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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 27, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> we're going to be serious about this housing crisis. we can't vote projects like that down. >> now at 10, an alleged failure to address one of the biggest issues plaguing san francisco city leaders now pointing the blame at each other tonight over a key vote that rejected a new housing proposal. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. a proposal to add 500 housing units to san francisco was rejected by the san francisco
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board of supervisors. >> it would have provided more than 100 affordable housing units, mayor london breed claims decisions such as these are how the highs housing crisis got so bad in the first place. kron four's terror attack in joining us live from the city with more on why this particular projects taylor was turned down. >> yeah, ken. pam, you know, just 3 supervisors support this housing project while the majority voted to stop that plan for moving forward setting concerns over gentrification. however, mayor london breed in those city supervisors. they say otherwise. >> this is the space at the center of the controversy. a parking lot near stephenson and 6th streets in san francisco currently surrounded by tense and homeless encampments in nearly 500 project was to include more than 100 affordable housing units, including everything from one to 5 bedroom apartments, however, plans came to a screeching halt on tuesday when a majority of the city supervisors rejected the
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development in a 2, 3 vote supervisor ahsha safai. he was one of the few and support couple years ago. >> people would have rolled out the red carpet for a project that had 2425% affordable housing here we are today and it's like we're punching the golden goose in the mouth. >> and we have the ability to do amazing things in san francisco. >> when it comes to housing. but when we take for granted these opportunities. they're not always going to be there and we definitely have a housing crisis along with supervisors matt haney and catherine stefani. >> appeared to be blindsided when their colleagues rejected this plan. mayor london breed. also not happy she tweeted about the project on wednesday. reading quote, it met the criteria for approval and it would have created 100 plus new affordable homes. if you're wondering how we got into our housing crisis. this is how several supervisors, including dean preston argue the project raises gentrification concerns. i think the low income communities in this city know all too well.
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>> is that especially hundreds upon hundreds of market rate units, even in low income communities, of course, for gentrification of backs. i think there may be a dispute on the extent to which they have displacement impacts reid addressed those comments in a later tweet writing, quote. >> supervisors raised of a concerns about gentrification impossible shadows to justify rejecting the analysis. the experts at the planning department. this was in a hearing over suppose it environmental concerns. we're talking about a parking lot. and so much surrounded by high rises. if we're going to be serious about this housing crisis. >> we can't vote projects like that down. >> meanwhile, city officials also next, a second plan on tuesday for a homeless youth drop-in site at the now vacant former mcdonald's side over there in the haight neighborhood. they said it a lack of funding for that decision live in san francisco, taylor kron 4 news taylor, thank you for that report.
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>> the san francisco board of supervisors did vote to allow non us citizens to vote in school board elections, including recalls the vote makes proposition n permanent. it was originally passed in 2016 making san francisco. the first city in the country to allow immigrant parents to cast their vote for a board of education. however, that measure was temporary and would have expired next year according to the u.s. census 34% of residents in the school district. our non citizens. the change comes as the city is set to hold a special recall election to try to remove 3 members of the school board next february. >> state health officials say indoor mask mandates in schools will likely remain in place through next year. but that could change as more students get vaccinated against covid today, california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli did not provide any official criteria for the lifting of the mask mandate but did say masks will not
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just protect children from covid but also from the flu. >> cases of both viruses are expected to rise during the winter months. kelly also says it will also take time to ensure the students have a chance to get vaccinated against covid. it was just yesterday that an fda panel approved the pfizer vaccine for children, ages 5 to 11. but it will not likely receive emergency use authorization until late next week. >> governor gavin newsom announced earlier this year a vaccine mandate for all students in california. but it won't take effect until the vaccine is fully approved by federal regulators number of steps involved. so for children, ages 5 to 11 that may not happen until the summer or even next fall and not all health experts agree with the student vaccine mandate. our grant lodes joins us now here in the studio with more on this going. we know doctor monica gandhi. she has been outspoken throughout all of this and she doesn't fall in line with most i think of the bay area health officials have been very conservative with the masks and the
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shutdowns compared to the rest of the country. she is a mom and at times it seems to me like she's been the voice for children, at least when it comes to trying to have them live something of a normal life. and this is certainly an example of that. she today's withdrawing her formal support for the vaccine mandate for students that the governor has and now she's certainly not against the vaccine. not even close, rather, it's just because as we heard there is currently no metric in place to lift masking mandates in california schools even after the vaccine mandate takes effect at the same time, 8 bay area county say their indoor mask mandates for adults can be lifted 8 weeks after the vaccine is authorized for kids ages 5 to 11. but kids will continue to have to wear masks in schools, at least right now, even as the rest of us
