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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> and tonight at 9, a little went a long way light showers blanketing the bay area today. you're looking at live radar. >> making for a rainy start to the month of november. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan of jonathan mccall grant in vicki. both have the night off. the good news. if you didn't get any rain today. more is expected this week. that is good news. meteorologist dave spahr here tonight with the timing on when the next round will arrive. >> katharine and johnathan. good evening and good evening, everybody. was a good beneficial rain that we have for today. yes, more to come and probably a good thing, too, with this as well because our reservoirs are so low. a warm rain like this is ok and good. sometimes some of the problems are that if you've already had a lot of rain, a lot of those can wash off in the ideas. we like to get a lot stored up in the mountains. we'll get some of that as we get into early next
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week. but this wave and the next one is going to be kind of that mild temperature, a wave stuff that's going to keep it mostly all liquid across the state except the very higher elevations the sierra. so in the peninsula we're seeing a little bit out of the santa cruz mountains to touch a little bit in the east bay splotches of some rain. but it's mostly just a light drizzle that's left over if you're getting anything at all for the next 3 hours. that's how we call it. temperatures are very stagnant base to get drizzle by 11 o'clock and fog. developing later tonight showing you the pattern where this is all coming from. you can see it's pretty much southern centric north bay actually starting to clear out a little bit, although i think you'll start tomorrow off on a cloudy note future cast winds don't have a lot of winds left over for maybe take a stroll around the witching hour shortly there afterwards. one of the things that helps the development of this kind of radiation fog is losing the winds. so you have the high dew points left over from the rain, the cloudy skies and so forth. temperature and dew point. get together and you've got some fog created here. that's what it looks like in the fog cast. as you can see by 5 o'clock, though, reach
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our peak. and then as a son joins us, although mostly cloudy it will start to mix out this fog getting into the later morning hours. so that's gone. our skies clear up by tuesday afternoon. more to be had upstream, though. it looks to be after the wednesday night commute. so this is more of a wednesday night affair. it's going to be quicker than this one was, though, because this will blow on passed. by the time we get to your thursday morning commute. so look ahead. we're talking about with everything here tonight. it's rain showers and showers. early drizzle fog will be late. we're almost at that stage right about now. tuesday wednesday. we take a breather and that's really tuesday and much of wednesday. and it's wednesday night we get a new system that we just showed you there into the weekend. variable cloud smiled showers back on sunday. and that starts a trend into the following week. and with that into the following week means we're also going to see maybe perhaps a mountain snows up in the sierra. we'll take a look at that coming up a little bit later on the broadcast. jonathan and catherine, thank you. dave. sounds a lot of today's rain was really
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focused on marine county, at least in the first part of the day. >> in some cases only adding to the mess that people are still trying to clean up after last week's really big storm, one of the areas hardest hit from that storm was the folks w% in sandra fell kron four's, theresa stasi a win back today to check on that. >> monday's downpour dropping a lot of water on warren county streets and again filling up already swollen creeks in samara fell. this was the scene just a week ago cars trapped in water. trees down. >> when that giant storm swept in. >> the bottom of the door was blown that was and the water level >> ross says his office hit hard and he's still deali g with the damage flood waters caused did receive a call from someone in the neighborhood in i didn't know. thought there was water coming into my office. it wasn't until. >> tuesday morning when i actually got from chicago on monday night tuesday was able to get the office that i
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realized that 6 inches of water had a intruded into my so it took its taken me a to a clean up and put everything back and hopefully get the a mediation company is helping me is point. he says he can't second more water out when he first came in and did the remediation. he took a 50 gallons of water. and this is a concrete slab with a very thin carpet on top of it. so there was a lot of water that he got out and ross as he runs the fans when he isn't working, it's just too loud to keep them going. then. >> he says all of pain. i'm not happy i don't think that this was i think this could have been prevented. i made a phone call. >> to the center public works and got someone live in their response to me was they had expected that in this time of year that they needed to get out and clean the drains.
