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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 3, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> well, so glad that you in your late apparently do know 03:00am to 06:00am. those are supposet to be the best hours to be awake. so if where court and am right where we're up at that time. you'll have to find out. it's a big secret. lot. a lot of people don't know. this will take it from a 03:00am for me is not my finest hour feeling we'll see how you feel as we work our way through the morning. i'm actually waking up the roads were nice and dry was an easy drive in. yes, it least i'm feeling good. happy anyway. yeah. and looking for some sunshine for how long, because we do have rain later today. right. we do. really doesn't come until well after you got to bed tonight. so we actually do have a gorgeous day ahead of us today. lots of sunshine or warmest
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temperatures in the week. the thing that you're getting through this morning is unfortunately some dense fog in pockets, especially right along the san mateo coastline. they're traveling up highway one in areas like cap'n bay. please be aware of that looking outside at coit tower, not looking at the fog there so much. we're seeing some partly cloudy skies this morning. but nice and dry out there as we make our wednesday start watch for patches of fog up in the north bay, especially marine county and then as i mentioned, right along the coast itself. otherwise conditions out. there are quite nice. we've got dry roadways, as you venture out on to them. 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures. a similar feel as to what we had yesterday. at the same time, it's going to be early tomorrow morning that that rainfall does arrive and that will result in slick conditions for your thursday commute, which i'll get to. still ahead, john, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this wednesday morning. heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 8 minutes for your drive time. there are no major issues along 5.80, as
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you're traveling the richmond, sandra fell bridge you travel out of richmond. you can make that drive in a little under 8 minutes at this hour. conditions are still pretty light for you. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes as you're traveling there, let's check out conditions in the south bay traveling along one, a one, no major delays. 26 minutes from a fundamental part to 3785 82. all look rate. diane james, back to you. to here's another good reason that we're telling you this. you're early. what the kids know. but they can go get a shot today yeah. pfizer has been approved for shots for 5 to 11 year-old all across the country. the cdc making that decision yesterday. so that's the good news this morning. i don't know if you want to tell them are not tell them you prepare. you don't know which are, you know, your kid. we want to start with cover. sarah stinson who is in marin county where they're ramping up. good morning, sarah. >> cameron county has been ready to go live here at northgate mall right behind
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home goods. we can see all of the homes behind me. this is where a vaccine clinic is located in. they'll be starting to hand out shots to kids, 5 to 11 years old. as soon as this saturday. the county started making plans to administer shots to these youngsters long before the final approving. approval was given the fda first approved the pfizer vaccine for kids last week. and it's all because of the trials that were showing success. you can see video of those trials. the kids getting shot in the arm. that will be everybody soon. all the kids know then yesterday a cdc advisory committee approved the pfizer vaccine for kids after hours of discussion in public comment. we covered it yesterday morning. pfizer's trials were heavily reviewed and showed success with its pediatric doses being 91% effective. the director of the cdc gave the final approval approval just hours later, calling it a monumental moment now being able to give
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28 million youngsters protection against covid-19 and its variants pfizer already started shipping millions of the shots to each state. a lot of parents have been anxiously waiting for this so their kids can gain the same protection as they got months ago. while other parents are worried about the vaccine. still, the advisory committee said in the meeting in the meeting yesterday. they encourage parents who are worried about it to ask questions. get educated. the cdc says the risk from getting covid heavily outweighs any risk from getting the vaccine. so they highly encourage parents to get their kids vaccinated. kids will be given 2 shots, 3 weeks apart. the clinic here at northgate mall will be running from tuesday until saturday. and this saturday is the first day marin county excited for this moment. this pivotal milestone in getting young kids that protections. so i have an interview set up with marin county's health department this morning and so stay tuned for that will give you all the information you need about
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this for now live at northgate mall sarah stinson, back to you, ok. looking forward to hearing that. tell you the brilliant idea which i thought was for parents. yes. tell your kids you're going to go out, get ice cream. just got to make a quick stop on the way. ok, joe know stress stress something positive to look forward great idea. so that's the 5. right now in san francisco is going to start vaccinating little kids on saturday. >> the shots will be available at a 100 sites. doctors offices pharmacies community health clinics as well as neighborhood and school vaccine clinics. >> the san francisco unified district is going to host 4 clinics there. those dates and times are listed on the screen right there. and we also have all this information on kron 4 dot com in the east bay contra. costa county health officials say they're going hold a town hall tomorrow to discuss their plans for getting the little kids, their shots. they say the vaccines could be available there as early as saturday at county-run clinics. they say that parents should tech check with your child's doctor or
