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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and yes, we start with breaking news here during kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. police say a toddler has died after being shot by a stray bullet while riding in a car and 8.80, in oakland. thank you so much for joining us here tonight. during kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock as we kick off our primetime coverage. i'm justine waltman horrific story to start this saturday night. i'm jonathan mccall. the child. >> killed according to the california highway patrol was not targeted. it was simply caught in the middle of the shoot out on the highway. it all went down just after 2 o'clock this afternoon on i 80 by the 9.80 split, the busy
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highway reopening about 3 hours ago. the victim's family telling kron 00:00am tonight they were headed home to fremont from san francisco when the shooting went down. chp says there were 3 adults and 3 kids inside the car at the time, including the victim who the family has now identified as jasper wu the little boy, not even 2 years old. kron four's amanda hari live for us tonight in oakland at the scene where they took the little boy to the hospital. oakland getting off children's hospital. amanda just a heartbreaking story. what do you know? >> very hard king and i spoke to the woman who is friends with the family and she says everyone is just devastated as you would imagine. they just left the hospital about an hour ago and police officers asked us not to film them as they left. they're still grieving and we decided to respect that because this is a very difficult situation for everyone involved. take a look
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at your screen. you can see what the scene looked like on 8.80 earlier this afternoon. chp says they received a call of a freeway shooting in oakland. they had to shut down part of the highway for several hours during the investigation. chp says the victims were traveling near southbound near filbert street when their vehicle was hit, the toddler was hit by a bullet and rushed to oakland's children's hospital. the toddler died at the hospital. a family friend tells kron 4 news his name was jasper wu. >> they say his mother was driving the car. we're told she's a single mom and jasper is her only child. chp says evidence at the scene may indicate the victims. >> were not targeted in this incident and the toddler was struck by a stray bullet that family friend says they're trying to figure out what to do next. the family is just devastated chp is still in the early stages of their investigation. they're asking anybody that has any information to reach out to them as they try to piece this
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all together live in oakland amanda hari kron 4 news. >> amanda, thank you no parent should ever have to do that. bury their child. no parent should ever have to do that. we will continue to follow this story for you all evening here on kron 4. but to get to the very latest updates and stretch your phone. >> be sure to download the kron 4 news app to scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be taken directly to the to the page. >> now let's go to the north bay where there is a homicide investigation underway after a deadly shooting last night police say this happened on raise avenue just before midnight, a 41 year-old man died after the shooting and police say no arrests have been made. this is the city's 16th homicide of the year. >> fairfield police know urging caution with online sell meet ups after a recent robbery that ended with one person shot and killed. police say the 24 year-old kamari a strange of san pablo met up with a 19 year-old man to sell a car through the app offerup
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but instead investigators say strange robbed and shot the victim. it happened on college street back on thursday where the victim died at the scene. strange was arrested yesterday and is now behind bars at the solano county jail on charges of homicide. >> now we go to the tragedy that's unfolding in houston, texas tonight 8 people are dead. hundreds more are recovering from injuries after a crowd rushed the stage at rapper travis scott's astroworld music festival. >> today. investigators say the youngest victim killed just 14 years old. officials also say at least one person was pricked with some type of item injected into them and had to be revived with narcan. felicia bolden brings us the very latest. >> fans are posting videos online from last night leaving more questions about what really happened at travis scott's astroworld festival like this year. i was going on. and then it just. >> it's like the biggest march
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that everybody was pushing people are jumping barricades trying to get out you know, security or emt's could not physically get over to 80 people in the drought just too many people. and at some point the barricades became an endurance like anybody could get over there that people are like trapped in the area. travis scott took to twitter with this message. i'm absolutely devastated by what took place last night. my prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened. >> at astor roll festival. houston pd has my total support as they continue to look into the tragic loss of life. i am committed to working together with the houston community to heal and support the families in need. the festival. organizers say quote, we are focused on supporting local officials. however, we can. >> with that in mind, the festival will no longer be held on saturday. authorities are looking into the series of cardiac arrpst that took place. i've been to concert but nothing like as big as what this was last night. like that feeling was just like a suffocating being a there was a few points. words like everything to stop for a second. everybody liked. and
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relax and then out of nowhere. i guess like a group of people or somebody just bush and then everything just like you it was compressed like you were just compress. point like my arms the whole time. they were never down. like i can you put him up at times. texas governor greg abbott tweets out, quote, what happened at astor roll festival last night was tragic. >> and i have directed the texas department of public safety to make state resources available. >> to support the investigation that to major. yeah, they were down there for about 30 minutes. nobody can get anybody to come over. >> yeah, it's really we didn't see we even tell you know, lou, in carried on a stretcher. >> that was felicia bolton reporting for us tonight. we've also learned that a 10 year-old boy injured in the stampede is also listed in critical condition tonight. city and county leaders have now started the process of reviewing footage from the concert in order to get more answers.
