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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 4, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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end of an era in san francisco as buster posey is expected to announce his retirement today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> let's take a look. see know james talk about we should have video from this morning. everybody was sleeping when you're driving to work and it was way different. a wet on the bay bridge heading in this morning at about 4.15. but look at nice almost in a serial looking shot there with the golden light of sunrise coming up over the east bay hills do want that's where the today. >> i was just realizing as a proclaimed, the rain is gone. john said a mother nature because i wore the flour. its grand mother problem and not yeah. haha, i'm not technically, but correct. it
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could be more well, it is startup called that because she is mother we've got to agree on that. >> it is definitely a change of pace starting one of the rain to be gun. and suddenly there's the sunshine. >> we did see overnight showers mother nature worked in our favor and this one giving us rain fall into our evening hours for early risers wasn't the easiest of commutes. but we have certainly seen improvements. your view outside right now at the embarcadero in the bay bridge. looks great. the birds are enjoying it for sure. we are going to be looking at more and more sunshine gradually through the day. we do have a couple of misty spots near the coastline but cloud cover is really clear it out quickly on this morning. san jose, you are one of our last spots to hold on to showers. those are long gone and the north bay. you are one of our for spots to clear out and have since remained clear 50's and 60's for those current temperatures. san francisco and conquered each right at 60 oakland and alameda as well as hayward. each at 61 more about this dry rest of your day and our next chance of rain. still to come.
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first, though, on over to it is damp out there is that having an impact. absolutely. we've seen hot spots all over the place. for the most part, our bridges. >> are all pretty backed up the san mateo bridge richmond center fell bridge and the bay bridge headed across towards the peninsula. we had a disabled vehicle here. we're up to about 60 minutes on our drive in the last hour. now they removed that vehicle. 35 minutes. so that's cut still pretty long commute heading into the city, a disabled vehicle on the bay bridge and slick conditions. 24 minutes for your drive. once you do hit the may's to make it to that fremont street exit. there's an accident on the richmond. sandra fell bridge 5.80, westbound. and there was also a disabled vehicle. so about 23 minutes as you're heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell. it's pretty slow long or how is israel with this low is traveling from crockett down towards the maze 46 minutes target. james, back to you. thank you raise 8. '02, on our top story this morning. tributes and condolences pouring in for alameda county
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supervisor wilma chan. yeah, she was struck and killed by a car in alameda yesterday while she was walking her dog in the morning. >> later died at the hospital and they're been ongoing concerns about speeding and traffic safety in that area. so let's hear about that from kron four's, camila barco this morning. she's in alameda. good morning. >> so everyone that we've spoken to this morning says that speeding is a problem here in alameda something needs to be done about it. according to a local organization called of bike walk out the media. they say the number of deaths on the streets due to traffic violence doubled in 2020. now investigators say that a car struck can while walking her dog yesterday morning in alameda. she suffered a serious head injury paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she later died. the driver of the car remained on scene and is cooperating with the investigation. many people
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offered their people say that jan was a champion for inclusion and equity. however, at this time it's unclear if speeding played a role in this crash. but it has been a factor in other wrecks earlier this summer. a drunken driver killed a former bay area news director. as he was walking the streets of alameda. if you take a look at this video. this is from september. a driver sped past a stop sign and sent an suv flying off the road and into a home that happened on camp ridge and for inside that crash killed a 27 year-old man and sent another person to the hospital a are demanding something change. the city did install automated stop signs to deter people from racing up and down that street that i mentioned. but neighbors say drivers have ignored it and they're asking for police to step up patrols. now, as i said, we've been speaking to people here in alameda about the the speeding issue here is what one resident had to say. basically