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>> i did reach out to the center for public works department as well as the city manager's office to see if they bear any responsibility. the city that is for the creeks and that overflowed as well as the gutters that got clogged to that cause so much damage to people. but i didn't residents here in sandra fell theresa is stasio kron. 4 news. >> all the rain that we've seen in the past week has been enough happily for the santa rosa fire department to declare an end to the fire season. the department says the city got nearly 11 inches of rain in october, which of course i greatly lessened the threat of fires and wildfires in that area. the department's first busy season began in may. that's a lot earlier than normal during the offseason. the department has been encouraging people to help by trimming brush and tree limbs. kron 4 can help you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can scan that qr code. it will
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take you right to our mobile app. and you'll find things including current conditions live radar and the latest forecasts. >> now to covid-19 coverage tonight, marin county has lifted its mask mandate for most public places. the county will no longer require mask. ed indoor spaces like restaurants bars and retail stores but business owners can still choose to require them for patrons county. health leaders say that hospitalizations in the county are at their lowest level in months and the rate of spread is now in the moderate category doctor matt willis with the marine county health department says that removing the mandate as part of a bigger effort to find new ways to enforce health measures. >> the change in this mandate is a sign of how we in public health hope to approach the remainder of the pandemic response and recovery. using fewer mandates and laws and more offering recommendations and policy supports to remove barriers to making healthy
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choices. >> willis says he is concerned about a possible winter surge in the coming months and is now encouraging folks to voluntarily wear a mask in order to keep the virus from spreading. >> alameda and contra. costa counties. they've eased the mask requirements for fully vaccinated. people in limited indoor setting city. the very first day for those changes in those counties. >> kron four's amanda hari isn't alameda with the details. >> i'm actually seeing a lot of people here in alameda still wearing their masks. and that's because this change is simply easing mask mandates for certain controlled indoor settings and for certain people. so if you work or live in alameda or contra costa counties. you're going to want to keep that mask handy. >> i think it's going to be relieved to some alameda and contra costa counties have eased the mask requirements in certain controlled setting x officials say people no longer have to wear masks and offices gyms and indoor gatherings.
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dissipating businesses are hosts must verify that everyone is fully vaccinated and you have no more than a 100 people present at one time a 100 people can do this in san francisco as of october 15th so alameda and contra costa just. >> following suit. infectious disease expert monica gandhi thinks this change could help stimulate the economy. and so the hope would be this would stimulate business downtown and stimulate place people to go into a gym. for example. >> and we're also vaccine cards. anyway. gundy says, well, this is a major step in the right direction. people shouldn't expect to see covid disappear. i think it's important for people to know and understand that we're not going to get rid of it completely. >> but living with the virus under control. like many european countries have been is not a. >> terrible place to be. doctor gandhi sent me this graph from our world data. it shows just how few people are dying from covid-19. >> in countries where nearly 80% of people are vaccinated.
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>> living with the virus that under control. he's not a terrible way to remember when's the last time that you personally thought about pertussis and measles and other pathogens that are under control. doctor gandhi tells me she doesn't believe the mask mandate will be completely lifted in either county. >> until 8 weeks after 5 to 11 year-olds are able to get vaccinated in alameda amanda hari kron 4 news. >> all san francisco city workers who have been allowed to work remotely. they're now expected to be back in the office at least 2 days a week. today was also the deadline for making them prove either that they've been vaccinated or face the possibility of getting fired. that's unless they've been granted a religious or medical exemption. the biggest group of holdouts in the city's work force. our muni drivers. >> this morning. we had about a 110 transit operators. >> who are allowed to show up
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for work either because they are not vaccinated or because they're going through a reasonable accommodation request process and hopefully by the end of the week. things will have stabilized. >> the city's hr director says nearly 98% of the 35,000 city employees are vaccinated adding that no major service problems are expected at this point. >> researchers at stanford university say they are working on a possible game changer when it comes to covid-19 vaccines. it's a vaccine in the form of a nasal spray. >> hoped. the tough down into the lungs. it's already pronged to many pathogens. so many risks for trayvon us is that we reasonable time. this would be a much more efficient way of generating spike protein. the whole point of rocks nation is for us to introduce in the artificial spike protein so that we
