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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 1, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive >> now at 5.30. we have been tracking the rain hitting the bay area. you're looking at the radar live, mostly. concentrated in the east bay right now. >> meteorologist dave spahr here tonight with look at just how much rain we're getting right now have gotten today. and if more still on the way for the evening hours. >> yeah. guy's going where
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buddy we're looking for another batch to kind of drop indoor areas. we get into the later evening hours. but as we start to venture into tonight. it looks like a quick check of your what your forecast will look we've got basically mostly cloudy and fog left after this last batch of rain that we expect to fall in upper 50's will be some patches of drizzle going on too, might see some variable clouds down to the south bay with all of this as well. but the radar into motion. it's if you can see just to the left there and a little patch of rain to make note of that. we're expecting as we get to around 7, 8 o'clock for tonight. yet another batch will call rain before things really start to taper off for your overnight hours. temperatures hold the lower 60's. no major temperature drop expected for tonight sometimes with the systems you get all of that. but there's with the concentration. is the heavy rain off to the east bay. little bit as the santa cruz mountains as well. and with that rain shadow in the south bay working there amounts relatively modest in the south bay for tonight. we expect rain and showers early drizzle fog late. we take a
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break for tuesday and wednesday late on wednesday, though rain fires back up again. it looks like into early thursday morning and the weekend that sets off another stream of more showers and rain systems to look at will have more details on that coming up in just a bit. catherine. jonathan, thank you. >> big story tonight, president biden arrived in scotland for a highly anticipated climate summit along with other world leaders. >> the trip comes as the president's climate initiatives are stuck in the middle of a larger battle here at home on capitol hill. kron 4 washington correspondent raquel martin live in washington, dc with the very latest to get unblocked rico. >> good evening. will the white house and says that the u.s. will meet global climate that's like slashing emissions in half by the end of the decade. but in order to accomplish that they'll need to get past the build back better plan. and today that plant hit yet another hurdle on capitol hill. >> plus cow must be the kickoff of a decade. a decade
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of ambition. >> monday. president joe biden told the united nations climate summit. the u.s. will lead by example and take drastic steps to combat climate change. we're standing at an inflection point in world history. and this is a moral imperative, but just hours later that commitment to daisy. i will not support a bill that is this consequential. without thoroughly understand the impact in the last minute press conference moderate west virginia senator joe mansion seemingly threw a wrench in those plans. he says he's not ready to support president biden's build back better plan i for one want are multi. trillion dollar bill without greater clarity about why congress chooses to ignore the serious effects of inflation mansion. also pressure and progressive democrats to allow a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill this week otisville hostage is not going to work afterward the white house released a statement saying we remain confident that the plan will gain
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senator manchin support. meanwhile, republicans remain opposed to the president's climate goals. and the larger package passing the green new deal dressed up as infrastructure legislation is not the answer to the problem that we're currently facing. and following senator manchin's comments, speaker of the house nancy pelosi said she wants to bring both portions. >> the president's build back better plan to a vote this week. the chair of the progressive caucus seems to be on the same page and says soli dealing with senator man chin up to the president for now in washington, raquel martin, back to thank you. now to a developing story where police in san jose tonight. >> searching for shooter connected to a deadly halloween shooting. it happened just after 3.30 yesterday afternoon and great oaks parkway in the evening ville neighborhood officers say when they got to the scene, they found one victim. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. the shooting. now the city's 29th homicide of 2021 so far investigators have not released a motive of what led
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up to the shooting. investigators are asking anyone with information to give them a call. police in pacifica are also searching for a suspect this time in a hit and run it happened last night along skyline boulevard near sharp park road right on the border of san bruno police say the cyclist was on the shoulder when they were hit by a passing car. that did not stop. the cyclist was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to be okay. so far investigators have not released a description of the car or the driver involved anyone with information also urged to give them a call. >> happening tomorrow cdc advisors will discuss recommendations on which children should get a dose of pfizer's vaccine. this is for children, ages 5 to 11 the fda already gave the vaccine the greenlight friday and one cdc advisers weigh in the agency director will make a final decision if approved up to
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28 million children wcll be eligible to get vaccinated. they would get a dose. that's about a 3rd of the amount given to teenagers and adults. several bay area counties say they are ready to start administering the shots just as soon as they are approved. teenagers who want an alternative to the pfizer vaccine will have to wait a little bit longer. the fda is delaying its decision to allow moderna to distribute its vaccine to patients between the ages of 1217. the agency is investigating the risk of a heart inflammation problem like to people who got the moderna vaccine. the side effect is rare. it is more commonly seen when it is seen in younger men and boys. that review could last until january. all right. for the first time in weeks. forty-niners fans waking up happy that the red and gold stepping their four-game losing streak yesterday in the windy city had to be some relief here. kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney is here and yeah, they had to be