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what's happened is that, you know, people in her ear distracted wrist. rest bring green. >> and you know, element is always had a, you know, emphasis on a 25 mile an hour speed zone. you know, i think people are frustrated by that. but sometimes there's a really great purpose and i would say one of the benefits of covid is that it's been forced slow down. and i just we need to stay there. the more kindness little work, you know, taking some time. >> a little more kindness on the roads. yeah. that was tricia emerson. she is in alameda resident has been living here for quite a while. she was talking about that 25 mile per hour limits. that is what is the limit here on these roads. she and other people that i've spoken to this entire morning say that drivers are ignoring that speed limit summer going 40 some people have to be that the scene, even people driving as. fast as 60 miles per hours here in alameda. and that is not a good sign because of course, that can lead to accidents. they're saying that
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police should step up enforcement when it to people driving on the roads. deiah james, back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot me. a lot. it is 8. '05, and the breaking news this morning on the national front is that the biden administration now has set a january 4th deadline for large companies to make their employees, make sure that their employees, their employees are vaccinated for covid-19. if they don't get vaccinated then they'll be required to take weekly tests this new rule, of course, will affect 10's of millions of americans who work at companies that employ more than a 100 people. the federal government says the companies who fail to comply with these new rules. well, they could see fines upwards of $14,000 per violation. workers are going to be asked, for example, who ask for exemptions on medical or religious grounds could be granted that this new rule. let's face. it will probably end up in the courts may end up going all the way to the supreme court. so we'll see what happens. >> time now is 8. '06, and happening today. mobile clinics are going to start rolling out the vaccine for the little kids. 5 to 11 years
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old at and around schools in santa clara county. we told you about this. let yesterday live here on the kron 00:00am morning news where they first started giving out the shots at the santa clara county fairgrounds. and it's not just the fairgrounds are going to be county run sites offering shots by appointment only. they want to make it as convenient and easy for families as possible. >> but we anticipate that we'll have enough vaccine enough capacity among the different vaccine providers in our county to be able to accomplish vaccination of this group within the next several weeks. >> and they're doing the same in the north bay. there's a vaccine at the northgate mall in sandra fell, a clinic there. that is for the little kids to get the shots but doesn't start until next tuesday through saturday. but you should check on making an appointment there. and there's also several schools in marin county that are going to be offering vaccination sites as well. and same thing in contra, costa county. they are going to be rolling out shots. they have 20,000 doses of children's covid vaccine and
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they're going to start getting those doses to kids tomorrow. and today you can start making appointments at the various clinics in antioch conquered richmond. we have a list of every where you can get the kids vaccinated on kron 4 dot com. >> well, now that we have reached that point where children, young children are getting vaccinated. they too, will soon have to comply with certain vaccine mandates in san francisco, for example, right now we have people 12 and older having to verify their vaccination status if they want to go indoors at places like restaurants and the warriors games. but before that mandate is applied to these younger children. san francisco's health officer doctor susan philip says she wants to give us some time for parents to actually get their kids vaccinated. >> there will be a limited time in which there will not be those requirements are planned, but that at some point 5 to 11 year-olds will also have to show proof of vaccination to access some of those same setting. so that will happen. no sooner than about 8 weeks after the vaccine is available to kids.
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>> governor newson says k through 12 students will be required to be fully vaccinated for in-person learning once the fda issues full authorization of the vaccine. >> muster says it's time the end of an era expected today in san francisco as the giants catcher buster posey is expected to say he's done retiring is going to be sad day for fans. we've well, he's been around a long time. >> with the giants, eli only one team since he was drafted 12 years ago and i was the giants. he led the team to 3 world series titles and now. >> now what's going to drive
8:10 am
in he could drive his kids to he our poll and share his wife would mind that minivan, he's the best closing get 4 kids. a former mlb dot com dji's reporter chris have says busters. one of the best. >> he leads a pitching staff will better just been the catcher in baseball. his intangibles degrees thing. he put up to this put some numbers. click numbers, particularly in 2012 when he won the batting championship and the mvp award. but you know, being able to. to get along with such deal disparate people in my madison, bumgarner and 2 months to come know these guys are as good as did this because they were the poster behind the plate, leading them. mister chris to the franchise ever had. to just 2 games group. most grueling position. we've that's i think that's a large reason why he's so he's retiring because the game has taken so much out of him physically. still has to be a husband. and the father.
