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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> no 8 o'clock. a vigil is underway for a benicia man shot and killed while simply trying to buy a car. kron four's live with how family and friends are honoring him tonight. that is where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. a san pablo woman is now charged with the murder of 19 year-old michael low prieta fairfield. police say the shooting happened during an online sell meet up last week. kron four's gayle ong live for us tonight. but should talking with michael's loved ones in
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telling us how they are now remembering him very sad story for that family tonight. guilt. >> yeah, jonathan. an emotional vigil tonight i spoke with the victim's grandparents who say he had a bright future ahead of him and wanted to be a history teacher. you can see right behind me. the vigil is underway. friends and family just here to pay their respects and find comfort in each other. friends and family gathered for a vigil sunday night to honor the life of 19 year-old michael up you should to bury or had to be met your brother, your best friend was >> i just wish none of this on. nobody fairfield. police say look, credit was shot and killed on tyler street and fairfield thursday afternoon after trying to buy a car from someone he met online police arrested and charged 24 year-old come area. strange of son pablo with his death. his parents say he left his home in the nation to buy a car
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with money. he worked hard and saved up for it was very excited about it. he had a you need us. if it isn't about carmichael like everybody and cared about everybody. he was a. >> he had a big part future. >> back at the vigil. longtime friends dealing with the loss and paying tribute for someone gone too soon. you know, we saw is to be alive forever. the live. >> to the old all of us to it. to succeed in life to be have to be giving. to be happy with everything that we've done in life. know, accomplished even though there were 19. >> police have not released details on what led up to the fatal shooting the investigation is ongoing. and as you can see, the vigil still under way tonight, remembering that teen live in benicia gayle ong kron 4 news. gayle, thank you. we have learned that strange is set to be arraigned on the charges on tuesday. >> as for offer up, it does
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have tips for folks when they are conducting those online meet ups. the company says when you are a range of meet up. make sure you take sensible precautions in the event of an emergency or any danger. make sure you call 911, or your local emergency number research, the product, the person and the place. it always says make sure you buy and sell in well-lit monitored public locations like cafes or grocery stores and make sure you check out the other person's profile as well. tonight. chp investigators say they need your help, trying to find the killer of a free month toddler caught in the middle of a shootout on the busy oakland freeway that shooting breaking news yesterday afternoon here on kron 4 news at 6. investigators say the 23 year-old jesper wu and his family were headed home yesterday afternoon when a shootout happened on i 80 near the 9 80 split in oakland, a stray bullet hit jasper as he sat in his car seat. medics rushed him to the hospital. but he later died today the
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fremont police department offered its condolences saying that the act of violence is not acceptable going on to say that chief washington has been in contact with oakland police chief leronne armstrong both departments sheriff concern and outrage about this incident as well. anyone with information about the shooting. now urged to call the california highway patrol. oakland police are searching for answers. meanwhile, in a weekend quadruple shooting that killed one man. the shooting happened friday night on international boulevard. police say when they got to the scene, they found 2 of the victims. 2 others showed up at the hospital short time later. so far investigators have not identified the victim or any suspects connected to the shooting. this is the city's 100 and 18th homicides so far in 2021. >> when we got here, we found 4 people have been struck by gunfire. >> another wild scene in the speed this weekend. a birthday
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celebration, oakley ends in gunfire tonight. 2 men are dead, another man and a woman now recovering from their injuries. the scene unfolding late last night in oakley kron four's taylor. the second has details on the investigation. >> an east bay birthday celebration turned tragic saturday night callers reported to police that women were heard screaming amid gunfire sort disturbance family to believe. >> when we got here, we found 4 people have been struck by gunfire. we were assisted by the berlin police department in contra, costa sheriffs a sheriff's office 2 men of 44 year-old in 28 year-old from brentwood in the label. >> are now dead after the family gathering in oakley oakley police responded around 09:20pm and say they found the 2 men dead in a driveway on mallicoat avenue ultimately to people would die on the scene and 2 people were transported to hospital with gunshot injuries. police say the people involved in the shooting all knew each other. so far they have one person in custody. a 22 year-old from
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brentwood police have not released the names of the suspect or victims until the reporting kron 4 news. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast the sunday night. a live look at san francisco lit up on this sunday night. courtesy the sutro tower camera folks falling back getting an extra hour of sleep. hopefully you were able to do so as well. but we are tracking some rain headed our way. we can always use every drop we can get free someone. can we expect to see it not till monday night. so monday morning and monday afternoon going to be dry in the bay area. but then another atmospheric river. the second one in less than a month. >> going to return to the bay area. not going to be as strong as october's but still. >> bringing us some much-needed welcome rain back into the bay area. let's take a live look outside at coit tower. crystal clear skies. we are going to notice an increase in cloud cover throughout the night. chilly temperatures as well. but here's our atmosphere river off the coast going to tap
