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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 3, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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alameda county supervisor wilma chan has died after being hit by a car. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. >> i'm pale more and i'm ken wayne chan was struck while walking her dog near shore line drive in grand street just after 8 o'clock this morning, kron 4 ella sogomonian live for us in our newsroom tonight with the latest l a. >> well, just as you said, the investigation is now underway and the driver has been cooperating to learn exactly what caused the woman behind the wheel to run in touch and early this morning. the district 3 supervisor represented alameda, san leandro, parts of oakland san lorenzo hayward acres in ashland alameda. police say the chain was hit in that intersection of shoreline drive in grant where she was found lying in the roadway when they arrived, she died later in the afternoon at highland hospital because of a serious head injury. senator nancy skinner is calling chan a trailblazer from being the first asian american to win a seat on the oakland school
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board to serving as the first asian american state assembly majority leader. she's credited for championing working class family issues and saving san leandro hospital from closing for 30 years. in public service. chan advocated for children families. the elderly affordable housing and health care for uninsured people. governor gavin newsom's office has released this statement tonight saying we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of alameda county supervisor wilma chan for decades of service to the community. championing health care affordable housing and support for families has touched the lives of many. our thoughts are with her loved ones at this time. chan is survived by 2 children as well as 2 grandchildren. and in the coming weeks alameda public works along with the transportation planning department. we're going to be reviewing the collision site as well as details from the investigation to discuss any potential safety interventions. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. all right. allan, much more to learn about this case. thank you for that report. that's not the only breaking
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news we're following tonight. >> there are reports circulating that the beloved san francisco giants will officially retire tomorrow at right this bombshell decision probably will catch a lot of giants fans off guard, especially says buster posey was just coming off of an all-star season. our sports director jason dumas is here to explain the situation. jason, you guys at the surface when you hear the moose buster posey retirement is kind of jarring because he's such an icon in this city. but when you dig into it a are you kind of like. >> okay. i can see it outside of steph curry buster posey is the biggest sports figure in this city barn on in. some would say even more so. the resume it speaks for itself. 3 time world series champ an mvp award 7 time all-star selections, a gold glove and a silver slugger. for silver sluggers, i should say. but it appears he's stepping away from the game. the giants
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drafted posey 5th overall in the 2005 mlb draft. he quickly endeared himself to the fan base for his toughness, steady play and championship pedigree. he truly is a coach on the field. and while his retirement may have caught some fans off guard. if you cover him regularly you can see why family has always been important to posey. but you get a sense that as of late, he really wanted to spend more time around that he opted to sit the year out during the covid shortened season. him and his wife adopted to twin girls in 2020. he has 4 kids total and simply he's accomplished everything he can in the sport. so he sees that he can move on. and guess what, we have continuing team coverage of this story. kylen mills is out in oracle park right now on oak island chatted with some fans. what was the reaction, the catcher. he might be done.
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>> hey, jason, it isn't the end of an era here at oracle park giants catcher buster posey has been the face of this franchise for the last 12 years. he won 3 world series titles was named an all-star 7 times. he was the national league player of the year. in 2012. fans say it's hard to put into words what buster posey means to the people here in san francisco. they say he transcends baseball. >> to all times fans all over the bay. i think think the giants without thing at buster. posey's definitely left his mark. giants history mlb history. of the best catchers that we've had like ever that i've known about the giants. i was actually pretty surprised to see his performance. he did way better than we expected and we could have hoped for anything he went out with a bang and i'm really happy for everything that he's done his career he's done for the bay area. >> giants nation. >> all of the fans we talked with tonight said they were shocked by this news that
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buster posey is set to retire by those reports. however, if you heard from buster after the final game with the giants post season run. he did hint at possible retirement. he mentioned he wanted to spend more time with his family and then to reassess his future. and it looks like he's going to retire a legend here at oracle park. for now we're live in san francisco. kylen mills, kron 4 news. >> thank you, cuyler for that report. now. >> that's one thing. she's right about. he's retiring a legend will never have to pay for a but one thing that is is great. obviously the giants didn't win the world series this year. they had hoped to do so. such a great year, but he still retiring on a high note he was an all-star. he just was named a few days ago and al comeback player of the year and his team a franchise record, a 107 wins this season. it was a magical season. we were all along for the ride. so he still leaving at the top. and it was a great