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relieved and the doomsday predictions were flowing pretty sthong until they finally got this win. yeah. the only thing worse than losing 4 in a row. >> is losing 5 in a row. so the forty-niners are very happy to have avoided that fate. all 3 of their wins this year. interesting leigh enough have come on the road and this one was extra special for jimmy garoppolo. in the chicago suburbs and had more than a 100 family members and friends in the stand and he showed out for them. it was one of his best performances of the year. he went 17 for 28 the 322 yards. no interceptions and 2 rushing touchdowns. but it wasn't just the qb, the niners look better than they have in weeks. in all 3 phases of the game. and today head coach kyle shanahan said that's partly due to a secret weapon. a pre-game hype speech from general manager john lynch. >> time you can have a guy that the general manager
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talked also the hall of famer who played of the way he i think it goes a long way in. i thought just getting him out there that addressed every player, every position stuff away. got about real of the bunch of people, the good and the bad. well, talking to fire to it got a lot of perspective. i have to do it. hoping it would be was even better than expected. >> now some more good news that came out of shanahan's conference call today. the practice windows will be open for a handful of key players who have been on injured reserve tight end george kittle running back jeff wilson junior and kicker robbie gold. so it's really good timing for the forty-niners to get some guys back and maybe get their first home win this weekend against the cardinals that are open for any way. catherine. jonathan. yeah, hey, i don't even know if i have a 100 family members who show up. >> coming up, you might want to stock up on wine for the holidays. now by some california wineries are warning a price soon.
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report published in the journal environmental health perspectives says that so-called plasticizers can in danger. neurological development. those chemicals actually helping the flexibility of plastic products and are also found in electronic devices. experts also say that flame retardants in many household items. our hazardous been done within the average home researchers know urging government and manufacturers to phase out those chemicals. >> and there's a new study that has found those unwanted chemicals are also in fast food. researchers say they found those plasticizers and food from mcdonald's. burger king domino's pizza hut taco bell they say the chemicals were also found in the gloves used to handle the food. and in fact, they think that might be the source of the contamination. the chemicals are linked to several health problems in children and adults. none of this none of the 6 restaurant chains mentioned have commented at this point on this report. the
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fda says the companies are aware of those findings. >> after those last 2 stories, this story definitely needed just as long as this plus-size was not found in wine. what's your next bottle of wine could actually cost you more. but, you know, i want to say they're now facing a supply shortage.
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so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> problems with the global supply chain could impact your next bottle. one wineries here
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in northern california are trying to figure out how to distribute their wine without raising prices are in the shadows. x has details. >> we've got a fun one day to go back to the old days. we used brought your own big jug. it filled up. >> not such a bad idea since local wineries will soon be feeling the effects of the global supply chain breakdown. we all may be expected to be a little slower when expected to be out and, you know, as one of the bombers told me today we don't want to panic anybody but we can't find the glass. >> if you're a smaller winery, it really hurts because the bigger come out. they can buy everything up. they can hold it for the small ones are going classroom. i my chart name. i cabernet. where am i going to find. >> typically wineries get their glass from the u.s. mexico and china while the supply shortage can lead to delivery delays. adam housley of housley winery. those says
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for now they're in good shape. since they've already bottled their wine for the season. >> good news is for us. we bottle before the supply chain breakdown. and like june. but we're going to bottle again this winter at some point. >> with bottles of wine ready to sell their okay. but will the glass shortage mean customers will have to pay more glass prices have tripled in what they normally are. so even the bigger wineries that usually absorb those costs will have to raise the price of the bottle. if the shortage continues with the holidays upon us. adam says it's a good idea to stock up now with your favorites before the prices change we're pivoting when it's whether it's covid, whether it's the supply shortage we're all having to. it's kind of wade through this. and it's not just glass what's next. the i'm being told are. >> the capsules to go on top bottle. >> but through adversity. adam says continue to shop local wineries who are grateful for
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community support. they employ people in your area. we support people in in this area. it's a great any kind of support we can get is going help us in the long run. >> talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight a live look at stormtracker 4 radar as we're still watching the rain move off and to the east bay this monday evening and meteorologist dave spahr is back and dave, more coming more on the way. of course, the greatest need this. but if you're in picking duty right now. to kind of soggy soil to go through over about the next week. why we've got traffic coming our way get into that right now. let's talk about the short term of what we've got going on with us little rain patch marching on through the next couple of hours of advances all the way to tomorrow afternoon when we finally get some earnest clearing here. >> but then here comes a new system stopping as we get to late on wednesday. post the commute and it's a fast mover right on through. it goes and we'll take another pause again for the weekend longer-range this is what we're talking about. this is the dose on
