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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 31, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now. 8 o'clock. an update tonight on a deadly shooting at the home of a local city council member. police in gilroy say they have arrested a 19 year-old gunman in connection with the killing of one person and the wounding of 3 others. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm dan thorn. the halloween party was at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca arm and doris police were called to her home early saturday morning after a fight broke out and at least one gunshot was fired when police arrived, they found 4 people with
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gunshot wounds. one person later dying from their injuries. all the victims are said to be between the ages of 1719 years old. saturday afternoon. police arrested 19 year-old benjamin david calderon in connection to the shooting. calderon has since been booked on a homicide charge at santa clara county jail in the east bay tonight. police in concord are investigating after 7 people are injured in a major crash. the collision between 2 cars shutting down traffic in the area early this morning. kron four's camila barco has the story from concord. >> officers say 2 cars crashed at this intersection its willow pass road and port chicago highway in concord as you can see, the roads are open to traffic as of sunday morning. but this video shows you the moments right after the wreck. early sunday morning contra, costa county firefighters were hosing down a flipped car in downtown concord. >> it's one of 2 cars involved in a wreck investigators say a vehicle was going north on
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port chicago highway and a separate car was traveling west on willow pass road. the 2 cars crashed at the intersection. chp says one of those cars burst into flames. 3 people suffered serious injuries. helicopter rushed them to local hospitals. >> paramedics also rushed for other people to medical centers in an ambulance as the holiday weekend continues. officials ask everyone to drive safe officers have yet to tell us what led up to the crash. and if alcohol played any part. >> we'll update you as soon as we know more in concord, camila barco kron 4 news. >> another frustrating busy holiday weekend for airline travelers, specifically those flying southwest and american airlines both carriers are reporting hundreds of either delayed or canceled flights. and so far american has had more than 700 flights grounded and another 135 delayed southwest has had to delay 260
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of its flights and cancel nearly 190 more. the airlines are blaming severe weather for the disruptions but have acknowledged some of the problems are also are the result of short staffing. with outside lands wrapping up in halloween night. just kicking off. bart is running late and they will be running past 9 o'clock tonight. park officials say there will be one transbay 10 car train and our time to meet up with 2 other trains across the system to serve 48 out of the agency's 50 stations. trains will not serve the airport stations, but they will stop at all other stations. and san francisco trick or treaters went to the beach for halloween experience. a block party taking place on the great highway at ocean beach. kron four's gayle ong was at the event and is joining us live from the city tonight with more on that. gayle. >> good evening, dan. the
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highway is closed on weekends. so organizers made into a safe space for trick or treaters. and kids were just excited to show off their costumes tonight. >> kick your tree. >> the great highway turned into the great con way on how do we send and perhaps from space that >> that kids weren't the only ones who dressed up. i am frances leah and this is let me walk a line of the obi wan kenobi. >> some also about the show off your dance, move that the spooky disco, the beachside block party was put on by kids safe as staff and great highway park initiative event is an effort to keep children and their families safe away from cars for the whole day. >> happy volunteers brought their lawn chairs and tables and said stations for passing
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out candy. i like it thank we're very excited. she loves trick or treating. it's a lot of fun to be at the house and fresh air walk around with the kids. this is your first halloween and we live in the neighborhood. so we just wanted to check everything out and be part of the community. >> and there is a push from the public to turn the great highway into a permanent space. >> for pedestrians. only the city is conducting a study to see how visitors and residents are using the road live in san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> all right, thanks a lot. looks like a lot of fun. all right. now to our 4 zone forecast, beautiful downtown san francisco tonight looks pretty clear out their meteorologista breece rodriguez. joining us now with a look at the forecast in the recent. yeah, it's looking really great. everyone getting into the halloween best of like wednesday mention sunday adams sunday adams way that. you said that you love dressing up as as a witch.
