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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 3, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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kaiser permanente. thrive >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. 6 o'clock still early enough to you know, aspiring, sure, we've decided that the 5 to 6 is the inspiration our choice because well, 3 to 6. if you got up really early this morning. that's when all the mind apparently were. people are very creative and open at that time. it's nice and quiet. that seems to be the consensus among the experts. that's what the experts tell me. so i got to get up that time anyway. but if you get up that early, then you get to watch the show if be inspired to wake up at 03:00am with the rest so excited for you to join alright, john, what time you get it's like to 40 by right. just in time. it was closer to 3 perfect good, right. it nfl.
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and these and i morning i think i lost. you 6 o'clock unexpired. it says it does. but yeah. beautiful morning. hopefully you're feeling inspired this morning of if you're not just step outside and you will be looking at an easy commute into work. so at least that's enough for as you're getting out of bed. this wednesday. >> we are going to be looking at a really nice day ahead of us, too, with highs in the 70's. lots of sunshine out there rainfall holding off until well after midnight tonight looking outside right now. we do have the quite our cameras situated right there in san francisco and are some clear skies. we have dense fog along parts of the san mateo coastline as well as in areas of marine and sonoma county, some pockets of dense fog just to watch out for watch out for some lower spots of visibility right now temperatures are mostly in the 50's, although we do have a few 40's half moon bay santa rosa in
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petaluma. among those spots. so bundle up this morning enjoy warmest day of the forecast this afternoon keep you updated on tonight's rainfall potential. still ahead right now. john, thank you for that will traffic is starting to pick up out there on your wednesday morning commute can't leave. it's wednesday already. >> a little under 15 minutes for you to make it from the east bay into the city right now. looks like to turn the metering lights on. they've been on for the past 20 minutes or so. so as you're traveling along 5, 8082 the maze. no major delays there as well heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 14 minutes. no accidents or issues along one o 92 as you're traveling there heading out of richmond a little under 8 minutes as you are the roads there. and let's go to the south. a check on conditions along one. oh, one looks like we got a little slowing. their 85 menlo park about 31 minutes to 37 80 to 85 no major issues darya james, back to you. thank you. read. you know who got up extra early to help you out this morning. sarah stinson yes, because her story today is pretty important is going to pack a lot of parents
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and a whole lot more kids. >> between 5.11 years old because today is the day that the cdc says they're now eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine. yeah. and the bay area is going to get those shots into arms. it's amazing how quick conference. stinson live run county where they have been planning for this. so they are ready to roll. hi, sara. >> county is geared up and ready to give children 5 to 11 years old. that child size and dos and what better place to get it northgate mall in sandra fell. because afterwards you can get a toy ice cream. i mean, the list goes on. you can watch a make it fun and especially because the first day they're offering this is saturday inside here, if you can see in the lighting is tough, but you can see inside kind of how they work this. this is where they've been getting flu shots and covid-19 vaccines. the only difference is the youngest kids will be able to get the vaccine finally. and that's
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because of the trials from pfizer. they have been proven to be successful enough. so enough so that the fda first approved the pfizer vaccine for kids last week and then yesterday a cdc advisory committee approved it after hours of discussions and public comment. you can see video of the little kids who, you know, so graciously went into this trial to make sure that got more kids vaccinated because of them that we're here today. the director of the cdc give the final approval and said that this is a monumental moment. >> now being able to give 28 million youngsters protection against covid-19 and its variants pfizer already started shipping millions of pediatric doses to each state. so that's why a lot of these counties here in the bay area are geared up and ready. a lot of parents have been anxiously waiting for this so their kids can have that protection, especially as they go to school and play with other kids from other household while other parents
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are worried about the vaccines still new advisory committee said very clearly in the meeting they encourage parents to ask questions if you are weary about this ask questions get educated because the cdc says the risk from getting covid greatly outweighs any risk from getting the vaccine. now kids can be given that we give into shot 3 weeks apart and the clinic here at northgate mall opens this saturday and they'll be running a weekly from tuesday until saturday. as you can come by here and have your kids get that shot in the arm is going to be a big week for the bay area as they aim to get kids marin county has a. >> big goal to get about 75% of kids vaccinated before winter recess. so they got some work to do and they're ready to do that. i've got an interview set with the health department. stay tuned for that this morning. back to you. >> all right. looking forward to it. thank you, sarah. yeah. a lot of bay area cities are ready just like marion county and san francisco is going to
