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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 4, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> breaking news at 3 o'clock in just a few moments. san francisco giant buster posey is going to be announcing his retirement after 12 years with the team. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman and we are waiting for this news conference to begin. as you can see here, we have a camera barrett oracle park waiting for busters announcement. he's been a san francisco giants for life since he was drafted 12 years ago. he led the team to 3 world series title the
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catcher leaving after these 12 years and again, if we can just put up that camera shot. so we can everyone that were there waiting for the room. but here it will go over some of his career accomplishments right now. we mentioned those 3 world series titles and also the 2012 mvp. he also won rookie of the year that award in 2010. >> and was a 7 time all-star he won 4 silver slugger awards and that golden glove in 2016 and caught 3 no-hitters, including matt cain's perfect game in 2012. now buster posey had been kind of hinting a little bit about wanting to retire at the end of. >> this last season he told reporters at the end of nets like amazing ron, that he just want to take some time to be with his wife and his his kids be able to be a full-time dad for 4 kids and for the first time you want to do that in a while. see wanted to kind of take it slow and see how
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things would progress. they adopted 2 young premature daughters during the pandemic. so while many people are surprised that buster posey is going to be retiring, especially after such a stellar year with the giants. it's also it's kind of not a shock. that heat was hinting at wanting to spend some more time with his family. we'll go over some of his career highlights because he's such a fan favorite and so many people know what an amazing player he was. we talked about those 4 silver sluggers. that was 2017, 2015, 2014, 2012, one hank aaron award in 2012 golden glove in 2016 was rookie of the year 2010 and then the nvp in 2012. it's quite remarkable the things that he's been able to accomplish. so what we're going to do is wait for this news conference to start their it oracle park. he's going to be making this announcement any moment now. it's something we definitely are going to want to be listening to in full. so when it starts, we'll
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bring it to life right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. but in the meantime. let's get to some more breaking news that's just coming in. now to the kron 4 news room out of san francisco where 2 people have been shot in san francisco's haight ashbury neighborhood. according to police, the shooting happened around one 30 this afternoon near haight street and masonic avenue. that's just a block away from buena vista park. we do have some pictures now from the scene showing us the very large police presence that has gathered there in the haight ashbury neighborhood. police have not released a lot of information just yet. we're working to get some details. as you can see, we have a crew on the scene getting us some info. i'll bring you all the new details as soon as they come into the newsroom. highway want to double slide. shut down in both directions for a portion of the morning commute after a car went over the cliff plunged. 50 feet down into the water below kron
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four's. maureen kelly reports now that the driver not only survived but was able to walk away from that crash. these tire tracks, you see here going up this berm and ending right at the cliff's edge. >> are what caused a chp officer on patrol. >> to pull over get out and investigate that officer then looked over the side and observed up car at the bottom of the cliff 50 feet down the driver already out. >> and in the water. here's a picture. cal fire took of the 2005 honda floating upside down in the surf. by the time those crews arrived, the driver was seen clinging to the cliff. a firefighter was outfitted with a harness and lower down with ropes to help rescue the driver. amazingly that driver had minor scrapes and complained of pain but was able to help firefighters walk him up and was transported to the hospital as a precaution he was very lucky individual to say the least. >> our our big concern, we skepta asking him over and over. is it are you the only occupant of that vehicle
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because as you saw that vehicles in the water upside down and we were noticing kids toys floating in water. so our big concern was it was there anybody else in that vehicle and he kept relaying that there he was only occupant. so it was a huge relief for us and we were able to affect the rescue, get him up off of that cliff onto the road. san mateo county sheriff's deputies sent a drone up to double check. there were no other victims in the water. >> the chp says the 21 year-old male driver claims to have been driving the speed limit when he lost control. the chp says this accident is still under investigatuon, but they suspect unsafe speed driver distraction and or wet roadways could have been factors in this crash. >> drugs and alcohol have been ruled out. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> said on some woman has died after a crash that his card to the berkeley marina last night. witnesses told berkeley police that that car was speeding down university
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avenue when it hit several objects before crashing into the water. the car became submerged in the marina and the driver was found dead inside. he has not yet been identified. but if you saw the crash or of any information you're asked to contact berkeley police. and staying in the east bay right now where tributes and condolences are pouring in from across the state for alameda county supervisor, wilma chan. she was hit by a car in alameda while in the morning, walk with her dog and then later died at the hospital. there have been ongoing concerns about speeding and traffic safety where she was hit. and earlier today, kron four's spoke with alameda as police chief who is now talking on camera about this deadly crash that killed supervisor chan. >> driving over the speed limit. is that something that your officers are still in force. >> our officers are focused on people that are driving over the speed limit and engage in any other dangerous vehicle, code violations. >> ok, so you you officers have eased off of that at all at this point. >> no, they have not.
