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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading fox news. the means that all of us a much more protected. >> now children 5 to 11 1 step closer to getting the covid vaccine when the shots could begin and there's more information tonight about the high school. the steps the district is taking to try to make sure no new cases pop up for thrilled to have it back. >> we need the business. >> and it's not just music lover celebrating the return of outside lands. how local businesses have been preparing for the busy weekend. thank
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you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 time palmore and i'm grant lotus. ken wayne has the night off by this time next week. kids 5 to 11 years old. >> could be getting their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine kind of hard to believe, but that's where we are. and that is because the fda granted emergency use authorization for that age group today but the cdc still needs to sign off before the shots can actually be administered force. dan kerman talk with bay area doctors about how children getting vaccinated will benefit everybody else, too. >> everybody that we have vaccinated. i'd say that force field adds that unity that we need. >> to protect our communities. very infectious disease. experts say the fda's decision allowing 28 million americans ages 5 to 11 to get the pfizer vaccine will give these children much needed protection. >> covid is the 8th leading cause of death in us children are between the ages of 5.11.
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so it's not an innocuous infection. fortunately, it's less severe in children that it is an older kids and adults, but it's not a knock us, but the decision to inoculate kids with one 3rd, the dose of the adult vaccine. >> will also protect adults themselves. they are important factor of infection to the household. >> so if the immunocompromised if there are grandparents or older, we may not have had sir. vaccinating the means that all of us a much more protected a recent kaiser family foundation survey found. >> just under a 3rd of parents would get their kids. the vaccine right away. well, a 3rd would take a wait and see approach and another 3rd will definitely not get it for their kids, but experts expect those numbers to improve over time. but i understand the hesitancy that people have. >> and i think the need to take advantage of the fact that they need to go to the most trusted member of the health care team that they
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have and that is their pediatrician. >> the cdc panel will take up the issue on tuesday. the likely approve it that will be followed by a sign off from the cdc director and that means we could see kids getting shots before the end of next week in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> several bay area counties are already preparing to get shots in the arms of those 5 to 11 year-old santa clara county has a vaccination clinic for kids set up at the county fairgrounds and they're expecting 55,000 kids 2. get shots or at least 55,000 shots, i should say, to arrive next week. they have a 166,000 kids in that age range 5 to 11 years old in the county and that is just about one 3rd of the total number. a 5 to 11 year-old in the county. but health officials do not expect a shortage of doses. they expect more doses to come and more 5 to 11 year olds to get vaccinated. meanwhile, sonoma
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county is going to be setting up vaccine clinics at schools. as 37,005 to 11 year olds and the county has set a goal of vaccinating a quarter of them. 25% by december. 1st they would like to vaccinate 50% of that age group by the end of january and the goal again is to get 70% of them collated by the end of february. well, tonight the berkeley unified school district is giving out more details about the covid outbreak at berkeley high school. >> we do know that 8 people tested positive forced the league to call us the district. what's being done to make sure there are no other cases to pop up. >> 8 students and or staff members at berkeley high school are isolating at their homes after testing positive for covid-19 berkeley unified school district spokesperson trish mcdermott says 7 positive cases were discovered thursday during the district's weekly testing on campus in a case was added friday and
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because several of these cases cpwere epidemiologically linked and happened within the 14 day window that public health uses to assess cases. >> our local public health partners city of berkeley called this an outbreak. mcdermott says the school district cannot report which cases represent students or staff. >> but add 7 of the cases are associated with the athletic department. we had more than 700 close contacts at our school. so that staff and those are students that could be in a variety of classes that can be on sports teams. the district's contact tracing team has been sending notices out to people who may need to quarantine. >> based on the berkeley public health department's protocol, students and staff who are fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine as long as they don't get any symptoms they can return to school and work students or staff tested positive have to isolate for at least 7 days. campus was closed on friday as we're all district schools because of a planned district holiday.
