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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 2, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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season and it is election day. don't forget in bay area cities. but all eyes are really on the gubernatorial race way over on the other side of the country. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning and happy tuesday. thanks for waking up with us and aria. and i'm james. we want to start this hour with a check of weather and traffic. you may have noticed that it rained yesterday. if you are. conscious at all. >> has all day. >> even in my bubble that rain. but looking really nice outside to start. so it good morning, john. a little bit of an improvement today as far as getting outside weather goes anyways because yesterday may have indeed all day and if it did, i don't blame you have that rain kind of puts me to sleep too. we are looking outside at some conditions- today that will eventually get pretty clear as of right now, though, we're still sitting under some low grade that
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persist across the bay area. and it's a little damp out there still to after yesterday and even some overnight sprinkles last night. now we are seeing visibility. okay. for most areas. there are some spots of fog up in marine county along the coastline and some misty conditions out there closer to the coast radar is otherwise dry as rain is exit the region and now we're just hanging out in the 50's and low 60's this morning. light jackets to start you may be able to get outside for a few minutes later on into the afternoon without the jacket, though, as a few of us get up into the 70's all more about that. still to come john day so that we have a couple hot spots and issues out on a roadway this morning. pretty busy out there. so a stalled disabled tractor trailer. 5.80, westbound, 80 west that connector. >> you've got an accident here berkeley 80 westbound at 13. that ramp. they're so good. alternate would be san pablo avenue if you're trying to get around that heading into the city. we're at about 30 minutes. last time we checked in on the bay bridge. now we're starting improve a little bit little under 23 minutes here in antioch. you
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have a tractor trailer traffic collision and a spill westbound florida northbound one 60 that ramp is closed. vasco road to 5.80, and a tractor trailer fire. this is westbound 5.80, at santa rita roll right. lane is blocked there that exit ramp as well that in pleasanton and lee with a look at the san mateo bridge headed across towards the peninsula a little under 23 minutes during james, back to you. thanks a lot. lot of parents have been wanting to know when the little kids going to to get a covid shot. yeah. we're talking 5 to 11 year-olds. well, the cdc panel is meeting to discuss whether to recommend pfizer's covid vaccine. >> for kids in that age range and we'll see what they come up with their talking about it from 4. sarah stinson is following it live in the newsroom. sarah. >> darya. james. that's right. the cdc advisory committee is starting to take place right now. they're going over the rules. but public comment. this is all happening in atlanta, but it's also happening. virtually let's take a look. it's very preliminary. now they're just starting to talk about all of this and they were expecting
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them to approve pfizer's vaccine today. now the fda really paved the way approving the kid sized doses last week which was just that's this dose. they're talking about today is just a 3rd of the amount given to teens and adults. if the vaccine gets approved today, which we do suspect it will 28 million american children ages 5 to 11 years old, could be eligible for vaccinations. as soon as this week. health officials say children are at a lower risk of severe illness or deaths from covid-19 more than older people. but there is still risk and that's why they probably going to recommend kids get vaccinated. that's because 8300 kids in age group have been hospitalized from covid and 146 have died. the government has also counted 2000 school closures related to covid illnesses. a few countries have already begun using the covid vaccinations,
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but other kinds of brands with children. china just begin vaccinating kids 3 years old while european regulators are considering pfizer's vaccine as well. just like we are after the cdc's expected approval today. pfizer is ready to go. they're ready to begin shipping millions of vials of pediatric vaccines in orange caps to avoid mix-ups with the purple caps for the doses for everybody else. >> so we're in great shape on supply and the whole plan. it's based on pfizer vaccines. so we have more than enough vaccine for every child 5 to 11 specifically the pfizer vaccine. we know the possibility of vaccines for children will be a welcome relief for many families. and we also know parents will have a lot of questions and i would encourage parents to ask questions as they consider the benefits of vaccinating their children. >> you just heard from the cdc director final call will be from her once the cdc's ruling
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goes into effect in doses are shipped eligible kids will get 2 shots. 3 weeks apart now looking at the meeting right now on my screen. it's all happening now. the vote doesn't happen until one 15 this afternoon for me tracking all of the discussions in seeing what kind of track there on that meeting that's happening in atlanta. i'll keep you updated from the newsroom for now. send it back to you in studio. >> all right. thank you very much. sara. and you know how little kids 8 shots, maybe you too. they may soon have a way to sniff the covid vaccine. stanford university is working on it. it could be a game changer. if you can get your covid vaccine in the form of a nasal spray. >> here's how it works. nope, the all the respect we topped and down into the lungs. it's already prawn to many pathogens. so many risks for trayvon us is that we breeze and the time. this would be a much more efficient way of generating spike protein. the
