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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> now at 9 a tragedy in the east bay as a toddler just 23 month-old was caught in the crossfire earlier today and has now died from injuries after that shooting. this is a look at the map of where the shooting went down this afternoon on the north lanes of interstate 8.80, just before the 9.80 junction. >> the shootings stopping traffic in the north direction for a number of hours. but tonight traffic is once again moving in that area. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock will commit. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. the story continues to develop tonight with the very latest. we're going to go now live to kron and harry. >> who was in oakland has been following the story for us all night tonight. you've got a chance to see the family as they were leaving the hospital. amanda, what's the latest here? >> everyone i've spoken to about this police friends of
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the family as well as just people on the street agree at this situation. he's just absolutely heartbreaking. the family was here at the hospital just a few hours ago. we did ask if they wanted to say a few words. they did not. and we respected that as they grieve the loss of the life of their 23 year-old little boy 23 month-old, little boy. >> california highway patrol says a 23 month-old little boy is dead after a shooting on 8.80 saturday afternoon. they say they got the call around 2. this was the scene as law enforcement shut down part of the highway for several hours during their investigation. it was on a 80 by the 9.80 split causing traffic to back up. chp says the victims were traveling southbound near filbert street when their vehicle was hit by the bullet. they were driving this white lexus sedan. a family friend tells kron 4, they were headed home from san francisco to 6 people were in the car. 3
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adults and 3 children. the toddler was the only one hit a family friend identified him as just for he was rushed to oakland's children's hospital. he died at the hospital. a family friend says whose mother was driving the car. she's a single mother and he's her only child. chp says evidence at the scene may indicate the victims were not targeted in this incident. >> and the toddler was struck by a stray bullet. >> detectives are asking the public's help in gathering any information about this shooting. if you have any information you're asked to reach out to chp live in oakland. amanda hari kron 4 news. absolutely devastating story. amanda, thank you. >> kron 4 will continue to monitor this story for you throughout the night on air and online at kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest updates to straight to your phone. now's the perfect time for you to use your mobile device to scan this qr code on your
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screen and you will be directed to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> we'll turn now to our covid coverage and go to the east bay were elementary school students were welcome to get that first series of a covid-19 vaccine that clinics opened up there today, the city of berkeley and berkeley unified school district teamed up together in order to make this clinic happen. kron four's phillipe djegal reports appointments were fully booked within hours of availability. >> 10 year-old sage gold he was a little nervous before he was inoculated at malcolm x elementary understandable considering the dragged on for months alright, in the he says it was not bad at all. it was like a small pinch. you have that's it. after receiving a pediatric pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. sage is just one more shot away from being fully inoculated. it was very important it now i can finally
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go see my grandparents. i'm excited for him. i mean, it's it's important to protect not only himself but everybody around overall at the elementary school the city of berkeley partnered with the berkeley unified school district to provide 200 doses of the vaccine for district students, age 5 through 11. we know that vaccines are safe and effective superintendent bret stephens says it is important for you to get vaccinated headed into the winter months when case rates could possibly just last week. 7 people at berkeley high school. we're forced to isolate at home after testing positive for the virus. we have been experiencing positive cases each week throughout the course of this pandemic that's been especially true through the fall. >> and all of this is an important reminder that the pandemic is not yet over. the young ones understand, though, that shot in the arm was better for that. >> it can be less painful so that it won't do i'm i'm sick