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can ditch masks in mo1t indoor settings doctor gandhi argues children have been hit harder by covid restrictions that have adults adding there's no reason for that to continue now that children can be vaccinated. >> this was a long-awaited moment for the 5 to 11 vaccine to be available because it allows elementary schools to act normal like adults are all normally interacting with each other. in bars in restaurants in large convention centers and in games like the chase center. it is not fair for children to not have a metric with their lives completely return to normal if you are going to mandate the vaccine. >> again. it will likely be several months, maybe even a year before this student vaccine mandate takes effect. the first step, of course, will actually be getting kids vaccinated. the first kids and today the santa clara county health department revealed its plans to get shots in those little arms. the kids pfizer vaccines will come in. these
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these yellow cap said different color. then the adult dosage. it's about a 3rd of the dosage that the adults get its to try to make it easier for the people administering to differentiate the kids. we'll still need 2 doses spaced at least 3 weeks apart to be fully vaccinated that county santa clara's expecting a 55,000 doses for kids to arrive next week. far less certainly than the roughly 166,000 children in that county ages 5 to 11. so not everyone will be able to get their shots right away. but officials say more doses certainly we'll come and they're not worried about any possible shortages. the doses for those younger kids will be made available at pharmacies pediatricians offices, private clinics. also at mass clinic sites like this. santa clara county fairgrounds. health officials also that a message for parents who might still be on the fence about getting their kids vaccinated.
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>> it's definitely of a benefit to get the vaccine for the children because the risk of the disease are much worse than the vaccine side effects which are minimal there been 8300 hospitalizations and a 3rd of those were in intensive care units. i'm in this country and that also that complication of an inflammatory condition is definite. bear is definitely very real. >> pfizer says its covid shot is nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic infections in those kids ages 5 to 11. as we reported last night, marin county health officials plan to vaccinate 15,000 children in the first month of those doses being available for that age group. ken and pam, we expect other bay area health departments to make similar announcements in the coming days about how they plan to roll out the shots asap once they get the green light. kids across the country have been going to school maskless. yeah. for many, many
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months. it's it's it's a different little world here in the in the bay area bubble and his doctor gundy pointed out once vaccinated. if there's not a plan in place to get the masks off. kids. you know, can they take their best side. so she makes a point. i think. yeah, a lot to work through. no doubt. thank you. grant that. governor gavin newsome was in oakland today visiting a local health clinic to promote covid booster. shots. >> he also took the our opportunity to get his own booster shot originally got the johnson and johnson shot. but for his next dose, he chose moderna. >> was that age? i what a beautiful. the mix and match. >> both the fda and the cdc say it is safe to get a booster shot from a different brands and your initial vaccine. the governor also warned californians not to let their guard down as the
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holidays approach. meantime, the cdc is now looking at whether or not a 4th dose may be needed. the agency's latest covid vaccine guidance as people who are moderately and severely emanuel compromise may need the additional shot. the cdc now classifies a 3rd vaccine shot for those people asked an additional dose and not a booster at the same time volume. given it's also at the same volume given in the first 2 shots, the 4th dose is considered a booster for those individuals and be administering it half the dosage of the first 3 shots. >> demonstrators gathered outside the in and out restaurant in san ramon today protesting against contra costa county's vaccine mandate for businesses. the san ramon location is the second in and out to be fine for violating the mandate. the pleasant hill in was shut down yesterday. but it's drive-thru is now back. open. up until san ramon and san francisco locations are open, but indoor dining is
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close today. governor newsom was asked about the controversy involving in and out but said he wanted to avoid this particular drama. i encourage. >> everybody to take seriously local health orders. and i encourage everybody to support. businesses that support the state. i appreciate that they're headquartered, california based company. >> in a statement to kron 4 in and out says it refuses to be the quote vaccination police calling the local health mandates invasive and on reasonable certain muni lines and san francisco will be suspended next week because of an anticipated shortage of workers. the suspensions include one california short 30 stockton short. 49 vanish or and 14 our mission rapids short. those last 2 will only be stopped on the weekends. muni officials say they believe that they will lose employees once the vaccine mandate mandate for san francisco city employees takes
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effect on november. first is unclear when the services will resume. >> now to another big story tonight. stunning new details from officials in new mexico, almost a week after alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed a crew member and injured another. the film's assistant director said in an affidavit released by the sheriff. he did not thoroughly checked the gun before he gave it to baldwin. that's gators. say they believe the actor fired a live round from a colt 45 revolver killing cinematographer hailing a hutchens and hurting director joel souza. another 500 rounds of ammunition were also removed from the set, including blanks dummy rounds and live bullets coming up at 1030. we'll have more from today's explosive press conference, including whether or not but one himself could face criminal charges. >> right now. local police are investigating a possible shooting that shut down interstate 5.80, earlier this evening. police started shutting down westbound lanes. the east of high street just before 5 o'clock by 5.30, all