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become induce an immune rapid reaction to that. >> scientists say not only would a nasal spray be more affected affect the fish and then the vaccine. it would also mean no more needles. researchers say they're currently in talks with drugmakers about clinical trials. they actually hope to begin testing on the spray within the next 6 months to a year. >> happening tomorrow cdc advisors will discuss rucker recommendations on which children between 5.11 years old should get a dose of the pfizer vaccine. the fda already gave that the vaccine, the greenlight friday one cdc advisers weigh in the agency director will make a final decision if approved up to 28 million children. >> will be eligible to get vaccinated and they will get a dose that about a 3rd of the amount given to teenagers and adults. >> right now on kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest masking guidelines vaccination information and more. just use
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your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website where you can find the latest covid-19 coverage and headlines. >> in the south bay. some parents are upset and frustrated after a san jose school closed several campus bathrooms because of students vaping and those areas, school leaders and willow, glen high told parents the news through an email last week saying that they were temporarily closing some bathrooms for inappropriate use kron 4 s taylor bisacky live outside of the school in san jose with the details taylor. good evening. >> they're jonathan in that letter sent to parents school administrators said that they were closing those bathroom so that staff could better monitor some of those students in the fewer open bathrooms. however, as you can imagine, many parents are outraged about this and some say that the whole student body shouldn't be punished for the actions of a few students. >> students at will good high school in san jose now have limited access to on campus
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restrooms after the school closed several of its bathrooms because of vaping concerns. all of the students are being punished because of what a couple of students are doing it's really, really not ok that during a pandemic. >> there isn't soap or sanitizing hands in the bathroom. it's not ok that the kids have to use time that they should be learning and being educated. to stand in line for a bathroom. the shell watson says 2 of her children go to glen high school and 2 others go to willow glen middle school. she says she first found out about the closures from her daughter found out when my my daughter. had an outburst. she's neurodivergent and she had an outburst at school because the bathrooms aren't accessible to her and she wasn't able to use them. a routine is very important. for kids that narrative urgent brains and. they can't do this to kids.
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watson says she and other parents later received this email from the assistant principal notifying them about bathroom closures in 3 wings of the school due to inappropriate use. >> and were eventually told it's because of students paving in the bathrooms with nearly 1700 students at the school watson's child kai says bathroom minds are building up because of the closures. one time i was almost late one of my classes because i ended up spending the whole passing period. it's 7 minutes, which should be enough time to go to the bathroom and then go to class, especially if the bathroom is on the way to the class. >> i was almost late because there was such a long line for the bathroom. all school staff claim they haven't had issues with lines. >> kai says that's not true on another occasion. they missed 15 minutes of class due to waiting in the bathroom light frustrating because it feels like they are really paying attention to what's going on. meanwhile, michelle watson's other 2 students who go to willow glen middle school say the same closures are going on
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there. however, no email or letter was sent out from staff at the middle school. in another letter sent out by the school staff says they're looking into other options. they also said that they plan to open some more restrooms on monday. >> we reached out to school staff here but have not heard back yet. live in san jose taylor bisacky kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> gilroy police are still searching for clothes. in a deadly weekend shooting. it happened at a city council members home where one person was killed. 3 other people were wounded. kron four's, rob fladeboe has the latest on the story, including the identity of the teenager who died. >> here in gilroy. a memorial continues to grow outside this home on loss we're family and friends are set to hold a vigil this evening for young man shot and killed during a halloween party over the weekend. >> as he paid his respects to a friend shot and killed at a halloween party late saturday