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into a plume of moisture from hawaii and also remnants of a typhoon, believe it or not, that is going to bring us a week atmosphere river. so let's take a look at futurecast for because we are tracking right now dry weather and increasing cloud cover throughout the day. but then by early monday evening going to see some light showers arriving first in the north bay inching closer towards the bay area coastline and then it's going to intensify for those of you in the north bay as early as 8 o'clock for your monday night for the rest of the bay area. we're going to notice a heavy downpours about an hour or 2 later at 10 o'clock for your monday evening. even extending into the east bay as well. and then by 1 o'clock in the morning. that storm is going to start to break apart, but we are still going to notice some pockets of some moderate downpours by tuesday morning overall drier weather compared the rain that we're expected to get during the overnight hours. so that's great news. most of the heaviest rain
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going to fall while most of us are sleeping monday night into tuesday morning and rain totals looking really impressive anywhere from half an inch of rain to upwards of 2 inches for those of you in the north bay, you're certainly going to get the highest amounts. what wind advisory going to go into effect starting monday night and there is a threat of possible pop-up thunderstorms that could bring thunder and lightning. more on that in my full forecast. it just a few minutes. jonathon, back to you. thank you. >> it's like take a live look at san francisco international airport tonight where in just a few hours. >> vaccinated. international travelers will return to the united states. the lifting a nearly 2 year pandemic travel ban for folks in more than 30 countries international visitors will now have to show proof of vaccination along with a recent negative covid test experts, meanwhile, are warning travelers to get ready for full flights. and as well as long lines. delta says it's seen in nearly 500% jump in international bookings in the 6 weeks since the reopening
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was announced carriers, meanwhile, are still adjusting as it brings back more workers and airlines sidelined because of the pandemic. also starting tomorrow, proof of your covid-19 vaccination will be required in los angeles. the mandate is already in effect here in several bay area counties, los angeles mayor eric garcetti who tested positive for the virus. just last week says the rules will encourage folks to get vaccinated and to make businesses safer for workers and customers. the new mandate will not take effect. won't be a force they should say until the end of the month. violators face fines up to $5,000 us federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the biden administration's vaccine mandate that would have required vaccines for american companies with more than 100 workers kron 4 washington correspondent anna wiernicki brings us more. >> good evening. the biden administration still plans to
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enforce the rules, beginning january 4th despite a federal court order to temporarily block the forced vaccines. >> white house chief of staff ron klain said on nbc's meet the press that the administration is not worried about saturday's court ruling and legal challenges by 27 state attorneys general, i'm quite confident that when this finally gets fully adjudicated not just a temporary the validity of this requirement will be upheld. the u.s. court of appeals in louisiana said the vaccine mandate presents grieves statutory and constitutional issues. it's a horrible. situation, texas republican congressman roger williams says the requirements will hurt businesses that don't have the resources to comply the new rule requires businesses with 100 or more employees to require their employees to get the covid-19 vaccine. >> or get tested weekly and wear a mask businesses that don't comply could face thousands of dollars in fines. businesses have to start.
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>> every week. their employees are not vaccinated. check for covid that gets really expensive. but labor secretary marty walsh says businesses will suffer more if the virus continues to spread covid-19 is right. the spread of the virus has hurt business. >> and what this does, this helps us prevent that from happening. the court gave the administration until monday to respond and said it would move quickly to decide the case. >> a spokesman for the justice department said in a statement that the department is prepared to vigorously defend this rule in court for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> meanwhile, the centers for disease control and prevention now says that 70% of american adults are fully vaccinated against covid-19 agency also says more than 80% of adults have received at least one dose 98% of americans over the age of 65 are now fully vaccinated and 12% have received a booster dose. the
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cdc says, though, when you throw in americans, 12 and up that number drops to around 68% who are fully vaccinated right now. kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date with the very latest. covid-19 headlines, including where you can find the vaccine for your children. just scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com. walgreens is set to close 5 locations here in san francisco in the coming weeks because of a rise in shoplifting. the company has already closed more than a dozen of its stores here in the city because of the ongoing problem tomorrow, the location at ocean avenue and would incur drive will be the first to close prescriptions at that location will be transferred to the location at ocean avenue and faxon avenue. this is a list of the other stores set to close here in san francisco next week. you may remember when this video went viral back in june. a man seen on camera shoplifting from a location in san francisco. that is now closed.
