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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 1, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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fletcher, you're coming off that sugar high. >> well, kids probably would be up this early anyway. but now lot of kids had a lot of fun for the first time in a while with the halloween. folk kind of morning you're years was ringing during a plus hoppen was it was. yeah, it's pretty cool. i live on the hill and knickers bars. not worth it. trick or treat for me. john, we got lindore truffles house because we just felt really not left on. i it's his set of but we are looking outside conditions today that are going to be rainy mother nature held off for us yesterday for the trick or treating, which is very nice of her to do today. also something very nice. does that we're seeing rainfall returning and it is going to hit us around late. more of mid morning into early afternoon. so do expect to hear in a couple of hours. your view outside right now is still dry bay bridge looks
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good to go in fact, early risers are really getting a treat this morning in that we are the ones that are getting to drive to work on some dry roadways. it's or later commuters that are going to be in the midst of it zooming out across the region. you can definitely see that wide swath of green that is sitting just off shore. it is going to break apart a bit as it reaches us. but for the north bay do expect some pretty solid rain fall in the midst of your commute between petaluma and rohnert park right now. we do have some light sprinkle activity as well as up in the mendocino county from cloverdale up to you, kyra. we are seeing some light showers lake county in the midst of a couple of showers pushing right north of clear lake as you can see, the rest of us still dry at this time. we'll be keeping you updated on the showers to encroach a little bit closer if you are leaving the house within the next hour. you're good to go 50's and 60's for our current temperatures light jackets this morning making a rain jacket if you're going to be out and about for a bit. i do have more in this forecast. still ahead over to irena. john, thank you for that. all right. we are tracking your traffic on this monday morning to a whole new month.
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>> everybody hopefully you had a really good night. got some rest you get up and have a great commute. a little under 8 minutes heading from the east bay into the city. we had an earlier accident on the bay bridge. westbound right near that treasure island exit again and several lanes blocked off. but it looks like traffic is still pretty light. that's not causing any delays a little under 8 minutes to make it to that freeman street exit heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive a little under 14 minutes haven't seen any accidents there. there was one earlier, though, on the eastbound side that has since been cleared. the golden gate bridge. no accidents, no issues from the north bay 19 minutes into the city and along one o one 26 minutes towards middle part to 37 85 in 82. no major delays starting james, back to you. thanks a lot or a 5. '02. and new this morning. we have hit a grim milestone in the pandemic. yeah. >> worldwide. death toll has now topped 5 million. that's about equal to the populations of la and san francisco combined. don't even yeah. i people are talking about here in the u.s.. in fact, we've recorded more than 740,000
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deaths and starting today we've got employees certain businesses in contra, costa county now required to show proof of vaccination and this impacts high-risk businesses, restaurants and gyms. covers. will tran is live there with the details. good morning. well. >> those areas in particular of people take off their masks they're very confined. you can see there's an orange theory fitness right behind me. there are some customers already inside working out. they want to make sure they've done a good job bringing down the spike now they were really want to drive a stake into covid-19 in contra, costa county, which is why starting today. people who work in those confined businesses. the offices they have to require. they have to prove that they're fully vaccinated or undergo weekly covid-19 test to make sure that they are safe. this follows what they did just a couple of weeks ago, couple of months ago when they require the patriots to show that there are fully
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vaccinated or show a negative test before they go indoors as well. so now this is just another layer and they're a fight against covid-19 things are looking pretty good. in contra costa county. they say the numbers are steadily going down. but in they go back up again. they want to make sure that that just keep going. keep going with this momentum in fact, the ultimate goal of all of this is to get people vaccinated. in fact, we had a chance to track down a doctor. >> here's what he had to say about requiring people to prove that they're fully vaccinated. >> the best protection in those settings is to everyone in the setting you're vaccinated or at least having a negative test. and we think that will make the city safer. >> contra costa county. they are doing so well that at last check that about 73% of the population here is fully vaccinated for them to start easing restrictions even more. they have to hit that milestone of about 80% fully