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local pharmacy as well. they're all options. >> in sonoma county vaccine clinics are going to be set up at schools with the county saying they have 37,000 kids in this age group that's now eligible. so the county has set a goal of getting 70% of those kids vaccinated by the end of february. we'll see if they can get that done. meanwhile, coming up at 5.30. we're going have a live report from santa clara county, where officials there could be putting shots in arms as soon as today. so stay tuned for that update with kron four's will tran. now let's move on to something else that a lot of parents are concerned about vaping and the city of walnut creek has decided to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarette. yeah, proffers camila barco following that story for us live in walnut creek this morning. camila. >> yeah. good morning. you guys. so this move is really aimed at young people, especially students. the walnut creek city mayor says that vaping is the number one problem and middle and high schools. and this is the city's way to protect up. so
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they are trying to discourage students from vaping and that group usually start using flavored products for electronic vaping. according to the mayor, a state tobacco survey found 92% of students using tobacco reported using a flavored product. now, during that meeting staff also reported that nearly 9 out of every 10 adult smokers, try smoking by the age of 18 now in 2019 contra costa county had its own ban, not allowing the sale of flavored vaping products and electronic devices. however, that ordinance only covers the county's unincorporated unincorporated areas. wanna creek span is more restrictive than federal and state laws. however. there are some exceptions for adult. only who got tobacco businesses and the city says that they will begin to enforce this within the next 5 months. and this will allow for businesses to time
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to get used to banned. all right. james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot. camilla. >> so 5. '07. we have another big story this morning. the las vegas raiders have released wide receiver henry ruggs, the 3rd from their roster as he's now facing multiple felony charges following a fiery 2 car crash in vegas that killed a woman. >> police say that ruggs car a chevy corvette. rear ended another car and then they were both in flames when the police got to the scene. investigators say that ruggs appeared impaired when they got there. the raiders drafted him in 2020. the first round. and his attorneys released a statement saying in part, quote, on behalf of our client henry ruggs a 3rd. we are conducting our own investigation and ask everyone to reserve judgment and 10 until all the facts are gathered. >> it's 5 '08 and 2 pittsburgh residents accused in a murder
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that spans multiple northern california cities appeared fairfield, ct jessica and mark o canton ia did not enter a plea in the murder of lei lani bo shop the investigation into her death is still ongoing. but officials accuse jessica of killing beauchamp and her brother marko faces charges of accessory to murder and a parole violation. we've also learned that won peralta and airmen out of the travis air force base may not face charges. he was also arrested on suspicion of exceptionally murder, the chief deputy da says that he maybe consider more of a witness that a suspect. shop was reported missing saturday night after she left a halloween party in sacramento with 2 men. the police identified as active duty air force members, police say she was killed in fairfield and her body was found sunday in monterey county. but for the second time in the history of the san francisco police department and on duty officers being charged now with homicide.
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>> that's according to san francisco's district attorney chase and would this is body camera footage of that shooting that happened back in 2017. it shows the moment when officer kenneth cha shot and killed sean moore after responding to a noise complaint. moore was unarmed at the time that he was shot. he died nearly 3 years later and the coroner ruled his death a homicide. the san francisco police officers association has released a statement defending officer chazz actions saying that they support charles right to defend himself against the charges that stemmed from that shooting. >> it's 5.10. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a father's undergoing surgery after he was shot. >> and his home. we'll tell you why the family believes it was a hate crime. and a new budget plan is unveiled for san francisco schools will tell you what programs could be on the chopping block. plus side shows on the streets of san jose halloween night. why
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people in the area are upset at officials. >> and we are going to be seeing conditions. nice and dry today before evening rainfall mostly after midnight tonight. so enjoy what will be a day in the 70's with lots of sunshine. i've got your forecast ahead. then hit the roads this morning. we're keeping a close eye on your highways and bridges will have a look at your drive times. once we get back.