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start vaccinating kids on saturday. they're going to have a 100 sites between doctors offices pharmacies, community health clinics also at neighborhood school vaccine clinics are going half san francisco unified is hosting 4 clinics as well. and all the dates and times for that are on your screen. but we've got the whole list of all locations, not just in san francisco but all the other cities too, on kron, 4 dot com. so check that out in the east bay, the contra costa county health officials are holding a town hall tomorrow. they're talking about when they're going to get little kids vaccinated and they're thinking it could be saturday for them as well with city-run clinics. they say parents just check ahead. call your doctor or local pharmacy and see what works for you, james. all right. in sonoma county vaccine clinics are going to be set up at schools with the county saying they have 37,000 kids now. >> in this new age group that eligible the county has set a goal of getting 70% of those kids vaccinated by the end of february. and we've got a whole lot more. all of the bay
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area counties on our website at kron 4 dot com that have plans in place to get shots to these kids. so stay tuned for that. coming up at 6.30, by the way, we're going have a live report from santa clara county where officials there are ready to put shots in arms as soon as today. we've got kron four's will tran standing by with that story. so stay tuned. and new this morning. another thing that a lot of parents have been waiting for a ban. >> on the flavored tobacco and vapes that they don't want their kids to have an in walnut creek. there going to be voting on. yes. can't sell it anymore. crawford's camila barco live in the creek with more on the camila. >> good morning, you guys. yeah. this move is really aimed at young people, especially students, the city's mayor says that they think is the number one problem in middle and high schools. and this is their way to protect them. so they're trying to discourage young people from smoking that group usually starts using a flavored products for
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electronic vaping. according to the mayor, a state tobacco survey found 92% of students using tobacco reported using a flavored product. now during the meeting stack also reported nearly 9 out of every 10 adult smokers, try smoking by the age of 18 in 2019 contra costa county had its own ban. to not allow the sale of flavored vaping products and electronic devices that ordinance only covers the county's unincorporated areas want to excrete want expand is more restrictive than federal and state laws. however, there are exceptions for adults only who got tobacco businesses and daria james, the city plans to start enforcing this a ban in about 5 months. giving businesses time to comply with the new rules. deiah james, back to you. i see. so the laws today and 5 months will be enforcing its there. yeah, that makes a difference. thank you. thank you. camila 6. '08, is the time.
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>> elsewhere, the east bay. we have another measure that's meant to protect children. the city of pleasanton has approved an ordinance requiring gun owners to keep their guns in a locked container or keep a trigger lock on them. the goal is to keep kids from getting their hands on firearms. now, according to one study, more than half of gun owners don't lock up their guns currently another report showed that more there were more than 350 unintentional shootings by children in 2020, another bay area cities, i should say other bay area cities have already enacted similar ordinances including palo alto and san jose. >> 6. '09, and a big story. the las vegas raiders have released wide receiver henry ruggs, the 3rd from their roster and he faces multiple felony charges following a fiery 2 car crash in vegas. a woman died in that crash. police say his car a corvette rear ended another vehicle. you can see the damage here both cars then erupted in flames by the time police got there. investigators say ruggs appeared impaired when they talk to him, the raiders
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drafted him back in 2020 in the first round. his attorneys have released a statement saying in part, as you can see here, quote, on behalf of our client henry ruggs the 3rd. we are conducting our own investigation as of this writing and ask everyone to reserve judgment until all of the facts are gathered. >> time now 6.10 to pittsburgh residents accused in a murder that spans multiple northern california cities appeared in court in fairfield, jessica and mark o can tony, a brother and sister did not enter pleas in the murder of lay lonnie bo shop. the investigation is still ongoing. but officials accuse jessica of killing those shop and her brother marko faces charges of accessory to murder and a parole violation. we've also learned that won peralta and airmen travis air force base may not face charges. he was arrested as a suspicion of accessory to murder. but the police are starting the chief deputy da says that he may be considered more of a witness.
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then a suspect. shop was reported missing saturday night after she left a halloween party in sacramento with 2, a man that police identify as active duty air force members, police say she was killed in fairfield and her body was found sunday in monterey county. >> well, for the second time in the history of the san francisco police department in on duty. officer is charged with homicide. that's according to san francisco's district attorney bodene. this is body camera footage from that shooting that happened back in 2017 showing the moments when officer kenneth cha shot. sean more after responding to a noise complaint. moore was not armed at the time. he died of his injuries 3 years later and the coroner since has ruled it. a homicide. the san francisco police officers association released a statement defending officer tries actions saying that they support chazz right to defend himself against the charges that stemmed from that shooting.
