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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news.
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>> that breaking news tonight is in the north bay where a pair of high schools will be closed tomorrow because of a threat. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus can has the night off. we just learned this news. the west sonoma county union high school district posted a message on its website. it reads, quote, we have received a threat against our schools this evening in an abundance of caution and on the advice of the sebastopol police department. we're canceling all classes and activities at west county high school in sebastopol and laguna high school in force. phil, tomorrow. friday, october 29th an investigation is currently underway by law enforcement and the school administration. we will update our community as we get more information, end quote. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates. but again, west county high in laguna high close tomorrow because of a threat. that's just a horrible thing to do. don't
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know what drove him to think that that was all right. i that was really >> i sad than angry. >> our other top story tonight. a stunning display of a hateful symbol at an east bay high school. the principal of pittsburg high confirms that photograph of the student posing in the racist outfit with other children is making the rounds on social media. the principal also says it was because of the day. there. kron four's. dan thorn has the story tonight from pittsburgh. >> if there's anything to take away from this other than not doing racist things or wearing racist things to school. it would be not caving to peer pressure pittsburg high school principal, todd whitmore says this student where the kkk costume the school over a dare. but some students are telling us that's not an excuse for racist behavior. >> concerning costume worn to school is upsetting and east bay community. a student was seen posing for pictures wearing a kkk outfit at pittsburg high school on wednesday, the school's
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principal says the student was acting out on a day there and they probably don't know how deep like the history is between like the kkk, what they do and they probably thought it was funny, but it's really not what drove him to think that that was all right. i don't think that it was a joke, but that's nothing to joke about this picture of the unnamed student has been making the rounds on social media. they were seen wearing the offensive attire for for periods before being stopped. courtney sims witness. the student walking the halls in the racist get up. i think it was shocking and i'm still not quite sure why he didn't even if it wasn't there really sad thing that happens. this is this like a predominantly black school pittsburg high school principal, todd whitmire sent a note to parents and the community about the incident saying in part, quote, as a school community, we are very disappointed and concerned with the actions of the student. >> we are committed to addressing what has occurred and are working with this student to help him recognize the harm his actions have caused. and just as importantly, the responsibility he has along
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with our school to help repair them. whitmire says the student will be put in a restorative justice program. some students believe the consequences should be harsher. i think expulsion for a very long suspension would be better because he's not going to learn from like 3 days. really think about it. the principal says the costume has been confiscated and the student and a family member have been met with. >> the other students that were seen posing in that photo are also being considered for the restorative justice program at the school reporting in pittsburgh. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, another east bay high school is also dealing with a controversial incident tonight. the president at de la sow in concord confirmed the 2 students there have been disciplined after a picture surfaced on social media showing them reenacting the murder of george floyd that photo depicts one student actually smiling as he kneels on another boy in what appears to be the matter in which former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin kneeled
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on george floyd before floyd's death. in a statement the school president says, quote, racist sexist homophobic or other degrading comments or actions are not isolated to our school community yet when situatiocs happen on our front door. it is uncomfortable to have to confront the reality that despite best efforts more work is needed, end quote. the president would not confirm what kind of punishment the students received. studens age 12 and older in the oakland unified school district will have to be vaccinated against covid by january. the first the school board of education finalized. that deadline late last night. >> students who do not get the shot and are not granted an exemption will have to transfer to end dependence study. those who did not transfer will be an enrolled from the district despite some concerns over vaccine equity in the district. a spokesperson tells us all of the students will be given the same opportunity to get the
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vaccine. >> this isn't requiring kids to do this. this is about ensuring that everybody understands that the best way for us to move forward to get out of his current situation install the vaccine. >> a covid outbreak shut down classes at montclair elementary school earlier this year. the new mandate does not apply to students younger than age 12 oakland unified now joins a growing list of bay area school districts, which will also require the covid vaccine students in the west contra costa district must be fully vaccinated by november 15th. the deadline is november 17th and piedmont. december, 17th and hayward and january. the 3rd for berkeley unified students. there has been a covid outbreak at berkeley high school. several people tested positive it's not clear whether the outbreak is among the students, the faculty or among both. four's ella sogomonian is in the studio tonight with what we know so far l a.