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>> i sat down for a virtual conversation with alameda police chief. the shot joshi about the investigation into the deadly vehicle versus pedestrian collision killing alameda county supervisor. will the chant supervisor chance. death comes in the wake of 2 previous fatal traffic collisions and alameda 2021, one involving a deadly dui car to car accident and another vehicle versus pedestrian collision killing a former bay area television news director, welcome me. ask you this question. is it possible that criminal charges could be filed. >> in this case. we're looking at everything in this case and it's still open. it would be inappropriate and too early for me comment on that. >> chief joe, she did mention, however, that is investigators are scouring the area near the location of the incident at 3rd side and cambridge for any possible surveillance videos y one surveillance video be important in this type investigation.
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>> but it's it. it tells the story either refutes information is out there or supports information that's out there. >> what we do know is that around 07:00am wednesday alameda city resident and county supervisor will. but did was hit by an unidentified adult female driver. wow. supervisor chan was out for a morning walk with her dog. she would later die at a local hospital from her injuries. >> i can tell you that i am saddened by the tragic loss of supervisor chan. she made so many contributions and touched so many lives during her 30 years of public service and like many others in our community. the alameda police department is mourning the loss of mister chan isaac mcghie you kron 4 news. >> and we're going back now live to oracle park where buster posey is about to announce retirement. he just stepped up to the podium. let's listen. >> my first instinct is not to run and get behind the but as i thought about. well, i
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wanted to say realize it's such a unique opportunity. to publicly. thank so many people that help me get help me stay here. a lifelong. play. major league baseball. so first. i'd like to thank the woman sitting up here with me most importantly, thank you for being amazing. longer kids. thank you for the love and support. from the first game of the last. doesn't seem. it was that long their memories lee county high school games with your dad. florida state university. and then just a couple years later you're in the stands. cheering with. the rest of the giants. community is we want to first title.
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thanks for being there with me to celebrate all the great moments. i think even more importantly. thanks for being there. and some of the loans. you know better than anybody how hard are. not performing the way that i wanted to. but your love perspective. but what was truly important. help me through those times. i know these years on the west coast will be some of our fondest. as we look back on and i'm so excited to continue sharing life. if you watch your kids grow. we add the your mom and i are so proud of people that you're becoming. we're so blessed that time hearing at the children's being your dad is a great issue in my it's my
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parents thank someone for just being great. parents. thanks for setting good examples and being role models. all of us as parents know, there's so much that goes into that. so just thank you. number one for being great parents. thanks for the time spent hundreds of practices for me and my siblings. for teaching me. the responsibility for caring, for other people. thanks for teaching me how to compete. how to handle victories and how to handle the defeats. i'm not sure talking about sports. most importantly, thank you for giving me the foundation. knowing the baseballs, a vessel that can meet can be used to create wonderful memories and impact people's lives. but ultimately it's not what defines you. we're looking for to have more time with all you. my team is ca
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rest of the last 15 years without a relationship that have grown in boston. because of the trust all built between us. chris and i feel very fortunate. had both of you. part of our team. it's our way. our business relationships and definitely turned and the friendships to last a lifetime. thank you both. there's a group here that. i've worked closely with over my years. che numbers, the tests and matt. thank you for all your but behind the scenes work that doesn't get recognize. a lot of times. chris and both enjoyed getting to know the and chairs friendships have come from that. the giants ownership front office coaches and training staff. there's so many peoples in teams within the teams that help us players perform to highest capability. there's no doubt the successes organizations had the last 10
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plus years. there's a direct correlation to those people that i just mentioned. entire medical staff. without you might have been done 5 years ago. ray, thank you both for your friendship. for truly caring about players. for coming to work. a lot of days. before anyone else and leaving after everyone else has gone home. no by better than you guys. so no crew boetsch, thanks for being here today. well, thanks for being here. the same spot. thank you for being here. rags billy, already banned them ab so many great memories. when i think about all you. thank you for being leaders for such a long time. i know how fortunate i am to spent the first 10 years playing underneath you. and like i mentioned with fresh and hearing. thank you for caring about the people that work for you. all these great
