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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  October 27, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> kids between 5.11 years old, are one step closer to getting their vaccination. we're just days away from possible fda approval. i'm will tran a marine county. and i'll let you know what the county is doing to prepare for that. >> and despite a controversial netflix series state chappelle is coming to san francisco. i'm camila barco live with details on his new film and the controversy behind his netflix special. well, me, the county voted to approve the funding for the a's ball park is being proposed. but how does the project moves forward. i got all the details. >> live from the newsroom. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> i feel like we've got you covered from head to toe a lot of great stories there. each of the reporters are given a something that i'm pretty sure to find out about, you know what it is because the weather is not the way. well, that's
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when the weather gets the way we've got to get everything else out. yeah. away. we've what going forward john, as we're counting down till halloween, everybody's now focused on the halloween forecast. yeah. more kids out this year than last. yeah. i think this year's definitely would be a little more active as far as halloween goes and the good news for it is. it's nothing i'm not going to be anything like last weekend was. >> skies are clearing out overall as we work our way into the holiday weekend and aside from a chance of some light sprinkles saturday night into sunday morning. this is a really nice halloween weekend forecast your view outside this morning is showing some skies that are significantly clear than they have been yesterday morning. we started dry today. we're going to keep things dry all day long with a lot more sunshine than we saw yesterday and high temperatures a bit more mild currently. we're in the 50's pretty much across the entirety of the bay area. a little bit more mild than yesterday. but actually fairly comparable to where we started yesterday. do expect sunshine and highs back into the 70's later on today and i'll get to
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what to expect for the holiday weekend. all still to come over to irena don, thank you for that. you know, dari rd brighten up my day this morning because being her both have the for lease on the side of our dresses. >> you'll see that we go back over there to our no major delays or issues on the roadways this morning. a little under 8 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit in 5, 1880, moving along pretty nicely as well. >> a little under 30 minutes. we got our san mateo bridge camera back happy about that. >> no major issues or delays as you're heading across towards the peninsula and the south bay along one. oh, one from 85 to menlo park a little under 27 minutes area much talk a little slow so you can make it over y were to get your that you got honestly. >> along 2.85 in 82. no major issues or delays. >> 2.37 also moving pretty quickly as well. and as you head to richmond across towards center for a little under 8 minutes. we'll have more on your drive times and
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traffic. this morning. things are looking much better than they were monday. right, daryn. james o. yes, i got all the way back to the set. alright. that's our top story this morning. the so there's still hope that's the headline this morning for fans and they're hoping for the team to stay in oakland because the alameda county board of supervisors. >> did what you were hoping they would. they voted to help pay for the howard terminal stadium project. here's the thing, though. kron 4 sarah stinson already wore the green dress. >> hence the red hi, sarah were in red were in power. kind of because this is step number 7 million, 300 and sorry we lost track. >> the home the county board of supervisors talked about funding the new oakland a's ball park for so many hours. they actually had to pause the meeting and come back to. but in the end the county supervisors voted to approve the funding. the vote is non-binding, but the approval aims to use property taxes generated from the project itself to pay for all the development around the stadium at howard terminal in the port
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of oakland. you can see the renderings on your screen. it's over. 18 acres of public parks, affordable housing performing arts center. that's just to name a few and infrastructure to help grow that area all boosting jobs and the economy. the waterfront stadium that would see 35,000 people is privately funded. the vote. isn't that though, with 100% enthusiasm. the president and other supervisor worried about the outcome of a massive financial investment like this. the east oakland stadium alliance says they are disappointed in the board for giving into the pressure from oakland and the a's team and quite frankly a's fans, though many were grateful about affordable housing being involved in this development which the county so badly needs oakland mayor libby shaft considers the vote to be a historic action that creates a clear path to is rooted in oakland. take a look at her statements. part of it. she said that the vote supports of financial framework that will produce incredible community benefits
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including new public parks. as i was saying, along the waterfront desperately need affordable housing great union jobs and all while protecting our taxpayers from the mistakes of the past. the mayor says the city will be working with the a's issuing a final environmental impact report by the end of this year as well as negotiating a binding development agreement city council be making a final vote. she says as quickly as possible because so far the city and the county have only approved non-binding funding. all that approval. meanwhile, i talked with the a's yesterday over e-mail and pair with the president plans to make a big announcement about the future of its team and its future home after the world series because mlb does not allow them to do that before. this means the future of the a's is really up in the air. this is not the end all be all this is just one step. it was a big step. but we've got a long road to go. so daryn, james, we will continue to fall is, of course, from the newsroom like we did last