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>> pam 7 tests came back positive this morning at berkeley high school and those people were sent home where they will stay until it's safe for them to return 6 people who contracted covid are tied to the school's sports program. the berkeley unified school district released a statement saying that they notified hundreds of close contact to these cases and notified the school community about the outbreak during which public health can require additional safety protocols like in this case public health has asked some people on campus to get more testing and both rapid antigen and pcr tests which were provided immediately today antigen tests came back negative for the rest of the population and pcr test results will take between 4872 hours. these tests will be provided again on monday. that's because b usd schools are closed tomorrow for parent teacher conferences. it was actually a pre planned closure on related to this outbreak. back to you. ella, thank you for that report. we also say new tonight in and out burger
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has closed indoor dining at all. of its locations in contra, costa county because of the vaccine mandate there. >> county health officials confirmed today the restaurants will only be offering takeout and drive-thru from now on which do not require vaccine verification originally only the pleasant hill location had his indoor dining suspended for violating the county health order in and out has been very public about its refusal to enforce the mandate, calling it government overreach. the costa county health department has now hounded out more than $2000 in fines to in and out locations. >> which have not enforced the county's vaccine mandate. you have the pleasant hill location, which is been fined more than $1700 that's the most san ramon and pinole in announce have been fined. $250 each. the pittsburgh in and out has received a warning. so far no fines there. however, in a knot in and out. is not the only business in contra.
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costa county that has been fined for not checking customer's vaccination status. we've also learned that lump these diner here in antioch has been fined. 750 bucks enough and rockers in concord was fined 2.50 health officials say there are no plans to change the county's vaccine mandate for the foreseeable future. >> well, san francisco transit riders operators and advocates rallied in front of the municipal transportation agency building today they were demanding a full restoration of all service lines. many of those lines have been cut since the beginning of the pandemic. well, for sale of the second joins us live now from our newsroom on the effect of the cuts and how the agency might actually bring back service sooner than expected. taylor. while the mta has made moves towards more cuts. city leaders say they're now making headway with the transit agency. >> in a reversal decision to bring back some of its lines by early next year. supervisor dean preston says it's all
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thanks to community organization and rallies like the one held today. >> on thursday, unity, riders operators and transit advocates. lead in san francisco for the municipal transportation agency to store all of its lines that have since been cut during the pandemic supervisor. dean preston who represents district 5 says cuts in service have had tremendous impacts for residents had folks from japan town talking about seniors trying to get a 2 in from japan town in the is just a huge you know, we've also heard from folks over at hospitals at saint mary's at ucsf. >> don't have the number 6 number 21 each of these bus lines there for a reason. you know that some of these have been here over a 100 years in a they connect our communities to grocery stores pharmacies hospitals school pressing claims that mta's been trying to eliminate lines and consolidate service to save on
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costs. >> however, he says the board is now starting to listen seems like mta has started to hear the concerns and they just recently announced a proposed plan that would bring back not all the but many of them and really restore a lot of service. it's a huge step it's a reversal from mta have been doing in refusing to commit to bring those lines back, some very encouraging me in my district. the number 6 line the number 21 the 2. >> are all scheduled to come back now starting february 2022. this comes as the transit agency announced on wednesday. it is temporarily suspending some short line services, including these lines up on your screen due to employees who are still not vaccinated. >> sfmta director jeffrey tumlin writes, quote, vaccines are safe and the best way to protect the public are workers and their families are preparing to minimize service impacts as the mandate takes effect monday, the suspension in short line rights goes into effect on monday, november
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1st. >> well, sfmta will have to suspend some of its services due to operators not being vaccinated supervisor. dean preston emphasizes that this is not the reason for all the cuts in service previously. he says ridership is up and more san franciscans are getting back to work. so restoring these lines will be crucial for the transportation of the city. live from the newsroom. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. all right, taylor, thank you. >> well, happening tomorrow, the outside lands music festival is back to san francisco's golden gate park organizers put the finishing touches on the festival today. more than 200,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event. it was canceled last year because of the pandemic. everybody attending the festival will need to either prove they are fully vaccinated or provide a negative covid test within 72 hours of attending local health. experts say these protocols should prevent the festival from becoming a possible super spreader.
