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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  October 28, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now and we're talking about the weekend because we have a lot to look forward to. >> we have halloween maybe you're dressing up not to know what you're going to be spent. you can tweet us over your kron. let us know what's going to be wearing. and if you're not celebrating like a lot of my family heat, at least do the harvest festivals because a lot of them don't celebrate those holidays. but what every regardless of what you're going to celebrate. john shea will has covered and we're celebrating sunshine right definitely celebrating some sunshine, especially after some. >> rainfall that we did see. now we can actually enjoy that sunshine knowing that we are
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at least working their way into a wetter time of year and it does look like next week it's going bring a few more chances of rainfall. so especially enjoy the sunshine over the next couple of days. right now we are looking at clear skies right across the bay. berkeley hills camera show you those fog free conditions that we have over berkeley radar is showing some green down around the south bay. but it is going to be a dry one across the bay area exaggerating a little bit of a low cloud cover that we do have a cross for some of our south bay neighbors currently 50's and 60's for your current temperatures pacifica san francisco bodega bay among our warmer spots near the coastline in the low 60's pretty much everywhere else. the starting off this morning in the 50's and after this cool start, we are in for a really comfortable and pretty mild afternoon daytime highs climbing back into the mid 70's will spend yet another day tomorrow. a slightly cooler weekend just around the corner which all of the breakdown 4 in the rest your forecast back to rain down. thank you so much for that. all right. if you live in your
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house this morning. not tracking any major delays. >> on our highways heading from the east bay into the city just a little under 9 minutes. do. it does look like we have a traffic hazard on 80 westbound at that connector. but i'm looking at no red lines on the map. that means traffic is free flowing at this matter hour. let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes as you make your way across towards the peninsula, the richmond sandra fell commute. pretty nice and light for us as you're traveling at a richmond, a little under 9 minutes in the south bay is the only accident i see, but i see no delays. the air. that's highway 85 southbound great oaks boulevard looks like there are no delays. but there was a traffic collision there and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city this morning. our john, i'm going to tap you for this because.
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wow, have you ever seen anything quite like that. >> haven't seen anything that interesting little i have seen a dust devil pushing across a mile place in montana. but it didn't look like that. >> oh, my goodness. so terrifying moments caught on cell phone video as a tornado tears across a freeway in orange, texas, near the louisiana border. you can see transformers blowing up as the powerful storm crossed the for mean. this like a movie. the national weather service issued a tornado watch for the area. at least one person fortunately was injured. dozens of homes were damaged and many people were left without power as severe storms with tornadoes and high winds rolled across the region. well, back here at home, gas prices are continue to climb at the pump and the price per gallon has even higher than it was a few weeks ago. kron four's haaziq has more on that. if the price for a gallon of gas in the city of san francisco seems high even
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for san francisco. >> that's because it is in san francisco. the current price of regular gasoline is $4 and $0.75. we're talking record gas prices. the surprise that hasn't been seen ever. >> and as you can see, it's a mess of gas stations. the price for regular is even higher than for 75 this time last year. the price for a gallon was a mere $3.42 triple as well as person surgio of the wlex planes. how international market forces are impacting the cost of fuel here in the states right now. really what we're looking at. the price of crude oil. that's really driving the price of gasoline that not only is the bay area, but across the country. >> california has the highest gasoline prices in the country and the bay area owns the top price for fuel in the state. >> it tends to be the case around october in particular, california governor gavin newsome is keeping his eye a local incident at a refinery for any possible role. it may
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be playing the price jump at the pump here in the bay some refinery issues that are more situational that occurred because of the storm a few days ago. however, aaa spokesperson talked about why that is not likely in this case. if it's a then that could cause a if it's something a little more short term doesn't typically impact gas prices that much. >> we will hear directly from top executives from exxon bp chevron and shell when they testify thursday on capitol hill before a house hearing. they are expected to highlight the rise in gas prices and the global energy supply >> has he let run for news. >> stunning admission in the deadly movie set shooting. the assistant director says he did not check the gun before he handed that loaded weapon to alec baldwin. just why the gun was loaded. it was a real bullet remains at the center of that investigation. mary beth mcdade has the latest for us.