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night. it was a long night they decide that for the funding. for now. more importantly the president of the aids response. your i wish that's no communications moment. but, you know, i've got my people, his people responded to be a very nice. okay. thank you, >> well, happening today we have state health officials are going to be laying out their plan to vaccinate children between the ages of 5.11 and of course here in the bay area there been some counties that have been preparing marin county is one of them. fact. officials there have announced that their plans to vaccinate thousands of children in that age range is ready to go. and of course, this comes as the fda panel recommended emergency use authorization of the pfizer vaccine in those young children crawford's will trend live for us this morning with more on the story. he will. >> james. it's almost like they're just getting ready waiting for the word go and once they get the word go which looks like it's going to happen. they will have the so-called infrastructure in
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place. in fact, i'm in front of miller creek school. one of several locations in marine county that once they get the go ahead, they will be ready to go, go. the go means that they want to get about 15,000 kids james, within a 5 to 11 years old in that age group to be vaccinated within the first year. so here's how it's going to play out right now. the fda has not officially approved it, but all the people that are behind this. we're talking independent panel's across the board. they've already said it looks pretty good as far as the visor vaccine, they are recommending that the fda approves it. fda usually goes with independent panel's. they're not bound by it. but they usually follow along. so that is a good indicator. if you're a parent out there with a child between 5.11 years old. once they get the approval, it will be rolled out. all eyes, of course, are on the cdc. the white house, the medical community. we
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actually got a chance to track down a local medical expert. he says if you have a child between 5.11 years old. get the shot. >> but what is the 10th leading was in the top 10 leading causes of death and children in this age group. and so i would not hesitate to get my children vaccinated. he will be ready to be able to start shipping the vaccines to providers offices, doctors offices pharmacies community health center. and as early as the fda issues. its regulatory action so that when that cdc makes its final recommendation. parents would be able to bring their kids to get them vaccinated. >> i know a lot of parents out there. james, you and i there's concern our kids are older, but there are a lot of concern that maybe it might be too strong. they thought about it already. it's only a fraction of the strength for adults and it looks like it's good to go. if they have to get a second shot. eventually it will be 21 days after they get the first shot marin county, not a surprise that
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they're hustling to get in place because this county as about 81% of its population already fully vaccinated, which is the highest rate for any county in the state. >> back to you. yeah, they've always been ahead of the curve. not surprising that they are again when it comes to the little kids to. thank you very much. well, time now is 5. '09. also happening today. we've got governor newsome in alameda county today talking about covid vaccines and booster. shots. the governor will be visiting a health clinic to highlight the state's efforts to increase vaccination rates. so far california has given up 53 million doses of covid vaccines and today's event begins at 1030 this morning. well, actually have complete coverage of the governor's visit on our 24 hour. streaming news service kron on which again is free to download so make sure you do that. >> 5. '09, another bay area in and out has been shut down because employees were not checking for proof of covid vaccination. this time it's this in and out in pleasant hill. contra costa county health workers suspended this
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restaurant's food permit because they were not complying with the health order. they say that this spot had been fined 4 times before the permit was or a suspended. you might remember the in and out at fisherman's wharf in san francisco was recently cook closed for the same reason to indoor dining. the company released this statement saying that they don't believe that a private company should be forced to discriminate against their customers calling the vaccine mandate intrusive improper and offensive customers that we spoke to say they support the mandate. >> it saying they couldn't follow the protocol. that sounds like pretty same. >> really was looking forward getting into actually. >> i totally agree. they have to to follow the rules. cracked the week. >> to keep everybody safe. contra. costa county health officials say the in and out locations in pinole and san ramon. >> have also been notified that they are in violation of
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health orders. >> another big story that we're following this morning the san francisco board of supervisors has extended eviction protections. the board voted unanimously yesterday to ban evictions through the end of the year. and this comes after statewide eviction protections expired earlier this year. so some good news for those who need that protection. >> it is 5.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news despite the recent rainfall state leaders are still saying that we have to conserve water. we'll take a closer look at why. plus, an east bay police officers facing sentencing. now after being convicted following a deadly shooting. but the jury couldn't reach a decision on every single charge. we'll take a closer look. and today we could find out if charges will be filed in the movie set shooting involving alec baldwin will have details on that story coming up as well. we'll be right back.