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whole point nation is for austin introducing the artificial spike protein so that we become induce an immune rapid reaction to that. >> and then you wouldn't have that reaction in your arm or like mom were, you know, the mom crying. >> either way, they say this would be efficient and they're working on it. they're doing some clinical trials and maibe they'll have something in the next 6 to 12 months. >> 8 '06, is the time and today, don't forget is election day for some parts of the bay area. and we have a look at some of the counties are going to be holding elections today. you can see the list there on the right side. some places have city council or school district seats up for grabs. other errors are voting on local tax measures. all polling locations opened up at 7 this morning. so they've been open for about an hour nationally. of course we're following the very latest out of virginia. they have a gubernatorial election there that many experts say could foreshadow what we might expect in next year's midterm election. we have democrat terry mcauliffe
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running against republican glenn youngkin who has been endorsed by former president donald trump mcauliffe, meanwhile, has been campaigning with president biden and vice president kamala harris, most polls have this as a very close race will be inching to see how it turns out. meanwhile, back here in the bay area. a safeway in san francisco's castro district is now cutting its hours because of shoplifting. the location on market and church street is now closing at 9 o'clock every night with the store removing the self checkout lanes are just too much theft. a spokesperson for safeway says that these changes are necessary to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience working experience to for their employees and now san francisco supervisor rafael mandelman says that he's calling on the police and the district attorney to do more to stop these thefts. >> tonight, the walnut creek city council considers banning the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes. if it passes then businesses would have 5
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months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county already restricted the sale e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco in unincorporated parts of the county and it turns out that so many kids are vaping in the bathrooms at willow. glen high school that they've closed some of the restrooms and that is causing students. big inconvenience. let's put it that way. they say that there are so few bathrooms, many cases they our late to the next period because they can't get through the line and time. take a listen. >> one time i was almost late one of my classes because i ended up spending. the whole passing period. it's 7 minutes, which should be enough time to go to the bathroom and then go to class. >> it's not %k that the kids have to use time that they should be learning and being educated. >> to stand in line for a bathroom. so the parents are going in the use or vaping in the bathroom. so we take away the bathroom. it said it would take away the vaping.
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>> so the district said in fact send in a letter. it said that we're going to reopen some of the restrooms on monday and we are working. they say on other solutions to stop kids from vaping. >> speaking of schools, we've got the san francisco unified school district. now unveiling its plan to avoid a state takeover. they'll be doing this during a special meeting. the diserict is at risk of possibly being taken over by the state because they have a projected 125 million dollar budget shorofall that they have to correct or the state will step in. so the district is proposing a number of that cuts to student programs and services. that's one option. they're also looking at perhaps maybe changing the student funding formula as well. we'll see what the full details are when they announced that today. meanwhile, happening today we have engineers working for kaiser permanente in walnut creek. now protesting. we're going to start that at 1130 this morning out at the kaiser medical center. the workers say that their benefits and
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wages are being cut and they want the company to start negotiating with them on a new deal. the union representing the engineers say these employees are responsible for maintaining all of the mechanical systems in the buildings and that includes some of the medical equipment used by patients. >> it's 8. '09, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news open enrollment. time for covered. california will let you know everything if you want to sign up, we'll show you how and fire season is over for wayne county in the north bay or one city at least. we'll tell you where that is. and it's because of all of the range on. yeah. we saw a lot of that rainfall yesterday still some remnants of it sitting on the tarmac out there just looks. >> so watch for a few slick spots this morning into the afternoon sunshine really comes back out in full force highs in the 60's and 70's talking. your tuesday forecast ahead. and we certainly have a busy tuesday morning. several accidents and delays out there slick conditions. you want to take its time as you're driving. we'll have a look at driving. we'll have a look at that once we get back.