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that single suspect, according to san francisco police was lift linked to as many as 8 shoplifting cases. pour in houston. the investigation under way into the deadly ash the world music festival. >> we'll show you how the victims tonight are being remembered. caught on camera officers shoot a pit bull. what happened just moments% before and the trouble the officers could now be facing. a popular san francisco law school could soon get a new name will break down the reasons behind the decision.
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>> today marks 3 years since 12 people were killed in the southern california bar. >> a remembrance ceremony held today in 1000 oaks to remember the victims of the borderline grill and bar shooting back in july. investigators say the tooth that 2018 shooting was the result of a former marine with a strong hate for civilians. the gunman killed himself in the incident back in 2018, the bar has been closed since the shooting. caught on camera. an lapd officer shoots a dog with a nonlethal round while responding to a call of a vicious dog. we do want to warn you, the video could be tough for some of you to see. the dog's owner calling the shooting an appropriate
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officers say in order to protect themselves they fired a nonlethal beanbag at the dog hitting it in the head. the dog then retreated and the animals owner was able to properly secure it. the extent of the dog's injuries still unknown tonight. lapd says it is looking into what happened but released the video as a way to be more transparent. family and friends of a missing mom near los angeles are praying for her safe return. a vigil held tonight for 39 year-old heidi planck. investigators say she was last seen at her son's football game last month. her friends say they don't believe she would have left her son. >> she would never do this to her boy. you know, she's worked so far and so hard in her custody battle for this little boy. you know, i missed on mother and i've i've seen is from the beginning to end. >> detectives believe her disappearance could be connected to her job, her employer, kim did capital
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partners is currently under federal investigation for an alleged 43 million dollar fraud scheme. friends say the plane was stressed out about work. oakland police are busy responding to robberies all across the town. the department says its officers have responded to nearly 2200 robbery so far in 2021. that's up 15% from this time last year to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. the department offers these tips. they say don't resist for property that can be replaced. don't be distracted by your electronic devices and limit the personal items. you carry on yourself to just an id and a bank card. meanwhile, take a look at this fairfield. police say one alert citizen discovered a skimming device at a bank of america atm police say that person noticed a suspicious mirror with wires attached to the machine. officers say the device was disguised as the atm is rear view safety mir the asked a
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pinhole camera designed to record a bank transaations card numbers, and customer pin codes. so far police have not said if any victims fell for that scheme. san francisco's uc hastings law school looking for a new name tonight. last week. the board of directors voted to change the name after historian said that the school's namesake surrenders hastings spearheaded the killings of 300 native americans in mendocino county back in the 1850's. the school was founded back in 1978 vice president kamala harris and former san francisco mayor willie brown are among some of the school's graduates. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. live look at the golden gate bridge, things picture. perfect as we wrapped up this weekend here in november as we get ready for more rain. that is on the way as we start the new work week reese's here tonight would look at what else is on tap as we start this new week. yeah.