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memories that we have together would mean anything if we didn't have great relationships. i think it's a big reason why the fans got behind all of our teams the way they did. they could see the players and coaches. they were taking the field cared about one another. they want each other to succeed. thanks for hiring good people. thanks for bringing great players. this organization. thanks for always making an effort to humanize. the players to the fans. it's probably something early in my career that i thought was a waste of time. i didn't understand but as the years have passed. i realize just how impactful that can be enough impacts. one person. in a positive way. it's worth time and effort. it's not something you realize when you first. become part of a major league organization. but it doesn't take long to realize
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that some are better than others. this place years always been a first-class operation. so, you know, you guys enough here. thank you for your commitment to the team but also to the community. scott cap. our time together was relatively short. we experience a lot together. unfortunately, a global pandemic. but unfortunately followed by a record setting season. the 107 once. i've really enjoyed getting to know you guys. i know this organizations and is in great hands with you guys at home. so but blessed. to play lead as the most talented baseball players in the world. it's a fraternity that i watched from afar from the time i was 5 years old. and so i arrived in september 2000, 9. and one of the greatest benefits that comes along with that. this is
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you get to meet a lot of great teammates that have very similar interests as you do. you make certain friends. throughout the years that, you know, will last. beyond the game. i feel very fortunate to made some of those friendship over the years. now. look forward lasting for years to come. the impossible for me to thank each and every teammate i played with. but the pleasures to not only play along. supreme lee townsend baseball players. but good man. good husbands. and good fathers. there's some teammates second to consider mentors. there's some teammates that we have celebrated thanksgiving with. some teammates the last year during the pandemic we met over zoom for a bible study once a week. teammates of share the joys and the hardships of life with. i'm
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truly grateful for these relationships. i understand a time commitment. preparation and hard work. that goes into being ready to play each and every day. so my teammates. thank you for the commitment that you made our teams over the years. lastly to the fans. the last week to 10 days. i've been thinking how do you think a fan base. and the giants fan bases is more than just fans. it's a community. that sense of community. it's something we as players to field the ball park when we took the field each night. also hope it worked the other way. i hope over the years you've been able to see in our team's a sense of pride that we've all taken in coming together each night and each day working hard. with a common goal and pushing each other along the way. and thinking back oddly,
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some of the best times when you look back on him or the challenging times. when you're going through them, they don't tend to be very fun. when you get on the other side and you realize that's when you truly her own. i think that's one of the best things about sports. and hopefully something a lot of fans can identify with as well. over the years. i've heard a lot of stories about. what the giants mean to different fans are what baseball means to different fans. i think back on those stories. there's usually one are 2 common denominators and it's family and friends. when i was a child, when my earliest baseball memories was of sid bream. speed guy like me. of the atlanta braves sliding into home. to be the pittsburgh pricing game. pittsburgh pirates in game 7 of the alcs in the bridge. the world series. to be able to
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share in the joy with my granddad. that christmas as he proudly displayed a picture of sid bream. honest t-shirt. sliding into home just underneath that act. his memory will never forget. sure their kids out there today. to watch me play my entire career. that might actually be adults. now. and there's parents and their grandparents aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews cousins. i can still remember exactly where they were when edgar renteria hit the game winning homer in texas. the lead to 2000, 10 san francisco giants their first ever world series title. sergio romo stood on the mound. ship me off from throwing a slider which still scares me to this day. it's
