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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 2, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we're here in the newsroom. tracking the cdc advisory committee they're expected to approve the child's vaccine today. i'm looking at the latest know, bring it to you in a live report coming up. >> thank you, sir. and people across the bay area may have to change their thanksgiving plans after the state has delayed the start of the commercial dungeness crab season and it is election day. don't forget various cities all across the area. the gubernatorial race on the inside of the country, though. that's what grabbing national headlines. we'll explain why. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know.
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>> i can't stop thinking about you try to be helpful in the delivery room with the baby and he tried everything. and i biased everything was get. >> out this and my wife thought i was exceptionally to her how to breed what we read in the book, all the right things. yeah. i mansplain how the whole thing was going to go. it worked. wonders haha, i'm going to have our family is going to grow and all right. let's take a look. >> at the weather. which i a lot rain yesterday. yeah. might. i don't know if we had bit of time, but it was steady all day long. yeah. light rain that stop. but it's you where that came from. i got get the thing out measure my bucket for mount at to tell you what would be helpful be helpful tell you how many inches i get each day. i know you've got those buckets waiting to collect the rain water solving the drought. yeah, exactly. darnya's. got to tell and she also ended fire proclaimed it
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super claim the end of it. yes, and honestly fire season ended for at least a santa rosa fire fighters as we been seeing substantial rainfall lately and we're continuing to see these on and off showers for the rest of the week. we're in a bit of a dry pattern, at least for the next 24 to 48 hours, though. so good chance to get back outside. >> your view outside right now is looking a little gray at the moment. but we will see increasing sunshine towards the afternoon already seeing that sunshine per spots in the south bay as well as inland areas and more and more of that is on its way today. we remain dry and tomorrow will stay that way. in during the day before evening showers tomorrow night. current temperatures in the 50's to 60's oakland-alameda hayward san mateo and conquered each right at 60 degrees. not a bad way to start things out. just get the light jackets ready to go and look forward to a dry and a little bit warmer of the day ahead. reyna john, thanks for that. was that hot spots just about all morning. this is a a tractor trailer fire. 5.80, westbound right near that santa rita exit in
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pleasanton. and because of this accident, they had to shut down one of the lanes ear as well as the off-ramp. a good alternate would be 84 as you're traveling if you're still trying to get around that because it still. >> there headed into the city right now. a little under 21 minutes for your drive time there to get to that freeman street exit. and as you travel across towards the peninsula a little under 17 minutes for you to make that drive another hot spot still hear the traffic collision and spill was bound for to northbound one, 60 that's close that connector ramp alt it would be vasco road to 5.80 darya. james, back to you. thanks for a 9. oh, 03:00am a lot of parents roaring. when are the littlest kids 5 to 11 going to able to get a covid shot. yeah, we're right now. we've got the cdc advisory panel. they're holding a meeting and based on the recommendation of the ultimate decision. this could impact millions of kids and that's something the kron 4. sarah stinson has been following for us. >> live this morning up in the newsroom. hey, sarah. >> yeah, been listening in on this meeting for about an hour now the cdc meeting is still
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happening as we speak. they're discussing clinical trials of pfizer's vaccine and its success in creating a strong antibody response to covid-19 in kids. we're looking at a live look at that meeting right now. pfizer says its trials have shown to be 90% effective. they're looking at looking at numbers, making sure this is the right decision. the fda already gave approval of this vaccine to kids 5 to 11 years old. if the vaccine gets approved today. 28 million american children could be eligible for vaccinations as soon as tomorrow. this is the last hurdle the fda pave the way as a 7 per approving this the kid sized doses are just a 3rd of the amount given to teens and adults a few countries have already began. you know, using other covid-19 vaccines in children under 12 china just begun vaccinations for 3 year-olds while european regulators are considering pfizer's vaccine for kids just like we are today. the cdc