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>> yeah. and you as an m and m that. yeah, it was an m and m and a frog. vampire when you don't know why is just, you know, what inspired you that a kid power rangers was my favorite there you go. have a happy and safe halloween bay area. great forecast out there. we're tracking. >> clear skies. even city hall getting into the halloween spirit lit up in orange this evening for your sunday night radar for tracking a dry forecast be could see some showers just off the coast in santa rosa trying to make its way inland. but we're going to notice some widespread showers for most of the bay area coastline shortly before midnight tonight at around 11 o'clock drying out. but then the storm that is going to impact your monday morning commute set to arrive for those of you in the north bay as early as 8 o'clock monday morning, even making its way along the san francisco peninsula coastline downtown san francisco going to notice some slick spots as well. but it's really going to peak for those of you in the north bay
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by around mid morning, 1030, and we're seeing lighter widespread showers starting to extend into the south bay for those of you at san jose, you're also going to notice that wet weather. this storm not going to be the atmospheric river that we saw a week ago today can't believe it's just been one week. we're going to notice scattered showers monday night and it's going to continue through tuesday morning until we start to dry out and clear out by tuesday afternoon. but we are going to get some beneficial rain returning to the bay area anywhere from about half an inch to upwards of an inch of rain for most of the north bay mountains and valleys. everyone else in the bay area getting about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. but those of you at half moon bay. you could actually get upwards of about half an inch of rain. there. thanks to those storms coming off the pacific san jose slightly lesser amounts, but it is halloween not just for kids but also for our fur babies as well. here's einstein be be looking great
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this evening. taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. the storm door remaining open wednesday. we get our next round of wet weather. details coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. dan, back to you. ray said thanks a lot of white house press secretary jen psaki is tested positive. >> for covid-19 psaki says that she last saw president biden on tuesday they were both wearing masks and social distancing. she canceled her trip with the president to the g 20 summit last minute after a family member had contracted covid psaki had tested negative using rapid testing for 4 days before her positive test result today. psaki says that she's grateful for being vaccinated. and we'll be back at work once her 10 day quarantine is over. covid-19 vaccines have prevented 245,000 deaths in the united states since the beginning of the year. that's according to a new study conducted by researchers at chapman university published in the journal social science research network. the study
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collected covid case data from all 50 states and controlled for variables to determine the effectiveness of vaccines. the researchers found vaccines help americans avoid an estimated 16.0. 7 million covid-19 infections and potentially prevented some 245 1000 deaths in the east bay tonight tomorrow. some indoor mask restrictions will be lifted in hlameda and contra costa counties. joining other bay area counties that have already started to relax those guidelines. the easing of restrictions in contra, costa county are specific to offices gyms indoor college classes, religious gatherings and more kron four's, taylor explains. >> a big day coming up for some businesses like fitness centers here in contra, costa county. this is the outdoor space that form a gym in walnut creek while masks are not required outdoors. people will soon be able to also did to these masks at the indoor facilities starting monday.