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we're going to start the workweek with the rain and ended with 70's. believe it or not. so the best of both worlds making its way into the bay area this upcoming week. >> from now. until then, hope you enjoy that extra hour of sleep. i certainly personally love. did little strange to see the sunset shortly after 5 o'clock this evening. but tracking crystal clear skies out there right now. but this storm right off the coast, expected to make its way into the bay area as early as monday night peaking during the overnight hours and we are going to notice drier conditions by around mid morning and even during the early afternoons for your tuesday and then drying out and clearing out by tuesday night. so this is going to be a quick moving storm. a weaker atmospheric river than what we experienced the last run in in october when we got inches of rain. we're tracking anywhere from half an inch to upwards of 2 inches of rain, lowest amounts. for those of you in the east bay valleys and south bay highest amounts. for those of you in the north bay, specifically that northwest
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region or you could easily get up to 2 inches just in the lower valleys alone. but we do have some dangerous winds heading our way 45 miles per hour or less. downed trees and downed power lines going to be an issue starting monday night through early tuesday morning and then we're going to track the winds out there right now on the calm side. but temperatures cooling down because of that like a blanket of cloud cover already in the mid to upper 40's along the coast. and for east bay valleys, widespread low to mid 50's around the bay area shoreline with oakland in downtown san francisco currently at 54 degrees. but overnight lows tonight going to be near freezing, especially for those of you in santa rosa 36 degrees wouldn't be surprised if patchy frost does form with high temperatures tomorrow. well below average. 5 to nearly 10 degrees below normal, 59 degrees for half moon bay 57 for napa. everyone else in the low to mid 60's and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. we do have the risk of pop-up thunderstorms monday
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night through tuesday morning. but check out those 70's starting on friday this upcoming week and even that warming and drying trend lasting next weekend as well. jonathan, back to you. risa. thank you. still to come tonight, san francisco veterans day parade is back this year. >> we'll take you to fisherman's wharf or the sights and sounds. veterans
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day. this coming thursday. but the city of san francisco kicking off the celebrations early with its annual veterans day parade. >> kron four's camila barco takes us there. >> a bay area, more cycle coalition kicked off san francisco's 100 and first veterans day parade. i feel like a kid again, the parades always get me. excitrd parade. honored veterans like jimmy mcconnell who have served our country was a hard. >> and sometimes it was very cold and miserable. ultimately it was for the defense of the country. these 2 men are part of american legion alexander hamilton coast. 4, 4, 8, it is one of 39 organizations thati participated in the parade. >> the event returned after covid forced organizers to cancel the celebrations last year. >> it's down a little basically i think this it
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means more because we because we are able to celebrate after missing the year. the holiday is on the 11th hour of the 11th day. >> of the 11th month which signals the end of world war like memorial day, veterans day pays tribute to american veterans of all wars, whether they're living or so super appreciative that i'm able to walk the streets in this country today because of the service that are. >> veterans have given us. so thank you. the parade also included senator scott wiener, the boy scouts of america and several bay area, students helped spark a conversation between the older and younger generation about the military service when they recognize as beautiful way to say thank you better for what we did for this country in generation gets to understand with a whole generation did for us and when they get older, they can go into the military for mcconnell. there's only one word to describe his time in the military it's a total honor. his >> the serve my country. i love my country so much.
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>> while the parade was hosted on sunday. veterans day is on november 11. if you happen to run into a better and be sure to thank them for their service in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. >> you can see all of our veterans voices stories on our website at kron. 4 dot com. use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen to get direct it there still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8. we're just days away from thanksgiving and we'll let you know what a new survey says is the most heated food on turkey day. we'll show you the list and. you can tell us if the food you hate is the most are not. also one in a facebook users are addicted to the app. according to the company's new findings will explain why they are now saying so plus unraveling the deadly concert in houston, texas, from astroworld fest. what investigators are now working to piece together as we learn more details about the victims.
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>> welcome back, everyone. kron 4 monitoring new developments from houston tonight. and the deadly astroworld music festival that killed 8 people and injured hundreds more as investigators tonight piece together exactly what went wrong. friday night. they'll be taking a closer look at rapper travis scott who headlined the event and and actually put on that festival. the rap star has faced arrest and heavy criticism in the past for the safety of his concerts. all of
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this happening as the victims of the tragedy are now starting to be identified and remembered. michael shure brings us more from houston. >> on friday. they came for the music on sunday. they came to more. i pay my respects to those that we lost being in a giant crowd like that happening at 2 innocent general public to been any one of us throughout the weekend. hundreds of concertgoers brought flowers candles and cards even the security guards tightened the chains on the now abandoned festival grounds outside locked gates music lovers gathered holding on to each other and memories of those lost so devastating like people turning blue row. >> by and vote. >> in all. there were nearly 1300 police and security officers on houston police says was much more than they had for the world series here just last week. i'm sorry, but that where we were pulling people hidden camera like a need to get them out. light.
