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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and we begin with the breaking news out of the east bay alameda county supervisor wilma chan has died. >> after being hit by a car. good evening, everybody. and thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 5 o'clock. i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. it happened while she was just walking her dog near shore line drive and grant street. this was just after 8 o'clock this morning. >> the woman driving the car did stay at the scene. is cooperating with police. so
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far no word on how that collision happened. exactly. chance office did release this statement reading in part, quote, during her 30 year career in public service supervisor chan have been a staunch advocate for children families. the elderly affordable housing and health care for the uninsured. chan is survived by 2 children and 2 grandchildren. and we continue to follow this breaking news and bring you any new developments and reaction throughout the evening. >> that is not the only breaking news we have tonight. the athletics, andrew baggaley first reporting that buster posey, the beloved and legendary san francisco giant will officially retire tomorrow. it's a bombshell decision that will probably catch a lot of giants fans off guard, especially since. >> jose was coming off an all-star season. our sports director jason dumas says here, too. explain what we know tonight, jason. yeah, no initially it definitely will catch people off-guard and i'll get into a into a second. >> if you know a little bit
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about buster posey. you can start to see how it makes sense. but still just jarring news for any sports fan here in the bay area outside of steph curry buster posey is the biggest sports figure in this city bar, not the resume speaks for itself. 3 time world series champ and mvp award. 7 all-star selections. a gold glove and the silver slugger. it appears he is stepping away from the game. the giants drafted posey 5th overall in the 2005 mlb draft. he quickly endeared himself to the fan base for his toughness and steady play and of course, winning world series like that. he truly is a coach on the field. and while his retirement may have caught many fans off guard. if you cover him regularly, you can see why family has always been important to bust their. he got it. you got a sense that as of late he wanted to spend more time around them. he
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opted to sit out the year during the covid shortened season him and his wife adopted 2 twin little girls in 2020 has 4 kids total and he simply accomplish everything that one can accomplish in this sport. you kind of just got the sense skies that he's content, you know, even during this past world series run or i should say division championship run in his postgame pressers it. can you kind of got the sense that he was just enjoying the ride. and i know he's very cerebral all the time. but kind of got a little extra cents. yeah, this his comments. but i'm just going to say nice to end on a high note mean, obviously this even in finish as they wanted. but the team set of franchise record winds. he had an all-star season. they really manage to body this year. he's not an everyday player anymore even though he's really good. he kind of sat out every 3 or 4 games just to manage family that takes a pulling into it. i got
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to see is kids and meet his kids after they won that division title. they're all on the field. this person that personalities are huge like busters kind of reserve that at least in the public eye. his kid, his his oldest son is not like that. he was running around and it casts a spell up a fence. the fence, one bottle of a really funny kid. and you know, i'm happy for the guy and we will have coverage all night long. kylen mills is on the story. she's out and about talking to fans and and seeing their reaction, then, you know, there's going to be a lot of nostalgia that we'll hear from the fan base like joe montana, those who never lost a championship that are opportunity. so he's one of the legends in the bay for jason, thanks, jason, very much. >> another big story we're following this evening. the final hurdle has been cleared when it comes to getting the covid vaccine into the arms of children 5 to 11 years old last night. the western states scientific review worker. it's a mouthful that is an
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organization, though, that can give the final seal of approval and that group did so when it comes to the pfizer vaccine. they ruled that it is in fact safe and effective for that age group and santa clara county public among the first to departments in the bay area. >> to open vaccination sites today. kron four's rob fladeboe, a witness. some of the first shots. he joins us live from san jose. rob. that's right. catherine. things are winding down here right now. a big turnout here at first rollout of the pediatric covid-19 vaccine here in santa clara county. >> now all told there's about a 175,000 eligible kids in the county. but the gargantuan task of getting them all vaccinated is off to a good start. let's take a look inside the expo hall here. >> a day after the covid-19 vaccine was officially approved for kids ages 5 to 11 many wasted no time getting vaccinated against covid-19.