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>> 5.14. oh, i how long was it before you talk about the 1414, despite the recent rainfall and we did get a lot of it across the state leaders are moving forward with their emergency drought response. obviously we still need to conserve its just feels weird. and after all that rain to even say drought. but the state's natural resources. secretary says that that rain was not nearly enough open for cha and reducing water use is still going to be a reality moving for the next several months. yes. so take a listen. we're going to need several more of these record breaking storms this winter to get back to normal and the climb out of drought. >> so the key messages every bit of rain and snow is helpful to the drought conditions that we face. but more than ever californians have to step up and conserve water because we're still very much in the drought. >> yes, state water office officials are keeping monthly
5:16 am
tabs on water use the next report is set to come out within the next few weeks. the most recent one showed the california's reduce water use only by about 5% compared to this time last year. state leaders, of course, still shooting for 15%. they like us to get to that level. we'll see what the next report shows. i listen. you guys and i'm not in a drought. and my house because i feel the ball. my bath tubs. >> and and i have 3 bath tubs and buckets everywhere full. i mean, i'm full full up. i got water coming up, my ears. i like john we should ahead many more buckets out front collect. it somehow some because what's the next time it's going to rain. you know what the next storm will be ready with all the bucket. just a long-range forecasts are showing a possibility of a pretty unsettled pattern towards the middle of november. >> as far as between here and there could see a couple sprinkles saturday night, maybe a few light showers into monday morning. but nothing like the heavy rainfall that we saw over the weekend on monday morning. those days
5:17 am
will definitely be going down in history as far as being historically wet your view outside is showing some conditions this morning that are nice and clear. coit tower looks nice. we are staying dry this morning. winds are relatively calm conditions, mostly fog free. sounds like a great way to get your wednesday started with high pressure building in now. we're going to see warmer temperatures clear and drier skies for a few days ahead of us. you notice winds out there, not thing remarkable nice and calm and those chances of rainfall that we had yesterday for the north bay of really scooted out. now skies will be nice and sunny on into the afternoon for your wednesday and will keep that around into tomorrow and friday to with lots of sunshine highs a little bit warmer. you can expect some low 70's in mission in financial district of san francisco 60's closer to the coastline 60's from daly city down to half moon bay and then a mix of 60's and 70's really for the rest of the bay area saying carlos at 73 today san jose right at 71 degrees for the east bay warmer than yesterday's low 60's were by
5:18 am
about 10 degrees in some spots pleasanton up to 73 today. oakland and berkeley in the upper 60's while upper 60's and delay surrounding areas in the 70's. but mission fairfield beach at 74 and our warmest spots center fell at 76 degrees. tomorrow will be our warmest day of this forecast on average, a little cooler friday but still comfortable and then the weekend ahead, does bring highs back in the 60's. as i mentioned, some slight chances of showers here and there. saturday night into sunday morning. one of those spots and then monday could see a few more showers looks like we'll be holding off into any steady and widespread rainfall at least long-range forecast until the middle of next month. rain john, thank you for that. alright started the bay bridge. >> heading from the east bay right now at this hour, a little under 9 minutes. no issues or delays as you're heading into the city to that free machine exit heading across towards the peninsula via the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes for your drive time there in the south and see any problems along one. oh, one from 85 to
5:19 am
menlo park 27 minutes to 37 no major delays 8285. i'm not tracking any accidents at this hour. the richmond sandra fell bridge as you head to richmond. you make that drive in a little under 8 minutes and the golden gate bridge a little under 20 from the north bay heading into the city. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot a 5.19 right now and the show goes on. tickets are for sale. now for the dave chappelle show at the chase center san francisco. yeah. this comes, of course, amid the controversy that i'm sure you've heard about the aimed at the comedian following his latest netflix special that many say is transphobic there been protests netflix employees have walked off the job in response to it all. how will it be received. camila barco is live at the chase center now with more. hi camilla. >> good morning. you guys. and yeah. that's the question. will people actually come out here to the chase center when the tour kicks off next month and chappelle is moving forward with this tour despite the controversial netflix series that came out and like
