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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 2, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> and people across the bay area may have to change thanksgiving plans after the state delays. the start of the commercial dungeness crab season. plus, it is election day here in the bay area. but all eyes nationally are on the gubernatorial race on the other side of the country will explain. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. we're trying to dry of lever. be dry you're already of that. i've like i just kind of unsettled into sort of that feeling of. just having a wet fall. just yeah. it feels a little outside the app. i keep the towel by the door because everybody's feet in the dog's paws and everything. it's just not my new life. well, let's find out if we've got anything left for the rest of the week or are we going to start drying out. john, good morning. so it's the on and off pattern for the rest of the week. guys will have a couple of dry days in there, which are necessary to. but we've also got a couple more wet days too.
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>> which is super nice to see honestly after wsil much dry weather that we have obviously been seeing the past 2 years now your view outside in san francisco or towards san francisco from the east bay shows you a very clear shot, not a lot of cloud cover hanging out at least on the horizon line. just some low clouds overhead so visibility is actually been ok so far this morning. and as far as satellite radar is concerned, we are looking nice and clear out there this morning conditions out there that will be dry through the rest of the day today means a better chance to be stepping outside just watch for some damp spots on roadways this morning. most of our temperatures are in the 50's right now with a few 60's on the map like in hayward right at 60 degrees. a little cooler for the north bay. so bundle up this morning and look forward to an afternoon that will be dry and a little bit more comfortable than yesterday. reyna john, thank you for that. we do have another hot spot. we had some earlier ones. now, this was a nanny at that. >> highway for one 60 connector ramp. we have an overturned tractor trailer traffic collision and a spill.
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a good alternate would probably be vasco road to 5.80. down kuz that connector and is currently blocked at this hour. traveling into the city. no accidents. there are high wind. so as you're heading across the bay bridge a little under 11 minutes, you can see they turn the metering lights on as you're traveling there heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes to make that commute. and the south bay a little under 31 minutes from 85 of them apart to 37 no major delays along 2 8085 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot a 6. '02. and the big story this morning. today the cdc is trying to figure out whether to recommend the pfizer vaccine for the little kids. yes, 5 to 11 is the age range. we're talking about. the decision could impact millions of kids in kron 4. sarah stinson is standing by the newsroom. >> with more on what we'll expect today, sir. >> yeah, this morning. this is the last regulatory hurdle. the fda pave the way last week approving the vaccine for kids. and now today the cdc is expected to give clearance as well. the kid sized doses are just a 3rd of the amount given
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to teens and adults as the vaccine gets approved today. 28 million american children ages 5 to 11 years old, could be eligible for these vaccinations this week. health officials say children are at lower risk of severe illness or death from covid-19 especially at more than older people. but there is still risk and that's why the vaccine is being considered for these kids. so far. kids in the age group are talking about. there's been 8300 hospitalizations and 146 deaths reported the government has also counted 2000 coronavirus related illness school closures a few countries have begun using other covid-19 vaccines in children under 12. china trying to be in vaccinating 3 year-old while european regulatory regulators are considering pfizer's vaccine for kids still just like we are after the cdc's expected approval today. pfizer is ready to go. begin shipping millions of vials. a pediatric
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vaccines in orange caps to avoid mix-ups with the purple kept doses for everybody else. let's hear now from the white house. covid response coordinator then the cdc director. >> so we're in great shape on supply and the whole plan. it's based on pfizer vaccines. so we have more than enough vaccine for every child 5 to 11 specifically the pfizer vaccine. we know the possibility of vaccines for children will be a welcome relief for many families. and we also know parents will have a lot of questions and i would encourage parents to ask questions as they consider the benefits of vaccinating their children. >> the cdc's ruling goes into effect in doses are shipped eligible. kids will get 2 shots. 3 weeks apart. now this meeting starts in about one hour from now. pacific standard time. so i'll be tracking the latest from the newsroom. so stand by for that. we know everybody, especially parents are waiting