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>> he still has a few years left his 34 and he has 4 kids so they have their hands full 2 sets of twins the older twins are now. i think 10 but the little ones. remember he took the covid year off right. their brand new. they were a new born really adopted him. and he said that he kept shape by chucking diapers at the wood ball. upfield diaper. you know, when it was ready for the trial and send it to his of sunythen put in the trip. so, you know, is and he can't seem to work well, because you did great last year. you last from now, just buster posey and dad jeans et do all the normal start after all look at this resume. he's a shoe in for the hall of fame for sure. i mean, when you're talking 3 time world series champions mvp about. i like that idea of so he has a career as a player. >> then he has this career as a dad was home and work for the kids and then he could come back as a fact my all-time dream to see him come back in head up the giants beat the skipper. 10 year,
8:12 am
1015, years from now. 8.11 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. there's been a spike in car burglaries and one san francisco neighborhood and they are taking matters into their own hands. what are they doing? >> and after the break as well. a bay area woman survives a bear attacked a bear that broke into her cabin in tahoe. we'll have the amazing story coming up. and some sunshine making its way through that blanket of clouds epo. that's going to drier roadways and the for that matter. later on today. more and more that sunshine some highs in the 60's. >> talking about our next rain fall in your forecast and those slick conditions of cars slowness across most of all of our bridges were also seen.
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know, when you have something so bad, you like try this. and i want to see what you think is kids don't need these anymore. will do that during the break circus peanuts like the candy just for that reason because they were just right old and no, because i needed people to travel try go ahead just a right not to check in 2 minutes. weather, then you can have a k that all enjoy i will not be able to it is definitely cloudy out there this morning. but not around me any more of those showers have moved out. san jose in fact, was one of our last spots to be holding on to rain. >> obviously not so much anymore. just a little bit of cloud cover for a few pockets and a couple of sprinkles remaining in our upper elevations of the east bay and if you missed the spots near the coastline. north bay. you are for spot to clear out and you do remain clear at this point. showers do remain up in the sierra nevada foothills. we didn't see a lot of snowfall from this weather maker. it's just too warm to be seeing that this is actually a lot of rain in areas like donner pass sunshine for the rest of the day sunshine to start tomorrow but increasingly cloudy on
8:17 am
friday, a few showers along the north coast on friday, bay area and even the north bay remains dry tomorrow saturday. a few sprinkles are possible. we really don't see our next rain fall here in the bay until monday and tuesday of next week. that's when the atmospheric river sets up shop with us again. and we could be seeing some pretty significant rainfall totals. i'm not anticipating what we had about a week and a half ago. but still an impressive storm set up just around the corner 60's for daytime highs across the bay area today compared to yesterday 70's. sure. it is a little bit cooler, but it's really not that big of a difference. it still feels really nice. and we still have the sunshine this afternoon so despite damp conditions for your morning commute, which i do want you to slow down 4. really the rest of the day looks really good. friday is just the opposite. today. we start with the clear skies tomorrow and will end on a cloudy or no saturday. mostly cloudy couple sprinkles possible. the real rain arrives monday into tuesday with the heaviest of it monday night into tuesday. reyna tom, thank you for that. a lot of problems out there in hot spots still as you're heading
8:18 am