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>> it's 6.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a father is having surgery after he was shot in his own home. and his husband thinks they were targeted. and a new budget plan is unveiled for san francisco schools. a lot of parents are worried about and so are some teachers will tell you about what's on the chopping block. and after the break, people are worried about side shows is specifically this one in san jose halloween night. a lot of people could have gotten hurt. we'll tell you what officials are doing about it. >> and we're holding off on the rain during daytime hours today. that will set us up for some 60's up the coast. a little bit of fog this morning. but afternoon sunshine lots of sunshine elsewhere or warmest temperatures in the forecast for inland and bay site cities with highs. climbing into the 70's. enjoy it rains on its way tonight and cooler temperatures after that. in your forecast. >> and i'm tracking a few fatal traffic collisions on roadways in the san jose area we're also looking at highways
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>> 6.15 right now and we're taking a look at the weather and a beautiful shot here of san francisco. when you get to see it in the dark like we'll all get to see in the dark like this and like fun 05:00pm. >> pretty soon ask because don't forget this is the weekend where we roll our clocks back. all right. so get dark earlier. get extra hour's sleep saturday night into sunday. my favorite time of year when we're old clocks. i
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don't like the spring forward, but i do know that all back the rollback is so nice. yeah. i know the downside is as everyone else gets off work at 05:00pm. it's all dark outside already so dark. but you get that extra hour's sleep regardless who you are. right. that's what we have to look forward to. it's definitely still dark out there this morning. our days have grown shorter and shorter cooler as well as wetter. so we are officially well into fall at this point. and we do have some rainfall ahead of us. it's not going to come until well after midnight tonight, though, so we actually have a dry day ahead of that berkeley hills camera looks good. still very dark out there radar shows you dry skies. we do have very foggy conditions at tae coastline as well as up into portions of marin and sonoma county. so watch for those pockets of low visibility. rainfall is still well outside of the region and that will work its way. and again, that's after midnight tonight. so we've got a dry and sunny day ahead of us. our warmest temperatures of the week. 10:15pm, here. easy to spot where that line of showers is dropping the mendocino county doesn't hit
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us until after midnight. it's going to lose a lot of steam in the process of doing so greater rainfall totals north of the golden gate lesser south of the golden gate predawn hours of tomorrow will continue to see some showers are early. risers will run into our conditions after that will dry out pretty swiftly. and by tomorrow afternoon we're actually sitting under a lot of sunshine. again, just some cooler temperatures after that cold front makes its way in rainfall totals could amount to a 10th of an inch from san francisco southward. well, greater totals north of the golden gate center fell and santa rosa around a quarter of an inch of rainfall. still very light regardless of where you're talking. as for today's highs i've mentioned, it's going to be our warmest day of this forecast. so do savor it. a lot of good sunshine this afternoon and a lot of 70's on the map saying carlos at 73 san jose. campbell and los gatos each at 74. well, some solid 70's for much of the east bay berkeley and richmond you'll hold on to the upper 60's, as you also will for areas like the late helen napa
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and only a few 50's on the map can stinson beach at 57 tomorrow will be a cooler day after morning showers clear out, which will be really quickly. we've got a lot of sunshine to look forward to. yes. don't forget more falling back an hour on sunday. so that means that extra hour of sleep going to love that then comes monday and tuesday. and this could be a big rainmaker for us. another atmospheric river looking likely to set up shop into the start of next week. it doesn't look like this one is going to pack the punch of the one that we had about a week and a half ago, but still something that could result in rainfall spread out over a number of days. rain. john, thanks to that. unfortunately, we have a couple of fatalities in the south bay. here's one. >> 1600 block of saratoga avenue. so these are on our roadways. so fatal traffic collision looks like a driver hit. a tree was killed there. another fatal traffic collision. this is north 10th and commercial street. a motorcyclist was hit by a truck and killed in san jose. so we are looking at those 2 incidents. other not affecting any of the neighboring
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highways that are close to those head into the sea right now. a little under 15 minutes for your drive time there to make it 5, 8080 moving along pretty nicely at this hour. the richmond sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 for you to make that dry checking out that this is a long as you're heading for livermore vasco road to 6 a dublin. a little under 12 minutes starting to see a little slowing through pleasanton along 6.80 and highway 4 as you're traveling from one 60 towards conquer to 42 about 27 minutes all right, james, back to you. thank you. reena 6.19 and san francisco school district is facing a 125 million dollar budget shortfall for the next school year. so how they got to fix that. they're going to make some cuts. they don't want to be taken over by the state. so if they don't want that. and here's what they say they need to do. they could cut about 50 million dollars in funding for individual schools. 10 million. >> cut from student service programs and then administration and operations services would be cut by