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>> in berkeley believed to be all kron. 4 news. >> tonight. we're learning more about the threat that shut down to north bay high schools today that threat came from florida. it turns out the person accused of making it has been arrested. the threat was made over social media and once the west sonoma county union high school district found out about it. they reported it to the sebastopol police department that is when the decision was made to shut down both west county high school in sebastopol and laguna high enforced bill. the threat not only circulated. there but also in lincoln, california, end in georgia and florida after figuring out who posted the threat online. police say in jupiter, florida, they made an arrest. police have not released any other details about the suspect. and in the south bay elementary school was locked down for about a half an hour this afternoon. police were searching for a burglary suspect near del wrobel
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elementary in san jose police ordered the lockdown around 2.15 gave the all clear at around 2.40 san francisco being taken over by music lovers this weekend outside lands is getting ready to wrap up his first day and night with the stokes closing out on the main stage tonight and that sold out festival bring in some 70,000 people a day to golden gate park. but. >> well, it's the music stops they'll need to go floors. spoke with a pizza shop owner. >> who is anticipating a huge. >> post festival rush. gayle is joining us live from the city. yeah. it all to go home. but they go somewhere. >> yeah. where else would you go after spending the day at a music festival has so pizza is the place to be. i spoke to it to an owner and he has been planning for this in the last 2 weeks and he says that this event is one of his busiest weekends of the year.
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>> outside outside lands. businesses like s of hole in the wall feet. so waiting for the post music festival >> though. yeah. the guy the preparing everything since since this morning. we've placed much order products and you can so it have enough product for the for the weekend owner of with says his restaurant, like many others was hit hard during the pandemic and usually bank on events like outside lands, which was also canceled last year due to covid. organizers say the 3 day music festival is sold out this weekend and they are expecting crowds of around 70,000 people. i would ellis says he is ready as he can be. i've been talking to my employees about the more 6 hours. >> i brought people that you will not schedule today. but is scheduled to work today and hopes this weekend will make up for lost time. the stay safe and we we have not no increase in the in the
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pandemic this this whole philip business in the long run. >> and it's not just pizza. that's popular with the music festival goers. it's also the sandwich shop. couple of doors down they, too are getting ready for this weekend reporting in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> all right, gail, nothing like capping day and night with some pizza pizza appreciate that. live in the city for us tonight. we go to a different part of san francisco and you can really see the fog here transamerica pyramid really can't say that. i know you can. so let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. he has the outside lands weekend forecast. but what about tonight with the fog. like lot of fog out there. i think we're dealing with some drizzle or light showers overnight tonight. >> maybe some of that lingering into tomorrow morning. so if you're going to head out the outside lands starting at noon tomorrow. the better chances by the afternoon. >> things start to break up a little bit. i think that drizzle start to wind down some of the plot of some cool
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temperatures highs. they're only going to be in the low 60's. it could be a little chilly and expect a lot of cloud cover. so dress warmly. if you are headed out there cool shot from the east bay hills. you see some of that fog in a bounce up against the hills. the light down below from oakland and berkeley and we'll see plenty of that fog into the bay overnight tonight. in fact, we've got a cold front off the coastline. not much of one and it's kind of fall apart as run right in the ridge of high pressure that brought us some nice weather last couple of days. but it's going to get a little bit closer and bring with it a chance of a lease, some sprinkles, maybe a couple light showers. so if you're doing anything outside be prepared for that likely going to see that moved through overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, then by tomorrow afternoon, things begin to mix out, but it is going to stay a bit on the cool side, temperatures around the bay area. go to stay mainly in the 50's 60's near the coastline, put on some 60's, maybe couple low 70's. well, inland. >> thank you. laura swell on the peninsula a water main break could for several buildings in menlo park to shut down this weekend. the pipe ruptured on laurel street
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near city hall this morning, cutting off water to most of the buildings in the city's a civic center city hall. the library menlo children's center and all rec center. we're all forced to close for the rest of the day and crews say those closures could last through the weekend. >> still to come across 4 news at 8, a gun scare sense travelers racing to the tarmac at la x. we're learning tonight about the threat. >> plus challenging the world's largest investment firm to divest from companies contributing to the climate crisis. the protests that took place in the bay area today costco could be coming to the south bay that stores. it would be replacing.