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among the first to get the shot was 11 year-old. evan weinswig of menlo park. >> i was just completely excited. i just wanted it to happen right then and there and it was it. it was incredible. santa clara county is among the first in the region to offer the vaccinations at county run sites like the fairgrounds by day's end. the county expected to have vaccinated more than 2000 of the newly eligible kids will be no. this age group is certainly had we don't yet know that much about the long-term effects of covid in this age group. >> so i am happy to see that they'll have an added layer of protection. >> the fairgrounds. another county run sites are by appointment only so far mobile clinics will offer doses near schools beginning thursday a little dose vaccine for kids requires 2 shots, 3 weeks apart. >> anticipate that we'll have enough vaccine enough capacity among the different vaccine providers in our county to be able to accomplish vaccination of this group within the next several weeks.
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>> some of the kids needed a little coaxing to sit still for the shot. but there were coloring books play areas consider of staff to make the experience less scary. but for the most part, the rule of was a smooth one with both children and their parents eager to get the shot as a step toward getting back to normal we've definitely talked a lot about it you know, his older brother was already vaccinated to felt really left out. he really was looking forward to the day that they would approve this. and then we can go get it. yes, really been frustrating for me. and i just want to go back to normal. and this is the best way to do it. >> again. about 2000 of the newly eligible kids in that age got the shot today. that number does not include those getting the shot at a from private health care providers or from local pharmacies tomorrow. they'll be clinic set up at some schools here in the area live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
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>> in light of the pfizer vaccine approval for anti-vaccine demonstrators showed up at san jose's city hall today. members of 2 groups, bay area, freedom alliance and children's health defense took part in that protest. some of them argue that fact scenes do more harm than good. all of them say they do not want the government enforcing vaccine mandates on their children. los angeles mayor eric garcetti has tested positive for covid our city. >> is on a trip to the un climate conference in scotland. he is fully vaccinated said to be feeling good according to his office, he's currently isolating in his hotel room in scotland. an nfl star chico native. cal product. aaron rodgers says also tested positive for covid. there's a twist with this one, though, the packers qb reportedly told his teammates about the positive test this morning. it means he will miss sunday's game against the kansas city chiefs back in august, rogers told
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reporters he'd been amy dice when asked if he was vaccinated. however, today the nfl network was first to report that rogers has not been vaccinated for covid. and that is why he it's definitely going to miss this weekend's game in right now on kron. 4 dot com. get the latest info on all things coronavirus just scan the qr code here. it will take you directly to the special section on our website where you can find all of our covid coverage. >> new at 5 or retired bay area physician is recovering at home in orinda tonight after being attacked by a bear. it happened over the weekend at her second home in lake tahoe, kron four's dan kerman has that story. i heard funk. >> rose von hoffman courtesies talking about how she was attacked by a bear before sunrise on saturday morning inside her cabin in north tahoe after she discovered a bear rifling through her freezer. it happen. so fast.
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>> so fast. very little. it's oh, my gosh. it's a bear. and by the time that gotten to my brain. i was being torn apart in the dark. >> eventually the bear went downstairs and out the door. but the damage had been done and hoffman christie's body was covered in blood and bruises and puncture wounds. >> i have a little angel i don't know why i survived. >> state wildlife officials collected forensic evidence from the bite wounds in hopes of getting a dna profile of the bear. they also set up a trap near the victim's home. if we can get that bear in the trap. >> we will do the dna work and try to compare the dna profile from any bear that strapped. and if it is the same bear that has been implicated in attacking this woman will be euthanized if it's not the same area will be released on hoffman. curtsy is suffering from stage 4 cancer been at the cabin.
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>> following a round of chemotherapy were in their place and they deserve to live in. the wilderness and were in their wilderness. but. it's like good people and bad people. they're good bears and bad bears. this was a bad there. this is a bear who smelled from the streets and upstairs. little bag of all the condos. >> but hoffman curzie says she does have plans to return to that tahoe home, but not until that there is captured. in orinda dan kerman kron 4 news. >> i can't get over was going through her freezer. i can't get over. it was in the dark. >> as getting attacked by a bear and you can't even really a story. i hope she gets well soon. >> on both fronts that cancer and the bear attack is we switch gears and take a live look outside what a beautiful area i mean, that's obviously the golden gate bridge. but it was magical out today from a bridge. so that's a gorgeous view and let me guess more wet weather has is coming. i know.