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20 million and nearly 400 jobs will be slashed. well, the union representing teachers doesn't think this is a good idea. they think there are other places the district could cut first before impacting students and teachers talking about for men. >> from levels of administration and management. that may be are directly impacting students at this moment, perhaps special projects that can be paused until such a time as grants can be found to us and that cuts to schools or schools having to make the decisions around which position to cut only exacerbates the trauma that we've been so. >> the state of california has offered 30 million dollars in grants to help offset the deficit over the next 6 weeks. school leaders are going to hold hearings with the public to weigh in at that time in final plan will be submitted to the state by december 15th. >> well, there's a new effort to make high traffic areas a bit safer in san francisco with the help of these
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ambassadors who will soon be walking streets dressed. as you can see there in bright orange. so they stand out so that you can see them. they're thege to answer your questions and provide directions. if you need them, any other assistance that they can help you with. they'll be happy to do it. temperatures. go. mayor london breed says that she's hoping these ambassadors will make visitors feel. >> a whole lot more welcome. >> some of the folks who are here that are out on the streets that enjoy this work and what they're doing. >> and that want to help people. because that's going to make all the difference in everyone's experience. >> 50 ambassadors are going to be put out into the streets in key downtown locations like union square and chinatown fisherman's wharf. you'll see them there, too. they're going to be on duty every day from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening. >> we hear that you see scare. you really not the people at the sideshow, but this is a huge one that was just 2 blocks away from san jose city
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hall on halloween night and it is lucky that nobody got hurt or killed. >> but san jose has still not figure out a way to tackle know they've they've had an issue with these as have other bay area cities. but in san jose. >> the people that live near here are concerned that police never showed up. they never tried to stop the sideshow. fact, a member of the department tells us that they well, just didn't have enough officers. it was a very busy saturday night. we can't send 2 police cars to deal with the sideshow of this size here you have something the cops didn't show up. >> legitimately there are understaffed for a city of a million people that 800 cups is crazy. you know, going 60 miles an hour down a residential block with people standing on both mourners. >> they're lucky that something didn't happen. and no so residents are talking about the fact that just this happens in brazen view and the police know about it and they say, you know, to break up something like this. it requires a large police presence there. a lot of
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people participating lot of people watching. a lot of people scatter, including the drivers of the cars. so they need a lot of officers to tackle a problem like this. >> and they just don't have enough. we'll see if they'll be a solution down the road. >> 6.22 is the time. coming up, apple is updating its iphone with the feature they say could save your life in a car crash. we'll tell you how coming up. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both.
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covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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>> the iphone could get a new feature automatically the calls 911, in a car crash.
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yeah. tick talk is now available as an app on your television to we've got rich demuro talking about the stories and a whole lot more in today's tech smart report. here's what's happening in the tech world starting next year. the iphone could automatically dial 911, in the event of a car crash. according to the wall street journal, apple plans to roll out a feature called crash detection for both the iphone and apple watches. >> it would use on-board sensors and an algorithm to detect a car crash. apple already has a similar feature called fall detection built in 2 recent model. apple watches. according to documents reviewed by the wall street journal. apple products have already detected 10 million suspected car crashes with 50,000 of those leading to a 911. call the popular online video game roadblocks is back up and running after a major outage over the weekend. the outage began on thursday. october 28th and lasted for nearly 3 days. many speculated the outage was related to a