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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> was a day of demonstrations across 50 cities in the nation targeting financial firms today. the moment comes ahead of the climate change summit in glasgow, scotland that event will involve 20 world leaders whose countries produce the most carbon emissions.nprotesters rallied here in the bay area to try to urge the world's largest asset manager blackrock to stop working with companies to contribute to the problem come for cell sogomonian live with us in studio with more on look, quite a disruption today. >> was for traffic. that blackrock headquarters in san francisco, set the stage for a
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colorful campaign to urge the global company to turn their back on businesses. that contribute to the climate crisis. >> all generations were represented at a climate change rally that shut down the corner of howard and first street in san francisco friday from 1000 grandmothers bay area to another group called youth versus apocalypse together. they demand that the world's biggest global investment firm called black rock stop working with companies like chevron. the contribute to global warming through crude oil production. the profit incentive. >> is, you know, he's driving. just everything that we're seeing in our society. so you know, we're here, especially young people. if we continue to produce fossil fuels at this rate or produce co 2 and shock. also fuels burn fossil fuels were we're not going to have a little future. >> the peaceful demonstration resorted to various forms of art that depict both their frustration and solution to the ongoing climate crisis perpetrated by global players that they say put profit over quality of life. ash collected
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by wild card victims from santa cruz and paradise, california was mixed in to paint that is now on blackrock's doorstep to highlight climate driven disasters. think got social media movements are amazing. >> that does not provide a push or a threat to the people up there and not and not office building what does is bringing this movement and bring our demands and bringing our voices and getting a lot of right on their office blackrock's website touts a commitment to working with their clients to help achieve a net 0 economy. we drastically reducing emissions by the year 2050 admitting that requires replacement of fossil fuels as the country's primary energy source. >> but organizers of the protests say that their ongoing investments. our contradiction to that statement. >> i reached out to black rock for comment and did not hear back in time for this report. meantime, the rally's organizers say that their team plans to be in glasgow for the g 20 summit where they will do their best to get in touch with blackrock ceo laurence
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fink for a candid discussion live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> thank la as we switch gears now and take a look at the 4 zone forecast a look here over the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving nicely here, not the case earlier today because of the protests related to the climate action and it's a friday night and we are ready to check out the weekend now, lawrence is here. he's specifically talking about halloween. big night ahead. we've got all those trick or treaters ready to go. a lot of parties around the bay area. >> yeah. i think the weather is going to work out ok. i think you're not to see mostly clear skies. kind of some creepy looking fog. i moving in along the coastline. but that will just make for the better feel to halloween night. you're seeing some of that fog out there right now and it is very thick along the coastline, breaking out the dancing moments tonight. your halloween forecast. you can only do this on friday night and here you go. >> ol boy has shaken shaken shaken looking good out there.
