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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 3, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3, a covid vaccine for younger kids where 5 to 11 year-olds are rolling up their sleeves this afternoon for their shots and how you can make an appointment in your community. plus, in the east bay chef gets his food trucks stolen. why he thinks he was targeted. also former raiders player henry ruggs appears in court on a felony dui charge. the new details we're learning about the deadly car crash in las vegas that he's accused >> from the bay local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3.
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>> it is time for little ones to start rolling up their sleeves pfizer's covid-19 vaccine has arrived for kids 5 to 11 years old, marking a major new phase in the fight to end this pandemic. thank you so much for joining us right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. we are gathering all the details for you on how to vaccinate young children. pfizer's pediatric covid-19 vaccine. we will start with kron four's charles clifford, it's going us now live from santa clara county where some kids are rolling up their sleeves right now. so charles, they've already been vaccinated with that first dose. >> yeah. you know, actually here in santa clara county. they started receiving vaccine doses for kids 5 to 11 yesterday even before they had gotten approval from the cdc. and so this morning, first thing they started giving kids shots. on wednesday. sanya shukla brought her 6 year-old daughter aria to be vaccinated here at the south bay community baptist church. >> vaccination site in san
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jose promise not going our it was pretty nervous about the shot. but her mom couldn't been happier. are you excited to get your kids definitely aria has been home schooled since the pandemic began because the family lives with elderly grandparents and sanya didn't want to risk exposing them to the virus being able to vaccinate her daughter is a huge relief makes a huge difference in the amount of things that they would we could do now. county health officials say there are about a 175,000 kids across santa clara county who could potentially be vaccinated since they're expecting an initial rush of patients. the county is requiring that for the time being, appointments be made online ahead of time once that demand decreases than we will shift our strategy to more of a drop in strategy, which we know is more convenient and preferred by some. meanwhile, are is fear of the shot faded pretty fast and sun is just thrilled to finally have her daughter vaccinated. it makes a huge difference in our lives. >> all right. back live here at this vaccination site, things have slowed down a little bit. they're expecting
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another rush here when school gets out. kids come down to get their shot. if you want to get vaccinated at this clinic or anywhere in the santa clara county that's run by the county health department have to make appointment online. you can do that through the county's website during go to kron 4 dot com. we have information there as well. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news, thank you so much, charles. now go to the north bay. >> where marine county says it's ready to give shots to little arm starting on saturday. the county set up a vaccine clinic for the 5 to 11 age group of the northgate mall. kids will be given 2 shots, 3 weeks apart. the dosages, a 3rd of what is given to adults the vaccines come in, orange cap viles as opposed to the purple cap viles. that's meant for people 12 and up vaccine clinic at the northgate mall in sandra fell is going offer shots to kids tuesday through saturday and there are some schools in marin county. they're gearing up to be vaccination sites. >> one site northgate shopping center starting on saturday will have about 400 appointments by appointment.
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only for children. it's also open for adults who want to get booster doses and flu shots will be mixing our kids and our adults and this set and the setting in other places will be doing it just for kids like miller creek school. we have a 1000 appointments on saturday, a 1000 appointments on sunday by appointment only and then other sites throughout the county. >> any parents or family members that have questions about this doctor. matt willis says there will be a town hall meeting tonight. you can get all those questions answered by him and also fellow pediatricians. the county has sent out some information on that. you can also start scheduling an appointment today at walgreens. we have learned today that the pharmacy chain will be giving the covid vaccine to kids starting on saturday. more appointment times will be made available in the coming weeks as the stores receive more doses of the vaccine that's meant for kids. and cbs says it will be giving out those shots on sunday and more than 200 locations in california. they are accepting appointments right now. the pharmacy says that all children must be accompanied
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by an adult. san francisco's also going to start vaccinating kids starting on saturday. the vaccines will be available at 100 sites. this includes doctors offices pharmacies, community health clinics as well as neighborhood and school vaccine clinics. the san francisco unified school district will host 4 clinics the dates times and locations are all listed right here on the screen. so that's tuesday, wednesday and saturday and we also posted this information on our website. kron 4 dot coms. you can check it out there. and in the east bay contra, costa county health. the officials there are going to be holding a town hall tomorrow to discuss the county's plan for vaccinating children. they say vaccines couwd be available as early as saturday at county one clinics. but they add that parents should check with their child's doctor or local pharmacy. in sonoma county vaccine clinics are also going to be set up at schools. the county has 37,000 kids in this new age group. the county has