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>> contra costa county will roll back some of its indoor mask restrictions on monday but only at certain controlled spaces like gyms just very excited for our members were really excited for our staff were excited to get people back to the gym that have been waiting for a long time to get the mask off. >> a lot of people have kind of avoided coming back to the gym and. >> we're really excited to see the rest of our our regular members and people return to us tomorrow. some fitness centers including form a gym in walnut creek. >> well, he's the mask guidelines for members who are fully vaccinated. many of them who now say that working out will be a little easier. it's not easy to especially doing cardio or something like that. so i'm excited for that stopped. kevin barber says he joined form a gym earlier this year because of its outdoor fitness facilities. well, he's excited to get back to the indoor facilities. maskless. he says he'll probably still work out here for a while. first. meanwhile, 24 hour fitness in walnut creek doesn't have the same options. and with a much larger capacity will have to continue
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to enforce stricter mask guidelines, restrictions that are being lifted is no mask for gym facilities under 100 occupancy unfortunate this location has 850 capacity. there's no way we can manage that. so we will be continuing with their mask mandate as the county request under the order. businesses and organizations will have to verify that everyone, including customers and staff are fully vaccinated and there can't be more than 100 people inside at a time the new rules will also apply to offices indoor college classes and employee commuter vehicles and organized gatherings such as religious events. indoor masking will still be required in most public settings like bars restaurants and retail stores. >> also indoor schools k through 12 will still require masks as well. in walnut creek. taylor kron 4 news. >> and important to note marin county will also be lifting its indoor mask mandate in some public spaces at 8.30. the county's health officer will be joining us live to explain those changes. want to
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see how you and your little ones are celebrating halloween this year. take a look. this year is isaiah lee and he dressed up as russell from the pixar movie up very cool and you can check out this little guy. he is our news producer jo jo's nephew. this is 3 months old baby. ryan dressed up as a sailor. very, very cool as it was just a puff marshmallow man. and this is johannes and his mom mandeep. they both dressed out as skeleton bones. on the right hand is the dad, but he is a little too shy to be on television. but hey, they dressed up together doing it as a family. very cute. and we also have multi per side from south san francisco. they dressed up as an evil and the san francisco zoo celebrating with their animals here as a lemur and he's taking a ride along a fake spire that's maki the lemur. i wonder i wonder very cool and we also have
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tiger eyes and these are carved into a pumpkin. the tiger. they're enjoying halloween as well. be sure to send us your halloween pictures. and you might just see them on television. keep sending them along. we're going to be taking a quick break here and we'll be right
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>> and national news tonight, president biden taking center stage during the g 20 summit in rome to address supply chain issues from the pandemic has factories and ports around
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the world have struggled to deliver products to consumers. washington correspondent jessi tenure reports on the new commitments from the president. >> good evening. president biden called these meetings very productive. but now he and other world leaders have to deliver 2. >> bring the world together and solve some of these big problems. president biden closed out the g 20 summit with a focus on making sure consumers around the globe can get what they needed more quickly. we cannot go back to business as usual. the president led other world leaders in a discussion on how covid-19 delayed supplies of everything from cars to shoes to furniture and how better coordination between the countries could solve the supply chain issues and in the pandemic is the ultimate key to unlocking the disruptions. but we have to take action now president biden announced new ways his administration will improve supply chains at home. >> by slashing red tape it ports and reducing processing times and issuing an executive order to boost the national
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defense stockpile. i urge all of you. >> all of to consider bolster your stockpiles critical to national security in your countries. >> the united states and european union also announced a deal to immediately remove tariffs on steel and aluminum and work toward reducing carbon emissions grow our economy. >> and support american workers while tackling the climate crisis. it is a big step forward in fighting climate change. the summit laid the groundwork for president biden's next stop oversees the un climate conference in scotland where he and other world leaders are ramping up the pressure to take action quite literally. it is the last saloon. and aside from climate issues. the g 20 leaders also signed off on another goal of president biden's establishing a global corporate minimum tax rate of 15% in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> what poll shows the president biden's approval rating is down from the beating of this year. the new
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nbc poll shows the president's approval rating dropped from 53 points back in april to around 42% this month. analysts speculate the dip is likely caused by the united states withdrawal from afghanistan and how the administration is handling the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. president biden responded to the poll results saying, quote, that's not why rahm i didn't run to determine how well i'm going to do in the polls. iran to make sure that i followed through and what i said i would do as president of the united states. what we're learning more tonight about the hundreds of documents. former president trump is trying to shield from the congressional committee that's investigating the january 6th riot on capitol hill. president. the former president is claiming executive privilege and suing to block the release of these documents that include the january 6 related files from chief of staff mark meadows and former adviser stephen miller, a court filing also shows the records include daily presidential diaries schedules and visitor and call