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to hear about this. we'll send it back to you. all right. thank you very much there. and now, even though it is a smaller needle for the kids. stanford. researchers are working on a way. >> that we can have a covid shot up our nose. she said the azle spray kind of like they develop for the regular flu. when you get a shot, take a listen. >> hoped the on the tough down into the lungs. it's already prawn to many pathogens. so many viruses that we breeze and the time. this would be a much more efficient way of generating spike protein. the whole point nation is for us to introduce in the artificial spike protein so that we become induce an immune rapid reaction to that. >> if that was over your head, he saying it could work as it has worked because that's how your body can take it in and would you rather sniff it up or have it and shot in your jab, in your arm kids. and this just for anybody that the thing about this, they have to use in clinical trials and they're hoping to start testing with a covid spray
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vaccine within the next 6 months to a year. >> okay. and also in the headlines this morning. don't forget, today is election day in parts of the bay area and here's a look at the list of counties that will be holding elections today. in some places they've got city council elections, school board seats that are up for grabs. other areas are voting on various local tax measures as well. all polling locations will open at 7 this morning. so in about an hour from now. nationally, though all eyes are going to be on virginia and the gubernatorial election that's happening today. many experts think this could be a foreshadow of what we could expect come next year's midterm elections. democrat terry mcauliffe is running against republican glenn youngkin who has been endorsed by former president donald trump mcauliffe says that his campaign is in line with president biden and vice president kamala harris affected, think campaigning with them. most polls have this as a very close race will be sure to see what the outcome is. meanwhile, back here in the bay area safely in
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san francisco's castro district is cutting its hours because of shoplifting. the location on market street and church is now closing at 9 o'clock every night. the story, his removing itself checkout lanes as well as safely spokesperson says that these changes are necessary to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience not only for its customers but also for its employees and now san francisco supervisor rafael edelman says that he is calling on police and the district attorney to do more to stop the thefts. >> happening tonight, the walnut creek city council is going so consider banning the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes and if it passes, businesses would have 5 months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county already restricted the sale of flavored tobacco in unincorporated parts of the county. and it turns up. a lot of kids are vaping in the bathroom. >> so willow, glen high school has closed several on campus restrooms to the kids to get
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some of the kids to stop vaping and some of the parents and kids are thinking that's not the best solution because since there are not as many bathrooms to use. some of the kids are finding that they're spending all their time waiting in long lines being late to their next class because of it. and one student explains. this is not the best solution. >> one time i was almost late one of my classes because i ended up spending. the whole passing period. it's 7 minutes, which should be enough time to go to the bathroom and then go to class. >> it's not ok that the kids have to use time that they should be learning and being educated. to stand in line for a bathroom. >> in a letter sent to parents the school says that they plan tooreopen some of the bathrooms on monday and they are working on other solutions to stop kids from vaping. >> well, today the san francisco unified school district will unveil its plan to try and avoid a state takeover of schools. they'll
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be doing that during a special meeting today. the district right now is at risk of a possible takeover by the state authorities because of a projected 125 million dollar budget shortfall. so what's the district going to do. well. they're proposing cuts to a number of student programs and services. they're also proposing changes to its student funding formula as well. we'll see what they propose. meanwhile, happening today we have engineers who work for kaiser permanente in walnut creek there going to be protesting starting at 1130 this morning at the kaiser medical center. the workers say that their benefits and wages are being cut and they want the company to renegotiate with them. the union representing these engineers say that the employees are responsible for maintaining all of the mechanical systems in the building and that includes some of the medical equipment used by patients. >> time. now 6. '09. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news open enrollment. it if you want covered california. now is the time we let you know everything you need to want to sign up. plus to all the rain we had. does that mean wildfire season is
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over and we're talking about how the president wants to combat climate change. we'll be right back. >> and we are looking at conditions today that will be dry still damp out there from yesterday's rain. so watch for a couple of slick spots on roads. a cool and nice afternoon with highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. your forecast is still to come. >> and we do have a hot spot along highway 4 that connector ramp in antioch one 60. but you can see traffic is also building here at the bay bridge will have a look at your drive times on this tuesday morning. once we get back.