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set a goal to get 70% of those kids vaccinated by the end of february. we have much more on what all the bay area counties are doing when it comes to vaccinating this new group, 5 to 11 on our website. kron 4 dot com. well, sports talk right now as green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers has tested positive for covid-19 the league mvp will miss this sunday's game against the kansas city chiefs green bay's backup quarterback, jordan love the 2020 first-round draft pick has thrown a 7 passes in his short career. he will likely be the starter. aaron rodgers, california. nate they've kept. a big star also falling right now, former raiders player henry ruggs appeared before a judge in las vegas this morning. the 22 year-old is facing felony charges for dui causing death and reckless driving for a fiery crash that killed a 23 year-old woman reporter hector may have has details on today's court appearance. wearing a neck brace nfl star henry ruggs was wheeled into
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court wednesday morning accused of driving a 156 miles an hour on rainbow crashing his corvette into another car. 23 year-old teen at center and her dog died her at 4 burst into flames to inter's family was in the courtroom. >> the families torn apart. >> mourning their loss, their grieving. they're mad the raiders dropped rugs from the team he currently faces 2 counts of felony dui and reckless driving resulting in death if convicted prison time would be between 2.46 years. prosecutors are considering additional charges saying he was illegally in possession of a loaded gun ruggs. his girlfriend was also injured. >> or quote operate with both police and medical workers. high-profile attorney david chesnoff. >> he has concerns that we follow rules and regulations. we play for a major division. one national championship football team follow the rules and was a actual teammate and player district attorney steve
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olson said that in his 41 years in las vegas. he's never seen a case involving speed over a 150 miles an hour regardless of speech. i asked him if there's anything lawmakers can do. >> to prevent felony dui cases months ago. we filed murder charges in the case. very similar to this. >> were there was excessive and reckless try that. but the nevada supreme court said that was inappropriate and we accept that. but there is the next legislative session. >> that was actor may have reporting for us this afternoon and we will have continuing coverage on the story tonight during kron 4 news in prime time during our sports coverage but also there's a new development right now from that fatal get were shooting that happened on halloween at a party there on saturday. the santa clara county da's office has declined to file charges against the suspect. the shooting took place at the gory city council member rebecca arm and there is home on less. i mean, us avenue
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where one person was killed, 3 were injured. 4 victims are all teenagers. police arrested one of the suspects 19 year-old benjamin david calderon on saturday afternoon. he is the second cousin to the council member in the d a statement it says we have declined to file charges pending further investigation. this was a large chaotic halloween party that ended with a tragic shooting and homicide. >> talk a little politics right now as we are your local election headquarters. we're following that gubernatorial race in new jersey where the democratic incumbent phil murphy and republican jack generally are deadlocked about 89% of the vote has been counted so far in the race is still too close to call. the latest numbers show that murphy is in the lead after both or more votes were counted overnight. but it's a very fluid situation. and we'll keep you posted right here on kron. 4. let's take a
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quick check of our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. gorgeous day today after the fog burns off this morning. things really warmed up an air is here now with the chance of rain that's come in overnight tonight. and what that's going mean also for tomorrow. what's the timing? >> yeah, you're right about that. just seen. well, the north bay will see the rain start to move in around 1011, o'clock tonight. but in the meantime, looking nice and half moon bay about half an hour ago. we saw foggy conditions here in this shot but has since cleared inland looking nice to temperatures pretty similar to what we signed yesterday. we will see an increasing cloud cover later tonight. tomorrow temperatures will be a little lower versus what we have for daytime highs today because of a system that will be bringing us some rain. our temperatures right now we're in the lower 70's for hayward to concord 61 in half moon bay right now in 70 up in nevado still here we see that system moving in. this is just before 11:00pm
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the sonoma county coast getting some moderate showers. the north bay is actually going to get the most rain from the system. the hills up to an inch of rain. and then you see the peninsula and the east bay also getting some showers below half an inch of rain, south bay. we'll see less than a 10th of an inch precipitation from the system. so this is around 06:00am tomorrow. we're going to see that cloud cov be wet in the morning for the south bay and then it does fizzle out by the afternoon. but still, it'll look a pretty cloudy until the evening hours as you see here, mid afternoon. we'll start to see some sunshine trying to come out and then friday that cloud cover as well. but it will be dry on your way to work on that day before we do have another chance of showers come saturday. some picking up more rain chances for next week. i'll talk more about that in the extended forecast. back to you. >> thank you so much. happening right now. the safeway holiday ice rink in union square here in san
