these answers as what would you have in your table if you don't like any of that. >> still to come tonight here at 9 fairfield police warning folks about a skimming device at an atm locations with officers say they want you to be aware before you take out cash. walgreens says it is shutting down several of its stores here in san francisco because of ongoing organized crime. a list of the locations set to close in the coming weeks. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds
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turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> walgreens says it will close 5 locations here in san francisco in the coming weeks because of a rise in shoplifting. the company is already closed. more than a dozen of its stores here in the city because of the problem tomorrow. the location at ocean avenue and would acre. dry will be the first to close prescriptions will be transferred to the location at ocean avenue and faxon. this is a list of the other stories that are set to close next week. you may remember when this video went viral back in june. a man caught on camera
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shoplifting from a location in san francisco. that is now closed. that suspect was linked to as many as 8 shoplifting cases. car rental company, hertz facing lawsuits over claims that false reporting over stolen cars led to hundreds of its customers being arrested. the suit claims more than 100 customers were arrested after the company falsely reported that their rental cars were stolen. the customers from at least 7 states including california say they had legal rental contracts at the time of the arrest hurts as it reported, the non returns as thefts only after weeks and months of trying to contact customers who win past the dates to return the cars. hertz has also filed for bankruptcy, which may complicate the case until the issues are settled. still to come, a southern california mother missing for weeks. we'll show you how friends and family are honoring her while investigators look. >> into her disappearance.
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>> and tracking a cooler cloudy and windy or day ahead of the next atmosphere river set to arrive in the bay area monday night. your full microclimate monday outlook after the break. stay tuned. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge as we get ready for the start of a new work week. happy sunday. it was a gorgeous day. hopefully everyone was able to
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get out. enjoy the weather maybe get an extra hour's sleep. i don't think i did. >> if you're a parent that extra hour really means nothing. it really doesn't kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight tracking the timing of rain that will head our way. first thing tomorrow evening as you're going home. >> jonathan, what did you do then with that extra hour. i'm curious. i slept. so if you did flee, what did you do with that extra hour. watch more sports know i mean, you got a regular day. you get up. i mean, your kids going to call or get a parents know that extra hour means nothing see from yells like get to sleep in an extra hour, not feel guilty. >> so it was like my lazy sunday, even though it's my friday celtic it. appreciate it was a >> i slept for let's take a look at our radar report does because we are tracking then layer of high clouds moving through the bay area tonight.
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but there's that atmospheric river out in the pacific going to give us some much needed rain. but most of your monday morning and monday afternoon going to stay dry very clear conditions for those of you tonight in the east bay over berkeley. >> hope you're having a great sunday night bay area. make sure to bundle up temperatures cooling down into the 40's for most of our valleys. but for those of you in the north bay in the 30's. so near freezing temperatures there. daytime highs tomorrow. going to stay on that cooler side. we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees below average downtown san francisco only warming up into the low 60's at 62 degrees when we should be in the mid 60's this time of year. daly city, 60 degrees with half moon bay trying to flirt with 60's. but 59 degrees in that cool sea breeze. certainly not going to help, especially along the san francisco peninsula where we could see gusts out of the south 30 miles per hour less increasing that wind chill factor making temperatures feel cooler than what they actually are low 60's from brisbane to burlingame. pretty
9:30 pm
uniform numbers there with the redwood city in the mid 60's and widespread mid 60's. for those of you in the south bay san jose 65 degrees with more. pete, us at 66 degrees and low 60's. for those of you in livermore when you should be in the low 70's this time of year. so easily about 10 degrees below average. there. concord and walnut creek 62 degrees of peace. a little bit milder for berkeley and oakland 63 degrees but not by much. of allay 59 degrees and those of you in the north bay stinson beach and mill valley both in the mid-fifties with nevado 62 degrees for your afternoon highs. but then as that storm passes, we're going to track a warming drying and clearing trend for next weekend in the low 70's. so we have a little bit of everything for everyone in the next 7 days. right jonathan everyone should be happy to thank you. >> meanwhile, 2 of 9 a small plane making an emergency landing this afternoon at a horse park in woodside in san
