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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 5, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> thanks for waking up with us at 6 o'clock on a which will be on monday. 05:00am okay. so yeah, i'm just trying to get myself warming up for this weekend with the time change all that. don't forget saturday night into sunday. got to roll those clocks. the clocks back get yourself an extra hour's sleep. it's our favorite time shift and long as we've got to keep doing a price will be our think you should really enjoy this weekend, too, because we've got another atmospheric river atmospheric river. i'm kind bracing for monday. morning, john, not to appear with this, but it's a nice moderate all right. so if there is be to be a scale of atmospheric river. yes, there are bike last. the last one was like a 4 or 5. this like a 2 or 3. okay.
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little calmer. >> yes, still not one we can afford to ignore, right. exactly. and definitely don't ignore you want the rain jackets. you want to get a little bit for what will be an especially rainy monday night into tuesday between here and there. dari is absolutely right. we've got a really nice weekend ahead of us. in the meantime, looking at the golden gate bridge conditions out. there are actually pretty clear. we do have some fog but not at the bridge actually it's more so out tour interior valleys, especially the central valley where a dense fog advisory is in effect. you're also seeing some lowered impacts out towards the tri valley around livermore and pleasanton this morning. radar shows you are dry conditions, something that we will hold on to all weekend. it's going to be a cooler and cloudier weekend. so pull out your fall, best the sweaters in the light jackets will come in handy for this one. 40's and 50's for current temperatures. i'll let you know more about next week's rainfall. still ahead right now. don, thank you for that. and we've got a couple accidents out there on this friday morning here in san francisco southbound one. oh, one. >> just south of 80 west. so
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we are seeing a slight delay along one. oh, one as you're traveling and then out here. if you're in pleasanton, northbound 6.80, 5.80, east. we've got another accident there. but i'm not seeing much of a delay as a result of that heading into the city this morning. a little under 15 minutes for your drive time there. so traffic moving along pretty nicely heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under. i'd say 13 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge traveling at a richmond. a little under 9 minutes starting. james, back to you. thank you. ray 6. '02, breaking news from overnight pfizer. >> has a pill that will help you if you end up getting covid and save you from going to the hospital or dying. the rate with this with this works. it's effective. they say 90%. in fact, they found it so effective that they stopped the trials immediately because they want to get it to people. so they're going to ask the fda to authorize the use of this at home treatment pill as soon as possible. now, remember at this point the
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company says that the best thing is to get vaccinated. >> because you want to avoid getting covid. but if you get it, this pill will help. the study was so impressive. they said, you know, when they used to give you a real kill half the people and then they get half of people fake pill that has nothing and the people who got the real pill, almost. nobody ended up in the hospital and nobody ended up dying, which is a big difference between those who got the fake hill. so they said we need to get this thing out. so we'll be waiting for that. in the meantime is all about getting vaccinated. it is. yeah. and to that end, we have happening today in the east bay contra. costa county beginning now to deliver. >> the vaccines to children ages 5 to 11 big deal. yeah. this brand-new for the little kids and they're ready to get those doses in arms right now. kron four's camila barco is live at the concord house center building where they're doing. hi camilla. >> and good morning. so, yeah, contra costa county was ahead of the game. they pre ordered thousands of pfizer's covid-19
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vaccine doses and they are ready for these kids to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated county officials said earlier this week that they are expected to receive about 20,000 of those doses. and that doesn't even include the local pharmacies and other healthcare providers. the department is working with local schools and have health care centers like kaiser and john mair to host a vaccine clinics at schools. however, no dates havi been set in stone, but parents were able to start making appointments yesterday for kids to get their shot today at a certain sites. the attrition agree that there's still a chance your child ends up being part of the 30% of kids that get sick even though they did not have underlying health conditions. so pediatricians and other health care experts are really pushing for kids to get vaccinated. here's what they had to say. >> doesn't care about your police. doesn't care about your sister, status cover the