5:20 am
james said, there's been a lot of backlash and a lot of protest. however, his documentary that he's screening here at the chase center has nothing to do with that netflix series. chappelle is actually screening has an title documentary and that film focuses. excuse me, follow chappelle during the covid-19 pandemic on after the murder of george floyd has he provided what he says economic and comedic relief in his home town. that now the show produced by chappelle. also includes performances from the comedian and special guest. but before announcing his store earlier this month. released that netflix series called the closer and the series quickly gained kate, after chappelle made transphobic comments netflix employees in southern california walked out last week in protest of comedy special protesters demanded the company better support its transgender and non-binary employees. the protest came
5:21 am
after netflix fired a transgender employee who helped organize the walkout. however, the company claims that fired the employee because they disclose confidential information about what the company paid for ship house special. so despite the controversy controversy, the show must go on tickets, go on sale today at 10:00am, and the tour kicks off here at the chase center on november 4th, but. darren james chappelle is not staying quiet. in the next hour. what he has to say about the controversy and the backlash that he has received for now back to you will stay tuned for that. things yeah. >> all right. 5.21. also happening today. we have investigators set to released their initial findings. after that deadly movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. the news conference is set for later this morning and will carry a live court records say that the assistant director, dave halls. >> grabbed that gun from a cart where they're like 3, you
5:22 am
know, prop guns and handed to baldwin and said cold gun, which means, you know, it's not at got live ammunition right cinematographer lina hutchence was shot and killed and the film's director was injured again, as daryn mentioned, that news conference about the shooting is set to begin at 09:00am. we will carry that live right here on our morning show. so you want to stay tuned for that. we're going to bring it to you uninterrupted and we'll hear directly from investigators. >> where things stand this morning as they're looking for again, what caused this would allow that to happen. who will be held responsible and just basically where the investigation stands this morning. lots to unpack. >> 5.22 right now. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news halloween is this weekend and doctors have some tips on how to stay safe.
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>> 5.25. is the time and halloween. is this coming sunday and bay area. doctors say that even though young children can't get the covid vaccine just yet. they do think it is safer for them to go trick or treating this year. and that's thanks to the high vaccination rates among eligible groups. doctors do give the typical safety advice, though, which is of course wash your hands often avoid indoor parties. stay in small groups. but they also
5:26 am
say you should wear a mask to even if your covers your face you'll still want to wear that covid mask underneath. >> our covid, you know, cloth face mask that we have so the halloween mask isn't going to be the same as the covid face mask. >> yeah. if you plan on staying home to pass out. candy doctors suggest spreading it out on a tray, maybe an offering that for the kids to pick for themselves instead of digging through a bowl where other hands of bin. >> and san francisco is one of the best places in the entire nation to celebrate halloween wallet hub. look at the 100 biggest cities in the country. things like the number at this with his judging by like the number of costume stores and the best trick or treating spots and they determined that san francisco is the 5th best city to celebrate halloween. you can see new york is number one la know we walked in walking target rate today. you take the car beach house and that's what they do. and then miami where the weather is not
5:27 am
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>> 5.29. right now. san francisco, the 5th best this is a claim to bit pay. the 5th halloween city in the nation. >> okay. so what is your number one worst. candy, we talked about like full size, snickers. you go to the i'm not a bank than an hour later, ys. oh, they're so bad for your real hard and anything to sour. that to you and older i get them and the less niamh sour enough. i don't like popcorn. they kids don't even know what they are now. you do. >> yeah. we had a bus drivers school bus driver who always make us popcorn and they're in like it is. and when each cut off the bus on. >> okay. this is the test between us and john, do you know what a popcorn ball is out of all right. so good. they're they're good. i remember lake went ahead. loose teeth back in the day.