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vaccinated and obviously a 100% is the goal for for a lot of people who believe in vaccinations. you can see people inside right now and i will try to get reaction from them. but this is good news as far as people who go into those confined areas when you workout, you breathe heavily. they want to make sure that you are safe and the people i know i did this story in san francisco. i mean, people at the front they deal with these people all the time and they want to make sure that you have a good workout and that both parties are say from each other. >> back to and you know, well, i know you're a big guy work out guy. and i was in your yesterday and i admit like i had the mask off at times when i was really working out and then i put it back on, especially when every was i like you think that matters. if i was that stupid to put it on and then not put it on. i think once you take it off and you're there for a little while and your miles and just get your whole body way. why dip your toe into just my
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opinion. but. >> this will make sure that the patrons are safe and that the employees are safe and that they're going to ease restrictions. i know we have a story about that. as far as indoor dining places, you still have to wear your mask were just talking about the can fine places at this particular time where you can daria work out with your yoga and take off your mask. try. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> yeah. we'll get to those easing restrictions and cocoa county here in just a moment. but first, don't forget that your morning commute is going to be impacted today. if you take muni in san francisco. the sfmta is suspending some routes because of driver shortages. today is the deadline for all city workers to be vaccinated. and at last check, nearly 300. many operators haven't yet shown proof of vaccination. so these are the routes that are going to be suspended today. we're talking about the one california short route, the 14, our mission rapid short route. the 30 stockton short route and the 49th and that's short route. a short service
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refers to buses that run on a segment of a longer muni routes along routes on those lines, though, will not be impacted. all right. so let's get back to kind because there are 3 bay area counties that are easing. some indoor mask requirements for people who are fully vaccinated and they include, as i said, contra costa county, but also alameda emory counties as well. so people going to controlled spaces like offices and gyms and places of worship can now take off their masks if they're fully vaccinated. however, there can be no more than a 100 people present inside at any given time. so there's more than 300 or more than a 100, then you still have to wear masks, but a gym is excited that we spoke with his excited that the ease rules will now allow members to work out again without those masks. >> we're just very excited for our members were really excited for our staff were excited to get people back to the gym that have been waiting for a long time to get the mask off. a lot of people have kind of avoided coming back to the gym and we're really excited to see the rest of our our regular members and people
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return to us. >> masks will still be required in public settings like bars and restaurants and retail and grocery stores too. and also in schools. >> speaking schools, james tomorrow, cdc advisers are going to talk about recommendations on children. the youngest ones getting the pfizer vaccine. these are 5 to 11 year-olds who've been waiting. the fda already gave the vaccine the green light on friday. once the cdc weighs in, then the director will make the final decision and if approved up to 28 million kids. young ones will be eligible to get their covid shots. the dose that they get is a 3rd. the amount of the one that we get. so it's a smaller dose and a smaller needle. the kids will be happy >> all right. well, also happening right now, american airlines if you heard canceled a bunch over the weekend. now more flights expected to cancel today, too. we had upwards of 1500 flights nationwide canceled over the weekend and big today. nearly 2000 flight attendants are
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expected back on the job. so that that how we'll see how this dance goes. kron. 4. sarah stinson is live at sfo this morning. hi, sara. >> yeah, good morning. it was quite a mess over the weekend. halloween weekend with the thousands of flights canceled and american airlines says they expect to see improvements this morning, but they're still going to be some residual effects from what happened yesterday. take a look at your screen. we checked flightaware. that is the flight tracking website in so far there's only about 5 flights canceled at sfo 0 flights at oakland airport and one flight at the san jose airport across the country right now. nearly 300 flights have been canceled by american airlines over 1800 flights in total by all airlines nationwide. >> during that halloween weekend. many people were stranded at airports after american airlines canceled over 1600 flights. their line pointing to weather conditions
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in texas and a shortage of flight attendants southwest also have cancellations yesterday that airline we saw 3 weeks ago cancel thousands of flights also citing weather and shortage of staff with thanksgiving around the corner. this trend is asked is having a lot of people, us question. well, the holiday travel. will this continu ? will a spokesperson for american airlines. so starting today the airline has 1800 flight attendants back to work after being placed on leave during the pandemic there is less travel demand that put a lot of them own leave their line also hired 600 new flight attendant starting in december will be back. they'll be on the workforce starting in december and they're also higher with harry new staff and pilots. so hopefully we will see conditions improve at airports across our country and right here at sfo because we know that whole a holiday travel is going to pick up more than we saw last year when people were really, you know, hunkering down staying home advise not to travel. >> and now you know, more people are starting to travel.