into the city right now. >> a little under 22 minutes, we still have a disabled vehicle on the bay bridge. so you want to take your time as you're driving. let's also get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute traveling out of richmond. a little under 15 minutes for you to make that drive. and again, we still do. looks like we have a traffic accident on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge. now we had a disabled vehicle near the high rise here on 92 westbound. they were able to get that off. still drive. times are pretty slow at about 32 minutes. we're checking out some of our highways. you can see red all over the map traveling northbound 8.80, san leandro oakland a little under 30 minutes for you to make that drive. how before heading from one 60 to conquer to 42 a little under 26 minutes and westbound 80 traveling crockett down towards the maze 5.80, about 39 minutes for you to drive dorian james, back to you. thanks rates 18 and we have got an amazing survival story. a 66 year-old doctor from our she is battling stage
8:19 am
4 cancer and she was attacked in her kitchen in lake tahoe by a bear. yeah. incredible proffers dan kerman actually had a conversation with her as she recounts that whole terrifying encounter. >> front nose terrified. >> i was absolutely terrified again, it takes a lot to terrify me. laurel rose fun hoffman curtsy. you see bears in a north tahoe neighborhood before she even snapped these photos but never has she encountered one inside her cabin as she did just before sunrise saturday morning. there was a light. >> from the freezer. shining on them, the bear and he was. food out onto the floor before she could get back to her bedroom. the bear was on her. >> really what i saw was. a paw and i couldn't see. i was just being torn. i couldn't see exactly what was happening. >> eventually the bear went back downstairs and out the door. but the damage had been
8:20 am
done but kaufman kurtz. his body was covered in blood and bruises and puncture wounds. i got to the. >> bedroom and i put my legs straight up against the are more because i was afraid i was bleeding internally. so that i get the blood. send him my central state wildlife officials collected forensic evidence from the bite wounds in hopes of getting a dna profile of the bear. >> they also set up a trap near the victim's home. if we can get that bear in the trap. >> we will do the dna work and try to compare the dna profile from any bear that strapped. and if it is the same bear that has been implicated in attacking this woman will be euthanized if it's not the same area will be released. >> but nothing could suffering from stage 4 cancer and had been at the cabin following around of chemotherapy. she believes bears should be able to live in the wilderness. but she says ones like these must be relocated away from people. >> the brazenness of an attack in an occupied. house is i i
8:21 am
think the. fish and wildlife need to very careful about. the bears that they allowed to still existing communities. curzie says she does plan to return to that weekend. home, but not until that bear is captured. >> in orinda. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> hazing. is she. wow. >> and how amazing are you can you help the local food banks in your area in the east bay. they need your help. they are expecting a lot more demand. >> this holiday season for food from those in need. hundreds of thousands of families rely on the food bank and they love your help. >> 70% more food now than we were before the pandemic that's also something we're keen for its wealth. so part of the pandemic and consul about a quarter million per month. another well over a
8:22 am
million dollars for months. >> wow. so their food costs have gone up. and you know, food is more expensive. you've been to the grocery store and they've had a shortage of volunteers also. and they're trying to manage all through this. you know, covid and everything else. so if you have money or time that you'd like to donate give them a call. the alameda foodbank >> elsewhere in the east bay oakland police now investigating a local chefs mobile kitchen that was stolen. this was early monday morning that it happened right along newton avenue in the lake merritt district. legal guy is his name. he says his truck was stolen right outside of his apartment while he was out shopping for groceries. he tells us he bought that mobile kitchen with stimulus money he received any started that catering business during the pandemic as a way of providing for his son. >> a lot of my equipment was. what these 2 hands. my passion is also giving back. so. every week i up to 3 to 400 male
8:23 am
sports city of oakland alameda county. >> if you have any information that might help police track down where his truck is. let them know he needs it back. it's 8.22. >> and coming up on the kron 4 morning news the attorneys for one of the people involved in the deadly movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. now says that the incident was says that the incident was sabotage will tell you how. alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. i was born in hawaii, but i'm not really from there.