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>> i think the facts are a weapon was handed mister baldwin. the weapon is functional and fired. a live round killing miss auctions and injuring mister souza. >> the santa fe county sheriff give updates today about what they've learned so far. in the deadly shooting that occurred on the set of the western rust. he says they've collected 600 pieces of evidence including the gun. the film's star alec baldwin fired and the bullet. they believe he fired out of it, killing the cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring the director. joel souza. they also recovered additional live rounds on set right now. >> we're going to determine how those got there or why they were there because they shouldn't have done that. >> shares. investigators are looking into whether some crew members used the gun that killed hutchins for target practice with live ammunition the morning of the deadly shooting. there's a lot facts that are. >> that are floating around i would say factors may be facts and rumors that are floating around and it's our job to figure out if they're if they
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are facts are rumors, according to a search warrant released today. the armorer on the set. >> hannah gutierrez-reed told detectives she checked for dummy bullets the day the shooting to make sure there are no hot rounds and insisted no live ammo is ever kept on the set. this search warrant also reveals that assistant director david halls admitted he didn't properly checked the gun before saying it was a cold gun and handing it to baldwin to use. >> i think there was some complacency on this set at this point. the district attorney says it's too early in the investigation to see if baldwin, who's also a producer on the film or anyone else will face charges. all options are on the table at this point. i'm not take i'm not commenting on charges whether they will be filed or not or on him. >> well, that was mary beth mcdade reporting and police say because the deadly shooting happened during rehearsals. >> there's no video of the actual shooting. 3 bay area
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counties are pursuing legal action against the rapper yea formally known as kanye west district attorneys in alameda, napa and sonoma counties are joining a lawsuit which alleges apparel company easy violated the state's business co well, the lawsuit claims the company is failing to ship orders on time and failing to offer customers refunds. they are also demanding that yeezy stop violating the state business coat and are seeking fines of up to $2500 per violation along with compensation for the affected customers. international soccer officials are going take a tour of levi stadium in santa clara. all part of the bay area's bid to host the games for the 2026 world cup members of fee vote will be greeted by a delegation that includes the mayor's san francisco oakland san jose as well as san francisco forty-niners who play at levi stadium and leaders from big
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bay area businesses like google, self source and visa. the visual cup will be hosted across 16 locations in north america and 2026 the bay area's one of 22 locations at still under consideration. the winners are going to be announced some time next year. and the forty-niners will be up against the chicago bears this sunday in a week. 8 nfl while many fans are performance for jason dumas has the latest in this week's sports. >> the forty-niners are back at work prepping for a trip to the windy city for a date with the bears. it will be a homecoming for jimmy garoppolo. he grew up in suburban chicago, but he enters this game with his role being questioned more than ever by this niners fan base. that happens when your team loses 4 straight and your backup is the 3rd overall pick in this past year's draft to be frank, the majority of this niners fan base. they want race. lance to start at
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quarterback. but as he's done ever sense he drafted trey lance kyle shanahan made it clear that he has no plans to start him any time soon. >> we didn't draft trade to just fix this year. you know, we drafted him say could be the quarterback the future. and i get that's a matter of or not playing. and just because what our record is or just because of that. so that's why our first thing our discussions is how healthy is is. you know, it's going to work today, but because of how last 4 games of gun. that doesn't really affect on whether a plane train or not. right now. i understand 2000 different ways for us the same type of question. and i get that because we've lost 4 games in a row and are sending her to him for. and that's the easy thing to talk about. but that's not a very smart thing of us. you know, just do that because you're not playing the way you want to play and think you're just going to put in a rookie and he's going to be answered think that's fair to him. just moving on big part of it. you know, you dwell on it. it's obviously a number and you that feeling that we had a sunday night.