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>> they've been hit so hard recently with delta. we have the combination of both natural immunity and vaccine unity that will make it a little bit safe. are we just feel very grateful that we're here able to do this and create this thing that hopefully people in the bay area can really enjoy and be proud of. >> organizers say another hurdle this year. besides covid was last weekend's historic rainfall in the city and they say now they are hoping for blue skies this weekend. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the weekend forecast don't forget halloween. yeah. halloween. that's the really big one, too. but yeah, this weekend we're going to notice some changes, of course, just a gorgeous day today. lots of sunshine and temperatures above the average tomorrow we're going to notice a few clouds begin to move in some patchy fog overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. then a couple mid to high level clouds. >> kind of streaming across our skies. but look at the numbers today 74 degrees in san francisco for a high 74 also in oakland 79 in san jose. beautiful 76 in lemore
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77 conquer. one of the warm spots 81 in santa rosa. the rain line is moved to the north, at least for the short term. and that's bringing some heavy rain up toward the pacific northwest where kitchen a nice dry weather. now. they continue to see those showers rotating through there. that's good news for us. so tomorrow looks like we'll be dry numbers outside right now we're in the 50's and the 60's. so if you're going outside lands tomorrow plan on some patchy fog in the morning and some cooler temperatures will see it right here as we take you through the night tonight. those mid to high level clouds begin to move across the sky and see that fog gather along the coastline. so that will usher in some cooler weather tomorrow. not going to see those offshore winds that warmed us up more clouds on the way as we get in the weekend as well. in fact, there's as weak little system that may just rotate in that could change everything for tomorrow, though, are enjoying some sunshine and a mix of clouds temperatures. the mid 70's about 75 degrees in livermore about 71 in the napa valley. and you look about 74 degrees in san jose along the coastline to find a mixture 50's 60's this weekend. now
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we're going to see a change. there's a slight chance of showers come late friday night and into saturday. most that near the coastline and most of the north of the golden gate bridge. >> all right. thank you lawrence. will now to the east bay where alameda county will soon be the latest in the bay area to loosen is indoor mask restrictions as long as everybody president is fully vaccinated. those settings include gyms and offices and religious gatherings but not bars or restaurants in. our gayle ong is live in pleasanton tonight with details gayle, how are folks feeling about that. >> well, i did speak to a bunch of people. they have mixed views on that. but of course, as you mentioned, bars and restaurants still have to wear the mask. when you come in. but health experts say that this mask mandate is for controlled settings that where people can show proof of vaccination and this will also give us a glimpse of what post-pandemic will look like. >> sandy brennan is open to
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the idea of not wearing a mask in class if teams that i breathe and sometimes. but. >> it will be a relief, but it will be a relief knowing that majority of the people on many of the people who attending the gym. i'm vaccinated that rule could change at her gym on monday when alameda county's new health order takes effect. the county announcing thursday. it will scale back on mask requirements in certain indoor settings where everyone is fully vaccinated not out of the woods. i still up a time for caution, but but certainly these of small for of fully vaccinated. people. >> are reasonable county health officer doctor nicholas ma says eligible settings include gyms and fitness centers employee commuter vehicles and regular organize setting such as religious gatherings. no more than 100 people can be present. a similar model to other counties like san francisco, marin and contra. costa. >> who have eased mask mandates pretty high vaccination rates. now in
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alameda county our case, rates have come down quite a bit. their peak and the soft part. >> waived to adult away and we know that a vaccine really reduces the risk of infection quite a bit of course, reduces the risk of severe known as well. brandon is looking forward to possible changes in her fitness class. she says for now she will keep it safe. >> i don't feel comfortable removing my math, although i would love to remove it, i'm not comfortable because i don't know vaccinated and who's not. >> alameda county health officials are worried about a winter wave, but that's particularly among those who are not vaccinated and they hope that this new mask rule. we'll push people to get the covid vaccine live in pleasanton. gayle ong kron 4 news still working through the rules. all right. thank you, gayle. meanwhile, the vallejo city council has extended that city's mask mandate indefinitely. >> the mandate requires everybody over the age of 4 to wear a mask in indoor public