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kohl's. >> safely holiday ice rink in union its reopening you know, i'm really is beginning to look a lot like christmas and holidays with one side ice rink goes yeah. and your favorite. you can get hot chocolate, you know, and look at has 10 to 11:00am to 10:00am to 11:00pm through january. yeah. it's almost 20
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bucks 19. but that's what your skates. yeah. so and then that gives you an hour which is plenty of time to be done. after you are not in sky only need 30 seconds to start following the rest of that ours is going to sliding around trying to get back up. it everyone's way. yeah. i'm that that's why just let the kids do. and i to sip on my hot cocoa in on high fives as they come by. i find it. you need a lot of people get very close when you're in an ice rink because you're suddenly falling on them leaning on them. are holding them and you don't even know 4 in one instance, somebody before it in front of you falls and they look to for help. i can't hate you because you're stand-up myself. so i kind of just scoop on by google call somebody. and what you know, we i don't don't know how cold it needs to be to keep that thing going. well, they've got that under under, it's going to feel nice and crisp. i assume in san francisco. people need to bundle up right there. go enjoy the ice, john. yeah, i guess it depends on the day. if you're enjoying it
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yeah. i mean, probably the cool down. pretty nice by then, right. yeah. usually it does for sure. we will be looking at conditions today. that won't feel very crisp. but those evening hours you can usually count on him to. you can bundle up out there. get those extra layers on. we do have any evening tonight that will offer up some rainfall. but that won't be until after midnight tonight. daytime hours today are going to be actually quite warm. our biggest concern this morning is some coastal fog, especially around happen. bay. fog has been particularly dense resulting in some lower visibility can see much right here from half moon bay this morning. otherwise it is in the easy commute into work. san mateo coastline, north bay, especially marin county. are those areas that have been affected by that lower visibility zooming out a little bit across the region. we're still looking very dry even to our west. this is our next rainmaker up here and
5:17 am
it's not a very big storm. it is going to push through briefly during overnight hours resulting in some pretty good rain at times again after midnight, especially for the north bay area south of the golden gate will pick up on some brief rain that will make its way through during predawn hours of tomorrow morning. but it's a quick mover and will move in just as fast move out just as fast as it had moved in by 06:00am tomorrow. just a couple of sprinkles do remain and also not going to be a big snowmaker up in the sierra nevada as we are on such a warm know today. how much rain are we looking at here from this one. well, it's nothing write home about for sure. sandra fell in santa rosa will be but are big winners around a quarter of an inch. well closer to a 10th of an inch elsewhere. so definitely on the lighter side of things just enough to keep things wet out there, which is exactly what we want to continue to see as we work our way through this new month. today's daytime highs will be nice and comfortable. some 60's to 70's burlingame at 72 degrees. foster city also at 72 south bay temperatures will be in
5:18 am
the mid 70's with campbell. those gatos in san jose each right at 74 freeman through hayward in the low 70's while oakland at 70 degrees berkeley and richmond holding on to the upper 60's pittsburgh, an antioch each at 72 for today's daytime highs. let's get your look ahead in our next 7 days. so i hope you savor every bit of those 7, 0, is because we will not be seeing them after today out of the 70's back into the 60's and 50's for highs from this point forward tonight we see some brief overnight showers mostly early tomorrow morning. the rest of your day thursday. dries out quite nicely saturday. an increasing cloud cover may see some coastal drizzle adjust your clocks saturday night back an hour as we will be looking at daylight savings time and then monday and tuesday of next week. this is the storm that i've got my eyes on as we could be seeing another atmospheric river event setting up shop that won't dump as much rain falls. what we saw during our last atmospheric river but could result in some good rainfall spread out over the course of the beginning of your next