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watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger features a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. >> a and while we are welcoming the rain because obviously we need it. we're still recovering from that storm 2 weeks ago and we had yesterday's rain kind of add on top of that. yeah, there's a business in sandra fell that still drying out those flooded carpets right now. pro first racist as it takes a look.
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>> monday's downpour dropping a lot of water on warren county streets and again filling up already swollen creeks in samara fell. this was the scene just a week ago cars trapped in water. trees down. >> when that giant storm swept in. >> the bottom of the door was blown that was and the water level >> ross says his office hit hard and he's still dealing with the damage flood waters caused did receive a call from someone in the neighborhood in i didn't know. thought there was water coming into my office. it wasn't until. >> tuesday morning when i actually got from chicago on monday night tuesday was able to get the office that i realize that 6 inches of water had intruded into my so it took its taken me a to a clean up and put everything back and hopefully get the a
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remediation company is helping me is point. he says he can't second more water out when he first came in and did the remediation. he took out 50 gallons of water. >> and this is a concrete slab with a very thin carpet on top of that. so there was a lot of water that he got out and ross as he runs the fans when he isn't working, it's just too loud to keep them going. then. >> he says all of pain. i'm not happy i don't think that this was i think this could have been prevented. i made a phone call. >> to the center public works and got someone live in their response to me was they had expected that in this time of year that they needed to get out and clean the drains. >> i did reach out to the center public works department as well as the city manager's office to see if they bear any responsibility. the city that is for the creeks that overflowed as well as the gutters that got clogged to that cause so much damage to
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people. but i didn't hear back from them. will continue to press them to see if we can get some answers for residents here in sandra fell teresa is stasio kron. 4 news now. that's a jacket. reporters. half. >> she maybe she got that from the fire department could be, hey, speaking of looks like for season's over. >> as you prediction will i just proclaimed it. you do it on the big rain day. a week i said it is over. sure enough, santa rosa fire department declaring it yesterday. you also consider this the end of fire season. the ground just to whet now to support any of the fire. so there you go. they were waiting need to declare john told me about the rain. >> and i was like, what? how could it with these fires. we have radar. you have dart r. i have dart are in the works pretty well. it's next level yeah. it's a of protection. you get a and haha all%good for a lot of things. the dar dar is celebrated for but again, the wildfire season. what the problem so i i double
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i did have rain yesterday and today it looks like it's going to be great. it's going to be a beautiful one today, just a chance to dry out because we've got some pretty decent showers current bill around 2 and a half inches. amount am pretty close around 2 inches. nothing like that. 18 inches. know that i got to put the bucket outside can start telling you exactly what he's and then we can light it up with see how accurate the but it was great to see a nice reasonable around amount of rainfall yesterday really no downsides to it other than the slick roads that i'm sure you noticed as you are venturing out there for your monday today. just the opposite. we've really cleared out. look at san jose this morning, beautiful view out there. we've got the clear skies after rainfall really swept up any sort of poor air quality that we would have had so today is the post rain day that we all love to enjoy the sunshine. the clear good air quality and a better chance to get outside. enjoy some 70's today. rain is definitely exit in the region but only temporarily so today will gradually clear out further