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but just like number 6, for kids are planned for next week in berkeley. billy kron, 4 news. >> here now is a look at some of the other clinics for kids age 5 to 11 that are opening up around the bay area for covid shots. napa counties can open up on november 15th alameda county plans to have a clinic about the same time, but it's not set an exact date just yet. sonoma county will not be hosting a big clinic. instead will be doing individual vaccination sessions at schools. those are going to start on tuesday. >> and solano county has also not yet set a date for its clinic. >> starting this weekend. walgreens and cvs will start administering shots to california. kids ages 5 to 11 walgreen started today. cbs will start tomorrow. appointments are available and all children who received those vaccines must be accompanied by an adult today. thousands of kids in warren county getting their shots as
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well. the county has set up several clinics for kids. ages 5 to 11 kron four's. camila barco has their story. >> this marion county child is celebrating with a high 5 after getting pfizer's pediatric covid-19 vaccine. all parents are also congratulating their kids for being part of history it's like a life changing moment. i think we will be in really waiting for this not to this is incredibly meaningful. hits walked hand-in-hand with their parents during the process. >> some expressed or discomfort. others walked away and i don't feel health care workers administered 500 vaccines at miller creek middle school on saturday alone. we know there is demand in our community. as soon as we open these appointments, they filled every pediatric vaccine clinic this weekend. and later this month are full officials say more appointments will become available, but it will take time. doctor matt willis, the
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county's health officer says kids are known to be less prone to severe illness if they get infected with covid. but we know that kids do end up in the hospital. 24,000 children have been in the hospital in the united states 172 families have lost children to covid-19. >> it is a serious illness and we know that we can protect them safely and effectively with the vaccine this age group is getting one 3rd of the dosage given to teens and adults, but they must also get 2 shots at least 3 weeks >> that kids like charlie say they can now enjoy more indoor activities, knowing his age group is able to get vaccinated. i'm excited to get it's like you more stuff. there's about 20,000 county residents between the ages of 5 to 11 the county's goal is to vaccinate 75% of that population with the first dose within the first month in marion county. camila barco kron 4 news.
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>> a federal appeals court has temporarily halted the biden administration's vaccine requirement for businesses with 100 or more workers today. the 5th us circuit court of appeals granted an emergency stay of the requirement by the federal occupation safety and health administration that those workers be vaccinated by january. 4th or face mask requirements and weekly testing. the louisiana attorney general says the court action halts democratic president joe biden's administration from moving forward with this unlawful overreach. that's the quote. the president has been encouraging widespread vaccinations as the quickest way out of the pandemic. also tonight, a fresno county deputy has died after a month long battle with covid. correctional officer juan cruz was 52 years old. officer crews began his career with the fresno county sheriff's office in august of 2012, he survived by 2 daughters, 2 sons and a brother. governor
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gavin newsom released a statement on cruises passing that reads in part. he says set sends his sincere condolences to officer cruz's family and friends and all the members of the fresno county sheriff's office during this difficult time. >> stay with kron 4 for the latest covid-19 information including funding vaccines for your children and much more. you can scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the city of san francisco lit up on the saturday night courtesy of the sutro tower camera. >> so what does the rest of the weekend have in store for us and also the next 7 days. we're going to take a look now at what we have planned here during. >> the this week. tomorrow, the changes start coming. that's what it says. johnson now high of 63 across the bay. then the rain is really going to start rolling in monday and tuesday. look, wet wednesday.
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we'll start to dry things out and then trying to hit a high of 70 by the end of. >> the week. the good news, nothing like what we saw 2 weeks ago with this latest round still still significant storm wrecked, but but not a not a category 5 atmospheric river, correct. which is a good category one or 2, which is always good. we need the rain, but we don't necessarily need to damage and destruction that come along with that. we'll have another update. the forecast coming up later this hour. meanwhile, there's still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 a day that was supposed to be about music and fun. >> turns deadly in the city of houston at travis scott's astroworld music festival. the very latest on the investigation unfolding in the bayou city. >> also tonight, we have reaction from the president's infrastructure deal that finally passed in congress. and we'll see what comes next. if any of that money is going if any of that money is going make its way to the bay area. welcome to this world.