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cost your skin, your religion. it simply is a virus that wants to get into your body. person and replicate it. so when we talk about covid getting it. yes, we think about the individual, but we also have to think about us. >> now. just a reminder. the pediatric dose is one 3rd of the dosage, a given to teens and comes different vials and packaging than the adult version. however, the kids must still get 2 shots, at least 3 weeks apart now there are 92,000 county residents between the ages of between the ages of 5 to 11 and county officials say that they expect for the demand to be high. so if you're a parent and you're looking for your child to get vaccinated here in contra, costa county now is the time to sign up for your appointment. the vaccines there administering vaccines starting county officials say
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that they are only accepting appointments and no walk-ins started games. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. camilla and the do the same thing in san jose. they are offering multiple clinics for you to get tour kids vaccinated. dozens of schools in san jose are holding these clinics, especially in the hardest hit areas by the pandemic where parents have limited resources to access the vaccine. there are roughly a 125 are sorry. 2825,000 kids that are 5 to 11 years old in santa clara county and officials say while they won't be able to reach every child. they're going to try. and several cal football players to speak in a covid are going to have to miss tomorrow's game because they are now under covid protocol at team is taking on arizona. kron four's will tran is live uc berkeley with the latest. good morning. well. >> they will not be boarding the plane today because they will be under covid protocols. the school is not saying that the players tested positive
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for covid-19 just that they could be do some contact tracing we do know that the game is not being played here. they are playing the game in arizona, but they want to make sure that the players who take the field. we'll be ok so they will undergo tests to make sure that they are negative just to protect each other and also their opponent as far as what happened. they're not going into details to the point where they're not mentioning the name of the players or even their position to protect their privacy. but the school says that the team itself 99% of their players have been vaccinated. they're not saying if these players, even though it's under covid protocols, whether or not they've been vaccinated or not. but it looks like they will monitor the situation, perhaps even self quarantine. remember, guys, this is college football. so not only are they playing on the field there in the classroom. so they want to make sure that the students are safe as well. so they monitor the situation. the timing is kind of coincidental. i know daria you
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like sports and james, you follow sports as well. the timing is coincidental because callous most famous former player aaron rodgers. well, he tested positive for covid-19 a couple of months ago. he said that he was vaccinated. it turns out he wasn't so he's facing a lot of backlash. so a lot of people are saying that perhaps he should be suspended as well and that the team should be fine and even have the draft picks removed as far as the situation. we're not exactly sure if these players are vaccinated or not. but that's this is college football. maybe not as dramatic as the nfl in aaron rodgers, obviously being an icon. but the timing is pretty coincidental, but it also will. are you saying he said he was vaccinated and he wasn't. but he didn't like the sharks player. remember show a fake card or something like >> he's being killed because in that news conference with aaron rodgers. he was saying, but there are other players on
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the team that are not vaccinated and he respects those players. so. >> he played around with words. and right now a lot of people are watching roger goodell to see whether or not he will lower the boom on aaron rodgers and the green bay packers as well. college football, there are more on top of the situation as far as the players. there's no aaron rodgers walking around doing things and almost the tail that wags the dog. so to speak. i all right. thanks a lot. when i'm all right. it is 6. '09, happening right now on the other side of the country. >> we have the house of representatives getting ready to vote on 2 of president biden's biggest proposals. >> we have a live look here from the house floor. they're going to be voting on the president's infrastructure bill which has already passed the senate and they'll also be voting on the president's social spending bill. now, if that bill passes the house, it's still not clear if there are enough votes in the senate to get through. but we'll keep you updated as the results start coming in this morning. meanwhile, also happening today we do have a memorial service for former secretary
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of state coli- powell expected later this morning. he died at the age of 84 from complications of covid. he also was fighting cancer and had parkinson's disease. he was the first black secretary of state. and we know that president biden will be attending today's service is well and we're going to bring you live coverage of that memorial and funeral service. our coverage begins at 8.30. the actual memorial begins at 09:00am so join us for that. >> it's 6.10 right now and more than 24 hours after the shocking and sudden death alameda county supervisor wilma chan. the community is still mourning her loss. there's a growing memorial. the intersection of shoreline drive and grand avenue in alameda, which is where supervisor shan was srruck by a car while she was out walking her dog early in the morning. her death is the 4th fatal traffic accident in alameda this year. and a lot of people who live there are very concerned about speeding and traffic. >> it's a all throughout alameda pervasive now ellen