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>> now let's take a live look outside here at the city of san francisco on this saturday night. don't forget to fall back tonight, daylight saving time kicks in some rain is on the way for next week. that's right. let's get ready for kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr here tonight with a look at what's on tap. >> high pressure builds to the latter portion of the week. we see temperatures nudge up a bit. this may be optimistic looking, but 64 san francisco 65 oakland again, a passing showers possible 66 for san jose. the wider board shows middle 60's over most of the region. 7 day forecast monday and tuesday are interesting. they're clearing out for the remainder of the week to about 70 and we fall back late tonight. >> no covid-19 coverage with the city of berkeley and berkeley unified schools teaming up today for a covid-19 vaccine clinic specifically geared for elementary school students him of being made available. >> 200 doses of pfizer's pediatric covid-19 vaccine
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were made available to berkeley unified school district students aged 5 to 11 saturday. the school district partnered with the to host a vaccination clinic the max kellerman to spend 7 year-old david was happy to i get that looks like other school districts across the bay area berkeley superintendent brent statement the schools are dealing with positive cases on a weekly basis. most recently at berkeley high where last week 7 people tested positive for the virus says the district will be better off as more of its 4,000 elementary students received their vaccines, get us a step closer to ending the pandemic. >> as we go into the winter, we're going to watch very closely to see what things are like. we're probably going to keep masks on for a but this is nonetheless, very important. more clinics for this for next week. just. >> think of it as a little not
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as anything else. kids who thought the shot would be more painful than it was encouraging others to book an appointment. everything that everybody does to reduce transmission rates is going to back to normal and more a long way for in leap to go >> starting this weekend. walgreens and cvs are administering shots to california. kids aged 5 to 11 with the covid vaccine. walgreens started today. cbs starts tomorrow appointments, they say are still available, but children when they go to get that covid vaccine must be accompanied by an adult. also a fresno deputy has now died after a month long battle with covid correctional officer juan cruz was 52 years old. officer crews began his career with the fresno county sheriff's office in 2012, he is survived by 2 daughters, 2 sons and his brother, governor gavin newsom released a statement on cruise passing that reads in part, we send our sincere condolences to officer chris, his family and
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friends and all members of the fresno county sheriff's office at this difficult time. here's what's coming up tonight at 8 o'clock 1000 children in warren county got their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine today. >> we'll tell you what more covid vaccine appointments in marion will be made available. >> reaction to president biden's infrastructure deal finally getting through the congress will let you know congress will let you know what comes next. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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everyone. president biden celebrating a big political victory tonight with the passage of his. with the passage of bipartisan infrastructure bill initially 1.2 trillion dollars. significantly lowered by the time we got through the house of representatives which was late last night the house of representatives passed that measure with a final vote of 2.28 to 2 of 6. >> 13 republicans supported it. 6 democrats voted against it. the vote ends months of divisions among democrats and hans president biden a big legislative victory. the bill will provide money to improve roads. bridges electrical grids, broadband and other infrastructure. it's also expected to create new jobs. >> infrastructure bill. a once in a generation investment that's going to create millions of jobs modernize or infrastructure. >> the president says that he
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is confident congress will pass the nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending bill when they return from recess on november 15th. >> california governor gavin newsome offering the statement on the impact of the bill here in the golden state saying, quote, this historic infrastructure package stands to accelerate investments in our clean transportation infrastructure while also helping to mitigate some of the worst impacts of climate change and accelerate new projects that will create thousands of jobs. >> so joining us now live on the phone to talk more about the president's infrastructure plan. does california congresswoman and as you. thank you for joining us. >> congresswoman, are you there? i know she was and is there a second ago, congress on the issue. are you there? testing? can she hear us ok. having some technical issues. nsu. we're going to see if we can get her back on the horn
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>> a new store could soon be on the way for shoppers in the south bay aside at the westgate west shopping center has now caught the eye of cost-cutting. the company plans to submit a proposal for an urban warehouse center sometime this month. kron four's gayle ong has reaction from shoppers in the area. >> so far. longtime residents we spoke with say they are concerned about traffic in space, but overall they think