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night. you are resident. make huerta said he was headed for the party to but decided not to go with the last minute. >> i just saw a lot of people that i do were up to no good so i just mean my friend thought it wasn't a good idea to come. >> the victim is identified by his family on a go fund me campaign as 19 year-old michael daniels una going see us of gilroy gilroy police were called to this home on loss on drive where neighbors said a loud party was being held. the other victims are ages 17 to 19 gilroy police have made one arrest so far. he is identified as 19 year-old benjamin david colder room of gilroy made huerta heard. there was some kind of argument. >> what did not involve his friend. he says. >> i have no idea. honestly, i don't know. i just i just know that people started shooting and he got caught in the middle of it. that's all i know. the home with a party in shooting occurred belongs to gilroy city council member rebecca armand heiress. it's not clear if armand heiress was home at the time of the
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shooting. she declined to comment citing the ongoing investigation. the other victims remain hospitalized, 2 of which with what were initially described as life threatening injuries. >> if i happen to stay at the party when with it when it happened, i feel like you could have been me or my friends or anyone else in the party. in a statement gilroy mayor mary blankley wrote in part, quote. >> this is yet another senseless tragedy from which our community is left dumbfounded feeling helpless as to how to keep our families and loved ones safe light will be shed as the investigation unfolds. you're police also out with an update this evening. confirming the identity of the victim saying that one out of the hospital while 2 others remain. police also say they now believe that that there were 2 suspects here. one of them so far is in custody in gilroy rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> san francisco supervisors have appointed 15 people to the city's african american reparations advisory
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committee. the goal is to create a comprehensive neparations plan for african-americans, not just for people who are descendants of slavery in the u.s. from 6 to 19 to 1865. but also for those who have suffered injustices during the jim crow era. the committee members are set to serve in definite terms as they work on creating a plan over the next 2 years. they say they'll get input on subjects, including housing education, violence prevention and health care access. >> today the supreme court took up to challenges to a texas abortion law that effectively banned the procedure after 6 weeks of pregnancy. so the case is on the high court focus on whether that texas law is indeed constitutional law, constitutional or not. justices are not deciding on the legality of roe v wade kron four's, washington correspondent anna wiernicki is at the supreme court with a look at what comes next. >> good evening. it's been 2 months since the texas mall
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went into effect in today. the justices are considering the constitutionality of the right to an abortion. but rather how that texas law is structured. >> hundreds of pro life and pro choice protesters gathered outside the supreme court on monday. this is a really crucial moment. jamie manson with catholics for pro choice says the high court's ruling could set the tone for future cases on abortion rights. you have a disproportionately supreme 6 of 9 justices are catholic and of those 6, 5, are very, very right wing conservative catholic. the justices will decide the fate of the texas law which bans abortions after about 6 weeks of pregnancy and is enforced through civil lawsuits against anyone who helps a person get an abortion us solicitor general elizabeth prelogar argued that no constitutional right is safe. if the justices allowed the texas law to stand our constitutional guarantees can not be that fragile and the supremacy of federal law cannot be that easily subject
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to manipulation. texas solicitor general judge stone defended the law saying the abortion providers are suing the wrong people since the law is enforced by private citizens, not the state, but that defense met some resistance from even the conservative justices like brett kavanaugh. there's a loophole that's been exploited >> were used here. something mark herring with the center for reproductive rights says he was happy to hear we confident we're pleased with, i said, several of the had serious concerns with what texas is doing here and the texas law will remain in effect until the supreme court issues, its decision. >> for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. coming up on this hour of kron 4 news is several airlines struggled with staffing shortages and mass flight cancellations. >> we'll explain how it could affect holiday travel and what you need to do to prepare. >> finding love online or with an app quickly becoming the
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new norm. but is it ever lastick what a new survey is saying about the stability of relationships that start online. some light rain showers kind of continue in the peninsula. little bit. there's more upstream to be had will be investigating that. >> you're watching kron. 4 >> you're watching kron. 4 news the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> welcome back, everyone could google make people think that they're smarter than they really are. well, a new study from the university of texas at austin says yes.
