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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 6, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. >> now at 6, a young child shot on an east bay highway. the violent shut down part of 8.80 during the investigation. we just learned the interstate has reopened, but there are still many unanswered questions tonight and we thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. i'm justine walton. jonathan mccall investigators say the child caught in the middle of a shootout between cars on the highway. >> the child has been taken to the hospital for treatment tonight. this all went down around 2 o'clock this afternoon on the north lanes of i 8080 in oakland new. the
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9.80 junction. we're still waiting from information from chp which could come at any moment as soon as we get that information, we will pass along to you. kron four's amanda hari live for us in oakland tonight with the very latest details on this investigation. amanda, what do you know? >> like you said, jonathan, we don't know a lot right now about what led up to this shooting. this child caught in the crossfire that child is at the hospital. we don't know the child's condition right now. but there was a lot of traffic on 8.80, because of this, because of the investigation. there are a lot of police officers up there. but this is an exit ramp right now. and you could there are some cars going by right now and things are moving. but this video you're looking at. >> this is what it looked like when police were still on the scene. there were multiple police vehicles blocking lanes. the california highway patrol shut down north northbound interstate 80 in oakland because of this innocent incident. it was shut down for several hours a chp
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spokesperson said dispatch began receiving calls about a rolling shooting just before 2. the spokesperson said the child was taken to a local hospital for treatment. there are no details on that child's condition. but we are working on finding more details out about the shooting, about what led up to it as well as about that child. and as we have more details, we'll be giving them to you right here on kron. 4 news live in oakland to amanda hari kron 4 news thanks, amanda. bulb updates tonight during prime time for sure. and we'll stay in the east bay right now are elementary school students were welcome to the first of a series of covid-19 vaccination clinics. >> the city of berkeley and berkeley unified school district team together to make this happen. kron 4 sleep to call reports now that appointments for fully booked within hours of availability. >> 10 year-old sage goldbloom admits he was a little nervous before he was inoculated at malcolm x elementary understandable considering the have dragged on for months
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alright in the he says it was not bad at all. it was like a small pinch you have that's it. after receiving the pediatric pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. sage is just one more shot away from being fully inoculated. it was very important it now i can finally go see my grandparents. i'm excited for him. i mean, it's it's important to protect not only himself but everybody around of overall at the elementary school. the city of berkeley partnered with the berkeley unified school district to provide 200 doses of the vaccine for district students aged 5 through 11. we know that vaccines are safe and effective superintendent bret stephens says it is important for you to get vaccinated headed into the winter months when case rates could possibly just last week, 7 people berkeley high school. we're forced to isolate at home after testing positive for the virus. we have been experiencing positive cases each week throughout the course of this pandemic that's
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been especially true through the fall. >> and all of this is an important reminder that the pandemic is not yet over. the young ones understand, though, that shot in the arm was better for that. >> it can be less painful so that it i'm i'm sick. but just like number 6, more for kids are planned for next week in berkeley, all kron 4 %ews. >> today. thousands of kids in marin county now eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine rolled up their sleeves to get the shot. the county has now set up several clinics for kids. ages 5 to 11 kron four's camila barco learned that demand for the doses as high. >> this marion county child is celebrating with a high 5 after get ing pfizer's pediatric covid-19 vaccine. all parents are also congratulating their kids for being part of history it's like a life changing moment. i
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think we will be in really waiting for this not to this is incredibly meaningful. hits walked hand-in-hand with their parents during the process. >> some expressed or discomfort. others walked away and i don't feel health care workers administered 500 vaccines at miller creek middle school on saturday alone. we know there is demand in our community. as soon as we open these appointments, they filled every pediatric vaccine clinic this weekend. and later this month are full officials say more appointments will become available, but it will take time. doctor matt willis, the county's health officer says kids are known to be less prone to severe illness if they get infected with covid. but we know that kids do end up in the hospital. 24,000 children have been in the hospital in the united states 172 families have lost children to covid-19. >> it is a serious illness and we know that we can protect them safely and effectively with the vaccine this age group is getting one 3rd of the dosage given to teens and
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adults, but they must also get 2 shots at least 3 weeks >> that kids like charlie say they can now enjoy more indoor activities. >> knowing his age group is able to get vaccinated. i'm excited to you more stuff. there's about 20,000 county residents between the ages of 5 to 11 the county's goal is to vaccinate 75% of that population with the first dose within the first month in marion county. camila barco kron 4 news. >> starting this weekend walgreens and cvs said it will start administering shots to california. kids ages 5 to 11 walgreens started today cvs will begin tomorrow. appointments are available and all children must be accompanied by an adult. >> a federal appeals court has temporarily halted the biden administration's vaccine requirement for businesses with 100 or more workers
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today. the 5th us circuit court of appeals grant an emergency stay of the requirement by the federal occupation safety and health administration that those workers, the vaccinated by january 4th or face mask requirements and weekly testing. the louisiana attorney general says the court's action halt democratic president joe biden's administration from quote, moving forward with his unlawful overreach. the president has been encouraging widespread vaccinations as the quickest way to get out of the pandemic and stay with us here on kron 4 for all the latest covid information that includes finding a vaccine for your children and much more. you can scan this qr code on your screen right now. you'll be directed to a special section on our website. kron 4 dot com. we'll take a break and be right back.