9:31 pm
mateo county fire crews say that no one was hurt. the pilot told fire crews on the scene that he had to make that emergency landing because of a malfunctioning fuel line after taking off from the palo alto. our airport some 7 miles away. a bizarre story from the north bay tonight. warren county deputies arrested the same person for selling drugs twice in 24 hours. officials say they arrested the suspect thursday released him the same day. but friday deputies say they found him asleep inside of a car near the station after searching the car. they found drugs for sale. police arrested him for a second time tonight. there's no word on if he is out on the streets again. take a look at this. also from the north bay fairfield. police say an alert citizen discovered a skimming device at a bank of america atm on travis boulevard. police say that person noticed a suspicious mirror with some wires attached to the machine. officers say the device was disguised as teams rear view
9:32 pm
safety mirror that mirror mask the pinhole camera designed to record bank transactions card numbers and customer pin codes. so far there's no word on if any victims have fallen to the scam. now to some developing news. the mystery of a missisg los angeles mom continuing heidi planck has not been seen for weeks and as police search for more clues, close friends are praying for her safe return at a vigil tonight. nancy loo brings us more on the investigation. >> friends have been putting up hundreds of flyers all over downtown la every day for weeks. they are desperate to find 39 year-old heidi planck security footage captured the divorced mom leaving her home in the mid city neighborhood on october 17th to attend her son's football game. but she left suddenly at halftime and hasn't been seen since her son turned 11 yesterday we really felt the best way. >> to the best of a process to
9:33 pm
give him a c running just to get out there and keep on looking. i'm so that's exactly what we did yesterday. saying been doing a pretty hours after plank left the game. her dog was found wandering alone on the 29th floor of this downtown high rise. >> la pd is now reviewing surveillance video from the building. but police are not releasing it or revealing if it has yielded any new clues. the investigation includes a possible link to planks job as a financial controller at camden capital partners for her boss was recently charged in a federal case. jason sugarman allegedly siphoned millions of dollars of client funds meant for investment in native american tribal bonds sugarman is a son in law. peter guber, ceo of mandalay entertainment and a co owner of the golden state warriors and dodgers friends of plank are not commenting on her boss but say she was stressed about work last month. they just want her home safely. we will keep going and keep going. and
9:34 pm
selfish reasons to bring our find time to bring her home to her some. we'll never stop looking for her and we will stop seeking justice for whatever might have happened to her. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. take a live look at san francisco international airport in less than 3 hours international travelers will once again be able to visit the united states. the country is lifting a pandemic travel ban for folks have more than 30 countries. that ban has been on the books for nearly 2 years. international visitors will have to show a proof of vaccination along with a recent negative covid test experts be wall. now warning travelers to get ready for full flights and long lines. delta says that international bookings have jumped nearly 500% in the 6 weeks since the reopening was announced carriers, meanwhile, are also still adjusting and continue to bring back workers and aircraft sidelined due to the pandemic. the centers for disease control and prevention
9:35 pm
now says that 70% of american adults are fully vaccinated against covid-19 the agency also says more than 80% of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine. 98% of americans over the age of 65 are fully vaccinated. 12% have received a booster dose. the cdc says when you throw in americans, 12 and up the number drops to around 68% who are fully vaccinated right now. kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date with the very latest. covid-19 headlines, including information on where to find vaccines for your children just scan the qr code with your mobile device and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. caught on camera. an lapd officer shoot a dog with a nonlethal round while responding to a call of a vicious dog. we do want to warn you, the video could be tough for some of you to watch the dog's owner calling the shooting an appropriate officers say in order to protect themselves stay fired. that nonlethal beanbag at the dog hitting it in the head.
