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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. one of the victims. >> succumb to his injuries and was declared deceased here at the scene. >> we are following breaking news tonight at 5 o'clock bullets flying in the middle of the day. well, the busy san francisco street 2 people were hit. one of them did not survive. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis san francisco. police say their homicide unit is investigating what happened the shooting happened this afternoon. in san francisco's haight ashbury neighborhood.
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>> at the intersection of haight and a masonic avenue that was shut down for several hours. but we've learned a short time ago. it is open again. one man is dead tonight. another is hospitalized kron four's amanda hari is live where the shooting happened. amanda, what's the latest? >> police say happened around one this afternoon. i just saw the last officers leave around 4.45 this street behind me did open up around 4.20. so about 40 minutes ago. you can see we do have cars driving by right now. but police officers were here for a long time. the homicide unit was out. they were looking for anything. any evidence talking to witnesses to figure out what led up this man being shot to death. take a look at this video. this is what the scene looked like just a little while ago. police say it happened around one in the 1400 block of haight street. they say they found 2 men suffering from gunshot wounds. one of those men was declared dead here at the scene. the other was
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transported to the hospital. we don't know what condition he's in at this time. we talked to some people off camera that say they heard a shootout. when we asked police about that, this is what they had to say. >> we have a number of witnesses that have given us information that a number of rounds were shot where not exact with the number of rounds that were shot for this incident at this time. we are looking to determine that we're looking to find out any other details regarding this shooting. >> they're still invest. they're still investigating the motive and what led up to the shooting. police say they're canvassing the area for evidence as well. as the possibility that there may be surveillance video. >> i asked officers about a potential suspect. they said they didn't have any information to release about that at this time live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. thank you, amanda. well, about 2 weeks ago, another shooting rattled that neighborhood just a block away. it happened friday,
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october 22nd and central avenue on haight street. also happening in the middle of the afternoon. police say bullets hit several cars and the window of the ritual coffee roasters there on hate one person was injured. there have been no arrests. we are following more breaking news this time out of the south bay for office buildings in cupertino. they've all been evacuated because of a gas leak. it is happening on de anza boulevard near the apple campus, santa clara county crews are on the scene. they say southbound and say is close between mary on the avenue and stevens creek boulevard. officials have not said yet to what the which offices exactly have been evacuated. but they are asking people to avoid the area as pg and the crews are trying to fix this. we are working to get more information and we'll bring you any updates as we get them. >> other news now and today
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the giants and millions of fans said goodbye to longtime catcher and fan favorite buster posey posey. one world series championships with the giants in 2010, 2012 2014 never lost and opportunity when presented with one. he was the mvp in 2012 national league rookie of the year in 2010, seven-time all-star and he won the gold glove, best offensive catcher in the league in 2016 just a remarkable career. most people think you'll see him in cooperstown and the hall of fame. one day and oracle park is where buster took questions from reporters today. he was with his wife. kylen mills was there. she joins us now live. pilot. boy, just a legendary career and you could tell he wanted to spend time with his family. and that's why stepping away. but also the injuries, the pain he was in. >> and the humility from buster posey. you don't see such a talented player with
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such humility. often it was remarkable. >> yeah, grant catcher buster posey has been the heart and soul of the san francisco giants for the last 12 years. today an era comes to an end. he announced his retirement here. oracle park just 2 hours ago, posey said he wants to spend more time with his family and to give his body time to heal at 34 years old. posey has put together an incredible career playing one of baseball's most grueling positions, especially catcher really does take a toll on the body. he won 3 world series titles. he was the 2012 nationally player of the year and was named an all-star 7 times, including in 2021 posey batted 3 o 4 and hit 18 home runs this past season while leading the giants to their best regular season record in franchise history. he said today that he went into this season knowing that it may be his last those. he said he emptied the tank like he never