5:19 am
week. bring us things that you don't see be 03:00am sunday or monday morning. john, call me because of that next hour we get. >> all right. if you're ready from the east bay into the city of not seeing any major issues or delays there also 5.80 moving along pretty nicely to berkeley and emeryville a little under 8 minutes as you're traveling into the city this morning. the metering lights are still off at this hour. let's get a look at the richmond center fell commute as you travel out of richmond, you can make that drive in just a little under 8 minutes for you there heading in the south bay we go a little under 30 minutes to make it from 85 to menlo park 2 3782 an 85 no major accidents or issues and checking out 6.80 as you're traveling southbound 6.80, dublin to fremont to 62 a little under 14 minutes with very nice and light conditions along 5.80, as you're traveling along the altamont pass and 8 80's in the clear as well daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot, right. it's 5.19. the san francisco school district is facing a 125 million dollar budget
5:20 am
shortfall for the next school year and the district has a plan to fix the problem to avoid a possible takeover by the state. so here's a look at some of what they're considering cutting 50 million dollars in funding for individual schools. 10 million will be cut from student service programs administration in operation services will be cut by another 20 and nearly 400 jobs could be slashed. the union representing teachers and staff billy's that there are other places the district could cut from first before impacting students and teachers talking about for men. >> from levels of administration and management. that may be are directly impacting students at this moment, perhaps special projects to can be paused until such a time as grants can be found to us and that cuts to schools or schools having to make the decisions around which position to cut only exacerbates the trauma that we've been so. >> the state of california has
5:21 am
offered a 30 million dollars in grants to help offset the deficit over the next 6 weeks. school leaders are going to have some hearings for the public to weigh in and then a final plan has to be submitted by or to the state by december 15th. >> so there's effort now to make high traffic areas safer in san francisco. they are called of acid. as you can see him here all dressed in orange. they're going to be walking the city streets dressed in bright clothing. so they're easy to spot and they're basically there to help answer any questions you have. they can provide directions for you offer any other assistance as well. and san francisco mayor london breed says that she's hoping these ambassadors. we'll help make visitors feel a lot more welcome. some of the folks who are here that are out on the streets that enjoy this work and what they're doing. >> and that want to help people. because that's going to make all the difference in everyone's experience. >> 50 ambassadors are going to be deployed in key downtown locations like out at union
5:22 am
square and chinatown fisherman's wharf as well. they're going to be on duty every day from 8 in the morning till 08:00pm. >> what's not welcome in san francisco or here in the south bay side shows this is dramatic new video of a big 1, 2 blocks away from san jose city hall. >> that happened on halloween night. gas side shows, as we know are well documented problems in san jose and elsewhere and neighbors say that this illegal event went on for hours and they're concerned that police never tried to shut it down. a member of the department tells us that they simply didn't have enough officers. >> it was a very busy saturday night. we can't send 2 police cars to deal with the sideshow of this size here you have something the cops didn't show up. legitimately they're understaffed for a city of a million people that 800 cups is crazy. you know, going 60 miles an hour down a residential block with people standing on both mourners. >> they're lucky that
5:23 am
something didn't happen. >> officials say that responding to any side show really requires a large police presence because a lot of the people participating could be armed and a lot of them scatter. so takes a number of officers to try and get control over the situation. we don't want something terrible to happen at these things. you know, for top. >> all right. it is 5.23, coming up after the break. this year's holidays may be the most expensive that we've seen in years and here we else is going to go up now. turkey we know more about that thanksgiving meal tell you why the price may be going even higher than we thought.