9:36 pm
the dog then retreated the animal's owner was able to properly secure it. the extent of the dog's injuries still unknown tonight. but lapd says it is looking into what happened. they say they released the video as a way to be more transparent. horse ranch in sacramento county is more than what it seems at first glance. nearly 3 dozen wild mustangs now waiting to be trained by. but at the ranch by inmates from the rio consumers correctional center. melanie townsend talked with organizers and has more. >> this may look like the run of the mill horse ranch here in sacramento county. but as you trot around, you'll soon discover the horses are wild in the ranch workers are inmates from the rio. could some this correctional center through the partnership of the bureau of land management and the sac county sheriff's office offenders at this facility and the sac county jail can work on their
9:37 pm
integration back into society through programs. sergeant brandon game and says have been hugely successful since 2013, we have educational vocational in treatment programs. >> and all of our offenders participate in some or all of those programs with the wild horse program here being one one of our vocations that we have. the are 3 c program has also become a major asset for the blm by training in adopting out nearly states found along the plains of northern california and nevada. >> with the demand that only continues to grow the u.s. forest service. the border patrol sheriff's departments across california and nevada, a space force has i mean. >> a whole bunch of people. agencies are very interested in these horses because there are natural born trail horse there. they're wonderful, smart animal know what is so great about this program. is that not only benefits the wild horses but the inmates here that are working this program. >> and then people to realize they have a lot more in common
9:38 pm
with these magnificent beasts, then you would think. >> well, worked over there in the in the jail does not work out here. you've got 2 lost souls in there. they have to learn to work together. they're going to save each other. that's what you're dealing with here in this arena. the inmates learn the 6 levels of horsemanship starting with basic care all the way up to writing and sorting the this is those >> first time ever during the sorting will start testing for his level 6 here tomorrow. actually this opens up a huge market most of these guys are repeat offenders and that's what's important. the program breaks the cycle, the skills that they learned out here on the and the passion that they develop, they're able to take that out and then you know, turn it into a lifelong job. >> melanie townsend reporting for us tonight. the u.s. justice department says it is now ramping up efforts to arrest cyber criminals calling them a national security threat. federal authorities recently arrested an alleged russian cyber criminal who
9:39 pm
they say was hiding out in south korea and the added there will be more arrests in the days and weeks to come. experts say the 2 most common types of attacks are cybertheft and ransomware. anyone who uses the internet could be a victim. >> cyber theft is the simple stealing credit card numbers, social security numbers, ransomware is a relatively new tie of criminal activity where the criminals encrypt your computer systems and then demand a ransom for you to get your access back. >> the state department now offering a 10 million dollar reward for any information about the leaders of the cyber group darkside. that group is now being blamed for a ransomware attack on colonial pipeline back in may, which crippled gas supplies for a number of states. for your money tonight. the u.s. secretary of energy says that americans should expect to pay higher costs to heat their homes. this winter. this is because of high gas prices brought on by the covid-19 pandemic secretary jennifer granholm made the announcement
9:40 pm
today. american homes that rely on natural gas for heating could shell out an average of $750 this year. that's up 30% from last year. the social media giant facebook now to making some changes to its group. facebook says it wants to help groups flourish and develop with these latest features including subgroups pay systems and fundraising organizations and teams that utilize facebook groups can now create paid subgroups giving these members access to exclusive content. the groups will also be able to host fundraisers for unnecessary projects. facebook is testing out. the new features in certain online communities. as of right now, the company says it does not plan to take any revenue from these new features. meanwhile, some amazon drivers will be getting some extra holiday cash that they're rightfully owed the federal trade commission will issue checks to about 140,000 amazon drivers for around 61 million dollars all because