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westbound lanes were closed. this was during rush hour. no word on the official cause yet, but officers on the scene did report rifle casings in the area. a coroner has been called in. the freeway was back open by 6 o'clock this evening. and we've been working all evening to get additional information on exactly what happened. and of course we'll bring you updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. after serving 17 years in prison. a man deemed a sexually violent predator could soon be released in east palo alto. but police there are sounding the alarm before a final decision is made. lamar johnson served a little under half of his 36 year prison sentence and he is eligible for a conditional release. he would be moved into a home near beach street and clark avenue in east palo alto. but authorities say that location is problematic. >> that house is within a mile radius of 6 schools, 2 churches and a large
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commercial center. a lot of foot traffic. there's teen years walking school. here's mom's going grocery shopping. >> a hearing on johnson's release is slated at san mateo county courthouse for december. the first in the meantime, east palo alto. police are asking anybody in the public who has their own concerns about this to come fall. >> santa clara county district attorney's office has charged a san jose police officer with punching a woman in the face in what's being called a case of road rage. 37 year-old george brown was off duty at the time and driving with family members when he apparently almost crash with another vehicle on interstate 6.80, both vehicles pulled over. and that's when police say brown punched a woman in the other car and knocked her to the ground when she stood up, he allegedly punched her again. brown called police to help, but then drove away before they arrived. a driver in a tesla provided recordings of what happened to investigators. brown is facing
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a number of charges including felony assault. if convicted, he could serve time behind bars. the family of a mentally ill man shot 9 times by a danville police officer has received a nearly 5 million dollars settlement from contra. costa county. this comes almost 3 years after the 2018 fatal shooting a lot of mir are was shot while slowly driving away from police family attorney john burris announced the settlement today for the lawsuit by the family yesterday. a jury convicted officer andrew hall of felony assault with a firearm. the verdict was the first law enforcement felony conviction involving an on-duty police shooting in contra, costa county. all is also accused of shooting and killing tyrell wilson in march of this year. that case is still under investigation. >> san francisco's district attorney chesa will likely face a recall election next year. that's after more than 80,000 people, including 2 of
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his former city prosecutors signed a petition to get the recall on the june ballot. we talked with one of those prosecutors last night and tonight we want to hear from boudin supporters kron four's dan thorn, talk to people who are defending bourdain's policies. dan is in the newsroom tonight with more on all of this stand. >> well, pam, supporters of the da argue this recall started. the minute booting was voted into office. but those joining the recall effort say crime has gotten out of control in the city under beatings. watch. and it's because he's not tough enough on perpetrators. the recall campaign has submitted more than enough signatures to force an election with next june being the likely time frame for a showdown at the polls. the recall effort against san francisco's district attorney has picked up steam within the last week. the recall campaign submitted more than 83,000 signatures and 2 assistant d-a's quit their jobs to join the effort. >> it's the beginning of a fight likely to end next
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summer. i find this recall to be very concerning and it should concern every san francisco in california is suffering currently >> pandemic of recall chase aboudi in supporter and former state senator mark leno says this recall effort has been driven by misinformation. >> those pushing for a recall believe the city has gotten less safe and beatings, lack of prosecuting crimes is the main contributor leno argues the facts say differently. this district attorney has a higher prosecution rate than his predecessors. >> and a higher prosecution rate. other da's in the bay area. one of those in support of the recall includes a former prosecutor who says she quit the da's office over extreme and radical approach to crime. i believe that he's simply lacks a desire and willingness to do what it takes effectively prosecute crime in san francisco. nothing about me speaking out
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this personal or with respect to chase a few dings backers say his plan was to reform the criminal justice system in the city and is making good on that promise. >> the group stand with is blaming the effort on the republican led distraction fueled by fear mongering. i think the folks we're doing this should be ashamed of themselves. the recall vote which would happen next june. what happened just 16 months before booting would be up for reelection. >> in california. more than 70 recall campaigns have been set in motion so far this year, most notably the one involving governor gavin newsome who defeated the recall effort in a landslide reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you for that report tonight. >> of the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live picture of a very sparkling san francisco. pam, it seems like that storm that swept through is like a a power washing buildings are nice and shiny. the streets are clean.