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>> 6.12. right now. we still got a lot a >> we do. yeah. fact, a lot of people still recovering from last week's damage and flooding that that storm caused. are just some of the images from sandra fell capture just a week ago he saw cars under water deep water and homes now resulting in yes, old, which is tough to clean up some of businesses have a lot of work to do as well. take a listen. >> it's taken me a to a clean up remediation company is helping me is point. he says he can't second more water out when he first came in and did the remediation. he took out 50 gallons of water. and this is a concrete slab with a very thin carpet on top of it. so there was a lot of water that he got out. >> it's been a week. i was like this. it seems like it was just yesterday. i guess
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because it's always rain. well, not always. but yesterday rain a lot. so i felt like, oh, this was just a few days ago and i've been driving around center field. they still have real high puddles and in the road. some like corners are marked off still. yes, just got to work on all those drains and gutters and stuff like that. stall that still needs to be maintained in cleared out. >> the one upshot, though, of all that rain that we got is that at least according to santa rosa fire department they safe in their mind wildfire season is over. these rains have officially put an end to it about a foot of rain fell in october and that brought the fire threat down to very minimal. and although the season is technically over the fire department says we should still do our part to stay vigilant and start preparing now for what may be a big fire season next year. it seems like every year are bracing for can can we just play enjoy the fire season is over. >> permission just stocking next year. although you can use all of that stuff, whether
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it's fire season, earthquake or are flooding or power outages. it's your emergency kit. and that's what you need to be working up. there you all right. let's head over to the weather center. good morning, john. yeah, it's nice to see at least one chance for disaster. she's begun for a minute because obviously now we're working our way into the weather time of year. we've already seen the really heavy rainfall. and what that did to a few homes up in center fell. >> glad to see that recovery is happening for a lot of those of you that unfortunately did see some minor flooding. we absolutely need the rainfall. we just needed more spaced out and that's what we do have in this forecast ahead of us. so there's some really good news for us. a look outside this morning at years. san francisco camera showing you the clear enough skies. there's definitely some cloud cover hanging out overhead. but overall conditions across the bay area have dried out really nicely compared to yesterday which was going to be our rainiest of days of the week. today is looking nice and dry. now it's not only rainy day of the week. yesterday. mother nature is just timing things out a little nicer for us next time allowing showers to come through on into the middle of
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the night wednesday night into thursday morning. the downside of this, though, is as we see the showers moving in. well after sunset tomorrow night, it will have an impact on your thursday morning commute. so showers move in. well, after you've got to sleep wednesday evening and stay with us on into our earliest of risers on thursday morning. this is 06:15am showers starting to move out of the region but not before leaving roadways really wet for your thursday morning commute as for temperatures today, it's going to be a bit warmer than yesterday. you add in those 60's and 70's with a little lecture sunshine that we saw it does make for a pretty comfortable feel to your tuesday. so just nicer to be getting outside running those errands taking the dog on a walk, whatever you want to do outside. it's just a nicer day for it than yesterday's grey and wet conditions that we had upper 60's from oakland to richmond. some low 70's in walnut creek. well, benicia on over to antioch right at 69 degrees each. sandra fell. you'll be at 70 degrees tomorrow as temperatures will be the
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warmest of the forecast. and although we have a chance of rainfall during evening hours wednesday night into thursday, daytime hours, wednesday will be dry showers quickly move out of the region. thursday and that will set us up for dry weather leading into the weekend. don't forget to adjust those clocks as sunday morning at 02:00am will be falling back into our monday look for another chance of rain to start next week. great. tom, thanks for that. so we do have a hot spot. this is out antioch that. >> highway 4 to one 60 connector. that ramp is closed. >> and again, if you are trying to get around vasco road down to 5.80. would be a good option heading into the city right now from the east. a little under 13 minutes. once you do finally reached the maze moving along pretty nicely at this hour. a little under 14 minutes for you to make a cross towards the peninsula the year in the richmond, sandra fell key a little under 8 as you travel out of richmond. let's head to the south bay to check on conditions along one. oh, one as you're traveling towards menlo park a little under 30 minutes to 37 no major delays
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and remember, bridges and highways still very slick out there. the deathly want to take your time as you're traveling to a james, back to you. >> thanks. raid. 6 17 and in national news, the reverend jesse jackson is in the hospital after he fell and hit his head. he was at howard university to support students who have been upset about their living conditions on campus. they've been protesting for like a month living in tents and sleeping bags because they say that where they live is rat infested an and has mold and that the administration has been ignoring them. so jackson was walking into one of the year's river city buildings for a meeting and that's when he fell, they say that he was just kept overnight for observation. he does have parkinson's disease and he has been hospitalized twice this year, including once for covid. >> in other national headlines. the un climate summit in scotland. we've got president joe biden saying to other world leaders that the u.s. will lead by example in fighting climate change. but the climate and infrastructure