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08:25am and tonight is the night that dave chappelle is going to perform at the chase center it's the controversy regarding his latest. >> netflix special that some say is transphobic last month netflix employees had a job protest because they were upset about the special and they demanded better support for transgender employees. chappelle did address the backlash, but he remains on a iq at 7 o'clock tonight. he's going to screen his new untitled documentary at the chase center and then go on stage and perform for his fans. >> national headlines this morning. there are new allegations now of sabotage on the new mexico movie set of rust where a deadly shooting happened last month attorneys for the film's armorer hannah gutierrez-reed suggest that her equipment may have been tampered with. she's the one who's responsible for all weapons on set and they claim that she did her job. so someone else must have snuck live ammunition into a box of dummy rounds that she was using. actor alec baldwin. as
8:27 am
we know, accidently fired one of those rounds killing the film's cinematographer and injuring its director. both baldwin and gutierrez-reed are cooperating with the investigation. we'll take a break it's a 26 coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the las vegas raiders. >> as a team now are responding after their former receiver is arrested for a deadly drunk driving accident. we'll have reaction coming up in a minute.
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>> joy. 9 right now and take a live look here at coit yeah, well, still there that. but we like observe kind of conditions. yes, it looks a little gray this morning. we woke up to some showers. you may, you know, travel through it as you're out about this morning. john says i think both was pretty much john. yeah, it's done. now. the rain has pushed out. now we're just left with the damp conditions on the roads and a little bit of the gray depending on where you're talking anyways. >> some sunshine is coming out in pockets for sure, but not at the berkeley hills just yet. this view still looks not to send me your berkeley hills view looking down at the city. definitely great and also definitely damp. so just give yourself a few extra minutes on the roads even though rainfall is done roadways are wet and slick. some misty conditions near the coastline. sunshine coming back out for the south bay between some of those low clouds north bay also getting some sun between the clouds now, which is certainly nice after what was much needed rainfall this morning that is scooted out rather quickly dry conditions.
8:31 am
the rest of the day. we're already in the 60's for a lot of the bay and will peak in the upper 60's later on into the afternoon talking. our next round of rain, which is much more significant. still ahead reyna. john, thanks to that. it looks like for the most part, we're still seeing some slowing across our bridges. >> the bay bridge is the only one i'm tracking right now that still has some sort of disabled vehicle there as you're traveling into the city. a little under 22 minutes now, we've had other issues like the richmond center fell bridge. you had an accident here. they have successfully been able to clear that off of the bridge were down to 14 minutes for your drive as you're heading across towards sandra fell. let's look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. all of this is a 30 minute drive its recovery from that 60 minute commute, though we at bless you earlier as you're traveling across towards the peninsula and the highways that are slow still 5 1880, crockett down to the maze. about 40 minutes, 8.80, northbound stanley injured oakland a little under 35 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks. right now. >> a 31 the time we have some
8:32 am
breaking news to share with you right now. above elementary school in mountain view is closed today because of a threat. apparently this been made against the school. >> yeah. what a short time ago the police department tweeted out that this threat was made early this morning. the school district contacted the police about it and they made the decision to cancel classes at the elementary today amount. the pd says that they're going to have extra officers at out schools today just as. >> a precaution. no other threats have been reported. but there's elementary school. this. this is just, you know, it's a sad sign of the times. and this morning we're also hearing from the oakland raiders after their former receiver henry ruggs was arrested for a deadly dui crash in las vegas killed a woman in another car. as you can see, he was injured. so is his girlfriend. he has been so far formally charged with 2 felony counts, including dui, resulting in death and reckless driving. prosecutors say he was driving more than a 156 miles per hour when he slammed into that other car and started mentioned there
8:33 am