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having a costco here would help boost the economy. >> right now with nothing but empty store fronts at the northwest corner of the west, west shopping center in san jose. >> and he pro lives nearby. and welcome the idea of a cost the warehouse moving in as long as.they're able to manage the parking. >> and the traffic. you know what, there's traffic right now. so. >> it's an amazing idea because right now we have to go out the next press way. the traffic to get the cost going to be great because i live around here last month san jose. vice mayor chappie jones announced the shopping center caught the attention of costco. wholesale. >> plan to submit a bid for the vacant spaces is expected early this month. according to the vice mayor's news letter. the costa would replace the old orchard supply hardware along with the current ethan along with the current ethan allen goodwill and smar final building. the building would be just over 160,000 square feet. if all goes well, the vice mayor anticipating more revitalization of the area. as a result, something this community feels is sorely
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needed. it just, you know, it's to see that empty space this cbs not from here. >> and then all should. and people generally begin to get the feeling that everything is shutting down and going to change that. >> and we reached out to the vice mayor's office and costco for an update on the proposed plan. but we have not yet heard back. meanwhile, residents with questions concerns or input can reach out to the district one office here in san jose. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> coming up here during kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. get ready to dig a little bit deeper into your pockets for everything from gas to fill up your cars to what you're going to put on your thanksgiving dinner table will go over the reason for the climbing cost. also a navy ship has just been named in the. after a rights icon, how harvey milk was honored today in san diego. plus hundreds of kids in marin county got their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine today. those parents lucky to get
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appointments are more going to be made available. and when we'll find out. that's right after the break. you're watching kron 4 news in project.
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>> well, today 1000 kids in marin county were able to get that first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. they rolled up their sleeves and got their first shot. those appointments, though, were hard to come by. that's right. the county has now set up several clinics for the kiddo's aged 5 to 11. >> kron four's. camila barco has more.
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>> this marion county child is celebrating with a high 5 after getting pfizer's pediatric covid-19 vaccine. all parents are also congratulating their kids for being part of history it's like a life changing moment. i think we will be in really waiting for not to this is incredibly meaningful. hits walked hand-in-hand with their parents during the process. >> some expressed or others walked away and i don't feel health care workers administered 500 vaccines at miller creek middle school on saturday alone. we know there is demand in our community as soon as we open these appointments, they filled every pediatric vaccine clinic this weekend. and later this month are full officials say more appointments will become available, but it will take time. doctor matt willis, the county's health officer says kids are known to be less prone to severe illness if they get infected with covid.
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but we know that kids do end up in the hospital. 24,000 children have been in the hospital in the united states 172 families have lost children to covid-19. >> it is a serious illness and we know that we can protect them safely and effectively with the vaccine this age group is getting one 3rd of the dosage given to teens and adults, but they must also get 2 shots at least 3 weeks >> kids like charlie say they can now enjoy more indoor activities, knowing his age group is able to get vaccinated. i'm excited to get its second you more stuff. there's about 20,000 county residents between the ages of 5 to 11 the county's goal is to vaccinate 75% of that population with the first dose within the first month in marion county. camila barco kron 4 news. >> drugmaker pfizer saying its new covid-19 pill is showing some promising results pfizer
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claims its covid-19 antiviral pill combined with an hiv drug reduces hospitalizations hospitalizations or death by 89%. hiv drug help slow the breakdown of pfizer's pill in order for it to remain active in the body for longer periods of time. pfizer hopes to submit all that to the fda before thanksgiving. >> a federal appeals court has temporarily halted the biden administration's vaccine requirements for businesses with 100 or more workers today. the 5th us circuit court of appeals granted an emergency stay of the requirement by the federal occupational safety and health administration. that's osha that those workers have to be vaccinated by january 4th or face mask requirements and weekly test. the louisiana attorney general says that the court's actions halt democratic president joe biden's administration from moving forward with his unlawful overreach. the
