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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now it and it's a monumental milestone in ending the pandemic, the cdc signs off on pfizer's covid vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 authorities across the bay area are now mobilizing to get children. those shots. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i pale more. there is just one more hurdle to cross before children as young as 5 years old can start getting vaccinated with pfizer. >> cdc director doctor rochelle walensky signed off on the company's kid sized
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dose just hours after a panel of health experts voted unanimously to recommend it. doctor walensky says today's pfizer approval will help get children safely back in the classroom after nearly 2 years of disrupted learning. >> their children. the second grade who have never experienced a normal school year. he entered vaccination has the power to help us change all of that. and to let us move for as one knew it and hope it can be safe and enriching environment for all of our children. >> so now the western states scientific safety review workgroup needs to give the final thumbs up and that is likely just a formality here in the bay area. children could start getting the shots as early as tomorrow. we have a team of reporters covering just how health authorities across the bay area are planning to get those doses to children. we begin with kron four's, also the money and she's live for us in the newsroom with what san francisco health officials announced at a town hall tonight l a.
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>> that town hall tonight gave a chance for the san francisco county health officer as well as local pediatricians to answeriquestions from concerned. parents, they are sure that they believe that this vaccine is safe and has undergone and up study among 2200 kids nationwide pointing to a 91% effective rate in preventing illness in kids. 2 doses of pfizer. a 3rd of the dose for what we have seen be given to adults will be given 3 weeks apart to children and doctors are insisting that vaccinating this younger group is a key to putting an end to this pandemic right now there are fewer than 5 kids between 5.12 years old in the san francisco pediatric hospital for covid-19 and doctors explained that although a vast majority of cases in children are mild. they can still spread it to others. one side effect for some children has been card itis that's more so seen among teen boys. not as much in those between 5.12. that's a mild inflammation of the heart muscle and surrounding tissue. but they said that that's super rare
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and can happen without the vaccine to if somebody is infected with covid-19. so the benefits outweigh the risk. >> when my children on my 2 younger ones that vaccinate it was right when the information about the minor credit. it was coming out that we did not know. so i understand the fear and concern that some of you may have. but ultimately i've also seen have been affected by covid children who have been quite sick. we know while the children from san francisco numbers are small as a regional hospital weekend children, some other places and i did not. and cannot that there are children who are healthy and normal and active like my children who got severe and we're in the hospital and had to have the royal life saving measures to keep them alive and still so all of that went into my decision. i would do it again if they were younger.
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>> these pediatricians told parents if they're worried that their kids may not react well to their shot or have a bad reaction to the first one like if they get anaphylaxis that they just need to consult with their individual child's pediatrician who knows them and their health best. san francisco will start vaccinating kids on saturday across 100 sites at doctors offices pharmacies community health clinics as well as neighborhood and school vaccine clinics. the san francisco unified school district will host 4 clinics on tuesday's between 03:36:30pm. at malcolm x academy in the bayview hunters point district on wednesday's between 02:35:30pm, at balboa in the excelsior district and saturdays from 10:30am in the morning until one 30 in the afternoon and the cop and over in the richmond district and just like adults. kids may soon have to have a proof of vaccination to go into outdoor space indoor spaces in san francisco. the county health officer had said tonight that bill probably give them about 8 weeks from when the vaccines
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are available before that may be mandated live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news lot information there. ellen, thank you for that. contra. costa county health officials say they will hold a town hall this thursday. >> to discuss their county's plan for vaccinating children. they say vaccines could be available as early as saturday. at county run clinics. but they add that parents should check with their child's doctor or local pharmacy. first, many bay area counties have been planning the rollout of the children's vaccine says fires are first submitted his weeks ago for state of the second joins us live now from san mateo county, where leaders say they plan to hold a vaccination event this weekend. taylor. >> cam county leaders say they expect to receive the pediatric doses by friday. and if that happens, they'll begin administering those doses here. the san mateo, san mateo county event center on saturday. of course, that's in addition to other places that will be able to administer the doses like pharmacies, health care providers and also other doctors offices.