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director kicked off the meeting with excitement for today's vote. the first presentation followed discussing how covid-19 has affected children in this age group. >> you know, a monumental day in the court of the pandemic and one that many of us have been very eager to see been more than 8,000 hospitalizations again in this age group and 2,316 cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or m. i s c. >> and 94 deaths reported in children 5 to 11 years of age in the united states. it's also important to highlight the fact that the burden of covid-19 in children in this age group extends well beyond these case counts just to mention a factors including school being tremendously interrupted in entirely disrupted. >> we all know that to be true. and that's why it's so important that they make this decision after looking at all the data. they are expected to approve it and pfizer. well,
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they're ready to go. they're ready to begin shipping millions of vials of pediatric vaccine in the orange caps to avoid mix-ups with the eligible kids instead of giving them, you know, the ones that the adults get now eligible kids will get 2 shots. 3 weeks apart discussions are continuing and they're going to continue throughout this morning at one 15, the actual vote happens. one 15, our time. and that's why we're here in the newsroom. tracking the latest for you all have a report on our 24 7 news app kron on in about an hour from now. back to you in studio. all right. thank you very much, sara. and for those kids who don't like shot. yeah. like shots who want how about a sniff because researchers at stanford are working on a potential game changer. it's a covid vaccine. >> in the form of a nasal spray. here's how it works. >> long hoped the all the respect we topped and down into the lungs. it's already pronged to many pathogens. so many risks for trayvon us is
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that we reasonable time. this would be a much more efficient way of generating spike protein. the whole point nation is for austin introducing the ball. artificial spike protein so that we become induce an immune rapid reaction to that. >> scientists say that this would be very efficient like a vaccine. but then no more needles and they're going to start with already in talks about clinical trials with drugmakers and they could begin testing the spray in 6 months. to a year. i guess you do need the shot for him after all. >> all right. also in the news today. don't forget, it is election day for some parts of the bay area. and here's a quick look at a list of the counties that will be holding elections today will slide in. there you go. some places will have city council or school district seats up for grabs and other places will be voting on things like maybe some local tax measures, all polling locations opened up at 7 this morning. so then open for a couple of hours. so make sure you get your vote in
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nationally, though blow. we're tracking the latest out of virginia. their gubernatorial election. that's what's grabbing national headlines. a lot of experts say that that election could foreshadow what we might see during next year's midterm election. so democrat terry mcauliffe is running against republican glenn youngkin, who's been endorsed by former president donald trump mcauliffe, meanwhile, has campaigned with president biden and vice president kamala harris, most polls have them really close right now in the race. so we'll see how those results turnout will be tracking it for you. meanwhile, back here closer to home. a safe way in san francisco's castro district is now cutting its hours because of shoplifting. the location on market street and church street is now closing at 9 o'clock every night. they're also getting rid of their self checkout lanes. it is can't seem to control the fact that happening there safely spokesperson says these changes are necessary to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience. they also want to make it safe as well for their employees and now san francisco supervisor
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rafael mandelman says that he is calling on police and the district attorney to do more to stop these thefts. >> happening tonight, the walnut creek city council is considering banning the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes. if it passes businesses, we'll have 5 months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county already restricted the sale of flavored tobacco in unincorporated parts of the county. in the south bay. kids are vaping so much in the bathrooms at one high school willow. glen high has had to close several of its campus bathrooms and this is a problem for the rest of the kids who have to now line up. if they want to use them and that's limiting access to making some kids lake which means some kids and parents are complaining. and here's what they have to say. >> one time i was almost late one of my classes because i ended up spending. the whole passing period. it's 7 minutes, which should be enough time to go to the bathroom and then go to class.