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always had a, you know, emphasis on a 25 mile an hour speed zone. you know, i think people are frustrated by that. our officers are focused on. >> people that are driving over the speed limit and engage in any other dangerous vehicle, code violations. >> the alameda police chief says that they're still looking for surveillance video of that accident that killed chan and they have not said whether they expect to bring any criminal charges. >> in san francisco fans lined up for a sold-out dave chappelle show at the chase center. as you may know, this comes amid controversy over chappelle's latest netflix comedy special, which many have pointed to as being transphobic lgbtq groups to push back against the special and chapelle's new tour for his untitled documentary. >> deeply saddened who are like they should have who are taking off. to to kind of share out. i'm very kind of the trial like about the is hard march and
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>> last month netflix employees walked off the job in protest of that special demanding better support for transgender employees. chappelle addressed the backlash, though. he remains unapologetic. >> and 6.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a woman accuses southwest airlines of racial profiling because they thought she was a human trafficker because her daughter is biracial and she's white. we'll have more on their story and also the amazing survival of a man who plunged in this car off a cliff in pacifica. and conditions outside today are going to be nice as long as you're prepared with the jacket at the coast. expect some low 60's inland. not that much. different. mid to upper 60's. >> lot of cloud cover today compared to yesterday holding off on rate for now at least your forecast ahead. >> not tracking any major delays across bridges. it looks like you just heard the metering lights on here at the bay bridge. but we do have
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>> 6.15 right now. and this is amazing. this story of survival. a guy plunged off a cliff in pacifica and he lived to tell the tale. yeah. of chp. >> they're baffled because they notice these tracks. this was a pure double slide yesterday and they went completely off the edge and when they went over and looked over. that's when they saw that car 50 feet below floating in the water. it's
6:16 am
unbelievable. the guy the driver was already out of the car. they're pulling up. he was climbing up on his own before they rescued a man you know that they got there, they pulled up and all he had was some minor scrapes and a little pain bruises. but he was okay. yeah. and they are. you sure there's nobody else in the car said no. >> kept asking him over and over. is it are you the only occupant of that vehicle because as you saw that vehicles in the water upside down and we're noticing kids toys floating in water. so our big concern was it was there anybody else in that vehicle and he kept relaying that there he was only occupant. so it was a huge relief. >> i've been is a fender and said like oh my back hurts more than yes, you can see that he clearly would have tumbled because that's not just a straight people to tumble over and over in that car, it smashed up. if you get another look at it at the bottom there. this is scary. when you look at it going off like that. and you just think, well, is the pot now that police are investigating. they have and they say they do not
6:17 am
believe there's any drugs or alcohol how did this happen? why did lie and into that. but again, and he's fine so we can we can stare in astonishment guilty really is. isn't there a yeah. >> let's head over to the weather center john with these like amazing miraculous happened a few times and then it's like, ok, so the weather, i'm not while ok. so it's going to be highway one is beautiful, but i'm driving that way. and yeah, always like both hands on the wheel at all times. yeah. >> but good for him. when i go to tahoe, they have that, you know, cliff there. and then this little brick wall like know that. and i always room. i yeah. well, this weekend. not a bad one for highway one. at least it's not going to be wet out there nor really foggy at the coastline in we're back to where we were earlier this week where. >> conditions are nice and clear at the coast and right through the golden gate areas
6:18 am
that are oftentimes some of our fog year spots berkeley hills. you get foggy sometimes and you're looking at clear skies. that's not so much the case for inland valleys. we do have some patchy valley fog across the tri valley on up into solano county, especially where we do have a dense fog advisory in effect out into the central valley of some dense to leave. fog has formed out that direction. rainfall is to our north. and that's where it's going to stay. some showers really just clipping areas like mendocino and humboldt counties, not drifting into the bay area, though. so this is why we've got a dry weekend ahead of us, although a cloudy weekend. we are tapping into cloud cover from this system. but just just not working its way far enough. south to be reaching us with that rainfall. great news for our northern neighbors and also ok news for us in the bay area because even though we stay dry this weekend. we have our own round of rainfall just around the corner. let's get a look at all that. so there's this weekend's rainfall really just a coast kind of thing. maybe a couple sprinkles tomorrow morning for areas like sonoma county, dry sunday. you get that extra hour's sleep on
6:19 am