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>> after months of back and forth negotiations. president joe biden applauding congress for the passing of his truly is 1.2 trillion dollars, infrastructure bill in a late vote last night. but as kron four's, washington correspondent anna wiernicki reports getting the bill to his desk. >> was not easy and they still have to get his build back better agenda through. let's see how that goes. >> good evening. president biden called the bill long overdue after democratic leaders spent months
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negotiating with progressives to get the bill across the finish line. ultimately rallying republicans to get the job done. >> finally infrastructure week president joe biden took the podium saturday morning beaming. i'm so happy to say that the president praised the house for passing his one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. late friday night a bipartisan infrastructure bill. a once in a generation investment that's going to create millions of jobs. >> modernize or infrastructure. >> and the bill was bipartisan 13 republicans voted for the bill and 6 progressive democrats voted against the measure because they wanted the social spending bill passed with it. >> the motion is adopted. >> new york republican congressman john katko said he voted. yes, because the bill, quote, includes responsible measures to pay for it spending and has been projected to spur significant economic growth. so disappointed and 13 of our colleagues. >> that just unable florida
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republican congressman mike wants told republicans in las vegas that his party now needs to focus on blocking the rest of the president's build back better have to do is to stop this massive. socialist spending bill. we just getting started. the president says he's confident congress will pass the nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending bill when they return from recess on november 15th. >> president biden says he will wait to sign the bill until lawmakers return from recess so he can think the democrats and republicans who voted for it in person for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> well, governor newsom released a statement this. about this saying, quote, president biden understands the need to build the climate for light future and an infrastructure package passed by congress builds on california's unprecedented investments to maintain and modernize the state. this historic infrastructure package stands to accelerate investments in our clean transportation infrastructure. help mitigate some of the
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worst impacts of climate change and accelerate new projects that will create thousands of jobs. does this bill actually mean for us here in california and in the bay area. also bigger picture for the nation that has a hope started to help us answer those questions. we're joined live tonight by kron 4 political analyst michael yaki. >> michael, always good to see you here. so we went back and forth months of negotiations. this finally gets done. added to get done. and what's the bigger impact for everyone. >> well, it wasn't pretty i mean, it's a bill that had broad bipartisan support. been just a standalone bill, build back better wasn't in x really tied to. this is probably would have passed with 300 votes with a lot of republican support as it was only 13. did and it's because in addition to addition to being physical infrastructure, which this bill. it's about expect bridge. it's it's about clean technology. it's about
9:17 pm
repairing are are are decaying infrastructure, whether it's. undergrounding, undergrounding power lines which important california where mass transit. what what have you, but it but because it's tied to the other bill build back better. bill. became a hostage essentially to that or the other way around the way that you look at it. so it's something that needs about 3 or 4 billion dollars, extra per year for the next 5 years. on top of what we normally get from the federal government for california. so to get to. it's a big thing for california and it's a big thing for some of the other states that you saw where that where there was republican crossover. but every once sarah holding their breath as what happens next. and the build back better build. but this is still it's up once in a generation investment in our physical infrastructure. so there's a lot there's a lot of good to become fat. okay. so sticking with the infrastructure bill that was just the part that was passed. what's going to change here in the bay area. do you know what projects are being targeted are. >> what roads could be improved. well, i mean, first
9:18 pm
of all, there's a there's money for likes it again for the physical infrastructure mass transit. so that's always good for the bay area and for california, whether it's caltrain whether it's barge, whether it's our weather. it's san francisco's own immunity or san jose's light rail system, all those things are going to getting an extra books. all right. so. >> how important was this for the president to finally get this done. he campaigned on on this. he'd been talking about it were a more than a little more than a year, almost a year into his presidency. how important was it for him to finally have this done on the table and now on the way to his desk. >> well, it was at this point is pretty much critical. i think that the results nationwide and in the election reelection earlier in the week. i think last earlier this week, especially virginia close was in new jersey in other places around the