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>> well, i think you're right there. i think you're right. there. ken chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has a warm weather forecast for thursday. yeah. i think even warmer today we saw those temperatures shoot up around the bay area. lot of 70's to be found. i think tomorrow i think we're getting closer to 80 degrees in some parts of the bay area out there tonight. nice night out there mostly clear, the one exception we do have a couple patches of fog right near the surface near the golden gate bridge. we've seen the kind of flirt with the golden gate. you see moving across the north tower. there right now toward the marine headland. so some of that fog out there kind of cool. look at makes its way across the bridge at this time and into the coastal waters. but we're going to see some changes coming our way as high pressure really going strength. and for tomorrow. today we saw some of the results 69 degrees. beautiful day in san francisco, 70 in oakland, 73 in nice in san jose 74 in livermore, 73 degrees in concord. 73 in santa rosa high pressure. but that is sending the jet stream well to the north now you see all those clouds you see kind of rolled over the top of that ridge and headed up in the
10:22 pm
pacific northwest. in fact, it's lifted through the evening hours. it the rain was all the way into the portland area. now that start to make its way jet stream focuses, further and further to the north and that is good for us. we needed a break. so we're getting a little bit of a northerly wind. that is that offshore wind developing out there again tonight. that is going to make for a beautiful day tomorrow. temperatures outside right now you're looking at 50's 60's. pretty comfortable out there at this hour. but by tomorrow afternoon, i think these numbers, again, probably going to be flirting with the mid to upper 70's in some spots 75 in concord about 77 degrees in fremont. 76 in san jose. 70 degrees. morgan hill about 65 degrees in san francisco. so some very nice weather coming our way. looks like changes, though, as we head in toward the halloween weekend and then next week we're back to some rain. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes, ok. thank you. right. >> new at 10 president biden may delay his departure to europe tomorrow as democrats try to make a deal on his economic spending proposals.
10:23 pm
we're looking live right now at the white house tonight. publicly the biden administration says there is still time to reach an agreement before the president leaves. but democrat senators kyrsten sinema and joe manchin are still at odds with progressive lawmakers on how much to spend what to spend it on and how to pay for it all. there is late word that paid family leave is out of the package and that mansion is rejecting a so-called billionaire tax. we're going to have the latest on this developing situation in washington, dc tomorrow morning on kron four's morning news. >> this friday international soccer officials will take a tour of levi stadium in santa clara as part of the bay area's bid to host games for the 2026 world cup. members of fifo will be greeted by a delegation that includes mayors of san francisco, oakland and san jose as well as the san francisco forty-niners who play at levi's and leaders from big bay area businesses, including google sales force and visa
10:24 pm
the men's world cup will be hosted across 16 locations in north america in 2026 the bay area is one of 22 locations still under consideration. the winners will be announced next year. >> still ahead tonight from mcdonald's and taco bellccould lay and pizza hut harmful chemicals linked to health problems found in fast food. plus, terror in texas. the violent tornado those caught on camera and left behind a path of destruction and another mountain lion spotted in the bay area. what experts say you should do. if you see say you should do. if you see one next. when a truck hit my car, say you should do. if you see othe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. captured in santa rosa today. very is like there. and of course, since then, he's been released back into the wild. >> but the young animal was found in front of a home. this was late last night and four's gayle ong talk with neighbors who say that big cat gave them quite a shock. >> you know, i never thought thought of, you know, meeting a skunk or something like that on on the sidewalk fund every mountain lion. >> the signing was in the area of saint francis road in de soto drive in santa rosa eric watch the commotion from his kitchen window around 10:00pm tuesday when this mountain lion was found near his home. >> whole front of the house got lit up by police cars and spotlights. so i called their