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has before. now it's time for new chapter. >> to me this is what inc absolutes baseball. it's a lot more than just winning or losing games. although the wednesday to feel a lot better. it's about it's the it's about that time spent with family. the countless nights and days. pulling for your team riding the emotions of the highs riding the emotions of the lows and ultimately enjoying the people that you're west along the way and making great memories together i'm so very humbled to play the part and some of those memories. the fans. thank you for all your support. i received the last 13 seasons. now look forward to creating new memories of my own. and sharing them with family and friends. as i pull for the giants are a smile, thank you. >> posey said he's most looking forward to spending time with his wife and 4 children who were all in attendance here today. he said he plans to move the family
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back to georgia at some point where they both have roots and other family members as well. of course, everyone within the giants organization just expressed how much they appreciate the time that buster posey spent with this organization and how much he means to everyone here in san francisco for now, we're live at oracle park kylen mills kron 4 sports. thank you, >> and buster posey and says a playing career after 12 seasons with the giants so much off the field, but his on-field are remarkable again. 3 world series titles. most valuable player award rookie of the year. 7 time all-star he won best offensive player at his catcher position 4 different times was named best offensive catcher in 2016, the gold glove. he caught 3 no-hitters including matt cain's perfect game in 2012 and coming up on kron 4 news at 6 for us. kate rooney will show us some of the career-defining place from post. other bay area news now
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school based covid vaccination clinics are now rolling out in santa clara county mobile vaccination clinics will be heading to dozens of schools in the weeks ahead targeting schools in some of the hardest hit areas during the pandemic. kron four's. rob fladeboe has more on this story. he's live tonight in san jose. good evening, rob. >> good evening, grant. that's right. you know, about a 128,000 kids now aged 5 to 11 newly eligible kids here in santa clara county for many of them the best for them to get the vaccine is at school and that is exactly what happened at this school here in east san jose today. as you said, it's in a zip code hardest hit by the pandemic. let's go inside and take a look. for parent judy getting her 6 year-old daughter melody vaccinated against covid-19. is about peace of mind. the fact that melody got the vaccine here at school made it
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that much more accessible that we would anybody she's involved with teachers and kids it makes it more easy for melody is one of scores of kids ages 5 to 11 to get vaccinated here at catherine r smith san jose's evergreen school district public health is partnering with the county office of education, with clinics that some 80 different schools. eventually we don't expect that there's going to be. >> any shortage of vaccine. we already have about 75,000 doses committed to our county and more is on the ways it will keep our children safe from illness. >> and allow them to engage in more and more of typical childhood experiences. >> the clinics are targeting schools in areas hardest hit by the pandemic. repairs have limited resources to access the vaccine. you know, the 9, 5, 1, to 2 zip code was highly impacted by covid a lot of our families have experienced significant trauma as we all have that specifically in this
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community having to stay home with family members. as you heard our parents speak about today. >> some 2000 newly eligible children have already received the vaccine at county run sites. but clinics like this one will go a long way toward protecting the county's 128,005 to 11 year-old against covid-19. take it from 6 year-old melody you get the combing 9 shot it's people to >> stay safe. indeed. now just a reminder parental permission is required for the vaccine and unlike at today's trial run here at catherine r smith elementary. most of the clinic's going forward will likely be held either. after school or the evening hours live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you, rob. the san francisco department of public health is urging families to contact their primary care providers pediatricians to schedule a vaccine appointment for their kids. >> and while there will be
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other locations to get the shot in the city. officials are warning that demand could exceed supply at least initially so far san francisco has received about 12,000 doses for the 44,000 eligible children large health systems and pharmacies will also be getting vaccines ucsf and kaiser are expected to start booking appointments tomorrow. some schools will also offer vaccine clinics. >> we have a county breakdown of where you can find a vaccine for your children in alameda county community clinics will be able to vaccinate, they say by mid november there will be some clinics schools in contra, costa county parents can start scheduling appointments now at county run sites in marin county, a clinic at northgate mall is going to offer shots tuesday through saturday. san mateo county leaders expect to get doses by tomorrow. if that happens, they say there will be a vaccination event at the county events center and
