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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 2, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay. area's local news station. we now with breaking news. we have a total of 14 yeses, 0 nose. and so the motion passes. >> now at 5, a monumental moment in the course of this pandemic, the centers for disease control and prevention giving the green light to children 5 to 11 to get pfizer's covid vaccine and millions of doses are already on the way. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan. vicki liviakis has the night off. >> the cdc director has just signed off on the decision for the younger age group. it came
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just hours after an advisory panel voted to do the same thing. we have team coverage from the announcement itself to how the bay area's helping children feel more comfortable. with the shots and kron four's dan kerman he's been following all of these developments. he is live in san francisco. dan. >> that's right. infectious disease experts. we've been talking to say parents should get their kids the shot as quickly as possible as soon as practical there saying. so the bottom line is that will protect kids and it will protect others. >> children ages 5 to 11 could likely be rolling up their sleeves by this weekend for their first dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. this comes after a cdc panel voted wednesday to recommend the vaccine, which is one 3rd the dose of the adult version your children should get this vaccine and they should get it. >> as soon as as is practical, very infectious disease. experts say even though children are less likely than older adults to get severe
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disease. that's not a reason that they should avoid the shot there been 2.8 million cases reported in children there been 8300 hospitalizations. there've been deaths and 5 to 11 an this is not a trivial matter. infectious disease. experts say getting your kids the vaccine also provides additional benefits does decrease decrease transmission to others. and we live in communities with other adults. >> helping down transmission in the community and 3rd is that, you know, i think that children have been more restricted in-person learning has really difficult us last year and they need to get back to totally normal lives with more and more of us vaccinated they can get back to normal. well, there have been instances in older children of card itis, which is an inflammation of the heart. they say the benefits more than outweigh this very rare occurrence. it's an exceptionally rare complication. it's on the order for per 100,000 doses or so. and it starts in a drops
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off as the farther you get away from 16 to 17. >> in fact, just disease. experts are also telling us about the space between the doses typically with pfizer. it's 3 weeks and that is what is recommended at this point that they are infectious disease specialists say they would recommend you talk to your pediatrician about it. and in fact, that who we spoke with recommended a difference between the first and the second shot for children. >> between 4 weeks and 8 weeks. they think that will have a better efficacy down the line. that's the latest live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news today. the cdc director rochelle walensky just signed off on minutes ago is is that the final step before kids actually are. >> eligible to be vaccinated. well, it's the final step in many parts of the united states here in california and with various western states western states vaccine advisory panel that's been in place for some time now. they will also have to do is sign
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off on this. but we know that the doses have been ordered a we know that they are already being shipped. and we know that this advisory panel often. acts very quickly. so again, it is very possible that children will be able to get this vaccine before the weekend. all right. sounds good. dan kerman live for us tonight. thank you for that live report. >> thank you, dan. and the dense talking about things moving quickly. the approval process for the younger age group that has been unfolding in the under 2 weeks. a look at the timeline. october 22nd providers. submitted vaccine request to california to have the doses needed for 5 to 11 year-olds on the 26 an fda advisory committee approved the pfizer vaccine for that group. the agency authorized the emergency use. so that was last friday. and today the cdc approved the vaccine for 5 to 11 year-olds, as we've heard and if everything goes according to plan that might be available as early as tomorrow or thursday.