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thursday. okay. that's all well and good friday saturday this breaks apart. don't worry about it. there's more to be had monday morning here comes a dose. another one for tuesday into wednesday and they're actually more success of systems to look to upstream. checking your 4 zone forecast out tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover. we have 67 around san francisco will do the lower to middle 60's along the coast. 67 for burlingame down to the south 65 for foster city 70 for palo alto in the south bay who could scratching some lower 70's here. 72 for a san jose upper 60's east bay shoreline tri valley 70 ish 69 for walnut creek 67 for berkeley 67 vallejo 67 for napa and santa rosa at 67. so having said all that with the traffic that we expect to get another dose getting here by thursday. we'll take a breather on saturday. more develop sunday and into monday. catherine. thank you very much. >> the number of people headed to california might be on the decline. but peopl are still
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moving here according to a think tank called the tax foundation more people from new york moved here then from and the other state. they were looking at 2019 that added up to more than 37,000 people. surprisingly maybe texas sent the second most followed by washington state, arizona and nevada. >> passport processing wait times getting shorter. the state department says the processing time for a passport application. now ranges anywhere from 8 to 11 weeks and a few weeks less for an expedited request that's compared to july when it was around 12 to 18 weeks for a weight, a giant backlog of applications were slowing things down. but no officials at the state department are starting to catch up. however, the wait time was also reduced because the state department now counts the processing time from when it receives an application to win. the passport is sent out. not the time. it all takes to get through the mail. next. at 5
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>> the u.s. box office just scored its biggest month since the start of the pandemic and here to break down why is entertainment tonight's kevin frazier all the way from beautiful hawaii. kevin. >> hey, catherine. jonathan, you know what i do. i just go wherever the offices. but any day that you work from the sheraton waikiki oahu is a really good day. it's almost as good as the october box office numbers. 630 million dollars. the studios are literally making a killing. >> halloween kills just boosted theaters to a new record. but the months biggest film might be a surprise. venom. let there be carnage. one october with over 190 million dollars coming in second place. a familiar name. james, well, no time to die brought in 133.3 million. this is of course, daniel craig's final time playing double. '07, this and i'm i'm very proud of what we've done. i'm
5:55 pm
i'm so lucky to be have this. this opportunity for the pa 16 use him. >> you know what happens in the future. it just feels like i'm going to take me 15 years to a pickle list to figure out what what just >> and coming to theaters this month goes bust like disney's animated condo and the next chapter in the marvel universe turtles opening this weekend. angelina jolie in the diverse cast is sure to draw a large audience and she told us eases her to see a movie that so representative, i look around at this family and in the film. and of course, i i think. >> i was he could be mccarty for halloween. >> mad could be gilgamesh. they could be. you know, this is and that's not for many families represented, have i been able to to feel that you know, we're a mixed family. so it's wonderful. >> and eat. he will be delivering the news to you from hawaii all week long right here. so aloha, make sure you tune in tonight for the liaison. kim kardashian and pete davidson. are they
5:56 pm
really a couple. we'll tell you what we know for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. >> kevin looks pretty pep setting. i do not blame that wraps up kron 4 news of don't go anywhere, though. there's still much more to come on kron 4 news at 6. pam moore and ken wayne day. here now to tell us what's on the way getting. all right. jonathan, catherine thank see both candidates back and we're going to do the 6 tonight getting a shot in the arm is. >> commonplace these days to protect against covid. but we are looking into research being done at stafford that could spare us off from having to get the jab and we have the latest details on that halloween party shooting from over the weekend at the home of the gilroy city council member. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now at 6. this is exactly what we needed. as you can see, it was a wet start to the workweek across the bay area. no atmosphere river or severe damage just hours of steady consistent rainfall from the north bay to the east bay too, right here in the city. good evening. welcome to the kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm pale more. so let's get straight to our 4 zone forecast with a live look
6:00 pm
outside checking out conditions. >> we have our live camera. we're going to show you. all right. here we come. and there it is what you can see very much because of the rain and the fog and the mist from the rain. >> but nonetheless, we know this is what we need mount tam cam stuck in the clouds up there. kron 4 meteorologist dave sphar joins us now with a look ahead ken and pam. it was exactly what we needed because not that heavy kind of rain not come with a lot of winds. we have a little bit of a breeze but not real heavy kind of winds to and that's what we're going to see more of religious. more to come upstream, golden gate bridge. some of the fog we mentioned is settling in and this is going to be something you're going to see all over the bay. even inland. >> because all this moisture at the surface that's going to develop. we like to say is radiation fog. here's the wide perspective of things. you can see that turning of that kind of moderate to light rain showers at times drizzle and amounts anywhere from a quarter to about a half of an inch of rain, a little better in some of those higher elevations. there was one little batch up here is left to had to be had here before


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