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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 29, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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palisades will be open on fridays through sundays. sounds like a lot of fun. eat on wallace shows us what you can expect when he hit the slopes. >> jacob fields hit the slopes today, something he never thought he'd be able to do so early in the year halloween has even happened yet. so like it's kind of like mind blowing like skiing already. he was among thousands of grateful writers who came here to palisades tahoe for the resorts grand opening marking just the 3rd time in its 72 year history that it opened in october. that was made possible thanks to mother nature. the storm this week left upper elevations with 3 and a half feet of snow it looks pretty actually like the stuff that people are skiing like everything that's been groomed elects killer like some off the stuff looks keyable, too. some stuff. the resort originally planned to open 3 runs today. but thanks to hard work from crews. they've actually open 7 runs, as you can imagine, that's led
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to happy writers writers of all ages, including 6 year-old jack blockers to his brother alder. i was like going fast, having fun. what he liked about game >> it's fun. ready to hit the slopes. hope. i'm ready. i'm so ready. and so was david murray. he got here before sunrise and was the first in line. i just got up before dawn came over from hanging out in life. you know, it's going to be 60 degrees and sunny up there. it's going to be like the last day of the season. >> it's going to be great. great as well for the local economy to open this early means we've got to bring a lot of employees back on a month earlier than we would so that's really great. and the resort continues to hire as attendance is only expected to grow. this not be my last time. this season of the here nearly every day. the season already off to a solid start olympic valley, a ton >> and mammoth mountain are also opening today. morial says this is 3 weeks earlier
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than they originally planned. thanks a lot of the snowfall. it is the earliest boreal has opened in a decade. all guests need to buy tickets or passes before they arrive and it is a snowy start. a mammoth mountain to the folks there say it is one of the snowiest october is on record with 32 inches of snow on the ground. this is only the 10th time. that it has opened in october. mammoth mountain is open from top to bottom with summit access. >> time now for 4 zone forecast and yes, snow is a good sign for yeah. allar as phyllis in. yeah, we're going to get more of a 2 as we head throughout the weekend into next week. we've got a series storms that will affect least. the higher peaks down below. think lake level in tahoe, you're probably talking about some rain, but up above about 7500 feet. you can see a lot of snow up across the mountain tops once again. but the roadways are open unclear right now. if you want to head up there. we're looking good tonight and for the better part of the day tomorrow. there's a weak system coming in. but a partly cloudy skies for tomorrow. temperatures going to be the 50's overnight lows hovering in the 30's. so
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chilly by night. and then you see that storm system coming in on monday bringing with it. some showers at lake level. but producing some snow across the many of the ski resorts up in the tahoe area. we're looking at dawn on shore flow returning the bay area that will bring with him or the spooky looking clouds and fog moving along the coast line temperatures kind of all over the map right now. you've got the fog toward the coastal and mid 50's in half moon bay. it is still 74 degrees in live or live. more. very nice evening there. 73 in san jose tomorrow's temperatures with a chance some scattered showers, 1560's in the san francisco 50's and low 60's along the coastline. as you get inside the bay 61 degrees in millbrae 62 in burlingame. so noticeably cooler around the bay area tomorrow morning and occasionally you may see a raindrop is not going to be a rain out. but i keep that umbrella handy with you, especially near the coastline and north of the golden gate bridge that you're better chance to see some of those raindrops about 70 degrees in antioch for tomorrow about 58 degrees in stinson beach and 61 in 7 summit next couple of
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days. we'll see some changes coming our way few spooky looking clouds on halloween but should remain dry rain returns on monday. more chain rain on the way as we head toward the middle of next week. thank you, lawrence. in developing news tonight, the armorer in charge of guns on alec baldwin's film rest is now breaking her silence. >> following the deadly on-set shooting of the film cinematographer through her attorneys. 24 year-old hannah gutierrez-reed says she is devastated and she has no idea where the real bullets came from that were loaded into the gun that when office baldwin rehearsed a scene killing holy ala na hutchens and wounding the director. she says that the set safety would not have been compromised of live ammo were not introduced. she also blames production for safety lapses saying that she was actually hired to do 2 jobs on the film preventing her from focusing solely on her duties as an armorer. so far no one has been charged in this case. >> in national news, the u.s. supreme court will hill will
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hear oral arguments on monday and a pair of cases challenging the texas law which bans nearly all abortions after the 6th week of pregnancy today. doctors in texas shared stories about what is at stake. if this law remains in effect, our washington, dc correspondent anna wiernicki has more. >> on monday, the 9 supreme court justices will hear oral arguments about texas is restrictive abortion law. the law bans abortions starting about 6 weeks into pregnancy and is enforced through civil lawsuits against anyone who helps a person get an abortion case. the person with a status with a lethal anomaly. such a severe spinal or a heart it's not compatible with life. >> these cannot be diagnosed. it's 6 weeks. doctor nancy been for has bg why. and in austin since 1998, she says for many of her patients the texas mall is dangerous. should they have to go to another state to get health
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care. should they have to endure a high-risk pregnancy to and die. and doctor harold miller says the law will force texans to turn to unsafe methods that kind of unsafe risky that kill my patients. >> nearly 50 years ago and will likely kill many more in the future in united states be texas. the justice department argues allowing the law to remain in effect would quote, perpetuate the ongoing repairable injury to thousands of texas women who are being denied their constitutional rights state officials defending the law say they can't be sued because the law is enforced by private citizens, not the state. >> in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> new york attorney general letitia james is running for the state's governor. she announced her candidacy on twitter today saying, quote, i'm running for governor of new york because they have the experience vision and courage to take on the powerful on behalf of all new yorkers.