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francisco is back open for the first time since the pandemic began. it's going to be open daily from 10:00am through 11:00pm from now until january tickets are 19 bucks. that includes skate rental and sessions are 60 minutes long event really kicks off the holiday season in san francisco. >> 5.30. we came in. we ready for opening. >> and there was this gorgeous rolling around spending on the and it really gave goosebumps. >> it's been 2 >> back bigger better ever. >> and new this year the ice rink is going to be cashless. you can buy tickets ahead of time union square ice rink, dot com. you must be vaccinated to go to the rink. >> more so they just like smores. >> coming up here at 3. the new information we're learning about a founder that now has
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one bay area law school looking to change its name. and after the break. and east bay. shep had his food truck stolen right in the middle of the day, why he believes this was a targeted act. the east
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bay now where oakland police are asking for your help to find 4 year-old. >> michael martinez. police say the martinez was last seen on october 22nd at 09:00pm on second street near jackson at the time. he is wearing a
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waiter light blue polo top and blue pants martinez ways under 300 pounds and stands about 6 feet. one inch tall. if you have any information about where he is. please call oakland police. and now this afternoon we do know the name of the woman shot and killed last thursday night in east oakland police say 29 year-old rick cole greer was shot and macarthur boulevard near councilman high school. the shooting is still under investigation. any details. please contact police. now also in the east bay a popular mobile catering business was targeted by thieves. and today the chef owner of the business is telling kron four's haaziq mod-yoon why this loss will impact food and secure a dunce in the east bay. >> they loaded up with 20 seconds on the black for green ford f one 50. >> the owner of chef a little guy little guy is describing the theft of his mobile kitchen trailer that you see here, this photo. it was
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stolen around 07:00am monday from in front of his apartment on newton avenue in oakland's lake merritt district. he says he was out grocery shopping with his neighbors called him about 2 unknown mid checking out his gear. hey, i see someone by a trailer. >> if in a loaded onto the truck. looks like you. but i'm not sure, you know, is that you and i that right away. no, that's not me. >> by the time he got home his trailer full of valuable cooking supplies was gun. so you haven't think something like this would happen to you. >> no, no, i did it. p>> 38 year-old chef guy says his passion for cooking started as a child preparing food for his family. he says he continued cooking for his friends in college. >> went to court lois m cisco and graduated spring 2000, 11 jeff guy has since worked in several renowned the bay area restaurants. he says he started his catering business during the pandemic as a means to continue providing for his
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teenage son. my passion is also giving back. so. every week i up to 3 to 400 male sports city of oakland for alameda county anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. >> has might kron 4 news. >> well, know, this man right here as we talk about stories going on in the north bay. the marine county sheriff's office says that he used a credit card that was stolen from someone else's home to if you have any information about who this guy is. can you call them are in county sheriff's office. now san jose police have arrested 2 suspects who are accused of shooting and killing a man on halloween. this crime happened on great oaks drive around 3, 30 in afternoon. police arrested all fred castillo. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and accessory to homicide. the other friends or as was arrested on monday. he's been booked into the santa clara county main jail for homicide. police say the motive still under investigation. in this case marks the city's 29th homicide
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of the year. and san jose police are also investigating 2 deadly car crash is the most recent happened just before 6 o'clock this morning, a truck hit a motorcyclist in the area of north 10th street and commercial street. the rider that motorcycle died at the scene and the first crash happened just before midnight near the intersection of campbell avenue in prospect road a car crash right into a tree. one person died there. police have not released any other information on either of these fatal crashes. now let's switch back to the east bank. the city of pleasanton has approved an ordinance requiring gun owners to keep their guns in a locked container or keep a trigger lock on them. the goal is to keep kids from getting their hands on the guns. according to one study, more than half of gun owners just don't lock up their guns. another report showed that there were more than 350 unintentional shootings by children in 2020 other bay area cities that
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have already enacted similar ordinances include palo alto and san jose. now uc hastings law school wants to change its name because the story and say that the founder sponsored massacres of native americans in the 1850's. the board of directors voted last night to work with the state to remove the name. the college was founded in 1978 of the story and say that the founder serrano's hastings orchestrated campaigns that killed 300 native americans in mendocino county graduates of uc hastings law school include vice president kamala harris and former san francisco mayor willie brown. we'll see how that process goes is to switch it up. now and take a look outside here along the golden gate bridge. beautiful blue skies out there today. a nice warm day as well. kron four's erica caturay. >> tracking rain now coming in for tonight. and also for tomorrow, we'll see how long it's going to stick around.