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>> it's not ok that the kids have to use time that they should be learning and being educated. >> to stand in line for a bathroom. so the parents would like the school to take away the vapes not take away the bathrooms. the school sent a letter to parents saying that they're working on that. they're working on other ways to stop students from vaping and they say they're going to open reopen some of the restrooms on monday. >> 9.10 is the time while we're talking about schools, we should tell you that the san francisco unified school district is planning to unveil its plan to avoid a state takeover of schools. they'll be holding a special meeting to talk about it. the district course at risk of possible takeover by the state because they have this 125 million dollar budget shortfall in the state department of education says unless you can rectify that we're going to take over and make some changes. but among the things that the school district is thinking about doing is perhaps reducing the number of student programs and services. they're
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also thinking about possibly changing the student funding formula as well. also happening today, we've got engineers who work for kaiser permanente in walnut creek. well, they're going to be protesting starting at 1130 this morning out at the kaiser medical center. the workers say that their benefits and their wages are being cuts and they want the company now to renegotiate a new contract with them. the union representing the engineers say that the employees are responsible for maintaining all of the medical systems in mechanical systems in that building but that also includes some of the medical equipment used by patients too. >> its 9.11 and well, we're welcoming the rain. a lot of people are still recovering from last week's storm. you can see the damage that it caused in sandra fell and one business owner says that he still got a lot of cleanup to do. let's take a listen. >> it's taken me a to a clean up remediation company is helping me is point. he says he can't second more water out when he first came in and did the remediation. he took out 50 gallons of water. and this
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is a concrete slab with a very thin carpet on top of that. so there was a lot of water that he got it. >> they do have time to recover. we're not looking at another huge storm being predicted by john. anyway this week. >> but we are going to be getting some more rain and we'll tell you when in just a few minutes. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news open enrollment for covered. california covered. california has started up again. we've got everything you need to know about how to sign up for that. and american airlines dealing with more cancellations this morning and that has people wondering what do i do if my holiday flight gets canceled at the last minute. we'll have some advice from an expert and today we're drying out after yesterday's rainfall ahead of more later on this week. so take advantage of the sunshine. we've got ahead of us. >> and some upper 60's to low 70's. i've got your tuesday forecast account. >> and we've been busy out there on our highways. we have a hot spot in pleasanton. another one along highway 4 out antioch. we're taking a
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i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> 9.50 right now and i've just got its permit. now i have a rain was by the door and a little towel for the dog's paws you go. don't i a little speech. i'll buy that the hat or 2 for the dog because i guess we got more rain on the way, which means more wet lawns out there. john, that time of the year. again, and that this year's actually bringing us some of that wet weather. >> although it does come along with its inconveniences. obviously today is a drying back out day. and you can see
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that pretty clearly in san jose right now. nice sunshine peering through just a little bit of the low cloud cover that does remain across the region skies will grow clear. unclear come the afternoon ahead of us with conditions having dried out all across the region was not a big snow maker for the syria yesterday. we're certainly thankful for that rainfall regardless cloud cover this morning sunshine this afternoon across the bay and we stay dry through the day, through the evening and into tomorrow as well. now, tomorrow night well, after the sun has gone down really after you've gone to bed will start to see our next system making its way into the bay area. this one is going to impact us into early hours of thursday morning system pre dawn rain here. coming down pretty good but only for a brief time. by the time you venture out onto the roads thursday morning conditions will be wet out there, but showers will pretty much be pushing out of the area by mid morning on thursday. as for today, it 60's for sf in right along the
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than yesterday. highs climbing back into the low 70's. it's also going to be clear than yesterday with a bit more sunshine and of course, the obvious difference. we're not going to be looking at the rain. so all these factors add up to today being a better one for venturing out. there may be a longer walk with the dog or a jog around the neighborhood. anything to enjoy what will be some really pleasant fall weather ahead tomorrow will be our warmest day of the forecast. another one to enjoy before showers arrive late into wednesday night, early thursday morning friday and saturday, not looking bad either. just don't forget to adjust those clocks saturday night as we will be falling back an hour at 02:00am sunday morning reyna. john, thanks for that little sounds nice. okay. we've had several issues and hot spots. >> all across the bay area today. this one in pleasanton still here. tractor trailer fire along 5.80, westbound. and again, the off-ramp and the right lane are currently blocked because of that accident. so if you're trying to get around 84 would be a good way to try to get around those as you're traveling