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country. where the democrats lost ground was because the democrats didn't have anything to point to president biden, the aiding the point too, in terms of accomplishments beyond what had been sort of it. wright held over in terms of in terms of covid really from the trump administration. r so these are the kinds. this is the kind of thing where people are saying, well, you know, you promise you could come to dc and get things done. what if you this. they had to get this. they had to get this passed. >> all right. so on to the next, though, you've got one thing dunbar about this next part this build back better plan. it sounds like they're not going to tackle it until after this recess. so we'll be back. i think was november 15th was the date. so what are the chances of that part, which is more social spending. that's child care and college tuition. what what's the future of that part of the bill. >> that that mean that bill is going to be the real crux of whether or not the biden administration can point to something groundbreaking. i think that. but part of the problem is going to be that
9:20 pm
that the democratic party is wrestling with is the fact that it is very and you have people who are worried about trump voters in their district city of the moderates. can down one side, you the progress is saying, oh, you know, we're we're elected to do something we haven't done anything. we need to go bigger. that's on the other side and i think right now the votes are probably there. i you think that deal that was that was done in terms of getting us or to breaking infrastructure bill, which is held hostage essentially by both sides to build back better was the fact that it came through is because both sides are kind agreed on a framework to make this thing happen. but. you know, 2 weeks is a long time. and in the life of any legislation you should like to get stuff done over with and move on and don't give don't give time for people to serve make a lot of hay lot make a lot of noise. and so i think that the democrats to actually i think president biden speaker pelosi
9:21 pm
chuck schumer. we're going to be basically biting their fingernails for the next 2 weeks and to the cbo congressional budget office score on the bill comes back, which is what the moderates one order to hold the vote. and assuming there's nothing terribly horrible in that, which i don't think there will be there should be enough votes in the house. but then but then you still joe manchin and curse and cinema in the senate and democratic side because they need both of them to pass this. this is going to pass and it surely partisan vote. it's going to probably passed by 50 plus one vote. vice president kamala harris to get it passed in the senate. so. you know, there's a lot of lot of. lot of people are nervous over the next 2 democratic side. we have 2 weeks slipping simmer and they can celebrate this and then it's on to the next. that's good to see them working boilover has got to say that, you know, things are somewhat getting done despite the back and forth. but the president has said this is kind of how. >> things typically work in government. you just have to go back and forth until you're
9:22 pm
able to finally nail something down. michael yaki, as always, we appreciate the time. the conversation and the knowledge here on kron. 4 news. thank you. thanks. still ahead tonight at 9, south bay shoppers. there could be new option on the way. we'll let you know about the proposed plans for a new store and. >> how shoppers are reacting
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fishing starts today after being delayed earlier this week. there are new regulations in place in order to protect humpback whales and sea turtles across the bay area people can use crab traps, hoop, nets and snares and fission zones one to 5, 6, runs from the oregon state line to the sonoma and mendocino county line and the area south of lopez point in monterey county fishing in the zones are under a fleet advisory. you can not use crab traps in zones 3, 4, because the whales and the sea turtles can get tangled inside of that. >> youth with 350 bay area companies and organizations are hosting a climate march and protest in berkeley. this is video from maps. the marches in response to that. >> cop. 26 climate summit that's happening in glasgow. the youth say they're marching in solidarity with climate groups around the world to bring attention to the fight against the climate crisis.
9:26 pm
they're criticizing world leaders at the summit because they feel that the summit is not doing much to deliver on the results that it promised. coming up next with the very latest on the deadly events at the astroworld music festival in houston, texas.
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>> now to the tragedy in houston texas, where 8 people houston texas, where 8 people are dead hundreds mor recovering from injuries after
9:29 pm