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so hopefully things improved for now reporting live at sfo. sarah stinson, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. i say to get to the same things. era fingers crossed for november, right. giving yeah, we can't have this happen them 5.10, right now and police in san jose are investigating a deadly shooting that happened on great oaks parkway in the heat in the vale neighborhood. we don't have any more information about this other than it is the city's 29th homicide of the year. and a 19 year-old is facing a murder charge now for a deadly shooting that happened and gilroy police arrested 19 year-old benjamin david calder on saturday afternoon. the shooting happened saturday morning at a halloween party at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca armand are as and that's the picture that you see here that's rebecca arm and doris police were called after a fight broke out at that party and at
5:12 am
least one gunshot was fired. and then when police got there, they found 4 people who had gunshot wounds and one person died of their injuries. all of the victims are said to be between 1719 years old. 5.11 is the timing coming up today. the supreme court is going to cases challenging the new texas abortion law will have the very latest from washington. >> in a live report. john. and still dry for the moment. but up across the north bay. a few showers are about to start pressing inland up into sonoma in northern warren counties. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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is the time and issues with the global supply chain could impact your next bottle of we now it's everything now. wineries in california are trying to figure out. >> how they're going to distribute their wine without raising the prices throw in a shed excess, more.
5:16 am
>> we've got a fun one day to go back to the old days. we used brought your own big jug and we just fill it up. >> not such a bad idea since local wineries will soon be feeling the effects of the global supply chain breaks down. we all may be expected to be a little slower when expected to be out. and, you know, as one of the bombers told me today. >> we don't want to panic anybody but we can't find glass. >> if you're a smaller winery, it really hurts because the bigger ones come out. they can buy everything up. they can hold it for the small ones are going classroom. i my chart name. i cabernet. where am i gonna >> typically wineries get their glass from the u.s. mexico and china while the supply shortage can lead to delivery delays. adam housley of housley winery. those says for now they're in good shape. since they've already bottled their wine for the season. >> good news is for us. we bottle before the supply chain breakdown. and like june. but
5:17 am
we're going to bottle again this winter at some point. >> with bottles of wine ready to sell but will the glass shortage mean customers will have to pay more glass prices have tripled in what they normally are. so even the bigger wineries that usually absorb those costs will have to raise the price of the bottle. if the shortage with the holidays upon us. adam says it's a good idea to stock up now with your favorites before the prices change we're pivoting when it's whether it's covid, whether it's the supply shortage we're all having to. it's kind of wade through this. and it's not just glass what's next. the i'm being told are. >> the capsules to go on top the courts to go in the bottle. >> but through adversity. adam says continue to shop local wineries who are grateful for community support. they employ people in your area. >> we support people in in this area. it's a great any kind of support we can get is going help us in the long run.