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not the fastball past. miguel cabrera to clinch the second title in 3 years. arwa madison bumgarner bumgarner came out of the bullpen in game 7 in kansas city and 45,000 people went deathly silent. because they knew at that point the game and the world series is over. or maybe you remember where you were when mccain's that on the back of the mound. he gazed up in the crowd taking it all an 4 record. the final out of the first ever. >> buster posey is hanging up it after 12 years as a catcher with the san francisco giants. he has now officially retired from the teen here now still speaking about some of his career highlights those parts of the game that he will miss and that he will remember the most. he said that he has fulfilled a lifetime dream of becoming a professional baseball player. he thanked his wife, his children. he is a father of 4. now. also his
3:21 pm
parents also thanking his teammates for their dedication to the game and the medical staff that has really put him back together after some what could have been career ending injuries and also spending some time there to thank the fans saying he's been thinking about that part of his retirement speech for the past week to 10 days. so he's been mulling this over emotionally with his private inner circle for a little while. but officially now buster posey has retired from the san
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go to the south in our san jose police have shut down. they say, and underground casino that had other illegal operations going on at the same time you're looking out the mug shots of mike leigh and john lee both suspected to be behind the operations. police say the 2 hosted drug dealings, illegal gambling and the buying and selling of stolen property and a legal indoor marijuana grow was also found on the premise. so here's a look at what police seized at one location. police say they found 33 pounds of marijuana. 25 pounds of thc products. 2 handguns. and a loaded high capacity rifle magazine and then another location. authorities say they seized 300 pounds of marijuana to firearms, ammo and $30,000 in cash. both the suspects have already been booked now into the santa clara county jail. still ahead, we brought
3:25 pm
you the story yesterday right here during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock you are seeing all this trash outside of his home. >> in southern california. will the cleanup began today. they found so much stuff there. they're going to check in now on how the cleanup process is going at this porter house.
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bay where police are looking for a suspect. they say shot
3:28 pm
another driver during a road rage incident in el serino. >> the report of the shooting came around 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon officers got to the scene at south 55th and school streets finding shell casings and broken glass. the victim's car was later found enrichment. investigators say the suspect got angry over traffic maneuver and then shot at the victim. the victim not injured, but the car was damaged. so check this out. police believe that this black pt cruisers, the card that the suspect was driving anyone with information is asked to contact else or edo police. coming here. why is it that californians continue to turn back the clock clock. >> twice a year. we're going to dig into the daylight, saving debate. next. there will be some border crossing protocols that are new as the u.s. gets ready to reopen its land borders next week about the details there. there's
3:29 pm
also new vaccine requirements from the white house and it impacts almost every american worker details on the new deadline to get vaccinated. >> and rain is heading our way
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hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> we're back here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock and in an effort to end the pandemic. today the white house rolled out new nationwide vaccine mandates. the new rules will
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impact roughly 100 million private sector workers across the country. and as our dc correspondent raquel martin reports this is sure to drum up some backlash. >> good evening. will republicans are already railing against the new federal mandates calling them unconstitutional. but today members from the white house. coronavirus task force defended what they say is a common sense initiative. the white house is putting roughly 100 million american workers on notice giving them until january 4th to get vaccinated. we know the most destructive thing in a workforce that is to have a covid outbreak. thursday, cdc director rochelle walensky said the new federal mandates are necessary to save lives. >> and prevent variance from spreading. and we're continuing to have about 75,000 cases every single day. according to newly released rules, private sector companies with more than 100 employees will be required to ensure employees are fully vaccinated or test negative for covid every week. however,
3:33 pm