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president has been encouraging widespread vaccinations at the quickest way out of the covid-19 pandemic. i know the kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date on the latest covid-19 headlines, including where you can sign up for vaccinations for your children. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen to get directed to our website. >> now to the south bay where police say they arrested a gang member from los angeles after finding a loaded pistol pistol inside a diaper bag during a traffic stop. police say the loaded gun was next to the one year-old child but officers searched the car and in milpitas, they plan on conducting a dui checkpoint from 9 o'clock tonight until 3 in the morning. the checkpoint is set at the great mall parkway and south able street. police are urging drivers not to drink and drive and to call a ride if you need one. so you don't have to get behind the wheel. why you are intoxicated kron. 4 monitoring a developing story tonight from the north bay were petaluma as fire chief leonard thompson. >> has now been placed on
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administrative leave in a statement, the department says that thompson's leave has nothing to do with any type of nefarious acts. >> right now. it's unclear if the department will bring him back in the future. >> now to some developing news and former raider henry ruggs will face 3 additional charges when he appears in court next week. he is facing 5 charges in all for a deadly dui crash that happened this week and killed a 23 year-old 19 a tent or he was already facing charges of dui resulting in death and reckless driving resulting in her death. 2 new charges have now been filed for his girlfriend's injuries. another. as for gun that he had in the car ruggs right now is on house arrest after posting bail and being tested for alcohol. 4 times a day. his next court appearance is scheduled for this wednesday. >> cool seeing here history made today in san diego. a christening ceremony held for
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the u.s. in us harvey milk naval ship. the ship is the first to be named in honor of a rights activists in 1977 milk became the first openly elected official in california state history when he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors. less than a year later, he was assassinated before getting into politics. he actually served as a lieutenant officer in the u.s. navy before being dissed honorably discharged for being on hand for today's ceremony. the secretary of the navy and even milk's nephew. stuart, the ship will provide oil and other supplies to ships at sea. it's the second ship in its class. the first named after former civil rights icon and georgia congressman john lewis. >> let's talk about some money tonight because everything is expensive. everything. for example, the average cost of a gallon of gas in california is now more than $4.60. i've seen gas driving in to the city
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over $5 a gallon for regular 5 and a half. that's not ok at all. meanwhile, the farm bureau. >> is also reporting a rise in the cost of your thanksgiving dinner as well. according to triple a regular gas in the golden state running drivers. as we mentioned about an average of 4.62 for a gallon of regular unleaded just this time last year it was 3.18 any that felt expensive right coming from texas it's it's ridiculous. it's based california also more expensive than the national average. >> a $3.42 a gallon at the bay area has some of the most expensive gas in the state with the regular averaging above $4.80. >> a consumer advocate. consumer advocate that we talked to earlier says that the high prices are the result. >> of a global oil shortage and also high demand. >> people want to be driving after being cooped up for so and the thai people want to take a trip instead of staying at home all the time.
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>> and with thanksgiving just a few weeks away. chances are somebody is probably not coming to grandma's house this week because the high grass crisis not only will americans pay more for gas. this holiday. the meal itself will also be more expensive. got a ration out those portions. according to the bureau of labor statistics. the cost of everything like meat, fish, eggs and poultry has jumped by 10 and a half percent in the fall that means your gobbler for turk lee for turkey day and all the thanksgiving fixin's will cost more as well. a nationwide labor shortage, transportation issues and overall inflation are hiking up the prices. >> turkeys are fed mostly on in the price of corn has doubled in the past year. so that means that to bring in full brunt out its. and so it's ready for your thanksgiving dinner plate. it costs farmers. much more than it previously. >> he also that consumer advocate that we talked to also says that even though prices will be high. the supply should be there. if
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consumers are willing to shop around. so. >> the waste, the gas to go shop around for the thanksgiving meal that's going to cost you more. probably probably. all right. still to come tonight, a horrible hoarding situation. neighbors speaking out about the eyesore in their community. >> also a bear breaks into a southern california home rates. the kitchen. so what was it the bear really wanted to get at. well, it's finger licking good. sounds like a good job.