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a while. >> 5.25 and. >> our continuing quest to scare you. well prepare you. yes. sticker shock thanksgiving. yeah, i if that's the thing is like don't be scared. it is what it is. and the turkey cost what it does in the fact is that the turkey, the pie, the cranberry sauce. >> it's all going to cost more. kimberly chang breaks it down for us. no matter what the situation. we find ways to get around it you don't have to cut this year. i'm >> if you're hosting thanksgiving in might be more expensive this year. food prices have gone up due to a combination of factors like inflation labor shortages, supply chain issues weather and rising transportation costs by ordered a little pre at farmers market poultry owner jim cass county is
5:27 am
hopeful to meet customep demand. he ordered the same amount of turkey's us last year and noticed a difference. my costs went up 8 to 15% and depending on the type of bird you're actually looking for. >> if you're looking for organic or heirloom or heritage. and we carry those. >> the price is a little bit more higher prices across the board based on data from september. the consumer price index jumped from the same time last year. >> if we look specifically what we call student at home, which is your grocery store prices. that's up 4.5% senior economist steve reed with the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says the largest increases in the category of meats poultry next. that index is up over 10 as up 10.5% for the last 12 months. the index just for be sun. il is up 17.6% so double digit you know, and we typically haven't seen any of those in recent decades. >> for poultry specifically. that's up 6.1%. i don't buy it
5:28 am
fresh meats as much anymore because of how expensive it is as long my family cooks and i can even put in my sweatpants were good. but at eli hand these houses tradition for him to cook a turkey. >> and i will do it. be doing some cornish hands and some >> and a bump in the bill won't change that. are you concerned about the price is going on. well. >> just like it's all about family. it's all about coming together. they are. >> kids between 5.11 years old. they will be eligible to get their vaccinations. i'm at the santa clara county fairgrounds. coming up, i'll tell you what they're doing to make sure that the kids have a make sure that the kids have a i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime.
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the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> 5.31 right now and nice clear shot dry roads and everything going and for murren county into san francisco over the golden key pretty all right. this time tomorrow, though, it might be a little wet on the span. it might. we've got john talking about the possibility of maybe a sprinkle or 2 while we're sleeping tonight right, john. yeah. well, we're sleeping tonight mother nature at least working in our favor timing. the storm out initially. but as we know, early risers will be rising up in the midst of what will be some wet conditions on thursday morning. so just maybe give yourself that extra time as rain has also been advising him now as far as this morning, goes, we're pretty free of any obstacles. you can see the coit tower looks good.
5:32 am
i do want to note a couple of spots that will cause you some issues, though, right along the san mateo coastline, especially around half moon bay. we've had some very lowered visibility due to some dense fog. also seeing pockets of fog in the north bay to and then especially down towards monterey. so please be mindful of these spots as this is where you're going to see that lower visibility this morning right now temperatures not all that bad. we're in the 40's to 50's. most of us really in the 50's alameda at 57 degrees dublin in santa rosa. definitely are colder spots each in the upper 40's. i'm talking our warmest day this afternoon followed by overnight rain. still ahead, your forecast right so really got some real work out there. this is going to be as you're traveling along northbound to 42 between 6 18 north in concord avenue in concord. all lanes here currently closed until and they plan to open all those lanes up as you're traveling. >> heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes ago, the san mateo bridge traffic moving along pretty nicely. there. no major
5:33 am
issues or delays pretty light here at the bay bridge. in a little under 2 minutes for you to make it from the foot of the maze to that fremont street exit. all 5 8080 move along pretty nicely. there. if you're traveling here in the south bay to to an 85 no accidents. there. 8.80 in 6.80, also pretty nice and life for us will have won your traffic this morning. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. all right. let's get back to the big story, which is the shots are here for the little kids. yes, covid vaccines for 5 to 11 year-old is going to be. >> available today. in fact, in santa clara county shots could start going into arms as soon as today they're not wasting any time amazing joe, the cdc saying get the green will give the green light yesterday and today the ready will he is live this morning. how did they turn this around so fast. well, they kind knew that it was happening. so they've been preparing and it's almost like shifting gears. james under area. >> they've been giving
5:34 am