was a woman in that other vehicle who died at the scene 23 year-old woman yesterday raiders interim head coach rich sasha said that the accident is horrible for everybody. we're deeply saddened. for everyone affected, especially. the victim's family. that being said. we love him. the ropes. >> want to know that. his terrible lapse in judgment. well, the most horrific kind. it's something that i have to live with the rest of his life. >> he is due back in court on november 10th. and meantime, the question is what how will the charges amount because the da's office in las vegas at this point is waiting to see if there's more evidence to allow for filing another gun-related charges. there could be more coming roads. his girlfriend also was in the vehicle with him. she suffered injuries. so there could be the possibility of another dui charge in there as well. but there's also possible defenses very a criminal defense attorney paula canny has more
8:34 am
about what that could be. >> really d-ny cases. we're super complicated blood analysis is complicated. you know, breath analysis to determine blood alcohol content is complicated. i you know, i don't know what's going to happen because i don't know. i mean, if you're going to it may be if they're going to advance a defense that the reason the car was traveling. so fast is because there was a mechanical problem with the gas pedal. >> and again, paula canny isn't affiliated with the defense at all. she's just or speculating on what possible lines of arguments. there could be. ruggs is facing up to anywhere from 2 to 20 years in prison if convicted. and that could go up again if more charges are added. >> it's a 34. and today, should the man who attacked in oakland chinatown leader go to prison or to a mental hospital. 25 year-old james lee ramsey is going to be sentenced today for hitting
8:35 am
chinatown chamber of commerce president karl chan in the back of the head welsh and was walking down the street in april because ramsey suffers from mental illness. some say prison isn't the answer. he needs help. >> rain. he needs support. he needs wrap around services. he needs a facility that is not mired in violence and pew candidate behavior modification that i guess is what you would call it. and he needs to be put somewhere where you can think he can figure out they can figure out how to stabilize him. the judge could order ramsey to serve up to 4 years in prison or service time in a secure mental health facility and. >> karl chan is going to provide a victim impact statement today. >> in san francisco's marina district safety concerns are leading neighbors now to hire their own private patrolling officers. so patrol they're called patrol special police alan barrett is one of them. and he says that smashed car windows home burglaries robberies are all really
8:36 am
adding up for the community and they've been hiring him at record rates. he says he's added 50 to 60 more private clients since the pandemic began. so he's got a 165 clients now that each pay him $65 a month to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. >> since the pandemic from last i've gotten a lot more calls, a lot more e-mails and increased people in the basically scared about what's going on. they see radio reports what's on social media and they don't feel safe in their neighborhoods. >> unlike private security patrol police officers are authorized by the city to make arrests and they wear uniforms. similar to sfpd. >> it's a 36 in the south bay. no charges are going to be filed against the 19 year-old man was suspected of shooting and killing a teenager at a halloween party in gilroy. it
8:37 am
happened saturday at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca armand are as police arrested the 19 year-old benjamin calderon whose her second cousin. and in a statement, the santa clara county district attorney's office says that they declined to file charges, but they are still investigating. a southwest airlines pilot is cited with assault and battery for a fight with a flight attendant over face mask said this happen off duty last month at a bar in a san jose hotel where they were discussing facemasks said the 2 of them and that was that. we have no details about this it just happened while they were staying at this hotel for a layover and they were at the bar. the pilot is placed on leave while this investigation continues and southwest airlines has responded with a memo to staff asking them to be respectful of others while off duty. >> well, police officers stationed at sfo will have a new training center now to use
8:38 am
its design so that different agencies actually can use it when they need it and it includes things like a shooting range they have an observation tower and part of the idea is to elevate the level of preparedness there at the airport. and that's what we heard from sfo spokesperson doug yakel. >> and one of the important things about securing our facility is getting these agencies to work collaboratively together. and that's really what this building is all about. it's about bringing a place where people can train collectively work on their tactics and really foster that collaboration and teamwork. >> yeah. the facility also includes classrooms and they have equipment maintenance areas as well. >> it's 8.38. and still ahead, the warriors get another win at home and now they're 6, 1, we'll have the highlights. plus state lawmakers are trying to solve the problem of all that stuff back to the courts. >> that you've been waiting for that. you ordered. it is still area they've got some answers and solutions.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