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james is the first woman elected as new york's attorney general and the first black person to serve in that role. she recently oversaw an investigation into harassment allegations against former governor andrew cuomo that ultimately led to his resignation. cuomo's. then lieutenant governor kathy hochul is currently serving as the state's governor. new york's gubernatorial election is set for november of next year. >> coming up, honoring our veterans ahead of veterans day today we are hearing from a bay area woman who served in the vietnam war. >> the coolest location in the world for fast food restaurant right here in the bay area. we will take you to pacific a check it out.
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>> on the peninsula. fast food restaurant has been recognized as the, quote, coolest location in the world. according to business insider the taco bell cantina in pacifica is ranked number one among a list of the 5 coolest taco bell locations in the world. taco bell has more than 7,000 locations worldwide. the pacifica location has served for vibes and sits right on the beach in lawrence karnow goes there. it has a walk-up window and is served alcohol. e-mails that you and just a few days ago in the same location at the beach. our reporter charles clifford
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stumble upon a wedding there. as you can see, the restaurant, it set up bottles of wine, flowers outdoor heaters since charles posted these pictures on twitter. a lot of people have repliep saying that this is a good spot for a wedding the views are incredible heading to the south bay now shoppers. you may want to you'll have a new option. if you're buying in bulk, a new costco could soon be coming to san jose's west side of town. costco's proposed a store in the west gate west shopping center. >> located at the corner of prospect, road and saratoga avenue. costco plans to submit a proposal for a 160,000 square foot urban warehouse center in early november. if the project moves forward costco would replace the old orchard supply hardware building. the current ethan allen. also goodwill smart and final buildings among others. >> still ahead, there's a chance that the 2026 world cup could come to the bay area. the fifo now touring levi
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stadium and more. who are those other competitors. and if you are hanging out the coolest talk about the world. how about
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>> 2026 world cup may hold some of its pivotal games at levi stadium, at least that's the hope of bay area official is sure is key members of the foot of the international governing body of football soccer. our intel, they plan
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to to really buy stadium on saturday couple assess what ended a news conference today with the delegation that's in town. she joins us live from the fairmont hotel in san francisco with more. theresa. >> well, the delegation met with 3 mayors of the bay area today they're very excited to actually be able to go to levi stadium which that tour will take place on saturday. now, all of this a lot is at stake. of we're talking about. everything looking at the world cup in 2026. take a look at this. this, of course, is video from the last world cup, which is very exciting news for all those people who love to watch football but not of course, american football. but the other football right now, everything is in the planning stages for the world cup of 2026 united states will host that biggest games of the match up. but the question remains what cities will actually play host. how did the pandemic, the delegation
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says that they have seen plans for levi stadium. but tomorrow it will be a chance to walk around and see for themselves the stadium, the forty-niners president spoke about what this could mean for the bay area so much revenue could come in as well as the prestige to hold such an international event. we also heard from the delegation about what it will take to give the nod to the bay area. >> the best game has been one of the most successful outdoor venues in this country. generating over a billion dollars in economic impact. we're not done yet. so glad to have these 2 gentlemen, their delegation. everyone that supports the fa to bring the a% world's largest biggest tournament. to the san francisco bay area. we start with the pitch. we look at the dressing we look at the competition areas. >> and we know obviously for free for matches and world cup matches. >> hollywood place. the team's lineups high would bring the
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might. so we imagine if you like a world cup match in play that simulation through in terms of what we look at. we look at the media facilities, the broadcast facilities. we look at the sponsor. facilities. we are it's very the of the bay hosting a great event. you have a great stadium. we all we all know that. >> and obviously the passion of the area brings only 4 obviously american football that which is very obvious but also our football. >> so let's talk about the competition because of course we're talking about the world cup besides the bay area in this round. the delegation is looking at kansas city's cincinnati, dallas denver, houston, monterey and seattle. that's just a few. the cities that are being considered. the group said that they plan to make a big announcement about who wins sometime after the beginning of the air reporting live here in san francisco.