5:31 am
yeah. you bite into one you it's ok, so that brings up candy apples. kenny. okay. you and your worst. a dots will only 2 yeah. i don't think they're says you're not supposed to eat them off of the paper. you know, it's state of know the divers talking about her like these jelly type o u oh, my god, i'm going back again to noaa, dot. i'm talking about off the paper after paper. it's a piece of paper that does that mean for these paper and they're not look it up. kids either so whatever you do, get risas for the trick or treaters. that's all you need to looking outside this morning. we do have some low cloud cover sitting across the bay. >> but we are in for our sunniest day that we've had in a while and also one of the more mild days that we've had in a while, too. so if you missed the 70's, if you miss the sunshine saver today, tomorrow and friday. your view outside right now at our berkeley hills camera does show some of the cloud cover
5:32 am
we're seeing overall dry conditions here on satellite radar in temperatures are mostly in the 50's san francisco at 57. oakland. you're at 56 degrees right now in alameda are most mild spot at 58 degrees. i'll be talking what to expect in the halloween weekend. still to come, first of all, though, on over to rain will go. so weather is definitely cooperating this morning. hopefully that is translating to some good commute condition. it is in what you know, both of those 2 things. connect in addition to the commute in the morning. so again, things are looking nice this hour. a one-on-one headed for a fight in the park. a little under 29 minutes. no major issues along to 37 or to 80 as you're traveling in the south bay into the city from the east bay this morning. a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there to make it to that fremont street exit not seen any delays along fine, 1880 highway for even in the green this morning, which means light a little under 15 minutes traveling from one, 60 along to 2.42. and let's look
5:33 am
at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. look at that little under 13 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. right. 5.32 and a big story in the east bay. the hayward school district could close as many as 10 schools. >> because of lack of enrollment funding and now families teachers, parents they're outraged by the proposal. they're fighting to keep the schools open. >> back here they are holding a rally in marching against the school closure plan yesterday. this was in front of the school district offices. teachers are arguing the district and the board need to hear more from the people that are going to be affected by these decisions. >> asking and the district on give time for meaningful families students and the staff. and what's more concerning is then there was teacher voice in the >> the district says they are not planning on laying off any teachers in the school
5:34 am
closures plan. the board is expected to vote on the matter next month. and dozens of educators in the pleasant in school district. they rallied outside of the district offices. as you can see here yesterday calling for smaller class sizes, better pay and more resources for students more than 98% of members of the teachers union there voted to authorize a strike if these demands are not met district officials had to have not responded to the route. well, it's taken to the east bay where a jury found danville police officer andrew hall guilty. >> for assault with a firearm in the shooting of an unarmed mentally ill man. this is video from the scene when it happened back in 2018 are a lot of mir are believed is or was found guilty of shooting and that killing during a slow speed chase and prosecutors say that andrew hall used excessive force and unreasonable and unnecessary force when he shot are billie dunn 9 times. but the jury was deadlocked on a second count of voluntary manslaughter. the
5:35 am
next step in this case will be sentencing. >> the be granted probation or he could be sentenced to prison. and if he's granted probation, he could serve up to a year in the county jail. and if he's sentenced to prison the maximum time he could be sentenced to is 17 years and their ranges within that time period that the court could determine to sentence him to it. >> hall is also accused of shooting and killing tyrell wilson in danville earlier this year that case is still under investigation. time now is 5.35 newark. police have arrested 3 teenagers in connection to multiple armed robberies across the bay area. >> and they released an image from one of the robberies. the investigation started in august after 2 different convenience stores in newark were robbed at gunpoint. the police say that the investigation connected, the teenagers to other robberies in santa clara and san mateo and alameda counties. the
5:36 am