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>> halloween with those temperatures are going to be running in the 60's for the most part, dropping off into the 50's by 07:00pm with some partly cloudy skies. yeah. i know pam love that out there right now. we do have a cold front that's making its way into the state kind of weak system out there right now. some showers off the coastline right near the core of that low. it's going to start to make its way in toward the bay area overnight tonight watch us really are as it comes on. and here we go. as we get toward tomorrow morning. not a huge system. we may see some sprinkles, some light showers. if you had outdoor, especially in the morning. be prepared. you may see some of that. just bring a light jacket, a raincoat, maybe an that's about it. you're going to be that you're going to find temperatures will be cooler, though. you can see a lot of clouds on and off throughout the day and on sunday to see that an and then we get closer to monday and that storm system sitting off the coastline and there you go. that looks a lot more impressive. so chance showers in the forecast after that temperature wise numbers going to stay cooler tomorrow. plan on some 50's and 60's maybe couple low 70's inland the
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next few likely going to see some changes coming our way. looks like partly cloudy skies on halloween and then a chance of rain come monday and yeah, those shaken mummies out pam, you like his good. if you stretch, though, maybe by 10 o'clock. yeah. get some wd 40. and you can really let >> haha. i don't think there's enough wd 40 for me depressive, that's far below and all right. new developments tonight in that fatal shooting on the set of an alec baldwin movie. the woman who was the armor on that movie said is now blaming the producers through her attorney hannah gutierrez-reed says that she has no idea where the real bullets came from. >> the live rounds were somehow loaded into the gun that went off as baldwin rehearse. the scene killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. reid says that the sets safety would not have been compromised of live ammunition were not
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introduced. there. she also blames the production for safety lapses saying that she was actually hired to do 2 jobs on the film preventing her from focusing solely on her duties as an armorer so far no one has been charged in the case as this investigation continues. new details tonight about last night's gun scare at la x that sent passenger sprinting onto the tarmac. >> we're now learning it was more of a mental health situation than a criminal one. jennifer mcgraw lives in los angeles and spoke with the sister of the man who caused the chaos. >> panic upset la x and barges through the southwest terminal screaming someone's got a gun. the amount of people that were just mean. i was just you turns out there was never a gunman nor was anyone passenger safety at risk. but there was indeed a crisis he drove into la x.
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>> and got out seeking help. he really thinks that there's people after him to kill him. >> the man's sister asked us not to reveal her identity. so we'll call her pant. pam says her brother has schizophrenia. he was in full-blown hysteria. >> they think that you see the same things that they see, but you don't. and is kind of frustrating to them because they're light. will somebody standing next to you that you see that person trying to kill me and you don't see what they see him receive the emergency call from la x officers and quickly explain the situation. they were fully trained to deal with mount mental illness. >> and they handled it very, very well. and even after the scene they follow through with my brother are great too. the mental health hospital last night. she says it's been tough for 32 year-old brother is an adult. sometimes it's hard to keep him on his meds. but pam says. >> she sharing their story to help raise awareness on the
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effects of mental illness. he never meant any harm. he was simply just trying to get. >> helped. >> and that was jennifer mcgraw reporting for us tonight. >> in the south bay and new costco could be coming to west to san jose. the company wants to open a store in the west gate. west shopping center that's located at the corner of prospect road in saratoga avenue. >> the 160,000 square foot warehouse would replace the old orchard supply hardware building along with the current even alan the goodwill store and the smart and final buildings. costco plans to submit an official proposal in early november. still ahead on kron 4 news tonight at 8, the president and the pope meeting at the vatican the issues the 2 leaders discussed. >> and bay area taco bell named the coolest location in the world. >> which restaurant topped the list in what apparently makes it so awesome.
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>> all right. barry, a fast food restaurant is being call. one of the coolest locations of the world business insider. but at this list the coolest taco bells in the world. and the taco bell in pacifica here in the bay area is apparently number one. number one who thought would think that amanda hari is live there
8:26 pm
tonight. she's been talking with some customers about this ranking. so. >> amanda, what do they say. >> everyone i spoke to and i told him that this taco bell right here behind me was ranked number one in the world has the coolest taco bell. they said yeah, i agree with that. as you can see the building behind me is a pretty cool looking building. but just feet away to my left is the ocean you can actually probably hear the waves on this microphone. >> here in singapore, something one of their coastal restaurants. pretty cool considering it to talk about a taco bell cantina in pacifica is gaining attention after business insider. >> granted as the coolest taco bell in the world. we've always known. it was warning. the best locations around where else can you sit at the table, look out the window watching waves breaking in to talk any in diana raymond have lived in pacifica for decades. and i've been to this location many times. they say even
8:27 pm
before it was a taco bell. little disappointed that group has location is right by the ocean. surfers can walk up and even park their surfboards outside. people can choose to eat inside or outside on the debt, get the best view in and if the weather inclement just step diana raman says even on a bad weather day. it's still fun to come to this location we get storm tides come you can go on the beach but you could. you could sit there and they would break of go on to plate glass and then we see any was like really. it's like a show white nailers from the san jose area. it was his first time at this taco bell. he says it lived up to the expectation. but on average on a normal that say that these are probably pretty the contract supreme is a great but not soggy at yeah, i'd say it's a great place.