vaccinations at the santa clara county fairgrounds for quite some time. but it's one thing to give shots to adults as another thing to prepare than nurses on how to deal with kids. i mean, let's face it. not all nurses deal with kids. that's why they have pediatric nurses. so they have to train those nurses. these are kids. you have to be a little bit gentler more patient and you have to make sure that the doses are correct. remember, they're only a 3rd of the strength of adults. so they are hustling to get in place. we're talking 55,000 kids in santa clara county between the ages of 5.11. 3 million kids within that age group in california. so they are getting ready. they are taking appointments. it looks like reportedly they're already for the rest of this week at the santa clara county fairgrounds. but we'll just have to wait and see. i know they want to get as many shots in arms as they possibly can. so if you come down here, maybe they can slip you in and get you a shot for your child. here's why it's so
5:35 am
important because they believe that if children within that age group about 55% of them guys get the shot that is the threshold to get herd immunity. what's a little bit different? i know some adults hate getting shots. could you imagine a small child. they would be fearful. so what they're doing is they're setting a playground. they have toys. they have little tracks just to distract little james before. unfortunately nurse daria sticks. the needle in james's arms. but hopefully it will be quick and painless a little bit. a boo-boo and then i know there's a mcdonald's down the road. so maybe you can get a happy meal after you get your shot. so a lot of adjustments. you have to almost going from making cars to now making airplanes. but these people are i like the shot. >> hey, and, you know, one of the adjustment fix the sign that scientists from the fair. it's like the fair in the they could. we need but i do like
5:36 am
that. well, you know, that's what you have to go electronic somebody can just type right cue ball as opposed to coming down and james. this is so sign everything love it. thank you. will. >> in the east bay and oakland father is undergoing surgery today after he was shot on saturday and at the time he was holding his baby. the baby is fine. thank god the baby was unharmed at all. but the family's pretty shaken up. >> somebody drove up and fired over 10 rounds into our house. and one of those hit him in the face. >> and again, he's undergoing a surgery today after the shooting, which happened saturday night on prall to street and they would like to remain anonymous. so we're not saying who they are. this family, the oakland police
5:37 am
department. they're investigating, but they haven't said if that's a hate crime or targeted or what. but the victims family they believe that they believe it should be considered a hate crime. >> we're a couple kids. i you know, i immediately i that's kind of where i jumped to because you know what we do live in the bay area. there are people who are. so not very supportive. >> just shots fired into their home and they think that that was why their baby is going to be ok that couple of the the couple have been together now for 16 years. >> let's go to the south bay now. one person is dead after a car crash late last night. it happened just before midnight right near the intersection of campbell avenue in prospect, road 2 cars were involved in that crash. police haven't yet released any other information. but will stay on top of the story for you. >> today. a joint hearing to address the current congestion at california's ports and
5:38 am
possible solutions. so they're going to talk about this at the state capitol. and we know that everybody's been talking about it. this part of what we're saying. supply chain supply chain where your christmas presents. etcetera. look, they're all out there on the ships that have been unloaded. look at all that stuff. the california state assembly and the senate select committee on ports and goods movement are hosting this event because they got to figure out how to move this stuff the ports in southern california account for what was the ship's is like half or of all of the goods that come in. that's how they come in between santa barbara and los angeles. wow. look at all these containers. yeah. all right. coming up on the kron 4 morning news leaders from california are getting ready to go to scotland will tell you why they say the climate change summit there can help them. >> address issues right here in our state. plus the warriors are back in action tonight for another home game. we're going hear from one of the players about the matchup tonight and after the break, pg e is paying out a large
5:39 am
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>> 41 p jeanne agrees to pay a 100. 25 million dollars because of their role in starting the kincade fire in 2019 investigators said that the fire was ignited by an unused power line that pg and e should have removed. it
5:42 am
burned more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county, destroying about 400 homes and other structures and 4 people were injured in this proposed settlement with the california public utilities commission pg and e would spend 85 million dollars to remove as many as 70 power lines that are no longer energized and pg e would pay an additioyal 40 million dollars in penalties to the state's general fund. the cpu see will vote on whether to approve the settlement next month. it's settlement next month. it's 5.42 and we'll be right back. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups.