6:19 am
bill is stalled right now in dc. >> alexandra limon has more live from the capital high. alex. >> hi there. good morning. and in order to meet the president's ambitious climate goals. he does need that build back better plan to be passed by congress. and we actually just heard from congresswoman pramila jayapal a few minutes ago and she says that the house is preparing to vote on that bill this week. however, there's still no guarantee that the senate will pass it. >> at the un climate summit monday, president joe biden told fellow world leaders. there's no time to waste. will we see the enormous opportunity for us. >> or you are really can damage future generations to suffer climate change is making droughts wildfires and severe storms worse and scientists warn that without swifter action. the damage to the planet and to humanity. >> could be irreversible. president biden vowed to slash us emissions in half below
6:20 am
2005 levels by 2030. and he said the u.s. will seek to become a net 0 emissions economy no later than 2050. >> we're standing at an inflection point in world history. we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build equitable clean energy future. but the president's vehicle for accomplishing those goals is his build back better plan. >> which would dedicate 550 billion dollars to fight climate change and that plan hangs in limbo. so far president biden has struggled to lock in the needed support from moderate democratic senators kyrsten sinema and joe mansion monday, senator manchin announced he's still not on board. i for one want are multi. trillion dollar bill. >> without greater clarity about why congress chooses to ignore the serious effects of inflation. >> and the climate summit in glasgow is already well under well. well underway again today. and we've heard from president biden. he addressed
6:21 am
they need to fight deforestation and he and other world leaders have also been focusing today on the need for more innovation in the green energy sector and for the entire world, for example, to implement things like smart technologies to help conserve energy. and again, take those needed steps to fight climate change darya james, back to you. all right. thanks, alex. >> it is 6.20. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news american airlines is dealing with more cancellations this morning and that has a lot of people wondering what i do. if my holiday flight gets canceled. well. we talked to an expert and get some advice. plus, we have a look at a new tiny home village to help homeless people in the east bay. we'll tell you how many people little house.
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st.
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>> in the east bay a new tiny home community near oakland's lake merritt is ready to house the homeless and you can see what they look like. this shelter project is located at the corner of east 12th street and lake merritt boulevard. residents have electricity so they get he and they'll have water the residents also have access to health care. >> this will be a partnership
6:25 am
with the city with my office, with our service providers as well. as the community neighbors businesses. the faith community and others. this is a project that is working to get people into transitional and permanent housing. >> so we will be helping residents on a case by case basis to make sure that they will be on a path to the think about this and those houses now have a roof over their heads. and you heard the rain and that press conference. f the east bay as well as community leaders are all making this village possible. >> and it should be able to house up to 65 people. >> if you plan to have crab this thanksgiving can you believe we're already in november. if you plan to have crab on the dinner table for thanksgiving. you could be out of luck. i'll explain why coming up in a life.
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program. this is the news. and if you're not afraid of the shortage of you know, i because the supply chain you're afraid of the travel, travel delays and cancellations which by stories is today. and i just checked. just go international airport, 8 delays so far this morning. candy flights canceled outright. it's could be weather now. yeah. much sf know and it's a lot of things. it's staffing they oversell the flights now going into the holidays. >> it's the weather. so i guess i'm just going to start a new thing. when i see that, i'm going to think. as it and make you a little tense lot like reagan with the traffic. probably she sees the shot. >> yeah. right. and then john, when the radar gets all fired hands. but this morning actually nice and calm. yes, today. nice and calm camp lead to many of those delays, at least not as many as yesterday on the weather because things have definitely dried up now for most of the bay area. just a little damp after yesterday's rain. so there's certainly still slick spots out there, but no new rainfall falling across the region
6:30 am
viewing outside from the berkeley hills right now. skies are definitely cloudy up above. but visibility is okay. i've been keeping a very close eye on where we're sitting with visibility and as it look too bad so far this morning, which is nice, especially after a rainy day skies have dried out. still damp, as i mentioned, and a little bit on the cool side. so definitely throw those jackets on most of us are in the 50's right now. san mateo, one of our warmer spots at 60. well, saint helene, the easily. our coldest spot at 48 degrees talking a really comfortable, even sunny afternoon just around the corner. but first let's go over to it's still a bit slick out there. what are issues right now. it is slick. so along highway 4. we already have a hot spot. this is at that. >> westbound for northbound one 60 connector. that ramp is closed right there. vasco road all the way down to 5.80. would be a good alternate overturned. tractor trailer and a spiel slowing us down there. >> heading into the city right now. we've got high winds along the bay bridge along the san mateo bridge. a look at drive times a little under 15 minutes for you to make it.