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>> i did speak to some locals that said they're excited to see this restaurant and the area getting the attention it deserves. but there are a little worried. it might be more difficult to find parking year now that the word has gotten out live in pacifica amanda hari kron 4 news. to add to that haul, coal thing, you know who goes there all the time. >> lawrence karnow, >> haha i didn't hear about it heard that he's a big fan yeah. i'm seeing here today that i think is a few gets. >> he is. he goes there on the way home. think that was why was ranked number one, quite frankly, that cools weather guy in the the reason is there to watch whales and dolphins and the whole bit. it is a spectacular location and we can hear the ocean. we can hear the ocean right near so. >> yeah. and there's tv's inside to see. you can watch the game there were football games on today. so there's a lot to do here.
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>> and we'll make this even and a chuck clifford our reporter. he was there about a week ago tweeted a picture of them setting up for a wedding so, you know, people want to get married there. yeah, no weddings today. it's a big deal. it's a big location will go get something to eat we'll talk to you all right. thanks. >> still to come kron 4 news at a halloween preparations in full swing. the final words of advice doctors are giving before people take their kids trick or treating. >> and ski season has come much earlier than usual for a popular northern california resort will show you what it looked
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>> not exactly a mandate, of course, but lots of people will be masking up this weekend, not simply to ward off germs in the middle of this pandemic know the masks may be part of costumes. of we as a lot of folks for the first time in nearly 2 years are going to be celebrating in a traditional way halloween sunday kron four's rob fladeboe is in san jose. he's been talking with the health department experts there and with parents of trick or treaters. >> judging from the foot traffic at the south san jose halloween spirit store on friday. there is a pent-up demand for the kind of fun. that was deemed a little too scary a year ago when the pandemic was still raging. >> i feel like people are feeling more comfortable now with the vaccines all. and you
8:33 pm
know, just mask and just knowing more information. i think people are getting more comfortable and they're excited about halloween. last year. a normal halloween celebrations were not encourage. but this year is less spooky setting updated cdc guidelines county health advisors families to consider safe ways together reduce the spread of the coronavirus, still out there. we want to keep. >> kids in there in smaller groups and basically in their own family groupings as opposed to gathering in large groups of people that you may not even know i'm better traveling along with few masks are also encouraged and not just any mask says doctor faster shots. and i think it's important to differentiate between those halloween masks. >> that may be loose fitting and falling off and all over the face and really a good fitting. regular covid mass still awaiting the vaccine for their youngest children. some parents i spoke with said they would wait till next year. well, other said they have waited long enough. let's take
8:34 pm
some precautions. >> no. wash your hands wear a mask. you should be fine. yeah. going to take the kids out and have a good time and nothing's going to stop us. it. my daughter. this is the last year trick or treating she's going high school make sure so i want enjoy other strategies include taking turns at the door. >> and carrying hand sanitizer. as for those giving out the treats. we need to have a mask on 2 as we open the door. >> to give candy out to the kids to keep your mask on 2. and then the kids and you get home, wash your hands in the sink really well before you 30 in your candy. and don't eat too much. your candy. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. let's check on the friday night forecast as we look ahead to this weekend. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. >> pretty clear. tonight. i mean, the lights are alone. kind of blocking that the tower maybe this fall com. >> i bet it's but one thing i do know is that the weekend is
8:35 pm
here so here's what we can. yes, yeah, we made it. we made it to the weekend. here we go. should be a nice weekend. we are going to see a lot more clouds temperatures going to be cooler for around the bay area. we're seeing some of that fog moving right now. pretty thick in spots up toward sfo. we've got some clouds moving in overhead right now. >> and there's more to come. that offshore wind that have been sticking around brings the nice temperatures. well, now you can see the winds now more of that on shore breeze kicking in and that's bringing low clouds and fog back on shore and some cooler temperatures on the way. still warm, though, you've got some wind sheltered areas inland this still 67 degrees in both talker and live more 62 now in san jose foggy 56 in half moon bay. 57 in san francisco. i think around the bay area tomorrow. you'll find some cooler weather even a slight chance of a light sprinkle or light shower 60's in the most to san francisco 50's into the sunset along the coastline are going to find some 50's and some low 60's with a slight chance of a light shower that 60 degrees in burlingame, 61 south san francisco, 66 in redwood city about 69 in mount