9:41 pm
of a lawsuit settlement back in february. the czechs stem from tips owed to the drivers which the ftc says the aunt online retailer illegally withheld from them for 3 years from 2016 to 2019. regulators say that amazon use nearly a 3rd of its customers tips meant to substitute meant for drivers to subsidize driver pay the average check is around $422. the largest was around 28,000 amazon will also be banned to make changes in how drivers tips are used without the drivers expressed consent. a high-profile trial set to resume tomorrow. the illinois teen on trial for killing 2 people during the protest of jacob blake last year in wisconsin. at where the trial is right now. plus new developments in the horror in houston instead, deadly stampede at the ash world music festival help. the
9:42 pm
victims are being remembered tonight.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> 385 days a lot has gone on in that span and that's also how many days have going on since the niners have won a game at levi's stadium that opportunity to snap that streak today against a cardinals team without kyler
9:45 pm
murray and the andrea hopkins should be easy to best players on the team was called the court replacing the injured ayton 22 in his career as a starter. >> 1st quarter. jimmy g he missed this guy. but george, you can't do that. that is turnover number one of the day. it was a costly one because of that ensuing drive. james conner, the star of the day. he scores from 13 yards out of 7 to nothing. let's go to the 3rd quarter, niners down by 10 mccoy swings it over to the after mentioned it. james conner still look like walter payton today. 45 yard, touchdown mccoy looks like peyton manning 249 yards connor a 173 total yards is not what you want to see from the niners defense now after a punt bad defense dre kirkpatrick he's getting his chest stomped friday, arizona running back 21 yard score. it is 31 to 7 cardinals. they win
9:46 pm
31 to 17. they are 8 in one to 3, 5, probably the worst loss of this kyle shanahan era. there's going to be a lot of questions all week long all right. the raiders looking to win their 3rd straight under coach rich >> hard to focus on football, though with all that happened in vegas this week. 3rd quarter. >> can't win games and you do that. that's a pick 6 house call by xavier mckinney giants retake the lead under a minute to go now. raiders down. seven-day still have a chance in the red zone. but. and do that quincy gets the fumble and that would do it stunned the raiders 23 to 16. all right. let's talk about a winning team look at gary oakland native in the house to see baby boy his son taking on the rockets. jalen green don't
9:47 pm
talk about young lady. what don't. jalen only at night, but he's fun to watch the rookie. he's from fresno. this is the is gary pain. the what a revelation he's been this year dad in the house to see it. you got to love. he had 10 off the bench later on. steph curry with the highlight without steph curry. 3. now seconds later, belly gets in on the afternoon corner 3 hand down, man down. >> gone. a 15 oh run. a break. it open in one jordan pulled he had 25 to lead the warriors. all right. the regular season awards continue to pour in for the san francisco giant. >> mlb announced today that brandon crawford was named the national league gold glove award winner at shortstop. this is the 4th time crawford has won the award. he's also in contention for an mvp award. it's likely going to be a long shot, but he is on the short list. he was the best
9:48 pm
player on a giants team that won a record 107 game. more quick note that the oakland also took home some hardware. jonathan. sean murphy. he won the gold glove at catcher and matt chapman. he won the gold glove at shortstop, i believe we're their base. whatever chappy, please had to get that in someone on twitter. trolling me right now going to be hard but i didn't mention it. but you know, the love to they are right. been a tough offseason for them losing bob melvin, though. now they don't know who's going to coach that team next year. baseball season. just wrapped up. but already got a look forward to spring training tell you 100%. and i think at exactly 3030, days. >> i get all saying and chapman to 2 mets confused. and i forget which one each place don't. don't send in your hate tweets. i know as well. so we some love some love. jason, thanks. we'll see next hour. sports night live.