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he would just like to know my shoulder, you know, like so it wasn't sally was survivors telling horrifying stories of what it was like in that crash inside the moving mass of people that left 8 dead. i was like i'm on the zone might go down and not gonna keep fighting for us on the light. >> on the i teach on up and i couldn't breathe. i was much an open marriage to breathe and missed that. i was a fight or flight. so i just went back other way. but i was able to get out and overnight. travis stopped speaking out on his instagram page saying he is reaching out to families of those who died and that he didn't know the severity of the situation from the stage anytime i can even as going on. >> you know, you know, stuff. so and. you know, help them get the help they need know in this league just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this. does happened. >> michael shure reporting for us tonight. now to the east
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bay where 2 people are suffering minor and suffered minor injuries after a crash that happened this morning in oakland, chp said it happened around 5 o'clock on interstate 80. we're told that a car lost control and on s turn and it hit another car with 2 people inside causing the car to hit the center divider. the 2 people inside of the second car were taken to the hospital. it's unknown how many folks were inside of the first car or if there were any injuries involved. here's a bizarre story from the north bay tonight. county deputies arrested the same person for selling drugs twice in 24 hours. officials say they arrested the suspect thursday released him the same day. but friday deputies say they found him asleep inside of a car near the police station after searching the car. they say they found drugs that were for self police arrested him for a second time tonight. there's no word of he has been released from jail a second time. testimony set to
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continue tomorrow in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he's the illinois teen charged with killing 2 men during a protest for jacob blake in kenosha, wisconsin last year. rittenhouse claims that he shot them in self-defense. but prosecutors say that rittenhouse overreacted by firing a 3rd victim who survived the shooting is expected to take the stand tomorrow. car come car rental company hertz facing several lawsuits over claims that false reporting over cars being stolen led to hundreds its customers being arrested. the suit claims more than 100 customers were arrested after the company falsely reported that their rental rail cars were stolen. the customers from at least 7 states, including california say they had legal rental contracts at the time of the arrest hurts as it reported the non returns as thefts only after weeks and months of trying to contact customers who win past the dates to return their cars.
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hertz has also filed for bankruptcy, which may complicate the case until the issues are settled. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. let's get you ready for the start of a new week and rain is on the way. reese is here. tracking the timing. >> yeah, that's right. jonathan. cooler forecast 40's and 50's. as you step outside for your sunday night. and right now we're tracking clear conditions but an increase in cloud cover during the overnight hours won't really help with the patchy frost that could develop in form for our coolest north bay valleys, specifically those of you in santa rosa and napa, but very clear conditions out there right now. great shot of golden gate bridge this evening and your microclimate monday forecast. we're going to stay mostly dry throughout your morning and afternoon downtown san francisco, though, noticeably cooler about 5 degrees below average there. only warming up to 62 degrees with sunset district at 58 degrees in half moon bay
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in the upper 50's as a so we're all going to be about 5 to nearly 10 degrees below average and it is going to be a breezy day, especially as that storm inches closer to the bay area. winds out of the south since state 20 to 30 miles per hour along the san francisco peninsula, low 60's from brisbane. into burlingame, 62 degrees of peace for san mateo and san carlos and those of you in the south bay cooler temperatures as well. in the mid 60's for san jose and cupertino and we are tracking low 60's for innermost valleys in the east bay. so nearly 10 degrees below average there. we should be in the low 70's and we're barely going to warm up into the low 60's with berkeley at 62 degrees orinda and moraga in the low 60's walnut creek and concord 62 degrees of peace with the napa in the mid 50's. so chilly temperatures there as well as his mill valley novato 62 degrees. and as we take a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast
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anywhere from half an inch to 2 inches of rain monday night through tuesday, slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms. but check out those 70's starting on friday, lasting all next weekend and sneak peek. that's a trend that we're expected to get for thanksgiving as well. so below average rain and above average looks like it's going to be a dry thanksgiving for most of northern california. but at least this week, everyone gets a taste of everything. so everyone should be happy, right. everyone should be happy if you like the rain, great, if you like the sun and 70's. all right. i got you covered. >> all right, thank you. >> so to come tonight, a mountain lion spotted creeping into someone's home on the peninsula. we'll let you know what investigators are saying about the rise in big cat sightings in that area. here's
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a question for you. are you addicted to facebook. >> a new report from the social media giant actually found that one in 8 of its users are indeed addicted to the platform. the report found that the excessive time on the app is not only damaging people's health and personal relationships. but addicted users also reported a loss of productivity as well as a lack of sleep because of late night scrolling in the most extreme cases. parents focused more on the app then bonding with their own children. british
8:41 pm
airways says it plans to launch the first commercial flights powered by sustainable jet fuel sometime next year. the green jet fuel is produced here in the united states and made from used oil and food waste. the airline says it plans to blended with conventional fossil fuels to power their fleet. the carrier says it's also hoping to bring bringing green jet fuel to the u k the entire aviation industry has pledged to lower carbon emissions by 2050. in sports, the forty-niners hope they could get by the cardinals with their backup qb playing. but san francisco's woes at levi stadium continuing. >> sports director jason dumas has the highlights on the way. >> and a winter weather advisory going to go into effect for this year's starting monday afternoon tracking our next round of snow totals after the break. stay tuned.