a crowd rushed the stage at rapper travis scott's astroworld music festival. >> in houston today. investigators say that the youngest victim killed in this incident just 14 years old. officials also at least say at least one person was pricked had an item injected inside of them when unconscious and had to be revived with the drug narcan. felicia bolden has the very latest. >> the stage was set for grand show. a sold-out concert headlined by travis scott friday night. social media video show just how quickly the turned into chaos. >> honestly, i was a little bit farther back by the camera on the left like that was live streaming it. and even back there, it was brought the whole thing just in general, there was just like people pushing back in court. it was like a well. yeah. it was ripple effect. one person question. the whole crowd just went forward and then they went back today was just going
9:30 pm
every other way. there's nothing like really stopping it. then security. i honestly don't even know was a key was most part today. texas officials and organizers are taking to social media with their reaction. houston mayor released a statement saying, quote, ice to my condolences to the families of the 8 people who died in the approximately 17 people who were injured at the event. many of them suffered cardiac arrest. law enforcement will speak with concert, promoters and witnesses and review videos available from the event and inside the festival venue. couple music stream the festival live they wrote on twitter, quote, our hearts go out to the victims who tragically lost their lives or were injured at astroworld and their loved videos online show paramedics trying to push through the crowd to get to the people in need as travis scott looked on to the crowd at one point stopping the show. >> no security or emt's could not physically get over to 80 people in the crowd just too many people. and at some point
9:31 pm
the barricades become an endurance like anybody could get over there that people are like trapped in the area. travis scott took to twitter with this message. quote, i'm absolutely devastated by what took place last night. my prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at astroworld festival houston pd has my total support as they continue to look into the tragic loss of life. >> i am committed to working together with houston community to heal and support the families in need. this is >> to get a the should happen. us senate have to. wonder if their loved ones are ok from going to come to the >> felicia bolton reporting for us tonight. once again, police say that event promoters are cooperating with investigators. we also learned that one of those young victims injured as young as 10 years old is in critical condition tonight. >> now let's go to the south bay where san jose police say
9:32 pm
they found this gun during a traffic stop and police say a gang member from los angeles was driving with a one year-old child and during the car search police found this loaded pistol in a diaper bag right next to the kid. the suspect is now behind bars milpitas police are conducting a dui checkpoint right now. it started 9 o'clock. it's going to last until 3 this morning. the checkpoint is set at the great mall parkway and south able street. police are urging drivers not to drink and drive and have a sober person give you a ride. >> in the north, a homicide investigation is underway after a fatal shooting last night in vallejo police say it happened on rice avenue around midnight. a 41 year-old man died in the shooting. police say that so far no arrests have been made. this is the laos 16th homicide of 2021. are urging folks to be lice cautious when doing online meet ups for sales. it comes
9:33 pm
after recent robbery that ended with a person shot and killed. police say the 24 year-old kamar is strange of san pablo met up with a 19 year-old man to try and sell a car through the app offerup but instead strange investigators say strange robbed and shot the victim. it happened on tyler street thursday around noon. the victim died at the scene. strange is now behind bars at the solano county jail for charges of homicide. >> now to sacramento where a police dog is recovering tonight after it was stabbed while its handler was trying to make an arrest reporter want to shout. x has an exclusive interview with the veteran credited with saving this canines life. >> k 9 officer from the sec pd had been stabbed doctor chris wong was already home when he got word that a sacramento police dog was stabbed and headed to the vca animal hospital friday night. officers were on the 5300
9:34 pm
block of 9th avenue trying to arrest a man who had an active felony warrant for stalking and threats. the suspect fled through a back door armed with a knife. the k 9 handler and ranger went to catch him. and that's when the suspects tab ranger in the abdomen stab wounds to the abdomen potentially fatal time is always of the essence. so officers drove doctor wong in a patrol car and with lights and sirens rushed him to the hospital hospital staff hurry to get 3 year-old ranger into surgery for his wound which pennants traded through the skin and lacerating his spleen the surgery took 2 hours to take out the spleen, stop any bleeding and patch him all up. he was nice and stable throughout the whole procedure. and doctor wong says ranger should make a full recovery is such a strong individual. >> thinking hopefully go back to work wpthin 2 weeks as long as things go well, more than 12 hours after the incident
9:35 pm