sunday. the look forward to then comes monday and although dry initially we really start to see into sunday night. the next atmospheric river taking shape across the bay area and by 05:15am, on tuesday morning. you can see that line of rainfall searching. well offshore and it does look like it's going to bulls eye the bay area. now, this one is not going to bring as intensive rainfall as what we saw about 2 weeks ago when we had that flooding from the rain that just wouldn't stop from saturday on into sunday. this one a bit more brief, but will pack a punch along with it. so tuesday is the day to avoid too much outdoor activities. maybe plan a work from home day on that one as well. rainfall amounts this weekend. not expecting really anything. aside from santa rosa possibly picking up a trace on saturday morning from that passing system to our north. so we really are staying dry this weekend. good weekend to be out and about. it's going to be a bit cloudier and a little bit cooler feel because of that cloud cover sticking with highs in the 60's foster city down to redwood city each at
6:20 am
67 south bay temps right around the same just below the 70 degree mark, so definitely cooler but not a chilly weekend by any means a sweater or light jacket will do very well as you get outside today, tomorrow or into sunday after that, you want the rain jacket back out as monday into tuesday. atmospheric river works its way back in and bringing especially heavy rainfall with it monday night into tuesday by wednesday. we should see conditions drying back out and actually a pretty sunny middle to end of next week. right now. john, thanks so that it would like to call things friday live. but now we have a hot spot for you. so if you're in pleasanton. >> and that area, that's where the hot spot is as you're traveling along 6.80 so southbound. 6.80, just north of 5.80, east unpleasant it. we've got an accident there and overturned vehicle in a looks like 2 lanes are at least block. so stan lee boulevard or 84 might be a good alternate. also in san ramon northbound, 6.80, south of la casa boulevar. he got another accident there. so we are seeing delays along 6.80
6:21 am
traveling into the city right now. a little under 20 minutes traffic picking up here. the meteor lights are on as you're heading there, a long 5.80, we are seeing some delays to get to that in a moment. as you head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 14 minutes here in berkeley. looks like we have a report of a fire. 80 eastbound and westbound there at ashby avenue. so you are seeing delays looks more so like it's on the southbound side of the northbound side as you're traveling there. we'll keep a close eye on that and more of a daryn james, back to you. thank you, 6.21 right now and the white mother of a biracial daughter accuses southwest airlines. >> of racial profiling because sheared light from san jose to denver last month and as they were getting off of the plane. they were detained on the jetway by a gate agent and 2 police officers. >> tenants. just concerned about what's happening when you board the over following up on or not says we're not expecting anything. so it's
6:22 am
just art pope, a crime for 10. this police report. so it indicates a southwest flight attendant did suspect something and contacted authorities believing the woman. >> might be involved in human trafficking. >> their claim that we boarded the flight suspiciously late. we allegedly did not speak to each other during the flight. and that we. allegedly i allegedly forbade the flight crew from speaking to my daughter. none of those 3 claims are true. >> and the mom calls the situation racial harassment and says she's considering filing a civil rights lawsuit. southwest issued a statement saying they're conducting an internal investigation and that they apologize. >> we will take a break at 6.22 coming up on the kron 4 morning news and east bay photographer is followed home and robbed. and now other photographers are demanding camera manufacturers add more security features to cameras.
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ 6.25. is the time and a growing number of photographers are now demanding that camera manufacturers install more safety features.
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>> inside cameras. and this all comes after fremont man was robbed at gunpoint when he was followed home by thieves. those thieves actually followed him all the way from them or at headlines where he'd been taking photos. all the way. fremont where you live. he says the thieves wearing face masks. and once he parked in his driveway. that's when they smashed the window of his vehicle and took off with his camera bag. when you try to stop them. that's when they pointed a gun in his face and now the victim in other photographers have started a petition to demand change from camera manufacturers. >> and people like to believe there's something that they can do to avoid this crime or they think it hasn't happened to me because i've been smart enough to do x, y z. and i think the truth is that if you're out there with an expensive piece of equipment. it's a matter of time. >> actually, you know this couple because they're on you to put out there for youtubers the to post a lot of stuff regarding photography right now. so this is kind of striking home for a lot of folks. some of their suggestions that are coming in in this petition include maybe
6:27 am
and saw pass codes are lens pairing so that, you know, a certain lands can only work with a certain camera, maybe gps tracking biometrics, some way of disabling this equipment when it's stolen so far. a couple 1000 people have signed that petition and seems like the support of the growing. >> 6.26. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we have new video to show you of a former raider star moments before he's fiery crash that killed someone.