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sendoff to always consider such a good guy kind of squeaky clean you couldn't get a better image for a ball player exactly really is the end of an era. but a great era and it's not look back upon like people will be said that he's obviously, but proud that they got to watch him for so long. you know, hopefully cooperstown is next for he certainly had the credentials for that absolutely. all right. more sports from you later in the newscast back. all right. thanks, jason. >> now to our coronavirus coverage and we start in the north bay marin county says that it is ready to give children vaccine shots starting on saturday. the county started making plans to administer those shots to the 5 to 11 age group long before the final approval was even given children will be given 2 shots, 3 weeks apart. the dosage is a 3rd of that given to adele's and the vaccine comes at an orange cap vile as opposed to the purple one's for adults. the vaccine clinic at the northgate mall in
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sandra fell will offer shots to children tuesday through saturday and schools are also gearing up to be vaccination sites. just one site northgate shopping center starting on saturday will have about 400 appointments by appointment. only for children. >> it's also open for adults who want to get booster doses and flu shots will be mixing our kids and our adults and this set and the setting in other places will be doing it just for kids like miller creek school. we have a 1000 appointments on saturday, a 1000 appointments on sunday by appointment only and then other sites throughout the county. >> for parents with questions. doctor matt willis says that there will be a town hall meeting is tonight. in fact, at 6.30 starting about 23 minutes from now where you can get all of questions answered by him and fellow pediatricians, san francisco start vaccinating children on saturday. the vaccines will be available to a 100 different sites and doctors offices pharmacies, community health clinics as well as neighborhood and school vaccine clinics. the san
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francisco unified school district will host 4 of those clinics, the dates and times and locations are there on your screen also have them posted on our website. kron 4 dot com. we've also learned that walgreens will start getting the covid vaccine to children, starting saturday. you can start scheduling an appointment today. more appointment times will be made available in the coming weeks as the stores receive more doses of the vaccine for children and cbs says it will begin giving out the shots on sunday at more than 200 locations in california. cbs is accepting appointments right now. the pharmacy says that all children must be accompanied by an adult in the south bay santa clara county public health officials among the first in the bay area to open vaccination sites today. well, for us, rob fladeboe witness some of the first shots in san jose. >> a day after the covid-19 vaccine was officially approved for kids ages 5 to 11 many wasted no time getting vaccinated against covid-19.
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among the first to get the shot was 11 year-old. evan weinswig of menlo park. >> i was just completely excited. i just wanted it to happen right then and there and it was it. it was incredible. santa clara county is among the first in the region to offer the vaccinations at county run sites like the fairgrounds by day's end. the county expected to have vaccinated more than 2000 of the newly eligible kids will be no. this age group is certainly had we don't yet know that much about the long-term effects of covid in this age group. >> so i am happy to see that they'll have an added layer of protection. >> the fairgrounds. another county run sites are by appointment only so far mobile clinics will offer doses near schools. beginning thursday. a little dose vaccine for kids requires 2 shots, 3 weeks apart. but we anticipate that we'll have enough vaccine enough capacity among the different vaccine providers in our county to be able to accomplish vaccination of this group within the next several weeks.
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>> some of the kids needed a little coaxing to sit still for the shot. >> but there were coloring books play areas consider its staff to make the experience less scary. but for the most part, the rule of was a smooth one with both children and their parents eager to get the shot as a step toward getting back to normal we've definitely talked a lot about it you know, his older brother was already vaccinated to felt really left out. he really was looking forward to the day that they would approve this. and then we can go get it. yes, really been frustrating for me. and i just want to go back to normal. and this is the best way to do >> you sign it was a rough. one of kron 4 news. >> in light of the pfizer vaccine approval for children. anti vaccine demonstrators showed up to san jose city hall today, members of 2 groups, bay area freedom alliance and children's health defense took part in this protest. some believing that
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vaccines do more harm than good. all of them say they do not want the government enforcing vaccine mandates on their children. so with cloud for for the latest details on the covid vaccine for young children. you can scan the qr code to be directed to our web page, focus on coronavirus stories, including a developing story on a nasal covid vaccine and international travel rules. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. and coming up at 6 california lawmakers meeting right now to figure out how to fix the ongoing backlog at the ports across the state. ahead. we'll hear some of their proposals plus cities face chef has his food truck stolen. >> why he says he thinks he was targeted. and a rise in domestic terrorism. we will hear from the fbi about the top motivators and just how many investigations are underway right now. >> and we're tracking a weak storm set arrive to the bay area by the overnight hours before another atmosphere
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>> fbi officials met with congressional lawmakers to discuss an increase in the threat of violence from domestic extremisms over the last 18 months. the agency says it's currently conducting over more than 2700 investigations on domestic violent extremists. many of those cases have been racially and antigovernment motivated.