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>> yes, it protects that child. but it also protects our community. and so we're going to end covid. >> these are the steps that we need to say. san mateo county supervisor david canepa says the county is already planning an event for this saturday after the cdc gave the green light on tuesday for children, ages 5 to 11 to receive the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. if the county receives the doses by friday and state approval is given the event will happen at the san mateo county event center. what we want to do is to create a setting for. >> and since for for kids. >> where they feel very, very comfortable. they feel like. >> you know what, this is a safe place. federal approval has been issued. however, california has its own vetting process to the western states scientific safety review workshop. >> the group that typically gives its consideration 24 to 48 hours after state officials get final determination on the
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vaccine. several counties are anticipating the all clears in planning for rollouts. as soon as this week or next. in a statement to kron 4 news on tuesday that county health officials write, quote, following the w s s s r w's approval, which we anticipate shortly, napa county will begin its roll out to make the pfizer vaccine available to the 11,000 children ages 5 to 11 in napa county who are newly eligible we are in communication with pediatric providers in napa county and it is our understanding the pediatric providers are planning to begin offering the pfizer vaccine to children ages 5 to 11 in office and clinic settings soon after final approval from w s s s r w have a county public health plans to host its first clinic for that age group in the november alameda county also released a statement on tuesday in part reading, quote, the western states scientific safety review workshop. let's first weigh in on the cdc's recommendations to vaccinate children. 5 to 11 years old. the pediatric covid-19 vaccine, which is one 3rd, the dosage given to teens
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and adults. it will arrive in different packaging will be available through some providers immediately and will become available soon through others. solano county health officials also waiting on word from state officials saying, quote, once the state has approved the vaccine for children 5 to 11 parents can go to our vaccine clinics as a walk-in or make reservations online. >> after state approval, which is expected on wednesday or thursday. san mateo county will be ready here at the event center on saturday appointments, though they are required so you can soon sign up on my for now live in san mateo. taylor kron 4 news taylor, thank you. >> because the doses are just a 3rd of the amount given to teens and adults is taylor. just mentioned each bay area county will be getting its own separate shipment. grant lotus now joins us in the studios. how the rest of the bay area's getting ready for this big rollout. but again, the ducks in a row today, the santa clara county health officer announced that she is
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expecting. >> roughly 75,000 doses to arrive at the vaccination clinic at the santa clara fairgrounds and even though that is just one 3rd of the total number of 5 to 11 year-olds living in that county. health officials say they do not expect a shortage of doses in the north bay. meanwhile, you have sonoma counties hit set up clinics at school. single has 37,000 kids in this newly approved age range. the county has a goal of getting 70% of those 5 to 11 year-olds vaccinated by the end of february. and in marin county, the miller creek school in center fell is the first planned site that will offer the covid vaccine to kids 5 to 11 years old them are in middle school is set up so they hope open up on saturday to start getting these kids vaccinated. laine hendricks marin county spokesperson says the county teamed up with health experts to map out a plan to help facilitate giving the nearly 21,000 children there. the shot. she also says the county run facilities at schools will
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be much different than those mass vaccination sites for adults. >> the saints are going to look different than the are other mass vaccination site. so it will be a bit more closed off and credit. but at the same time, you can hear festive music. you can see nurses in bright colors, scraps, you know, and balloons and all those in sort things. >> so kids should feel more comfortable hendricks as sign-ups are not quite open yet, but that should be coming very soon. all of these clinic dates and times locations will be posted on our website so you can check them out there. once we have more details. ken pam, for now back to you. and a whole lot going on with all this. thank you. grant. >> well, the race to get children vaccinated will begin just as health experts say the new a wife or to sell variant of covid has been detected in california. it may spread faster than the more common delta variant, although there's no evidence of it causing more severe illness tests are underway to see if
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it can evade antibodies from vaccines. the cdc says the delta variant and its several subvariant makeup virtually a 100% of covid cases here in the u.s. another big story tonight the las vegas raiders have officially released a wide receiver henry ruggs the 3rd from their roster. >> he faces multiple felony charges following a fiery early morning. 2 car crash in las vegas that left a woman dead. police say rugs car. a chevrolet corvette rear ended. another car. both cars went up in flames by the time officers arrived on scene. investigators say rugs appeared impaired when police arrived. the raiders drafted rugs in 2020 in the first round. his attorneys have released a statement saying, quote, on behalf of our client henry ruggs the 3rd. we are conducting our own investigation as of this writing and ask everyone to reserve judgment until all of the facts are gathered.