5:18 am
>> all right. well, i switched a beer a long time there's no beer yeah. i i enjoy a good bottle. one. yeah. let's hope prices don't skyrocket. we've got john standing by in the weather center as we're switching gears here. taking a look at the forecast on this first day of november. don't forget going to be. i admit it. i forgot november 1st have first start of the month off with some light showers today, too. so keeping a good thing going as we work our way into the brand new month. hopefully we will be looking at more shower activity ahead towards the latter weeks of the month, too. now, what we are seeing this morning is still some dry conditions at this time for early risers you're in for a treat. you got the dry roadways or later risers this morning are going to be running into a line of showers that is still sitting to our north and west. but is currently dropping into the region. north bay like up in mendocino and lake counties already seeing it. a couple of sprinkles now approaching the sonoma and marin coastlines
5:19 am
and i'll be tracking him as they move closer and closer into the bay area. but early risers really catching a break from this now we're fairly mild outside right now. we've got a generally southern wind working its way into the bay. this is actually a pretty warm system. so not going to be a big snowmaker up in the sierra nevada either rainfall becomes especially widespread late morning into early afternoon. that's what we've got. the greatest potential of widespread showers and heaviest of rain in the north bay, especially showers begin to taper off late afternoon and into the evening tonight will become more and more sparse leading us into tomorrow with dry skies for your tuesday increase clearing especially come the afternoon wednesday starts dry but wednesday night into thursday, we see another approach of rainfall. so very active forecast ahead. nice and light rain across the bay today. san jose in mountain view in hayward may see a 10th of an inch of it. san francisco through half moon bay closer to a quarter of an inch and closer to half an inch for parts of the north bay. then we work our way later this week and through the course of the week ahead of us could see well over an inch in santa rosa nevado center fell in
5:20 am
napa closer to a half an inch to 3 quarters of an inch by the time that we work our way through this week. so it's definitely good to see some lighter but steady rainfall ahead of us keeping things moist out there as we do move our way into the sweater time of year exactly what we need to see 60's for your highs across the board today. really pleasant cool one today expect mostly cloudy skies. and of course those wet conditions. so don't leave the house without the rain jacket today you're gonna be needing a specially towards the middle of this day, the late how you'll be at 64 today with a few 50's right along the coastline, tomorrow's daytime highs not much different than today's wednesday will be the warmest day of your forecast ahead of showers arriving towards wednesday night into thursday morning in the weekend does look to be dry with a lot of sunshine on friday and highs in the mid 60's rain that we've got some issues out there, all our roadways that start with this one. and freemont southbound 6.80, north of vargas wrote. we've got an accident there. but thankfully, we're not seeing much of a delay along
5:21 am
6.80, a little under 9 minutes to make your way into the city to that fremont street exit from the maze. >> checking out the richmond sandra fell commute as you head into richmond a little under 9 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge a little under 13 as you're heading across towards the peninsula now here. tracy, we have a traffic collision. looks like an overturned tractor trailer and an accident. 5.80. westbound east of mountain house parkway and tracy, at least one lane. there is blocked james, back to you. thank you. it's 5.21 and happening today. the u.s. supreme court's going to hear cases challenging the texas abortion law. yeah. the texas law, as you may have heard is one of the most restrictive bans on abortion anywhere in the country. banning the procedure. >> after a heartbeat is detected, which in many cases sometimes before a woman, even though she's pregnant. our dc correspondent alexandra limon is there and she's on capitol hill telling us more about what this is going to happen today. good morning. >h darya james, good morning.
5:22 am
well, in addition to being one of the most restrictive bans in the cou-try. the texas law is also one of the most legally complicated and so today the supreme court justices will hear arguments not about whether the texas law is unconstitutional, but rather about whether texas can even be sued over this law. >> the abortion ban in texas has virtually ended abortions in that state. after 6 weeks, one heartbeat can be detected health care providers say the law is dangerous because it will lead to unsafe illegal abortions that kind of unsafe risky that kill my patients. >> nearly 50 years ago and will likely kill many more in the future. supporters of the ban say it's saving lives. we estimate that the texas heartbeat act saves between 50 to 100 lives every single day on monday. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in 2 cases that focus on whether texas can even be sued.
5:23 am
>> over at abortion ban. one of the most restrictive in the country. the texas case will not focus on the difficult issue when ban abortion, the texas case of focus and a very narrow question. procedural question. texas lawmakers argue the state can't be sued because it isn't state officials enforcing the law. instead, the abortion law is enforced by private citizens who can sue anyone. they think assisted a woman in an abortion. >> now those who are suing texas argue that the state can be sued because it was state lawmakers that passed the law in the first place. now, i do want to mention that next month on december 1st the supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments in a different abortion case out of mississippi and those arguments will focus more on the central question about whether states can pass bands that are in violation of roe versus wade. >> we'll see what happens with that. thank you very much,
5:24 am
alex. >> 5.23 is the time right now. our big story rain's not a big storm. i mean, not you know, and a year ago river arena but it's coming you can see it there on the left side working its way to the north bay first and the rest of the bay area throughout the morning commute will be back with more on that in a minute.