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>> 6.29 is the time right got into a quick jaunt. i just realized what. well, i brought in for to show you today. is kids. it's a whale's tooth. i just woke up this morning and i said it a shot and i want to show this to you. >> and i honestly this tooth is from my bomb got this in iceland in 1950 and i have had it ever since colin james, you felt it and it's really he does have and you looked up because i don't know the history of it. i just inherited it from my mom. but we got that nice and feel how he's a smooth and heavy that house. >> isn't it cool? we determined that this was a whale tooth which are now in danger there on the list. so this is you can't get these anymore. but this was obtained, you know, prior to it being put on that little right. handed down in the family. so. wow, you can hold
6:31 am
it after weather. i'm just going after weather because it's just amazing. and, you know, i just wanted to cool i will never touch one of these. probably special to get that win. well, it is a good day to be out and about today and may be enjoying a bit of time outside. we are not going to be looking at any rainfall for the bay area. but if you're heading up the north coast up into mendocino and humboldt counties do watch out for some showers up that direction. >> golden gate bridge is actually pretty fog. free to kick things off. we're not looking at any visibility impacts of the coast, although we are further inland. some of your valley locations like the tri valley out into the central valley are in the midst of some fog and we actually do have a dense fog advisory for solano county out into the central valley this morning. skies are dry. so it's going to be easy commute to work. unlike yesterday when it was a little bit damp out there as far as temperatures are concerned, it's 40's to 50's with livermore and dublin. each of 48 alameda and san mateo starting off this
6:32 am
morning at 52. let's go on over to rain with a look at traffic also hand you over the 2 here in a second, ok. well, that's a gift that keeps on giving. and we do have a hot spot here in pleasanton southbound. 6.80, north of 5.80. east. >> so looks like 2 lanes are currently blocked. you are going to see some delays as you're traveling along 5.80, as you're traveling through that pleasanton dublin area. a good alternate would be stan lee boulevard or 84 out in san ramon northbound, 6.80, south of the costa boulevard again, another accident. so we are seeing delays all along 6, 8580, heading into the city. traffic is building a little under 24 minutes for your drive time there so far from friday light. we had an earlier accident along 80 in the city. we might be seeing some delays because of that san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes richmond center fell a little under 9 as you head to richmond. let's check on 5.18 80's a traveling crockett down towards the maze a little under 22 minutes. and in the south bay not tracking
6:33 am
major accidents. we had some earlier. those have since been cleared. so things are looking nice. started. james, back to you. >> thank you. great 6.32. and today in the east bay contra. costa county is going to start giving the shots to little kid. that's right. a 5 to 11 years old. the county has thousands of doses ready to go. and crawford's camila barco standing by out of the concord health center building with more on the story camilla. >> and good morning you guys. the at contra costa county ahead of the game. they are expected to have a 20,000 of pediatric doses in their hand at these are pfizer's covid-19 pediatric doses and they are specifically made for this age group. parents were able to start scheduling their appointments yesterday to get their shots today and health care workers will begin providing the vix, the vaccines to kids a 5 to 11 years old at no cost. this is happening at the county's public health vaccination clinics heat in antioch, richmond and here in concord now the pediatric dose is one
6:34 am
3rd of the dosage given to teens and adults. it comes to different files and packaging than the adult version. however, the kids must still get 2 shots at least 3 weeks apart. now, county officials tell us that they are working with local schools and health care centers to host vaccine clinics at schools. however, no dates have been set in stone county officials also say that they expect for the demand to be high. there are 92,000 county residents between the ages of 5 to 11 in contra, costa county. so if you are a parent and you are to get your child vaccinated. now is the time the window is open and you must book an appointment to get that vaccine here in contra, costa county, they are not accepting walk ins writings. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. >> happening right now here at 6.34 we have the house of representatives. they're getting ready to vote on to president biden's biggest proposals. this is a live look
6:35 am
from the house for you can see activity is getting underway. they're going to be voting on the president's infrastructure bill which has already passed the senate. so it's halfway there. they're also going to be voting on the president's social spending bill. if that passes the house, then it goes on to the senate. there's not. we're not quite sure there's enough votes in the senate to get past. we'll have to wait and see. we'll keep you updated as the numbers start coming in 6.35 and we have to show you this new surveillance footage that shows. >> just how fast the former raider star henry ruggs was driving before he hit and killed a woman who was also driving in las vegas was with the middle of the night. yeah, in fact. so this is a look at that from a nearby apartment building and prosecutors say. >> that he was driving about a 127 miles per hour at the time this video was shot and it's from left to right with the high was going on or 56. but when he hit her, he was going on a 27 right calculated. so again, just kind of gives you a sense of just how quickly he was zipping by now. as for that victim's family, the woman who died. they say the