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and further tomorrow we will be looking at a dry start to your wednesday. really the vast majority of your wednesday stays dry. it's not until well after the sun goes down really after you've gone to sleep that showers begin to push in late wednesday night into early thursday morning. this is going to make for a wet and messy commute into work on your thursday morning. all those showers won't last long on thursday. it will make for some wet conditions as you get out on those roads. as for today's daytime highs, it's solid 60's for sf as well as along the coastline temperatures right along the bay and for inland areas sharing a range of upper 60's to low 70's. this is a bit warmer than yesterday that paired with more sunshine and of course, the fact it's not going to be raining on you does mean a better chance to actually get out there and hopefully enjoyed a bit oakland up to richmond in the upper 60's. same for you in antioch over double-a. whoa. now at 67 while santa rosa down through nevado all in the upper 60's as well. tomorrow's highs, the warmest of the week. we will have showers
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arriving. well after sunset. so you'll still have the winds day to enjoy thursday morning. wet commute to start. but drying out towards the finish of the day. friday and saturday. look beautiful. and don't forget to adjust your clocks saturday night before you go to bed as will be falling back an hour on sunday. getting that extra hour of sleep. but losing that hour of daylight reyna john, looking forward to that extra hour of sleep. we have some hot spots out there. tractor trailer fire. this is westbound 5.80, at santa rita road. so the right lane and exit ramps are both blocked a good alternate would be 84 if you're trying to get around that. we're also seeing some delays along that as well. >> traveling into the city a little under 18 minutes for your drive time. there have high winds also slick roadways. another hot spot. this is out of any out west bound for to northbound one, 60 that connector ramp still closef because of a traffic collision and a spill there heading across towards the peninsula drive times going up. high winds across the san mateo bridge. what conditions as well. a little under 30
8:20 am
minutes. so we're seeing issues along. hey where we have an accident here north on a southwest wind avenue. looks like they just got this accident clear but to 38 would be a good alternate because 8 80's pretty slow. same thing. san jose. we have another accident south of just north of coleman avenue. looks like they were able to get this to the right hand shoulder. but you are seeing delays in the south bay darya. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain. 20 is the time open enrollment for our state's health insurance marketplace known as covered. california is now underway with state leaders say more than a million uninsured californians could be eligible for comprehensive coverage at no cost. >> premiums were told are going to be generally lower this year. that's good news and that's all. thanks to some financial help from president biden's american rescue plan. so that's one thing you can look forward to if you have covered california health and human services secretary xavier becerra who you see here oversees the program. in fact, it was all formed under the 2010 affordable care act when the sarah was at that time. california's attorney general. for americans are
8:21 am
getting health insurance coverage as a result of the affordable care act. and here covered california. >> today. we have over 12 million americans. who have insurance, medical insurance because of the work done under the affordable care act. >> yeah. many private health insurers are no longer waving the out of pocket costs for covid treatment. but secretary of the sarah says that the biden administration will continue to support vaccinations and testing the open enrollment period ends on january 31st. >> a 21 and a big story that we're following. the reverend jesse jackson is in the hospital right now because he fell and hit his head while he was visiting howard university. he was there for a meeting to talk about the students complaints over their living conditions on campus. a scan of his head came back normal. he does have parkinson's disease and he's been hospitalized twice this year, including one time for covid. >> we'll take a break in a 20
8:22 am
coming up, we have a look at a new tiny home village to help the homeless in the east bay. we'll tell you how many people look at possibly house. we'll be right back.