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logs. they also include 3 handwritten notes about january 6 from meadows months ago. president biden indicated he would share with congress information about the former president's actions on january 6th. the supreme court is back to hear its biggest gun rights case in years. the case centers around new york's restrictive gun permit lawn. weather challenges of the law have the right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense. the case could dramatically increase the number of people eligible to carry a gun. it can also make it harder for cities like new york, los angeles and others to limit weapons permits and enforce restrictions on carrying guns in places where people gather like subways, airports, bars, churches and schools. it comes as the nation is seeing a surge in gun violence. the 9 supreme court justices will hear this case on wednesday now to our 4 zone forecast. we're taking a live look outside. this is quite tower. doesn't look very
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spooky out there tonight. recent looks looks pretty nice. it looks good looking night out there. maybe some people will be trick or treating are out there still trick or treating at this time. probably. i think so. yeah, especially the big kids right that. yeah. is that what they call it now. trick or treat partying know haha. >> you're dressed up as a working stiff. they coming in on the weekend. i'm glad to be here. thanks over making it fun for our producers were nice enough to bring in county. so we had our own little trick or treat. >> in the newsroom. joe, joe are 08:00pm producer. all she even came down here in the studio to give me some had no idea. always stay in my little air, ok, joe, just like move all right. let's take a look at our forecast. thanks again, joe. joe. you know, the way to my heart chocolate. all right. let's take a look at radar for because we are tracking. >> dry conditions out there right now per big trick or treating weather mother nature certainly giving us a big break this year for halloween
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wet weather set to arrive tomorrow. we're tracking those showers off the northern california coast line going to make its way inland impacting your monday morning commute. we will see those some light scattered showers shortly before midnight. so it could impact your drive if you are driving home or going into work later this evening. but by monday morning, for those of you in the north bay specifically santa rosa, you're going to see some light scattered showers there and it is going to become more widespread by midmorning for your monday commute and also seeing some pockets of some moderate downpours as well. rain really going to peak for those of you in the north bay by around 10, 11 o'clock in the morning by monday night still tracking a slick commute. light scattered hit or miss showers throughout your day and evening. and that's going to continue all night long until we start to dry out and clear out by tuesday. but we're all going to see about half an inch of rain or less higher amounts for our highest peaks and we
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are tracking right now dry conditions for those of you at san francisco international airport. smooth sailing no problems to report there. but temperatures as you head out the door for your sunday night. upper 50's to low 60's. so thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover. we are going to see mild temperatures even tonight as well for your overnight lows warming up into the mid-fifties. but santa rosa, still a little bit chilly at 49 degrees in daytime highs tomorrow low to mid 60's. so about 5 to 10 degrees below average oakland in livermore only warming up to 64 degrees. 63 degrees of peace for downtown san francisco and nevado and then we're going to see a gradual warming trend on wednesday. and then by wednesday night into thursday, light scattered showers. and don't forget the clocks were going to fall back one hour. so sunset. dan, going to be 5 o'clock in the evening. so. i know it's going to be, you know, darker sooner, darker sooner, but we get an hour of sleep that's it
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there. yeah. stay on the positive know, right. yeah. i like 10 things glass half full. >> good try that all thanks all right. still ahead on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. a family seeking justice. >> as police look for a suspect who killed a stockton father in front of his 6 year-old son.
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>> well, the search continues tonight for the person who shot and killed a father in front of his 6 year-old son. police say the victim 47 year-old percy williams was shot and killed on thursday night on weaver avenue. n american street in downtown stockton and he was with his little boy at the time. police believe a white suv may be connected to this murder and they say the shooting was likely not random. >> it's not. it was only 6 years old and we're going to have to try to give him a normal life after witness and his brutally killed in broad daylight. we don't have any clue as to why this would happen to him. >> and the way that it happened with his son in the car with him. he had his faults like the rest of us. but he was an amazing, man with a great father. great son and he was truly loved by everyone that knew him. >> well, stockton police say they are right now following several leads at the moment, but they are focusing mainly right here on this tracking down that white suv. coming
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up, a new dating app is about to launch. but this one will only let you use their service on thursday. we'll show you how it works. >> and first responders in new york. they're hosting a spooky ambulance event, how they turn the lifesaving machine into a haunted car. plus, marin county is going to lift their indoor mask mandate in some public spaces. health officer going to join us live to talk more about where you won't need to wear a mask and when they will be giving out covid-19 vaccines for kids. that's after the break.