6:36 am
losses obviously been devastating for them. they say that she was the light of her parents life and loved her 3 year-old golden retriever max. yeah. with she she was 23 years old and she and the dog were killed instantly in that crash. san francisco police are investigating because 2 men were shot in the haight ashbury neighborhood yeah, this happened on haight street a sonic avenue. authorities say one of the victims died at the scene. the other was taken to a local hospital and people living in the neighborhood say, of course they've been fed up with violence for a while. they want some change. >> we have a number of witnesses that have given us information that a number of rounds were shot this last week, there was a different shooting just like one block the other direction. so it's starting to feel like a less than safe neighborhood and i don't i'm not happy about that. >> he's referring to that for shooting that he just reference that happened a block away on october 22nd and it was also in the middle of
6:37 am
the day. bullets several cars and the window of a coffee shop and one person went to the hospital with life threatening injuries. but we don't know their condition at this hour. >> well, the pittsburgh man and woman accused in a carmel woman's death made a brief appearance in a fairfield courtroom, jessica and can to will be arraigned next friday. prosecutors have charged jessica with killing 19 year-old lee, lonnie beauchamp jessica's brother marko also faces charges of accessory to murder. >> i haven't received the anything i believe they're innocent. >> yeah. the victim was reported missing saturday night after leaving a party in sacramento with 2 men. police have identified one of them is 20 year-old, juan parra-peralta, an airman out of travis air force base at this point, though, authorities say he is a witness, not a suspect. both shops body was reportedly found at a home sunday in salinas and a family
6:38 am
spokesperson says she was close with her family and was not the kind of person to put herself in harm's way. >> they're always in touch if not much. she was. she was a good kid. they're always a checking in and she's always checking in that this party or what not. so it makes it 10 times more shocking. they just want they just want they want justice. you know, we want justice for their daughter. >> yeah, but trump's family has identified his body. officials have revealed yet what her cause of death was. >> 38 an employee of the san jose police department was arrested last month on suspicion of gun crimes was arrested again this week, this time for possession of child. denis shevchenko worked as a civilian service officer for the police department and police say they discovered a photo and videos of child while they were examining all of his electronics as part of their investigation into the gun crimes. both investigations are ongoing now. and an sfpd officer ne
6:39 am
david cole is accused of trying to burglarize a rite aid in sam a tail police got a call saying that some of those trying to steal from this rite aid pharmacy when they got there. the man tried to run away. but officers were able to catch up and arrest him and they say it turned out to be a police officer. >> to the south bay now where police are searching for a group of vandals who defaced los gatos high school and the buildings were spray painted with racist and homophobic slurs. kron four's. dan thorn, talk to the school's principal. >> the vandalism happened on the night of halloween and eggs were thrown and pretty much all of the buildings on campus. the school's principal telling us these acts were hurtful and sad and he's hoping by getting the word out that whoever did this will be given up security video captured on the night of halloween shows at least 3 groups of vandals defacing los gatos high school. the windows of school buildings were pelted with eggs and a prized
6:40 am
529 pound pumpkin was smashed. but what was most disturbing for principal. kevin buchanan was the spray painting of racist and homophobic slurs. it feels like a punch in the gut and a step rails a huge step backwards. >> that's what kind of increasing, you know, address equity and inclusion and understanding and awareness. >> buchanan says he understands the mischievous mood around halloween but hate and destruction is inexcusable. the principal has been calling on the high school community to come forward with information. well, police have been investigating the ax. it's a it's a social conscious commute. is an element that we need to stand up to and be a and >> teachers were also specifically targeted by the graffiti buchanan took over the high school as principal in july and says there have been challenges that are being addressed. so far no one has been held responsible for the damage. >> it's unclear whether current or former students are the culprits and really sad
6:41 am
and really sad. i think we're all really excited when you have a racist and homophobic that was pretty disgusting. >> los gatos police are investigating similar vandalism found at the homes of some teachers here in the area. >> buchanan says that the social media posts of students talking about what happened here on campus are being monitored reporting in los gatos dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 6.41. is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news buster posey officially calls it quits. we're going to take a look back on the impact he's had what during his time with the san francisco giants. john. >> and we're going to be seeing conditions today that are a little cloudier and us feeling a little bit cooler without that sunshine we had yesterday highs in the 60's but staying dry talking. our next round of rain, which is just around the corner. still to come. >> and it's friday. your step closer to the weekend. but we do have some incidents and accidents out there and a hot accidents out there and a hot