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>> 2 pittsburgh residents accused in a murder that spans a number of northern california counties appeared in a fairfield courtroom today. jessica and came to did not enter pleas today in the death of flay. lonnie the investigation into her death is still ongoing. but officials say they suspect this to be a case of a love triangle. adding that jessica is the alleged killer. her brother marko faces charges of accessory to murder and a parole violation. also learned that one parra peralta and airman out of travis air force base was arrested on suspicion of accessory to murder may not face charges. the chief deputy district attorney says he may be considered more of a witness. then a suspect. bush on was reported missing saturday night after leaving a party in sacramento with 2 men that police identified as active duty air force members, police say she was killed in fairfield. her body was found sunday in monterey county. for
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justice. the second time in the history of the san francisco police department and on duty officer has been charged with homicide has according to san francisco's district attorney chase of food aid. this is body camera footage from the shooting that happened back in 2017. >> an officer. kenneth jaw shot sean more while responding to a noise complaint. >> moore was unarmed when he was shot. he died nearly 3 years later and the current a rule that his death was a homicide. the san francisco police officers association has released a statement defending officer child actions saying in part. >> quote, we support officer johns constitutionally protected right to present his defense against these charges that stemmed from this extremely volatile incident that an autopsy concluded took mister moore's life while he was serving time in prison on another matter. >> there is a new effort to make popular tourist areas safer in san francisco. these
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ambassadors will soon be walking city streets stressed in that bright orange answer questions provide directions and offer any other assistance they can san francisco mayor london breed says she hopes these ambassadors will help make visitors feel welcome. >> some of the folks who are here that are out on the streets that enjoy this work and what they're doing. >> and that want to help people. because that's going to make all the difference in everyone's experience. >> 50 ambassadors will be deployed in key locations such as union square chinatown and fisherman's wharf. it will be on duty daily. from 08:00am to 08:00pm. >> looking at 4 zone weather forecast. a live look outside at san francisco tonight. you see the transamerica building there on a what looks to be a clear night. sure does kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr joins us now with what's happening down the road. >> pam and ken, good evening. good evening, everybody. and we're eyeballing another shot of rain nicely conveniently timed out for a nocturnal
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event that will be tomorrow night and into early thursday morning, we shape things up a little bit on thursday afternoon into friday and we're watching out for something early into next week. that's quite interesting. we're not getting a consensus that one timing, everything but let you know. we know golden gate bridge there you have it. that's not right. there we go. going cape as you can see, not much the way of fog has developed yet, although i think we'll get a little develop late tonight, temperatures at about 60 or so. looks like right now inland. we're seeing 50's. so he tells you got clear skies drier air to allow the temperatures to fall like that. also lower to middle 50's up to the north bay the next few hours generally speaking, mostly clear skies temperatures falling a few degrees. however, by late tonight. i think we'll get some fog developing across around the immediate bay and also in some of those valleys inland. we have some parking occurring. this means pretty nice weather expected for tomorrow with the balance of the day, little packages. some low lying clouds expected very early tomorrow morning. what we're trying to burn off some of this fog. but then things
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get rock. and as we get into wednesday night, not a major system, but just enough to give us some nice rain. there's that package of cloud cover i just mentioned earlier here it comes whack right through by thursday afternoon. we're clearing back out again. not a bad friday, but some scattered clouds as we get into the weekend. there's a passing system to make note of the might actually bring a few showers for saturday and into sunday. and pam and ken looking ahead, it looks like early excuse to be quite interesting here. what we do know this decoupling on the models. we do see some colder air working in here that might help the bank account through some more snows of them okay. thank ou. >> well, developing tonight with a looming 125 million dollar budget shortfall for the next school year. right now the san francisco unified school district is unveiling its plan to fix the problem while trying to avoid a possible takeover by the state of california. for jonathan mccall is here is the studio with us now with a look at what could be on the
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chopping block. jonathan. hopefully you can empty out your couch cushions and searching cars for some extra change because 7 cisco unified schools needs 125 million dollars. these cuts group stretching. >> in every which direction including in the classroom and even possible layoffs as well. >> it's a tough math problem that comes with plenty of variables where to find 125 million dollars for san francisco unified school leaders. they're hoping that a plan released tuesday night. we'll provide the right answers to avoid a state takeover. >> schools would experience change and you know, and we this is this would result in reductions at school sites among the ideas for those proposed cuts. >> 50 million dollars in funding would be slashed for individual campuses. 360 jobs at schools and 55 jobs at the central office also cut it 2 million dollars would be cut from student programs like j r o t c special education