10:28 pm
non-emergency number to find out what was going on. you know, there's a. >> or somebody on the loose for said no. there's a mountain lion. 2 doors up the lion moved from daimler's neighbor's home to his home. says he coffee after matt when wildlife officials tranquilized the big cat from the folks here did did a really good job they notified you know, they didn't approach the and they allow the wildlife officials to handle it. tiffany app is a wildlife scientists at the center for biological diversity in oakland. yep says this recent sighting serves as a reminder we are living in mountain lion habitat it's really important to find ways to safely coexist and that includes making sure. >> we have enough wildlife kind of activity for these lions to roam freely through our developments and through our roads by. >> wildlife crossings and making developments better suited for animals to move around. just last week, one mountain lion, a 5 year-old
10:29 pm
female was taken in after roaming around schools in rohnert park. >> and later euthanized due to an untreatable illness. back in santa rosa, the recent sighting in an area close to nature. daimler says he will be more aware in his neighborhood, especially if i'm starting to walk this late at night and wildlife experts say if you encounter a mountain line, stay calm. do not approach. it never run away and do your best tip here. intimidating here in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >> coming up next to it and it was a real bullet. officials confirmed that the gun alec baldwin fired killing a cinematographer and wounding a director was loaded with live ammunition. plus, a new problem near the sea porth in southern california. how officials say the supply chain crisis. it's making it harder to breathe air and she is being called a trailblazer in the world of reconstruction how this bay area doctor and cancer survivor. it's now helping other patients feel
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>> a stunning admission tonight in that deadly movie set shooting. the assistant director says he did not check the gun before he handed the loaded weapon to actor alec baldwin. just why that gun was loaded with a real bullet remained at the center of the investigation tonight officials say the bullet that was fired by baldwin went through the senate. for and
10:33 pm
launch itself in the director as mary beth mcdade tells us or other safety problems on the set. >> i think the facts are a weapon was handed mister baldwin. the weapon is functional and fired. a live round killing miss hutchens and injuring mister souza. >> the santa fe county sheriff give updates today about what they've learned so far. in the deadly shooting that occurred on the set of the western rust. he says they've collected 600 pieces of evidence including the gun. the film's star alec baldwin fired and the bullet. they believe he fired out of it, killing the cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring the director. joel souza. they also recovered additional live rounds on set right now. >> we're going to determine how those got there or why they were there because they shouldn't have done that. >> shares. investigators are looking into whether some crew members used the gun that killed hutchins for target practice with live ammunition the morning of the deadly
10:34 pm
shooting. there's a lot facts that are. >> that are floating around i would say factors may be facts and rumors that are floating around and it's our job to figure out if they're if they are facts are rumors, according to a search warrant released today. the armor on the set. >> hannah gutierrez-reed told detectives she checked for dummy bullets the day the shooting to make sure there are no hot rounds and insisted no live ammo is ever kept on the set. this search warrant also reveals that assistant director david halls admitted he didn't properly checked the gun before saying it was a cold gun and handing it to baldwin to use. >> i think there was some complacency on this set at this point. the district attorney says it's too early in the investigation to see if baldwin who's also a producer on the film. >> or anyone else will face charges. all options are on the table at this point. i'm not take i'm not commenting on charges whether they will be filed or not or on him.