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heading into the city this morning, a little under 18 minutes for your drive time to make it to that fremont street exit and again, as you're leaving out of richmond center fell bridge a little under 2 minutes for you to make that drive as you're heading across to war. sandra fell, we'll leave you with a look at this in antioch westbound highway 4, the northbound one 60 that connector ramp is closed because you had an overturned tractor trailer as well. as a spiel. there that's co road to 5.80, a better alternative for you daryn. james, back to you. thank you. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert. hi, rob. >> darya. good morning. all right. well, good morning to you. and i guess it's a good day you said stocks are a winner. holding is good. holding is better than. >> yes. sideways, not were have a stock market is record highs yesterday. so we're holding the ground actually building a little bit on it. now that we're about an hour and. it's not a wild ride september was really weak. but every other months been pretty
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good. tomorrow. it can get kind of hairy the federal reserve's going to meet and probably stop buying back debt, which is we're the united states government issues that they print money to buy their own. that. it just seems but it's helped the market and thursday we had opec. plus, we want more oil to lower the prices. and you also get jobs report on friday. and then this week we may get the infrastructure done. but the budget still needs to be reconciled and a little bit side note for you, daryn. for those of you are trying to hit home runs the crypto currency tie towards the school games called the squint token was up. 35,000% in 3 days and now it's completely worthless worth people got. >> that's funny money to me. i mean, you talk about like you could sell debt is funny money like it's all funny money. but i'm afraid of crypto. i guess i just an old. >> the way to do it is probably and this is not advice. but you can talk to me later. but the is probably going to be the best way and
9:20 am
maybe one to 5% of your wealth think of it as a college textbook. you buy a college textbook and you decide the cy daughter does she can get money off that the original author can get money off of it because of the the underlying technology block chain. it's going to happen. so you want some exposure? you just don't want too much ok, ok, well, talk offer it to pay it tail. it brings me back to how comfortable am i gambling and i know everybody's love in vegas right now. >> viva las vegas they're on a winning streak. vegas just had their best quarter ever. >> and that's good news. now they pulled in 2.1 billion in a gambling revenue. clearly they're doing well with conventions and more covid restrictions. i've been told by friends that you're supposed to wear mask indoors. no one does or put him right down around their chin kind of % international travel is going to open back up to vegas they're san francisco chronicle did a great article
9:21 am
this morning talking about the differences between san francisco and vegas both are tour cities. both rely on conventions for evan now, right. but vegas, you vegas, you don't have to proof when you go and restaurants san francisco, you you have to have proof. you go to the mosque the center. so san francisco's not rebounding as fast and brings up that republican democrat a debate of health of the society versus business activity be important as well. yeah, they gus's reopenin little bit looser on the masks and they're thriving in san francisco still struggling. well, what else you what's their covid rate. i mean, what i who's getting covid there. you got what you have to weigh that. don't you. >> i think you do this. i think that's fair. 0, haha but do i get something tesla. i do. i take your advice and i did buy a little tesla and i'm like, should i be selling it because it seems to just be going like crazy. i don't know
9:22 am
tesla directly eye on the s and p 500 teslas and the s p 500. so when markets are record highs kind of don't by association. >> so it's weird. last week they announced a deal with hurts. they're going to get a 4 billion dollar deal for 100,000 vehicles. turns out the deal was signed. and musk tweeted that late last night and hurts and you already started delivering some of these vehicles. there's a lot of confusion stocks getting hit today. they heard says deliveries is started petitions hurts us half 100,000 cars. tesla's for uber drivers starting in late 2020 i like the idea. i think that's smart decision by hurts. and i saw a commercial yesterday where tom brady is waiting in line at hertz for his tesla model 3. so it looks like the deals happening right. just a little bit confusing and wall street doesn't like to shun okay. and i and i don't i'm not going to rent a tesla for her 7. you know, it is my using the eco eagle economy. >> i think it's like a lawn mower. and i just stick my luggage in the back seat. she
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gets a good look for thank you, and if you have any questions for rob. just like you said, i could call him. you can e-mail him and you can reach him on facebook and reach him on facebook and twitter. we'll be right ba genexa is the first clean medicine company. well i don't want some wimpy medicine. well i don't trust medicine made by suits. -well i hate being sick. -well we're vegans. with gluten allergies. is genexa right for me? yes! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company.