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like you want to buy the train sets and everything's running like, you know, and you the people mover going by the plains. well, let's hope they keep it moving. here's a the big stories today is about the, you know, delays and cancellations with americans and we're happy this is happening before the holidays, which is when phone. every be. pat. let's hope they get everything sorted out. if you wait too long. >> to buy tickets because that's the other thing you're trying to juggle. it could cost whole lot more. we've got alex denis with more on that part of all this. >> pressure is on for families to buy or not to buy its the budget is a gas cheaper or or is the plane ticket for 4. >> going get some miles going to do points all reasonable questions without a lot of time to ponder as ticket prices for thanksgiving are expected to jump 40% at the start of november. according to hopper a company that analyzes travel prices domestic airfare for christmas lights. already trending higher than 2019. so we asked fires that dna. how much is one holiday ticket expected to go
5:28 am
>> has a hopper says it's more like at least $300 for domestic travel for thanksgiving and on average $430 a ticket for i have phone in 40 thought alone gives miss lily driver sticker shock leading us to remind you get them early are else. they're them early are else. they're also out. am ♪ i'm chi lan, i am a mom, and a real estate agent. after having a kid, everything that you used to do for yourself goes out the window. the lines that i was seeing in my forehead were getting deeper than i was used to them being. and i realized, you know, what i can focus again on myself. so, what do you see when you look at yourself? i see someone who is growing and changing, who loves and is loved. botox® cosmetic is fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better.
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now. and here's a dark shot of san francisco. but i i have something fun to >> you know how i've i always mix up because like an old. he always makes the wrong things. yes, i was texting my neighbor and i texted her. hey. want to go for a walk. and then she said yeah, i'm not sure. back to you. >> what is the walkie talkie. did you just say backed over over roger an out over. and back to you. on wrong. i loved. i was saying make you feel young. do you know what a walkie talkie is. even, of course you do john hope talk eat right. you had to over back to okay. that over to you. oh, john ivey is looking to years. but as a kid, those are the pass it is really nice out there today to start. we are going to be looking at some rainfall around the
5:32 am
corner, though, today. so if you're leaving the house right now thinking good to go. it's dry out there. >> don't expect it to remain that way for long are early. risers are getting a treat in that. you've got the dry roads. our later commuters are going to be in the midst of some slick conditions as some light showers are right back with us. your view outside right now with the bay bridge is still looking dry little breezy but not excessively windy and we do have those light showers now working their way back into coastal portions of sonoma and marin counties right on to rio in guerneville starting to see some light sprinkles. but they debate up highway one all the way to point arena as well as across mendocino and lake counties. so we're seeing some of this light rainfall zooming out across the region. there is your wide swath of rain. that is yet to work its way into the picture. but is about to making for a wet mid morning into early afternoon across the bay area. so just don't forget the rain jackets and bring the umbrellas to upper 50's to low 60's for your current temperatures daytime highs today will be sticking with the 60's. so
5:33 am
pretty cool. feel overall, even into the afternoon. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. a couple of early morning problem spots that were seen like this out in fremont. >> southbound, 6, 8, north of vargas wrote. we're not seeing much of a delay along 6.80, thankfully a little under 9 minutes. make your way into the city. we had an earlier accident on the bay. ridge actually passed that as i was traveling to the city, but it looks like lanes are clear this hour. traffic's moving along a little under 13 as you're heading across towards the peninsula there and out and tracy get an accident. 5.80, westbound east of mountain house parkway. so we know at least one lane, there is blocked. no major issues. i'm tracking and the south bay during james, back to you. thank you raise 5.33 and starting today employees at certain businesses in contra, costa county have to show proof they are vaccinate. that's right. now this impacts high-risk businesses were talking about places like restaurants and gyms. and that's where kron four's will tran. >> is following for us live from cocoa county this morning. hey, well. i mean
5:34 am
downtown walnut creek and there's a gym right behind me and people already inside as face it when you workout. you're very close. >> to the next person. you're breathing heavily. so the chances of spreading covid-19. see last year. it was so bad. remember that? no way you're walking into a gym. now you can. but they want to make sure that the spike does not come back, which is why these are the requirements for the smaller confined spaces. in fact, here's some video i shot about 15 minutes ago. you can see a front office worker right there it is her job. obviously the check that if people are fully vaccinated or test negative for covid-19 for them to even walk in what's going to happen as far as her job requirement, she will have to prove that she is fully vaccinated and the fact that she is inside, it looks like she is already fully vaccinated or have a negative covid-19 test which they have to do every week. if there's some reason why they can't get their shot. then that's the
5:35 am