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services and community service coordinators administration and operation services would also be cut by more than 20 million dollars. i don't know of one school site. >> that at this moment could say, yeah, we don't need so we don't need this position because sauder curio is the president of the united educators of san francisco. >> the union representing teachers and school staff. >> cuts to schools or schools having to make the decisions around which position to cut only exacerbates the trauma that we've been. she believes there are more places the district could cut from first before impacting students and teachers were talking about for men. >> from levels of administration and management. that may be are directly impacting students at this moment, perhaps special projects that can be paused until such a time as grants can be found to send them right now. san francisco unified schools currently has some 49,000 students, but it
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has seen a steady drop in enrollment over the past 5 years. >> curry l is now calling on state and local leaders to fix a problem. that's not only happening here in san francisco. but one that's happening at schools all across the golden state right. schools across california. >> are suffering from enrollment, especially in large urban districts. it didn't see this coming. >> the state of california has offered to throw in 30 million dollars to help offset that massive deficit. kerry. also she's looking forward to working with the district on a final solution and over the next 6 weeks, sf usd school leaders will hed take part in listening sessions which will give the public a chance to weigh in on what they think should go and what should stay a final plan must be submitted to the state of california by december 15th. you can see the details of the proposal right now on our website at kron 4 dot com jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you, jonathan. >> marjorie taylor greene will
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not be coming to the bay area after all the controversial republican congresswoman from georgia was expected to attend an event this saturday in san mateo county hosted by the san francisco gop a location for the event had never officially been announced and today a member of the gop announced that grade wants to reschedule the appearance. no reason was given for her cancellation and no new information has been announced regarding another possible date. well, it is election night across much of the country, although the races happening here in the bay area. >> are smaller in nature. there are several key races playing out in virginia, new jersey and other major battleground states. much of the focus is on virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe has lost to republican glenn youngkin. yeah. that loss comes in a state that joe biden won by double digits last year. and experts say it could provide the nation with a preview of what to expect in the upcoming midterm elections right now about 94% of the
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virginia precincts are reporting. >> youngkin has nearly 52% of the vote. a call of has about 48%. as for the governor's race in new jersey democrat incumbent phil murphy is currently behind republican jack should rally 74% of the vote is counted. the race is still too close to call. former police captain eric adams cruise to victory in the race for new york mayor easily defeating his republican opponent and guardian angels founder curtis liwa. >> adams will become the second black mayor in the history of the largest city in the united states. he criticized police officers for their treatment of minorities but did not go so far as to call for defunding the police policing was on the ballot in minneapolis 18 months after george floyd was killed there. voters rejected a measure to replace the police department with a department of public safety. >> it was the first attempt by a major us city to drastically overhaul public safety since floyd's death sparked
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nationwide protests last year. >> still ahead tonight at 10, a big announcement from president biden at the climate summit in scotland. what he's promising to crack down on. >> plus bad news for those of you hoping to have some crab this thanksgiving by the start of the crab season has been delayed and a lot of upset neighbors in san jose. after a side show went on for hours halloween night. up next, why police say they did not send any officers to break up that show. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> dramatic new video of a large side show just 2 blocks from san jose city hall and near the police station. this happened on halloween night. you could see the cars doing donuts and other stunts with dozens of people watching sideshows, of course, a well documented problem in san jose. in other neighborhoods around the bay area neighbors there said the show went on for hours, but they're more concerned that police apparently never tried to shut it a member of the department tells us they simply didn't have enough officers to do that. >> it was a very busy saturday night. we can't send 2 police cars to deal with the sideshow of this size here you have something the cops didn't show up. legitimately they're understaffed for a city of a million people that 800 cups is crazy. you know, going 60 miles an hour down a residential block of people standing on both mourners.
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>> they're lucky that something didn't happen. >> officials say responding to any side show requires a large police presence as people participating in the sideshow may be armed. also in the south bay. campbell, police say a man is behind bars tonight in connection to a fatal shooting. happened shortly before 11 o'clock this morning near the corner. sunny oaks avenue and south winchester boulevard. officers say when they arrived on the scene, they discovered a man with a gunshot wound. he was taken to a local hospital where he later died. police say a tip from a witness help them locate and arrest the suspect nearby. the investigation is still ongoing. >> and oakland father who was shot in the face while he was holding his baby in his own home is still recovering tonight. his husband tells us their entire family is now traumatized. >> somebody drove up and fired over 10 rounds into our house. and one of those hit him in the face.