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spaces. the city's decision goes against solano county where layaways which has declined to implement a mask mandate. officials say the mandate will remain until there is a change in the county's covid transmission rates. >> other news tonight we are learning more about a shooting that shut down and oakland freeway during yesterday's rush hour commute. the chp says about 5 o'clock in the evening. a driver was shot on the 98th avenue on-ramp to interstate 5.80, in oakland. the driver then drove westbound near the macarthur boulevard off-ramp and that's where he died and caused a major traffic backup for hours. the shooting is still under investigation. not a lot of information available. but anyone who has any information on this incident is asked to contact police. >> woodbury lawmaker says he is writing a bill that would ban live ammunition and real guns on movie sets in california. the legislation is a clear response to the
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tragedy in new mexico where actor alec baldwin was reportedly handed a loaded gun which went off during rehearsals. the cinematographer. there wasu killed. the director injured state senator dave court as he of san jose says the bill is a matter of workplace safety. i think there's plenty of ways to, you know, to take the lie firearms off the actual said get him away from these crowds of of crews that are working on the sets. what we're doing is kind of funding rules that may have been ignored. >> former senate og rougher and san jose state professor harry mcdyess as existing safety measures are adequate assuming they're being followed. he agrees with the live ammo ban but a ban on real guns he says would hurt creativity well, accidents are incredibly rare. senator cortez, he says he hopes the bill will lead to a new set of safety standards involving
10:20 pm
guts. >> a big announcement from facebook today. the social media giant is changing its company name to metta the company effect is already changed the sign outside the menlo park headquarters. as you see here, the social media network itself will still be called facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says that the re branding is meant to reflect the company's growing ambitions be on social media. the name comes from the sci-fi term metaverse which facebook has adopted to describe his vision for working and playing in a virtual world. skeptics have been quick to criticize this move as really an attempt to distract from the recent negative facebook headlines. it is time for us to adopt a new company browned to encompass everything. >> that we do. to reflect who we are and what we hope to build instead of acknowledging in very explicit terms. all the negative publicity in the reasons for that negative
10:21 pm
publicity facebook is very much decided to leave everything behind and go forward and you can see that in the name change meadow, which means beyond. >> the controversy comes after facebook whistleblower frances hogan revealed how the company allegedly found it more profitable to ignore and downplay internal warnings of the negative and often harmful consequences of its algorithms on young people on nations, dealing with political strive and much more. meanwhile on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle appear to agree on a growing issue that social media. >> is becoming a breeding ground for violent extremism during the senate's homeland security hearing today. a panel of experts pleaded with lawmakers to prevent violent rhetoric from spreading online. they're calling on congress to require social media companies like facebook and you tube to be transparent about how they spread information on their platforms. some lawmakers say they want to remove some
10:22 pm
protections for social media companies. the attack after attack. >> there are signs that social media platforms played a role in exposing people to increasingly extreme content. so many lives will be lost. the 4 big tech puts people over profit. >> lawmakers have promised more hearings to investigate the role social media platforms playing violent extremism. >> president joe biden has arrived in rome, but the g 20 summit to address the pandemic and economic growth. this after trying to get all 50 democrats in the senate behind his legislative agenda before leaving for europe today the president went to capitol hill to implore democrats to get on board with his nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending bill. but as kron four's, washington correspondent basil john reports now lawmakers are still deeply divided despite the president's latest announcement. >> progressive democrats are
10:23 pm
still on the fence about whether to proceed stark economic framework. president joe biden's latest pitch for his build back better plan features a much lower price tag. so framework that will create millions of jobs grow the economy invest in our nation and our people. the one 0.7 5 trillion dollars. social spending bill cuts out some of the initial promises. no one got everything they wanted, including me. but that's what compromises. that's consensus. however, house progressives say they are not comfortable proceeding until they know for sure that moderate senate democrats will sign on. he said he's confident he can get the votes. it wasn't. i think. >> it wasn't clear whether the 2 senators have committed to vote of those 2 together and we don't have that. because this is not this coming today. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says she expects democrats to support the president after reviewing the bill's text.