requirement for them maintain their job and go to work. now contra costa county. they saw a spike over the summer. they said that things are going well. now the spike is starting to go down. but it looks like they really want to drive that stake into the heart of covid-19 to keep the momentum going, which is why they actually announced this. james about a month ago that starting on november. first 2 day that the employees will have to prove in those smaller confined areas, not just the gyms but the small businesses, the small offices that if you're an employee, you have to be fully vaccinated because obviously you're the front line. they want you to be fully vaccinated or undergo weekly covid-19 tests to make sure that you are safe. the customers are safe and right now it looks like things are pretty good in this county. james about 73% of the population in this county is vaccinated fully vaccinated. the goal obviously is to get a 100% if they can possibly do it. but the jumping off point to ease restrictions and moving forward. that's around
5:36 am
80%. so they want to get there. and the only way to get there is to make sure the customers and the employees are safe. and we know that, james, because we have requirements at work as well. even though things look good at kron. we have to mask up as well. and we also have to show that we were vaccinated back to you. >> and that got locked out of the building today. i passed. so i thought it was the police ever thought it was all over. thank you very much. well, in walnut creek. we also have something else that starting tomorrow in walnut creek as well. the city council is going to consider banning the sale. >> flavored tobacco and electronic smoking devices. now, if it's passed, businesses would have 5 months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county restricted the sale of flavored tobacco in unincorporated parts of the county. also in the news in the east bay. we have 7 people hospitalized after a major 2 car crash in concord. we have video showing damage from that accident. and here you can see it happened early sunday
5:37 am
morning at the intersection of willow pass road and port chicago highway 3 victims were taken to the hospital via helicopter. the other 4 were taken by ambulance. unclear now exactly how serious those injuries were. but police are trying to piece together exactly what happened. we'll let you know when we find out more. deadly car crashes, by the way, across the u.s. rose significantly this year. the u.s. department of transportation says more than 20,000 people have died now in accidents within the first 6 months of 2021 the department says that deadly car accidents are also up about 18% in that same period in this is the largest 6 month increase in traffic deaths since the fatality analysis reporting system started tracking those numbers. >> 5.37. and today the city of oakland is going to open a new tiny home community called lakeview village. it's meant to house up to 65 homeless people and this is video of other tiny homes that have been built in oakland. officials say the village is the first of its kind for the city. the grand opening is happened at 10 o'clock this morning.
5:38 am
>> well, the forty-niners finally snapping their four-game losing streak back to their winning ways. once again. yeah. and on the road against the chicago bears just to moss has more. >> shanahan's every move being questioned. jimmy garoppolo his reputation within this fan base. it's never been at a lower point. their backs were against the wall. how would they respond? let's head out to soldier field and find out this jump straight to the 3rd quarter. this plane turned around the momentum in this game. >> deebo samuel 84 yards later gets pushed out of bounds at the one yard line and that sets up this folks. a broken play deebo supposed to get that off. going on. said heck with it. >> he gets in 1615 because they missed the p a t. let's go to the 4th quarter now. check out this effort come alive to mitchell and his offensive line. and we can't forget jimmy goal come running in here at the end, a for
5:39 am
effort. i think the deed was already done and niners take the lead on that play. now, this was probably to play the game might be one of the plays of the season. they have justin fields dead to right. this was 4th and one switches fields. no pun intended and get into the end zone. now the forty-niners trying to make it 3 straight scores in 3 straight possessions. run-pass option from jimmy garoppolo off. take it. he had a phenomenal day 17 for 28 322 yards and those 2 rushing touchdowns forty-niners win 33 to 22. they snap a four-game losing streak. from head coach qb after the game. >> i think our team just knew that when i mean losing farmer like that. you got it come do something about it. i think our guys that, you know, we came ready today. there's a good mindset and sideline guys are talking you you feel each other and when playing like that is when we get dangers, we knew we had to hunker down. we knew we had to battle this week. we knew that would be a
5:40 am
fight against a really good team that we just beat. and you can just see the how important was to all 11 guys out there because we need it all up and get him in the end zone. >> that was jason dumas reporting. 49 ers are going to be coming back home this sunday to take on the arizona cardinals, a rematch kickoff for that is a one 25 in the sec. how interested i am in the game. it so much fun to watch them win by let's move on to whether i was a little excited about the fact that was sprinkling. yeah, because i was surprised because. >> while i listen to john during the week on the weekend. he's not in my completely. right. and then i was like, oh, very light. very light sprinkles. yes, that's saturday into early early sunday morning bringing the light sprinkles to us this morning. we're about to see the rainfall kicking back into gear, mother nature worked in our favor yesterday holding off until today. >> you are seeing some light showers back along the sonoma coast line and up in the bed to see no county that's about
5:41 am
5:42 am
the classic hollywood story.