9:49 pm
meanwhile tonight we continue to follow the deadly crowd surge that happened at astroworld music festival over the weekend in houston, texas. as many as 8 people killed, hundreds more injured. investigators, meanwhile in the bayou city trying to figure out exactly what went wrong at the concert friday night and they're also taking a closer look at the headliner himself. rapper travis scott throughout star has faced arrest and even head of heavy criticism in the past for the safety of his own concerts tonight, houston, hundreds of folks attended a vigil for the victims. felicia bolton brings us more. >> i just want to send prayers. so the. so that was that was lost last night. famed rapper travis scott is speaking out following the death of 8 people at his astroworld concert friday night. i'm honestly just devastated. >> i could never imagine anything like this. does happened. >> do everything i can to keep you guys updated the pandemonium unfolded at the
9:50 pm
sold-out 2 day event. and in our g park in houston based on fire codes, the venue could have held 200,000 people. but city officials limited the attendance to 50,000 for safety before it even started just chaotic before even cited like. >> waiting to into it. i what were you guys throwing things. you know what i mean? i saw a girl like stuffed under one of the fences. >> so that just about that surprising. the i got about the just such a run with okay. something's a serious here about getting to that's like wasn't even like 10 >> at the time or click down to the start of the performance. concert goers say the crowd already started to push forward. but the time the houston native took the stage. the crowd surge began to intensify causing people to be trampled and forcing scott to call off the show. >> fans really need the world to me and. always is really want to leave shem with a positive experience. anytime i can you know, anything is going on. you know, you know,
9:51 pm
stuff. so and. >> you know, help them get the help they need. you i could never imagine the severity of situation. >> but this is not the first incident at his concert where crowds have been out of hand in 2000, 17 police in arkansas arrested scott after he encourage fans to bypass security and rushed the stage that incident left a police officer, a security guard and several others injured in a separate incident. he pled guilty to reckless conduct charges stemming from a 2015 incident in chicago. the lollapalooza music festival. chicago officials claim scott encourage fans to ball security barricades and sentence 10 to one year of court supervision after, however, no one was injured. now the latest incident brings into question the safety of his concerts. that was felicia bolton reporting for us tonight. >> still to come tonight, the san francisco veterans day parade back this year. we will
9:52 pm
take you to the sights and sounds. at fisherman's wharf.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
welcome back, everyone. veterans day just a few days away. but the senate city of san francisco kicking things off early with celebration today with this year's san francisco veterans day parade kron four's camila barco takes us to fisherman's wharf. >> a bay area. more cycle coalition kicked off san francisco's 100 and first veterans day parade. i feel
9:55 pm
like a kid again, the parades always get me. excited parade honored veterans like jimmy mcconnell who have served our country was a hard. >> and sometimes it was very cold and miserable. ultimately it was for the defense of the country. these 2 men are part of american legion alexander hamilton coast. 4, 4, 8, it is one of 39 organizations that participated in the parade. the event returned after covid forced organizers. >> to cancel the celebrations last year. >> it's down a little basically i think this it means more because we because we are able to celebrate after missing the year. the holiday is on the 11th hour of the 11th day. >> of the 11th month which signals the end of world war like memorial day, veterans day pays tribute to american veterans of all wars, whether
9:56 pm
they're living or so super appreciative that i'm able to walk the streets of this country today because of the service that our veterans have given us. so thank you. the parade also included senator scott wiener, the boy scouts of america and several bay area, students and help spark a conversation between the older and younger generation about the military service when they recognize as beautiful way to say thank you better for what we did for this country in generation gets to understand with a whole generation did for us and when they get older, they can go into the military for mcconnell. there's only one word to describe his time in the military it's a total honor. his >> the serve my country. i love my country so much. >> while the parade was hosted on sunday. veterans day is on november 11. if you happen to run into a better and be sure to thank them for their service in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. >> you can see all of our veterans voices coverage on our website. kron 4 dot com by
9:57 pm
scanning the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed straight to our website. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock this sunday night. thanks so much for spending time with us. don't go anywhere, though. kron 4 news at 10 o'clock coming your way in just a moment.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock, a family searching for answers after their loved one is killed in an online sale meet up. we'll show you how they're remembering him tonight. that is where we start to sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome. jonathan mccall justine enjoying the night off family and friends hosting a vigil tonight for 19 year-old michael, a product. police say san pablo woman killed him when he answered her online ad to buy a car last week. kron four's gayle ong is in benicia speaking with his family. >> friends and family gathered for a vigil sunday night to honor the life of 19 year-old michael up you should to bury or had to be met your brother, your best friend was


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