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>> helping children feel more comfortable. getting a shot will allow this process to go smoother, certainly for parents in san francisco elementary school students got a chance ask a doctor. some important questions about the vaccine front forces that unit continues. our team coverage. >> well, we have to get the vaccine. >> with the inevitability of covid-19 vaccinations being approved for children ages 5 to 11 the san francisco unified school district asked these malcolm x academy elementary school 4th of 5th graders to come up with their own questions about the vaccine little piece of it. i want to ucsf benioff children's hospital pediatrician doctor daniel woolridge had the tough job of answering these important questions. his answer to the first one will students have to get the vaccine. >> with veterans use authorization we activated from a scientific standpoint,
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but we strongly school. you may still attend school. in addition to composing their own questions. the listed them in order of importance. >> this one was among the >> kids. the reason why all of and the background with the nba really getting all of with their vaccine. we've been doing that and we've been actually belong >> ensure safe. >> the students asked some of the same questions that adults have been asking about covid-19 vaccinations throughout the pandemic. and i can only imagine that their parents and the teachers are very proud of them. has made
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cry on for stay with kron 4 for the latest details on the covid vaccine for young children. you can just scan this qr code to be directed to our web page focusing on. >> coronavirus stories including a developing story on a nasal covid vaccine as well as international travel rules that morehead kron 4 dot com. >> secure the girls i ran over to him and notice that he was buying a based on a pool of blood and his teeth were over the floor. >> and oakland father who was shot in the face in his home while holding his baby is in stable condition. this is he is awaiting another surgery after the weekend incident kron four's, phillipe djegal talk to them and has been to fears. this was a hate crime. >> this family of 4 was relaxing at their home in west oakland saturday night when shots were fired into the house. jimmy was in the kitchen making dinner while his husband was watching tv in the living room holding his 5
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weeks old daughter at the time. their 4 year-old daughter was also in the room. jimmy who wishes to keep his family anonymous says his husband was the only one struck by gunfire. somebody drove up and fired over 10 rounds into our house. >> and one of those hit him in the face. the shooting happened on peralta street. >> the oakland police department has not indicated whether or not this case is being investigated as a hate crime. >> but jimmy believes it should wear. >> a kids. i you know, i immediately i that's kind of where i jumped to because you know what we do live in the bay area. there are people who are. >> so not very supportive of jimmy says the baby suffered a few abrasions on her face. but her injuries do not appear to be serious to good people. >> you know, and it's time. kind of a test. the confused.
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>> right now. he says his 4 year-old daughter is emotionally traumatized while his husband prepares for a second surgery wednesday phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> in other bay area news tonight, a san francisco police officer is facing involuntary manslaughter charges for shooting a mentally ill and unarmed man. this is body camera footage from the 2017 shooting. when according to district attorney chesa boudin officer kenneth cha shot sean moore while responding to a noise complaint. the bullet damaged moore's liver and colon. when moore died in january of 2020. the coroner ruled the death a homicide saying he died from internal obstruction due to the bullet wounds. this is only the second time in san francisco's history and on duty officer has been charged with homicide. the san francisco police officers association released the following statement in response to the charges saying in part, officers responded to
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a call for service and encountered a very hostile shawn moore who was accused of violating a restraining order. we support officer china's constitutionally protected right to present his defense against these charges. las vegas raiders wide receiver henry ruggs the 3rd is facing a dui charge. this after a fiery crash in las vegas happened early this morning and left one woman dead and the team, the raiders releasing a statement saying they're devastated. >> by the loss of life. they declined to make any other consequential comment kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us now with details on what happens, what it means for the organization. this is just horrible all around. >> horrible all around this news just shocked the sports world this morning. grant and katharine, just a complete, major blow for everyone involved. the situation drugs career was just getting started in the nfl. it was just taking off. now its future is uscertain. more importantly, a woman is dead. another woman in the hospital.