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free burrito promotion. the game was doing with to pull a but a blog post from the company says the actual reason is much more technical. basically the growing popularity of the game overwhelmed, a core system because of a bug in the back and software roblox says no player data was lost during the outage. there's a new way to watch tiktok. just ask alexa. there's a new tiktok app available for amazon fire tv. once you download it, you can sign into the app this year. feeds and popular content on the discover page by default. the apple auto-play videos one after another. amazon says tiktok will also be coming soon to its echo smart display devices as well. according to variety, this is an exclusive deal for the u.s. so right now tiktok isn't on any other streaming tv platform. got to say tiktok is pretty good with those like pax. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. santa clara county fairgrounds getting
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ready to vaccinate kids between 5.11 years old will tell you what you need to know if you're bringing your child here and. i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> 6.30 right now. we're checking out the weather and still talking about food because we do that all morning hit member about you guys can do the other day. i don't i have. i have this for you today. i have this for you. see, i have hard candy, i have this for you. i got a grocery
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outlet in a little bag. and so looks like maybe white chocolate is it potentially some sort of vanilla candy soft, it's me. yeah. >> it's cheesy. it's is that wrong as likes it who cheese individually wrapped like this. >> it she said she out of how the she so be ready. be heavier, might be ready for cheese because let me tell you, my daughter was like i'm not eating this. we're cheese candy, looking think gets rid even have the likes it. hey, like e. >> like i was really sad at first because i was a diet right now. but and its so it's all good not okay. so they're officially that cheese nuggets in a bowl. >> addition, the 2 refrigerated, though. yeah, oh, ok, pulled the refrigerator. it is going to be a gorgeous day to get out there do some of those errands today, maybe just venture outside get to walk in before
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rainfall arrives after midnight tonight, mother nature is really timing. this. what a pretty convenient for us actually, as we are going to be venturing outside to some dry conditions tomorrow morning is when we could have some slick spots on roads after overnight rain. we look outside at the golden gate bridge is looking nice and clear. we do have some spots of fog mostly right along the san mateo coastline couple of pockets and marine and sonoma counties, too. aside from that. this is a smooth go this wednesday morning. 50's. for most of our current temperatures. a few 40's on the map like in napa, valais as well as petaluma and santa rosa. so bundle up this morning expect our warmest temperatures of the week this afternoon and then rain tonight and a cool down tomorrow. reyna thank you for that was sadly one of you guys tweeting out yesterday and wanted to know. >> a lot of these traffic accidents report on daily in. well, these 2 here are fatalities. so 600 block of saratoga avenue in san jose. that's a fatal traffic collision someone crashed into a tree indict and another one
6:33 am
north 10th and commercial street. a motorcyclist was hit by a truck and died. so another fatal traffic collision. both of these on streets, not on highways. so again, it's still really sad stories here heading into the city this morning, though, no major accidents or delays. they have turned the metering lights on to traffic is starting to slow down as you're heading from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit a little under 19 minutes for you to make your drive there. the richmond center fell commute. as you travel out of richmond, you can make that drive across towards sandra fell in a little under 11 minutes and we're also looking at 5.80 is a traveling livermore vasco road to 6.80 dublin. a little under 14 for you there. highway force. pretty slow at this hour. 30 minutes traveling from one, 60 along to conquer to 42 and the south. they want to look at you there to 3780 to 85 our major highways. you're not been impacted by any of those accidents. dorian james, back to you. thank all right. let's get back to our big top story this morning in fact, the bay area counties now are able to
6:34 am
hand out. >> covid vaccines to kids between 5.11 they were planning ahead of time. so now santa clara county, it can give those shots in arms as soon as today. covers will tran is live with the details. hi. well. >> so you can come down to the santa clara county fairgrounds and adults have been doing that for quite some time. what they're doing now is they're making sure that the kids between 5.11 years old will be able to get their shots a little bit different. i mean, there are adults who are terrified to get the needles. can you imagine a child. so they have to retrain their nurses to be more patient, try to be gentler with the kids and i'm sure they'll be just fine. but just that a crash course for those nurses probably spent a lot of time dealing with adults, the kids were all i can tell you in santa clara county there are about 55,000 kids between that age group between 5.11 years old in the state. 3 million in that age group. they want to
6:35 am