6:31 am
>> to that premature exit 5, 1880. i don't see any delays as you're heading to missoula berkeley. a little under 15 minutes to make your way across towards the peninsula. the richmond center fell bridge a little under 11 minutes as you're traveling at % a richmond and the golden gate. look, slick conditions here on our bridge still about 20 minutes from the north bay into the sea. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.31 and a big story this morning. commercial fishing season for dungeness crab is delayed. yeah. off the coast of the bay. area's could have an impact on thanksgiving plans. i know there are a lot of families to enjoy craft for thanksgiving. >> and this might put a damper on all is still time for christmas kravit that you're saying we'll see kron four's will tran following this from fisherman's wharf in san francisco. i will. >> good morning, james and area. so i spoke to some fisherman from the last time you saw me, this is going to hurt them big time because thanksgiving had a lot of people put crab on the dinner table like james fletcher and they might not be able to have
6:32 am
the crab on the dinner table and that hurts them. one fisherman told me it could impact them, you know, with their yearly salary, what they make about a quarter to a 3rd. here's the reason why the department of fish and said you cannot go harvesting for crab in the most abundant area. we're talking from sonoma mendocino line all the way to lopez point in monterey county. it just happens to be so rich with dungeness crab that the fishermen they go out there every year. and in a perfect world, they would have laid down the traps starting on november 15th, but they cannot do it for now because the state says they have humpback whales in that area. other turtles. they're very endangered species. and because of that, they need to protected. and with those lines in the water. those humpback whales could get tangled in it. they could get injured and killed and they cannot allow that to happen until those whales and turtles
6:33 am
leave the area and that's why they're postponing this that you might say, well, you what's the day. what's a couple of weeks before thanksgiving. you know, they still have time that's not necessarily the case because it takes them about a week to get out there to lay down all of those fishing lines as crab lines and then to start harvesting and so they might miss thanksgiving a time when so many people they like to eat crab. so sure they can probably make up for it for christmas. but this really hurts them some fishermen even told me that they're thinking about leaving the industry because he knows better than us. james and area. he says this is the 3rd year for them that they to push back dungeness crab season for them to do it. you can see at the lines right behind me. look at all that. i mean, that's just countless feet of rope in the waters of the humpback whales go through it and then maybe they can get tangled. no word yet on when the state might allow that very abundantly rich area for crab to start
6:34 am
fishing again. back to you that we'll just have to wait and wait for that announcement. thank you very much. well. >> it's 6 33. and in the a community in gilroy gathered to remember a young man who was shot and killed at a party over the weekend. there was a vigil here to remember 18 year-old michael zuniga, c a the shooting happened at the home of a gilroy city council member kron four's. rob fladeboe has the latest. >> has he paid his respects to a friend shot and killed at a halloween party late saturday night. you are resident. make huerta said he was headed for the party to but decided not to go with the last minute. >> i just saw a lot of people that i knew were up to no good so i just mean my friend thought it wasn't a good idea to come. >> the victim is identified by his family on a go fund me campaign as 19 year-old michael daniels una going see us of gilroy. police were called to this home on loss on drive where neighbors said a loud party was being held. the other victims are ages 17 to
6:35 am
19 gilroy police have made one arrest so far. he is identified as 19 year-old benjamin david colder room of gilroy made huerta heard. there was some kind of argument. >> what did not involve his friend. he says. >> i have no idea. honestly, i don't know. i just i just know that people started shooting and he got caught in the middle of it. that's all i know. the home with a party in shooting occurred belongs to gilroy city council member rebecca armand heiress. it's not clear if armand heiress was home at the time of the shooting. she declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation. the other victims remain hospitalized to which with what were initially described as life threatening injuries. if i happen to stay at the party. >> when would it when it happened. feel like you could have been me or my friends or anyone else in the party. in a statement gilroy mayor mary blankley wrote in part, quote. >> this is yet another senseless tragedy from which our community is left dumbfounded feeling helpless as to how to keep our families and loved ones safe light will
6:36 am
be shed as the investigation unfolds. police also say they now believe that that there were 2 suspects here. one of them so far is in custody in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> police have arrested a pastor in morgan hill on suspicion of molesting multiple children. authorities say 65 year-old carlos kuz stray han of hollister faces more than a dozen charges including lewd acts by use of force on a child under the age of 14. castrate hahn is a pastor at mysterious henner st on hosue. investigators believe that he may have additional victims who have not been identified and they're asking anybody with information to call the morgan hill police and you may remain anonymous. >> in the north bay 3 people including 2 air force members are under arrest now in connection with the murder of a young woman. so here are