rangers partner was still by his side. their suv remained parked outside the hospital. it's always. a tough situation. >> emotionally the handler and their canine partners have such a tight bond and we recognize that they're doing such a great job being heroes for our community and protecting us that it's always that little extra. i'm blasting to see them recover and do well. >> in sacramento or so over the moon excited about how well just doing rowena shaddox. >> now to some developing news and former raider henry ruggs is going to face 3 additional charges when he appears in court next week. he's facing 5 charges and offer a deadly dui crash that happened this weekend that killed 23 year-old tina 10 tours in vegas. he was already facing charges of dui resulting in death and reckless driving into to staff. 2 new charges are for his girlfriend's injuries and another. as for
9:36 pm
the gun he had in the car. ruggs is now on house arrest after posting bail and is being tested for alcohol. 4 times a day. his next court appearance is scheduled for this coming week on wednesday. >> it's about our 4 zone h% forecast. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it was pretty nice day outside today. a nice little chilly out there. the clouds of certainly rolled back in some parts of the bay area along the coast. that's right. the sun will be out tomorrow, but we're tracking rain in our forecast in the coming days. let's get you ready for the 2nd half of your weekend. here's meteorologist dave spahr, a little winter weather up in the sierra with us until midnight tonight. >> or tend to be sunday morning there, maybe pick up being up about a half a foot through all of this. that's it. wait to later on the week. that's when it's going to be exciting. okay. 02:00pm this. we're looking breaks up quite a bit. we even break up that cloud cover late tonight might get some star gazing. all of that when we're falling back into and as we go into your sunday looking pretty good
9:37 pm
with lots of sunshine. however, yes, some afternoon. cloud cover late in the day here. but the other issue will be that stiff wind. so it could be kind of breezy even though sunny and will be kind of fully you a little bit got through that sweater on it will be a bit on the chilly side. all right. here's what we got on a few little passing showers with all of this here. breezy lake clearing tomorrow morning. a lot of sun rather cool and we'll see temperatures in the lower middle 60's structure. little cooler next week. rain and showers early part of the week monday, tuesday zone warming up the latter portion of the week into some 70's us to the long-range forecast here for us. freeze it. that's the peg package of moisture. we're talking about down here. not quite the atmospheric river, though, just a plume of some mild moisture air cold stuff up north. this is a little we had last go around there go, we might get some thunder shower activity snows in the mountains. that's good news there. and breezes on pass. we won't get quite the gully washer of that sunday. you may recall rest of the week is fairly dry. however, taking us into next weekend, 4 zone forecast for us. 64 san francisco lower 60's at the
9:38 pm
coast. bayside back to the mid 60's. not a lot of variety here. san carlos 6765 palo alto 64 santa clara 66 san jose 65 cupertino typical winter like pattern. the same much the same everywhere today. and also cloud covers with the ride 65 for walnut creek 61 for berkeley up to at 6464 napa and santa rosa checks in at 62. so back to monday tuesday. that's when most of the action is going to be here. there could be some thunder shower activity in there clearing out as we finish off the week. sunny weather as we get to thursday friday bumping up those temps just a little bit as the high pressure builds. and don't forget late tonight. you've got a fallback. pretty cool scene in san diego today. some history made when the navy christened. >> this ship in honor of
9:39 pm
harvey milk. the usns harvey milk. now the first naval vessel ever to be named in honor of the activists harvey served in the korean war before being discharged dishonorably discharged for being in 1977 he became the first openly elected official in california state history when he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors. less than a year later he n mayor george moscone e were assassinated by hall. for your money tonight. everything if you have not notice is expensive. for example, the average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded here in the golden state now more than $4.60. the farm bureau also reporting that a rise in the cost of your thanksgiving dinner as well. triple a says that regular gas here in the golden state going once again for an average of 4.62 a gallon. this time last year. they're paying 3.18. the gallant, the golden state also has the most expensive gas and
9:40 pm
all of america. the national average is around 3.42 the bay area has the most expensive gas in the state and the country averages around $4.80. one advocate says that the says that the high prices are the result of a global oil shortage along with high demand. >> people want to be driving after being cooped up for so and the thai people want to take a trip instead of staying at home all the time. >> with the thanksgiving holiday just a few weeks away. not only will americans shell out more money for gas this year. the meal itself will also be more expensive officials according to the bureau of labor statistics. things like meat, fish, eggs and poultry have jumped by 10 and a half percent this year. that means that. higher prices for the turkey and all the fixins for thanksgiving. a nationwide labor shortage transportation issues and overall inflation are hiking up the prices.