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researchers found that googling answers. give people an inflated sense of intelligence and confidence. this is apparently because folks actually forget that they actually looked up rhe answers since the information is provided. so quickly. researchers say that this actually can lead to poor decision making or doubling down on misinformation. also it can cause students to spend less time studying because they think they already know the answers when in fact they really don't. >> a new survey says that spouses who meet online are 6 times more likely to get divorced within the first 3 years of marriage. this is according to the marriage foundation. researchsrs found that couples who got together through online dating had a tall percent divorce rate that's compared to just 2% for people who met traditionally. so what's behind this dating experts say when you meet somebody online, you might be missing out on some of the crucial time it takes to
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really know a person's background and in some cases people end up marrying a relative stranger. >> much more news to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock and irvine man in court today after allegedly attacking an american airlines flight attendant will let you know about the charges he's facing tonight. jury selection underway in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. a jury has now been seated. the rules set forth by the judge has the very public trial gets underway and another san francisco storm making big changes to battle ongoing shoplifting. let you know what one safeway store is now doing to try to curb the issue. kathryn, i will see you in just a few moments for news at continues.
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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> time for another look at the forecast we look live over the san mateo bridge still looks pretty wet out there. jonathan. >> we've got folks out and about on this monday evening. hopefully people are just taking a little easy on the roads, things still a little slick from those showers we saw today crawford meteorologist dave spahr 109 to get you ready for the start of your tuesday and tracking the next round of showers headed our way. >> yeah. good evening, guys. get we're looking for nor rain happening this week. it could be a quick mover, though. and it's going to be timed out perfectly because what happened during the nocturnal hours overnight. now this we have left on radar. you can kind of see a little bit to the south. looks like it starts to arc a little bit to
9:30 pm
monterey bay. so the focus appears to be even going further south, which we kind of expected a little bit for keeping some rain showers in the peninsula. little bit, maybe a little drizzle. it looks like trying to clear up a little bit up in the north bay as well. now clearing out with losing the sun like this actually can help the production of fog, particularly as we do lose the winds because the dew point temperature together here and that helps to create fog because you're basically creating a cloud at the ground is what you're so we'll see some of that happened this addiction fog or subsided. we used to get eviction fog radiation fog occurring during the overnight hours. greeting us by tomorrow morning, even if we don't have a lot of sun. this will mix out pretty quickly in the morning hours. picking with the so not pick systems moving. so let's watch these models here. here comes to clear out. you can see the clouds aloft. they take a little while to clear out. but that will happen by tomorrow afternoon going all the way out to wednesday evening. now you're okay for the commute home. but here comes this fast mover don't blink watch the screen. boom comes marching right through by thursday morning where said and done. so that's a good news on that
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front. there. so the forecast tonight, upper 50's expected cloudy skies fog. developing maybe some patchy drizzle here and there. and then waking up tomorrow. this is we got patchy fog temperatures in the 50's. for the most part, maybe the bay around 60 or so by high noon variable clouds and mild clearing out for the afternoon hours and into the evening. coming up a little bit. your 4 zone forecast. we'll look at that extended to back to you. all right, dave, thanks so much. real quick. we are following some breaking news on a los angeles tonight where a massive power outage. >> at la x has delayed a number of flights getting in and out of los angeles, including some flights headed here to san francisco and the news from there just adding to last 4 well, yeah, it's been a mess. yeah. american airlines, meanwhile, says they had to cancel hundreds of flights over the last 3 days because of weather issues and other problems that they've been dealing with as well. >> and with the busy holiday season coming up, obviously
9:32 pm
the question is what do you do if you have a flight that has been suddenly canceled something you didn't expect kron four's haaziq madyun talk to a travel expert to get some advice. >> over 1600 american airlines flights were canceled over the halloween holiday weekend last month the nation's largest domestic airline southwest canceled 2000 flights the reported problems for the 2 major cancellation events include whether staff shortages. it issues with air traffic control. if this flight cancellation trend continues as we approach the busy thanksgiving holiday travel season. >> what's the forecast for travelers? best advice. and maybe start with the bat backup plan in case something goes wrong because the sun seem to come a bit unforeseen. however, other then booking a second flight on a different airline. >> which will come with that additional expense. what's the backup plan for the last minute notification that your thanksgiving holiday flight