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>> use that to motivate you in a way you have figure out whatever your processes we use that get you ready for this next game on sunday. and you just let those games. jack, back to back like that. you're going to be in for a long year. >> it's already been a long year anyway. dusty baker castro's hoping to even the world series tonight against the braves bottom of the second martin maldonado that gets through the hole. one run comes on in to score. the throw to 3rd. it's a way jose siri. he gets home. beats the throw. bad defensive plays there. and as you can see, he get height for the crowd. looks like a rocket environment down there in houston. that was a 5 run ending for them. bottom of the 7th jose that got away in a hurry before i could even turn around. he was o for 5 in game one. that made it 72 out to bay. also doubled and scored
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twice dusty and his lucky spot in the dugout astros win 72 this series that tied up at one game game 3 down in all some soccer earthquakes took on portland. >> it really was in san jose's night portland scored goals in the 34th and 55th minute they win 2 to nothing with that law. the quakes are eliminated from playoff contention. tough year for them. all right. that is your look at 4. >> all right. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area doctor, it's being called a trailblazer in the world of reconstruction, how she. >> is helping other patients feel more like themselves will be right back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at a time for you now is 04:45am. here on this thursday morning. we're just a day away from friday. also a day away from a lot of your festive plans over the next couple of days. well, the weather looks much better than it was last weekend. we can look forward to that. our meteorologist josh raible keeping us in the no good morning, yes, so much better. we are definitely looking at some drier skies working our way into this weekend. we loved what we saw last weekend. but we don't need to see it over this weekend because we have a few things going on. if you're celebrating halloween, maybe celebrating dia de los muertos
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on monday. either way, we are looking at good weather for getting outside and generally just enjoying this break from the rainfall that we are in your view outside of financial district does show you clear skies overhead. we do have some green on radar here. but this isn't over exaggeration of some low cloud cover. we really are off to a dry start to this thursday morning and will continue to remain dry. partly due to this high-pressure ridge that is set up shop across the region. >> keeping things warm and keeping things really, sunny for yet another day. cherry on top of this winds are not going to be a big concern today. so it's going to be comfortably warm with the 70's. lots of sunshine overhead. as you can see in future cast tomorrow. a couple more clouds are to be expected in your friday's forecast. you can see that here in future cast. but we do remain dry as we work our way through your friday on into saturday will go when you do see the potential of a couple of light sprinkles on saturday. key word. here is light sprinkles not really looking at much of anything to interrupt your plans this weekend as you are
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heading out there now today's daytime highs will be in the 60's right along the coastline. but almost everywhere else is solid 70's today. this is even a little bit warmer than yesterday was. so some mid 70's for much of the peninsula. south bay temperatures, bringing some of our warmest temperatures today. campbell saratoga in los gatos for example, each up to 77 tied for one among our warmest temperatures today oakland in richmond at 72 today. the lay a nice 73 degrees. well out towards the coastline. expect some 60's an point raisins stinson beach as for halloween weekend, it does get a little bit cooler and also a little bit cloudier by halloween on sunday. do expect some low 60's a few clouds but staying dry for trick or treating which is very nice to know as you are getting out there. so mid 70's today and tomorrow easily or warmest of the forecast. a subtle cool down come the weekend. slight chance of a few sprinkles on saturday, sunday looking dry for halloween monday, november
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1st getting outside initially to some dry skies. but some evening. showers are looking possible. reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this thursday morning on see any major accidents or delays out there this hour. >> a little under 9 minutes making away into the city to that fremont street exit. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge, you can make that drive in a little under 13. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up as the so close on this morning. but for now, let's get back to the news. all right. well, for your health this morning. it's being touted as the final frontier of reconstruction surgery led by center held doctor in land. she's a cancer survivor as well. as a plastic surgeon. we have more on her story. i was like. >> believe this is you know, it really was such such a gift sarafina nance's an astrophysics phd student at uc berkeley when she's not studying or floating in 0 gravity.