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>> 24 in east bay. there are
8:25 am
new tiny homes. you can see them right here and they are near oakland's lake merritt. this is for the homeless today. it's a whole shelter project located the corner of east 12th street and lake merritt boulevard. and the people who live here, they're going to have electricity and heat and water and the community. residents also have access to health care. >> this will be a partnership with the city with my office, with our service providers as well. as the community neighbors businesses. the faith community and others. this is a project that is working to get people into transitional and permanent housing. >> so we will be helping residents on a case by case basis to make sure that they will be on a path to the house. >> and you could hear the rain in that press conference. these tiny houses couldn't come soon enough to put a roof over 65 people's heads. the nonprofit house consortium of the east bay as well as
8:26 am
community leaders teamed up to make this village possible. >> here at thanksgiving dinner might be a little bit different because of whales and turtles i'll explain why coming up in a live report. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> 28. right now we're taking a peek outside at the exploratorium and it looks like a everybody's up in roads are dry that guys walking without an umbrella c. >> el took was a day and we're start to dry things out from yesterday's rain. yeah, we've got john with a look at the forecast for sunday lower not done with the rain just yet. when you look at the seven-day know every time it stops. we say when make it will rain again. and i actually haven't answered. all right. before new has to be like maybe, maybe but now it's looking like we we are working our way back into the sweater weather pattern. >> we saw the rain yesterday catching a break today and we'll see another round of it come tomorrow night and early thursday morning. so we don't wait too long of just a little over 24 hours from now. >> looking outside this morning at the coastline still pretty gray. a half moon bay. but some sunshine making its way through. if you look really closely, you can see some of the fog that does remain to the south. the half moon bay there in the distance right along the coastline as
8:30 am
for visibility has improved. we've seen some spotty fog, especially at the coastline this morning hasn't been super widespread, though, and we've definitely dried out from yesterday. now we just have a few damp areas from yesterday's rain. so watch out for that. as you venture on the roads. otherwise temperatures in the 50's to low 60's and increasing sunshine. the later we get in the day today. i've got more. and when to expect that latest round of rainfall still to come first, though, on over to are the roads holding up at this a 30 hour. not at all. we actually have some hot spots. lots of them out here. you're looking at video sent in to us. >> from one of our viewers. this is a tractor trailer fire on in pleasanton along west bound, 5.80, at santa rita role. look at that. so you can see traffic definitely going very sluggish there. you also always want to be careful when you're passed by any of these accidents as you're driving. so if you are trying to get around this because this is still pretty much an issue. you can go ahead and take 84 to try to get around things air. so that's what we're% right here. this is where that tractor trailer fire is
8:31 am
currently also headed into the city a little under 20 minutes for your drive time there. conditions have been pretty slow this morning with that. a lot of high winds on the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. also wet conditions a little under 25 minutes free to make that drive across towards the peninsula. second hot spot out of antioch westbound for to that northbound one, 60 connector of still close because you had another traffic trailer collision and spill vasco road to find a good alternate around that darya james, back to you. >> 31 right now. and a big story this morning is if you've been waiting for crab for the holidays. >> you might have to wait a little longer. and you can see here, we've got the season delayed. so if you had thanksgiving plans or even christmas plans have some crab for your guests might want to make adjustments bringing in from maryland are kron four's will tran is live at fisherman's wharf in san francisco at the source. >> how about just having turkey for thanksgiving. i don't but a lot of people use
8:32 am
crowd for their thanksgiving menu rate is a staple for many households and got some bad news to pass along to you. you see all those crab traps right behind me. many of them will not be loaded up on to the boats and out to the waters because the state says you can't go to the most abundant place to get dungeon is crab because whales and turtles are in the area endangered humpback whales and turtles and all those lines in the water. well, those whales and turtles can get tangled up. they can get injured or killed in until they leave. they're not allowing them to go crab fishing between sonoma and mendocino line all the way down to lopez point in monterey county. so it's the rich aereo where the fishermen know exactly where to go to lay down the traps to get all the crab that a lot of people enjoy for thanksgiving dinner. now it might be an inconvenience to you. but for
8:33 am
the fisherman, it's a lot more than that. >> financially. it's definitely going to you know, expecting to go out on the 15th and not being able to build will be a little bit of a struggle for luckily, i do support fish and stuff that's also being changed and stuff. so the regulations. so it's it's pretty tough on us. definitely. >> so they're at the mercy of the state fish and wildlife or fish or crab for anything that they do in the water. so that's what he was talking about. as far as when they possibly could go back out in the water to drop all of these traps in there. while the state says they will reassess the situation on november 22nd. and if you're wondering well, that's still ahead for thanksgiving. no, because it takes them about a week to get everything into place to have the lines in the water. so it looks like thanksgiving could be in jeopardy. but the silver lining is they hope that the state could open it up between