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>> in the south bay, a big box store could soon be on the way. the westgate west shopping center in san jose caught the attention of costco wholesale company wants to submit a proposal for an urban warehouse center sometime this month. kron four's gayle ong live now in san jose with reaction from people in the area. so they want to have this costco. they're not get what's the deal. >> justin and jonathan so far and hearing mixed views from longtime residents. more concerned about the traffic and the space not being an a for the big box store. but overall, they think that having a costco would boost the economy here.
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>> right now with nothing but empty store fronts at the northwest corner of the west, west shopping center in san jose and he did show prelates nearby and welcome the idea of a cost warehouse moving in as long as they're able to manage the parking. >> and the traffic. you know what, there's traffic right now. so. >> it's an amazing idea because right now we have to go out the next press way. the traffic to get the cost going to be great because i live around here last month in of a vice mayor chappie jones announced the shopping center caught the attention of costco. wholesale. >> plan to submit a bid for the vacant spaces is expected early this month. according to the vice mayor's news letter. the costa would replace the old orchard supply hardware along with the current ethan allen goodwill and smart and final building. the building would be just over 160,000 square feet. if all goes well, the vice mayor anticipating more revitalization of the area. as a result, something this community feels is sorely needed. it just you know, it's sad to see that empty space there. cbs not from here.
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>> and then all should. and people generally begin to get the feeling that everything is shutting down and going to change that. >> and we reached out to the vice mayor's office and costco for an update on the proposed plan. but we have not yet heard back, but any residents who want to share their input questions or concerns can reach out to district one live in san jose. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> thank you so much, gail. coming up next, we'll have the very latest on the deadly stampede at the astroworld music festival in texas.
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>> a tragedy in houston that opening night of travis scott's music festival. astroworld turned deadly. >> image is just horrific gut wrenching from the bayou city tonight. this all happened last night fans rushing the stage which caused the panic in the crowd. 8 people dead, including a 14 year-old the youngest felicia bolton brings us more. >> fans are posting videos online from last night leaving more questions about what really happened at travis scott's astroworld festival like this year. i was going on. and then it just. >> he's like the biggest mosh pit ever. everybody was pushing people are jumping barricades trying to get out, you know, security or emt's could not physically get over to 80 people in the crowd is just too many people. and at
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some point the barricades becoming endurance like anybody could get over there that people were like trapped in the area. travis scott took to twitter with this message. i'm absolutely devastated by what took place last night. my prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened. >> at astor roll festival. houston pd has my total support as they continue to look into the tragic loss of life. i am committed to working together with the houston community to heal and support the families in need. the festival. organizers say quote, we are focused on supporting local officials. however, we can. >> with that in mind, the festival will no longer be held on saturday. authorities are looking into the series of cardiac arrest that took place. i've been to concert but nothing like as big as what this was last night. like that feeling was just like a suffocating being a there was a few points. words like everything to stop for a second. everybody is like. and relax and then out of nowhere. i guess like a group of people or somebody just pushed everything. just like you it
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was compressed like you were just compress. point like my arms the whole time. they were never down like i can't even put him up at times, texas governor greg abbott tweets out, quote, what happened at astor roll festival last night was tragic. >> and i have directed the texas department of public safety to make state resources available. >> to support the investigation is that they get to major. yeah. they were down there for about 30 minutes. nobody can get anybody to come over. >> yeah, it's really we didn't see we even tell you know, lou, in carried on a stretcher. >> that was felicia bolton reporting for us tonight. police say that event promoters live nation are cooperating with the investigation as we should mention the second day of the festival which was today has now been canceled. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside of this very i try to combine gorgeous and beautiful one word their breathtaking shot looking out towards the golden gate bridge and towards the north bay.