10:24 pm
we'll see what consensus emerges from that. but we're really very much on the past house republican leader kevin mccarthy says this process shows nothing but incompetence when the white house rushes out a framework hours before the president comes to the hill. you know, they are desperate and just grasping for straws reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> political analysts say getting a deal done will be critical for democrats because according to a new poll from the associated press. only 41% of americans now approve of president biden's handling of the economy that's compared to 49% who approved back in august. meanwhile, former new york governor andrew cuomo is facing new allegations tonight, a new criminal complaint refers to an incident from last december. >> it accuses cuomo of forcibly putting his hand under a woman's shirt and grabbing her over brive cuomo is formally charged the crime of forcible touching carries a maximum sentence of one year
10:25 pm
in jail. the former governor resigned in august following several allegations of assault and harassment cuomo has not commented on this complaint that was brought by his former administrative assistant. but he previously denied ever crossing the line with any woman. >> state lawmakers are considering making changes to california's recall election process. they held a hearing today less than 2 months after the state spent about 300 million dollars on an attempt to recall governor newsom from office and attempt which failed significantly. secretary of state shirley weber says recall efforts are growing more popular in california, especially at the local level. she has the process needs to be a lot more balanced. that's what we're looking at. the fact that it has helped more tease to it. that led to but no matter what we do perform with the recall. >> should not be a partisan issue. lawmakers plan to hold
10:26 pm
more hearings on this issue. and a major changes to the recall process would be up to voters ultimately to decide. >> tough night for the a's and their fans who may or may not be rooted in oakland now after 11 seasons and more wins than any other manager in a's history. bob melvin is moving on. he's going to be the new manager of the san diego padres. what makes this especially surprising is that the a's had already picked up. bob melvin's option on his contract for next season. so he was under contract. but the padres recently fired their manager and they subsequently asked the a's organization if they could interview bob melvin for there. managerial opening and for some reason the a's brass said sure. clearing the way for melvin and the padres 2 agree on a 3 year contract. it's a huge blow for oakland melvin. a fan favorite has been a consistent presence in the dugout for more than a decade and he's
10:27 pm
been successful. not a ton to work with the times leading the club to 7 winning seasons during his tenure along with 3 american league west titles. melvin's 853 winds. give him the most of any manager since the ball club moved to oakland. >> still ahead tonight at 10, a warning about a ticking time bomb why you can expect to see more of these creepy little bugs in the days ahead. and it's not real candy, not even from the dispensary. the warning from attorney general rob bonta on some new and. >> dangerously misleading cannabis products and a mid air act of violence landing a passenger in handcuffs, possibly facing charges and future flying restrictions. details on the. >> inflight assault next. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me?
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>> new tonight at 10, a developing situation in los angeles tonight. you see the action here, 300 passengers had to self evacuate from and la x terminal and on to the airfield after reports of a person there with a gun. one person was taken into custody during the security incident. police say there is no threat now and no active shooter at the airport. there are reports of minor injuries due to people scrambling off the plane. the faa has grounded some flights. the tsa is now helping get those passengers back into the terminal. >> american airlines is calling it one of the worst
10:31 pm
displays of unruly behavior it has ever one of his planes, a flight heading to southern california was diverted after a man allegedly punched a flight attendant in the face breaking her nose. chip yost has the story. >> once again. an airline passengers being investigated on allegations of assaulting an airplane crew member. this latest incident happened wednesday on a flight from jfk airport in new york to john wayne airport in orange county in mid flight. the plane made an unplanned landing in denver surprising passengers. h'm halfway through the flight off the lights came on and the captain asked her to able-bodied men to come to the front, likely is like alarming. >> no we're going to make an emergency landing in denver based off of the flight attendant said i'm she said that the flight attendant was punched in the face twice and her nose was broken. so she needed to get up and go to a hospital and the police got it
10:32 pm
on an arrest man in denver. the passenger believed to be involved was escorted off of the plane by law enforcement officers. in a statement, american airlines said we are outraged by the reports of what took place on board acts of violence against our team members will not be tolerated. this behavior must stop and aggressive enforcement and prosecution of the law is the best deterrent numbers from the faa show. these types of incidents have skyrocketed over the last year between 2006 2000, 20 the most unruly passenger incidents investigated by the faa in any given year was 183 so far this year. there have been more than 900 such incidents investigated. there have been so many cases since the beginning of the pandemic that earlier this year, the faa announced. >> a 0 tolerance policy and also started a pr campaign that included means like this letting people know just how
10:33 pm
much they could be fined for such incidents. now, as far as that flight attendant. we have gotten an update from a flight attendant association saying that she has been released from a hospital in denver and that she did suffer a broken bones to her nose and face reporting outside john wayne airport. i'm chip yost. >> just gorgeous day around the bay area. looking good right now. but we've got some more storms lined up out there. we'll try and time those out for you with your tenet him. coming up next. and despite some destruction across the bay area last weekend's big rainstorm was largely welcomed. health officials say the drought conditions in the bay area have been proved.