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good afternoon, america. good afternoon to senior right about that looking beautiful and dry right now. but rain on the way. we're so looking very light. >> throughout the temperatures the same as what we saw yesterday. we're looking at 70's 4 this afternoon for the interior valley. right now we're at 70 degrees up in santa rosa 71 in valais 73 out in any off right now and 61 in half moon bay tomorrow. temperatures will be a little lower by a degree or 2 because of the system that will be moving through the region. and then after that we are going to see more rain chances next week. so in case you missed earlier in her just tuning in. i want to talk more about the system again. so here you see it around 10 o'clock tonight. start to enter the coast here in the north bay and then it spreads overnight. so you'll probably be sleeping when a good chunk of this pours through the bay in the early morning hours and some of%you might not even notice it because by the morning it
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starts to fizzle out. as you can see here, you'll probably just see cloud cover. but if you're in the south bay but could see some light showers popping up in the early morning hours around 7 o'clock in the morning. so roads could be wet by the afternoon. it does dry up so talk more about those rain chances for next week. coming up in just a bit and also have your forecast as well. justine. thank you so much. and still ahead at 3.45, it's been an eyesore for years. >> how a southern california city now plans to take care of this hoarding mess. and with the holidays just around the corner. there are still many of our neighbors dealing with food insecurity, how you can help the alameda county food bank get them the help that they as we head into the
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holiday season food banks are preparing for their busiest time of year. and this is when the demand for meals just skyrocket. >> but as kron 4 switched all reports a local food bank expects the need will only grow in the coming months. >> work never stops at the alameda county community food, bank thanksgiving is around the corner christmas and other major holidays not far behind. and there is no time to waste for volunteers and staff. >> food insecure families are relying thankfully right now. we are meeting to demand by the end of the year. food bank spokesperson michael offense says the nonprofit organization will have distributed for 48 million
3:26 pm
meals. a major jump from the 28 million meals that average per year prior to the pandemic part of the pandemic and with that one in county, residents was experiencing some level under. >> as we sit here today with unemployment rate still what it was before the pandemic. we estimate at least one in 4 county. residents is still in need of some fest says the food bank has managed through a volunteer shortage. all while expanding operations throughout the county to accommodate community need. >> but he says heading into the holidays, they need more help from putting out 70% more food now than we were before the pandemic that's also something we're keen for its well, so. >> part of the and consul about a quarter million per month. another well over a million dollars for months, whether it's time or money donate if you can. >> should all run >> next. at 3.30 for the first time in more than a decade. the supreme court is taking up a case involving gun rights.
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why the ruling may drastically expand who is allowed to carry a gun in public for self-defense and california lawmakers are meeting right now to figure out how to fix the ongoing backlogged courts across the state. >> and if you plan on traveling to taco this weekend. you could be bumping into some rain and po after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm.