get as many shots into their arms as they possibly can believing that if they reach 55% for that age group that will begin the herd immunity. so what they're going to do is reportedly they are already booked. but if you go into their website for santa clara county for the fairgrounds. >> you might be able to get some last cancellations and you can slip in there. get your child a shot. what they're also doing, guys is it's terrifying for kids, right. i remember my kids were crying when they got their shots and they're always look over with a needle sticking in their arms, which i think is the worst thing you can do is to see that needle going. what are you going to do is we're having playgrounds obstacle courses, toys, anything to distract them to make them feel better before they get their shot. should open up if it begins, should open up pretty soon. we'll try to get reaction from the parents pet. remember, this is a new deal for them. think about it. james and area like they had
6:36 am
adult menu. so now they have to add the kids menu and the kids menu as far as the vaccine is only a 3rd of the strength of the adults and they can't just measure it. they have to wait for the shipments to come in already pretty measured just to make sure there are no accidents back to my brother used to do if like my hand her will when i was little he would step on my >> and that would make me feel that we're distracting. not a good approach, not a good approach, right. i like that. rather we get a black eye after highlight will suggestion in the last time. the last time we chatted with you. will. >> bribe them with some mcdonnell's. yeah. love you. got that to look forward to if you just get through the things. well, it's right down the street. james happy meals for days. get that needle. there you go. thank you. will. all right. 6.36 is the time happening today. we've got state leaders. they're going to try and fix the shipping problems that have delayed your orders and made the more expensive in recent weeks. >> there will be holding a joint hearing at the state capitol. talk about some of
6:37 am
that congestion that we've seen in southern california ports and how they're going to go about fixing it. so that hearing starts at 9.30 this morning and we'll let you know what they decide. still waiting that. i order like it's crazy. >> alright, 6, 36. and in the east bay and oakland father is going to have surgery today because he was shot in the face on saturday in his own home. so he was firing shots into his home while he was holding his baby. thank god the baby was unhurt, wasn't it and is okay, but the family is really shaken. kron four's political has more. >> confusion and anger and fear. those are the emotions jimmy has struggled with since saturday night. that's when he says someone fired at least 10 rounds into his west oakland home. it happened on peralta street. one of the bullets hitting his has been in the face while holding their 5 week-old daughter. he was standing just a few feet away from their 4 year-old daughter watching television in the living room. jimmy was making kitchen at the time. he has
6:38 am
requested. we blur his face and not share his husband's name. well, oakland police continue to search for the shooter 20. >> secure, the girls i ran over to him and notice that he was buying a based on a pool of blood and his teeth were over. the floor. jimmy says the baby suffered a few abrasions on her face. but her injuries do not appear to be serious. >> he says his 4 year-old daughter is emotionally traumatized. the oakland police department has not indicated whether or not this case is being investigated as a hate crime. but jimmy cannot explain any other reason that may have motivated the shooting other than them being targeted because they are a couple. i can only think of, you know. >> maybe somebody seeing us or. you're not happy having us in the i just i don't know. and now a problem they catch somebody up. played that game for us tonight. meanwhile, his husband is preparing for a
6:39 am
second surgery wednesday. >> the couple has been together for 16 years. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> 6.38. is a time some breaking news from overnight in the south bay police are now investigating 2 deadly car crashes in san jose. the most recent happened just before 6 o'clock this morning, a truck apparently hit a motorcyclist in the area of north 10th street and commercial street. you see on the map where that is the rider of the motorcycle died at the scene. police say the morning commute will be impacted and you should find alternate routes until they finish their investigation. meanwhile, the first crash happened just before midnight near the intersection of campbell avenue in prospect road. that's where a car crashed into a tree. one person died. police haven't yet released any other information will let you know if we find out more. and in the south as well. we have campbell police saying that one man was arrested in connection to a deadly shooting that happened shortly before 11 o'clock yesterday morning near the corner of sunny oaks avenue and south winchester boulevard. officials say the discovered
6:40 am
they discovered a man with a gunshot wound when they arrived on scene, he was taken to the hospital. but unfortunately died. police say a tip from a witness actually help them find and arrest the suspected shooter. >> it's 6.39 and pg e has agreed to pay a 125 million dollars for its part in starting the kincade fire in 2019 that fire was ignited by an unused power line. the pga need they say should have removed and ended up burning more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county and destroying nearly 400 homes and other structures and injuring 4 people under this proposed settlement with the california p ucp jeanne, which spent 85 million dollars removing as many as 70 power lines that are no longer eneriize an they would pay an additional 40 million dollars in penalties to the state's general fund, the california pc will vote on approving the settlement next month.