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pharmacies all over the bay area will begin giving those shots this weekend. but they say make sure you do register ahead of time children again will be getting about one 3rd the dose that adults have received and they will need 2 doses spaced 3 weeks apart. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information, including finding the vaccine for your children and information on a possible nasal vaccine. you can scan that qr code, you'll be directed to the special section of our website and that's at kron 4 dot com. still to come on kron 4 news at 5 one day after the tragic death of alameda supervisor, wilma, chan. we're checking in with. >> police in alameda about the investigation into the accident and the safety concerns for pedestrians in the neighborhood where this happened. >> also the car was floating the driver was clinging. that's what first responders found when they showed up on the coast after a car plunged
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into the pacific. why investigators think the man who survived might not be telling them the whole story. a southwest airlines passengers accusing the company of racially profiling. her and her daughter on a flight from san jose to denver. i'm dan kerman. i'll have that story coming up. >> tracking light showers in the north bay this weekend with widespread rain returning to the bay area monday night tracking our next
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>> the white mother of a biracial daughter is chiding southwest airlines tonight saying they were racially profiled and detained on suspicion of human trafficking that this happened in denver on a flight from san jose kron four's. dan kerman joins us now live with details on this story. good evening, dan. good evening. this mother thinks that this was clearly racial profiling and racial harassment simply because she and her daughter are of different colors. she says this was absolutely the wrong conclusion to jump to of human trafficking and now she is calling southwest airlines out. >> southwest airlines. called in to the denver police denver international airport. the suspicion of human trafficking involving my daughter and myself october 22nd southwest airlines passenger mary mccarthy and her 10 year-old daughter moira.
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>> connected in san jose on the way to mccarthy's brother's funeral in denver as they exited the southwest jet denver. they were detained in the jetway by a southwest gate agent and 2 uniformed police officers mccarthy film part of the encounter as are frightened daughter cried in the background. >> tenants. just concerned about what's happening when you board the aircraft over following up on or not says we're not expecting anything but that turns out not to be entirely true. >> this police report she obt%ined indicates a southwest flight attendant contacted authorities believing mccarthy was involved in human trafficking. what was the supposed evidence their claim that we boarded the flight suspiciously late. >> that. we allegedly did not speak to each other during the flight. and that we. allegedly i allegedly forbade the flight crew from speaking to my daughter. none of those 3
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claims. our true mccarthy says this is nothing more than racial harassment and racial profiling. >> on the part of southwest airlines and she wants them held accountable we had been profiled for being a white mother. >> with the biracial black i have no doubt that if i had a daughter who was blind. that we would have not have to go through this. >> trauma. in a statement, southwest airlines says we're disheartened to learn of this mother's account when traveling with their daughter. we are conducting a review of the situation internally and we will be reaching out to the customer to address her concerns and offer our apologies for her experience traveling with us. our employees undergo robust training and human trafficking above all, southwest airlines, prides itself on providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for the millions of customers who travel with us each year. now mccarthy and
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hurt her knee still have not heard back directly from southwest airlines at this point. they are considering filing. >> a federal civil rights lawsuit reporting live. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan well happening tonight, less than a couple hours comedian dave chappelle is screening. his new untitled documentary will be at the chase center. he will be there. this follows the controversy regarding his latest netflix comedy special that some say is transphobic last month. netflix employees walked out in protest demanding more support for transgender employees. chappelle has addressed that backlash and remains unapologetic tonight show begins at 7 o'clock highway one the devil slide was shut down in both directions for about an hour during the morning commute. >> after a car went over the cliff plunging 50 feet or so down into the water below the pacific kron four's. maureen kelly reports the driver not
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only survived but was able to walk away from that crash. >> these tire tracks you see here going up this berm and ending right at the cliff's edge are what caused a chp officer on patrol to pull over get out and investigate that officer then looked over the side and observed up car at the bottom of the cliff 50 feet down the driver already out and in the water here's a picture. cal fire took of the 2005 honda floating in the surf. by the time those crews arrived, the driver was seen clinging to the cliff. >> a firefighter was outfitted with a harness and lower down with ropes to help rescue the here's cal fire video of the rescue itself. they've blurred out the driver's face. >> amazingly. he only had minor scrapes and complained of pain. but you can see he was able to help firefighters walk him up the cliff. he was transported to the hospital as a precaution is very lucky. individual to say the least. our big concern, weaves kept