8:36 pm
view in the south bay unified to make sure some sunshine and some clouds temperatures all the bad 60's and maybe some low 70's by tomorrow afternoon and then in the in the valleys continue to cool off a little bit over the weekend and then we'll get ready for some rain. i think as we get into next week. at least a more substantial storm about 64 in pittsburgh for tomorrow. 65 degrees in the napa valley waking up to some fog early on given way to a mixed bag. some sunshine and some high clouds along the coastline a little bit drippy out toward the beaches. lot of drizzle or some light showers coast side and then we'll try dry things out a little bit by the afternoon. but the next couple days we're going to see changes halloween looks dry right now and then a more substantial storm moves in come monday, a dry weather expected on tuesday, chance some more showers the middle of next week. thanks alerts. well, it was an exciting and historic day this year, not one but 2 ski resorts open for the season. >> today. yeah. thanks to that
8:37 pm
bomb cyclamen earlier this week palisades tahoe of ariel had enough snow for eager skiers and snowboarders to hit the slopes. a town wallace tells us this is one of only 4 times palisades has opened this early. >> jacob fields hit the slopes today, something he never thought he'd be able to do so early in the year halloween even happened yet. so like it's kind of like mind blowing like skiing already. he was among thousands of grateful writers who came here to palisades tahoe for the resorts grand opening marking just the 3rd time in its 72 year history that it opened in october. that was made possible thanks to mother nature. the storm this week left upper elevations with 3 and a half feet of snow it looks pretty actually like the stuff that people are skiing like everything that's been grim killer like some off the stuff looks keyable, too. some stuff. the resort originally planned to open 3 runs today.
8:38 pm
but thanks to hard work from crews. they've actually open 7 runs, as you can imagine, that's led to happy writers writers of all ages, including 6 year-old jack blockers to his brother alder. i was like going fast, having fun. what he liked about >> it's fun. ready to hit the slopes. hope. i'm ready. i'm so ready. and so was david murray. he got here before sunrise and was the first in line. i just got up before dawn came over from hanging out in life. you know, it's going to be 60 degrees and sunny up there. it's going to be like the last day of the season. >> it's going to be great. great as well for the local economy to open this early means we've got to bring a lot of employees back on a month earlier than we would so that's really great. and the resort continues to hire as attendance is only expected to grow this not be my last time. this season of the here nearly every day. the season already off to a solid start olympic valley. a ton wallace. >> still ahead on kron 4 news today. tonight, president
8:39 pm
biden making a stop at the vatican ahead of the g 20 summit. what he talked about with the pope. and more fallout over those troubling assault claims by an nhl player. >> what is happening to the coach who is accused of ignoring the accusations and families separated at the border could soon receive payouts from the government. payouts from the government. how much money after my car accident, payouts from the government. how much money i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> the justice department is hammering out details on payments for families separated at the border. many of them have filed civil suits against the government, citing the trauma. their kids went through and the number being discussed right now is $450,000 per person that means a mother and child separated from each other would be receiving $900,000. and since there are more than 5500 children separated from their parents. the doj could wind up paying hundreds of millions of dollars. president biden met with pope francis this morning after jet setting to rome, italy without having a a deal here in the u.s. and that big domestic agenda. and the president now is going to turn his attention to his foreign agenda with a focus on the climate on energy prices and the covid pandemic. >> our washington correspondent basil john has the latest on the president's overseas trip and a look ahead to the g 20 summit. >> good evening. the president must now shift its focus from
8:43 pm
domestic issues to global issues as he meets with other world leaders and the leader of the catholic church. president joe biden second trip overseas started at the vatican. you significant warrior for peace i've ever met for nearly 90 minutes. the president met privately with pope francis where president biden said they prayed together and talk about issues like climate change. thank you. thank you. thank you. president biden then turned his attention to foreign policy as he met with other world leaders like the president of italy, sergio mattarella and french president emmanuel macron on what really matters president biden used the meeting to publicly apologize to the french president. >> for a submarine deal with the united kingdom and australia that hurt france economically we did was this was lot of grace on the really.