10:35 pm
>> again, that was mary beth mcdade reporting. police say because the deadly shooting happened during rehearsals. there is no video of the actual shooting. >> 3 bay area counties are pursuing legal action against the rapper yea formally known as west district attorneys in alameda, napa and sonoma counties are joining a lawsuit which alleges his apparel company yeezy violated the state's business code, the lawsuit claims the company is failing to ship orders on time failing to offer customers refunds and they are demanding that use the stop violating the state business code and they are seeking fines of up to $2500 per violation along with compensation for the affected customers. >> air pollution is becoming an increasing problem for people living near congested sea ports in southern california. a september report from the state air resources board board shows the current supply chain crisis resulted in 14 and-a-half. extra tons
10:36 pm
per day of smog causing chemicals. experts say that's equivalent to the exhaust from 50,000 large diesel trucks. business lobbyists are urging governor newsom to ease up on worker protections and clean air rules to alleviate the port back up. but the mayor of long beach says there are better solutions. >> the huge national crisis and certainly the ports of long in la are the center of it. we're doing everything we can to one of the things working on right now with the federal government because they set the standard is where actually ships are actually able to incur. and so the farther out and get shipped actually incurred before they come into the port. that will actually make huge difference. >> the mayor also says he's working with inland warehouses to accept cargo around the clock. 24 hours a day. governor gavin newsome will join global leaders next week for the united nations climate change conference in glasgow, scotland. newsom says he's planning to urge international leaders to end the worldwide dependence on oil and promote
10:37 pm
his plan to ban the sale of new gas fueled cars by the year 2035. >> can you imagine seeing that is looking through your windshield, terrifying moments caught on cell phone video. this tornado tearing across a freeway in orange, texas. that's near the louisiana border. and you can see transformers blowing up as the powerful storm across the freeway. the national weather service issued a tornado watch for the area at least one person was injured. dozens of homes damaged. many people left without power as the severe storms with tornadoes and high winds rolled across that region. it's interesting watching the driver of that big rig right there. kind of waiting is like, okay, it's going that just go its. we're used to that. >> like we're used earthquakes or again, got to be careful
10:38 pm
sometimes become what's called families several tornadoes forces rotating around. so you never know. i mean, dangerous weather got to be careful with that. so, yeah, this is all part of the same storm system that came through. california's modified as move through. but here it is. that same storm that the epic amounts of rain in california in the bay area that now interacting making its way across the rockies and starts to latch onto a little moisture up out of the gulf. and there you go. results numerous tornadoes down and continue to be very active out there tonight through the panhandle. parts of alabama and you see that heavy rainfall that is now moving in the panama city. see the areas shaded in yellow here. those are tornado watches to walk in for more of that activity tonight. and we've got a long way to go. this storm system is going to really work its way across much of the northeast over the next few days. you can see it rolling on up in here comes. here's the latest forecast molly, see all that moisture is picked up. it's going to wrap around that low and work its way through the mid atlantic section up in the northeast
10:39 pm
again. and there you go. i think all along that path. we're talking about the potential for severe weather. and of course, they just experienced a nor'easter. so they have 4 to 6 inches of rainfall already. you've got some places already flooding and now they're going to get more heavy rain. the possibilities more wild weather. so keeping our eyes on that for you over the next couple days while out west. we're catching a break in all that stormy weather temperatures fairly mild at this time. 64 degrees in san jose. it is 62 in cocker 61 degrees in alameda, 58 degrees and say molina and 57 degrees in the bottom of this hour, mostly clear skies out there now and that's why it's going to stay except for a couple patches of low clouds right along the coastline mean right down on the deck and then tomorrow mostly sunny a bit warmer high pressure building in taking over here over the next few days, but cooling off over the weekend, alright long-range forecast for the bay area. we're catching a needed break here. the jet stream moving well to the north now focusing up in the pacific northwest leaving us on the dry side of it. things begin to change got another week low that's going to approach the coastline.