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asking him over and over is it are you th- only occupant of that vehicle because as you saw that vehicles in the water upside down and we're noticing kids toys floating in water. so our big concern was it was there anybody else in that vehicle and he kept relaying that there he was only occupant. so it was a huge relief for us. san mateo county sheriff's deputies sent a drone up to double check. there were no other victims in the water. >> the chp says the 21 year-old male driver claimed to have been going the speed limit when he lost control the chp says this accident is still under investigation, but they suspect unsafe speed driver distraction and or wet roadways may have been factors in this crash. they do not believe drugs and alcohol were involved. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> well, he is quite a descent right there as we take another look at a body of water this the san francisco bay under the golden gate bridge that looks lovely. meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez is here. we're close enough to the
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weekend. how does the weekend look cool and dry like today. so we're going to continue with that cool dry air mass. let's take a look at the embarcadero kuz. >> we're tracking a cruise ship about their beautiful sight. and as you can see, crystal clear blue skies after weak storm passed during the overnight hours, bringing most of us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. those of you in mill valley saw a little more than half an inch of much needed rain. so certainly benefiting those of you in the north bay radar for though we are going to stay dry and clear throughout the rest of the night. but there is a slight chance of light scattered showers for those of you in the north bay starting as early as friday night looks to be more likely by saturday afternoon could see some light drizzle bringing really just traces amount of rain mainly for those of you in santa rosa and also parts of the north bay valleys drive for everyone else in the bay area. and here's a look at our storm. that's approaching that's going to bring us widespread rain starting monday night for still riding along the coast.
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but unfortunately that atmosphere to influence going to remain north of the bay area. but if that track shifts a little southward will certainly get the bulk of that wet weather. but rain totals looking pretty impressive through tuesday morning. scattered showers, though, by tuesday afternoon until that storm exits tuesday night. all of us in the bay area could see anywhere from half an inch to upwards of an inch of rain, highest amounts right along the coast. so going to keep our eyes peeled on our fingers crossed from the kron 4 weather center that we get higher rain totals. but so far looking great back to hugh grant and katharine. >> thank of recent still ahead, looking for some extra cash. well, start looking around your home. details on ike. he is 5 back program. also why this group of pick and choose 4 on the picket line.
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at this protesters dressed as the pokemon character pikachu they were protesting at the climate summit in glasgow, scotland activists upset about japan's coal industry. members of the know cole japan group. they were carrying banners and chanting calling for the country to and support for coal and other fossil fuel projects. >> ikea wants to pay you for your furniture. the swedish retailers offering to purchase gently used ikea furniture from customers in exchange for store credit. the initiative is part of green friday which
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runs until december 5th. it's intended to give furniture a new life through resale, the new old furniture will have its own section in ikea stores, which will be called the as is section. like a consignment shop customers can go to the store's website to see if they're used items qualify to be bought back. if so,sthey would receive a voucher from the store, catherine. but the big question remains, do you have to disassemble it. oh, that is a good question. have to lug it back and forth because assembling it haha kind of and yeah. >> coming up next at 5, an underground casino busted in san jose. what officers found when they searched that property. plus, backlash over a new vaccine requirement from the white house which affects almost every american worker. we're live tonight, the nation's capital with deta
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ the east bay. they are remembering the life of alameda county supervisor wilma chan flowers and candles. >> part of a growing memorial today. the chain was hit by a car in the city of alameda. while walking her dog yesterday. she spent 3 decades in public service serving as an advocate for children families, affordable housing. the elderly and trying to get health care to people who do not have insurance. that incident has a


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