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>> the recent storms across the bay area. sure have helped the drought situation, especially in the north bay yeah. over the weekend about 18 inches of rain fell sections of marion county. >> that means that the u.s. drought monitor is now indicating are in and most of sonoma counties have moved from exceptional drought conditions to extreme drought still difficult, though, even with those are in water. district officials stress the drought is not over and they are still encouraging residents to always conserve. >> and we need to continue to conserve water and use it as efficiently as we can. we really can't predict what will have a reservoir is back up to average storage and we need to
10:37 pm
stay the course and continue to use water as wise as we can. >> the water district is also moving forward with a 90 million dollar plan to build a pipe, a water pipe across the richmond. sandra fell bridge that pipe could be used to move water into marion county. if the drought conditions continue and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now, obviously we've got a nice little boost. a big bush. this weekend. but it doesn't really matter if it doesn't rain again, this one. that's right. took us a while to get into this position, right. we're not going to get out of it from just one or 2 storms is going to take a while. so. >> now we're catching a little bit of a break. we really needed. everything was so saturated you start to see the some of the flooding problems. now we saw some sunshine today and temperatures above the average up in the 70's. the rain line has moved to the north. you can see headed all the way of the pacific northwest. they continue to see the raindrops falling in their neighborhoods in the seattle and portland. they get plenty of rain is moisture continues to stream on shore. we're catching a break here now on the other side of the
10:38 pm
country. speaking of our storm. here it is now our generally move from west to east, though modifies the go across the rockies. lot of times they'll start to pick up some moisture out of the south out of go from there you go. producing more thunderstorms and tornadoes today. today was focusing more toward florida over the next couple of days. it focuses more on the northeast. it is going to slide up in that direction and bring with it some heavy rainfall in fact, we're seeing in and on shore. coupled with a high tide and some problems with some coastal flooding. there going to see a high tide, maybe 5 feet or so along the coastal sections there across the northeast. and here you go. that storm system rotating in bringing some heavy storms. look at those storms. i think we're going to see some more severe weather into friday and saturday with the possibility of more tornadoes across the northeast outside right now. beautiful shot of golden gate bridge as we're looking at mostly clear conditions, although there's a hint of going to see a little more fog developing overnight tonight. a few more clouds coming our way. but temperatures pretty comfortable outside right now 65 in san jose 63 in a word,
10:39 pm
63 in oakland. 64 degrees in san francisco tonight. a few more clouds on the way with some patchy dense fog, some of the cloud deck that's going to form along the ocean begin to move inside the bay. that's going to be right at the surface and then tomorrow make sure sunshine some clouds a little bit cooler that is slight chance of showers late friday night and into saturday. so we've got a storm system off the coastline. kind of a weak system that's trying to run, right. that ridge of high pressure and start to break down a little bit. the one thing it will do. little flatten out that ridge some and that means our temperatures are going to cool a little bit and then that low's going start to swing into the bay area. but the long-range forecast this were looks promising. we hate to see a big dome of high pressure develop a big blocking ridge and just sit there along the west coast and really shut off the rain. doesn't look like it's going to happen. in fact, that ridge is going to continue to migrate eastward. there you go. there's that slight chance of showers coming in tomorrow night into saturday morning then a more impressive storm system moving in come i think and even better storm, possibly the middle of next week. the timing on this one
10:40 pm
beginning to move up a little bit of drizzle. we're talking about maybe thursday now may move in as early as wednesday. that should be a nice rainmaker across the entire bay area. all right, lawrence, thank you. well, the heavy rain that we got earlier this week has sparked what scientists are calling a potential ticking time bomb. >> it's not uncommon to find ticks this time of year when it's typically warmer and more humid when it hit buys, it latches on it. blood for 3 to 4 days, allowing it to grow in size before it drops off. and while the bite itself is unpleasant. what's more concerning is the disease that those little books can spread. >> that is that beyond just the irritation of the fight itself. as they can transmit diseases like lyme disease and go out most us or them. people are asking fever and so it's something to be aware of. you can get rid of the tick in time that you have a would chance of getting as a disease transmitted to you. and so therefore you can avoid good. it looks.