9:33 pm
has been canceled aaa spokesperson sergio avila goes over some of the maybe a contingency plan. if i have a connecting flight. >> and then for some reason get stuck do i know people in the where might i say if something happens during my that when you land for your nd connecting flight 2 already have a hotel rooms booked just in case there's a major delay or the flight is canceled me just having those stocks trying to plant some of that out like i said, could help alleviate some of the stress. if you're caught in some of the situations like that. if it is possible driving is the other option. the of the road trip has been the most popular form of travel this entire year we absolutely expect that to continue as we get into the busy holiday travel season. as mud you kron 4 news. >> the man accused of a mid air assault on an american airlines flight attendant last week. he has been charged. now
9:34 pm
20 year-old, brian shoe of irvine. he made his first appearance in federal court today. he is facing charges of assault. also interference with a flight crew. he's accused of punching the flight attendant and breaking her nose after other passengers say she bumped into him. the incident forced the plane to make an unplanned stop in denver. the passenger. of course it's cordoned off the plane and arrested. >> a south bay pastor is behind bars tonight accused of molesting children 65 year-old carlos ramos custer, a hon of hall us are now facing more than a do generosity on ho-sway detectives believe there could be more victims who have not yet been identified. investigators say anyone with information is urged to call morean hill police. we also have details on how you can
9:35 pm
submit an anonymous tip on our website. that's kron 4 dot com. safely in san francisco's castro district is cutting its hours because of an ongoing shoplifting problem location at market street and church now closing every night at 9 o'clock. the stories also removed its self. checkout lanes. a safeway spokesperson tells kron 4 about the changes in a statement saying that recent changes at the market street store were made to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience for our customers. and associates given the increasing amount of theft at that store. meanwhile, san francisco supervisor rafael mandelman wants to get the police and district attorney chesa boudin involved tweeting out that he is convening a meeting with sfpd and the district attorney's office to see exactly what is currently being done to deter theft at safeway and to figure out a better plan to do this. the store is one of the few affordable grocery options for people living in and around the castro.
9:36 pm
>> jury selection began today in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. he is the 18 year-old who shot 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin last year. 2 of those men died today. the judge hearing that case laid out the ground rules for the trial reporter julian cruz has more. >> jury selection in a high-profile case can easily take days or longer. but kenosha county circuit court judge bruce schroeder talking to attorneys earlier in the day hopeful that they will be able to seat a jury before the day is over. >> is there anybody. >> who hasn't read or heard anything about this case kenosha county circuit court judge bruce schroeder addressing the enormous pretrial publicity surrounding the case, a case that has drawn national even international attention. judge schroder reminding potential jurors of their constitutional duty to be impartial whatever you've read or heard about the case before.
9:37 pm
>> you've been thinking about the case. you have to be in line with what these people who risk their lives for our freedom. >> asked of the violent actions of defendant kyle rittenhouse captured on video from multiple angles. those disturbing images aired countless times on local national and international. >> media outlets. an important part of this case. the enormous challenge for kenosha. prosecutors and defense lawyers alike. the seating, an impartial unbiased jury. this is what you're looking for, to work. you have to say. >> the pathetic. your position. >> renowned trial lawyer sam adam junior says it's more art than science. the pivotal process of selecting jurors who will keep an open mind on the evidence. >> there's people that are going to or not. >> kenosha county circuit court. prosecutors and defense
9:38 pm
lawyers holding 6 strikes each able to turn away any potential juror the central legal question. experts say in a state where citizens can lawfully use deadly force to prevent imminent death is did kyle rittenhouse behave. reasonably fearing death or great bodily harm complicating matters for the defense. the fact that rittenhouse a resident of antioch, illinois cross state lines with a military-style semiautomatic rifle. it's a misdemeanor in wisconsin for minors to be in possession of a firearm with a few exceptions for hunters. anyone under the age of 18 in wisconsin, not permitted to carry a weapon in public. >> it's not clear the judge schroder will achieve his goal of getting that jury sat down before the day is over. there were some technical problems caused about a one hour delay. and in a moment of levity, judge schroder playing jeopardy with the courtroom staff and just a moment of
9:39 pm