find places to put all this stuff. so many problems. they held a hearing in sacramento to try to figure out how to solve the supply chain. chaos. they say that it's sort of a perfect storm increased consumer demands. everybody's ordering stuff covid shutdowns. they don't have a lot of workers and a lack of infrastructure. all adding to the trouble with getting the stuff on the store shelves or to your door if it's being delivered. lawmakers say yes, these reasons all make sense. the problem is they can't find an easy solution. >> but this is a multifaceted problem. there's not one switch. you can flip. >> i was going to laptops in the magazine rack. by the way, i don't always think of the dinosaur is going to put that it's as perfect size. so lawmakers all they have to say is they need a lot. they need equipment to move cargo. they need. >> more data. they need workforce training because we talked about the lack of truck drivers. they need more land to off load cargo short term. they already at the ports like
8:43 am
la and santa barbara working round the clock and the newsom administration says they're working on it. that rhino figure this problem out and maybe by next month they might have some more concrete answers. >> christmas is next. my magazine that they already said to delivery like january i will be right back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> and we're 45 is the time the holiday season really wrapping up at union square in san francisco. there. obviously. pulling out all the stops try to get tourists and visitors to come back. yeah. you're going to pull out this spandex so you can you really can't some uncomfortable james writes, you've got to be able to i know to do the kicks and the turns and all of that as i am sure. >> and they we showed yesterday live the twisties internees and all those things that the pros were doing. yes. and now the regular folks we get out and start enjoying it. i was one arrives and moni that summit was to look fun. yeah. so that the ice rink out there, they're going to try a tree out there. they've got all the trimmings, the decorations on all the store fronts. yeah. it's kind of nice to see haven't seen in a couple years. >> did you sense the everyone here. everybody keeps life and being with the people, friends and family that you love. feel
8:47 am
>> you know, holiday and then my son is the ice skating with that kids after school program. i feel good to be here. >> see sources dunedin just get as a i skated as a kid about as much as i skied, which is do equally well, not at all to stop when it hit the wall. i felt all the time when you're but his sea ice. that's when you stop. hopefully we'll have a better time to make a reservation because they have like time frames that you do it. so just go online and you can put those tickets. alright 19 bucks. so make sure you have that handy. that's what's going right. let's get over to the weather center. good morning, john. maybe a fresh layer of ice on it this morning. last and i'm sure covered it. i don't know how they operate ice rink back in the day when you're a few to fall through the because you a on the lake. yeah. lake different not until but yeah, it was actually pretty warm storm last night. so not only did we see rainfall, of course here in the bay area. but the sierra nevada, some more rain than snow. so that is
8:48 am
something that does change into early next week or next system is going to be colder. >> that's something that our skiers and snowboarders up in the sierra going to love as for this morning, showers have already moved out a little cloudy over the south bay. but you have peaks of sunshine through those clouds right now. overall most of the rainfall is shifted out to the sierra foothills. as for the bay, we're just holding on to or partly cloudy skies. san jose. getting some windows of sunshine between the clouds, the east bay still holding on to a few sprinkles in those upper elevations like around mount diablo and some misty pockets near the coastline. north bay. you are for spots to dry out continuing to be on the drier side of things. now, cloud cover gradually decreases come the afternoon. we have a beautiful and sunny afternoon on tap ahead of us tomorrow starts clear but becomes increasingly cloudy a couple of showers possible for your friday. up in mendocino county. the rest of us in the bay. just get that was passing clouds for your friday saturday. a couple of sprinkles are possible. but besides that we actually stay pretty dry up until monday and tuesday of next week. that's
8:49 am
when another atmospheric river is going to take shape across the bay area and result in some prolonged and at times heavy rainfall again, that's into monday and tuesday of next week in the meantime, we have some 60's increasingly sunny and dry skies to enjoy today. good chance to get back out there. i know roadways are damp this morning so maybe take it a bit easier this morning. if you can work from home and then venture outside and get the air instead later on once conditions of had a chance to dry out some more oakland at 67 sonoma at 68 today. antioch. you'll be one of our warmer spots along with concord in nevado each at 69 for your daytime highs. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's we just become increasingly cloudy later in the day tomorrow after you're clear start on friday saturday mostly cloudy and sunday. we fall back an hour. that's the biggest thing you got to know for sunday, monday and tuesday, you just need to be ready for some heavier rain, especially monday night into tuesday reyna john, thanks for that. i'm looking forward to an extra hour of sleep. >> as you're traveling this morning, we're still pretty