10:41 pm
>> one way to avoid getting bitten is to wear bug repellent which contains deet always do a tick check before or after, i should say, being out in nature. check your body, check your clothes and check your pets. if a tick does bite, you remove it using forceps getting as close to the skin as possible and make sure to see a doctor immediately in case you need antibiotics. top executives of 6 major oil companies testified togethe- before congress today on climate change executives from exxon chevron, shell and bp told lawmakers climate change is real. humans helped cause it and they agree that burning fossil fuels is the main cause of climate change. the house oversight committee is investigating the industry's role in causing climate change and their effort to cover it up for decades. democrats say big oil companies have contributed to the climate crisis and covered it up. while republicans say congress
10:42 pm
should be helping these companies produce more. >> i bless chevron saying they're going to increase production. what what is the gentleman want $8 gasoline. >> i doubt it. the hearing comes at a critical time as president biden headed overseas today for a climate summit in europe in gas prices here at home. as we know continue to climb. today. governor newsom and us transportation secretary pete buttigieg. >> announced a new partnership to modernize california's shipping ports and hopefully prevent and a future delays in the supply chain. governor newsom says 5 billion dollars in loans will go toward increasing warehouse storage freight capacity and highway upgrades. well delays in unloading billions of dollars worth of cargo in southern california are at their worst in years. they have been increasing since 2000, 14. california. attorney general rob bonta in oakland today. he
10:43 pm
was warning consumers about cannabis infused edibles that are being packaged to look like popular food and candy products. take a look. he showed how some illegal and unregulated edibles are sold in packaging, which is almost identical to what cheetos and fruity pebbles and sour patch kids and doritos. he says california has recently seen an uptick in pediatric exposure children being exposed and icu visits related to cannabis, edibles. he's also reminding everybody the california does have a safe and legal cannabis market. >> still ahead tonight at 10, we continue our month long celebration of veterans in tonight's veterans voices. we will hear from eddie ferguson, a black man who overcame the jim crow to become a successful maybe diver and you wouldn't see this as the pandemic raged. but we're in a better spot now on our sports team is on the road will be
10:44 pm
live at chase center live the shark tank. big night for the local teams. jason and kylen are coming up. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
10:46 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> welcome to sports. we had a busy night in the bay area
10:47 pm
tonight. the warriors at home at chase center taking on the memphis grizzlies and of course the sharks at home at the sapd center taking on the montreal canadians. it's all quiet here. and sapd center. we had a nice crowd tonight. but unfortunately, the game did not go to sharks way. let's roll the highlights sharks coming out on the ice. they have lost 2 in a row coming into the night. 4, 2, on the season. we pick things up in the first period. mike hoffman lights. the lamp for the canadians that one is assisted by nick suzuki and grant who lacked. now go to the second period. canadian just kept the pressure on alexander romanov that one was sexist. by jonathan drew later in the power play goal. this time by brendan gallagher that was assisted by nick suzuki
10:48 pm
and josh, and this long night for the home team they go on to lose 4 to nothing. the sharks have now lost 3 straight games guess what? they have another go about it on saturday here at sapd center. they will take on the winnipeg jets. one of the night they 91. and tonight they wanted. but, you know, they have a lot more. this is team, a team that it didn't even play all that bad. you know what san jose. they had a lot of shots on goal. they just couldn't get it through the big problem for this team this year is there power play right now. they for 12 over the last 4 games in a power play. so that's something they'll have to clean up. but like i said, they are back home on saturday taking on the winnipeg jets as for the warriors, let's roll those highlights. the warriors taking on the grizzlies today and remember, memphis is a team that ended golden state
10:49 pm
season last year. so they had revenge on their mind, get this 12 years ago to the day, steph curry played in his nba debut way. he is age like fine wine. obviously one of the best players to ever. ever play this game. start off early curry came out hot. he had 14 points in the 1st quarter. 1st quarter. doing his best to help this team to were up by 10 here. john morant. he had 18 points in the 3rd quarter he is so good. he might be the best young point guard in the world. it was not pretty down the stretch. the grizzlies got their first league with 6.21 the warriors try to tie it. but damian leaves 3, just bounces off the rim memphis. they are like a thorn in the warriors side, they always beat them. one o 4, 1, o one hard fought win. let's hear from steve kerr after the game.