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>> take a look at this a viewer sending us this video of a mountain lion spotted at a home in san bruno friday night. this was in the area of crest more canyon and clermont drive. it also comes as police in san mateo say that one of their officers hit another big cat last night on highway 92. they say after the accident, the mountain lion ran away. no word on both of these animals is the same from both incidents. for your health
8:45 pm
tonight. the thanksgiving and christmas holidays quickly are approaching and medical experts say they want to make sure you're staying healthy while also avoiding health issues brought on by holiday stress cardiologist doctor jaime gomez says that he sees more patients dealing with medical issues during the holidays than at any other time during the year patients. he says typically suffer from a number of conditions like uncontrolled hypertension and high blood pressure brought on by stress doctor. gomez says that with these issues it is important to slow down. >> have a routine. don't give a if you're walking, don't give playing with your grandchildren. don't give up. going to church. don't give meditating etcetera have a routine now. do you need to spend 2 hours and your team. maybe you can't afford to our 15 minutes almost everybody can afford 15 minutes, 20 minutes. that's what i mostly tell patients slowdown. >> doctor gomez says it is okay to enjoy holiday meals. but to make sure to get back
8:46 pm
to normal eating habits right after the holidays and soon americans will get together for the largest holiday feast. we're talking about thanksgiving. but some dishes could go untouched. the travel web site. the vacationer found surveyed a 1000 americans to find. what are the most hated turkey d foods. here's some of the results cranberry sauce topping the list with nearly 30% say they're not touching it. the traditional thanksgiving turkey not far behind disliked by 28%. 23% say that they will pass on the stuffing as well. also on the list pumpkin pie disliked by 20%. mashed potatoes shunned by 17% of those folks. were they going to thin. there's a question if you don't like any of that, you're not going to eat it. what are you going for thanksgiving. >> baffled right now. macaroni and cheese and made the list. that's jason dumas, his favorite meal of thanksgiving. let me just say this if if
8:47 pm
anyone who goes to a thanksgiving feast and they're not eating in you that i want no part of i to invite me least favorite was might favorite because that's what thanksgiving revolves around stopping turkey cranberry. >> especially the mac and cheese right. whats, your least favorite. none of that on. i love all the stuff we green bean casserole a 100%. i agree that's going to be one boring thanksgiving at that house whenever house that just order pizza right. might as well and just call it thanksgiving. let's take a look at your francisco international airport. >> because we are tracking clear skies out there and radar for. >> seeing that injuries in that cloud cover. but right now dry and clear. for those of you in this but just wait a few hours because rain and snow making its way into this year and it's going to arrive by monday night even continuing through tuesday we're going to see inches of much needed fresh powder making its way into this year.