9:41 pm
>> turkeys are fed mostly on in the price of corn has doubled in the past year. so that means that to bring in full brunt out its. and so it's ready for your thanksgiving dinner plate. it costs farmers. much more than it previously. >> he also says that even though prices will behind the supply should be there if consumers are willing to shop around. >> a new big store could be on the way for shoppers in the south bay the site at the westgate west shopping center has caught the eye of costco. >> the company says it plans to submit a proposal for an urban warehouse center sometime this month. kron four's gayle ong getting a chance to talk the shoppers to get their thoughts. >> so far. longtime residents we spoke with say they are concerned about traffic in space, but overall they think having a costco here would help boost the economy. >> right now with nothing but empty store fronts at the northwest corner of the west gate. west shopping center in
9:42 pm
san jose. >> and he pro lives nearby. and welcome the idea of a cost warehouse moving in as long as they're able to manage the parking. >> and the traffic. you know what, there's traffic right now. so. >> it's an amazing idea because right now we have to go out the next rest way traffic to get the cost going to be great because i live around here last month in of a vice mayor chappie jones announced the shopping center caught the attention of costco. wholesale. >> plan to submit a bid for the vacant spaces is expected early this month. according to the vice mayor's news letter. the costa would replace the old orchard supply hardware along with the current ethan allen goodwill and smart and final building. the building would be just over 160,000 square feet. if all goes well, the vice mayor anticipating more revitalization of the area. as a result, something this community feels is sorely needed. it just you know, it's to see that empty space this cbs not from here. >> and then all should. and people generally begin to get
9:43 pm
the feeling that everything is shutting down and going to change that. >> and we reached out to the vice mayor's office and costco for an update on the proposed plan. but we have not yet heard back. meanwhile, residents with questions concerns or input can reach out to the district one office here in san jose. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> clear and hit her own. but he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german now you you wouldn't be free. >> still ahead, we'll hear from an east bay veteran who served in world war 2 as we honor him ahead of veterans day.
9:44 pm
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>> this weekend marks the return of the la marathon postponed last year because of the covid-19 pandemic and running one marathon is stressful enough. but what about 50 or even a 100 a >> tonight. we're going to be one participant aooking to set an incredible record and it's even more noteworthy considering that she was never even supposed to walk reporter rush on hey, lock has this inspiring story for us tonight. >> jessica lynn reavis cherishes her mobility so she runs one step ahead of the next one landmark at a time. 26.2 miles. nearly 100 times over running means everything. for me. it's literally my happiness. i call him my other
9:47 pm
half. >> jocelyn was born with a broken back neck and feet. doctors told her mother she would be will chair bound her entire life never able to move on her own. it's unknown. why wiles one la my whole body was kind of like you're a year later. her healing begin my mom cause god. it was a medical and i got that in my body started fighting back. my. >> getting back together. still, she was encouraged to stay away from all strenuous activity. >> being a spectator at the 2000, 13 los angeles marathon spoke to something in her. she didn't even know existed and jostling became determined to run a marathon. she endured 6 months of training and was ready to take her mark. but she was only 17 and needed her mother signature of approval and mom had been against jocelyn putting any such stress on her body my thought
9:48 pm
was ok, get as many papers like pen signatures that you need to get. >> and then show to her and be like, hey, mom here, you have to sign the >> determined to prove her mother wrong joslin went out and completed that first race after the second, she was hooked. 56 marathons. later. even the global pandemic couldn't stop her as she traveled across the country to get to the next race. rhode island, florida, even texas where she conquered the snow along the way. she began to set her focus on a new goal becoming the guinness world record holder for the youngest person to complete 100 marathons. she would also become the first latina in the world to do so. i get when you say, right. you know, to think about what she's been through. i admire your strength. >> i admire her ability to push through, you know, against today, the little girl
9:49 pm
who doctors said would never be able to move without help. >> is on the cusp of that one 100th race right here in los angeles where her courageous journey started 8 years ago to overcome. >> all of those obstacles of the cancellation of in this marathon going to happen. the traveling in the work and you just keep going anything is possible. if you literally want it. >> just let i want how bad you want it. >> these days. they call her jostle in the war year. is it any wonder why? >> josh leads race to 100 begins here at dodger stadium and will end in century city. but she won't stop the plan is to continue running marathons. but with less frequency, some of the injuries he's already paid for have been deferred to next year with the race cancellations due to the pandemic at dodger stadium. richaun a lock.