6:37 am
pictures of the victim. 19 year-old lonnie bowl champ. she was last seen alive saturday morning at a halloween party in sacramento. she then left that party with to active duty air force members and then on sunday her remains were found in monterey county police discovered bowl champ was killed at a home on cascade lane in fairfield where one of the airport's members lived a 21 year-old woman now accused of killing her and 2 men are accused of being an accessory to murder. police have not revealed how the victim died. in the east bay panel middle school was put on lockdown after a student brought a pellet gun to campus. and while officers were responding school officials detained that student found the pellet gun in their backpack. nobody was hurt. thankfully police are investigating why the student brought that pellet gun to campus in the first place. >> time. now 6.37, in san francisco. david chu was sworn in as the new city attorney chu is the first asian-american hold that position in the city. the former assemblyman was. handpicked by mayor london
6:38 am
breed to follow dennis herrera who now serves as general manager of the san francisco's public utilities commission. governor newsome will now call for a special election in the next 140 days to fill choose assembly seat. a big story is travel issues with american airlines continuing this morning. and that means issues for a lot of people who have tickets. so more 90 flights have been canceled this morning and as you may know, the airline had to cancel 2000 flights between friday and yesterday and then we saw similar kind of messed up schedules, southwest and cancel 2000 flights. it's a combination of whether staff shortages, traffic control as staffing and as the holiday season approaches, there's also a lot of people asking. so if this happens to me, what am i supposed to do. fly flights canceled. copper spoke to an expert. >> maybe start with the bat backup plan in case something goes wrong because these and seemed to come a bit on
6:39 am
unforeseen, maybe a contingency plan. if i have a connecting flight and then for some reason get stuck do i know people in the where might i stay if something happens during my trip. be flexible brees. >> and plan to open your wallet pretty much. that's the message i'm getting. and that's the message i'm gonna try to keep in mind because i'm traveling. that's what the experts say. just look, you could rent a car prices gas. you've got have a backup plan. you maybe make a hotel reservation in your layover spot. in case you get stranded. there's all kinds of things. call your friends, relatives and say i can't make change of plans be flexible. that's the best advice and patient. alright open enrollment for our state's health insurance marketplace known as covered. california is now underway. state leaders say that more than a million uninsured californians could be eligible for comprehensive coverage. >> at no cost and premiums are going to generally be lower this year. thanks to some financial help from president biden's american rescue plan
6:40 am
health and human services secretary xavier becerra oversees the program and it was formed under the 2010 affordable care act when becerra was california's attorney general. for americans are getting health insurance coverage as a result of the affordable care act. and here covered california. >> today. we have over 12 million americans. who have insurance, medical insurance because of the work done under the affordable care act. >> and many private health insurers are no longer waving out of pocket costs for covid treatment. secretary becerra says that the biden administration will continue to support vaccinations and testing the open enrollment period. ends january 31st. we'll take a break here at 6.40. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the forty-niners are back to work now after that road trip when and they could have some key players returning this week as well. we'll take a closer look. >> and recent storms are creating a new golden opportunity along the american river in placer county. on how
6:41 am
you can strike it. rich just ahead. and after latest rainfall, we've got a wet tarmac out there as to sign that conditions are still damp even though it's no longer raining today will be a dry one with daytime highs. a little warmer than yesterday's finding into the upper 60's and low 70's. i've got the details in your forecast. >> and a hot spot not that highway for one 60 connector. we've got an overturned tractor trailer and a spill the year. we also got an uptick and drive times on this wet morning. we'll have a look at that once we get back.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> 6.43 and with a silver lining to the rain is gold. >> in them there hills apparently experts say that the hard rain that we got last month. well, a couple weeks ago really did loosen some pieces of gold from the river banks. they're there at the american canyon river and. >> have brought them down to where we can get them. yeah. i mean, if you go out there and pan if you learn how to pay like a reporter did require some patience. >> what i do is take the for thank 2 and. now. your go.