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a winter weather advisory going to go into effect 4 o'clock for your monday afternoon continuing through tuesday elevations above 7,000 feet. you could easily pick up 2 feet of fresh snow thanks to this week. atmospheric river rain for us here in the bay area. snow. for those of you in this and up to 3 inches of snow around the lake level, including south lake tahoe, low 50's for your monday as it struck the but then cooling down. thanks to that storm passing through bringing rain and snow showers by tuesday. 44 degrees. but then gradually warming up by the middle of this upcoming week into the upper 40's and temperatures out there right now. it's going to be a chilly one 45 degrees right now for half moon, bay widespread low to mid 50's. but fremont already cooling down into the upper 40's dublin 45 degrees as his nevado. so we're tracking those cooler temperatures and overnight lows for most of our north bay valleys in the mid to upper 30 so we could see
8:49 pm
patchy frost for mitt temperatures tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees below average in noticeably breezy making that feels like chilly forecast. thanks to that wind chill feel even cooler. but as we take a look ahead. we're tracking 70's heading our way by the end of this upcoming week. next, the man, the myth, the legend, jason dumas, ladies and gentleman. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> i need an intro like that every day. loyal to her. all right. 385 days. that is how many days have gone by since the niners won a game at levi stadium and they had an opportunity to snap that streak today against a cardinals team without kyler murray and the andre hopkins. it was colt mccoy replacing the injured kyler murray. in 22 in 30 career starts. 1st quarter. jimmy garoppolo finds is george kittle he's back. but you can't do that first
8:50 pm
turnover of the day forty-niners. it was a costly one because it leads to this. >> james conner. he was the star of the day takes it in from 13 yards out 7. nothing cardinals let's go to the 3rd quarter. niners down 17 to 7 mccoy. find him. boy, like i just said, the star of the day, james conner that time it's a 45 yards. pitching catch 0.22 per 26 249 yards. connor had a 173 total yards. now after 9 years emo benjamin just flat out runs over drake kirkpatrick. he's into the end zone is a 21 yard score 31 to 7 cardinals, arizona win 31 to 17 they in one. the forty-niners dropped 3 in 5, probably the worst loss of the kyle shanahan era. what a night points. the raiders. >> looking to win their 3rd straight under head coach rich
8:51 pm
bisaccia hard to focus on football, though, in vegas this week for obvious reasons and you're not going to win many games. when you throw a house call. pick 6 xavier mckinney. giants. take the lead on that play. and now. under a minute to go raiders down 7 last-ditch effort but car. sacked stripped loses. it. and that'll do it tough, tough, tough week. los vegas. they lose 23 to 16 to the lowly new york giants. got nation. gary pain in the house, checking out baby boy sun on the squad will see him later warriors in town. this is what you call young lakes. jalen green, just a violent dunker fresno native. number 2 picks. he only had 9, but he's fun to watch that. check out this play great ball movement to gary payton, the second. had 10 points off the bench later, steph curry. so we're used to that school back. 3 92
8:52 pm
to 80 warriors now very next possession. kelly from the corner. had 50 points. they went on a 15 oh, run in the 3rd. they improved to 81. >> one, 21 '07, jordan poole for 25 points. the lead the warriors tonight. all right. the regular season awards continue to pour in for the san francisco giant. >> major league baseball announced today that brandon crawford was name the national league gold glove award winner at shortstop for the 4th time. he's won this award. no big deal. crawford is also in contention to win the nl mvp award. it's probably a long shot, but he's on the short list. he was the best player on the giants team that won a franchise record a 107 when if this was the nba crawford would be a shoo in for the war because the nba always goes the best player on the best
8:53 pm
team. true. that's what crawford was. but i'm thinking it is going to be bryce harper who was at a word to philadelphia philly. but great season nonetheless, for beecroft a lot of a lot of folks looking forward to spring training already. yeah, seriously. yeah. it's tough watching the warriors game because they're playing the rockets that's a squad. but you know what? agree. you guys got good what he's going to be so good. he is. but i said as long as we don't lose by 25 points out consider it a victory and get you got that 13 was >> all right. we'll be right so
8:54 pm
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the best way to adapt to the time change. since we've all fallen back one hour, one sleep specialists say it's going to take you analyzing your own sleep habits. some folks could take up to 2 weeks to adjust to the time change if they have trouble adapting or staying asleep in general. others may be able to handle it. but it's all about knowing your own sleep patterns. but more than just that extra hour could threw off your circadian rhythms, which is the change in light one sleep specialist says getting as much sunlight as possible is key during the day to help keep your body energized and closing the blinds at night. so you don't wake up to those bright sun beams is even better. but that's not the only thing. >> and then in the morning as soon as you start your day opening up your blinds and just signaling tear body that days and letting your clock
8:57 pm
really >> so she says that the time change can also serve as a benefit for any family who may have led bed time slipped to be a little later than they would like over the course of the school year and that this extra hour could serve as an opportunity to reset. that's what we're going to do right now because kron 4 news at 8 o'clock is done. kron 4 news at 9 coming your way in just a few moments.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> why everybody and cared about everybody. look at it is that for 19 years. >> now at 9 o'clock, a vigil held tonight for benicia man shot and killed while trying to buy a car family and friends honoring 19 year-old michael low pret a the shooting happening during an online sell meet up last week. that's where we start this sunday here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome jonathan mccall. justine has the night off. a san pablo woman is charged with michael's murder kron four's gayle ong was in benicia tonight for that vigil. >> friends and family gathered for a vigil sunday night to honor the life of 19 year-old michael up you should the very poor have to be met. your brother, your best friend. she should have their >> i


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