6:41 am
>> well, the uc hastings law school wants to change its name because the founder apparently sponsored massacres of native americans back in the 1850's, the board of directors voted last night to work with the state to remove the name. the college was founded back in 1978 and historians say that the founder, the namesake of the college certain us hastings orchestrated campaigns that killed 300 native americans in mendocino county graduates of uc hastings law school include vice president kamala harris and former san francisco mayor willie brown will let you know what name they come up with. meanwhile, some california leaders are taking part in this week's climate summit overseas in scotland are governor spoke in glasgow scotland filling in for governor gavin newsome at that conference. more than a dozen other state lawmakers and leaders are heading there as well for the conference before dan's this week having a california presence there at the summit could help benefit us here at home. >> personal relationships that are really important. you
6:42 am
know, everything is personal in this world. my experience. we will bring home the pride of other jurisdictions taking on some of our ideas that will share with them various conferences and the like. i think you're going to see new bills introduced. and i think you're going to see a more sophisticated discussion of climate change as a result of our efforts there. >> and members of the california delegation are slated to be in scotland until november 12th. shockingly, it's 51 degrees and sunny in scotland right and trust me, that's rare. >> 6.42 right now. several key election races played out in virginia, new jersey and other battleground states and the focus a lot of focus has been on virginia that is where democrat terry mcauliffe lost to republican glenn youngkin and this loss is in a state that joe biden won by double digits last year. experts say it could provide the nation with a preview of what to expect in the coming midterms right now. let's take a look. with 94% of the virginia precincts reporting young ken has nearly 50% of the vote
6:43 am
mcauliffe has 48%. as for the governor's race in new jersey democrat incumbent phil murphy and republican jack shut. really they are deadlocked. 88 1% of the vote has been counted. and this one is still too close to call. both of these races were seen as key indicators of what we might expect moving in towards the midterms. >> we'll take a break. it is 6.43. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're going to talk about the warriors plan to be back in action tonight. for a home game. we're going hear from one of the players about the one of the players about the matchup ahead. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack.
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6:46 am
but you know what they say: are back at 6.45 happening today. don't forget the safeway holiday ice rink. the ice rink at union square. it's going to reopen for the first time since the pandemic. >> it will be open daily from 10:00am through 11:00pm all the way through january. tickets can be a little pricey $19. but that includes your skate rentals and you get to be out on the ice for an hour. you can buy those tickets ahead of time to at union square ice rink, dot a lot of people enjoy and you have to put the and line up and get you can't. >> i've shown up just in past years, we've done the same thing and told us and the so we're all but in this so make sure you reserve ahead of time and ahead. and you want to know the for when you're going to go. and john has a look at and we've got a pretty picture to show as we hand it over to john. check this out. bay bridge with the moon. a of a
6:47 am
crescent shape their own and that cools that altered because looks beautiful. that's gorgeous. how that's -pwhat we've got this. this is what happens when you wake up. this is a regular traffic camera. yeah. it's really nice. yeah, whoever frame this one up. beautiful job control around and love that shot. it is nice out there this morning. it's nice that we can see the moon up above us because we've got those clear enough of skies. >> it is a cool morning. so as you venture outside to enjoy what is such a nice start to the morning. just make sure you're doing so with that jackets in hand today. we are going to be seeing conditions today that are going to actually be pretty nice and sunny so aside from some pockets of fog near the coastline to kick off today. it is going to be our warmest in one of clear days, too sitting well to the north and west of us is our next rainmaker, which really doesn't arrive until after midnight tonight. very brief spurt of rainfall here. most of us mourn even notice it. here's 10:45pm, heavy rain at times from mendocino county.
6:48 am
another one of our days were mendocino county is going to be the big winners here after midnight is when our showers push through losing a little steam as they do so north of the golden gate is world will see our greater precipitation potential. you head south of the golden gate into the east bay peninsula and south bay and your totals are definitely going to be more minuscule just enough to get the ground wet make for a slick commute for commuters on into thursday morning by the rest of the day on thursday. skies have cleared. well out. we've actually got a very nice day ahead on that one, too. as for rainfall totals expect around a quarter of an inch in sandra fell in santa rosa closer to a 10th of an inch elsewhere. so definitely not rainiest of evenings tonight. we're saving heavier rainfall until next week which i'll get to in your seven-day 60's up the coast today. well, 70's for a lot of the rest of the bay area really given 72 saying carlos a nice 73. well, the south bay going to be checking in with some mid 70's san jose. campbell nus cato's really, really nice each at 74 degrees
6:49 am
oakland right at 70 today. walnut creek also at 74. well, a mild 72 in pittsburgh, in antioch, santa rosa holding on to the upper 60's. now we will see overnight rainfall tonight. it's brief. it's not amounting to much just enough to get that thursday commute. a little on the wet side friday and saturday. nice and dry sunday. don't forget to adjust your clocks back an hour. also, if you're in the north bay sunday. watch for a few showers. real rainfall arrives monday and tuesday. it looks like we could see another atmospheric river setting up shop across the region. not going to be packing the punch that that last one did very likely. but enough to result in a few days of rain and likely some pretty nice totals reyna john, we do need the rain there. so that will be good news for us. all right. we have some traffic collisions out there in the south bay milpitas southbound 80 at great mall parkway. we got an accident there. >> so 6.80, would be a good alternate for you, however, doesn't look like we're seen much of a delay along 8.80, in the first place. he had another accident. this one is out in pleasant hill
6:50 am
southbound 6 city north of monument boulevar so good. alternate would be taylor boulevard to 24 to try to get around that heading into the sea right now. a little under 90 minutes for your drive time there to make you from the east bay to that fremont street exit another traffic collision. this one, they just were able to clear this off of the highway southbound one. oh, one south of burchett road in san francisco and if we did see any delays, it would be on the golden gate bridge here because they were able to clear that pretty quickly. you're looking at a little under 21 minutes darya james back to use all right. 50 right now and the warriors are they are at the chase center. you can see them there in the videos. they were practicing yesterday gearing up getting ready for the charlotte hornets. >> we're going to in town tonight. so it's going to be lot of fun. the warriors have been a surprise team from the start of the season. they've only lost. >> one game in the 6 that they played so far. way to go worriers. let's see what they can do tonight. one team on the one player on the team.