laughter. there is everybody return to the very serious business of jury selection. in kenosha. i'm julian crews. >> still ahead, it is that time of year again open enrollment for covered california has started up and we have everything you need to know. >> and in sports before snapping their four-game losing streak in the windy city yesterday forty-niners head coach brought in the boss the team up closer into this new must fills us in plus some good news for the warriors that's on the way. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners needed yesterday's win against the bears in the worst way last probably would have meant a last season. but now we're out can slowly build back up all around the team also got some good news today. george kittle, jeff wilson and rob the gold all slated to return to practice this week. >> jimmie ward will likely be out a few weeks, but you have to take the good with the bad now, i mentioned more out second ago. how shanahan had someone talk to the team on saturday night to help that morale heading in to the game. general manager john lynch and the same like it worked pretty well. >> thinking about all the stuff that we got through the weekend. i thought to be gracious to hear different
9:43 pm
perspective. john does a great job. we talked to the guys time you can have a guy that the general manager talked also the hall of famer who played the way did i i think it goes a long way and just getting him out there that addressed every player, every position and stuff away. got about real of the bunch of people. the good and the bad what talk to fire to stop it got a lot of perspectives i have to do it, hoping it would be was even better than expected. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today after a blowout win on saturday night like the niners. the warriors will get one of their players back on the practice court this week. the team announced that center james wiseman has been cleared to practice his timetable for game action is still to be determined wiseman underwent when this gets surgery in april that was him walking off the court when he tore in this case he took part in team drills, but he did not scrimmage today. he said the training staff is monitoring
9:44 pm
how his knee responds before giving him the full, though wiseman also said that his game 7 to 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason game is weighed up and that feels much more comfortable now compared to his rookie season when asked about the possibility of playing in santa cruz for the warriors g league affiliate he said he'd be all in. >> i going on there so i just sharp physically mentally game. eric. so just like happens within that time. and i mean i'm down for whatever just going take day by day, just stronger getting looking at the planes watching observer. today was my first day out there for practice so i enjoy my so. and i'm not just going get back to my >> all righty that you look at sports. we'll be right back sports. we'll be right back the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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>> for your health us health and human services secretary secretary xavier becerra. he made his first public appearance back in california today since being appointed to the job by president biden. but sarah helped covered california kickoff. it's open enrollment period today in sacramento, kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was there. >> health care in america should be a right. >> not a privilege. us health and human services via the set up echoing words from his boss, president joe biden to help launch covered
9:48 pm
california's open enrollment, period and remind californians it's time to sign up for health insurance. the program is the state's insurance marketplace for those without a group plan but said i noted with help from biden's american rescue plan premiums this year are lower covered. california was created by the 2010 affordable care act which they said i defended in court when he was california's attorney general and it's the program he now oversees 4 americans are getting. >> health insurance coverage as a result of the affordable care act. and here covered california today. we have over 12 million americans. who have insurance, medical insurance because of the work done under the affordable care act as covid-19 continues to be a concern for state and federal leaders. many private health insurers are no longer waving out of pocket costs for covid-19 treatment. but is it a says the biden administration will continue to support testing and we will not stop our efforts. >> to try to defeat covid and as we've seen co, it's it's a real rascal and this delta
9:49 pm
variant has made things very difficult. so we're going to on the watch. we're going to be working with our partners and we will do everything we can. >> in his new or position is the first latino us health and human services secretary. he said his department is boosting outreach in numerous languages and working on expanding access to health services to all regardless of immigration status as is hoping that at some point we can say. >> that health care is a right that everybody can exercise the president has also presented a plan for the reform of our broken immigration system to make sure that we're treating everyone the right way and ice. i hope that we can continue to say under president biden's watches that we will continue to see more affordable care for more people in this country. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast this monday evening. we saw some showers roll in some much needed rain. every drop we can get always helps, especially.