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republicans say they're concerned the threats are being applied politically. >> the american people are deeply concerned about the politicization of domestic terrorism, domestic terrorism tears at the fabric of this country in ways that extend beyond the lives lost. >> to combat these threats. the fbi says it's continuing to work with social media companies to try to disrupt planned acts of violence in the east bay a popular mobile catering business was targeted by thieves today. the chef owner of the business tells kron four's haaziq why this loss not only affects him but people who are food insecure in the east bay. >> they loaded up with 20 seconds on the black for green ford f one 50. >> and they were out. >> the owner of chef, a little guy little guy is describing the theft of his mobile kitchen trailer that you see here in this photo. it was stolen at around 07:00am
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monday from in front of his apartment on newton avenue in oakland's lake merritt district. he says he was out grocery shopping with his neighbors called him about 2 unknown mid checking out his gear. hey, i see someone by a trailer. >> if in a loaded onto the truck. looks like you. but i'm not sure, you know, is that you and i take that right away. no, that's not me. >> by the time he got home his trailer full of valuable cooking supplies was gun think something like this without you. >> no, no, i did it. >> 38 year-old chef guy says his passion for cooking started as a child preparing food for his family. he says he continued cooking for his friends in college. >> went to court lois m cisco and graduated spring 2011 jeff guy has since worked in several renowned the bay area restaurants. he says he started his catering business during the pandemic as a means to continue providing for his teenage son. >> my passion is also giving back. so.
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>> every week i up to 3 to 400 male sports city of oakland for alameda county anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. >> has might kron 4 news. >> a record number of ships are waiting to unload off the southern california coast. the marine exchange of southern california reports 158 are at the port of long beach alone. that maze. that is the number of ships within 40 miles of the ports out of the 158 ships. 102 are container ships waiting to unload products. that will be sent all over the united states and 44 offshore which ties a record for the most ships waiting outside of the port. some say lawmakers are now sounding the alarm. they say it's time to take action. on the major backup at california's 2 largest port our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains some of the short-term and long-term solutions that state leaders
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are considering. >> it's become clear that this is a multifaceted problem. there's not one switch. you can flip. >> the supply chain crisis and congestion at the 2 largest ports in the country. the ports of long beach and los angeles at the center of wednesday state legislative hearing those 2 california ports are responsible for 40% of the nation's imports and 25% of its exports meeting with the president of california association of port authorities told the select committee on ports in goods movement. the clogging at california ports is happening in part because of the lack of investment by the state is to walk in balance between what's the best and that's made in california. >> other states. the motion. >> so hot in has to be corrected. port officials told lawmakers they need more chase ease or equipment. that helps move cargo more transparent data workforce training and more land to off load cargo short term. >> leaders in the newsom
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administration said wednesday the state is working on identifying that land by december 15th now have robust list of several dozen. >> complications for each of them. but we're kind of working through the questions. officials told the committee the number one issue is getting cargo off of ships. republican lawmakers and the california retailers association pointed to state policies and regulations as contributors to that problem saying repeal everything that we're saying. let's talk about it. conversation about. >> hindering the supply chain and its movement by these regulations. some stakeholders have said those regulations include one that reclassified independent contractors, including truckers as employees and another that regulates warehouse were quote, a u.s. want to look at kuz laws, regulations and ordinances. it's given a fresh look, i think that was some things that will be willing to to to take a look at other things it may be less in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> time now to check out our 4 zone forecast as we give you
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this really stunning shot from the top about is that just gorges you know, water so fortunate the bay, weather forecast. it's got some rain into overnight. but theresa is here with details yet. it's only going to look better tomorrow with everything the air street getting clean things start overnight showers. so let's track this storm hour by hour because radar for tracking clear sky cover. but we are seeing that increase in cloud cover inching its way closer towards santa rosa with are approaching storm. >> to our north currently over eureka with more wet weather set to arrive this weekend and early this upcoming week with a possible atmosphere to influence to it. so let's track all these storms hour by hour, by around midnight tonight, we're going to notice light to moderate downpours making its way into santa rosa and most of the north bay shortly before midnight dry for everyone else in the bay area by around 2 o'clock for your thursday morning.