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>> the shooting happened on saturday night on parole to street. jimmy who only wanted to give his first name and asked that his whole family remain anonymous tells us that his husband was standing just a few feet away from their 4 year-old daughter when he was hit by the gunfire. thankfully % the baby and daughter are said to be ok, the oakland police department has not said whether they are investigating the shooting as a hate crime. but jimmy says he believes it should. >> we're a couple kids. i you know, i immediately i that's kind of where i jumped to because you know what we do live in the bay area. there are people who are. so not very supportive. >> the couple has been together for 16 years. the husband is preparing for a second surgery slated for tomorrow in wisconsin. the trial of kyle rittenhouse got underway today. he is accused of shooting 3 men killing 2 of them during demonstrations following the police shooting
10:28 pm
of jacob blake rittenhouse's defense attorney says that his client was defending himself. prosecutors accuse rittenhouse of being the aggressor. he is charged with 5 felonies, including first-degree intentional homicide rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty at trial is expected to last 2 weeks coming up next at 10 o'clock, a big move from facebook affecting more than a billion users. how the company is trying to ease concerns that it has violated people's privacy. plus another penalty for pg how much the company is expected to pay over charges. it ignited the kincade fire in the north bay and president biden says he's confident his build back better plan will move forward. >> how close lawmakers are to reaching a deal and how soon there could be a vote.
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>> a live look tonight at the u.s. capitol where house democrats are promising to pass president biden's build back better agenda as early as this week. the push follows months of negotiations over both the president's children dollar infrastructure bill and his larger nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending plan. democrats said the votes could come thursday and both moderate and progressive democrats say they are confident both bills will pass. >> we are now comfortable with moving forward. we look forward to moving through and we're taking the word of the president that he's going to get
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>> president biden says he's confident he has the votes in the evenly divided senate to get his agenda passed. but moderate democrats such as senator joe mansion are demanding further review of the spending paans and climate control policies. >> today president biden and leaders of some 100 countries targeted climate-changing methane emissions at the un climate summit in glasgow. the rule at the center of the president's plan is to push oil and gas ompanies to detect to monitor and to repair methane leaks from new and existing wells and pipelines. >> united states is eager to work with each of you to make sure we meet to school. and encourage more countries, more countries to join us and committed to reducing methane globally because there more that can join ensure it. >> we are. >> the world leaders are aiming to slash global methane emissions by 30% over the next decade. >> some california leaders are also taking part in this week's climate summit. our
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capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what they're up to. and how their presence could benefit us here at home. >> for most definitely all in governor eleni kounalakis pointing to california as a lead policy maker in the united states when it comes to combating climate change but if there's one thing more, we have something like sovereign power it's on or emissions standards lock us speaking in glasgow, scotland, tuesday filling in for governor gavin newsome who is supposed to lead the california delegation at the cop 26 climate conference new some last minute decided to not attend because of a family obligation. according to his office. i'm sure that the person who's got the biggest party over not going is gavin newsome states senate majority leader robert hertzberg and more than a dozen other state lawmakers are heading to scotland for the conference by the end of this week. hertzberg says this event is important and sets the stage for global leaders to figure out how to transition the world's economy from one that is part of the solution instead of part of the
10:34 pm
problem. >> ways to and policies that will incentivize both fixing the environmentally just manner. so we're not just heard poor communities and create people with good jobs. and there's ways to do it. what is the delegation bring home relationships that are really important. you know, everything is personal in this world. my experience. we will bring home the pride of other jurisdictions taking on some of our ideas that will share with them various conferences and the like. i think you're going to see new bills introduced. and i think you're going to see a more sophisticated discussion of climate change as a result of efforts, their members of the california delegation are slated to be in scotland until november 12th. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> new at 10 p g has agreed to pay a 125 million dollars over its role in starting the kincade fire back in 2019. investigators say that fire was ignited by an unused power line that pg and should have