5:43 am
we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. new this morning, president biden is in glasgow, scotland for the climate change summit. here's video of him. >> arriving about a 100 tons 100. 30 countries are going to be taking part in that summit to talk about where their countries are in the battle against climate change and global warming. governor newsome was originally scheduled to be there as but he canceled recently his office hasn't given any specific reason as to why other than to say that it was
5:44 am
a family matter that's forced them to stay home. he will, though joined that so he'll be participating in that way. >> a vote on president biden's social spending and infrastructure bills could happen tomorrow. final deals are being worked out right now on that. nearly 2 trillion dollar bill which aims to provide some of the biggest funding for social and environmental issues, including health care and the climate crisis senator bernie sanders says that even though the spending bill has been scaled back. he still thinks more progressive policies like lower prescription drug prices. we'll make it into the bill. >> we are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. the pharmaceutical industry has spent hundreds 100's of millions of dollars to make certain that americans pay 10 times more office on drugs and the canadians the mexicans. the that fight continues. democrats are still hoping to include some provisions for paid family leave and medicare coverage. >> of dental and health. all
5:45 am
ahead of this vote. sanders says negotiations are going to continue today. >> it's 5.44 and we'll be right back. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime.
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yeah. memories don't like. remember the first time you would put your toes out the door. literally kids. >> was to get it was called a newspaper. and so the newspaper to be out and you have to if you're like if it's cold. yeah. your your feet would get cook. you don't want to put anything on so if you get cold tonight was your first weather of the day. you know, to go get. it's this thing was like rolled up all explain national mall. but it was rolled up and was left like newspaper. you had to run out and get. but today the pavement might be a little damp for you as you step outside that we have some showers start to fall. john, yet showers coming in a little bit later on this morning and that is going make for a wet commute to work for some of our leader risers early risers. well, you kind of missed out on all of it. >> because we're looking conditions out there still dry for most of us at this point so early birds truly are getting at least the worm today with the good weather conditions. nice dry conditions as you venture out berkeley hills camera looking nice. just a little bit of cloud cover overhead. nothing more than a few sprinkles across the north bay at this
5:49 am
point. you are seeing it towards the coastline in marine and sonoma counties. couple sprinkles along one o one. but overall we remain dry as of this point showers a little bit more widespread up into mendocino and lake counties and about to be pushing in for the rest of the north bay over the next hour here and i'll be keeping track of him. as we do see rainfall starting to push in through the course of the morning. it's actually pretty mild morning. a southerly wind into the bay has kept us in the 50's to 60's and showers are holding off at least for now. 08:15am still pretty dry across the region after that is when we start to see this widespread rainfall rainfall is going to be most significant north of the golden gate in san pablo bay. so again, this is a big north bay rum rainmaker around a half an inch up there. nothing that will cause you any issues, but certainly enough to get roadways slick and to be ready for with the rain jackets in the umbrellas as you're venturing out showers become more sparse towards the close of the day today towards tomorrow morning. a couple of pre dawn sprinkles. but after that, the rest your tuesday actually looks really nice and dry. our next round of showers
5:50 am
after today's will be wednesday night into thursday morning. rainfall amounts today as i mentioned a second ago around a half an inch in the north. a quarter of an inch to a 10th of an inch elsewhere. nothing really to write home about the great to see conditions staying active enough by the time we reached the weekend. we'll another system wednesday night into thursday morning and all in all this week's rainfall will add up to around an inch and a half in santa rosa from 3500's of an inch in san francisco, san jose closer to 1507 inch. so not a lot of rain to be talking. but glad to be talking some at least 50's 60's for your highs in san francisco today and 60's right along the coastline from daly city down to half moon bay as well as 60's. pretty solidly elsewhere across the bay. san carlos and foster city 2 of her most mild spots at 68 degrees. that's about as warm as we're getting today. most of us will actually be in the mid 60's like in oakland at 65 degrees below 64 and santa rosa, you'll be right at 60 today. looking ahead at tomorrow. a little bit warmer