6:42 am
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>> 6.44 right now and we're checking out the weather heading into. 2 just dawned on me. an extra sleep weekend. don't forget, we've got a light savings coming to an end, which means you can extra hour's sleep. >> yeah. one extra hour. this weekend. i love celebrates ball and then you'll be tracking sunrise and sunset will be an hour off. gets darker earlier. yes. so for a
6:45 am
lot of people getting off work at like 05:00pm friday right around sunset time. so and we are nearing the shortest days of the year now, too. so it is definitely not going to be a whole lot of brightness. once you get up to work one sunday gets here. so enjoy may be getting off work today at 05:00pm and still having that our sunshine during your post work hours right now. we're still in the midst of some darker skies. as you can see, it is nice and clear from your berkeley hills. cam. there's some fog for the tri valley and then especially so for the central valley, it's been a foggy past couple of days for the central valley of some dense to leaf august formed out that direction. if you're heading up into the sierra nevada. watch out for some spots of lower visibility on your route. as for the north coast. some rainfall this weekend. you're already seeing that up in del norte county. that's going to start to drift further and further southward. but what it's not going to do is make it to the bay area. we will see some showers today into tomorrow morning from mendocino county, maybe a couple of sprinkles in northern sonoma county rest of the bay area, though we're
6:46 am
missing out on this chance of moisture. don't fear, though, if you're looking forward for some rain. we've gotten this forecast is just not coming this weekend. we will tap into somt cloud cover and cool conditions today, tomorrow into sunday. now monday after a dry start. we will see some rainfall making its way in towards monday night. and look at this that you're atmospheric river set up right there. that moisture plume that stretches offshore and is bull's eye in the bay area late monday night into tuesday. so tuesday is the one to watch out for as far as rain goes and a good helping of snow up in the sierra nevada. it's not going to be packing the punch that our last atmospheric river did. but it is still going to be resulting in some heavy rain at times and definitely some wet conditions on tuesday to try to avoid if you can weekend rainfall. it's knocking amount to more than just a trace in santa rosa rest of the bay area staying dry. so we do have a nice weekend for stepping outside just as long as you have the light jacket or the sweater and hand it. you're pretty
6:47 am
typical bay area fall weather with most of our highs in the 60's and a little bit of cloud cover hanging out overhead redwood city and san carlos egypt 67 today. south bay temperatures. not much different than that. not much different for the east bay either regardless of where you are. we've got a pretty similar feel to the way this afternoon shaping up to be the late show and sonoma. you'll be at 65 degrees with stinson beach in point. rays are cooler spots in the 50's tomorrow's highs right around the same as today. maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay tomorrow. mostly sonoma county sunday. we will get that extra hour of sleep as you're waking up, hopefully refresh from it monday and tuesday, the rainfall arrives mostly in the evening on monday. the heaviest of it into early tuesday. thank you for that. right couple hot spots in accidents for you to know about before you leave your house this morning here in pleasanton. >> southbound, 6.80, north of 5.80, east got an accident. there. several lanes are blocked. so you're going to see some delays, some slowing. there's also another accident in san ramon northbound 6.80, south of a costa boulevard
6:48 am
into the city. we do have an accident. you can actually see the the i would say the police and the emeruency crew lights right there. it's right near the tolls as you're getting ready to head into the city. so we do have an accident says 18 minutes that might go up in the bay bridge because of that rich masera hill commute a little under 14 as you travel out of richmond across towards the nfl and in fremont southbound 80 for east. you've got another accident there. so you definitely want to give yourself a little more time as you drive in there or maybe hop over and take to 38 also in the south bay not tracking any major delays. we have some of the top of the hour. those have since been cleared, though, daryn. james, back to you. >> 6.48 right now and we would like to give a former giants catcher buster oppose the hug that, yeah, it's weird to former. but that's the case. now he's going to spend more time with his wife and his 4 kids with kron four's, kate rooney. >> with a look back at his career. >> with the 5th selection. and the first round. of the 2008
6:49 am
1st year player draft. the san francisco giants select gerald be posing one of the. >> the greatest days of my life. and you know. i had about, you know, i'm excited about getting started. >> buster posey made his major league debut on 9/11/2000, 9 recording his first hit 8 days later. but it was his first full season in 2000, 10 in which posey quickly began to lay the foundation of his legacy winning the national league rookie of the year award and leading the giants to their first world series title ever in san francisco after more than half a century. san francisco. finally had a world series champion after a devastating injury that ended his 2011 season. posey came back in 2000, 12 with a vengeance catching matt cain's perfect game playing in his first all-star game winning the batting title earning his first silver slugger award and