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>> so as we look forward to veterans day which is next thursday. we're putting a spotlight now on heroes who have fought hard to preserve our freedoms kron four's phillipe djegal shares the story of 98 year-old jake larson, one east bay veteran who served in world war 2. >> for jake larson. it has always been about god and country in december. 1989. this 98 year-old us army veteran has lived secret to longevity don't die. the
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retired staff sergeant sits down with us after speaking to the rotary club of pleasant hill recounting his decorated military service overseas going war. 2 was but he survived and some 77 years after storming the beaches normandy, france on d-day. he remembers those with whom he served. >> in the infantry division. i was overseas for 3 years. i we were the first troops over after >> the deputy hit pearl harbor. he says he has had numerous brushes with death yet he is still around to tell his story detailed in his book titled the luckiest man in the world. we cleared hit but he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german now you you wouldn't be free. larson will serve as grand marshal for the rotary clubs. veterans day parade this year as he did in 2020 in honor. he cherishes. sadly, he says all of his army brothers and sisters from war have
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passed people. he thinks about often especially when he returned to friends on the 75th anniversary of d-day. there is a god. >> and every i thank him every day, every day. and we thank you. staff sergeant in pleasant hill phillipe djegal all kron 4 >> thank u starts staff sergeant larson and all our veterans here in the united states. you can see all of our veterans voices coverage right now at kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and it will direct you right to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> all right. let's talk about the weather right now. we do have some snow near lake tahoe right now we're checking out one of the caltrans cameras. this is highway 80. right near donner lake. >> i'm just seeing if the cars are slowing down that snow on the side of the roads, the roads clear themselves. you are you're mesmerized by all of it. i can't wait to go plan
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to some snow this winter. yeah, well, just have a little get a little hit. come on back come on back. just enough to. make a snowman in the come on, have right back but that is a situation that is unfolding there tonight. >> officials urging folks just kind of take it easy on the roads while you were out and about. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. know. all right. let's go to southern california now where one sierra madre resident got quite the surprise welcoming home for lunch last week. >> that right there. >> is a very hungry bear with its face buried in a bucket of kfc chicken. that was left on the kitchen counter. the homeowner says 2 bear cubs broke in through the front
8:38 pm
door. they even got past the walk there and homeowners saying he was able to get all the bears out eventually after making a lot of noise. people in the foothills. there are no strangers to bear encounters. some even believe that a bear break-in was bound to happen eventually. >> it's pretty nuts. but i wasn't surprised either. i i thought was just like a matter of time before a bear got into somebody's house. >> holden says that his new bear proofing strategy involves not only keeping all the windows closed doors. locked. but to lock up the kfc field for a little while and then went on to the concourse, the moose eventually left the stadium, but he could be back. they think. because you know, had such a great time.
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>> any moose jokes. what is that? it's a man, right. you know what, looks very dice next. today, a walk to end alzheimer's. the huge turnout in san francisco to put an end to a debilitating disease. and this caused holds a very special place in the hearts of us here with our kron 4 family. we'll be right back.
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>> this weekend marks the return of the la marathon postponed last year because the covid-19 pandemic and running one marathon stressful enough. but what about 50 or even 100 of them. tonight we met one participant looking to set an incredible record. one that's even more noteworthy considering. >> she was never even supposed to walk clock. has this inspiring story now from dodger stadium. >> justin lin reavis cherishes her mobility so she runs one step ahead of the next one landmark at a time. 26.2 miles. nearly 100 times over running means everything for me. it's literally my happiness. i call him my other half. >> jocelyn was born with a broken back neck and feet. doctors told her mother she would be will chair bound her entire life never able to move on her own. it's unknown. why wiles one la my whole body was kind of like you're a year
8:43 pm
later. her healing begin my mom cause god. it was a medical and high got that in my body started fighting back. my. >> getting back together. still, she was encouraged to stay away from all strenuous activity. >> being a spectator at the 2000, 13 los angeles marathon spoke to something in her. she didn't even know existed and jostling became determined to run a marathon. she endured 6 months of training and was ready to take her mark. but she was only 17 and needed her mother signature of approval and mom had been against jocelyn putting any such stress on her body my thought was ok, get as many papers like pen signatures that you need to get. >> and then show to her and be like, hey, mom here, you have to sign on the space >> determined to prove her mother wrong joslin without
8:44 pm
and completed that first race after the second, she was hooked. 56 marathons. later. even the global pandemic couldn't stop her as she traveled across the country to get to the next race. rhode island, florida, even texas where she conquered the snow along the way. she began to set her focus on a new goal becoming the guinness world record holder for the youngest person to complete 100 marathons. she would also become the first latina in the world to do so. i get when you say you know, to think about what she's been through. i admire your strength. >> i admire her ability to push through, you know, against all today, the little girl who doctors said would never be able to move without help. >> is on the cusp of that one 100th race right here in los angeles where her courageous journey started 8 years ago to overcome.