8:34 am
thanksgiving and christmas. so at the very least they can sell the crab to you for christmas day. back to you. wow. all right. we'll see what happens. thank you very much. well. >> 8.33 in the south bay, a community gilroy gathered. remember a young man who was killed at a party over the weekend. this was the official for 18 year-old michael zuniga plus-a. the shooting happened at the home of a gilroy city council member kron four's. rob fladeboe has the latest. >> has he paid his respects to a friend shot and killed at a halloween party late saturday night. you are resident. make huerta said he was headed for the party to but decided not to go with the last minute. >> i just saw a lot of people that i do were up to no good so i just mean my friend thought it wasn't a good idea to come. >> the victim is identified by his family on a go fund me campaign as 19 year-old michael daniels una going see us of gilroy. police were called to this home on loss on
8:35 am
drive where neighbors said a loud party was being held. the other victims are ages 17 to 19 gilroy police have made one arrest so far. he is identified as 19 year-old benjamin david colder room of gilroy made huerta heard. there was some kind of argument. >> what did not involve his friend. he says. >> i have no idea. honestly, i don't know. i just i just know that people started shooting and he got caught in the middle of it. that's all i know. the home with a party in shooting occurred belongs to gilroy city council member rebecca armand heiress. it's not clear if armand heiress was home at the time of the shooting. she declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation. the other victims remain hospitalized to which with what were initially described as life threatening injuries. >> if i happen to stay at the party. when would it when it happened. feel like you could have been me or my friends or anyone else in the party. in a statement gilroy mayor mary blankley wrote in part, quote.
8:36 am
>> this is yet another senseless tragedy from which our community is left dumbfounded feeling helpless as to how to keep our families and loved ones safe light will be shed as the investigation unfolds. police also say they now believe that that there were 2 suspects here. one of them so far is in custody in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> it's a 36 and police arrested a pastor in morgan hill on suspicion of molesting multiple children. authorities say 65 year-old carlos castro, haun of college stir faces more than a dozen charges including lewd acts by use of force on a child under the age of 14 castor on as a pastor at mysterious stone ho-sway investigators believe that he may have additional victims who haven't come forward and are asking anybody with information to call the morgan hill police. they say you can remain anonymous. >> in the north bay. 3 people including 2 air force members are under arrest now in
8:37 am
connection with the murder of a young woman. we have pictures of the victim identified now as 19 year-old lay lonnie, both champ. she was last seen alive saturday morning at a halloween party in sacramento. she left that party, though, with to active duty air force members and then on sunday her remains were found in monterey county after investigating police discovered that she was actually killed at a home on cascade lane in fairfield where one of those air force members lived a 21 year-old woman is also accused of killing both champ with 2 men accused of being accessories to the murder. police haven't yet revealed how the victim died. in the east bay pinole middle school was put on lockdown after a student brought a pellet gun to campus and officers responding school officials detained that student. they found a pellet gun in the backpack. no one was hurt. police now investigating why that student brought a pellet gun to school in the first place. >> in san francisco, david chu was sworn in as the new city attorney. he is the first
8:38 am
asian american to hold that position in the city. the former assembly member was handpicked by mayor london breed to follow dennis herrera who now serves as general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission. governor newsome is now in a call for a special election to fill choose assembly seat. it's 8.38. still ahead on the ground for morning news. the forty-niners back at work after a big win on the road and they could get some big key players to return this week. we'll take a peek. >> all the storms that we have a welder creating a silver lining in the form of plus, american airlines has more cancellations this morning. what's going to happen to you if your holiday plans are canceled. we spoke to an expert about how you can prepare.
8:39 am
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do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> 8.41 and the big story is american airlines. they are continuing to have issues this morning. so for 90 flights have been canceled this morning. and you know, you might know over the weekend they had to cancel 2000 flights. american flights from friday through yesterday and america is not alone. southwest has gone through this having to cancel and it's kind of a combination of all of this stuff coming together, whether it's whether staff shortages, because they've got growing pains because they
8:42 am
shrunk with covid and they tried to grow too fast. everybody started flying again caught them off guard. and as the holiday season approaches, we could see more of this. so what happens if your flight suddenly gets canceled call for spoke to an expert. >> maybe start with the bat backup plan in case something goes wrong because these and seemed to come a bit on unforeseen, maybe a contingency plan. if i have a connecting flight and then for some reason get stuck do i know people in the where might i stay if something happens during my trip. >> so what he's saying james is to, you know, make sure that you have all of your friends and relatives addresses and phone numbers have them on standby just in case you haven't seen that on to new no 1015, years now is the perfect time to reconnect how about thanksgiving night in your place. wow. 42 is the time and we'll be right back.