10:40 pm
there's a slight chance we could see some sprinkles as we head into friday night and early on saturday morning, but not much. and then that kind of moves by. but our temperatures cool down and then we get ready for rain maker not on halloween. looks like this to come the day after on monday that storm system moving in and then as we get in the middle of the week. we've got another one on the way. maybe late wednesday into thursday that another substantial storm behind that yet another one kind of lining up out there. so this is all good news. we want to see more of a progressive pattern. we need a little break between the storms and so looks like their lineup again, long range forecast 8 to 14 days out showing above normal precipitation for california, possibly the bay area. so keep your fingers crossed. we need these storms to get us back to where we need to be after our significant drought conditions temperatures around the bay area. tomorrow. they'll be warm. it'll be dry looking nice out there. but yeah, i think the next few days we're going to notice a big change in the weather pattern as high pressure. well, it's going to build in bringing a beautiful weather, but getting ready more storms on the way. thank you or it's for your health tonight. it's being touted as the final frontier of
10:41 pm
reconstruction. >> led by center health doctor and palate. yeah. she is a cancer survivor herself and the plastic surgeon after her own battle with cancer. she created a new option for mastectomy patients as kron four's. noelle bellow reports, her new sensation preserving technique is helping women feel more like 3hemselves. i was like. >> believe this is you know, it really was such such a gift sarafina nance's an astrophysics phd student at uc berkeley. >> when she's not studying or floating in 0 gravity. she's raising awareness on social media about genetic testing and must act to me is i have a phd background and in science. and i struggled a lot actually to find information that was accessible. sarafina was just 23 when she found out she carried the brca 2 gene mutation leaving her with a very high risk of developing cancer, 10 so scared. i you
10:42 pm
know. >> i a lot of sort of conflicting negative emotions. but once i made the decision to be proactive about it. >> all of those sort fell to the to the background. >> she eventually decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. but finding out traditional mastectomies leave patients with near complete numbness in their chest was surprising. and unfortunately the standard almost everyone you talk to his nom after traditional mastectomy doctor and pellet is both a plastics and cancer surgeon at sutter cpm sees health center after her own battle with cancer 4 years ago. she and her nerve surgeon husband created a sensation preserving technique for mastectomy sensation matters for many different reasons. that people can get burns taking chronic pain if there injuries. doctor pellets as new technology has helped them create the trailblazing technique may have nerve that
10:43 pm
we can use the commute long lengths owner grass we have better internet technology, better mastectomy technology and young women speaking up about the importance of sensation has helped push more surgeons to learn how to do it on wednesday. doctor pella took part in one of sutter's virtual grand rounds, a meeting where surgeons can share their new techniques currently there's less than 10 surgical teams across the country performing it routinely. we actually have highest number of patients on the longest outcomes in terms of anyone across the country so far. but there certainly are more teams come to you. more than 150 patients have received the sensation performing mastectomy at sutter and 85 to 90% of them say they're feeling is back to their baseline. sarafina is one of them. and not only does she feel more confident in her body. she's also reduced her risk of cancer from 87% to less than 5%. such a gift to find doctor palette. and i think having that sensation allowed the healing process.
10:44 pm
>> to go far more smoothly because i was able to be in touch with my body sarafina says she'll continue to share her story as a way to educate more women about their just impact one person that is incredibly powerful. i know i've done my job in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> here in the bay area. there's currently a team at mills, peninsula medical center and at stanford hospital performing the surgery doctor pellets says the goal is to teach enough surgeons around the world how to do the procedure so that patients don't have to travel so far in order to receive it. well, the fda has issued stricter guidelines for implants. the agency is now mandating that people receive detailed information from their doctors about their potential risks and complications before getting the procedure. these new requirements come after 10's of thousands of women have reported experiencing symptoms
10:45 pm
following implant surgeries including brain fog fatigue and other health issues affect some patients cases have even been linked to a rare and potentially fatal form of cancer. >> a recent study is giving a whole new meaning to the term junk food. researchers at george washington university report finding toxic compounds used to make rubber gloves in the food at several fast food chains. they say that includes mcdonald's burger king and taco bell. the chemicals were reportedly detected in 80% of the food being served from those restaurants. all the levels were below the accepted threshold. cfda says it still plans to review this study. >> coming up next in sports forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan offering some clarification in the land score, a fellow quarterback situation sports director jason dumas has the coaches take coming up.