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widespread light rain throughout the san francisco peninsula and east bay before it eventually makes its way into the south lee 3 to 4 o'clock thursday morning drying out in clearing up by tuesday could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less with this week's storm set to arrive during the overnight hours. but then more wet weather saturday morning in the north. they could possibly make its way south into the south bay by saturday night. bring us about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. and then the main event looking dryer on monday. but tuesday morning, bright and early at 4 o'clock in the morning that some are going to see widespread light showers turning into moderate downpours. this is going to be a weak to moderate atmospheric river not going to be as strong or as intense as october's. but much needed rain continuing through the early morning hours on wednesday. but very dry clear conditions seasonal weather today. widespread 60's and 70's still in the low 70's for paulo alto in fremont.
6:22 pm
everyone else in the bay area in the mid to upper 60's. but overnight lows tonight mid to upper 50's with high temperatures tomorrow 48 degrees cooler than today. novato in the low 70's. but mie 60's around the bay area shoreline and for our inland valleys. and don't forget daylight saving time ends this weekend. so we're going to fall back one hour. back to you, ken and pam. thank you. marie said coming up. if you want to stay warm this winter. we have the top. >> travel destinations in the u.s. where you can save money and stay out of the cold and the national christmas tree makes a stop there in california before heading east where this year's tree came from and why the location hold a special meeting. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough. my joints hurt. i was afraid things were going to get worse. i was always hiding, and that's just not me. not being there for my family, that hurt.
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move, look, and feel better. weather is not for everybody. so if you prefer to stay warm instead of going out and say the snow, for instance wallet hub has released a list that's probably just for you. >> the site is ranking. the best warm destinations for the winter. the report mainly focus on the cost of travel. how much there is to do and how easy it was to get to each destination coming in at number one austin texas. number 2, las vegas in 3rd place. san diego followed by dallas, texas and houston and then san francisco rank 8th san jose came in at 11 and salinas came in at number 22. the u.s. capitol christmas tree made a stop in sacramento
6:26 pm
today as it headed to washington, dc each year. the u.s. forest service provides a tree for the capitol and this year's tree comes from a forest in northern tell wallace talks with the driver as he embarks on a 4,000 mile journey across the country. >> it's called the people's tree grown in the 6 rivers national forest near eureka. this 80 foot white fir or if you go by its nickname sugar bear. he's on a special journey to washington, d c it will be the official christmas tree at the u.s. capitol. but before arriving there it came here to the california state capitol this morning as part of a weekslong nationwide tour. i'm happy. >> just to see that him mario's tip said he had to stop by to see it in person for some early holiday cheer. nice to the beat 3 going to washington, d c everything is he coming forward now on the back of this truck carrying the tree is this map showing the 4,000 mile journey. the tree beginning here in northern california. going to
6:27 pm
southern california, then to the south american midwest and eventually to our nation's capital. the driver of the truck hoping the tree will bring happiness and unity to divided nation. we need some joy after this pandemic is just nice to have some positive that our lives now, hey, we get it. california and submitted a record 15,000 ornaments for the people's tree the tree grown in the region that saw historic wildfires to represent the resilience and fortitude of californians during 2 historic fire season is something that we're very proud california friday. pride. those who came today feel will last through the trees, dc arrival on november 19th. >> and surely market jolly start to the holiday season. >> at the tom lawless. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6, san francisco residents taking security into their own hands. how they're tackling recent break ins. plus, rentals are filling up near lake tahoe. what's driving people to the area right now and how soon you need to book your winter trip.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. position is recovering at home in orinda tonight after being attacked by a bear. yeah. this happened over the weekend at her second home in lake tahoe. >> force. and kermit reports front


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