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hard to believe looking at that live shot out there crystal clear blue skies. but we do have some storm clouds are going to increase throughout tonight. >> bring us another round of wet weather. certainly love the sound of rain at night, especially while i'm sleeping and this is going to be the overnight storms that we all typically favor radar for it. tracking dry clear conditions right now. but just to our north over your weekend. there's a storm that's going to arrive in the bay area overnight with an atmospheric river set to return to the bay area early this upcoming week. so let's track tonight, storm, though, hour by hour, it's going to begin for those of you in the north bay shortly after midnight light to moderate downpours. there still dry for everyone else in the bay area. but then during the overnight hours by around 2 o'clock in the morning that some are going to notice the showers shift from the northwest to the southeast, still dry for those of you in san jose. but you're going to notice those raindrops by 3, 4 o'clock in the morning and that storm going to exit by
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early for your thursday morning and we are tracking upwards of about half an inch of rain for those of you in the north bay, specifically santa rosa half an inch of rain or less that those of you along the coast and most of the bay area we could see upwards of about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. if we're lucky. more on that and i'm tracking monday through n- tuesday in just a few minutes. back to you. catherine grant, thank and kron 4 will help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan that. >> qr code will take you right to our mobile app. you will find things including current conditions live radar. and of course, the latest forecast. so to come here on kron, 4 news at 5 in the space chef has his food truck stolen. why. >> the chef thinks he was targeted. >> and former raiders player henry ruggs appeared in court on a felony dui charge. we have new details on the deadly crash. police say he was involved in in vegas and get ready to lace up your skates. the union square ice rink is back. but there are some new
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rules. you have to follow.
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>> new details came out in court today giving us a better idea of just how horrific a crash former las vegas rate or henry ruggs is charged and reporter victoria outside the clark county detention center waiting to see if ruggs makes bail. >> new details came out in court today giving us a clear picture of just how horrific that crash was.
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>> never seen a in my 41 years here in las vegas, a of a person charged with the crime driving in excess of a 150 miles henry ruggs. the 3rd faces the judge in a wheelchair and a neck brace for the first time since tuesday morning's deadly crash in court. the assistant district attorney revealed rugs was driving a 156 miles per hour. just seconds before crashing into the back of the toyota rav 4. >> 23 year-old tina 10 tour was driving his blood alcohol level was 0.1 6 what twice the legal limit 2 hours after the crash, the state wanted a million dollars bail. but ruggs attorney wanted to point out his client's clean your honor is, you know, man who has never been in trouble for what understand never a traffic violation. >> he has concerns that we follow rules and regulations. we play for major division.
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one national championship football team, the victim's family was also in court this morning we'll able american people are entitled to lawyers punishment. you think he deserves outside the courthouse. chasanov dodge questions from reporters. >> that was reporting police also found a loaded gun in rugs car. they say the district attorney says they're waiting to see if evidence will allow them to file another charge related to that alleged weapon and considering ruggs girlfriend suffered injuries in the crash. he could be facing another dui charge. she will be back in court next wednesday. >> there are new details on the fatal shooting at a halloween party in gilroy. the santa clara county da's office has declined to file charges against the suspect that shooting happened at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca armand degrees on saturday. that's on las animas avenue. one teenager was
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killed. 3 other teenagers were injured. police did arrest 19 year-old benjamin calderon over the weekend and he is the second cousin to the council member, the da's office now asking anybody with information to contact police. >> any space chef bought a mobile trailer using stimulus money you see pictured here trying to give him a chance to earn a living while indoor dining was shut down during the pandemic that trailer was recently stolen and the chef obviously once it back on forces june. has the story. >> they loaded up with 20 seconds on the black for a green ford f one 50. >> and they were out. >> the owner of chef, a little guy little guy is describing the theft of his mobile kitchen trailer that you see here in this photo. it was stolen at around 07:00am monday from in front of his apartment on newton avenue in oakland's lake merritt district. he says he was out grocery shopping with his