8:44 pm
>> president macron said he's ready to move forward while ensuring the situation is never repeated golden nations. tom, good cooperation. president biden now looks towards the first in-person g 20 summit since the pandemic started to address global issues with the other world leaders reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> meanwhile, one quick note about that story. we learned today that surprisingly governor newson is not going to be traveling to scotland for a climate summit where president biden will also be. he was supposed to present about california's climate policies. he said a family issue is preventing his attendance, his wife, the first partner. we'll still be going along with the delegation that includes the governor eleni could unlock us and other state leaders and state climate leaders. so no specifics on why exactly governor newsom is not going, but certainly a surprise and we'll keep you posted there.
8:45 pm
>> and next on kron 4 news today. if you're looking for a last minute halloween costume. you may be out of love. why you could be forced to get a little creative this year and forty-niners look to snap a four-game losing streak against the bears this weekend. >> by doing
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see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> more fallout tonight over what the nhl is admitting was
8:48 pm
a mishandling of assault claims from 11 years ago. former chicago blackhawks kyle beach says that he was assaulted by a team video coordinator. he says the team ignored his claims because they did not want to distract from winning a championship healy besa to explains how the league is now handling the investigation. >> i was scared. mostly i was fearful. i had my. >> career threatening this week was the first time former blackhawks player kyle beach publicly step forward saying he was sexually assaulted by video coach brad aldrich back in 2000, 10 and that the blackhawks failed to address the issue after bringing it up to several people within the organization that made me feel like nothing. >> it made me feel like our didn't exist. it made me feel that i was an important according to an investigation commissioned by the franchise. the chicago blackhawks. >> mishandled allegations that
8:49 pm
aldridge sexually assaulted beach during the team's stanley cup run in 2000. 10 beach responded to the findings on canadian television a day of many emotions. i cried a smile cried. some more. just a great feeling of relief vindication and it was no longer. my word against everybody else is now stan bowman, chicago's general manager and president of hockey operations has resigned. >> al mogg isaac one of the team's top hockey executives is also out. >> and the implications stretch beyond chicago, florida coach joel quinn. bill was slated to meet with nhl commissioner gary bettman yesterday. >> and winnipeg general manager kevin cheveldayoff also planning to talk to the commissioner next week. >> that was keely be sun reporting tonight after meeting with commissioner gary bateman quinn d-ill resigned as coach of the panthers.
8:50 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> one of the biggest sporting events in the world. no doubt could be coming to the bay area, key members of fifa, which is the international governing body of football. we call it soccer here are in town and they're considering levi stadium as the host site for the 2026 world cup. this is all still in the planning stages. so nothing is certain the u.s. will host the biggest games of the match that is certain. but the question remains what cities. well, actually have games there due to the pandemic. the delegation says they have seen plans for levi stadium but tomorrow it will be a chance actually walk around and see for themselves what the place looks like. we'll check out the pitch. the locker rooms media area basically every inch of the stadium to see if it's good for them. besides the bay area in this round. the delegation is looking at
8:51 pm
arenas in kansas city. cincinnati dallas denver, houston and seattle. the delegation expects to make a decision sometime next year. now to the niners who are in chicago this weekend hoping to snap a four-game losing streak and doing that maybe just go a little bit easier. one of the deal with one of the bears best players pro bowl linebacker. >> khalil mack. remember this guy, the sack specialist former raider has been ruled out with a foot injury. but chicago won't get any sympathy from the niners who have seen their season completely derailed in part by injuries. we have defensive lineman jay van kinlaw who just hasn't seemed to be able to stay healthy since he was drafted. he's now going miss the rest of the season. head coach kyle shanahan says the former first-round pick high in the first round. underwent knee surgery earlier this week. but shanahan says he's optimistic
8:52 pm
that kinlaw will still be a big part of the team's future. mister force book that right. speaking of the team's future, shanahan was once again asked about the quarterback situation. everybody talks about that one. you'll remember after the colts loss, perhaps he said that they don't go into that matchup. think in the jimmy garoppolo, which is one bad game away from losing his job will today. shanahan was asked if we're now just one bad game away from seeing the rookie. trey lance takeover. and here's what coach had to say. >> i i would never answer a question like you guys can ask a 1000 different ways. i don't think like that. you know, try to get our team out of this losing streak with have 4 losses in a row. >> we talk or down this week are trying to get our guys back and we'll go to chicago to play as good as we can. you play good. you play bad. you review the tape after the gaming on monday and tuesday in trying to make decisions about when >> i can answer that question.