teens face several charges including robbery and unlawful possession of a ghost gun. >> san francisco district attorney chase beans. father was granted parole. that's after spending 40 years in prison for his role in the 1981 robbery which left a security guard and 2 police officers dead. david gilbert was part of a radical group called the weather underground that stole one 0.6 million dollars from a brinks armored car and even though gilbert was unarmed, he was charged with robbery and murder since people were killed in that incident. he was serving a 75 years to life sentence until governor andrew cuomo shorten that sentence before he resigned in august. the state parole board granted gilbert's released last week and he will be freed next month. well, the marin county district attorney is warning people about a real estate crime that happening apparently all across the state. scammers are tricking homeowners into signing over the deed to their property, which then allows them to steal millions of dollars in
5:37 am
property and they can also get a loan on that property as well. sometimes without the homeowners even knowing it. yeah, tricky. and that's the question that is where are. they don't. so fda and clerk's office says that the county will to taking extra steps to prevent this crime from happening and we're going to be obviously exploring this in more detail. >> every time a deed gets recorded. my office will be sending you a letter. this letter will notify you of the document that was recorded in my office. not only will you get the letter but you will also receive an official copy of the recording so that you can determine whether or not you signed this document. if this doesn't look legitimate, please contact your local law enforcement or the district attorney. >> so here are some tips to keep in try to prevent from being scammed in this way. you want to check with the county's office to make sure that there are no deeds or property in your name that you didn't know about and that you have a locked mailbox and have someone watch your house to if you're going to out of town for any long period of time. don't let your mail pile up. you know what i just did it. i got a mailbox that goes
5:38 am
directly into my gan. raj. >> well, there you go. fancy. so protective. yeah, i just took a a a a, you know, saw and just. cut a hole in my was easy. that's one thing you can 5.37 right. right now. coming up on the ground. a warning is the warriors are now. >> for a game winning streak going of the highlights from their victory on the road last night. and the recent storm creates a beautiful sight in the sierra everybody who wants to ski and board love that. plus, after the break. turkey prices are on the rise. i was chilling yesterday. you know, we're just going to cost you we're just going to cost you get your bird. i'll tell you. (man) i've made progress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet started throwing me off at work... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.'
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5.41 right now. and as we're getting close to the everybody. if you it. >> if you've ever heard any newscast or seen any news. it's like so supply chain and my daughter was like i buy all my presents right now because the news scared me. say what are you doing. buying them. i'm afraid nothing will be left ball. i do that. that's not what we're here for. because the places are going to go up to and that's the worry. >> is that we're going to see things start to peak. it going to check in or an egg. what are we doing for a turkey. >> because that's i try to price. took a potentially be going up. look problems to blame apparently for food
5:42 am
producers are saying they're paying more for basic packaging. top of the raw materials in thanksgiving staples everything from. >> pumpkin pies to dinner roll. so everything's going up just a little bit this year. all right. so we should be breaking out for you. the turkey. yeah. 27% up so when it comes to money, what just told us a 17 bucks now is going to cost us 21 one feet. that's for a 15 pound. is that a good sight average. that's how about that? to get the gatherings in general. yeah, you know, like when you think about the overall prices, the pumpkin pie and the bread and just anything else to eat. that's all up. it's all going to be shipped its. so so now my daughter today will be out buying a frozen bird, hoping to get a cheaper price and then. >> it's just about this member costco with the toilet paper. this is what happened. and now we told you the person running low and you're in a boat like 10, you know, bought flats yes, a big giant pallets of toilet paper. so don't worry of i mean, it's $2. you're
5:43 am
just going to have it lets you do it, you will bear and get through it. you're going to have meat loaf or whatever. what do we know? something can. we'll see. >> i don't 5.42 some time. >> i don't 5.42 some time. we'll be right back. what we there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant,
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5:45 am
>> this is where you have a timeshare for the rest of your life. that's how they work.