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watch me! >> 44 right now and we're talking about the weather and i was just looking at the lights and thinking about lights. as you know. >> it's beginning to look, man. >> can i can i decorate the sandbags and out there. well, because they're start. they make. i could make a look festive sandbags. >> are they just going to get like soaked and wet with heavy rain comes by. i don't know john, what do you think? i love you impressive if you do, absolutely. they do a country to take a picture and send it so we can get the reported tab vote share with for give me an people. oh, my god. well, there you go. thank you idea of the work done. effective.
5:46 am
they'll be the first act like that. i'm doing so doing it. i'm still doing that's actually a good i'm looking forward to that. also looking forward to all those good food's coming up as we work our way into that cooler darker time of year. typically a time of year, right tend to eat little bit more along with that. we are working our way into a wetter time of year. that's for sure. and we have been appreciating this rainfall lately a little bit more to come during our overnight hours ahead of us tonight. obviously this morning. you're waking up to dry conditions. there is some some fog that is formed right along the bay shore itself. the densest impact of fog. those been right around half moon bay up and down the coastline as well as in portions of marion county. so if you're in these areas just watch out for a few areas of pockets of low visibility. now we're going to stay dry through the day today. lots of sunshine, in fact, for your wednesday ahead of us rainfall is going to hold off until well after the sun goes down tonight really after midnight. so today we're in store for
5:47 am
our warmest day of this forecast. a lot of sunshine. really nice. one cloud cover generally increases into our overnight hours. showers. as i mentioned, move in after midnight. it's going to be a briefer rush of rain, especially for the north bay lighter amounts. once you head south of the golden gate as quick as they move in. they'll be moving right on out for early risers tomorrow. some especially slick conditions for the commute in general. do expect damp conditions on roadways. but overall thursday after that clears out really nicely get some good sunshine into your thursday afternoon. how much rain are we talking here. it's not going to be a lot. maybe a 10th of an inch for most areas south of the golden gate sandra fell in santa rosa could see around a quarter of an inch of rainfall. the heavier stuff is on its way for next week. as for temperatures today, it's 60's and 70's for daytime highs. a lot more 70's on the map than what we had yesterday, which is going make for a really nice field this afternoon and it's our last day with 70's. so it is one to enjoy as much as you can san jose. campbell, most gatos each at 74 livermore
5:48 am
pleasanton dublin all at 72 in oakland right at 70 degrees. a range of 60's to 70's across the north bay and only one 50 on the map that's you in stinson beach today. tomorrow's daytime highs will cool into the mid 60's. again, we have heavy rainfall briefly. it's very, very briefly during early morning hours tomorrow. and that's something that most of us are going to sleep through friday and saturday. nice and dry days. that will be the case on sunday as we fall back an hour, it does look like we have another atmospheric river likely to shape up across the bay area monday into tuesday of next week. the intensity of this atmospheric river likely not to amount to what we had seen. but this should result in a couple days of rain monday into tuesday. reyna john, thanks to that, right. we're looking at road work out there. this is northbound to 42 between 6 a north and concord avenue all lanes closer to its road work. there until 06:00am. so in a little under 15 should be open headed into the city this morning from the east bay a little under 12 minutes, they turn
5:49 am
the meteor lights on here. >> and so drivers are starting to slow down as you approach the toll plaza heading out of richmond across or sandra fell a little under 8 minutes, no major issues or delays in sandra fell to slow you down. heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 15 and the south bay from 85 in menlo park. 31 minutes 2.37 a 80 to 85 all look great. 80 in 6.80, in the east bay. no accidents there daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. for 85 almost 5.50. now and some california leaders are going to be taking part in this week's climate summit in scotland we got ashley zavala explaining what they're up to and how their presence there could benefit us here at home. >> for post. definitely all in governor eleni kounalakis pointing to california as a lead policy maker in the united states when it comes to combating climate change but if there's one thing more, we have something like sovereign
5:50 am
power it's on our emissions standards lock us speaking in glasgow, scotland, tuesday filling in for governor gavin newsome who is supposed to lead the california delegation at the cop 26 climate conference new some last minute decided to not attend because of a family obligation. according to his office. i'm sure that the person who's got the biggest hardin over not going is gavin newsome states senate majority leader robert hertzberg and more than a dozen other state lawmakers are heading to scotland for the conference by the end of this week. hertzberg says this event is important and sets the stage for global leaders to figure out how to transition the world's economy from one that is part of the solution instead of part of the problem. >> ways to and policies that will incentivize both fixing the environmentally just manner. so we're not just heard poor communities and create people with good jobs. and there's ways to do it. what is the delegation bring home relationships that are really important. you know, everything is personal in this
5:51 am
world. my experience. we will bring home the pride of other jurisdictions taking on some of our ideas that will share with them various conferences and the like. i think you're going to see new bills introduced. and i think you're going to see a more sophisticated discussion of climate change as a result of our efforts there. members of the california delegation are slated to be in scotland until november 12th. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> 5.51 and several key election races played out in virginia, new jersey and other major battleground states. much of the focus. virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe lost to republican glenn youngkin and that loss comes in the state that joe biden won by double digits last year and spurts say it could provide the nation with a preview of what to expect in the midterm elections right now with 94% of virginia's precincts reporting young cannon has nearly 50% of the vote mcauliffe has 48%.