6:50 am
being named comeback player of the year and mvp of the national league. but he was even better in the postseason hitting a grand slam in game 5 of the nlds against the reds to give the giants the series after they trailed 2 games to none his 2 run homerun off max scherzer in game 4 of the world series propelled the giants to a four-game sweep of the favored tigers and their second world series title in 3 years. posey signed an 8 year extension with the giants in 2000, 13 a shearing. he'd be in san francisco for at least the rest of the decade. one season later after another 300 plus average 20 plus homer season. posey was celebrating once again in late october after the giants defeated the royals for their 3rd world series championship in 5 seasons over the next 5 years. posey made the all-star team 4 times won a gold glove to silver slugger awards and letter rebuilding giants team to the postseason in 2000. 16
6:51 am
in the covid shortened 2020 season posey opted out. he and his wife kristen, had just adopted premature twin girls and the catcher wanted more safe time with his family, including daughter, addison and son lead. while many wondered if posey could regain the magic on the diamond is he came back for the 20 21 season at age 34 buster was better than ever hitting over 300 for the 6th time making his 7th all-star team and leading the giants to a historic 107 win season and their first division title in 9 years. but for giants, fans, posey was much more than just a great player. he was a fan favorite family man team leader and a winner. he is one of those rare athletes who is immediately recognizable by just one name as one young giants fan put it, my dad had joe montana. i had buster posey's iconic legacy in the bay area and beyond will only
6:52 am
be further cemented in the future as he'll surely join mays, mccovey and marischal with his own statue outside oracle park and an induction into baseball's hall of fame. >> it's about that time spent with family. the countless nights and days. pulling for your team riding the emotions of the highs riding the emotions of the lows. and ultimately enjoying the people that you're with along the way and making great memories together. >> that's a family man who walked away from 22 million dollars in this season. 20 to 2022 to be with his family. >> and did you hear that little georgia little in his voice. yeah. they may be moving back to georgia because that's what they want to. yeah. that's where they want to go back to. we wish him best. >> and thank you buster for the memories will be right back. buster hook.
6:53 am
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>> 6.55. and take a look at this. that truck is hauling the capitol christmas tree for washington, dc coming all the way from california. yeah. the tree made a stop in mariposa county. >> the trees from northern california big driven all the way across by truck. and you can see the top part of the tree, which is going to arrive in dc on the november 19th that pick the most perfectly shaped one they could find. yeah. and we know what through ville earlier in the week. so
6:56 am
it's kind of nice to see it making a local stop as it continues on its when they got a whole it that way, james, because it's 8 feet tall. it wasn't. we said 8 feet. >> well, the trees way more than i mean, fee eights to cite. yes, 8080 because it was 8 stories. that's taken so if you like an eight-story building, if they were hauling it, that hallway which and that whole. yeah. see that eventually make its way all the way to the capital. decorate with all the lights and we'll see the great big lighting ceremony. what if you put like a hole in your house. and then you could also because my house. >> and then right you're really foot tree came france at the base will take the whole room. was your neighbors be upset by that might have a problem. my wife might have. >> we'll be right back. in the next hour. vaccinations for children ages 5 to 11 beginning in contra, costa county will have more details on what you need to know coming up in a live report. >> and some cal football players have to sit out because they tested positive for covid or had contact will see more about how the university's handling this outbreak.
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks indulging us. we
7:00 am
just figured out the whole capital trade. why would work in our house. even if we had eiklor, you can't have a trade, a pick at your house. it just wouldn't work. proportions. you know, we continue to sell a look at 4 a nice weekend where you can get a lot done if you're getting ready to start to maybe decorate, maybe if you want to be an early decorated for the holidays, be careful and put anything out there, too fragile to the elements because we do have some rain on the way next week. john. yeah, it may be holed up until the middle of next week. if you don't want your stuff to get wet. it's nice and waterproof. go ahead and get out there and put those lights and step up this weekend. >> we are going to be looking at conditions today, tomorrow and sunday that are dry rainfall holding off until monday later in the day on into tuesday. it's looking like so that bodes well for your weekend plans. your view outside right now at the golden gate bridge is looking pretty clear, actually those spots that are normally foggy and marine layer day are certainly not the case this morning, pretty clear at the coast as well as in the interior of the bay. we've had g


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