9:50 pm
>> let's talk about weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside here in downtown san francisco at the transamerica pyramid. looks like a clear night out there tonight. not a lot of clouds or fog on the coast, at least coming in this far into the city. sun is on the way tomorrow. here's a look at your seven-day forecast as we get ready for the. >> 2nd half the weekend and the new work week ahead. as you can see, going to see some clouds rolling in tomorrow. but the sun will also be out as well. those clouds going to roll in as we get ready for another atmospheric river on monday and tuesday. some much needed rain. but nothing like what we saw 2 weeks ago around these parts. the rain just very steady. but it's going to be a lot of it. things drying out as we move further into the workweek in hopefully we'll see some 70's as we round out the week as we get ready for next weekend on friday. >> they're describing it as a a week atmospheric river. seems like an oxymoron that week atmospheric river just means lots of rain. you 2 to 4
9:51 pm
inches in some spots. something that's nothing to sneeze at. but keep you posted right here on kron four's. we get closer. to the storm. happening tonight. well, actually it's technically early tomorrow morning daylight saving time wall and and we'll get an extra hour's sleep to fall back and get that extra hours. looking thank you for appreciate become fat know just just joe fat. joe. you going back. >> the time. james continues here in california. despite the approval of a 2018 ballot measure to stop the practice. that's because proposition 7 itself didn't do away with the time change. it just gave the state legislature the power to do it. and so far state leaders. well, they haven't really done anything about it. kron four's. ashley zavala brings us more. >> you lean it's been 3 years since california voters agreed to take the first step to stop
9:52 pm
seasonal time changes in the state proposition. 7 gave the state legislature the power to get rid of them with a 2 thirds vote so long as the changes are consistent with federal law well, californians continue to turn back clocks. the legislature has been stuck on a time debate. it comes down something really simple anyone to try calm are asked their friends he liked year daylight savings time or do you want to get rid of daylight savings time assemblywoman lorena gonzalez, co authored the measure voters approved back in 2018 we have sleep experts. we have some medical professionals who think we really need to go to standard time year round. and then you have a lot of. >> parents in people who like evening activities who really want daylight savings time year round and authority we have as legislators, we have to get through with 2 thirds of the vote. >> so we haven't been able to get legislators to agree on one or the other because there are these long held. preferences before the
9:53 pm
pandemic hit some state lawmakers tried to get a measure passed that would have put california on permanent daylight saving time. but it stalled only thing we could do immediately to change it is by 2 thirds vote decide to go to standard time year round. and i just haven't seen us have the votes to do that really everything that's happened the last couple of years, maybe put this topic on the back burner. a little bit for the legislature. >> a little bit. but i actually had an expert reach out to me and they said, you know, covid reminded us that we should be outside more are you know that we were outdoor dining and part of that is stabilizing time change outdoor. >> i don't know if it's winning argument try again. to to get something through. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala. >> still to come next the annual walked in all simers returning back to the bay area. well, the highlights, including someone very familiar leading the events. we'll be right back.
9:54 pm
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9:56 pm
>> by god. let's note that there is a cure in our lifetimes. and i do believe there will be just like him because we have to believe that. but for right now from here in the now also eimers is not stopping. so neither are we. >> that there's kron four's grant lotus, one of the co-hosts of the walk to end alzheimer's event that was held at pier 27 in san francisco this morning. more than 2000 people showed up, including that cute little guy
9:57 pm
right there. most wearing purple and ready to take that walk down the embarcadero other supporters joined in virtually at last check more than $800,000 was raised for this year's walk the whole family was there. that's my son gavin and all the money is going towards all simers research. and also to try to find a cure. there's still some time to donate. we do have a link on our website. kron 4 dot com. and there are a lot of people out there today all touched in some way. by this devastating disease and they're working so hard at the alzheimer's association to try to raise money and find a cure. so no one has to go through that ever again, something very near and dear for grant. good to see him out there and could see some of the folks back out there as well as supporting the cause. he was great. >> alright. that does it for us here tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock but don't go anywhere. j
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now attend the california highway patrol investigating after a 23 month-old boy was killed during a shooting on 80 in oakland earlier today. and thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman i'm jonathan mccall. investigators say those victims may not have been the targets. >> and that little boy hit by a stray bullet. kron four's


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