5:46 am
don't be like james and i wish i didn't have money that you wish they had air bnb back for the rest of our lives. we now own this not together anyway. so it needs to be school. and now it's palisades, right. so, you know, this was video. they showed us or they provided showing a look, there's a village, 3 feet of snow. they got in some parts of the sierra. >> and it looks i was on set squaw palisades tahoe got some of that, which is great. at least one tahoe. they're going to open up on friday. which is great for skiing and boarding up the last time the resort opened was what october. >> could have been 2004. what do you? look it up, kids. yeah. it doesn't matter. it's open friday. it open, right writing house. he's going to be open friday through sundays until again. start that weekend. yeah, you can only until the 24th of november that we're going to open up money from a little town. front. i just so we're talking the others are its look it up. i mean, there's a couple early wants you can see here what the dates are heavily and
5:47 am
sierra. but the palisades james there, the earliest around here, as you see. >> you've got a way to kirkwood had love cricket. and i was thinking about john, because john john, you know, yesterday brought up your skis. he was so happy when he found skis in the neighborhood. you know, free stuff. i love it right. you have to now. so did you look up swap meets because you can get a boat, you can get boots for. i know right. but you told me you can get them really. she, you all about that ok or you know, that's and i should say that i was trying to say earlier with the 2004. >> that's the last time the palisades. yeah. on his squad opened in october was 2000, 2000. his john's talking about how this is a really early snow. we don't. we typically don't get snow this early this much this early enough that they can open in october. the good times roll. yeah. even on our weather years. that was later in the fall season that we started to pick it up. so this is exceptionally early. really cool to see palisades getting things open so early if you've got the itch to get
5:48 am
up there to do some skiing. it is actually a beautiful weekend to capitalize on. what is that fresh snowfall and also some dry roadways. now that we've had a couple of days to really get things cleared out this is your view outside this morning as you're heading up 80 into donner summit right here. definitely some slick spots to be expected. but overall roadways are clear here in the bay area saw a couple light showers up in the north bay yesterday. the rest of us stay nice and dry. and today all of us are going to be dry as high pressure builds back in keeping conditions today. clear warmer in just as dry as we were yesterday for areas south of the golden gate winds on the calm side today. some nothing remarkable there as far as future cast is concerned. look at how skies clear out. really nicely into the afternoon. we're also going to stay clear on into your day tomorrow too, with thursday and friday offering up more daytime highs in the 70's. so this is abou% to be a really pleasant calm way to be closing out what was such an active start to the week 60's at the coast 70's for mission and financial district 60's
5:49 am
from daly city down to half moon bay in a range of 60's and 70's really across the rest of the bay area. some of us will be as much as 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. so this will be a noticeable difference in temperatures from where we were yesterday for that cool tuesday as we started to dry out from your monday. rain oakland and berkeley each in the upper 60's walnut creek at 74 valais. how at 69 in our warm spot today. that goes to you, senator fell at 76 really, really comfortable afternoon. tomorrow is going to be even a little bit more comfortable out lots of sunshine. you can get a chance to enjoy these next couple of days, i'd recommend it. the weekend looks cool. but it does look good because saturday night is really our only slight chance of a few sprinkles on for the holiday weekend. sunday for halloween itself looks to be dry monday. the day after starting november dia de both looking really nice with just a few showers staying
5:50 am