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>> san francisco state university students will have an in-person graduation ceremony this year and it's going to take place at chase center and january 8th the commencement will honor both the classes of 2020 2021. who both had their spring ceremonies held virtually all guests and graduates will need to show proof of covid vaccine in order to attend. state lawmakers held a hearing on the congestion at california's 2 largest ports and the impact on the supply chain problem. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains some of the short term and long-term solutions, state leaders are now thinking about. >> but this is a multifaceted problem. one switch. you can flip the supply chain crisis and congestion at the 2 largest ports in the country. the ports of long beach and los angeles at the center of wednesday state legislative hearing those 2 california ports are responsible for 40% of the nation's imports and
3:31 pm
25% of its exports meeting with the president of california association of port authorities told the select committee on ports in goods movement. >> the clogging at california ports is happening in part because of the lack of investment by the state is to walk in balance to do. what's the best. and that's made in california. >> other states motion. so not in has to be corrected. port officials told lawmakers they need more chase ease or equipment. that helps move cargo more transparent data workforce training and more land to off load cargo short term. >> leaders in the newsom administration said wednesday the state is working on identifying that land by december 15th now have robust list of some of doesn't. >> complications for each of them. but we're kind of working through the questions. officials told the committee the number one issue is getting cargo off of ships. republican lawmakers and the california retailers association pointed to state policies and regulations as contributors to that problem
3:32 pm
saying repeal everything that we're saying. let's talk about it. conversation about. >> hindering the supply chain and its movement by these regulations. some stakeholders have said those regulations include one that reclassified independent contractors, including truckers as employees and another that regulates warehouse were quote, a u.s. want to look at those laws regulations and ordinances. it's given a fresh look, i think there was some things that will be willing to to to take a look at other it may be in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> it's live now. 150,000 californians will be sleeping in shelters or on the street tonight and another 700,000 people could be facing eviction. this is all according to california's attorney general rob bonta during a virtual meeting earlier today he announced the state department of justice has created a housing strike force to focus on tenant protections and availability and affordability of housing in the state. it will also
3:33 pm
enforce housing development. law's intent rights laws. he says there will be a number of tenant round tables around the state. in addition to tenant resources available through housing portal. >> this work is critical every day, millions of californians worry about keeping a roof over their head. well, others have already lost theirs homeownership rates are at their lowest since the 1940's almost half of black households in california spent more than 30% of their income on housing. and among all households. one in 4 renters, pay more than half. their income on ranch are hasn't strike force on. but the tenant round tables and housing portal. well, the loud doj to ramp up our efforts to tackle this crisis and advance housing access portability and equity. >> the department of justice's housing portal is live right now. and you can find it. a g dot ca dot gov slash housing.
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and we do have some breaking news now into the kron 4 news room. we talk about the elections that took place across the country, including that gubernatorial race in new jersey. well, the incumbent. phil murphy is officially been declared the winner taking in just over 50% of the vote. it was very tight. they did not call the race last night. they just called it so new jersey governor phil murphy has narrowly won reelection. the spares democrats, the loss of a second gubernatorial seat. the other one went in virginia the democrat lost there. more details on this coming up during prime time. other national news right now. the nation's highest court heard its first major gun rights case today and more than a decade. it centers on a new york law that restricts people from carrying a gun in public for self-defense. our dc correspondent jessi turnure
3:35 pm
reports now on the debate. >> i lost a piece of me. but the fight will let me stop. >> gun violence victims and their loved one share their stories in support of the gun law before the u.s. supreme court wednesday. we don't want to take your guns. a save out children. they say new york strict regulations of concealed carry permits prevent more americans from being shot and killed at places they should feel safe going like a grocery store, a park or school. we have a right to do so without the fear that our life will be ended by and the by people having kind his own gun rights advocate katie novotny has never had to use her gun in self-defense. >> but says she deserves the option to say it isn't a civil right navalny argues new york's law takes that right away without reducing gun
3:36 pm
violence it is just a bit right. the justices heard a similar debate from inside the chamber where some of them questioned where exactly people should be able to defend themselves from the woods. it's pretty unlikely that you're going to run into someone is going to rob you in the street. chief justice john roberts suggested the law goes too far. >> but justice steven briar questioned whether guns belong at locations serving alcohol. there are plenty of statistics in these briefs to show there are some people who do know a lot of people end up dead. what the court ultimately decides could impact other state laws across the country in washington. i'm jessi tenure. a fascinating and dangerous discovery in germany, potentially dating back upwards of 80 years. >> construction, construction workers unearth a world war 2 era bomb one of those detonators was still active officials ordered hundreds of people in the area to evacuate earlier today and one of the detonators is still active. so they're working to diffuse the 500 pound device right now. hope that has a commenting