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neighbors called him about 2 unknown mid checking out his gear. hey, i see someone by a trailer. >> if in a loaded onto the truck. looks like you. but i'm not sure, you know, is that you and i take that right away. no, that's not me. >> by the time he got home his trailer full of valuable cooking supplies was gun and a lot of my equipment. >> was. what these 2 hands. >> 38 year-old chef guy says his passion for cooking started as a child preparing food for his family. he says he continued cooking for his friends in college. >> went to court lois m cisco and graduated spring 2011 jeff guy has since worked in several renowned the bay area restaurants. he says he started his catering business during the pandemic as a means to continue providing for his teenage son. >> my passion is also giving back. so. >> every week i up to 3 to 400 male sports city of oakland alameda county. you let me
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know about that now that it's super unfortunate in that community members and the site people that i work with to coordinate the site. a lot of his meals together. think something like this would happen to you. no, no, i did it. but you know, the chances of me living in oakland, unfortunately is really high anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. >> has might kron 4 news. >> all right. let's take a live look outside. this is the of blood leave you from our camera on top of mount tam. meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez. here with us now we see the sun they're not for long. i guess we actually may see sun tomorrow. just get rain when it's stark and cooler temperatures arrive at least will dry out by tomorrow afternoon with overnight showers arriving tonight and. >> we are tracking widespread 60's and 70's very seasonal temperatures. as you head out the door for your wednesday evening. >> radar for tracking dry
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conditions. our next storm just to the north over your rica inching its way closer towards reading and it's going to make its way into the bay area by the overnight hours with an atmosphere river set to return monday through tuesday of this upcoming week. but before that we're going to have a sneak peek of showers by this weekend. so let's track all these upcoming storm certainly getting spoiled with our wet season giving us above average rain, even throughout the month of november. we are seeing by saturday morning light bands of rain making its way into the north, be becoming more widespread by saturday night for the rest of the bay area really just tracking about a 10th of an inch of rain or less with saturday storm drying out sunday and then the main event will arrive by monday, maybe possibly monday night, but definitely by tuesday morning according to this latest model run could have an atmospheric river influence to it. and remnants of a once typhoon tapping into that moisture content. bring us some much needed beneficial rain not
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going to be as strong as october's atmospheric river. but much needed. but as you can see right now, crystal clear blue skies and widespread 60's along the coast 70's as you make your way inland and temperatures tonight mid to upper 50's. so a little bit milder thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover. but temperatures slightly cooler with the passing storm downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. and don't forget to change your clocks this weekend as we fall back for the month of november. back to you. >> thank bruce is still ahead tonight at 5. if you're planning to get this season bring your snow boots and don't wait on that reservation. we're hearing from a vacation rental platform about why a good id
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>> travel to tahoe is picking up again and it thanks to the october snowstorm that allowed some ski resorts to open earlier. in earlier than ever. the vacation rental platforms are caso says that reservations in the tahoe area jumped 50% last week compared to just 2 weeks ago, the desire to travel is more pronounced now that the vaccination eligibility has expanded also the u.s. of course, is opening borders to international travel. >> we do expect the markets to rebound this after charles. 2 more of a wait-and-see approach in 2000, 20. in fact,
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according to a recent survey 61% of americans who are planning to ski or snowboard each of this winter are able to get a waste. they had to previously postponed due to covid-19 and other factors. >> if you do plan a trip to the sierra people of the cost us a better do it as early as possible. she'll have more options to choose from. back in the bay area. that say for a holiday ice rink in union square. it has officially reopened for the first time since the pandemic began. you can go any day through january and it's open from 10:00am to 11:00pm tickets are $19. that includes skate rental and sessions are 60 minutes long. you do have to be vaccinated to come to the rink there is a link get tickets ahead of time on our website. kron 4 dot com. next at 5 crime concerns are growing in the city. the extra steps. some people who live here taking to increase security. >> and just what parents of
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newborns want to hear. there is some help, help uber is offering that help. plus, we're live in the nation's capital. gathering reaction after a stunning election result. according to some yesterday, keep it here. kron.
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>> kron 4 is your local election headquarters after last night's republican victory in virginia's gubernatorial race. gop lawmakers are taking a victory


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