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just very devastating las vegas, metro police say rugs was driving a chevy corvette on rainbow boulevard around 3.30, this morning when he hit the back of a toyota rav 4. the collision led to that toyota catching fire. this video is from the aftermath of the crash. you can see the damage to the car. police say firefighters found a woman dead inside of the toyota reportedly a female passenger in drugs. car was taken to the hospital. police say rugs was there when they arrived and he appeared to be impaired. he was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. court records show that rugs faces charges of dui resulting in substantial bodily harm and reckless driving with death or serious bodily harm. ruggs was the raiders first pick in the first round of the 2020 nfl draft. he leads the team in receiving yards this season. the raiders released this statement saying they're praying for the victims. family and will not provide further comment. will information is being gathered. prominent vegas attorneys david chesnoff and richard
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schoenfeld released a statement saying, quote, on behalf of our client henry ruggs, the 3rd we're conducting our own investigation as of this writing and we ask everyone to reserve judgment until all the facts are gathered and quote, the name of the woman who died has not been released. rugs could face 2 to 20 years in prison if convicted. as for the raiders, moving forward. hunter renfroe is the next man up at wide receiver. but the player who usually sees the most targets is tight end darren waller. he's been hurt the last few weeks. so hopefully he will get healthy. very soon. a tough blow, though, for the players and coaching staff as well as obviously the families of these victims grant and katharine, thank you. kyle. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 5 more than a handful of san jose sharks players and the head coach. they're all under the nhl lot covid protocol right now has the team contain the spread. we'll be live from the snp center with details. >> and if you're hoping to have grabs for the holidays. you may need to reconsider
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what whales and sea turtles have to do with this menu alteration. >> also streets scarred by burned rubber why san jose police did not shut down a weekend sideshow that went on for hours. >> and pretty sweet day across the bay today. we'll have a pretty decent one tomorrow. but tomorrow night, showers developing taking a break in the rain. we're back in a bit. n ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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>> they say they're just were not enough police officers to go around on a very busy halloween night in san jose and frustrated neighbors captured this dramatic video here showing to large sideshow about 2 blocks from city hall. >> as their calls to police were apparently trumped by other more pressing calls for help across towards rob fladeboe reports. >> saturday night into early halloween morning that north 6th in saint john street to downtown san jose. of people in dozens of cars engaged in iraq. a sideshow. >> neighbors like christian bahner are wondering where with the police. what i'm concerned about is how long it went on without cops showing up. >> you know, it's it's they're lucky that something didn't happen. bonnar and other neighbors called 911, several times as the side show went on for hours. >> the police or small that night even more urgent calls said sergeant christian comrie
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eyes. >> we had a couple of robbery incidents that were being investigated. we had a couple of calls from the fire that we were assisting with one of them involved a serious injury, a life threatening injury to somebody that had a serious fall. >> police have successfully broken up some recent sideshows, but it takes a concerted and there simply weren't enough officers available that night. underscoring the department's chronic under staffing problems. >> i understand the community's frustration with these events and our lack of response. however, i would also like people to understand it was a very busy saturday night. we can't send 2 police cars to deal with the sideshow of this size. >> here you have something the cops didn't show up. legitimately they're understaffed for a city of a million people that 800 cops is crazy. >> the sideshow left its telltale burned rubber run this send to other nearby intersections in the residential neighborhood. >> the whole new party raged on with the usual games of
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chicken people hanging from car windows and other dangerous christian bonnar was told officers were busy with calls involving weapons. you know, going 60 miles an hour down a residential block of people standing on both walk mourners. >> that in and of itself as a weapon. >> san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in other bay area news. if you're hoping to get some dungeon, a scrap for thanksgiving. looks like you'll have reconsider your menu. the season has been delayed because of the presence of humpback whales and leatherback sea turtles, fish and wildlife officials are concerned that the whales in the sea turtles could get caught in the gear for the crab traps. the season was set to begin saturday that timeline has been pushed back. >> in this industry have to prepare and safe for the future. so i kind of plan from this from last 2 years. so it's not going to be great, but it's something that i planned for. unfortunately someone like my deck hands out
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there and stuff like you know, i mean, they don't make as much. they can hold on to it. well, financially, it's definitely going to >> you know, expecting to go out on the 15th and not being able to build will be a little bit of a struggle for luckily, i do support fish and stuff that's also being changed and stuff. so the regulations, it's it's pretty tough on us. definitely. >> delay probably will not be reevaluated. they sent a love amber 22nd, of course, just a couple days before thanksgiving. san francisco city leader's son failing their plan make high traffic areas say for the city is. >> committing 12 and a half million dollars over the next 2 years to deploy these people in the orange jackets, they call them the san francisco. welcome ambassadors. it's part of a program in this comes as the city is seeing more tourists and workers returned downtown offices. these ambassadors full, as you can see, be fairly easy to spot and will walk city streets
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answering people's questions providing directions offering assistance where they can. the goal is to help visitors enjoy their time in san francisco. 50 ambassadors will be on duty daily from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. they will be stationed at downtown locations, including union square around the muskogee center. also be in the financial district chinatown fisherman's wharf and parts of north beach. turning now to wildfire coverage in pg e expects to lose more than 1 billion dollars as a result of that dixie fire. the utility says it has been subpoenaed by a u.s. attorney to get documents related to that fire. >> pg and e was first sued back in september by homeowners and 5 devastated by the wildfire. the utility has said the fire might have been ignited by a tree that fell onto its cables. the santa rosa fire department is officially declaring an end to the wildfire season there.