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>> welcome back to kron 4 news at 8 o'clock happening tomorrow. marin county lifting indoor mask mandates for most public places. but this change doesn't apply to unvaccinated residents schools, businesses or organizations that are requiring facemasks by joining us tonight is doctor matt willis with marin county's public health department doctor willis, thank you so much for joining us. all right. so first of all, let's begin with how we got to this point. and also what indoor settings will residents not need to wear a mask anymore. >> yes, it's important that we got to this point through to achieve in criteria that we established a month ago across the bay area health officers sat down together and said what's our exit strategy for this local mask mandate. we determined that we really need look at 3 things. one was case. rates, hospitalization rates and vaccinations and
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county ricci of those 3 metrics on fridays will lifting that local mask mandate on monday. if a 3 weeks in the yellow. yellow to go. that's the cdc's criteria for moderate transmission. have 2 people in the hospital and kind of covid-19 we have over 8% of our whole population has been vaccinated fully vaccinated against covid-19. and those are the 3 metrics that a lot of us feel confident we can take this step. >> in terms you know, people not having to wear masks and in some of these places are there. there any concerns that people will have to, you know, wear them and places where they may say, hey, look at i you know, i don't i don't have to wear you know, when i go to the gym anymore. but why do i still have to wear them. when i when i go to school or or other places like that. >> it really does depend on the risk of the given situation in schools is a good example schools. you know, we obvious%y everyone under age 12 is unable to be vaccinated.
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so there's a whole cohort they're more who are not protected by a vaccine. so make sense for people to continue to use non vaccine with protections like discovering that setting the other states are required to continue cover their face or health care settings. obviously the wristbands much higher long-term care facilities much higher there and public transportation. when you have people were both vaccinated and unvaccinated being able to use public transportation in closer and you know it where you can control the environment easily settings it as examples where it really does make sense for people to continue to need to cover their face. and that's not where the state will not. the local. >> so essentially what you're saying is don't don't throw away the masks just yet because you may still need them that depending on where you go there in the county. we like to move and if i can just add its worst of worshiping at the 2 recommendations. so another reason not to throw your mask is even if you're vaccinated and it may not be a
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law that you have to cover your face and then the public settings is still recommended, especially if you have risk factors an older person or have medical conditions. >> will you worse off if you did get infected definitely want people to continue to cover their faces of theirs in those categories. >> very good all right. we want to move on now to a covid vaccine for kids. federal officials authorizing that for 5 to 11 year-olds last that the plan is to roll that out there in marin county. i believe this week is that is that still the sense yeah, it's great news. you know, it seems to be moving forward at the federal level we're anticipating the authorization. >> on the 3rd of november has been the cdc will make their final authorization. we're ready to roll as soon as we get that word. >> comes from the cdc. now to the western states scientific advisory group. so western states have to have their own independent review and then the company apartment public health gives us that final green light. we're looking at maybe friday this coming and then we've got vaccine
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operation set up starting friday through, you know, through 2 months worth of mass vaccination sites dedicated to our pediatric population to really make sure that we're able to get vaccines as quickly as possible. and protect that group that's been unprotected thus far. >> any anticipation on where people might be able to to get the shots and whether or not they're in need any appointments. >> that we have multiple locations across the county. the best single places to go to get are in dot org get vaccinated when dot org and you can see multiple occasions. we have 12 different clinic sites set up in schools for the for both weekends and weekdays during school dats. we also had at the northgate shopping center and center fell. we have a mass vaccination operation there. that's a walk in and schedule appointments on tuesday through saturday. there's lots of options we really want you know, every barrier related to 2 convenience. so that people can get vaccinated or goal is to get 75%. 5 to 11 year-olds