6:45 am
>> coming up here and go camping for 3. we can pay for your food. >> okay. so i just decided i was poor pulling it because it seem boring like but you convince me. i was like, ok, well, it's something to do with a range. sure. it's fun. it use it. you have pay attention. you know a little side, you know, can your eyes are with the family and friends. and it's just a great thing to do all year. and guess it's raining. so you're already wet. so it doesn't even matter if you're just sitting in, the water don't have henri days in the sandbox is a kid except make money. you and why can't we get wet like what is do notice that? oh, my god, i because you get cold. people don't like being called. i guess it's just we're like afraid of the rain. i'm with you, but i don't know why. yeah. well, luckily, we won't have too much of it today. thankfully, good morning, john. yeah, i was locked in the financial why my shoes a lot of traction so
6:46 am
it's kind of like i definitely got some we're really running, i walking really slow through it. but that was the way to do it because it has getting out there just be safe. it is. >> like this. you want to show us a little hits for ice haha, i love shoes. their all but their no traction left. are looking at a dry day today. but we did see some very wet conditions yesterday. obviously guerneville saw around 2 and a half inches of rainfall mount tam around 2 inches mill over an inch of it read out in the east bay 6707 inch. nothing that resulted in flooding. but it certainly was slick out there. it's actually fairly damp this morning as well. so if you are venturing out the roads just taking a little bit slower. watch out for the slick spots. still definitely some ponding of
6:47 am
water, especially on local streets half moon bay this morning. we are seeing some misty conditions, some low clouds out there. visibility hasn't been a big issue this morning, though, in any sort of shower activity remaining across the region is hanging out now along the central coast. so we're definitely on the drier side of things. it will be a mostly cloudy morning followed by some mostly sunny skies towards the latter part of the afternoon. good day to look forward to getting back outside. maybe a longer dog walk today just enjoying the field to it. now into tomorrow, most of our daytime hours will be dry. but another line of rain moves through after the sun's gone down. it really is late wednesday night into early thursday morning. this next system right here. this one is going make for a messy commute to work into thursday morning. so anticipate giving up a little bit extra early on thursday so that you can get out there on those roads without worrying about having to rush on some slick roadways 60's for your highs in sf as well as along the coastline and then daytime highs elsewhere share range of upper
6:48 am
60's to low 70's. it is going to be a bit more comfortable of the day than yesterday was as temperatures will already be a few degrees. warmer. we're going to add in some sunshine on top of that. and of course, the dry conditions just making it all in all, a more inviting data actually step outside and hopefully not have to shuffle and have everyone giggling at tomorrow's daytime highs will be our warmest of your forecast tomorrow night into thursday morning is our next best chance of rainfall aside from that thursday afternoon into the start of the weekend looks dry. don't forget to adjust your clocks before you go to sleep saturday night as we do fall back an hour on sunday morning and that means you leave work on monday afternoon. it's going to be a bit of a darker view out there along with some showers looking likely into next monday as well. reyna john, thank you for that. so hot spots still there. this is out of on westbound highway 4. >> to that northbound one 60 connector ramp. that's closed. also would be vasco road to 5.80. it's on to get around that traveling from the east
6:49 am
bay into the city right now. a little under 18 minutes for drive time. there we go. high winds across the bay bridge. high winds across the san mateo bridge and slick conditions. so definitely want to slow it down as you're driving out there. we are starting to see slower pockets as you travel along highway 4 to 2.42 about 39 minutes. well, 6.80 to danville from highway for about 14, 29 minutes, 8.80, to milpitas and one. oh, one, 34 minutes towards menlo park as you head in a cross towards the peninsula a little under 15 for you to make that drive. darya james, back to you. >> thanks a lot 6.49 and let's talk niners a few key players are returning this weekend ready for their home game against the cardinals. yeah. should be a good matchup and the warriors to also practicing for their home game which will be played wednesday night. we've got kron, 4 sports director jason dumas us with the highlights. >> the forty-niners needed yesterday's win against the bears in the worst way last probably would have meant a last season. but now we're out
6:50 am