8:45 pm
>> all of those obstacles of the cancellation of this marathon going to happen. the traveling and the work and you just keep going anything is possible. if you liberty won it. >> just let i wanna that's bad. you want it. >> these days. they call her jostle in the war year. is it any wonder why? >> jocelyn has raced to 100 begins here at dodger stadium and will end in century city. but she won't stop the plan is to continue running marathons. but with less frequency, some of the injuries he's already paid for have been deferred to next year with the race cancellations due to the pandemic at dodger stadium. richaun a lock. >> by god. let's note that there is a cure in our lifetimes. and i do believe there will be just like him because we have to believe that. but for right now from here in the now also eimers is not stopping. so neither are we.
8:46 pm
>> that they're kron four's grant lotus as the co-host of this weekend's walked and all summer's event at pier 27 in san francisco. that's also his son there. my son as well. gavin, we were among some 2000 people that came out earlier this morning. a lot wearing purple in all ready to go for a walk down the embarcadero as a super special morning. i know it means a lot for granted something that he's very passionate about. >> other supporters joining in virtually as well as last check. we've learned that more than $800,000 has been raised from this year's walk that money going toward the halls timers association and research to help and try and find a cure. there's also still time to donate. you can do so we have a link available for you right now on our website at kron 4. >> dot com. how is it out there this morning. it was amazing. such a great way to get to get back into the swing of things last year virtual this year. people are back granted a great job out there. he's really passionate about
8:47 pm
this. his grandmother suffered from alzheimer's for almost 20 and there's just so great to see a sea of people again, they did their best to do some social distancing and you know, masking and hand sanitizing everything. but there are a lot of hugs to be had as well. you know, the flowers that have different representations, whether you're someone who has alzheimer's or caring for somebody you know somebody in the white flour that's out there, too, is going to represent one day. there will be a survivor and all that money and all that walking goes towards trying to find a cure for this disease. and it was also it's it's hard. and also in a good way to know you're not alone to see so many people have been touched by this. i want to help out as well. so we need lot of money. >> and there's still time to donate as well. we have that once again, the link on our website. kron 4 dot com for you to donate as well. such a good group. can't wait for next year. good job. grant. >> yeah, great job. all right. let's talk about our weather now is very nice along the embarcadero this morning. and it's also nice out there tonight. little chilly. but
8:48 pm
you it's officially >> i actually had to grab an extra blanket last night. okay. and electric blankets jackets. everything that full amount. there's some rain that is on the way in the coming days as well. let's get you ready for his kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. a little winter weather up in the sierra with us until midnight tonight or tend to be sunday morning there. >> maybe pick up being up about a half a foot through all of this. that's it. >> wait to later on the week. that's when it's going to be exciting. okay. 02:00pm this. we're looking breaks up quite a bit. we even break up that cloud cover late tonight might get some star gazing. all of that when we're falling back into and as we go into your sunday looking pretty good with lots of sunshine. however, yes, some afternoon. cloud cover late in the day here. but the other issue will be that stiff wind. so it could be kind of breezy even though sunny and will be kind of fully you a little bit got through that sweater on it will be a bit on the chilly side. all right. here's what we've got on a few little passing showers with all of this here. breezy lake
8:49 pm
clearing tomorrow morning. a lot of sun rather cool and we'll see temperatures in the lower middle 60's structure. little cooler next week. rain and showers early part of the week monday, tuesday zone warming up the latter portion of the week into some 70's us to the long-range forecast here for us. freeze it. that's the peg package of moisture. we're talking about down here. not quite the atmospheric river, though, just a plume of some mild moisture air cold stuff up north. this is a little we had last go around there go, we might get some thunder shower activity snows in the mountains. that's good news there. and breezes on pass. we won't get quite the gully washer of that sunday. you may recall rest of the week is fairly dry. however, taking us into next weekend, 4 zone forecast for us. 64 san francisco lower 60's at the coast. bayside back to the mid 60's. not a lot of variety here. san carlos 6765 palo alto. 64 santa clara 66 san jose 65 cupertino typical winter like pattern. the same much the same everywhere today. and also cloud covers
8:50 pm
with the ride 65 for walnut creek 61 for berkeley up to at 6464 napa and santa rosa checks in at 62. so back to monday tuesday. that's when most of the action is going to be here or there could be some thunder shower activity in there clearing out as we finish off the week. sunny weather as we get to thursday friday bumping up those temps just a little bit as the high pressure builds. and don't forget late tonight. you've got a fallback. got to fall back is right. forget. >> microwave. so studio that's hearty said that was the other one that you forget. change back in 6 months for good.