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8:45 am
>> 8 45 8, maybe get rich standing out in the rain and in the water. >> well, if you find gold like they're panning for the american river that could be a possibility. and there's more gold there. thanks to some of that heavy rain that we got to kind of watched more flakes and more nuggets downstream light. and our reporter actually went out and got a lasting lesson in patience.
8:46 am
>> what i do is take the hernandez for thank 2 pull up and. now. your go. >> you can come up here and go camping for 3. we can pay for your food. >> see, when i was a kid. and you think about when you're a kid, you go out and do all kinds of stuff like that in the rain and in the water but then now as adults we run, we feel the need to. i like that. we have to run from the right. i running like like the rain chasing us. maybe doing something like this will reconnect you with that childlike. joy you had but yeah being out in it like like it. john, do you do you try to run from a to b in the ring, you know, to get yesterday you scoot a this trick sidewalks. they are very slippery raise
8:47 am
even the shuttle steps double ok, scooting is gotten up there even using had a moose all about safety when it comes to the weather be the guy running to the rain and falling everywhere. >> funny, though, for weather. got to that would that would be. and then i would have to take a little bit easier next time. hopefully you can actually take a little bit easier today getting out there without all the worries of walking through those slick streets are driving to work amid some of those slick conditions. we're still a little damp this morning after some overnight showers. and we've had some misty conditions so far this morning financial district is showing a little bit of that low cloud cover blocking out your view of 5, 5, 5, california in the distance behind transamerica pyramid skies are dry. but we have seen some fog near the coastline to watch out for dried out across the region. and we're going to stay that way. the rest of the day, increasingly sunny conditions towards the afternoon and that just means more and more inviting weather not worrying
8:48 am
about the rain today a little bit on the warmer side that sunshine is going help us out too. so tuesday is overall a much better day actually venture outside and enjoy the day. now tomorrow we're dry through the day, but it will be after sunset tomorrow night. that rain pushes back in. it's really after the stroke of midnight that will really start to see some of our heavy rain falling on into the bay area. this is going to leave us with a messy commute on into thursday morning. so give yourself extra time as you're leaving thursday morniog, although today and tomorrow we're dry. don't have to wait much longer to see another round of rain, 60's 70's for your daytime highs hayward at 70 redwood city and pretty much each 71 for your highs today. antioch over to oakland and down to livermore all at 69 tomorrow's highs will be the warmest of the week ahead of overnight showers wednesday night into thursday. we drive back out quickly into thursday afternoon friday and saturday staying that way. and just don't don't forget to set your clocks back an hour on saturday night as we will be. falling back an hour into
8:49 am
sunday morning reena. thank you, john. again, that extra hour of sleep there. so we have a hot spot. we've been following. >> tractor trailer fire. this is out in pleasanton, a long 5.80, westbound side at santa rita road and you can see the fire. they are blocked. this is still actually on going there. if you are traveling along 5.80 right now. they have one of the right lanes blocked. they also have the exit ramp blocked as well. so a good alternate would be 84 as you're traveling along that highway a little under about 90 minutes traveling to the say the 3 months she exit. look, so we also have a stalled tractor trailer. the air just at the foot of the maze. so yeah, traffic building heading across towards the peninsula. little under 22 minutes for you to make that dry and checking out other hot spots like this one in antioch, westbound for to northbound one, 60 that's closed. there's a spill there that's 5.80. also could alternates for you. darya james, back to you. all right. lst's talk sports and the forty-niners might get a few
8:50 am
key players back this week that ready to play again after being injured. yeah, we'll be faced the cardinals next weekend and the warriors to practicing for their home game which kicks off tomorrow night. >> we've got kron 4 sports director jason dumas us with the preview. the forty-niners needed yesterday's win against the bears in the worst way. >> a loss probably would have meant a last season. but now we're out can slowly build back up all around the team also got some good news today. george kittle, jeff wilson and robbie gold all slated to return to practice this week. >> jimmie ward will likely be out a few weeks, but you have to take the good with the bad now, i mentioned a second ago. house and him had someone talk to the team on saturday night to help that morale heading in to the game. general manager john lynch and the same like it worked pretty well. >> i wasn't thinking about all the stuff that we've got to the weekend. i thought would be great hear different