10:46 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the forty-niners back at work prepping for a trip to the windy city for a date with the bears. it will be a homecoming for jimmy garoppolo. he grew up in suburban chicago. but he
10:49 pm
enters this game with his role being questioned more than ever by this 40 niner fan base. that's what happens when your team loses 4 straight games and you're back up just happens to be the 3rd overall pick in the past year's nfl draft to be frank, the majority of this niners fan base wants trey lance to be their starting quarterback. but as he's done ever since drafting lance kyle shanahan made it known that he has no plans to start him any time soon. >> we didn't draft trade to just fix this year. you know, we drafted him say could be the quarterback here. the future and i get that's a matter of or not playing him just because what our record is or just because of that. so that's why our first thing our discussions is how healthy is, as you know, it's going to work today, but because of how last 4 games of gun. that doesn't really affect on whether a plane train or not. right now. i understand 2000 different ways for us the same type of question. and i get
10:50 pm
that because we've lost 4 games in a row and are sending her to him for. and that's the easy thing to talk about. but that's not a very smart thing of us. you know, just do that because you're not playing the way you want to play and think you're just going to put in a rookie and he's going to be answered think that's fair to him. just moving on big part of it. you know, you can't dwell on it. it's obviously a number and you know, the bet feeling that we have sunday night and. >> use that to motivate you in a way you have figure out whatever your processes we use that get you ready for this next game on sunday. and if you just let those games dragged back to back like that. you're going to be in. they have for a long year. >> dusty baker and the astro's hoping to even the world series tonight against the braves picking up in the bottom of the second martin maldonado. he grounds through the get into left one run comes on home to score from second. the 3rd, a 3rd. his away from the 3rd baseman. jose series coming on home all the way from first he is in
10:51 pm
that's all part of a 5 run ending for houston. >> series. he is pumped up. looks like a rock us environment there. bottom of the 7th jose altuve a take that one on the right to left that got out of here. quick solo home run it's 72 astro's out to be a double and he scored twice just the killing of his lucky spot. i love dusty after the win. 72 the series is tied at one game apiece game 3 in friday afternoon. >> the warriors are tied for the best record in the nba and they get to play their next 8 games in the friendly confines of chase steph curry has been usual self and damion been making 3 shot right there. he's 3rd in the nba in bench points everyone on this squad has a role and seems to be getting into it perfectly. but of course, there's always room for improvement.
10:52 pm
>> we strung together 4 good wins heading home we're at a really good spot. so i just think everybody's really enjoying. i'm playing together and feeling good about the team good about the young season we know we just got to keep know the things can change in hurry and slick. so you've got to keep plugging away. >> some soccer earthquakes taking on the portland timbers. check out that goal right there. bicycle kick from outside of the box. that was the story of san jose's night. they lose 2 to nothing. and with that loss, they are eliminated from playoff contention. tough year for the san jose earthquakes all righty. that is your look at sports. we'l
10:53 pm
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>> small plane makes an emergency landing on a busy highway just north of toronto. police say the single engine aircraft took off from a nearby airport and experienced engine problems soon afterwards forcing the pilot to set that plane down in the middle of the road. neither of the 2 people onboard. fortunately was injured while the aircraft did not hit any vehicle. several highway lanes had to be closed making for a very slow commute. >> and here's why. you should pay attention in english class. a game show called fail or a game show fail rather is now going viral after 2
10:56 pm
contestants confused, one of history's greatest writers with a cartoon character. >> in his epic poems often refers to connect to the drink of the the substance has that too. i know we like doughnuts. >> i going. >> yeah. that's not the right home or on england's tipping point game show contestant named dominic step. the greek poet was home or the donut eating homer host was stunned and adding to the embarrassment. the second contestant lindsay agreed with tom's answer. right. answer, by the way, was ambrosia not donuts easy to get those 2 and so much in common right. i'm sure one last look at weather tonight, guys, we're going to see nice clear skies around most the bay area for tonight. couple patches of fog right
10:57 pm
along the coastline of the offshore winds kicking in temperatures going to be nice tomorrow i think outside of the san francisco. think you're pushing near 70 degrees downtown beautiful in the mission 66 in daly city inside the bay about 72 millbrae wonderful temperatures all around the bay area 70's going to be calm and just about everywhere. in fact, some mid to upper 70's around much of the bay area, too. so we're looking good. >> i think for tomorrow things may cool off just a little bit on friday. then this weekend changes coming. of course, we've got alan up to don't forget, that looks like that's going to work out pretty well. >> looks like we'll see some partly cloudy skies rain next. >> thank you for being with us. have a good night. good night.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: could alec baldwin face criminal charges? what the d.a. is saying today. >> all options are on the table. >> announcer: shock that the gun that killed the cinematographer may have been used for target practice. >> target practice. totally unacceptable. >> mom versus the marshals. guns drawn ready to bust down the door. one big problem. >> they are at the wrong house. >> pushed me and my baby out of the way. they are pointing guns at us. >>


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