health care workers won't have the testing option and must get vaccinated. we know that mandates work. but many republicans say the rules could >> i think you've got an extremely tough sale and alabama were having problems with senator tommy tuberville says he's concerned the mandates could worsen labor shortages. >> and supply chain problems. we have 5,000 defense contractors. you just can't replace of a rocket scientist. if one doesn't take the vaccine. indiana. senator mike braun called the mandate federal overreach. most frightening ultimatum that businesses have had contend with that right now. 2 dozen states are threatening legal action but the biden administration says it's not concerned. pretty confident the administration clearly has the authority to protect workers. adding to that. the biden administration said today they do not believe new mandates will impact the current supply chain problem. for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. and now to the south bay where school
3:34 pm
age children in san jose are rolling up their sleeves for their doses of the pfizer covid-19 that's meant for kids. kron four's. rob fladeboe shows us how it went at a vaccine clinic at an elementary school in san jose today. >> here at katherine smith elementary school in east san jose. the evergreen school district where a vaccination clinic is underway here at the school this is the first of what will eventually be a dozens of school holding these clinics vaccinating the newly eligible 5 to 11 year-olds with the pediatric dose of the covid-19 vaccine recently approved you can see a very good turnout here for this clinic. eventually some 80 schools will participate in this kids can also get the vaccine. of course, at local pharmacies are from their private health care providers. but at this clinic and others like it targeting schools that have been particularly hard hit the pandemic where a parents may not have access to getting the vaccine. a school
3:35 pm
might be the best some cases. the only way to get the vaccine. here's more now from officials at a news conference earlier we did start vaccinating yesterday as many of you were there and are at one of our other sites and we vaccinated over 2000 children already. >> that this is the first time that we're actually at a school vaccinating the kids where they actually go to school. i think the most important thing is that we want our kids to be here. learning in person next to is that learning time. and we know that the best way to keep them safe is obviously wearing masks. but getting those vaccines in our younger students is incredibly important. >> and the fact that our community can see opportunities to it today. it's just incredible county says that there's no vaccine shortage that got 75,000 doses on hand. now more on the way. >> about a 128,000 newly eligible 5 to 11 year-olds in the county right now. eventually hope that all will get vaccinated is san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
3:36 pm
>> don't forget to set back your clocks on saturday as daylight saving. that time kicks in. we fall back california continues to change clocks twice year despite voters approving a measure that would have been the first step to stopping this practice. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains where that effort stands right now. >> it's been 3 years since california voters agreed to take the first step to stop seasonal time changes in the state proposition. 7 gave the state legislature the power to get rid of them with a 2 thirds vote so long as the changes are consistent with federal law well, californians continue to turn back clocks. the legislature has been stuck on a time debate. it comes down something really simple and anyone can try comb or ask their friends. do you like your and daylight savings time or do you want to get rid of daylight savings time assemblywoman lorena gonzalez, co authored the measure voters approved back in 2018. we have. >> sleep experts. we have some
3:37 pm
medical professionals who think we really need to go to standard time year-round. and then you have a lot of. >> parents in people who like evening activities you really want daylight savings time year round and authority we have as legislators, we have to get through with 2 thirds of the vote. so we haven't been able to get legislators to agree on one or the other because there are these long held. preferences before the pandemic hit some state lawmakers tried to get a measure passed that would have put california on permanent daylight saving time. but it stalled only thing we could do immediately to change it is by 2 thirds vote decide to go to standard time year-round. and i just haven't seen us have the votes to do that. it really everything that's happened the last couple of years, maybe put this topic on the back burner. a little bit for the legislature. >> a little bit. but i actually had an expert reach out to me and they said, you know, covid reminded us that we should be outside more are you know that we were outdoor dining and part of that is stabilizing time change
3:38 pm
outdoor. >> i don't know if it's winning argument will try again to to get something through the federal government must approve any permanent switch to daylight saving time efforts to keep it year round are also stalling in congress in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> let's talk about our weather forecast now is to take a live look outside here across the bay bridge looking out towards the east bay shoreline that rain moved in overnight, not even sure if anyone noticed it except if you woke up this morning and all your halloween decorations were soaked again. so what does the weekend look like kron four's or carrier is here now with details on what can expect for the rest of the day today and also for the weekend and the next chance of rain. that's coming next week i write about that. just teen while we're drying up, we don't expect rain tonight as well as tomorrow that system gave us a little over half an inch up in mill valley but let's take a look at futurecast now and see what we can expect these next few