5:52 am
>> all right. let's talk warriors basketball now with the team back in action tonight. they'll be at the chase center hosting the charlotte hornets and that's video them. by the way, in the wall practicing yesterday ahead of the draining threes. a gun. look at that. i think it's it just that's amazing. >> yeah. new new attitude. it's all coming together now and they only have one last after playing 6 games which is and winning games with a balance of. >> great offense and great defensive. both sides of the ball. a new player on the team is a veteran auto porter. he's been fun to watch. and here's what he had to say about olaying for the dubs. now. various of his group. >> you know, making winning plays, you know, the whole learn from my mistakes, my cell co each other accountable and you starts at the head of the snake stuff. he's been unbelievable leader. making sure is acclimated go from
5:53 am
there. >> did he say that steph is the head of the snake. >> basically. i think that's what he's a he's the tip of the spear. the headlight. yeah. speaking of tip tip off time for tonight's game against the hornets is 7 o'clock again at the chase center. so hometown fans out there cheering him on. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
oil spill off the orange county coast about a 100 mile rtd's were released back into the wild. look at him that the not that's not now. their furry in there for his clean. yeah, they're their feathers look good, right. yeah. yeah. they were originally set to review, be returned that albert martian 100 beach. but there's still some concerns there about some leftover oil. so the wetlands clean them and put them back order. so that's why they let them loose in this property here, which is nearby along the santa ana river in newport beach, an eventually make their way home if they don't make this their home, but they're all cleaned up bring you've been do a newport beach newport boy, oh, boy. is it nice. yeah. >> some day. haha. i hope it's nice again after that spill
5:57 am
5.56 right now. coming up in the next hour. >> hey, the kids can get their shots. now saying how sick the day you can get a shot. i know that my probably don't that. a lot of parents have been waiting for this day to protect their kids from covid. we'll have a live report. >> and the walnut creek city council unanimously votes to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vaping products. we'll tell you what city leaders say courage that band what they're hoping will come out of it. some parents of a waiting for that. they we'll waiting for that. they we'll be right back. people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. so, it helps to have a wise friend and fierce defender like aarp. to help you take control of your health along the way. what's in it? i don't know. but it's green. green's good. whether it's your wellness... what are you in for? cholesterol check. cool. your brain health. or your endurance. that's why the younger you are,
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this.
6:00 am
kaiser permanente. thrive >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. 6 o'clock still early enough to you know, aspiring, sure, we've decided that the 5 to 6 is the inspiration our choice because well, 3 to 6. if you got up really early this morning. that's when all the mind apparently were. people are very creative and open at that time. it's nice and quiet. that seems to be the consensus among the experts. that's what the experts tell me. so i got to get up that time anyway. but if you get up that early, then you get to watch the show if be inspired to wake up at 03:00am with the rest so excited for you to join alright, john, what time you get it's like to 40 by right. just in time. it was closer to 3


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