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i'm theresa stasi. back to you guys. >> all right, jerry, so thank you. well, we also have an update on the forty-niners. they are in the chicago area. this weekend hoping to snap a four-game losing streak. yeah, good luck to them and doing a that just got a little bit easier. that's the good news here. the bears will be without all pro linebacker khalil mack. he has been ruled out with a foot injury. but chicago's white kitten. any sympathy from the niners who have seen their season completely derailed by injuries. defensive lineman javan kinlaw who just has not seemed to be able to stay on the field since he was drafted and will miss the rest of the season. >> head coach kyle shanahan says for the former first round pick. he underwent knee surgery earlier this week, but he is optimistic that can law will still be a big part of the team's future. speaking of the team's future, a shanahan was also asked today if jimmy garoppolo. >> jimmy g is one bad game away from losing his starting
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job to trey lance. here's what the coach had to say. >> i i would never answer a question like you guys can ask a 1000 different ways. i don't think like that. you know, try to get our team out of this losing streak 4 losses in a row we talk or down this week are trying to get our guys back and we'll go to chicago in place because we can you play good. you play bad. you review the tape after the gaming on monday and tuesday and try to make decisions about when >> better play good the bad. all right. to safe back. a live look outside now on this friday, checking out at sfo. you can see a lot of fog out there tonight, but still pretty sparkly kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with some special events for this friday. yeah. a little halloween flair for this week's for fun things. as we've got. >> some big events happening. if you want to go check this out. how about halloween com? this is going to take place in dublin. that will be on halloween dress up in your favorite costume. get out there and have fun. they're going have a great time out
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there. howling for the best costume. you have some free trick or treats to in just a good time temperatures. there will be in the upper 60's that starts at 10 o'clock in the morning on halloween to expect those temperatures to stay mild. but of a breeze in the afternoon. this is a weekend event. this could be the bay area discovery museum in sausalito this the goblin jabri than that guy look cute. but yeah, we should see a chance of some light showers or sprinkles on saturday. if you're headed out that event us all starting at 9 o'clock in the morning. partly cloudy skies in the sunday should be dry on halloween and a bit of a breezy afternoon. well, how about this? dia de los muertos that takes place in oakland starting at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. the temperatures there expected to be in the mid 60's. they have a lot of festivities out there, some dancing, some trick or treating lots of food and some games for a family fun event should be nice out there as well on sunday to just a bit of a breeze toward the afternoon. don't forget this
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one. how about this is this the dog tobar fast. this going to be a fun event. yeah. all the pets going to be out there in mill valley that starting at 10:30am in the morning tomorrow may have a couple light sprinkles. so be prepared for that skies will be mostly cloudy temperatures could be running the upper 50's to low 60's for tomorrow. >> thank you, lawrence. all of that sounds like fun. well as veterans day approaches. we are honoring those who served our country in military service at home and abroad in the spotlight today, a veteran who served during the vietnam war. she is one of the few women to have served in the marine corps at the time. kron four's rob fladeboe has her story. >> i was in the first company of women to serve an it can. but some of those who deserve thanks for their service to our country is kathleen wright of santa clara, a former captain in the united states marine corps. every single woman ever was a volunteer. >> and we've been serving in the marine corps since 1918
6:52 pm
captain kathleen wright, retired from the marine corps after serving from 1964 to 1976. >> she was one of just 2000 women to wear the uniform during the vietnam war. >> we had a 182 captains. 22 of them were for naught. >> a rendezvous with kathleen recently at the veterans memorial in santa clara graced by the names of captain right. in many other veterans. she is honored, but it wasn't always that way. for vietnam era veterans. >> and a lot of not only never got thanked for their service. they were degraded because of their service that your spit on a reported blood on it was terrible. again times have changed for the better. >> but wright says it was a different world for women in the military in those days. the marines. >> male did not want the women and the poor. and they didn't make any secret of it. but if you perform. up to the same
6:53 pm
expectations are better than they did. they would respect you for it. >> despite being held to a higher standard right. through the ranks from admin clerk to computer systems at the pentagon that led to a long career later as an aerospace engineer back here in the bay area. if you don't know what in the world you want to do with your life. >> the militaries of the place ground game. and focus. >> probably wearing her women marines had bearing the medal. she earned. kathleen says she never misses an opportunity to thank her fellow veterans for their service. and as always, touched when someone says that to her, a veteran is a person. >> who wrote a check to the united states of america for any amount up to and including their life. and too many of >> and to all of friend semper fidelis. in santa clara. rob
6:54 pm
fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and to find more stories honoring our veterans. all you have to do is scan this qr code. we have a complete page on our website and this code will take you there. >> coming up, the u.s. capitol christmas tree is coming here to the bay area. we will tell you when and w
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a chance to see the u.s. capitol christmas tree. yeah. this comes as the christmas tree is selected from northern california. the bay area, one of the stops on its way to dc the people's tree event. it's free scheduled from 2 to 5 in the afternoon at the vallejo ferry terminal and you will see entertainment performance ornament making games and refreshment each year. the u.s. forest service alexa tree from one of the 154 national fars to display on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol building for the holiday season. this is the first time in a decade that the tree has come from california. and that's it for us for kron 4 news at 6. we'll be back at the 8, 00:10pm, tonight. see you then. have a nice evening.
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and protect against vision loss. >> here he is. >> would you blame for the shooting? >> exclusive, alec baldwin and wife today. and then breaking her silence, what the embattled rookie armorer is saying that now. then, she's free. the daughter who spent seven years in prison for stuffing her mother's body into a suitcase during vacation is being deported back to the usa. plus, the bug bandits. >> houses being fumigated for termites can be targeted by burglars. >> is a tv show giving bad guys a blueprin


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