8:53 pm
it's worth noting that shanahan did say that trail is look good at practice and he's coming off a a sprained knee and they say lance will be the backup quarterback on sunday. pam, back to you. all right. grant coming up, halloween is just 2 days away why the scariest part of this year's scariest part of this year's when a truck hit my car, scariest part of this year's the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let ouri was hit by a car help yoand needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> with >> halloween. now just a couple days away. a lot of last minute costume shoppers
8:56 pm
and even some who thought they planned ahead having a hard time getting what they're looking for. yeah, it's a challenge. a lot of folks are facing because hhe nation was supply. chain issues are causing shortages of just about everything, including halloween supplies across the nation. jonathan is in los angeles county with more. >> yeah, i got a lot for hat. has it but i had to like take on the floor again. >> jackie is searching for the perfect joker costume for halloween. but this year. >> but not much nothing's really. there. she's not alone in that house. and luckily it were this online. it was like one of 2 that was left. turns out the spooky as part of halloween twenty-twenty one might just be the global supply chain slowdown on the ready to get out there and and be with one another again and have some fun. >> so, yes, we have a mad rush. nadia say t co owns adele's of hollywood costumes. the story's been in business more than 50 years but was forced to temporarily close for the first time last year due to the pandemic.
8:57 pm
>> say the inner staff are counting on this halloween to bring their numbers up or what are the suppliers telling you. >> they're basically most of most of it was delivered to us actually. but there are some things that are still stuck on the ship sen will not get here by halloween, which is unfortunate the ports of la and long beach of the nation's largest handling about 40% of incoming cargo for the u.s. but shipping delays labor shortages and other pandemic related problems have created a logjam that's affecting everything from costumes and toys. >> to building materials and electronics. experts say our stuff stuck in transit probably isn't moving any time soon. what are some of the most popular costumes this year. what people excited about the phillies costumes that get in venice songs had such a demand. the 50 wins. >> little lost out everybody wants to be a islands, which is interesting. that has been makes to does every in the we think that means i don't know.
8:58 pm
somebody doesn't like so this halloween you might just have to get creative to get super spooky. we can help you find will help you out. >> we'll find something. john familiar reporting there that story hits close to home. you know, because my casting hasn't arrived know of the lotus house is not in a good place gaston. well, i'm going to be a rat. look is gavin to snake and he wanted me to be a rat. so, you know, i i do it for the kids to wreck cast a rat cost him. but it that's the key over here. kron 4 news at 8. for news it 9 is next. what do i do. besides little tail and a piece of you don't have to improvise to thank you. grant thank 4 news at 9 given the go ahead. the fda. >> gives a stamp of approval to pfizer's covid-19 vaccine shot for kids, ages 5 to 11. >> how bay area doctors are
8:59 pm
reacting tonight in san francisco is now embracing a very busy weekend outside lands is happening at the moment at golden gate park. they're rocking it there. we're going to take you to check out its long-awaited music festival and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow he's standing by with the hakloween weekend forecast. keep
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