can slowly build back up all around the team also got some good news today. >> george kittle, jeff wilson and robbie gold all slated to return to practice this week. jimmie ward will likely be out a few weeks, but you have to take the good with the bad now, i mentioned more out second ago. how shanahan had someone talk to the team on saturday night to help that morale heading in to the game. general manager john lynch and the same like it worked pretty well. >> wasn't thinking about all the stuff that we've got to the weekend. i thought to be great just to hear different perspectives. john does a great job. we talked to the a time you can have a guy general manager talk also the hall of famer who played the way he did. i think it goes a long way and just getting him out there that addressed every player, every position stuff away. got about >> real of the bunch of people. the good and the air talk to fire to stop it got a lot of perspectives i have to
6:51 am
do it, hoping it would be was even better than expected. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today after a blowout win on saturday night like the niners and the warriors will get one of their players back on the practice court this week. the team announced that center james wiseman has been cleared to practice his timetable for game action is still to be determined white men underwent when this gets surgery in april that was him walking off the court when he tore in this case he took part in team drills. but he did not scrimmage today. he said the training staff is monitoring how his knee responds before giving him the full, though, why but also said that his game 7 to 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason game is weighed up and that feels much more comfortable now compared to his rookie season when asked about the possibility of playing in santa cruz for the warriors g league affiliate he said he'd be all in. >> i want to go down there so i just sharp physically
6:52 am
mentally game. eric. so just like happens within that time. i mean, i'm down for whatever just going take day by just get stronger. get looking at the planes watching observer. today was my first day out there for practice. so i enjoy my so. and i mean, i just can't wait to get back track. all righty that you look at sports. >> that was jason dumas, thank you, jason. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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>> 6.54 in the south bay a happy reunion for some firefighters in sunnyvale here with baby nile yeah. 2 firefighters helped deliver her after responding to a call. >> about her mom going into labor. the firefighters plan to take mom to the hospital. but baby now wasn't going to have it didn't want to wait. so the firefighters helped with the delivery. they stay with mom until. >> paramedics got there. oh, my gosh. yeah, that's amazing. like to be able to deliver a baby when you're not a doctor or a nurse. you're a firefighter. they do a lot of stuff, but that's going to be high on the all right. great we'll take a quick break here as we take a live look outside a live look. but this is a traffic camera brazil that recently captured a playful
6:56 am
pair i just seeing into the bombing the traffic cam of playing a little peek. a boo to see me in u n. >> wow. it's like wait for it. the cme and i didn't know they had traffic like them brazil. by the way, feel better about their verdict. it's cool. it's that's really, really cool. john is cracking out right now. they love a lot of people looking guys, we might have a camera like that. >> we'll continue with weather and traffic here in the bay area. and coming up. also, the cdc is getting ready to figure out. >> when and if your kids should get a covid shot. we'll hear from an expert. >> and dungeness crab season is delayed. not in time for thanksgiving. what about for christmas with a live report on that. and president biden is pushing the u.s. he was to set an example to fight climate change. how the problem is the bill stuck in problem is the bill stuck in congress.
6:57 am
i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> right now. the cdc is gathering to discuss pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids the agency is expected to prove prove to approve it. i'm tracking the latest live from the newsroom. >> and people across the bay area have potentially change
7:00 am
their thanksgiving plans after the state delays. the start of the commercial dungeness crab season and it is election day here in the bay area. all eyes really on the gubernatorial race happening on the other side of the country will explain. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks for tuning in on a tuesday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we want to get things started off this morning with a check of weather traffic. before we get all those headlines because it is a little damp out there and we had a decent amount of rain for a lot of people yesterday yeah. a lot more than i thought. and, you know, since the big rains. it's nothing will use to save a ton crane. yes, like it was just going now, john, if it wasn't for that big rain would've been like that was a good rate. yeah. but in comparison it was all we are looking g. so just we've been spoiled lose that we had 2


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