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8:53 pm
>> well, complaints and violations are piling up tonight just like the garb ridge around a san fernando valley home. that's in southern california. not the first time. officials say they've had to face and deal with this mess. there's been a long history with the receipt, a home and home owner authorities have been alerted to a number of safety violations. rick chambers has the details. >> you know, he's a very troubled man. it appears a lot of things going on over there. they're just not. >> over. there is right next door and the man he's talking about is bama nor bobby cole dre. mister cody are is half acre lot here at the corner of an all done and qatar in is filled front to back the rats.
8:54 pm
you know, they come over and eat food off of my trees. >> you know, the place is just filled with garbage something there must be 4050, vehicles over there. all the cane. >> drew lobe and sign and other residents around here have complained about this mess for years. they've also taken mister cody yard court. >> but he represents himself is what you call a vexatious litigant and vexatious that means that he sues other people for basically no reason whatsoever. and he's out of this now to be approved by a judge or a court to be able to sue anybody else at this point. but despite all the complaints and the legal battles. very little ever gets done. >> local councilman bob lumen field office told us that there is a long history with this property right now. in fact, there are multiple open complaints with the department of building and safety regarding this property that are currently making their way through the process neighbors say that this yard, which sits directly across the street from grover cleveland high school. >> is a health and fire hazard. but the city's process
8:55 pm
to change that is painfully slow and the cleanup at this site. nowhere on the horizon. well, he's a car fixed pit. you know, it's like living next to the junkyard. >> that was rick chambers reporting for us tonight. >> of all of q things that dogs do the head tilts may be the cutest sent a new study is actually shutting light as to exactly why man's best friend does it. according to the scientific journal animal an researchers say that head tilting and dogs may be related to processing relevant and meaningful stimuli. in layman's terms. that means they could be reacting to words or objects that spark memories in the brain like the name or sound of a favorite toy. >> it looks like a tiktok video. making. all right. here's some cuteness out of the zoo in mexico because it's now the home to for bengal tiger cubs. the cubs were born in the sand. george park zoo
8:56 pm
in ciudad juarez and on october 10th they were all reportedly in good health. the zoo's officials there have yet to determine the gender of the cubs. their mother, doesn't want anyone to get really close to her babies. the arrival of the 4 bangle cubs was a welcome but very rare event. the endangered species is hunted in the wild for its fur and their natural habitat is under threat from developers. >> a replica of leonardo's famed art work. the mona lisa going up for auction copy more than 400 years old will be up for grabs in paris this coming tuesday copy dates from around 1600 and the. auction house which is selling. it says it is likely the creator had close access to the original believe this copy could fetch anywhere from 175 73,000 to $230,000. by the final gavel. another copy of the mona lisa from the 17th centuries sold back in june for more than 3.3
8:57 pm
million as that's a lot of money. we just got everything just cost more to his drive around to not waste gas money to. >> find copy of it. we have a lot of head during kron 4 news at 9 o'clock, though. that's right. we do properties in 9 straight ahead in just a few moments. we'll see
8:58 pm
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♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> now at 9 a tragedy in the east bay as a toddler just 23 month-old was caught in the crossfire earlier today and has now died from injuries after that shooting. this is a look at the map of where the shooting went down this afternoon on the north lanes of interstate 8.80, just before the 9.80 junction. >> the shootings stopping traffic in the north direction for a number of hours. but tonight traffic is once again moving in that area. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock will commit. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. the story continues to develop tonight with the very latest. we're going to go now live to kron and harry. >> who was in oakland has been following the story for us all night tonight. you've got a chance to see the family as they were leaving the hospital. amanda, what's the latest here? >> everyone i've spoken to about this police friends of


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