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fully vaccinated within one month of authorization as 15,000 children in martin county. and we've got that that the operation set up to accomplish that. >> doctor matt willis with marin county public health, thank you so much for your time tonight. and talking to you. all right. take a look down our 4 zone forecast a live look over the embarcadero out there tonight seems like it's a little quiet, but that's probably because people are partying in other sections of the city out there getting getting into the halloween spirit. we know the meteorologists rodriguez is in the halloween spirit right. you've you've got the the look. they get up tonight. yeah, i think halloween a holiday. what about you? yeah, i think so. i mean, it's it's a sweet holidays. sweet holiday where you can trick people or get treats. right. i know because i know you and your friends took part in what. >> night. so there was a study about that. if i if i can digress for a second leaders, a study about that. i looked at i think was nc state or one of them. and apparently that's only like an east coast think so. yeah, northeast thing like new york, new jersey that's it. everybody else doesn't
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know what they're talking about. snow west coast are all about the candy and having fun. that's there you go. all right. let's take a look at your microclimate monday forecast as we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees below average mid 60's for downtown san francisco. >> 61 degrees for half and they could see about half an inch of rain or less for most of the san francisco millbrae and burlingame even brisbane. widespread low 60's across the board a little bit milder in san mateo and san carlos but 63 degrees winds going to be gusty out of the south 30 miles per hour or less because of the storm as it approaches and then makes its way through the bay area, downtown san francisco. >> and even for those of you in san jose in the south bay going to remain in the mid 60's. but livermore 64 degrees and along the east bay shoreline also in the mid 60's. renda and moraga 59 degrees for those of you in the north bay. you could easily see about an inch of rain or less, especially for santa rosa, you're really going to get the bulk of the
8:37 pm
wet weather 61 degrees for your monday afternoon highs until we warm up on wednesday. staying below average, though, dan, for the next 7 days enjoy. all right. thanks a lot races still ahead today is halloween. and of course, that means. >> candy experts weighing in on how to keep kids from going overboard with the treats. q outfits as well. some
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8:39 pm
troubling news for couples who
8:40 pm
meet online. according to a survey from marriage counseling company. >> the marriage foundation spouses who meet online are 6 times more likely to get divorced within the first 3 years of marriage, then people who met through family or friends. researchers also finding that couples who got together via online dating apps had a 12% divorce rate overall. ouch compared to just 2% for people who met more traditionally roughly a 3rd of all couples met online and that's expected to grow. to 50% by 2035 ok. let's hope things get a little bit better there. well, a new dating app is getting followers and it has even launched yet. it's called thursday and the premise is a little different than apps like tinder and bumble. and that's because thursday can only be used on what thursday's the creators say they hope by restricting how often the app can be used. it will actually force people to meet in person and go on an actual date eventually the
8:41 pm
creators want to hold events specifically for people who use the thursday app. but if you like someone you better make your move because all stories, all the chat and the matches disappear and midnight. the app will be rolling out a new york and london in april. a new study claims that people who use google to find answers are smarter or at least they think they are researchers from the university of texas. quizzed their test subjects on general knowledge, letting them either google the answers or rely on their own smart and they found that google users were more confident in their ability to answer the questions even when they answered wrong, probably because something is telling them all the knowledge everywhere. well, in some cases people even claim. they remember dancers off the top of their head when they actually looked it up. the findings point to a modern version of psychological phenomenon with those with limited understanding of a subject over estimate their own knowledge. all right.