3:39 pm
days. you see another round of showers that will be approaching the very northern tip of california there tomorrow just before 3 o'clock now this system will not go past the north bay at most. you could see a few sprinkles on saturday from the system. >> but the rest of the bay area. expect cloudy conditions on that day because of that area of low pressure moving through. we're also going to see snow fresh powder on saturday out in the sierra and then it does dry up sunday. not a bad time to travel back and forth that day. the next system approaches monday night here in the bay area. now we're going to actually see more rain from this system versus this last one that we saw early this morning and that goes on and off throughout the day and then starts to dry out tuesday night. so stick around. we'll have more on extended forecast coming up. back to you. thank you so much coming up after the break. tiny hole. >> in the south bay is selling for a very big price. we'll go inside and what you can get
3:40 pm
for your money here. that's next.
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3:43 pm
house was last sold 22 years ago for $250,000. so we do the math. it's about a 75% return on investment. from one house to another. and this one's in southern california where sanitation crews in the city of los angeles are clearing away a big pile of trash in a lot of junk. that's right outside of a home in korea town. you are the story we talked about yesterday right here during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. when you see the pictures again, you'll know what we're talking about for years. neighbors have been complaining about the stench and rodents coming from this house and at last check, nearly 6 truckloads of debris have already been cleared out from the home. but most of the home's driveway and front yard are still buried under what they're saying is 8 to 10 feet high of a wall of just goods. the man that's believed to be collecting the items which includes refrigerators tables
3:44 pm
mattresses boxes. yes, they even found a kitchen sink or 2. they're saying he lives in that home with his mother and neighbors have had reservations about approaching the sun about the mask because they were concerned about possible mental health issues. >> we have county mental health here. also just to have be ready on standby for resources if they ask for services and help families that deal with this daily. 24 7. they don't know what to do. they call the police. and that's where our assessment teams are. smart. team comes out to give them referrals on how to reach out to county resources or even nationwide resources. >> the entire process is expected to take several days and we are going to keep an eye on it here and check on the final result stirring. kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. we will have updates. for sure. want to see how the sense. still ahead, what you need to know before you go, what travelers need to be aware
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3:48 pm
happened on the 1400 block of hate officers from the park station responded there. this is not far away from like the main drag in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. it's right there in the scene. what we do know right now is that we are getting information about a suspect description. no information that has been released right now. now the shooting happened around 1 o'clock this afternoon right near haight street and the sonic avenue. that's just a block away from buena vista park, anyone with information is being asked now to come forward a number of witnesses according to our reporter who got information from san francisco. police that there were a number of rounds that were shot. but police are looking to determine that right now. they're looking in the area right now for any evidence kron four's amanda hari is there on the scene she's working to get us more information. but again, the breaking news we have here is there's been a shooting, a deadly shooting in san francisco. one person has now died and another person is being treated in the hospital right now. you can go to kron
3:49 pm
4 dot com for updates throughout the day. now customs and border protection is making sure non-essential travelers up to speed before some rules are put in place that were put in place during the pandemic lifted next week. reporter salvador rivera vieira lays out what people can do to cut down and wait times at the border. >> another day, another 20,000 pedestrians walking into the united states through the san ysidro port of entry on november 8, the number of border crossers is expected to increase as essential travel restrictions are lifted for people with jesus who are fully vaccinated that we lift restrictions. we are expecting an increase in travelers and we also expecting an increase in wait times. >> we asked that travelers be patient with their officers and assist us in speeding up the process moises castillo is the officer in charge at the san ysidro port of entry.