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we're going fall back at our clocks tonight. don't forget to the mic wave that one always gets me or the phones will do it the car. that's a good one, too. i usually just i never mess with that one. just just leave it just be late for the 6 months. clears itself up in 6 more. >> crumble. meteorologist dave spahr here with a look at what's on the way from sunday. and we are tracking some rain headed our way a good day, everybody. a little little minor little rain towards our north of making some action on here on the radar. it will be very in consequential, if you will, brushing on by with mostly cloud cover for most of the bay area and a good stiff wind with that. making it feel like that autumn or winter like feel too. the clouds will break up a little bit latter portion of the day today, but it's really overnight the stars come back out again, that wind will be with us. not bad for your sunday. some scattered clouds late in the day, the real action, though, is upstream. will be an early into next week's open this together for you. a few passing showers for today, tomorrow we've got mostly sunny cool lower to middle
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60's. the role real action monday and tuesday. it looks to be concentrated late on monday through early tuesday. now watching this all the motion of the long-range forecast. there's the big package of moisture cold air up towards the north, get them together. this is interesting. nice rain event for us. maybe some claps of thunder thrown in there for action. meanwhile, the mountains get nice snow with this 2 up in the bank account. good news, high pressure builds to the latter portion of the week. we see temperatures nudge up a bit. this may be optimistic looking, but 64 san francisco 65 oakland again, a passing showers possible 66 for san jose. the wider board shows middle 60's over most of the region. 7 day forecast monday and tuesday are interesting. they're clearing out for the remainder of the week to about 70 and we fall back late tonight. a one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bipartisan deal now on its way to president joe biden's deaths late last night, the house of representatives passed the measure with a final vote of 2.28 to 2. '06. >> 13 republican supported it.
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but 6 democrats voted against it. the vote ends months of divisions among democrats and hans president biden a huge legislative victory. the bill will provide money to improve roads. bridges electrical grids broadband another infrastructural infrastructure. and it also is expected to create new jobs. we have some primetime interviews planned for tonight to go over what this will mean for the bay area. governor gavin newsom did release a statement about the bill saying, quote, president biden understands the need to build the climate reliant future and the infrastructure package passed by congress builds on california's unprecedented investments to maintain and modernize the state. this historic infrastructure package stands to accelerate the investment in our clean transportation infrastructure. help mitigate some of the worst impacts of climate change and accelerate new projects that will create thousands of jobs. >> so here tonight on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock the annual walk to end alzheimer's returning back to the bay
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area. know that guy. we have some highlights, including someone very close to our hearts leading the event. the details on the way.
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>> as we look forward to veterans day next week we're putting a spotlight on the heroes who have fought hard to preserve our freedoms from forcefully, juggle shares. the story of 98 year-old jake larson, a nice pay veteran who
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served in world war 2. >> for jake larson. it has always been about god and country in december want to be 99. this 98 year-old us army veteran has lived secret to longevity is don't die. the retired staff sergeant sits down with us after speaking to the rotary club of pleasant hill recounting his decorated military service overseas going war. 2 was but he survived and some 77 years after storming the beaches normandy, france on d-day. he remembers those with whom he served in the infantry division. i was overseas for 3 years. i we were the first troops over after >> the deputy hit pearl harbor. he says he has had numerous brushes with death yet he is still around to tell his story detailed in his book
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titled the luckiest man in the world. we cleared hit but he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german now you you wouldn't be free. larson will serve as grand marshal for the rotary clubs. veterans day parade this year as he did in 2020 in honor. he cherishes. sadly, he says all of his army brothers and sisters from war have passed people. he thinks about often especially when he returned to france on the 75th anniversary of d-day. there is a god. >> and every i thank him every day, every day. and we thank you. staff sergeant in pleasant hill phillipe djegal all kron 4 >> love his advice to us that he just in life. don't keep just keep going. just keep breathing. you can see all of our veterans voice coverage right now on our website at kron 4 dot com. you can also get there by scanning the qr code you see there on your screen with your mobile
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device. it will take you straight to our website. >> check this out. a zoo in mexico is now home to for bengal tiger cubs. the cubs were born and the scene george zoo in ciudad juarez on october 10th and all are reportedly in good health officials have yet to determine the gender of the cubs. but their mom lets out a roar every time the vets are nearby. the arrival of the 4 bengal coast was a welcome and rare event. the endangered species is hunted in the wild for its fur and their natural habitat is under threat from developers. >> always love seeing these images history made today in san diego when a navy ship christened in the name of harvey milk, former san francisco supervisor who was assassinated the u.s. us in as harvey milk is the first naval vessel ever named in honor of
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the activists. milk actually served in the u.s. navy before being discharged for being in 1977 he became the first openly elected official in california state history when he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors listening year later in the mayor of san francisco george mosconi were assassinated by former disgruntled city supervisor. >> back and better than ever. the walk to end alzheimer's in san francisco returned in barker. dare today was a great family friendly event are from force grant lotus was there hosting and we'll go over the cap of how much money they raise tonight in primetime. see you then.
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now on inside california politics as california leaders participate in the un climate change conference a former california governor weighs in right now things are >> then they're going to be and it pretty bad. >> jerry brown on the golden state's climate predicament and the ongoing housing crisis up and down the state. >> plus california's big push to get young children accident that we think not only should you get used going slow. doctor mark galli on the vaccine rollout and the hard work happening right now to prevent another covid-19 surge. casting across the


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