10:35 pm
removed the fire burned more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county destroyed almost 400 buildings and injured 4 people under the proposed settlement with the california public utilities commission pg e would spend 85 million dollars, removing up to as many as 70 power lines that are no longer energized and would pay an additional 40 million dollars penalty into the state's general fund. the cpu see will vote on whether or not to approve that settlement next month. >> pg and e expects to lose more than 1 billion dollars as a result of the dixie fire. the utility company says it has been subpoenaed by a u.s. attorney for documents related to that fire pg and e was first sued back in september by homeowners in 5 counties to say they were devastated by the dixie fire. it was the second largest wildfire in california's history. pg and e acknowledges that fire may have been ignited by a tree that fell on is cables. but the exact cause is still under
10:36 pm
investigation. the california department of fish and wildlife and the bureau of reclamation are teaming up to try and increase the state's 7 population, the spawning of all up check salmon begins this weekend. and then this hatchery on the american river near sacramento. >> in recent years. lower water levels and warmer temperatures have made it difficult for the salmon to survive today. the hatchery celebrated the completion of a new fish ladder and making it safer and easier for the salmon to swim into the hatchet time now for the 4 zone forecast as we give you a bird's eye view over downtown san francisco from our mount sutro tower cam and dave spahr is looking ahead for what's in the forecast still could see all the lights all lit up there very much nicely we haven't had the fog yet develop, although in some of those pockets in london expect maybe some of that to develop. >> east bay shoreline also lit up very nicely as well as we go into a very pleasant night. things will be a little different, though as we get into tomorrow with a passing
10:37 pm
system as we look at tonight of 56 expected furlough san francisco, scattered clouds that will be probably very late tonight, early tomorrow morning. some fog, some bay fog covering open in the east bay shoreline and donald san jose a few clouds mild conditions prevail. let's get into this in terms of what we're talking about into late tomorrow, some passing clouds again expected tomorrow morning that may kind of hasten the development get take care of that fog in the morning hours. so we go to wednesday thursday. here's a little dose of rain. not a big, big rain maker, but it happens at night. it will be a you know, nice kind of rain that's going to cause any problems or anything will get some way. some breezy conditions. clears up nicely and we get into the weekend. we'll have a mixed bag. some sun and clouds late on friday. and when you start to get into saturday, sunday. we might even have a passing shower up in the north bay. but this is not the real deal that we're watching what's happening as early next week. winds little bit of a breeze will get a little spurt going on with this go into the teens. this won't be anything. of course, the won't be causing any wind
10:38 pm
advisory talk or anything like that. it will kind of linger looks like into the next day. so for tonight we've got some late scattered clouds just before dawn passing. they fought with 50's. wednesday. got a nice wednesday on tap rain late. that's going to be at well after sunset late clearing on thursday. however, might have a little bit the way some thursday commute showers still lingering weekend. we've got a saturday weak system in the north bay shower question mark not money in the bank and then sunday looks pretty good until we get to monday. and that's kind of a thing up in the air here because the models are really dancing around on us here a little bit thursday. here's that dose of rain we're talking about getting into the weekend passing little systems up north. here's the package of the major moisture. it's somewhat coming from the lower latitudes. so it's mild. however, colder air is streaming on in. so you combine those 2, you should get a lot of juicy air coming in together to give us a good rain with all of that and that may linger ps late as wednesday. 4 zone forecast keeps us all in the 60's along the peninsula as you'll notice, including bay side as well. down to the south. we
10:39 pm
pop some lower 70's, redwood city at 70 in the south bay 74 for san jose east bay shoreline, lower 70's as well as tri valley. again. you might have some morning fog to contend with. looks like 71 fairfield 69 for nap and 69 santa rosa, lots of sunshine. not a bad day at all. then it calms that dose of rain we talked about for thursday and then early next yes, it could be kind of messy. but we need a good dose of some rain there might. if that all comes together might have some local problems here and there with all of that. but it might be some more mountain snows which we could use very yeah. haha, thank you, facebook is shutting down its facial recognition software. the company said today it will delete the face prints a call it of more than a billion people. >> more than a decade. the tool identified user's friends and pictures and suggested taking them. at least 7 states in about 2 dozen cities of limited government use of that technology over on civil rights violations, racial bias and invasion of privacy yeah.