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yes! look for genexa, only wendy's serves a better breakfast, with a better biscuit. a hot, buttery treasure loaded with a fresh cracked egg, cheese and sausage or bacon. and to top it off, right now, they're just a buck. a buck? now there's no reason to go somewhere else. choose wisely. choose wendy's. >> 9.25 that i'm in national news that we're following this morning. the reverend jesse jackson is in the hospital right now after falling and hitting his head. he was helping students at howard university. they've been protesting and demanding that
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they're living conditions be improved on campus. they complain about rats and mold and everything else. so he went there in support of them. but tripped and fell while he was going back and forth between meetings. but they did to scans of his head. they came back normal. so that's good news. we do know that he has parkinson's disease has been hospitalized twice this year, including for covid-19 jackson is 80 years old. again he's recovering in the hospital will keep you updated on his health. >> 9.26 and there are still issues with american airlines this morning. so far more than 90 flights have been canceled. this morning and remember, over the weekend friday yesterday they had to cancel 2000 flight because a lot of things. it was growing pains say had. >> had people retire and had laid them off and they had to have them come back. so was staffing. it was whether it was all kinds of things like what happened to southwest. and we've seen other airlines go through this. so if this is the new thing and we're going into the holidays where there's much more travel booked. will you be able tog get your plane will be
9:27 am
canceled was of kron four's spoke to an expert about what happens when things go wrong. >> maybe start with the bat backup plan in case something goes wrong because these and seemed to come a bit on unforeseen. it may be a contingency plan. if i have a connecting flight and then for some reason get stuck do i know people in the where might i stay if something happens during my trip. >> so i guess the answer is have a b plan. have your wallet open and pack your patience. i think i think your solution is going to involve all of those if things go wrong will. >> you better pack your patience if you want
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>> 9.30 right now. and there's quite hour and a looks like a pretty nice is dry out anyway. if you've got anything to do. yeah, looks pretty good right now. so this is your window of opportunity between now and well, john will tell us when the next rain will or i i like this to win. and then it's overhead. this is do what you have to do now because we all get him try to make my dogs better about just raining. we're okay. >> that's grand feels about it too. he stepped outside and i'm melting go back inside moment. good news for all of the those of you that want to get out there and walk the dogs this week is the rest of the rain this week is going to come right in the middle of
9:31 am
the night and then into early morning hours, which will be wednesday night into thursday morning. so hopefully not walking the dog at that point. and if you are out and about at the time. i know we do have commuters that will be. up very early is going make for a sleek one on thursday morning. as for today, though, we're drying back out. we can enjoy a day that becomes increasingly sunny, we're still very cloudy as of right now for a lot of the bay, including your view from berkeley right here. there's a lot of sunshine already appearing its way back out in the south bay and the inland east bay and the rest of us will do some catch-up working. get there with you and then tee some sunshine ourselves later on into the afternoon as for right now, it's mostly 50's to low 60's light jacket kind of stuff as you would expect to start off november. we will see the return of that rainfall. and i've got it for you in future cast. still to come right thank you for we have that tractor trailer fire. we've been tracking and this is actually video that was sent to us from a viewer was. >> driving past it. 5 80 westbound at santa rita role. you see that tractor trailer on fire. so traffic is slowly
9:32 am
moving along. they still currently have that right lane and that off-ramp at exit ramp. they're closed. some saying 84 would be a good alternate if you're trying to get around that it's also pretty slow along. 84 as you're traveling there head into the city right now. little under 17 minutes to make it to that from a street exit. but i just saw a report that there is an accident. 80 westbound right near the toll plaza so that just popped up maybe about 5 minutes ago. so the drive time will potentially go up if they're not able to get them off the bridge a little under 10 minutes heading out of richard across towards sandra fell and that other hot spot we've been following along westbound highway 4 to one 60 that connect rep antioch. there is a traffic collision and spill their so vasco road to 5.80 a better alternate. sorry. james, back to you. thank you, ray 9.32, and a big story this morning as we're all kind of holding our breath. we don't do that. production is crab because yeah, he says delayed looks like they're going to have to push back just a little bit anyway. and that could impact your thanksgiving or christmas dining plans.