3:37 pm
travel. the tahoe is picking back up again. it's all thanks to the october snowstorm that allowed some ski resorts to open a little bit earlier according to the vacation rental platform. but casa vacation rental reservations in tahoe saw a 50% jump just last week compared to 2 weeks earlier, the desire to travel is a little bit more pronounced now that vaccination eligibility has expanded and the united states is opening its borders to international travel. >> we do expect the markets to rebound this after travels 2 more of a wait-and-see approach in 2000, 20. in fact, according to a recent survey 61% of americans who are planning to ski or snowboarding trip this winter are able get a ways they had to previously postponed due to covid-19 and other factors. >> so if you want to plan a trip to the sierra. the recommendation is to do it as early as possible. that way you have a lot more options to
3:38 pm
choose from. let's take a look what's happening at tahoe right now as we're taking a live look here. a camera along highway 50 in the south lake tahoe area. it's sunny there right now. but that could change in this any more snow on the way or can carry is here now with what we can expect. good afternoon to you. >> hi, justine. well, if you happen to be traveling out there this weekend. i think friday is probably the best time to head that way because you might run into some rain and possibly some snow. so here we have the system. this is the first of several systems that will be moving through that area. this will be giving us rain here in the bay area. late tonight and tomorrow morning as we've been talking about. and that's also going to bring rain to tie come tomorrow morning. so snow, though, will be at elevations around 8500 feet on thursday. saturday is when it drops a lower to about 7,000 feet for the snow. so let's actually look at futurecast. so here we see that system moving to the northern part of
3:39 pm
the sierra around 4 o'clock tomorrow morning and then by about 8.30, still seeing some moderate raon falling in the region. they're not really going to get too much snow probably just dusting in those higher elevations. saturday is going to be a little stronger. as you can see here, this is around 11:30am so it's going to be wet if you plan on traveling down that day in the morning. as you can see there. so besides the rain and the snow. it's going to be very windy tomorrow. there's actually a lake wind advisory in effect, gusts will be up to 45 miles per hour. and those lake waves 2 to 4 feet and higher elevations about 9,000 feet and above the winds could reach the gust. should i say 80 to 100 miles per hour. so very windy conditions in case you're wondering what the highest peak is out in this year. it's about 14,000 feet. so just in fy tahoe, the elevations a little over 6,000 feet. as for us in the bay area winds, very light
3:40 pm
shouldn't be a problem with that system that will be bringing us rain tomorrow. we have a look at those daytime high temperatures which will pretty much be in the 60's for the region. justine. thank you so much. >> all right. well, don't count on several retailers being open for your last minute thanksgiving practice. we have a list of store closures that will be happening on that holiday. also coming up, a warning ahead of the holiday travel season. the scams and we should all be keeping an eye out for republicans. her next trip. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger.
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afternoon. the bed is the better business bureau has put together a list of the top 5. >> most reported travel scams. let's go number one. the vacation rental con. that's when con artists use apartment rental sites to lure in vacationers with the promise of low fees and ask for payment up front. number 2, there's the free vacation scams. a vacation is advertised as free. yeah, probably a scam. their number 3 3rd party booking scams. that's a package offered through a 3rd party website for timeshare reselling cons. this one targets. the owners of the shares by claiming to have a buyer for the timeshare for an upfront fee. and finally, the hotel phone call scam so never, ever, ever, ever, ever. give your credit card number to anyone who calls your hotel room cleaning to be the front desk. more
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retailers plan to close on thanksgiving this year, target and walmart announced their plans to close their stores earlier this year. they've been joined now by best buy trader joe's and costco. homegoods is also giving workers the day off in total dozens of retailers plan to close on thanksgiving. well, many others are cutting hours. the company say the closures are way to thank employees for their hard work. and of course to give them more time to spend with their families during the holiday. the news will still be no. >> still ahead. you got to see i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults
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about it. this
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>> this. now he's you know, because dirt. there are possum. >> and ruiz is live here on this quiet harbor boulevard street since 1981 and feels her neighbors collection of boxes and other belongings in the yard pose a health and safety has or is not there's a fire. what they do. a few other neighbors. we spoke to didn't want to go on camera share her concerns and say they contacted the city showing us copies of letters. she says she said to city officials going back to 2019 and says she's made calls since then too. >> the mayor of los you need to. not being the district. 10. not only does not think in a statement chief of staff for the city council district tells us in part, ever since location was first brought to our attention in late august the team is actively engaged. the fire department building and safety department city attorney's office and others in an effort to bring swift resolution to this concerning matter.