8:42 pm
coming up in sports. jimmy garoppolo after a week of the fans and the media questioning. should he stay the starting quarterback. well, get quite a homecoming today in chicago. sports director jason dumas has the highlights from the game and the reaction coming up. >> and keeping an eye on showers heading to this for your monday, your full forecast coming up in just a
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don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> halloween is filled with fun. and of course, the sweet treats. but health experts say parents may want to consider treating halloween candy as an opportunity to help their children learn the balance and the lifelong healthy eating habits. believe it or not, they recommend placing few restrictions on kids because that can make candy even more enticing instead, parents should serve a healthy meal before trick or treating. and then let those children choose which one or 2 pieces of candy. they want to eat. okay. all right. keep it in moderation right about you guys. check this out. sandra fell police posting that this was not their average call for service on saturday. somehow this little baby northern. fur seal pup found its way. 2 east francisco boulevard and grange way and she was flapping across the road there and narrowly avoided being hit by several cars. thank goodness. well, time now and how she got there because they're typically found about 600 miles off of the coast. the
8:46 pm
marine mammal center quickly naming her ivy as volunteers quickly responded to a system getting her to safety and id will be spending some time under the care of the center before being released back into the wild. these cute. all right. now we're taking a look at our 4 zone forecast. this is the golden gate bridge looks like little mist out may be right. i can't really tell that the light doesn't really help us out with the with the view there. yeah, that glare right every joining us now to look at the forecast. how's it looking recent yeah. it's looking dry right now in downtown san francisco and even along golden gate bridge where we could see some light scattered showers off the coast. >> from the approaching storm making its way inland. and also that storm that we're going to see in the bay area making its way into the sierra by monday as well. let's take a look outside those san francisco international airport. all clear smooth sailing there could see some patches of drizzle along parts of the san francisco peninsula. out as you can see, some showers along that northwest portion of the north
8:47 pm
bay trying to shift to the south and east. and that's what we're certainly going to notice to start out your work week monday. but dry weather, lot of cloud cover out there right now throughout the sierra and then by early monday afternoon, we're going to track some light scattered showers and some snow flurries. but watch as it makes its way from west to east high, which is really dissipates, becoming very scattered in nature. but the western slopes of this year. certainly going to see some rain really just a lot of cloud cover and dry conditions for those of you, though, throughout truckee and south lake tahoe 49 degrees on monday. but then gradually warming up into the mid-fifties by tuesday and then wednesday in the low 60's and temperatures out there right now in the bay area, upper 50's to low 60's. so thanks for that blanket of storm cloud cover overhead. we are going to have a mild night out there right now. downtown san francisco 58 degrees and for hayward and san jose 61 degrees and widespread mid 50's. for those of you in the north bay petaluma 55 degrees.
8:48 pm
but alameda also in the low 60's and temperatures tomorrow about 5 to 10 degrees below average. we should be averaging anywhere from mid 60's to mid 70's instead. only warming up into the low to mid 60's. so pretty uniform numbers out there. but then we're going to warm up into the low 70's by wednesday for inland valleys. back to you. dan. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> forty-niners came into today's matchup with the bears losers of 4 in a row kyle shanahan's every move being questioned. jimmy reputation within the fan base has never been lower. their backs were against the wall. how would they respond? let's go to soldier field and find out there's chris tabor. he got his head coaching debut. but matt maggie tested positive for covid. we jump straight to the 3rd quarter. niners down 7. >> i think to flip the plate at flip all the momentum in this game. deebo samuel off to
8:49 pm
the races. 84 yards later. he's pushed out of bounds that set up this jimmy garoppolo. it's a broken play supposed to toss it to the i just do it myself. he gets in the end zone. they missed a pa ti those 1615, chicago 4th quarter. check out the effort from allied to mitchell. brooks had himself a day that offensive line pushes him over the pile. all look at jimmy get enough to add. see great for there. now this might be the play of the year. they have justin fields dead to right. this was 4th and one. makes a couple people miss flips the field in. if in the end pretty impressive today for rookie. given the context, the forty-niners now trying to make it 3 scores and 3 possessions. jimmy g have yourself a day in front of his family and friends. he's from suburban chicago 17 for 28.