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>> she's raising awareness on social media about genetic testing and must act to me is i have a phd background and in science. and i struggled a lot actually to find information that was accessible. sarafina was just 23 when she found out she carried the brca 2 gene mutation leaving her with a very high risk of developing cancer, 10 so scared. i you know. >> angry. i get a lot of sort of conflicting negative emotions. but once i made the decision to be proactive about it. >> all of those sort fell to the to the background. >> she eventually decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. but finding out traditional mastectomies leave patients with near complete numbness in their chest was surprising. and unfortunately the standard almost everyone you talk to his nom after traditional mastectomy doctor and pellet is both a plastics and cancer surgeon at sutter cpm sees health center after her own
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battle with cancer 4 years ago. she and her nerve surgeon husband created a sensation preserving technique for mastectomy sensation matters for many different reasons. that people can get burns taking a chronic pain if there injuries. doctor pellets as new technology has helped them create the trailblazing technique may have nerve that we can use the commute long owner grass we have better internet technology, better mastectomy technology and young women speaking up about the importance of sensation has helped push more surgeons to learn how to do it on wednesday. doctor pella took part in one of sutter's virtual grand rounds, a meeting where surgeons can share their new techniques currently there's less than 10 surgical teams across the country performing it routinely. we actually have highest number of patients on the longest outcomes in terms of anyone across the country so far. but there certainly are more teams come to you. more than 150 patients have received the sensation performing mastectomy at
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sutter and 85 to 90% of them say they're feeling is back to their baseline. sarafina is one of them. and not only does she feel more confident in her body. she's also reduced her risk of cancer from 87% to less than 5%. such a gift to find doctor palette. and i think having that sensation allowed the healing process. >> to go far more smoothly because i was able to be in touch with my body sarafina says she'll continue to share her story as a way to educate more women about their options. i just have one person. >> that is incredibly powerful. i know i've done my job in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. all right. well, here in the bay area. there's currently a team and mills peninsula medical center as well as stanford hospital. >> performing the surgery doctor pellets says the goal is to teach enough surgeons around the world how to do the procedures to patients. don't have to travel so far and order to receive it. and the
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fda has issued stricter guidelines for implants agencies. now mandating that people receive detail information from their doctors about their potential risks and complications before getting the procedure done. these new requirements come after 10's of thousands of women have reported experiencing symptoms following implant surgeries including brain fog fatigue and other health issues. some patients cases have even been linked to a rare and potentially fatal form of cancer. we'll be right back cancer. we'll be right back after the break. after my car accident, cancer. we'll be right back after thi wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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welcome back 4.55 on this thursday morning. inching closer to friday. but i'd say just enjoy your thursday more than anything else because we have some beautiful sunshine. >> and some 70's this afternoon, which will be a welcome change of pace, especially considering where we were this weekend and where we were to start the week to looking outside at the golden gate bridge right now. including give low cloud cover, but that's all we've got is a clear view as you look down across the bridge, making your commute down from marin county into the city is looking great. we have some 60's at the coast for your daytime highs pretty much everywhere else across the bay area. it's going to see daytime highs rising well into the 70's making for a very comfortable afternoon. just
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take a look at your high temperatures for the afternoon. mid 70's for hayward conquered in livermore. each at 74 degrees today. oakland and san francisco. you're around things out at 72. well, some of our warmer spots being in the south bay san jose at 76 degrees for really comfortable daytime high reyna. john, thank you for that. well, hills star verse and snickers. >> the 3 candies are all part of halloween. but one is not like the others in the minds of oral health professionals. also, according to san francisco oral surgeon chocolate is best for your teeth, which is why i eat chocolate all the time. that's because it washes off your tea the lot easier than some other candies and the darker the chocolate, the better doctor, eric char says remember the acronym texture rents 8 assess and timing limit hard candy drink water after eating candy candy with mills or after limit tart and tangy brands
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and brush but not right away. you can find more information on all of this ahead of halloween over on our website at kron 4 dot com. well, coming up the next hour, the midi service is warning that next week they're going to have to cut some service lines because of the shortage due to staffing. >> because of unvaccinated employees and health officials are advising those plan to go out this weekend to prioritize their health and safety. how you can have fun responsibly. we'll have that. up next.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> james, tell us a thing. yogi berra. no matter where you go, they are. all right. and here we are hitting us and aria. and i'm james and yeah, let's find out what kind of weather we have in store for us on this thursday as we're counting down the days to halloween admit i was a little looked up and if the sky light this morning in the darkness and it was all wet. and i thought did i miss something. >> i don't think so. most find out morning. john had just a little bit of fog out there. good. yeah. nothing too crazy going on this morning. it is another dry day ahead of us. we do have the return of some coastal fog. and in fact. >> a little bit of dense fog forming at times for areas like san jose up to mountain view. visibility is fine for most pockets out there right now. but i am expecting some impacts at points during your morning commute.


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