9:33 am
>> kron four's will tran live for us at a fisherman's wharf in the city with more on all this. well. well, james thanksgiving could be in jeopardy. they're hoping to save their season by christmas and i'll explain in just a few moments. but you can see all those crab traps right behind me. >> they're not going to be loaded up anytime soon because the state says you can't do it and they usually go to an area that is filled with crab. they know their sweet spot. but unfortunately right now there backs in the area and turtles so that is getting in the way of crab season. they don't want those lines. the tangle up with the whales and the turtles and can injure or kill them. >> you know, it is what it is. and the crab fisherman they realize that. so it's not going to happen on november 15th might not happen. at least until november. 22nd when the state comes back to reassess the situation so timing is everything for that. >> very precious crab on the
9:34 am
thanksgiving table. so it you know, it could be a minor inconvenience for you. you'll make adjustments. you have something else for thanksgiving. well, for this fisherman, this commercial fisherman. it really hurts them not to be out in the water. >> in this industry have to prepare and safe for the future. so i kind of plan from this from last 2 years. so it's not going to be great, but it's something that i planned for. unfortunately someone like my deck hands out there and stuff like that. you know, i mean, they don't make as much they can hold on to it. you know, to do the time. so that's going to be more tougher on deck hands and on their families. >> so it's you know, it's tough for them. i didn't really realize until i personally talked to them. i feel so bad for them. but they're very understanding people. they want to protect the whales and the turtles as well. the area that we're talking about. james is the sonoma mendocino line all the way south to lopez point to
9:35 am
monterey county so that area's rich with crab. unfortunately, though, right now those humpback whales of air. and until they leave the state's not going to give the green light. but the man that you just heard from. he says there's a little bit of hope because he jokingly said i don't buy christmas presents for thanksgiving. so he wants to buy christmas presents for christmas. so if the state happens and the humpback whales leave the area. well, hopefully then they'll be able to do it again and then make money, which is about a 4th to a 3rd of their yearly income so they can go crab fishing and james, i can't help but do this. you and i love star track captain kirk and just pick up those whales and go back to the >> they had to be way news here at 10. all right. thank you very much. well, the whale's >> 9.35 is a time in the south. community in gilroy gathered to remember a young man who was killed at a party over the weekend, 18 year-old michael zinni gotten a c, a
9:36 am
was one of 4 people who were shot at a halloween party after a fight broke out at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca arm and rs. so far one person has been arrested for the shooting. police have arrested a pastor in morgan hill on suspiciop of molesting multiple children. authorities say that 65 year-old carlos caster on hollister faces more than a dozen charges including lewd acts by use of force on a child under the age of 14 castor on is a pastor at mysterious an arrest on ho-sway investigators believe there may be additional victims out there who haven't come forward or been identified. so they're asking you to call the morgan hill police and you can remain anonymous. >> well, in the north bay 3 people including 2 air force members are under investigation now in connection with the murder of a young woman. we have pictures of the victim. there she is 19 year-old a lonnie both champ. she was last seen
9:37 am
alive saturday morning at a halloween party in sacramento and then left that party with to active duty air force members. then on sunday her remains were found in monterey county police discovered that she was killed actually at a home on cascade lane in fairfield where one of the air force members lives. a 21 year-old woman now is also accused of killing beau champion. 2 men are accused of being an accessory to the murder. police haven't revealed yet how the victim died. >> 9 37 and in the east bay. check out the new tiny home community. this is near lake merritt and it's ready to house the homeless, the shelter project is located at the corner of east 12th street and lake merritt boulevard and residents get obviously a roof over their head. their own private area electricity heat water and the community residents have access to health care. >> this will be a partnership with the city with my office, with our service providers as
9:38 am
well. as the community neighbors businesses. the faith community and others. this is a project that is working to get people into transitional and permanent housing. so we will be helping residents on a case by case basis to make sure that they will be on a path to the and you heard that rain. so it couldn't come soon enough. the city partnered with the nonprofit housing consortium of the east bay. >> and community leaders to make this village possible and it has room for 65 people. open enrollment for our state's health insurance marketplace known as covered. california is now underway. state leaders say more than a million uninsured californians could be eligible now. >> for comprehensive coverage at no cost and premiums, by the way, are generally expected to be lower this year. thanks to some financial help from president biden's american rescue plan health and human services secretary xavier becerra oversees the program. you see him there. the program was actually formed under the 2010 affordable care act when becerra was at the time. california's attorney general.