3:49 pm
>> residents of the home did not answer the door. today. a woman who's lived on this street for 6 years says her concern is for the man. she says lives year. usually people that accumulate that much. the long have other issues going on. >> now as lauren meister reporting for us. we have learned the owner of the home has given the city of los angeles permission to begin that cleanup process that clean up process is set to begin tomorrow morning. back here in the bay area and for your health walnut creek has a new law that bans the sale of flavored tobacco vaping products. this is meant to help. the products out of the hands of kids. the city's mayor says vaping is the number one problem at the local middle and high schools. >> anything that is tobacco related shouldn't be sold the people that are under 21 the problem is that there's a lot of ways they can get it through having adults. but for them it's just available
3:50 pm
everywhere. so it's not going to be available for sale in walnut creek. >> the ban goes into effect in 5 months and this gives businesses time to comply with the new rules for your health this afternoon. younger women who have cancer may be at greater risk of having it spread. this is according to some new research that was presented at the international consensus conference for advanced cancer analysis of hundreds of studies is finding that women under 35 have a greater chance of the cancer becoming incurable. researchers say this could happen many years after the initial diagnosis. they found that women under the age of 35 have about a 12 to 38% chance of having this happen. while those over 50 have about a 4 to 28% chance. and that's largely being blamed on younger women often having more aggressive forms of cancer and often not being diagnosed right away. that diagnosis doesn't come until a later stage. back now to talk
3:51 pm
about the bay area. weather forecast as we take a live look outside right now facing towards the north bay and marine county gorgeous top shot there of the presidio and the golden gate bridge. clouds really not doing much today to cool us off. erica caturay is here now with a look at him. the evening commute and the rain that's coming in and even a pretty shot there. the golden gate bridge behind yeah. enjoy the blue skies while you can because the cloud clouds will start moving in late tonight and tomorrow morning the shots going to be more gray. you can also expect to see some fog as well. so we do have that system that will be been bringing some rain. san francisco get about a 10th of an inch of rain. we have other amounts here for the lower elevations. the higher hills will see amounts about half an inch to an inch of rain up in the north bay where. >> you'll get the most from the system. so here we see it. this is just before 00:00am in the morning when a lot of you will be sleeping moves through the bay area on the morning commute could be a little wet specially in the because we will see some light pop up
3:52 pm
showers briefly. but you can see here it weekends later in the morning. this is just after 11 o'clock. in fact, if you happen to be traveling down to southern california. we won't really see any rain passed to los angeles to san diego's going to be very dry as well. as you can see here, 3.45 friday looking dry. here's a look at those temperatures. in case you happen to be heading in that direction. 77 out in ali tomorrow. so we've been talking about the rain that we're going to see overnight here in the bay area. friday will be dry saturday is our next chance for seeing some showers for the north bay in the morning and then sunday night as well picking up some chances there monday and tuesday just seen. look at my fall. thanks so much. we'll be fall. thanks so much. we'll be right back. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance.
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>> area local and uc san diego graduate astronaut megan mcarthur enjoyed some tacos while in space. check this out. she made the tacos with the rehydrated veggies from the international space station's garden. the heat of beef tomatoes, artichokes and hatch. chiles. mcarthur said it was one of the best face she's ever had. the peppers grew for 4 months before the astronauts harvested to them and then turn it into taco tuesday. if you've got to say taco taco tuesday, san
3:56 pm
francisco ranked 8th in the best warm weather cities to spend the holidays wallet hub says the city is really great for doing holiday related activities but was ranked lower on how much things cost san jose ranked the 11th best. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> on balance tonight. live from the nation's capital. a red wave washed across america last night. is this the end of president biden's progressive agenda and can republicans capitalize on the victory that's on ballots night. now, here's a look at dan abrams live. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. the election results were a big win for republicans. but was it also a big win for political moderates shutting the extremes. that's tonight on dan abrams live. >> that's all coming up tonight on the fastest growing cable news network in america. newsnation. you can find it on
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the channels listed right here for more details. you can go to our website. kron 4 dot com. here's what's coming up at 4 o'clock on the kron on news after going to be covering a couple different things for you, including november is adopt a senior dog month. a local animal shelter is hoping that you will take a new furry friend home for the holidays. a live interview is coming up with the shelter's founder and one of its adorable residents. that adorable not for earphones. even nominate. just add that in. >> thank you so much for joining us. right there. during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. >> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil"... >> hi. >> i love you. >> i love you more. >> announcer: the truth... >> are you wanting to marry her for a green card? >> announcer: about her nigerian fiance. >> you say you've sent $225 for a passport, $1700 for a cell phone, and $2900 for an apartment. you've actually had your car repossessed? >> i did not. >> her car is gone, right? >> yep. >> you're a 22-year-old able-bodied man. do you feel bad taking money from a 60-year-old woman? >> sometimes i would tell her i don't want it, but she still said, "you have to take it." >> you don't want to take a dollar from her, but you've overcome that 10,000 times, because you've taken $10,000 from her. ♪ ♪ >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk


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