3:50 pm
>> he met with the media to discuss the pending arrival of travelers on tourist visas who have not been able to cross the border to shop visit family or other non-essential reasons since march of 2020. if you're a visa holder traveling for nonessential reasons. you can verbally a test for new clear at primary to the cbp officer. has your vaccination status. >> we ask that you do not wait for the officer to ask you the question as a way to expedite crossings. ceo said fully vaccinated travelers with jesus should declare immediately. they have gotten their shots and be ready to prove it. not all travelers will be asked for proof of vaccination. but all travelers will be required to have proof of vaccination at the time of entry into the united states. these requirements do not apply to mine are 17 the ceo is also asking travelers on these us to avoid ports of entry like san ysidro on
3:51 pm
sunday. some 02:00pm until midnight and monday through friday from 4 to 10:00am the essential travel restrictions will be lifted as of midnight early monday morning november 8 for ports of entry that are open 24 7 people can cross into the u.s. as soon as the border crossings open up in the morning summary of border report. >> let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside at san francisco international airport. kron four's erica caturay. tracking some more rain coming this week. but a nice clear shot here. erica. yeah, you're right about that. as well as out in the sierra. this is castle peak seeing blue skies i know is pretty gray earlier. we also had some rain out there. it was windy as well saw some strong gusts that lake wind advisory still in effect. however. >> winds have gone down. this is the lightest of seen actually out in south lake tahoe. all guests under 20 miles per hour right now. if
3:52 pm
you're planning on heading in that direction for the weekend. i'd say best time to travel is friday and sunday. we will be getting some rain and some snow on saturday out in the sierra. if you're heading out to other parts of the country for this weekend. this is the next 24 hours. looks like we're going to get some heavy rain out there in florida, south carolina that region getting lightning and thunderstorms as well. the northwest a look at those temperatures warm. a spot looks like arizona should be dry southern california as well. not expected to get any rain high temperatures here in the bay area looking at 60's tomorrow 66 in livermore, mid 60's for san francisco and 67 for redwood city. so here's our extended forecast for the upcoming week as we were mentioning earlier, you could see some sprinkles saturday morning for the north bay specifically and it should be dry sunday and next chances of rain for the rest of the bay area such as the east bay and peninsula looks like monday night into tuesday morning.
3:53 pm
stay with us. we'll have more news after the br veterans
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
day is fast approaching and kron. 4 wants to shine a spotlight on the bay area. men and women who have served in the military. >> so you can submit a photo of a service member. you'd like to honor on our website. kron 4 dot com just upload their picture along with their name rank branch of service and home town and you'll be able to find a link on our
3:56 pm
homepage that is kron 4 dot com and there will be featuring those on our website and try to get some picks right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. thanks to all of you for your service. let's check in now with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> a half-million dollar payout to illegal immigrants was president biden telling the truth when he said no chance and we'll introduce you to the parents with a war chest dedicated to getting republicans on school boards that's on ballots. now, here's a look at dan abrams live. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. new jersey's governor squeaks by. but the poll said he had a major lead. what has happened to polling in america. that's tonight. and dan abrams live. >> and you can watch tonight on the fastest growing cable news network in america. but as news nation and you can find it on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. but the news is not.
3:57 pm
and right here. our coverage will continue at the top of the hour. starting at 4 on the kron on app. here's a look at what's coming up. it's not a hernia will be talking with local organizers of a diwali celebration. we're also going to bring you more of buster posey's full retirement announcement. we talked about it a little bit at the top of the show at 3 o'clock. but we'll have much more on that. >> so just use your phone to scan this qr code right now and you'll be able to check it out. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. see you right back here tomorrow. have a good one. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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