8:50 am
slow out there, but not as low as we were at the start of this morning. we've had several traffic accidents and hazards. we had a disabled vehicle on the bay bridge. but it looks like we're starting to improve in terms of drive times a little under 23 minutes for you to make your way into the city to at least that fremont street exit checking out the richmond center fell bridge or we had an accident here that's been clear. now we're down to under 15 minutes for your drive time as you're heading across towards sandra fell. let's check out the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 23 minutes for you. there. and 5.80 still fairly slow. last time we checked in. it was a little under 15 minutes. now we're down to 34 traveling crockett down to the maze. 34 minutes, 8.80, silly and oakland about 30 for your drive time. daryn. james, back to you. thank you. right. >> so veterans day is a week from today and ahead of the holiday. we're honoring men and women who served our country. kerry o'brien has the story. >> it's got, you know, special
8:51 am
gloves on it, whether it's through his nonprofit reach that provides adaptable bikes to disabled children and or with his dog tag memorial honoring the more than 7,000 troops last in the global war on terror. every single one of the stakes as a story of behind retired army ranger james howard is giving back to his community. >> and never forgetting the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice a my injury, a blessing by misfortune. howard was wounded serving in iraq and ultimately left paralyzed in a diving accident. >> his injury has never stopped him. he founded veterans and athletes united. they built this traveling memorial it's 28 feet wide by 6 feet tall. it recently on display in new york city for the 20th anniversary of 9.11. that's been the 50 plus locations. howard says he get so many requests for this traveling memorial. >> not just here on the east coast, but across the country.
8:52 am
he would really like to have a duplicate made that could be stationed in the west. >> we get requests from phoenix san diego, san francisco. all over out west for veterans voices. i'm kerry o'brien. >> and to find more stories honoring veterans just scan this qr code. it'll take you to that spot on our website. we'll be right back. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults
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>> a 54 and a lot of fun for the warriors because they won at the did. that's always fun. they were hosting the charlotte hornets, jordan poole came areas loving every minute of it. 31 points. he put up from the had an off night only finished with 15 points. but in the end, you know, when you win, you win and by the end, it can we see the score there. one 14 to 92. yeah. oh, my gosh. i know you got caught up in this game. yes, after you are watching a murder mystery show. yes, had a weird dream last night it was a murder at the chase center are trying to solve it before the warriors game again. that's what was going on in my dreams. dream. so funny weird as our anyway 55 will be right back. i like the dream. better than the game. yeah. still ahead, we're following covid shots for your kids. >> and proof of vaccination. that's going to be needed will tell you when and how parents are reacting. and a bay area
8:56 am
woman survives a bear attack. this bear broke into her house up in was a terrifying experience and she lived to tell the tale and people across the state are mourning the death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. she was struck and killed stuck harm. we're going to have more on this neighborhood. the concerns there. live report.
8:57 am
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the more cheddar, the better. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> breaking news is just been confirmed dead 3 o'clock this afternoon. buster posey is going to make it official and announced his retirement from the giants. yeah. that timeline just coming in. the announcement. >> at oracle park. we're going to be there, of course, as we say, goodbye to buster posey's career as a giant, as the fans say, goodbye, then with the
9:00 am
team. well, since the beginning just the only. that's him 12 years ago he was drafted. he led the team to 3 world series titles. >> and now he instead of driving in home runs. you could drive his kids to their practices or school or whatever had former mlb dot com giants reporter chris haft talking about. >> but he said busters one of the best ever. he leads the pitching staff will better and just been the catcher in baseball. >> his intangibles degrees thing. he put up to this and put some numbers. click numbers, particularly in 2012 when he won the batting championship and the mvp award. but you know, being able to. to get along with such, you know, disparate people on the madison, bumgarner and 2 months to come know these guys are as good as look at this because they were poster behind the plate leading to chris to the franchise ever had. to just 6 games group. most


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