10:40 pm
who is saying goodbye to china, access to all yahoo. services has been shut down in that country. the company size of the increasingly challenging business and legal environment. >> in china as a reason for exit. microsoft pulled the plug on linkedin in china last month because of what it also called a more challenging operating environment coming up in sports the short-handed sharks host the buffalo sabres sports director jason dumas has the highlights and kate rooney is live from the shark tank with reaction. >> he kind of became like a superhero to them. >> plus, a ups driver making a big difference on his route changing the lives of 2 little girls. how their mother says the pandemic brought them all closer together and what is arguably the most anticipated meal of the year. maybe more expensive than ever after the break. what's driving up the prices for thanksgiving food staples from the burned to the staples from the burned to the pie. from one moment to the next,
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some dungeness crab for thanksgiving. well, you might want to come up with a new menu crab season was expected to start saturday. >> that timeline has been pushed back because of concerns that humpback whales and leatherback sea turtles could get caught in the crab trap gear. the delay won't likely be reevaluated until november. the 22nd, which is just a couple of days before thanksgiving. the thanksgiving
10:44 pm
feast. meantime, this year could be the costly us in the history, help the economists say everything from the turkey to the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce going to cost more is going hit your wallet. >> kimberly chang has the story. no matter what the situation we find ways to get around it you don't have to cut this year. i'm >> if you're hosting thanksgiving in might be more expensive this year. food prices have gone up due to a combination of factors like inflation labor shortages, supply chain issues weather and rising transportation costs by ordered a little pre at farmers market poultry owner jim cass county is hopeful to meet customer demand. he ordered the same amount of turkey's us last year and noticed a difference. my costs went up 8 to 15% and depending on the type of bird you're actually looking for. >> if you're looking for organic or heirloom or heritage. and we carry those. >> the price is a little bit more higher prices across the
10:45 pm
board based on data from september. the consumer price index jumped from the same time last year. >> if we look specifically what we call student at home, which is your grocery store prices. that's up 4.5% senior economist steve reed with the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says the largest increases in the category of meats poultry next. that index is up over 10 as up 10.5% for the last 12 months. the index just for be sun. il is up 17.6% so double digit you know, and we typically haven't seen any of those in recent decades. >> for poultry specifically. that's up 6.1%. i don't buy it fresh meats as much anymore because of how expensive it is as long my family cooks and i can put in my sweatpants were good. but at eli hand these houses tradition for him to cook a turkey. >> and i will do it. be doing some cornish and some >> and a bump in the bill won't change that. are you concerned about the price is going on. well.
10:46 pm
>> just like everyone it's all about family. it's all about coming together. that was kimberly chang reporting. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> and what a week it has been for the san jose sharks. they started the year off hot. but we're going go right to highlight actually get to that john mclean filling in tonight for bob are score and alun lights. the lamp there. he just returned from covid protocols get the shark on the board first now second period sharks up by one thomas hurdle. he scores right there 3 to one shark later on. here comes the sabres. that's drake
10:47 pm
could with the goal. the u n d product 3rd period. mario ferraro with scroll faster. he lights the lamp right there. sabres lose 3 to 5 sharks win 3 to 5. as i should say. now get this, kate rooney was live at the shark tank and she joins us right now. kate, the sharks are severely undermanned. how are they able to get through this game tonight. that's a great question, jason. they really shouldn't have one either of these last 2 games. but instead they snapped three-game losing streak and they are now winners of 2 in a row. it was a great team effort. they ended up calling up 5 players from the minor league barracuda and this combination. >> is working, of course, doesn't help when you have a little star power to mock turtle always so consistent for this team was the star of the night. he scored 2 goals and had an assist as well. and then you've got guys like jonathan dahlen who was removed from the covid protocol list today back in action. he scored that first
10:48 pm
goal of the game, as you said, but just really impressive to see these guys come together like do what they can do their missing. erik karlsson, the missing kevin labanc the missing people. they obviously really rely on on a regular basis. but i think it shows a lot of the heart and character of this team still very early in the season, but it's going to be very interesting to see what these guys can do if they're able to pull off a couple of wins like this against a good team. the sabres are good team the way they did here tonight. yes, 6, 3, on the year. they played blues in a couple of days. not okay. >> i know this was your first time back at the shark tank in a while. how the experience for you tonight. >> it was so great to be back and i think they got a pretty good turnout even for a tuesday night in the middle of this covid land that we're living in. jason, they sold over 10 1000 tickets tonight. fans, you're always loud and tonight was no exception even though there were plenty of empty seats in the building. it was a great atmosphere. they were excited to cheer on their team. even with all the