9:39 am
for americans are getting health insurance coverage as a result of the affordable care act. and here covered california. >> today. we have oter 12 million americans. who have insurance, medical insurance because of the work done under the affordable care act. >> yeah. many private health insurers are no longer waving the out of pocket costs for covid treatment. but secretary becerra says the biden administration will continue to support vaccinations and testing the open enrollment period ends january 31st so make sure you sign up if you need it. >> it's 9.39. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news ran talk niners because after their big win on the road. they could get some key players back that will help with their next game this weekend and after the break, san francisco has a new city attorney. we'll tell you about his swearing-in and his vacancy. how that's going to vacancy. how that's going to be filled on the assembly. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?!
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9:43 am
in the city and he's a former assembly member. he was handpicked by mayor london breed to follow dennis herrera, who's serving as general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission. governor newsome now is going to call a special election to fill choose assembly seat. it's 09:42am.
9:44 am
9:45 am
[ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] lisa looks like you've... [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state with real california dairy.
9:46 am
9.45. and here's a reason to get your feet wet. has your head of it's raining along the it. yeah. it's bright and it's a little easier now thanks to some of that rain that we saw over the past couple of weeks because what it did dislodged. >> some of that's that gold up in the hills and lot of down the river a little bit. so people are getting a little bit lucky and won't get rich know apparently looks at what gold is some like 60 $60, an ounce and get like a little flak. but you so but it's a fun little souvenir in the water get wet when you get wet anymore as an adult. you don't want to get right. you we run from the rain rather than just kind of. >> hang out wrong with that. but and john's actually done some gold so pretty out there to yeah. i did go pending for a story and my dad actually did it for fun. in montana. you go never made and he never
9:47 am
that it fun. yeah. it's and it's a good way to get out there with a half montana. exactly. that he told me snowshoeing snowmobiling panning for gold sochi. got to do up but yeah, here, you can do it, too. and then you can also have other options we are looking at conditions today that are dr- after yesterday's rainfall. >> now yesterday's was definitely nothing to write home about. but it was a decent rain compared to what we had 2 sundays ago that 18 inches around mount tam was only 2 inches yesterday, but still very good news guerneville around 2 and a half inches mill valley just over an inch of rainfall. as year the big winner out that direction around 6707 inch now skies have cleared out really nicely san jose looks beautiful this morning and is going to stay dry throughout the course of your tuesday ahead of us. so we've got a nice dry day to get back out there. take the dog on an extra long walk and enjoy what will eventually be increased sunshine for some of our areas that are still holding out of the cloud cover we don't have to wait long for our next
9:48 am
round of rain to arrive after a dry day tomorrow showers will return in the middle of the night wednesday night into early thursday morning. you see them moving here in satellite radar. they will push in and make for a messy commute on thursday morning. so though, tomorrow you should have an easy go as you're heading into work. thursday is the one to watch out for as conditions will be slick all over again. the 60's and 70's for your daytime highs across the bay area today. this is a little bit warmer than yesterday was on top of that, we do have our increased sunshine later on and the biggest difference from yesterday. we're not looking at the wet conditions. so today all in all, it's just a much improved one for any outdoor plans you may have the walk around the neighborhood or just getting some errands done all of it's looking really, really good for your tuesday. as for temperatures tomorrow, it's actually going to be warmest day of the forecast and don't let those showers that you see here on your seven-day forecast. stop you from getting outside as that will arrives well, after the sun goes down wednesday as another one to enjoy friday and saturday will be nice as
9:49 am
well. and just don't forget to set those clocks back an hour saturday night before you go to bed. reyna there a nice job. the more arrests for all of us here on the morning show. >> all right. well, we have a tractor trailer fire. we have been tracking that 5.80 westbound at santa rita road that's out in pleasanton. that area. and again, we know that one of the lanes are blocked as well as the exit ramp as well. 84 would be a good alternate if you're trying to get around that heading into the city right now. we had an earlier accident about 20 minutes ago or so. the drive times haven't gone up. that's the good news. a little under 17 minutes making your way into the city to that fremont street exit richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond. a little under 5 minutes for your drive time. there. another hot spot out and westbound for to northbound one 60 that ramp still closed because of the past 4 hours of vasco road to 5.80, a good alternate if you're trying to head on the westbound side, the san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes to make it across towards the peninsula. check 5.18, 80's traveling crockett
9:50 am
down towards the maze a little under 20 minutes daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 9.49 the time and for the forty-niners. a few key players are returning this week as they're getting ready for their home stand against the cardinals coming to town this week and since they won on the road sunday. maybe this will be a new role after the losing streak. a winning streak. plus, the warriors are practicing for another home game. here's com for sports director jason dumas us. >> the forty-niners needed yesterday's win against the bears in the worst way last probably would have meant a last season. but now we're out can slowly build back up all around the team also got some good news today. >> george kittle, jeff wilson and rob the gold all slated to return to practice this week. jimmie ward will likely be out a few weeks, but you have to take the good with the bad now, i mentioned more out second ago. house and him had someone talk to the team on saturday night to help that morale heading in to the game.