definitely drier than what the forecast last week at this time was showing reyna. john, thanks for that. all right. let's go out to nevada. we do have an accident out there. >> southbound one. oh, one at alameda del prado. so does it seem like much of a delay as you're traveling through that area at this time. a little under 12 minutes from the east bay into the city to make it to that freeman street exit no accidents hazards or delays along 5, 1880. looking at the richmond sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond, you can make that time and a little under 9 across towards sandra fell and the golden gate bridge a little under 20 minutes as you make your way from the north bay into the city. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot all right. 5 50's the time. let's talk warriors basketball. the winning streak continues. yes, that's why we're in the blue. well incidents, but they did beat the oklahoma city thunder on the road last night i wash it fantastic me too. in the 2nd half of little slow getting started it's has the highlights. >> good morning, everyone. the warriors were out
5:51 am
>> flyover state yesterday. a quick matchup with the thunder before 8 straight right here in san francisco and the thunder might be the worst team in the league. but they came out and they were playing some inspired ball. there you see steph warming up 1st quarter shea gilgeous alexander. probably their best player knocks down the 3 right there. 3119 he had 30 points late in the first step. curry doing what he does best moving out the ball. but okc up 11 at halftime. shep had 23 3rd quarter dubs turned it on making game. ian lee had a huge game off the bench very hits. the corner, 3 warriors within a point next porter said a dollar. my turn. i don't hear the 3 and it doesn't go up and then the next possession. deep corner. this time for another 3 subs up 5. let's go to the 4th quarter. jordan poole. he didn't shoot it well. so we started taking it to the top side. that's his 3rd straight layup gave the warriors a
5:52 am
nine-point lead a little later on. why more deeley. he had 20 points off the bench. so good for him this year. to 92 later. we got a tough bucket by andrew wiggins might a guy and the way with a push off. who cares. 21 3 in a block for him says warriors win one o 6.98 they are this year from steve kerr damion lee after the game. >> i damian was kenny atkinson just called a rock her. pretty new all time. baseball every game and gets couple just rock in every way. pride myself on being ready. just a matter of. then the right but agreements there right great teammates runs the power e? them being aggressive, trying to make plays obviously to contribute to wins. but just a matter of saying aggressive saying
5:53 am
competent. >> as you look at sports. back to you guys. you know, anybody from oklahoma. >> call and tell them we're sorry. it's not a flyover state. it's a wonder jason. we'll take a vacation i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato.
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use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> 5.55 james young. before we do. we must oklahoma where the
5:56 am
wind comes sweeping down the plain other words now. now, i looked him up after looking. that's oklahoma for you folks. all right. you know, who's too tell you all the way to the bank. yeah. elon musk richer than and the billionaire that's ever been. that's according to forbes. they estimate his net worth now is 255 billion dollars. according to magazine that likely makes him the richest man to ever. of walk the planet. yeah. but you know, he has in common can't take it with you. >> that's right. and never saw the u haul behind hearst yeah. everything that wow. 5 5656 the next hour. allegheny county is back up. they have a plan. >> for the howard terminal project. and that means the a's could stay. that's big news that >> and we could soon see a rollout of pfizer's covid vaccine for kids will tell you what needs to happen next, though, for the shots to be authorized. and dave chappelle of the town coming to the chase center in san francisco amid the controversy over his recent netflix special. we'll have a live report.
5:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> parents with kids between 5.11 years old and you want them vaccinated. you are just a few days, possibly away from that happening. i'm will tran a marine county. i'll let you know are in is doing to wait for that day.
6:00 am
>> and dave chappelle is coming to san francisco despite his controversial netflix series markle with details on his film at what he had to say about the backlash alameda county. now on board with funding the a's new ballpark at howard terminal. but what is next for this project to actually move got the details live from the newsroom. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> morning and thanks for joining us. wednesday k we're midway through how i worked hard for the wednesday and we're halfway to halloween. so i just realized we don't candy at and there's probably going to or this year's. i got to get some brilliant. i didn't do this on purpose. but i too, do not have candy. and that means i haven't eaten at all. i wo


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