10:49 pm
struggles that this team has been going through in the last few days and you can tell the players felt that and we're fired up on the ice tonight. >> all righty that kate rooney can't get home safe. thank you for that report. now. we had a world series elimination game tonight. the braves we're down in houston with a 3 to 2 lead and a chance to win its first title since 1995 a raucous crowd in houston hoping to see the astros force a game 7. sorry, guys. top of the 3rd. jorge solera. he knew that was gone. i love it when the baseball players call trashed forget about the unwritten rules of baseball. well, if your stuff guys. 3, nothing breeze 5th. an inning. now. dansby swanson. one swing of the lands right in left field. 5 nothing braves. poor lady. and in the rally towel. my
10:50 pm
favorite player on the braves. freddie freeman. that's a solo shot. but it makes cooler. let's see wi fi and kid. cheering along. you love to see it. they are the chances. they beat the astros 7 to nothing. they take this series 4 games to 2. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> good clean life. happy
10:53 pm
family. >> the words live by night is bakersfield resident betty petri and she turned a 106 over the weekend. her party featured gets from the city presented by the mayor bakersfield. there was a community parade where she rode in a city fire truck. petri joined the navy after the attack on pearl harbor in 1941 and during her time in service, she apparently worked on many classified projects and family members say to this day she still is not giving up her secrets. >> well, ups says it wants to hire 60,000 employees for the holidays. the company is holding hiring events. this thursday through saturday at more than 400 locations across the united states and online ups says many of those hired will be offered permanent jobs once the holidays are over. it is also offering current workers, $200 for every eligible employee that they submit that bad
10:54 pm
>> from sending gifts to friends and family to bring us our online orders. many people have relied on ups drivers more than ever during the pandemic. yeah. and david roberts has been a ups driver in northern california for about 2 decades and for him it's become more than a kirby shows us how he helps spread joy to some children along his route. >> dave roberts has been driving the same delivery route in grass valley for 18 years. he knows most of his customers by name sometimes delivering up to 240 packages per day. it's hard to tell when his days will i don't. and with such a long and busy route. dave looks forward to delivering to one house in particular. >> you don't get to see a girls. this is the langley family unit ups we wanted to look like you day and for 3, 4, year-old reagan and harper
10:55 pm
their dates. number one fans when covid started. we started ordering online so ups started delivering most of our packages and then they just became fascinated with dave like they would just light up so much so that the girls will anxiously await dave's arrival at the window. you can do to track your driver on the delivery map. so they would always be to have some most here gives almost here. they run to the kitchen. they started getting snacks and putting them on the window sill and then they would just wait every day. it's something different. maybe a bag of chips popcorn, a bag of >> along pods. the all kinds, sometimes just the water is just random stuff it's cool near surprises continue to grow. the one with with the baggage. they came out and handed me a little ups truck and then they had one east as well. not only are the girls sporting their own ups gear. but their beloved dog you but is joining in on the fun as well. erica believes the girls have grown to love dave because he listens. it was
10:56 pm
good for them to have somebody to look up to you through all of this, you know, and not being able to really go out and and do things with pandemic stuff. so he kind of became like a superhero to them. the girls are >> none other. it's it's awesome how they kind of devise their own plan because that was nothing to do with their parents they just kind of started don't eat reporting in grass valley are. >> and they kyla kirby. haha. >> very cute. you never know how you're gonna touch somebody anybody come that's right. >> all right. here's a hero. i just delivering the good about of rain going on in a good thing. it will be for deliveries and stuff it happened at night. that's the first thing we're looking at here. it is as we go forward tomorrow night of advanced this too. we go the opportunity for your commute. thursday morning. a few little showers to make note of sure. but clears up in the afternoon. sound familiar. but the bigger deal is expected by early next week. checking
10:57 pm
things out tomorrow morning. got some fog making way mostly sunny, by the afternoon and by 3 o'clock. let's go ahead and call it mild looking ahead. this is our 10 day forecast. and we're really keeping all our eyes out way out here to monday into tuesday that looks like a pretty potent storm with a lot of rain associated with that. and also higher snow levels to kind of store that water up to. >> the long-range. all right. thank you, dave. thanks all of you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> is he breathing? >> the hero who suffered a near fatal heart attack while rescuing a woman from a blazing fire. how saving the woman's life saved his life by revealing he needed emergency triple bypass surgery. >> saving your neighbor over there probably saved her life. >> the college freshmen trapped in her car and it's sinking. >> as her mom gives thanks. >> i'm just grateful that wasn't the phone call that you didn't make it in time. >> and they've got


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