9:51 am
general manager john lynch and the same like it worked pretty well. >> i wasn't thinking about all the stuff that we got through the weekend. i thought would be great hear different perspective. john does a great job. we talked to the guys time you can have a guy was a general manager talk. also the hall of famer who played the way he did. i think it goes a long way and just getting him out there that addressed every player, every position and stuff away. thought about >> real a bunch of people. the good and the air talk to the fire to stop it got a lot of perspectives i have to do it, hoping it would be was even better than expected. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today after a blowout win on saturday night like the niners. the warriors will get one of their players back on the practice court this week. the team announced that center james wiseman has been cleared to practice his timetable for game action is still to be determined wiseman
9:52 am
underwent when this gets surgery in april that was him walking off the court when he tore that in this case he took part in team drills. but he did not scrimmage today. he said the training staff is monitoring how his knee responds before giving him the full, though, why but also said that his game 7 to 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason game is weighed up and that feels much more comfortable now compared to his rookie season when asked about the possibility of playing in santa cruz for the warriors g league affiliate he said he'd be all in. >> i want to go down there so i just sharp physically mentally game. eric. so just like happens within that time. i mean i don't doubt for never just going take day by day, just gets stronger getting looking at the planes watching observer. today was my first day out there for practice. so i enjoy my so. and i'm not just going to get back. my took. all righty that you look at sports.
9:53 am
>> all right. so we shall see what happens. i know the word is going to increase going, of course, are going to win. everything is going to be great. and i going to be a day with rain. you got a lot of it will be right back they like
9:54 am
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but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. and protect against vision loss. the morning on the kron 4 morning news, but they never stop on kron-on. and noel is in the newsroom. >> did they let you back in. i just got a new batch of to get i didn't have to get a new
9:56 am
one. mine wasn't working this weekend. but now apparently it's working again or so. who knows it is. you're still working here. i still working here. and hey, the city is working to create a safer. san francisco for all who live work and visit here. mayor london breed's. she's launching a new ambassador program today. it supposed to create a safer and more hospitable environment for people in the city's downtown and tourist areas. she's now to get 11 o'clock this morning. we'll bring you her remarks and all those details to see exactly what that plan has in store to see that and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scanned, the qr code take you straight to your app stores. you can download kron on for free. spend your day with me. back to you guys. thanks to. all right. one last bit of video here. fun. one for you up for his ill a traffic camera. what is that? and a playful pair. it who likes to play with the traffic camera operator. >> can use did they go up,
9:57 am
like bats. his upside down. yeah, they're flexible those parents. they are just a fun little bit of it all and the show they can fly. they're not concerned of. this is what about what about what's going on in mexico city because it's the yeah it looked when that shot looks a little wet outside to know is what they're yeah. but you know what, we appreciate that witness. here anybody that wants to it our way. we'll take some or all we get some more rain tomorrow night thursday morning. okay. you guys follow me. i've got the past years >> his fun, his
9:58 am
9:59 am
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