9:50 pm
>> after last week and we're getting a lot of drops let's and let's go over to meteorologist dave spahr with the at the latest on what to expect and the whole stephanie of the most. got going on here and that we had some of the treatment going on today. >> there is more happening. upstream now as we get into the rest the week into early next week. now the good thing about all of this was that beat. well, because we can been such a drought situation. we can handle this, but the winter storms are really like to see the ones that help that snow pack. that's really important because that has the kind of last all year. but and help out the rivers to is that we get the following going on. let's watch what goes on as we go forward. now, we do have another system later this week and it looks like the timing of this will be perfect to wednesday night into thursday morning in may even clear by most of the commute for your thursday morning and will strike after the wednesday night commute home with bit of a breather going into the weekend by sunday things develop yet again this go around. it looks like the system may be a little colder. more mountain snows. we want to watch out for maybe some instability. this gets a
9:51 pm
little juice here, though, by the middle of the week. as you can see, tuesday wednesday of next week as a bigger punch. by that point potentially that start to cause maybe some flooding going on 67 for the high tomorrow in san francisco for the 4 zone forecast to 60's at the coast. notice how mild these temperatures are tomorrow. even with all that cloud cover 65 going on foster city mountain view that 70 in the south bay were scratching some lower 70's there. east bay shoreline upper 60's near about 70 to about 71 for pleasanton tri valley. watch out tomorrow morning. again, that fog developing there 69 for walnut creek 67 for berkeley 67 vallejo 68 for napa and santa rose at 68 for the rest this week. we're really watching a system coming in here late wednesday to thursday, we take a breather. looks like for the weekend. and it's really early into next weekend anywhere from sunday onward to about wednesday of next week. we got a lot of action you'll be need to be busy. think you're ready. all right, dave, thanks. >> plus must be the kickoff of
9:52 pm
a decade. a decade of ambition. and this is a moral imperative. >> is gallen. today president biden telling the united nations climate summit. the u.s. will lead by example and to take drastic steps to battle combat or to combat climate change leaders from more than 200 other countries are in glasgow to make a new commitment to see carbon neutrality. this comes as president biden's climate initiatives are currently stuck in the middle of a larger battle on capitol hill today west virginia democratic senator joe manchin said he's not yet quite ready to support president biden's build back better plan. i will not support a bill that is this consequential. >> without thoroughly understand the impact i for one want are multi. trillion dollar bill without greater clarity about why congress chooses to ignore the serious effects of inflation. >> the white house releasing a statement today saying that they are confident that the plan will indeed get mansion support.
9:53 pm
>> has. so those world leaders are working on fine-tuning a global climate initiative. some people in the bay area argue the problem of climate change should have been addressed of least 30 years ago. one woman says the problem not only makes her anxious, she says she would reconsider having children if conditions get worse. >> i'm 27 a younger millennial. i think like a lot of people around my age and grown up with a lot of anxiety about climate change. you know, listening to science. see what's out there seeing how things really are changing. >> a german national who is working in the tech industry in san francisco says he also worries about the condition of the planet. we're leaving 2 children. >> at a critical time on our planet and that climate change is paramount. we have to. >> design more sustainable cities. you know, live within our means, you know, we need to act now. we need to act 30 years ago. hopefully the next generation will take a better
9:54 pm
job, a caring for the planet. then we did it. >> another resident said that he would like to see a plan to charge the wealthy higher prices to book flights arguing that would offset carbon footprints. >> coming up after the break. caught on camera. lightning strikes above an active volcano.
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
>> take a look at this. everyone a remarkable side over the monthlong volcanic eruption on%the spanish island of la palma cameras capturing a bolt of lightning flashing through that ash cloud followed by thunder. these volcanic thunderstorms have apparently become more frequent in recent days with increased explosive behavior being observed at the events of those volcanoes the phenomenon. if you're curious is said to be the result of particles injected by the volcano becoming electrically charged. it's a lot happening and no one seen right see that very often. all right. so that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour with pam moore and can wait. all right. katharine and johnathan coming up at 10 o'clock. here's what we're working on a south bay high school has shut down several campus restrooms because the students are in them by parents are outraged with the school's decision and
9:58 pm
how they say is doing more harm than good. and friends and family. remembering the teenager shot and killed at gilroy city council members home over the weekend. >> what we've learned about the victim and what may have led up to that tragedy. those stories and more coming up next on kron,
9:59 pm
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