10:50 pm
>> just got a little crazy out there and i give them credit. they're on a back-to-back and. they came came in and 10. doug play defense and for some of those turnovers. but a lot of them were enforced you know, that's been our. kind of our our goal. all pre-season, all campbell early part of the season was too. to cut our turnovers down to really reasonable number. we've got to do a better job taking care of the ball. so it's a it's a good lesson for us and. got to learn from its early in the season. i'm confident that we we will learn it will get better. >> you would have thought about it looks a twitter that the sky was falling for the warriors. yes, they lost. yes, they continue to be plagued with turnovers. but this is still a pretty solid team. they'll be back in action. on saturday, just like the sharks or playing oklahoma city thunder. that's a team you want to play the want to
10:51 pm
bounce back and when, of course we will have all your coverage leading up to that game. but for now reporting live from the shark tank in live from the shark tank in san jose. i'm jason i was injured in a car crash. live from the shark tank in san jose. i'm jason i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> take a look at this members of the u.s. army took to the skies to compete in a skydiving competition in arizona. they share this video of the team known as the golden knights exiting their plane performing choreographed
10:54 pm
routines in a four-way formation of it. wow. this is amazing. the team finished 3rd in the competition of they 3rd man who finished first look at that's remarkable and the practice is remarkable. it's like. i think that it's a video. yeah. wow. okay. well, as we get closer veterans day next month. we're celebrating our heroes in uniform throughout our nation's history. yes. in the early 1960's, a black man could not even sit at the same table as a white man. but. >> he could enlist in the u.s. navy. regina mobley has more in tonight's edition of veterans voices. >> 77 years old. former navy frogman eddie for chris end is still a daredevil if he's not riding around virginia beach an to mean wheels. he's riding on did not want to join the army or marines or air force his trip started in 1961 when a 17 year-old from fort myers,
10:55 pm
florida. >> decided to join the navy on board the uss okinawa. he met a recruiter for the underwater demolition team and the newly minted seal team he barely passed the screening test when the time was time. >> it was 7 minutes and 29 seconds. finish in basic underwater, demolition seal training. he nearly drowned twice once penned with the trident in 1965 he had to make a decision. i chose to go to uni to rather then seal team seal teams are the ones that went to vietnam ferguson won't talk about missions but he will talk about a swim buddy who saved his life and down a little bit behind the power curve i breathe in. >> and there was no way i was getting an f. >> oxygen chief eddie ferguson retired from the navy in 1982 87 his son is producing a
10:56 pm
documentary titled 33 block frog the life story of chief petty officer at the ferguson for veterans voices. i'm regina mobley. >> to find more stories honoring our veterans. all you have to do is scan this qr code. we have a complete page on our website and this will take you there. now just in time for halloween these models recently walked down the catwalk in designs. >> fully crafted out of. chocolate. he says the famed paris chocolate fair. i love that wow. designers say the most difficult part of making address with is that it will eventually melt from the model's body temperatures. no word on if they were able eat whatever portion of the dress had melted yet once. they were done strutting their is that really amazing, though. and what will they think meeting
10:57 pm
atl the down the be folks around the bay area. tonight. we've got some mostly clear skies that's going to tomorrow. we've got some clouds rotating in though, kind of filter into tomorrow morning. >> then there's a slight chance we could see a little sprinkle as we head toward tomorrow night into early on saturday. so watch out for that otherwise. yeah. we've got a big change weather coming our way halloween looks good. we're going to see lots clouds roll on by then as we head in toward. >> monday and wednesday next week. here comes thank you, thank you for being with us tonight.
10:58 pm
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