6:51 am
>> is a veteran. his name is otto porter and he is really saying the dubs have good thanks to you. >> various of his group. >> you know, making winning plays, you know, the whole learn from my mistakes. i'm like i seldom co each other accountable and you started the head of the snake stuff. he's been unbelievable leader. so making sure is acclimated go from there. >> and we're looking forward to that game we're also looking forward to the fact that the world series is done. moving on and we can go to other things now that we know who the champions are. the atlanta braves yesterday is jason dumas with a recap of what happened. >> good morning, everyone. we had a world series elimination game last night. the braves were down in houston with a 3, 2, lead and a chance to win its first world title since 1995 and there was a rock us
6:52 am
crowd in houston for this one and have much to cheer for after though top of the 3rd for jaisol air. he knew exactly what he hit. it was going over the train track out of the park. watch the watch party in atlanta last night not that late. we're going to be 3 nothing great. >> we go to ahe 5th inning. dansby swanson. he goes that's a 2 run home run astros hopes slipping away. it is 5 to nothing brain. that is 7 ending. here is my favorite brain. freddie freeman. he has a great story of you're not familiar with go gullet and even better. wi fi in kid. they sit and watch him popped to work. the braves do it. they win the world series 7 to nothing. they take this series 4 games to 2. that is your look at sports. back to you guys. all right. thank to the bay we were waiting for the
6:53 am
world series to get over with now because the a's a promise that once the world series is done, they would announce. >> some of decision is. well, they said we have a big announcement that will right after the world series. and we assumed it meant the ballpark right. will they say will they go and we have to find out. we could hear as early as this week. so folks keep it tuned. a crowd for leah now. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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>> the california department of fish and wildlife and the bureau of reclamation are teaming up to increase the state's salmon population. yeah. the spawning of the fall run salmon begins this week and the nimbus hatchery on the american river near sacramento is where all this activity, as you see on your screen in recent years. lower water levels and warmer temperatures have made it harder for salmon to survive and the hatchery celebrated the completion of a new fish ladder and flume that will make it a little safer, a little easier for the salmon. now to swim into the hatchery okay. i just had him on last night. i eat salmon a lot. and now i want to because they look so cute and lively and. >> now i feel bad if you think everything looks and i can eat. and you know, i have to be careful. we'll take a break. 6.57. is the time. coming up in the next hour, children ages 5 to 11 now can be vaccinated for covid-19 the cdc's director approved it for
6:57 am
kids will have more details coming up in a live report and the walnut creek city council votes to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vapes. we'll tell you what encourage we'll tell you what encourage leaders to do this big step. after my car accident, we'll tell you what encourage leaders i wondered whatstep. my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7.
7:00 am
>> morning and thanks for waking up with us on a wednesday. i'm darya and i'm james midway. through the week. we've got a nice little break from the rain today to enjoy here it comes back later tonight we asked what time will that be. john, after midnight so we're all pretty safe for most of the day today. even if you are a night owl hopefully are in bed by midnight tonight. >> we are going to be seeing a beautiful day ahead of us ahead of that rain this evening. so get out there and enjoy our warmest of this forecast and some really clear skies already for a lot of us just look at this view of the golden gate bridge in marin county up there in the distance. clear enough that you can see all the way up into san pablo bay, not so much for areas further south in the bay, including the san mateo coastline. then the salinas valley once you get south of gilroy where we actually do have some dense fog advisories. so please be mindful of those pockets of fog, especially south of san jose and right around half moon bay 40's and 50's for current temperatures below a home napa petaluma santa rosa, as well as half moon bay. some of our colder spots only


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