8:51 am
perspectives. john does a great job. we talked to the guys and time you can have a guy general manager talk also the hall of famer who played the way he did. i think it goes a long way and just getting him out there that addressed every player, every position stuff away. thought about >> real of the bunch of people. the good and the air. talk to fire open. it got a lot of perspectives i have to do it, hoping it would be was even better than expected. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today after a blowout win on saturday night like the niners and the warriors will get one of their players back on the practice court this week. the team announced that center james wiseman has been cleared to practice his timetable for game action is still to be determined wiseman underwent when this gets surgery in april that was him walking off the court when he tore in this case he took part in team drills. but he did not scrimmage today. he said the training staff is monitoring
8:52 am
how his knee responds before giving him the full, though, why but also said that his game 7 to 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason game is weighed up and that feels much more comfortable now compared to his rookie season when asked about the possibility of playing in santa cruz for the warriors g league affiliate he said he'd be all in. >> i want to go down there so i just sharp physically mentally and i'm marriage. so just like happens within that time. i mean i don't doubt for never just going take day by just get stronger. get looking at the planes watching observer. today was my first day out there for practice. so i enjoy my so. and i'm not just going to get back track. all righty that you look at sports. >> look at this. what i know a lot of people like to you can't you can't say it should look peyton manning and eli, you know, people watch monday night football carry any he's eating just like we do during,
8:53 am
you know, a break. but the cameras on and his downing a piece chicken like there's no tomorrow because as we know in the biz, you've only got a minute 30 seconds or you've got 2 minutes max, 8. >> i'm not saying it's pretty. hit back. eat ok, but again, right back, record me. and you're back in 3. one, you're on.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> it's a 55. and in the south, a look at this happy reunion for some firefighters in sunnyvale because they deliver that baby baby firefighters were responding to a call about a mom in labor well, the baby one. oh, wait. you know that happens. yeah. can you believe it? that's a deal and they did it. and i mean, i know firefighters can do lots of, you know, rescues thing could, judy. i mean, could you deliver a baby? well, you know what, if you think about it, that's what firefighters everything, right. they save lives that's lives. yeah. they are just doing it. >> at the very beginning of a life they're bringing into the world giving actually you thank firefighters. and on if on that mom and i'm given birth and they're helping me. i am. i am yelling at them. i don't think they're used to that. i'm like, oh, yeah. whoever's around the on the you know, saying i'm giving birth over here. but after the fact, then i'd be. thank you. thank you. so but during the
8:57 am
>> see, this is why guys used to say outside of the delivery room back in the a 56 coming up in the next hour remind you thank. thanks changes saying that you remember bree what about the kids? a little kids getting their pfizer shots. when that's when that's going to happen. that's coming up in a live report. and when are we going to be able to have dungeness crab. the season has been delayed. will they be in time for thanksgiving or maybe christmas. >> and some restrooms of one south bay high school are closed. so many of them that the kids are waiting in long lines and there's a strange reason why they're close will have that.
8:58 am
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>> we're here in the newsroom. tracking the cdc advisory committee they're expected to approve the child's vaccine today. i'm looking at the latest know, bring it to you in a live report coming up. >> thank you, sir. and people across the bay area may have to change their thanksgiving plans after the state has delayed the start of the commercial dungeness crab season and it is election day. don't forget various cities all across the area. the gubernatorial race on the inside of the country, though. that's what grabbing national headlines. we'll explain why. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know.


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