5:51 am
as far as temperatures go. you also see a bit more sunshine and certainly dryer skies on tuesday. wednesday night into thursday morning. our next chance of rain before drying back out into the weekend. reyna thank you for that. all right. well, we've got an accident. this is out in tracy 5.80, westbound east of mountain house parkway. >> it looks like a pretty severe accident. one lane blocked it. a tractor trailer. that's what's over turned heading into the city right now. little under 30 minutes we had an earlier accident on the bay bridge actually drove by this morning just calls a little slowing on the bridge. they had to shut down. all the lanes were letting people slowly drive through that has since been clear. we're not out around 12 minutes for you to make it to the fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes for you to make that drive richmond center fell bridge. no major accidents or delays under 8 minutes as you're heading out towards sandra fell and the we go to 37 not tracking any accidents along 82 or 85 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 5.51 and alec
5:52 am
baldwin is finally breaking his silence and speaking publicly about the shooting that happened on the set of rust yeah, was producing and starring in that film. any called the misfire. >> a one in a trillion event. we've got chris wolfe now with more on what baldwin saying. >> we are hearing from embattled actor and producer alec baldwin for the first time in person since the deadly onset shooting during the filming of his western rust, a photographer in vermont caught up with him. baldwin's wife actually tried to get him to stop speaking. but he pressed on. it's an active investigation in terms of a woman dying. she was my friend. she was my friend. >> alec baldwin is speaking out. it may be the biggest drama of his career. one that was unscripted. the deadly shooting of cinematographer haleena hutchins on the new mexico set of the western rust alec baldwin accidentally
5:53 am
fired the fatal shot from a revolver serving as actor and producer of the film aside from an early tweet after the tragedy on october 21st the 63 year-old performer has gone into seclusion until now. a photographer and for months caught baldwin out with his wife hilaria and started asking questions. the actors immediate response was to say he was ordered by the santa fe, new mexico sheriff's department to keep quiet amid an ongoing investigation. but baldwin could not keep quiet even telling his wife basically to back off when she tried to intervene. we were a very, very, you know. well oiled crew shooting a film together. and then this horrible event happened asked about his meeting with hutchins husband and 9 year-old son baldwin said, quote, i wouldn't know how to characterize it. they're mortified overwhelmed with grief. he goes on. there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time. but nothing like this. this is a
5:54 am
one in a trillion episode. it's a one in a trillion event. but remember how many bullets have been fired and films and tv shows in the last 75 years. this is america. how many bullets have gone off in movies and on tv sets before how many billions in the last 75 years in nearly all of it without incident. so what has to happen now is we have to realize that when it does go wrong and it's this horrible catastrophic thing. some new measures have to take place rubber guns, plastic guns. no live, no real armaments on set. that's not for me to decide. it's urgent that you understand. i'm not an expert in this field. so whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people safety on film sets. i'm all in favor of and i will cooperate with that in any way that i can. >> him really going into depth about what this might mean for the future of the industry. that's the most we've seen him say on the matter and. may not
5:55 am
be the last. we'll have to wait and see. but obviously. we're eagerly awaiting word from santa fe. sheriff's department on the status of the investigation. as soon as we find ♪just the two of us♪ ♪we can make it if we try♪ ♪just the two of us♪ the lg washtower redefine laundry in half the space. ♪building castles in the sky♪ ♪just the two of♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 morning news at 6. >> picked a good time to get up and out because as you can see, the rain is really here yet to know. should the bulk of it still to our north impacting the north bay. but we've got a few sprinkles. it looks like showing up on the peninsula for a full breakdown on all of this on our first day of november as we wake up this monday morning. let's head over to the weather center guys got nice to see the rain holding off


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