8:50 pm
322 yards and those 2 rushing touchdowns forty-niners. they win this one. 3322 they snapped a four-game losing streak after the game. i talked to jimmy g about how important that when way. >> i think our team just knew when i mean losing far like that. you got it come do something about it. i think our guys that, you know, we came ready today. there's a good mindset and sideline guys were talking. you you can feel each other when are playing like that is when we get dangers. we know we had a hunker down. we knew we had to battle this week. we knew that would be a fight against a really good team that we just beat. and you can just see the how important was to all 11 guys out there because we need it all up and get him in the end zone. >> and i read somewhere on twitter that jimmy played in front of almost a 100 fans and family today while a high school, he went to was about 30 miles away from soldier field grew up there. >> and he needed that performance to yeah, absolutely. he has been on him. yeah. it's not even just that. did the team needed that
8:51 pm
has a good weeks. yeah, exactly. right. he had the four-game snap right. and they they snap the skid. but when you're in a division with the cardinals and the rams. you've got to get every when you can get in the nfl. those are their next 2 opponents yeah. our roles in the rams next 2 weeks, next sunday. and then the following monday, those 2 game they might get the cardinals about kyler murray, to be a lucky break for the yeah. it would change things a little bit. the man, you know. >> it's been been a little rough. go of it. this could change that. so a lot of them. all right. we'll have more kron 4 news coming up after the break.
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>> in new york. first responders are hosting a spooky ambulance store on long island. >> stacy-ann gooden shows us this thrilling experience. >> operations are under way for spine. chilling center. >> i want all of a town volunteer ambulance corps will hold a 6th annual spooky ambulance event this weekend. the ems organization covers parts of north and love the town and the surf, the area for the last 65 years and is offering visitors a special treat. we realize that there was no events in the town for the children to experience for halloween in the ambulance. we have set up on the structure is like a skeleton. he would. we put on one of the >> safety vest and there spider webs hanging up in the
8:55 pm
ambulance. we highlighter liquid like water like the ivy bags and they glow in the dark. we change out the lights in the ambulance to like black lights. so in the black lights are on everything's glowing. so visitors will begin the experience right here moving through the spooky walk. >> before making their way over to the spooky ambulance already outfitted with. >> a creepy skeletons. it will have other. be decorate shins and ems workers will swap their uniforms for more scary attire. this year. we actually have added an additional 10 feet to the spooky walk. >> there are like different partitions and there's different like rooms in the spooky one room has you know, like hanging decorations. one room is going to have. that's another room is going to a spot where people are going to like a. have the arm sticking out grabbing at people. not only does it offer frightful experience. it offers a safe one, too. there is only one family or one group allowed in the spooky walk at a time.
8:56 pm
>> and anything else that's happening at any of the tables of the kids are doing crafts. everything's going to sanitized after each child. levittown volunteer ambulance corps spooky ambulance is free and is scheduled this sunday from 02:00pm to 08:00pm. you can register online to reserve your time slot. walk-ups are welcome but will be placed at the end of the line. >> that was stacy-ann gooden reporting for us tonight. we want to see how your little ones are celebrating halloween. take a look. this is isaiah least dressed up as russell from the movie up. very cool. good movie. good. good one. check out this little guy. he is our news producer jo jo's nephew. this is 3 month-old baby rain and he dressed up as a sailor looking very cute. there. and this right here is johan us. and this is his mom and deep. they dressed up as skeletons as you can see, the the bones there and look, it looks like there's there's a baby skeleton as well. so congratulations to mom, dad johan us. his dad little to
8:57 pm
shot to be on television. he was cut out of the picture was crop down. that's right. we love you, dad. and here we have multi this is from south san francisco and they dressed up as an evil queen. very, very spooky. let's get a wrap things up for us here at kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock. thanks for joining us. but we're going to be back at 9 o'clock with more news here in prime time. >> and just a few minutes. stay with us.
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9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9 o'clock, an update tonight on a deadly shooting at the home of a local city council member. police in gilroy saying they have arrested a 19 year-old gunman in connection with the killing of one person and the wounding of 3 others. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm dan thorn. the halloween party was at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca, our monday us. police were called to her home early saturday morning after a fight broke out and at least one shot was fired when police arrived they found 4 people with gunshot wounds. one person later dying from their injuries. all of the victims are said to be between 1719 years old saturday afternoon. police arrested 19 year-old benjamin david calderon in connection with the shooting calderon has since been booked on a homicide charge.


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