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officials say after getting nearly a foot of rain. last month. the fire threat is now minimal, although the season is over. the fire department says people should still remain vigilant during the winter months. they want residents to also prepare for another potentially active wildfire season next year. time for look at the forecast as we are looking out over downtown san francisco. some pretty nice cleared up after some. >> rain yesterday. cloudy, maybe to start the day for some folks meteorologist dave spahr is with us. i'm talking about about a foot of rain in santa rosa. they're going to get some yeah. everybody is going to get some in the timing for this is great. not totally nocturnal, maybe catching a little bit there early morning commute thursday morning. but beyond that. >> nice little quick move through. it actually won't be as aggressive as what we had from earlier this week. but hey, that's great. >> and we set any need the rain live shot east bay shoreline. as you can see, the sun off towards of the distance are some of the glare. there's our future upstream. so we have another nice day expected for tomorrow
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pushing some of those inland temperatures into the lower 70's the next few hours. temperatures will fall to about 60 or so by 8 o'clock fog redeveloping again for tonight it looks like it's going to hover around the bay. we do see some scattered low clouds developing across the bay late tonight, just before dawn tomorrow. so might but pesky fog to deal with. as you start your morning commute by the way, speaking of which, here's what the fog forecast looks like as we go to the overnight right around the bay is word hovers and then beyond that as we get the sun to join us. it looks like it's a little stubborn. even as latest 10 o'clock still trying to lift that fog up so this is what we're looking at. we've got some light scattered clouds going on bey fog temps in the 50's for tonight. then for wednesday into thursday, a nice wednesday rain late on wednesday overnight to thursday. then late day clearing on thursday weekend scattered a little weak system will pass by the north bay. so potential shower and that may clip a little bit along the east bay as well. sunday looks pretty good. the next week.
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it's quite interesting. we go ahead of that will show you some of the models coming up in just a bit. grant. >> thanks, dave. still ahead tonight, teenage tragedy wind remains of a 19 year-old are discovered after in northern california halloween party tonight active duty members of the air forc
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>> active duty air force members are now at the center of a murder investigation. spanning multiple northern california counties early saturday morning. police say a
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19 year-old was last seen leaving a halloween party in sacramento and police officers later discovered she had been killed at the fairfield home of those service members. >> reporter reena shaddox has details. >> fairfield police say 19 year-old lei lani beauchamp died at the hands of 3 people arrested in connection to her death, including an active airman from travis air force base. parents too distraught to talk on camera from the monterey county home shared pictures and this written statement with fox 40. it says lay lonnie was truly a blessing to us and her beloved friends lay lonnie shared a very close relationship with her younger brother and sister who after she ventured out to college maintain daily communication with them. we will miss her smile, her laugh, her caring demeanor her strong will her passion for life and the love she brought to our family. we love you lay lonnie news of her death left
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many who live near this fairfield house unsettled considering investigators say this is where the killing took place. police took a missing person report saturday night on lay lonnie who is from carmel. >> earlier that day. she was last seen at a halloween party in sacramento, then left with 2 men who police say are active duty air force members. one living in this house on cascade lane to take advantage of these young girls. >> and that's a horrifying. ordeal. >> one neighbor tells fox 40 that investigators spent hours going through this upstairs bedroom on sunday. fairfield police and the monterey county sheriff's office discovered lay lonnie's remains in monterey county. >> and that was reporter reena shaddox reporting. next at 5. the san jose sharks now short-handed before even taking the ice. we're live at safety center with details on how the team has been affected by covid also outrage at a south bay high school after
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children were vaping. but because of the use of an e-cigarette and we're hearing from the whistleblower who leaked internal facebook documents. the changes she believes the company should
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tonight at 5.30, the san jose sharks have gotten off to a great start this season. but now they're dealing with a covid-19 crisis. yeah. it is a crisis 7 players and the team's head coach, they are ouec


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